January 3rd, 2007

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1. Let's say it's 11:30PM on January 3rd, and you turn 21 in just 30 minutes (12:00AM, January 4th). At a 21+ club, would whoever checks IDs at the door let it slide, or tell you "Just come back in a half hour"? How about 15 minutes? 3 hours?

(I don't plan on doing that; it's just a random thought. ETA: My birthday is not January 3rd/4th)

2. Do you think it's lame to plan your wedding date on the day of your (dating) anniversary?

(I don't think it's necessarily lame; I've always wanted to get married in May, and if I ever marry my boyfriend, I'd try for our anniversary. It's in May anyway, and I'd rather it be the 11th than a random date like the 29th or something.)

3. What are your (regular) days off at work?

(I have Wednesdays off.)
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I am attending the funeral of a friend on Friday, and really would like to be able to stay composed. I usually end up bawling in these situations. Does anyone know any tecniques or tips to prevent crying?

Thank you.

Oh Canada?

Which city in Canada (out of Ottawa, Toronto, or Montreal) is better for things like: hotels, good food, clubs/bars, shopping, sight seeing?

I'm mainly concerned with getting a hotel within walking distance of all these things.

Thank you.
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hypothetical question ahead.

Let's say a three year old child is misbehaving. S/he is throwing a tantrum and backtalking its mother over whatever situation -- not wanting to pick up toys, not wanting to take a nap, not wanting to go somewhere, something along those lines. The mother knows that the child understands the concept of being put up for adoption and what an orphanage is. As a last resort, the (visibly angry) mother threatens to put the child up for adoption and pretends to call the orphanage to tell them they're on their way. The child is inconsolably upset by this, understanding that the mother threatened to get rid of him/her but without understanding that the mother wasn't serious. However, the immediate behavior problem the mother was dealing with is solved.

1. What are your thoughts on this situation as a method of discipline? How do you feel towards the mother and the child after reading this?
2. Do you believe this event could have harmed the child emotionally or psychologically?
3. Is it logical for the child to now believe that if s/he does something to make the parents mad, they can conveniently get rid of him/her?
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Q: Who are your favorite girl groups?

My A: The Supremes, Destiny's Child, TLC, Spice Girls, and pretty much all those old 50's and 60's girl groups or solo females who had that sound.
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Do you think that hypnosis for can really be effective for someone who over-eats?
Is it likely to backfire and cause other problems with eating?

Have you ever gotten hypnosis in an attemp to change a behavior? Did it work?
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Cardiovascular query.

Any people here with pacemakers?

If so, what device you carry? I have a Kappa 700 D myself.

Are any of you gamers aswell? I'm looking into how wireless gaming affects people with these devices.

Has your condition kept you from owning a Nintendo Wii? I can feel some adverse effects from the signals the Wii remote emits, but I don't think they are too dangerous. What are your thoughts on this?
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What would you do?

As you're walking out your front door to head to work early one morning, you notice a homeless man digging through your trash bins, about 2 feet away from you.

What do you do or say, if anything?
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1.) Aside from menses, what was the last thing that caused you to bleed?

2.) What kind of monitor are you looking at this on (brand, size, etc), and what is your screen resolution?

3.) Do you yahoo?
I've heard from a reliable source that Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around.

edit: 4.) when you make a joke and nobody gets it, do you take the time to explain it, or just let it go?
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How do you feel about the probable increase of troops in Iraq by 20,000?

Why is life so black and cold that I have feel pain to feel anything at all and cry while listening to AFI?

I have a choice of the following for dinner tonight. What would you get?
- Diner take-out
- Quiznos
- Sheetz
- Subway
- Chinese
- McDonald's
- Pizza

Switching Jobs

Situation:  You are offered a new job on December 27th.  The office of your current employer is closed until the 2nd.  You attempt to call your boss on his cell on the 27th - unavailable - vacation.  You come into your office on the 2nd, only to find that your boss is quite ill, and will be out until the 4th.  New employer wanted you to begin work on the 5th, and you told them that you thought you would be able to swing it, as you anticipate that your current employer will be flexible through the transition.  You intend to stay on with old employer (evenings, weekends) long enough to train a replacement on your caseload.  There is no one else at your current employer's that can do your job.


Does the notice period for an employer begin the day you intend to tell them of your departure, or the day you actually can tell them?

Is a two week notice, in your opinion, a courtesy or a requirement (no contract is signed)?  If you knew that you would get a glowing recommendation from your employer regardless of the two week notice, would you still give it?

If you could get paid salary for the whole month from both employers by working every evening and weekend waking hour, would you do it?  (Edit to clarify...I don't need the extra money - it truly would just be extra)


If you're married, did your parents help pay for your wedding? If not, did you get any other financial help? Or did you and your spouse pay for it yourselves?

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Tricks for getting to sleep?

My natural biological clock is 3:30pm to 5:30am. I am a natural nightshift worker. A nocturnal creature. Etc.

I have to go back to 10am to 11pm. Starting tonight.

And yes, honey and milk is already on the list.

Snip snip

I've noticed that haircutting places always have the CHEESIEST names, even if they're not trying to. What are some of the dorkiest names for salons where you live?

Last night we drove by "All About You Hair Cuts."

I find them amusing =)
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Creative Zen 4 GB


At least this is not about iPods *winks*

I got a Creative Zen 4 GB Plus for Christmas and I have a couple of questions.

I would like to connect my MP3 player to the stereo on my car and the only thing I can find at the stores is a FM Transmitter and I hate those things. It took me forever to try to find a station that would play my music so I gave up and returned the FM transmitter to the store.  I wanted to ask what y'all use to listen to music on your MP3 player in your car?

Also do you know of any good websites where I can download songs for a low price. I don't want any of those websites where I have to pay a subscription fee every month.

Thanks so much!!


OMG relationship question

1. how did you guys adapt to a relationship becoming long-term, especially if it's an LDR? the reason i ask is because i'm in that spot, or have been for a while. however, i've never encountered this situation before and it confuses me intermittently. i know that the 24/7 declarations of adoration and constant attention are flat-out not sustainable forever and that they're superficial at any rate, but a tiny bit of my brain thinks it's not comfort and security in the relationship but rather taking-for-granted and loss of interest. i have my insecurities, i admit. waaah. ETA: i just figured out that i'm a total jerk. whee!

and because no one really gives a rat's about my relationship:

2. what part of your job do you dislike the most? which one of your duties really drives you up the wall regardless of how much you like your job overall? my job is okay although monotonous, but i'm in charge of a huge spreadsheet of contact info for optical places and it makes me stabby.

3. have you smelled that peppermint stuff that bath & body works has right now, and if so, did you like it? i got some for christmas and i can't decide how i feel. one note in its favor is that i tried it last night and it made me feel all tingly. i'm generally a fan of the mint, though.

4. what, would you say, is the best thing about being the age you are now? the worst?

5. does cheesecake go well with chocolate?

6. what was your favorite toy as a little kid [age six or seven maybe]?

7. what are you known for, among family, friends, coworkers, or anyone?
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2 questions about sleep: 1 about my nose and 1 about breathing patterns.

When I go to sleep, I don't get to pick which side I sleep on because of my nose. I'm never able to clearly breathe out of both nostrils at the same time even if I blow my nose, one is always kind of stuffed. This doesn't effect my speech and it doesn't hurt or anything like that so I've never gone to a doctor. My nostrils change from the left being clear and the right being stuffed to the right being clear and the left stuffed all day.

If my left nostril is the clear one, I have to sleep on the left side so that later on my right nostril can clear up. I do this all night until I am dead sleepy and don't care anymore.

What can I do? I don't get to go to the doctor when any little problem happens because I have no medical insurance so is there something wrong with me or can this easily be fixed with say, a nose spray? I don't know what this is so I don't know what to go buy from the drug store.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

When you're sleeping next to your S.O. and you're close enough to feel them breathing, close enough to feel their breathing pattern, do you change your breathing so that your breathing is in sync with your partner's, do you change yours up so that it doesn't match, does it make you uncomfortable, or do you not notice/not care?

Me, I quickly take notice of it and I hate it. I try to breathe normally but I can't for whatever reason so I either make it the same or make it different. This gets on my nerves and I can't sleep right for a few minutes on top of the reason stated above.
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1. when making tacos at home - what ingredients do you use?
2. and when making enchiladas?
3. what's your favourite mexican dish?
4. have you ever made tamales?
5. if so - what ingredients do you use?
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1. What's for lunch? everytime i ask this question i always seem to had packed the same thing to eat, burritos.
2. The shirt you're wearing.. does it say anything on it? DUKE. *nanabooboo thegreatone0381
3. How's your day going so far? it's going good.
4. If you're at work, what's the last thing someone just said (that's standing/sitting around you)? 'it doesn't matter how much it'll cost, i'll pay the bill'.

Out of the InternetCool Loop

OK, I give up, where did this phrase come from?

"I'm in ur ______, _____in' ur _____z!"

It seems like suddenly everyone has an icon with some version of that phrase on it. Yes, they are usually amusing, but it is quickly getting overplayed . . . don'cha think?
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tights and underwear


When you wear tights/hose do you wear underwear with them? I'm talking about hose that comes up to your waist.

I always have, but my boyfriend told me it's a faux pas.

EDIT: My boyfriend founds some websites saying "underwear with pantyhose is only considered acceptible when it does not have a built in cotton crotch or control top" and that underwear should be worn with fishnets. But according to what you all have said, it looks like real people like their underwear!
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Anyone else have flat feet?

What kind of shoes are good for this? I'm looking at some Earth shoes, and there was some other kind the salesman showed me, but I can't remember that name...

Does my icon make you hungry?
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CSS help?

All I want to know, is if it's possible to insert any sort of navigation into a CSS page.

Whether it be actual coding put into the style sheet, or just a link to an HTML file that contains the links, I don't care. it would have to work that I could have it repeat on every page I want, without having to put the coding on every page. I'm losing my miiiind...

I've been looking all over the internet, and I'm confused and sad. I'm about to resort to using frames. FRAMES, I tell you!
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(no subject)

Perhaps I'm just bitter that Julian McMahon didn't get the new Bond role, but could Daniel Craig be any uglier?

If you could ban any icon type or subject matter, what would it be? Personally, I'm really tired of seeing Daniel Craig's bulge in tight swim trunks.


01. Do you "dress to impress"? Who?
02. How would you define your clothing style?
03. What are your favourite clothing stores?
04. Do you follow fashion trends?
05. Which celebrity female do you think has the best fashion sense?
06. Which celebrity male do you think has the best fashion sense?
07. Which celebrity female do you find the most physically attractive?
08. Which celebrity male do you find the most physically attractive?
09. When someone is 'checking you out', how do you react? Do you like the attention?
10. Are you content with your appearance? Do you think you are above average?
11. What do you like most about your physical appearance? Least?
12. Do you like getting your photo taken? Why or why not?
13. What is the difference between cute and sexy, to you? Which are you? Which would you rather be?
14. Do you like your body? Why or why not?
15. Do you like the condition of your skin? What do you do to keep it looking good/improve it?
16. Do you realize how much photoshopping goes into the models you see in magazines?
17. Do you look much different than you did this time last year? What has changed?

18. What are some cosmetic lines that DO NOT test on animals?
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So, I basically taught myself to type. I can type pretty fast (like 70+ wpm) but I don't use the fingers the way I'm supposed to. What typing program can help me learn to type properly?

All the people on my friend's list are people I know in real life. Reading their journals is ok, but it's mostly stuff that I already know. What journals do you read daily/semi-regularly? Do you want to friend me?

ETA: What words do you always spell wrong?
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(no subject)

Do you think people change?

I'm running into a lot of people from my past (through facebook) and some are people who have really screwed me over in the past, but after talking with and catching up with them, they seem genuine and nice .. I'm just having trouble trusting them because I know what they've done in the past, and I know what they're capable of, and I can't imagine them just completely changing.

What would you do if you found out someone you're interested in is a big beleiver in abstinence? Would you start a relationship with someone who doesn't want to have sex until they are married? What are your thoughts on abstinence in general?

Poll my finger

It's been brought to my attention that my polls are cumbersome to some people's dial-up or that it tends to clog up people's f-pages. Now, it's my aim to entertain, provoke or enlighten the online citizens of TQC. If I'm doing something wrong, then it's time to do a little quality control here and find out how the masses of curious viewers feel. Democracy rules, so whatever gets the biggest vote is what the new poll will look like, if you want that sort of thing.

Poll #899966 Poll Feedback

Assuming that each question would have around 10 check boxes, how many questions would you like to see per poll?

More (specify below)

Would you prefer the poll to be behind a cut-tag?


I know people can be lazy or unwilling to use their mouse buttons more than they have to. If I put the poll behind a cut, would you bother to fill out the poll? Be truthful

Yes. I always take your polls
No. I take your polls but probably wouldn't open it if it required one more mousy click
I say yes to make you feel better but I probably wouldn't
I've never taken your polls. Technically, my input here should be marked with an asterisk*

With the exception of yesterday's baby slave question, do you like my polls?

You make polls? Haven't noticed

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around, who hears it?

Only God
Only God and Bigfoot
Trees don't fall. They get cut down. Except the trees who are attention whores. They usually have gothy poetry carved into their bark
Trees are relatively silent when they fall alone. They only make the big CRASH, THUMP sounds around humans for extra dramatic effect. Trees are nothing but drama queens

If you've seen them...

Terminator 1, 2 or 3?

If your answer is 3, I will resist the urge to beat you over the head.

2 for me. I've been brought up on it. First saw it when I was just a wee lil kiddie, probably 7 or 8 & it's easily my favourite movie.
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Used Cars

I just tried to look up what a used 2005 Prius would be, and Kelley Blue Book didn't have Prius option at all.

Anyone know where I could get that information?  It's got about 10K miles

(no subject)

What is the most debt you have been in?
How much is from school loans?
How much is from credit card spending?
What did you/are you doing to fix it?

I didnt sleep at home last night and when i came home this morning my dog i found that my dog had peed right in the middle of my bedroom floor.
I used my carpet cleaner machine to clean it, but it still smells.
My windows are open, ive used different cleaning products on it buti cant get the smell to go away.
What else can i do?
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(no subject)

What do you always take with you when you go somewhere?

I make sure I take my keys with me. One time I sat four hours in front of the door, because I forgot taking them with me while taking out the trash.


Why do I always think of good questions for this comm, but end up forgetting them by the time I am ready to post?

Does it bug you when people post the same question on TQC and ask_me_anything so it shows up twice in your flist?

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

If you buy something on Ebay, how long do you wait to hear something from the seller before getting anxious?

I had some more, but I forgot them (see the first question).

What can I make for dinner?

I don't have money for food, or a way to get to the grocery store. I'm really sick of eating pasta. I'm also a relatively lazy college guy. I have some bizarre food in my pantry/fridge, but they have a lot of potential. What do you think the best meal I could make out of these ingredients?

-two cans tomato soup (condensed, Campbell's)
-egg noodles
-frozen ground turkey (I thought about turkey burgers, but I don't know if I could make them juicy enough)
-frozen peas
-potato chips
-stuffing mix (Stovetop)
-raspberry pop-tarts
-a handful of frozen tator-tots
-tonic water
-shredded and block cheddar cheese
-some (opened, maybe two cups?) vegetable stock
-cut up, cooked bacon pieces
-various condiments

It sounds like a casserole in the making? There are a few other things, nothing substantial, but I'd like to see what people would make with this stuff.
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(no subject)

1. What have you spent money on today?

2. Do you know of anything weird that's happening at this very moment?

1. I went to Tim Hortons and got food, I had Starbucks, and I bought a pair of jeans.

2. Yeah, my best friend's boyfriend is breaking up with her right now.
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(no subject)

Why does my throat hurt?

EDIT: I work in a call center, so I'm on the phone all day. It seems like this makes it worse because my throat stops hurting when I have a couple days off, which makes no sense to me.

(no subject)

Are you for or against...

1. Abortion? Why?
2. Gay marriages/relationships? Why?
3. The death penalty? Why?
4. Drug use in general? Why?
5. The War in Iraq? Why?
6. Wars in general? Why?
7. George W. Bush? Why?
8. The media? Why?
9. Religion? Why?
10. Suicide? Why?

paypal problems

I've already sent this question to Paypal via email, but received a response 3 days later that basically said "We have gotten so much holiday email that we can't answer yours. So call us."

I'd do that, except the number they have given me isn't toll-free, and because I have the most basic phone plan ever (a dial tone, haha), long distance calls cost me HUGE amounts of money.

Collapse )
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I recently bought a jar of marshmallow fluff and am loving it in my hot chocolate... but, there must be more uses for it! It's so good!

What do you like to do with marshmallow fluff?
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Pressure ?'s

Do you work well under pressure?

If a potential employer were to put you on the spot and ask you to tell a funny joke, would you be able to do it? What would the joke be?

If you were a stand up comedian and you were tanking badly and people started heckling you, what would you do?
the oc

A couple travel questions

Hi TQC :] I have a few questions I need help with! Some background: there's 8 of us (4 couples) looking to go to a warm tropical place sometime during the summer. That's about as far as we've gotten. Here are some questions for you guys! Thank you in advance !

1. What islands are super expensive, and which are more affordable? We're all 20-22, so we can certainly work to make money, but we don't need to go to the most expensive island. We're also open to Mexico and Central America.
2. Is it better to go all inclusive, or price everything out (hotel, flight, food, drinks) and then still have to bring spending money?
3. When is the best time to go during the summer?
4. Any sites or places you would recommend?

(no subject)

so after reading this post on ljsecret and reading through some of the comments about secret #1, it got me thinking and i just have a few questions.

do you know what's going on in darfur?
do you care to know?

when did you find out about the genocide in rwanda?
in 1994?
after 1994?
when the movie "Hotel Rwanda" came out?

do you know of any other genocides?

should the US help stop the genocide in darfur?
why? why not?

when you hear about these mass murders and crimes against humanity do you want to help the victims or do you thinks its too big of a battle for one person to make a difference? can one person make a difference?
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(no subject)

In job interviews... what do you say is your weakness?

Also, I've heard conflicting reports, when they ask about your weakness are you supposed to tell them how you would turn it into a positive or just accentuate a positive?

Example: should you say "Well, I haven't worked with X program before, but I'm a quick-learner and eager to understand how it works" or say "Well, I haven't worked with X program before, but I have worked with a similar program Y and I'm sure I could pick up X quickly."
rufus, muppy

hot flashes as a teen/ early 20's

I had never really thought about this until I got into a conversation with a co-worker the other day.

She is older, and going through menopause. She was having a hot flash and I said, "oh man, I know how you feel, I get those a lot."

She found this very odd, as I am only 20.

SO, is this something i should consult my doc about? I've been having them since I was an early teen..
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Does anyone know where I can find the nutrition info for the Outback's Walhalla Pasta?
Their website doesn't have it and Google is not helping.My dad is making us go there tomorrow and that is one of the few meatless things on the menu. I know it's awful, but I'd like an idea of just how awful.

(no subject)

I'm so damn computer-illiterate, it's embarassing.

Okay, here's the problem. I unplugged my speakers when opening up my computer last night, and today I plugged them back in and for some reason they're just not as loud. Could anyone possibly tell me why this may be??
The volume's turned all the way up on EVERYTHING, so it's not that...
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(no subject)

Is there any site that has a list of every movie ever made?

I'm sure it's close to impossible to have EVERY movie listed, but something that has most of them.

EDIT: Yes, I know about IMDB, but I'm just looking for some sort of list. I'm not searching for any movie in particular, I need a list of every movie ever made.
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If you
to choose an age to remain for the rest of your life, what would you choose? And keeping in mind, this is like a hypothetical time pause. No one's born, no one dies. Everything stays the same as it was (or will be) when you're at that age.

LJ comm that never fails to give you a laugh?

How often do you wash your hair? How long is it?

Also - Post with your fave icon, and tell me why it's your fave.


For me it's a toss up between being 7, and being 14.

Dunno...cat_macros of late. metaquotes is good...

Once a week-ish. It's butt-length.

This icon makes me laugh. =D
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