December 31st, 2006

Calling all English grammar buffs...

... I can't for the life of me remember what this is called.

In this example sentence - Shoving a pillow over his face, he let loose a scream. - what is the underlined portion refered to as? Some sort of phrase, like, a _____ phrase, perhaps? I know what it's called, but I simply cannot remember and I need to know in the next few days. (I'm a beta-reader for certain fanfictions and I'm trying to explain to the author that such a phrase always needs a comma after it, and I could explain much better if I knew what the bloody thing was called.
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Hey guys. I'm going to Disney World Jan 1st at 6:15 am. I'm packing, and I know I'm going to forget something.
Can you name things/lists of things I will need to bring?
I have a large suitcase and I'm going till the 5th, so that's 5 days of park activities, 4 nights there, and 3 nights of partying. And it should be in the 70's. Please help, with my luck I'll leave all my underwear home or something. And the list my mom printed for me is dumb and includes things like 'fanny pack' and 'water wings'.

Or, if you hate me because I'm going to Disney, then what's your name/why were you named that?
I'm Ilyse, hello. I am named after my gradnpa on my mom's side, his name was Ira. If I was a boy my name would be Ian.
Santa Away
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Why did you originally get a livejournal?

My ex girlfriend got one, so I wanted one. I used up her invite code (who remembers them?) and began. Didn't really know what i was using it for until i discovered communities!

Have your current reasons for using livejournal changed since you got it?

Yes. My main reasons now are mainly to take part in community discussions, to keep updated with the friends that i have got, and to hopefully make some new ones.

Technology Problem

I figured I would come here for help because I have no idea what to do, am really frustrated, etc.

Over a week ago, I downloaded a zip file of music that someone was sharing with me ( off sendspace, if it matters). I have a program called RecordNow that I use to burn CDs, and it's never given me problems before. This zip file of an album worked fine all except four songs. Now, I don't know why, but these four songs always turn up as "invalid music files" on RecordNow. They play fine on my computer itself, their properties when I check them look the same as all the other songs I've got. The problem is not with recording them onto the CD, it's getting the songs into RecordNow in the first place.

I figured maybe they were corrupt uploads from the first person who I downloaded it from, so I got a hold of those particular four songs from another, totally different person. She also uploaded them onto SendSpace. Again -- RecordNow refuses to take them, even though they play on my computer and are downloaded from a different upload.

Can anyone help? This is driving me insane. I've downloaded the first zip file twice, downloaded these new links for the four problem songs after, and have gotten nowhere.

For all of you smokers...

This goes out to just you cigarette smokers.

1. What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

2. What made you choose this kind?

3. How long have you smoked cigarettes regularly?

4. How many cigarettes do you smoke in (a time period of your chosing, day/week/month)?

5. Have you ever tried quitting? If so, did it work?
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(no subject)

I got a camera for Christmas (Canon A530) and some of the pictures I took yesterday turned out butt ugly. Yellow-ish, dull and kind of blurred. I just hate the way the pictures look, expecially people's eyes. They look so dull and lifeless. What settings can I change to make them look better? Is it lighting/flash/white balance? The mode I was shooting in (portrait and auto)?

What can I do to make my pictures look better in general? Help me, camera-smart people.

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harold & maude
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Clueless in regards to alcohol.

I'm having a small get-together at my place tonight to bring in the new year. We're talking 10 people tops. Of those ten people only 5-6 will drink and are mostly females.

Onto the questions:

1.) What kind of alcohol would be best to buy in regards to a.) not being too expensive (eg over $25 a bottle), b.) having a decent amount of alcohol in it and c.) a decent taste (if possible)?

(Truthfully, because most of my friends are girls with little alcohol experience or tolerance I was thinking along the lines of Schnapps, but I still don't know the price ranges of those or their alcohol content.)

I mean yeah, fruit flavor is nice and all but I have a pretty high natural alcohol tolerance, and I don't need to get drunk but I'd like to feel some effects. Otherwise, I'd make some kool-aid and call it a night.

2.) What's your favorite mixed drink?

3.) Beer. I have never been an extreme beer fan, but I am looking to broaden my horizons. The only beers I've ever heard mentioned in an enthused manner are Red Stripe and Stella Artois. As a girl who doesn't want to drink anything too bitter and isn't going to get some Natural Ice or PBR because... I have functional taste buds, any opinions on the aforementioned? Also, their costs?

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po3 doll//calm

{random questions to occupy me because i hate being sick}

1. Have you ever had bronchitis?
1a. If so, how many times?
1b. Do you get it regularly?

2. What's your favorite kind of tissue?

3. Do you ever sit down and marathon a tv show on dvd?
3a. If so, what was the last one you watched?

4. Do you like Thai food?
4a. What's your favorite dish?
4b. What's the best Thai place in your city and where are you?

1. Yes.
1a. Too often.
1b. It would seem so.

2. Puffs Plus with Lotion. Everything else makes my nose all scratchy.

3. More often than I care to admit.
3a. Doing it with the Bones dvds I got for Christmas. :)

4. Yes.
4a. Right now, Spicy Basil Chicken and Satay Chicken.
4b. Either King & I, or Thai Room. I'm in Las Vegas, btw.
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the gun

What might be a flawed brain teaser

Alright, a friend of mine brought this to me the other night and neither of us has figured it out yet. Thing is, she might have told it wrong so, if it ends up being a wild goose chase, I apologize.

So here it is:

You have a gold bar and you need to cut it into six seven equal pieces. Thing is, due to the rules found only in brain teasers like this, you can only make two straight cuts.

How is it done??

ANSWER: Apparently it isn't. Turns out, she told it to me wrong. I'm going to say that's the only reason I couldn't figure it out but I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have gotten it either way. Again, I apologize for any emotional trauma this may have caused. My bad.

(no subject)

when moving into your first ever apartment, what are some of the things you should buy for it? like absolute necessities? i have no idea where to even start. :(

does this make sense? sure it does. or are there any books on this sort of thing? oh man.
cat tea

Music and politics

1. In reference to this post ... does anyone else NOT have any clue who some of those bands are? Even the ones people said are "mainstream"? Am I getting old? Do I have horrible taste in music? What is going on?

2. Do you share similar political views with your parents?
3. What is the first current/political event that you first recall having an opinion on?
4. How have your political views changed over time, if at all?
5. What people/events/books/whatever have influenced your political views/leanings?

Because people assume that everyone has an iPod

If you don't have iPod, what brand of mp3 player do you have?
I have an iRiver H10. His name is Frank & he's red.

If you don't own an iPod, have you ever had one in the past?
Nope, not interested in them at all.

If you don't own an iPod do you wish you had one?
Nope, don't care for them.

If you have an iPod, do you think it's the best thing since sliced bread?

If you have an iPod, did you buy it just because it was an iPod?
The Dude Abides

Movie ?'s

What's the worst upcoming movie trailer you've ever seen?
There's a movie coming out called Black Sheep [not the sequel to Tommy Boy] that looks pretty bad. If I can find it I'll link to it in this post w/ an edit Trailer

Have you ever seen a movie on tv that normally you love, but the network version was awful as hell?
Kill Bill, I don't even know why they show flicks like that or Pulp Fiction on network TV.
...there was a FIREFIGHT!


I have 3 iTunes downloads left on a gift certificate that expires at the end of the day.  What should I get?

Also, I eventually have to redeem $40 worth of songs that I got for Christmas, so your ideas might come in handy later on if I just run out of shit to download.

<lj-cut text="Some music I like">
My favorite artsist (right now) are Fleetwood Mac, Rusted Root, Pink Floyd, Rufus Wainwright, Flogging Molly,  the Beatles, Juanes, Manu Chao, Morphine, and Santana. 

Here's a list of stuff I've already bought with the gift certificate, in case you care.
Bruce Springsteen, "Pink Cadillac"
Flogging Molly, "Factory Girls"
London Philharmonic, "Carmina Burana"
Morphine, "You're An Artist"
Peaches, "Fuck the Pain Away"
Popa Chubby, "Hallelujah"
qntal, "Ecce Gratum"
Rolling Stones, "Beast of Burden"
Scissors Sisters, "Take Your Mama Out"
Stevie Nicks, "Edge of Seventeen"
Tchaikovsky, "1812 Overture"
Yolanda Perez, "Estoy Enamorada"
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MP4s to MP3s

Does anyone know a good program or way to convert MP4 music files to MP3s? Half of my music is in MPEG-4 format and I just got an MP3 player that only plays actual MP3s.
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(no subject)

are there any other folk out there who aren't doing anything special for New Years?

my SO and i are going to stay at home, eat 2minute noodles, maybe drink some wine or non-alcoholic champagne, a chocolate bar for dessert and watch Six Feet Under.

what are your dreary plans?

(no subject)

How do you get back in touch with/become friends again with people who you have lost touch with?
Seeing as how it's about to be a new year, I think it's time for me to fix quite a few relationships.

Regardless of how you came to no longer be in speaking terms (through a fight, or just being a bad friend, etc), how do you get back to the point where you can talk again? Have you ever gone months without speaking to someone, and been able to get back to how things were before, or at least close enough to that? What did you do/stories etc please

ETA:and if that person lives too far for you to just get together and chat, does/did that make a difference?
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Creepy men watching you sleep? Or just lonely men?

My new roommate told me about how our other roommate is scared of this man who apparently breaks into apartments and homes and watches girls sleep (sometimes getting in the bed with them) and then when she wakes up and screams, he runs out the door. Apparently I'm not allowed to talk about how Kelsey has the room right next to the door, thus he would be after her first, or she might move out.

Have you heard of people doing this kind of stuff in your town? Has it ever happened to you? What would you do if it did? Does this make you want to go tell a friend, then watch them one night to see you can scare them?

I live in Fargo, and it's apparently happening here. Unless it's just one of those urban myth deals...

WTF!? cat is incredibly insane.

I always leave fresh water out for her. I mean, it's responsible pet ownership. But I'll leave for work, be gone 10 hours and come home to find...a sock that was in the dirty laundry bin IN her water dish. Or, a shirt that she dragged out in there, which has since soaked up all the water.

Her litter box is in a chest, since it's in my room and I don't want a cat bathroom out in the open. I cut a hole in the side so she can get in and out, and it's got a lid so I can clean/change the litter regularly. The other day I found a pair of panties IN the box, covered up with litter. Today I found a shirt dragged into the chest, she hadn't dragged it completely into the box itself yet.

WHY!? Why is my cat stealing my clothes and pulling them into her litter box and her water dish!? I'm so confused.

(no subject)

I'm trying to install The Sims 2 for the first time and it says to enter an installation code. Where on the box do I find the installation code? It says it is found in the lower left of the back of the CD/DVD case but I don't see anything there. Where can I find it?

(no subject)

Can somebody please tell me what this quote means because I am dumbfounded by it

"without any remaining wilderness we are committed wholly, without change for even momentary reflection and rest, to a headlong drive into our technological termite-life, the Brave New World of a completely man-controlled environment."
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(no subject)

1 When writing a dollar amount using numbers, where do you put the dollar sign? Before or after the numbers? Any particular reason?
2 When you get all sweaty, where do you sweat the most from?
3 For those who have been sunburnt, what's the worst you had?
4 Let's say that science will allow us to breed to famous people (not necessarily a 'celebrity'), no matter if they're alive or dead - whose would you choose to mix? Also for the sake of discussion, let's say that science will let us breed men with men and women with women too.

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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

My mom is in her early 50's and she needs to go shopping for jeans. She doesn't want those horrible mom jeans and she also doesn't want to wear jeans that young adults are seen wearing. Something in between. Any places where she can look? Thanks in advance.

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Jesus Lost


What was the most terrified you've ever been?

For me, it was being the duty manager at a bookstore when our friend the pervert came in.  We knew about this guy, so whenever he came in, whoever was on got to shadow him and let him know, without ever speaking to him, that we were watching him.  He liked to try to peek up womens' skirts, down their blouses, etc.  Not just when someone in a low-cut blouse bent over, either.  He'd go out of his way to get glimpses.  Creepy.

Anyway, we were near closing, and he came in, so I shadowed him.  We closed, and I headed for home.  As I left the bookstore parking lot, a set of headlights pulled out from the lot across the street, and stuck with me.  I detoured quite a bit, trying to find an open gas station or something, with no luck.  We got up to 60mph on residential streets, and the one gas station I found was closed for remodeling.  I finally found a cross street with some traffic on and was able to lose him in a new residential development.

The guy came back into the store the next day, so I went out and verified his car and license plate and we had the cops come and remove him.

Yeah, carstalking = scary.

Unlucky strike

What's up with striking out a question after it's answered, PLUS adding "Answered, thanks", but not actually saying what the answer was?

If others bother to struggle to read the question, then they still have to read the comments to figure out what the answer was.

Does this bug other people here, or is is just me?

(no subject)

Things or activities found at your particular New Years' celebration

Watching the ball fall
Singing 'auld lang syne'
Kissing someone at midnight
Masturbating alone at midnight
Root beer, ginger ale or other non-alcoholic beverages
Watching some series marathon on some tv station
Early bedtime

If you're resolving to take a New Year's resolution, along what lines will this resolution be?

I resolve to lose weight!
I resolve to find romance/sex in '07
I resolve to leave my significant other in '07
I resolve to quit smoking/drinking/drugs
I resolve to start smoking more/drinking more/taking more drugs
I resolve to stop touching myself under the covers
I resolve to travel more
I resolve to get a job!
I resolve to spend more time with my SO/kids/people who share DNA with me
I resolve to give a shit in '07
I resolve to study harder
I resolve to study less and party more
I resolve to stop stripping and go back to school
Resolutions are for suckers

What do you think your life needs more of in '07?

Commitment (to whatever task you allegedly are committed to)
Freedom (I'm currently incarcerated)
Reduction of drama
My life is perfect, foo!
None of the above

Overall, how would you rate 2006?

So awful! I couldn't stop crying
It was bad. It was tough to stay positive
It was a lot like 2005, but with more racist scandals
Pretty good. Thanks for asking
So amazing! I couldn't stop smiling

Lastly, you see an old man with a long beard with a 2006 sash on his chest. What do you do?

Hug him for such a good year
Kick him in the crotch, and stomp on his face until he stops moving. Thanks for nothing!
lead me

bottoms up!

Is there some rule that you shouldn't eat anything sugary if you've been drinking? Or did I dream that up?

Anything else a first-timer should know before this party gets underway?

(fwiw, all we've got is cheap champagne tonight. but hey. it's new years.)
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(no subject)

what music should i listen to?
just give me some artists/particular songs. it doens't have to be something i have. just anything.

do you think madonna is anything like Bjork, musically?

(no subject)

A while back (I think it was on mission101) somebody mentioned a site where you could get your LJ printed in really nice hardbound books. Does anyone know where I could find that site?

Do you write in a paper journal? How often?

Do you collect anything?
How long have you been a collector?
.the game is on!.

(no subject)

1. Is there an online database like Project Gutenberg, only for children's literature, instead?

2. Are you having a special dinner for New Year's? If yes, what does it consist of?
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(no subject)

1. Who is your favorite Disney Character?
2. Are you as excited as I am for "I Love New York" and "Gay, Straight, or Taken"?
3. What's your default icon?

My Answers
1. Snow White. Followed by Ursula
2. Seriously. I can't fucking wait!
3. It's from the Violin Prodigy episode of Strangers With Candy. It's New Years and Geoffrey brought Chuck a 'fun bucket of assorted popcorns'. They then proceed to fight over violins and Jerri and such.
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(no subject)

A few years ago, I attended at a college as a part time student...and then I wasn't feeling it so I just left before the semester even ended. If I wanted to go back, can I just go as a continuing part time student or would I have to register all over again?

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(no subject)

I got a duplicate Disney movie for Christmas. I would like to return it for another Disney movie (preferably Mary Poppins). This got me thinking though, is there any way to find out what movies are in the Disney Vault? Do you know where I would look?


What are some exciting things in politics/the media/etc. that happened in 2006?

No joke answeres unless you find it COMPLETELY necessary.

EDIT: I hate to go all "teen of the millenium" on you all, but anything that happened with celebrities and the media is what I'm REALLY looking for.

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kiv dancin.
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deviating from YOUR norm

okay, so normally i've been kind of a four piece punky/electro kinda girl, but i have fallen in love with the wierd european/gypsyish sounds of Beirut lately.

what have you liked, musically, lately, that you normally wouldn't? has something caught you off guard from what you normally dig? have you been listening to something different from normal, anything, lately?
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(no subject)

i'm supposed to research if feminism has become too radical and present opinions from both sides.  it's pretty easy to find that people think feminism has become too radical, even though i happen to agree with the contrary.  any quotes from organizations/people/whatever for showing either that feminism HASN'T become too radical OR that feminism still has quite a ways to go, and thus feminist organizations are wholly justified in whatever it is they're doing?

Self cleaning

Julie Andrews would be proud

What are some of your favorite things?

Mine are: raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, deleted posts, internet begging, white wine and ridiculously long phone conversations with flightless birds, and ninjas, of course.
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Die kitty

(no subject)

I know this sounds really weird, but it's a question for those who have and know cats.

Can cats have coconut meat?

I ask this, because my oldest cat seems to really really want my Malibu, which is coconut rum, and she hates rum, and all other booze, my youngest likes all booze with cream, just as he likes my coffee, though now he hates it as I don't put milk in it. I of course, am not going to give my kitties Malibu.

But if I gave them coconut as a treat, would that be okay?

I tried to look it up online, but I couldn't find anything that said that cats are not allowed to have it, or even that people give it to their cats. So I am wondering if anyone else has had this, or are my cats just weird.

What other weird things do you kitties like to have?
kiv dancin.
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there might be two of you who know this

okay, in The Magnetic Fields song "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend", is that Neil Tennant singing backups at the end of the song? i downloaded the song and don't have the liner notes, so i don't know.

do you? it sounds like him, but it might be an effect.
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New Years

A.) Anyone else drinking the fake wine/champagne... you know, the non-alcoholic grape  juice that comes in the wine bottles?

B.) I'm going to college soon... (I'm sharing a small closet dorm room with another person) So far I'm bringing the following:

  1. 2 XL twin bedsheets, a couple pillows, stuffed animals, a bed pad
  2. about 2 weeks worth of clothes/pjs, makeup, and a couple pairs of shoes, about two-three purses, money, cellphone, cellphone charger
  3. TV
  4. DVD player/playstation/playstation games
  5. personal computer  and printer (laptop is dying on me and its less than two weeks until college starts)
  6. towels/shampoo/conditioner/soap/razors
  7. medicine
  8. DVDs
  9. shower stuff carrier thing
  10. notebooks, paper
  11. a jar full of quarters for washing clothes
  12. desk calender
  13. camera
  14. jar of markers, pens and pencils

Can you think of anything else I would need?

Georgie - Smiles


1 - Whatever happened to secrets_hp?

So I just had a Krispy Kreme doughnut for the first time ever (they've just landed in Australia) and it was so sickly sweet I felt like I'd been slapped in the face. I struggled to finish the one (and it was just glazed! Not even iced!) and there's two more in the fridge (choc icing with custard filling and something else...I've forgotten) which are most likely not going to get eaten.

2 - How many Krispy Kremes do you eat in one sitting?
3 - Are a lot of things in America that sugary?

4 - Which CD in your collection is the "OMG what the hell was I THINKING when I bought this?!" CD?

Mine's a single - "Ooh Ahh" by Tamara. Ugh. I really do not know why I have this. Heh, my brother has the 98° album so I don't feel so bad. =D

5 - Do you spell 'Mr' with or without a full stop? Clearly I spell it without, even though I have been taught to.