January 1st, 2007

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1)Have any of you ever donated clothes and stuff to Goodwill?
2)Do you hate when people read over your shoulder when you type stuff? Even if it's totally boring and has nothing to do with them?
3)Did anyone watch the season 2 finale of Doctor Who? Did you cry?
4)Did you kiss anyone when the ball dropped?
5)Do they drop anything in your hometown similar to the Times Square thing?

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bored at work

Happy Another Year!

1a) Have you ever drunk dialed/text anyone?
1b) What did you say?
2a) Has anyone ever drunk dialed/text you?
2b) What did they say?

1a) Someone needs to babysit my phone when I drink because I tend to text while being drunk quite often.
1b) I told my friend I wanted him.
2a) Yes!
2b) My female friend called me up and told me it was too bad neither of us were lesbians because she would so do me.

Art contests

Does anyone know where I can find some art contests or art competition for kids (primarily under the age of 12)? 
I'm interested in the state of Massachusetts, but online submissions could work too. 
My mother is a children's art teacher and wants to find some competitions for her students where they can compete for cash prizes or scholarships. 

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Who is your best friend? When/how did you meet? What's your favorite thing to do together? Describe his/her personality and provide a picture if you have one.
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How did your New Year's Eve turn out?

Do you have to work today?

My best friend, another friend and I walked around downtown and tried to find a not-crappy bar/club (we live in central Illinois). We failed for the most part, got home at around 12:30am, and found a 50-foot trail of blood that resulted from our drunken housemate knocking over a glass and stepping on it. The largest puddle of blood was about 9-10 inches in diameter, blood managed to get on the walls and on clothes, and the carpet still has a pinkish tint to it. Yeah. I hope this isn't symbolic on the way the rest of the year is going to go.

Yep. I work from 12:30pm to 9 in a grocery store deli/bakery.

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Has anyone used any good books, online websites or online courses where they learned Flash, CSS, DHTML, and XML? (Separately, of course)

I'm mainly asking if you have used a website/book to learn it yourself, and how well did it help you? Did you learn Flash/CSS/DHTML/XML for the hell of it, or did you have to learn it for school or a job?

birth control

Have you tried any of these tactics and it worked?

1. Go through your cycle of pills and instead of taking the placebo week (or skipping a week), you automatically go into the new set of pills. This would cause you to skip a period.

2. Go through 2 weeks of pills and stop (stopping a week earlier than usual) to induce an early period, then go back on schedule as normal.
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It's been raining for a while and i looked up to find my ceiling has a wet spot and water dribbling down the wall.

what should i do?

obviously i will tell the landlord, but it's new years day, so there's not chance anything will be done.


My boyfriend's godmother is in town... she was like a second mother to him growing up, they're very close. Boyfriend's mother picked him up this morning (his car is having some major brake issues) to go out to Euclid to see her, which is a good 40 minute drive on a good day, because I had an appointment this morning I had to keep and some running around and cleaning to do. he'd *really* (emphasize on really) like me to meet them out in Euclid around 5 or so, which seemed like a fine idea. Until I began freaking out over it.

I've been driving now for five years and I still get terrified driving in areas i'm unfamiliar with. I've been out there two or three times in the past year and a half or so, but it's still unfamiliar and getting into the cleveland area, and the traffic and one way streets scare the crap out of me.. I live in the middle of nowhere, so i'm used to that sort of traffic. Right now my stomach is churning and i'm having anxiety attacks over the thought of having to go out there. Not to mention my social anxiety has been acting up for some reason lately and i've been awful with people in general. Would it be horrible for me to call and say I can't make it out? My boyfriend was really looking forward to this. I suggested last night that he and his mother just go out there today, and he got kind of upset (in a sad way), he said he'd like me to get to know that part of his "extended family" better, because they were so important to him growing up... and it's not often we see them.

Help! :(

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There is this song I'm trying to find... the lyrics go something like "You've got to hold it down" - there's a woman singing the "You've got to..." chorus parts. It was on a rock station. I can't place the vocalists and did a lyric search on the internet but I was unable to find it... any ideas on what it is?
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The Baghdad Blogger

Does anyone know what happened to Salam Pax? I know he started another blog after dear_raed, but that one hasn't been updated for months either. I was curious to see his reaction to the execution of Saddam Hussein, and it's a little worrying that he seems to have disappeared.

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1)Are you an organ donor?
If so, are there any organ donations that you would feel were a waste of the body you'd donated?
If not, what do you have against organ donation?If not, are you opposed to organ donation for any reason?

2)Would you donate your body to science? If so, is there a particular science you would like your cadaver to be used for or a particular science you would not like it to be used for?

Bruise Check

What bruises are currently on your body and where did they come from?

I have a bruise on my left knee from slipping in the shower. I hadn't rinsed all the soap off of my foot yet, apparently.
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XBox DVD info

I'm trying to burn a few episodes of a show onto a DVD to watch on my X-Box (the old one) DVD player.

I've got Power2Go to burn the DVD. My system has a DVD-RW, I have DVD-RW discs.. but I can't figure out why it won't play on the X-Box. I figure it's some configuration problem--I tried looking up what the specific configuration is to play DVDs on X-Box, but can't find it. Anyone know?
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Shopping for a new vehicle

What is the most comfortable car you've ever ridden in/owned?

For medical reasons, I'm looking for a new vehicle. One really important aspect to me is especially comfortable seats as I frequently drive long-distance and sit for long periods in rush-hour traffic. I'm looking for a small SUV, car or even minivan.

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What have you eaten today?

What would be some cute/sexy pajamas, without being over-the-top whorelike, for a tomboy?

For those of you who have been off of school and/or work for awhile, are you dreading going back, or are you kind of relieved?

How are you today?
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Okay, so I'm looking to buy Naruto on DVD. But I'm not real sure to buy it. I'm checking out Amazon but I don't have an accoun there. (Yet) And all I can see are "boxed sets" not full seasons. There are also volumes but those seem to be the cut versions. (Yes, as you can tell I don't really buy online)
1) Does Naruto even come in full seasons?
2) Is Amazon really the best place to buy them?
3) Any other suggestions?
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Due to an unfortunate series of events, I'm in the market for a new cell phone. I've never actually had to research and buy a cell phone before, I always just get the one that's free after rebates when I re-up. I don't need it to be my mp3 player or camera or anything, I just want an inexpensive cute phone that works in my apartment and has fairly intuitive controls. Any recommendations? What are the pros and cons of the phone you have?

edit: oh right i have verizon


Yeah i know this is a nasty subject, but my daughter has lice. She's 10years old and i've tried everything, well all those medications that are on the store shelf. She originally got it from one of the friends she used to hang out with and then the neighbors kid got it, then my daughter got it.

Does anyone know of a TRUE shampoo that actually kills them and keeps them away? No, we aren't dirty people...they just love her thick hair. I also have tried the spray on bedding and such and washed all the bedding with hot water, but still they come back. I've done the combing and everything and im just lost! HELP!

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For those of you with firmware flashable wireless routers, when was the last time you checked your firmware?

I ask as I had all kinds of intermitten issues (particularly latency issues) with mine and a firmware upgrade fixed the problem.
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If you've used Opera, you know that you can highlight text (for this purpose, a url that is not linked), right click, and then select "Go to URL" and it will go to that URL instead of you having to copy and paste it into the address bar.

Is there a greasemonkey script for this or some other way to get this for Firefox?

answered, yay

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Poll #898808 The things we may or may not do for money

Would you change your sexual orientation permanently, from straight to gay or gay to straight, for 5 million dollars?

I'm asexual. This question does not apply to me

Your best friend (or closest friend) is getting married and she or he is extremely giddy about it. You're the best man/maid of honor. An ex-coworker of theirs who hates their guts approaches you one day and makes you an offer. This person wants to ruin your friend's wedding, but needs an inside man/woman with knowledge of the event to extract revenge. All you'd have to do is give this person key information so he or she can plot ahead and completely, catastrophically ruin your friend's wedding. It wouldn't be revealed you were involved after the fact. Your reward for your input is $25,000. Do you accept the offer?


You're approached one day by a complete stranger. He represents a new drug that his company hopes to push through. Because there are laws in place against using experimental drugs on prisoners or involuntary human guinea pigs, he has to resort to paying people to take his product for research sake. He's pretty sure that his company has gotten all the bugs out of it, that you will definitely not suffer any liver or kidney damage...well, he's almost positive anyway. Because of the loosy-goosy nature of this scheme, all of this will be under the table. You agree to take these experimental drugs and allow yourself to be monitored, and you get paid 10 million dollars. If anything goes wrong, you can't take legal action against them. The money will be paid up front, and he says that he's well connected to the mob, in case you attempt to screw him out of his money. Do you agree to take the drugs?


You and your SO (assume you have one if you don't) are approached at a restaurant by a good looking person of whatever gender you are. This person has been watching your SO, and finds them incredibly attractive. "Here's the deal", he or she says, "I'm filthy rich. Loaded. I want to 'borrow' your SO for one whole week, where we'll be secluded in my French chateau. There we'll engage in every deviant pasttime, our decadence filled with champagne and viagra and all manner of sexual prop. At the end of the week, you get your chaffed, exhausted SO back. If you agree, I'll wire $50,000 into your bank account". Your SO seems ok with this decision, and says it's all up to you. Do you accept the deal?


The White House wants to commemorate the 'good job' done by Rumsfeld in Iraq. They want to name a street after him. Your street is selected for this representation, but they want to make sure that the residents are ok with the choice. As incentive, everyone on your street is given an offer: accept the street name change to Donald Rumsfeld St., and you'll each be given a check for $500. Do you agree to the change?


Your next door neighbor is a drug dealer. A fairly sleazy one who has people coming over to his house at all hours and bribes cops. Everyone knows what he does and does nothing. You're approached one day by some guy in a trenchcoat who says that he's a hitman who was hired to kill him. Thing is, your neighbor rarely leaves his home and has a bodyguard with him at all times. The hitman is having problems completing his assignment. This is where you can help. The hitman is also being paid to do another job at the same time and can't stakeout both targets. If you simply call the hitman the next time you notice your neighbor leaving, he can climb into his house and plant a trap to kill your neighbor. The hitman will pay you for your help, to the tune of $10,000. Do you help?



my cat has the hiccups.
how do i help him get rid of them?
i've tried scaring him; it doesn't work.
besides putting the cat inside the bag, how do you get a cat to breathe into a paper bag?
are there any other "cures" i can use on a feline?

Hooray (not) for braces!

I've had my braces on for about 18 months. I'm supposed to have them on for about 24, but my teeth are very straight and my bite nearly perfect. In three weeks I'm moving alllll they way across the country to Washington. I don't really want to deal with my braces while at a new school and state. A fresh start, you know?

1. Did you get your braces off early?
I'm planning on asking them (at my appointment on the 16th) if they'll take them off and give me a retainer instead. A friend of mine did this before he went on a 6 month student exchange trip to France.

2. Did you really brush you teeth after every meal, every day, and floss all the time and be Super Dental Hygene (Wo)Man?
I haven't and that leads me to my third question...

3. If you just brushed your teeth once a day (like you used to before you got the braces) did you end up with stains on your teeth when they took the braces off?
I'm super paranoid about that.

4. If you did end up with stains on your teeth, could you get rid of them? Did bleaching your teeth make the stains the same color as your newly-whitened teeth? Or were they still ligher?
You just always see people the day after they get their braces taken off with these perfect shinyshiny white teeth and I'm SO worried my mouth will be all gross and splotchy when I get my braces taken off.

Thanks in advance!

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do you differentiate between "geek" "dork" and "nerd"?

if so, what are the classifications? which would you consider yourself?

....not that i'm assuming everyone on lj is a geek/dork/nerd....cough....
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Dating vs Hanging out

What makes a date a date?  What is the difference between me having a dinner and movie out with my best friend, and being on a date doing the exact same thing?

Is it physical? Is it intention? Is it something else?  When does it stop being "hanging out" and start being "dating"?  

If you are just "dating" someone, do you call them your boy/girl-friend?

My friend and I usually see each other every day at work, and then quite often one or both weekend days.  We love to spend time with each other, and are often mistaken for a couple when out in public. Yet I wouldn't call him my boyfriend, because to me, that implies some sort of physical relationship, which is not there.

So am I "dating" him?  We are automatically each other's dates for social functions, including work functions.  If an invitation says "and Guest" I am always "the Guest" and vice versa for him.

Am I confusing anyone else?
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Magazine subscription prices

Certainly not a life-altering question, but why do you think magazine subscription prices vary so widely from publication to publication?

I subscribe to a lot of magazines, and I pay a different price for each.  It costs over $100 to subscribe to People Magazine for a year, but only $20 to subscribe to Newsweek for a year, and both are weeklys.

Similarly, I get Esquire - a monthly magazine - for something insane, like $8 a year, but other monthlys seem to run $20 to $25 a year.

Why such a discrepancy? One could argue that Newsweek gives you much more bang for your buck than People, yet its substantially less expensive.  Does it all boil down to quantity of advertising, perhaps?
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Pulp Fiction ?'s

If you were Butch (Bruce Willis' character) would you go back in and save Marcellus Wallace (Ving Rhames' character) from the freaky hillbilly rapists?

What do you think was in the briefcase Jules and Vincent had?

Did you like Pulp Fiction? Do you usually like Quentin Tarantino movies?


1.) Ok, its freshman year of college, and I don't have to pick a major until next year... my original major was going to be psychology, but the issue is.. I'm incredibly horrible in math, and I have a learning disability, I barely know any algebra. The school isn't doing much to accomodate me in that area, but its pointless to switch schools because all the schools around my area have the same unhelpful policy... and I can't afford to go far from home. Are there any majors in your opinion that don't have a lot of high-level mathematics involved, ones that can actually get me a job? I can't take classes at a community college either, because I really have no way to get there (i can't drive, and I live with my grandmother..i help take care of her over the summer) and I don't have much money..

I was considering Elementary Education/Early Childhood education, but everyone in the area has that major, so I doubt I could find a job easily after graduation.

I'm going to talk to a counselor soon, but I always find they aren't much help (in high-school-wise anyway).. I hope college is different.

For those of you who got trashed this New Years

1. What did you drink/take to get you nicely trashed?
Lots of bourbon & coke.

2. What are some fun & random things you & your mates did?
Got into a screaming match with the kid who kept driving his noisy ass moto up & down the street. Sex danced for near 2 hours with my best friends 17 year old brother (that boy was seriously a stripper in a past life). Uhh... had a drunken discussion on the merits of original gangsta rap & hip hop vs. the overly commercialised rap & hip hop of today.

3. What are some things you shouldn't have done?
Sex danced for near 2 hours with my best friends 17 year old brother! Gave a teasing, drawn out head job (not to said 17 year old) that seemed like a great idea at the time, but now my jaw is killing me over 12 hours later. Gotten turned on by a male friend licking up his spilt bourbon of the tile floor, lol.

4. What are some things you normally wouldn't have done?
Sex danced with 17 year old as he's like a little bro to me & it squicks me out thinking of him in a sexual way. Gave a head job with other people in the room. Been as quiet & in control as I was.

5. Were there any dramas?
Yeah, just the typical drunken female drama of ex's being in the same house & the chick being stupid (yeah, I'm a bitch but the ex boyfriend is my baby boy). Not really drama, but we got a phone call from the neighbours to keep it down. Said ex's getting hot & heavy & the chick being a prick tease. Eh, nothing too much, nothing involved me directly.
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Unlady like language

I need some swear words in Greek and their aproximate meaning and use (in English please!).

I need things that one person (female if it matters) would say to someone else (mostly males) and things that would be said in the heat of the moment.

Or if you know any reputable sites that would have lists with English translations.

Thanks a bunch TQC!
Have a Happy New Year!
~ K.
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Is there anything that made you strangely happy today?

I ask this, because I made a quick stop at the mall today to pick up pictures and to stop at Target on my way out to exchange something. To do so, I had to go past the baby section to look for the item I wanted to use for the exchange. I've been looking for a bottle of Baby Magic lotion for the longest time (my all-time fave lotion! Mmmm!) and not having any luck in the beauty section. As I passed the baby section, it hit me. Baby lotion + baby section = baby lotion will definitely be there. And sure enough, I found a bottle of Baby Magic there! Woohoo!

I couldn't do the exchange after all (lost the original receipt), but at least the trip wasn't a total loss. Yeah, it made me strangely happy, and I don't care if that's weird. :)
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Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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virtual space vs meatspace

When you meet someone who you had only known online, how often do they "match up" to how you expected them to be?

I met someone who frequents the b0st0n community at the NYE party I went to, and he was EXCATELY the pathetic tea sandwich of a man I expected him to be.

(no subject)

I just downloaded the entire soundtrack to The Last Unicorn (by America).

What childhood movie doundtracks do you have? Which ones do you plan on downloading?

Also do you know where I can get the torent for Horse With no Name (album)? I tried IsoHunt and they don't like it when I type in America and when I typed in "Horse with no name" they gave me reeeeeeally gross porn.

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What are your hobbies?
are you male or female?

Why I ask: A bit ago I was teasing my brother about his inability to live w/o the internet (he lives in the same building as me and when my cousin moved out of their place he shut off the net...he hasn't set it back up yet, so he keeps coming down here to use my computer) and told him he needs to get a hobby. Then when he asked me (mockingly, of course) what I would suggest, I couldn't think of anything that might interest him. I know he wouldn't actually take up a hobby, so I'm not really looking for suggestions for him with this question, it just got me curious.

it's a good thing i have no shame, otherwise this'd be embarrassing!

i went to harrod's today and bought this pair of sunglasses for £148, cause they're having their big sale and i have no self-control. i realized a bit too late that this was a foolish purchase (and i have found them online for $170). but since they were on sale, it says i can only return the glasses for store credit. as the case may be, i neither want nor need $300 worth of harrod's store credit. SO, tqc, can any of you think of a good way i can talk them into just refunding my credit card the amount? i'm not above fibbing.

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I'm addicted to Jack Bauer Hour of Power, but don't get Fox at my house.  As a result, I just rent the previous season when it comes out and have a marathon.

I don't want to spoil the last season for myself, so I haven't poked around the 24 website.

Spoiler under the link...

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I keep seeing previews for the next season with Jack w/ long ol' hair and a beard, then clean shaven.  I just can't wait!



For those of you who are Rocky Horror fans/enthusiasts, you surely must know by now that they're planning on remaking the movie, this time with Tim Burton at the helm, with reportedly Marilyn Manson as Frank-N-Furter. My friend heard the news and almost cried. She said all Rocky Horror fans are in silent mourning and protect. If that's true, let's discuss

1) The original was a musical. Burton's not really a musical director unless he's working with clay puppets. Do you think the remake will have an original Elfman songlist, the same songs from the original RHPS, or be completely songless?

2) Who will Helena Bonham Carter play?

3) Barring Burton's exceptional taste of style, gothy settings and props, do you find him to be a good director overall? Or do you think that he puts too much emphasis on the visuals and not nearly enough on the content?

4) Manson v. Curry. Do you think Manson can fill Curry's 6" heels as Frank-N-Furter?

5) What Burton movies do you like that do not have Johnny Depp in them?

6) The cast hasn't been selected yet (though my friend thinks that Jack Black will be a good Eddie). Who do you think would be good picks for the remake? I always liked Columbia. Who'd be a good choice?
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Yarn Online

Hi all. I want yarn. Good quality, good price. Where can I find it?

Do you have a favorite online retailer?

Do you shop different places for different fibers (plant/animal/synthetic)?

Please share your yarn retailers with me.

I ebay it every once in a while but I'd like a more reliable source of good yarns and I'm just not sure where to find them.

When googling I just can't tell is a place is reliable, fair, reasonably-priced so I'm looking for places you've had positive experiences with (excuse the grammar, please). Thanks a bunch!
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i was playing around with my cursor and found a bunch of fun settings that i didnt know i had, so my "working" cursor is now a dinosaur..

what is your working cursor?
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(no subject)

Is it safe to hitchhike anymore?

Do your parents tell you stories of how they used up all the fun?
My dad loves to tell us about how he hitchhiked from New Hampshire to California one year, and spent a semester of college rooming with a guy who had two pet monkeys.
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French or French-Canadian

Can anyone translate the word "dépisteurs"? Used in the context like so: "Se faire voir par les Dépisteurs?" I've looked it up in several sentences in google and have not been able to understand it through context alone and none of my dictionaries can translate.

PS: the original context I found the word in is here "ce chiffres demontrent que les joueurs du Quebec ne jouissent pas d'une bonne reputation aupres des depisteurs de la Ligue nationale."


I got my eyebrow pierced today. I got a whole list of Dos and Don'ts as far as cleaning and maintaining.

How do you think the natives (of the cultures where facial piercing are popular) kept/keep their piercings clean without the advantage of antibacterial soap and such?