December 30th, 2006


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1)Do you like tiramisu?

2)What's your favorite dessert item?

3)Should I rent a house with my mom?

4)Does anyone else find milk to be more delicious than any beverage that ever existed? Or is that just me?

I love tiramisu.
My favorite dessert item is chocolate pudding pie. Or oreos.
My mom is totally awesome.
Milk is devine.
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Aside from getting muscle relaxers, is there any way to get muscle spasms to stop?

I got a shiny veggie dicer for Christmas. Sadly, I'm cooking-stupid and don't know what kind of things I can make other than fries and salsa. Do you have any favorite recipes that involve diced veggies/cheese/whatever you could share with me? Bonus points if they're vegetarian.
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chicken legs
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How long would you stay in a relationship before you felt it was time to either commit or move on?

Edit: A lifetime commitment, if it's your thing. Related discussion is also welcome.
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What's up with people being unnecessarily mean unprovoked for no reason?

A neighbor of mine was just texting me. We were going back and forth for a little when out of nowhere he was just insanely mean. He's most likely drunk, but I still don't understand where that comes from. We're friends, it doesn't make any sense. What the hell is wrong with people?

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what was the movie about clones?  a life insurance policy that clones you.... i thought it had ewan mcgregor and cameron diaz...

help!  this is a well known movie i'm almost positive

Smoking and Glasses

1. I was discussing this question with a friend a few nights ago: If, let's say one day scientists invent a type of cigarette that is perfectly safe to smoke - none of the side effects of lung cancer and throat disease many years down the road - would you smoke it? Would you still discourage people from smoking?

2. Does anyone know male actors who wear glasses? In movies or in real life, it doesn't matter. I'm sure there are a fair few, but I can't think of any now.

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1.) Do you have any tattoos?
1a.) What is it?
1b.) What is the meaning behind it?
*Bonus credit if you post a picture*

2.) Now it's time for a totaly cliche' question you've probably been asked a million times before-your house is on fire, and convenientally all your favorite things are in a room with you, you can take one thing.

And the lucky item is _________ ?
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Very important question.

If I bought a Slurpee, but I didn't want to drink it right now, or drank some and wanted to drink the rest later, would I be able to stick it in the freezer and have it keep its consistency or would it become a big hunk of ice? I'm assuming if I refrigerated it, it would melt. (Please let me know if my assumption is wrong on that one.)

ETA: General consensus says to refrigerate it... thanks, TQC!
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How do you feel about people giving out your address [or other contact details] to other people without running it by you first?

Would your reaction be different if it was your mum giving your address to another relative?

Would you check with them before giving out THEIR details?
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Pant Sizes

Okay, so when dealing with women's pants, usually you see the even numbered sizes like 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc... A few years ago they came out with odd numbered pant sizes (5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, etc...) but have always had the in between ones like 15-16 for example. My question is, what the crap is the difference? I went from a size 22 in women's to a 16, 17, 18, or 19. Is a 17 the equivalent to a 14 or something?

Then on to men's pant sizes. They go by 20s to 40s, etc.. So what would a 34 be in a woman's size? How do you calculate this? One of my favorite stores sells women's pants by men's sizes and I don't understand.

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If you are child free, but you adopt one of those $22/month kids for a charity, are you still child free?

What was the last mean thing you said/did?

Who is your favorite member of TQC?

First post! <3

1) Has anyone ever heard of a show called Nip/Tuck?

2) How many shows do you own on DVD? If so which ones? Complete? (As in, all they have out at the moment).

3) Ideas for cheap dates? (No more than twenty bucks, tops).

4) And, for those of us who have worked in customer service (I know, maybe for customers_suck a bit more appropiate) what is your most hilarious customer story?

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Where online, not ebay, can I buy a petticoat like these?

This is from, but I don't want to pay $80.

Edit: I've tried to google it, but it's really hard to not get a bunch of randomness so I'm just looking for store recommendations.
New Camus

Don’t click unless you want see!

Follow-up to the Saddam will-you-watch-the-video post:

The video's out.  Gonna watch it?


Edit: for those who can't get it to work, try copying and pasting this into your browser:

Otherwise, someone will upload it eventually.

Edit again, since those aren't working anymore:

Quite randomly, about Scion tCs.

Does anyone know if the Scion tC's (more specifically, the '07 model if that matters much) rear seats fold down to make room for toting around more junk?

I looked on the site, but I didn't find anything. I might have overlooked it, though.

The trunk space is a little lacking, but if those rear seats fold down, that'll make everything better. XD
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Pampering and Beautification

Tomorrow I'll be picking my fiance up from the airport. I haven't seen him since just before Christmas, so I plan on spending the night pampering myself so he has someone nice to come home to. :)

SO, what is your favorite self-pampering ritual? I plan on soaking in a bubble bath with green goo on my face and a glass of wine.

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I have been doing a lot of traveling with friends recently, and therefore, have been sharing rooms with them. I have a really hard time falling asleep around other people, even if they're my friends. My heart races and so does my mind. Even as a kid, I was always the last one asleep at sleepovers. It has really taken its toll on my health these past few weeks so I was wondering...does anyone else have this problem? If so, have you found that helps you to sleep around others?

cubs hat
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-Bras. Did you know that you're not supposed to wear the same bra two days in a row? Do you do that?

-Underwear. Where do you buy yours? I like Victoria's Secret, but am looking to branch out. The only requirement is that they are not a thong and need to be low-rise.

-E-tailers. What are shops you love that are web-only?

-What can I do to kick this cold so that I feel up to going out tomorrow night? I've got a runny nose, and am all achy. I've been taking Sudifed and Airborne, and it's not helping.
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Hey...lately my computer has been shutting off randomly, just *click* it's off. And it takes a while for me to bring it back up (If i try too soon, it'll try to start up, then shut off again). I thought it was overheating, but I used SpeedFan (suggested by a friend) to get the temperatures when it shuts off and I've been told that it's fine at that temp.

If it helps, I have a Gateway Laptop with XP Media Center. TIA.
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Time wastin'

I am absolutely looking to waste time. Does anyone know a blog thingie which requires you to shuffle through songs on your mp3 player and answer "questions" with the titles of the songs that come up? (For example, I filled one out a few months ago that was called something along the lines of "Your Biopic Soundtrack", and each song title corresponded to a different part of a movie - opening scene, fight scene, love scene, break up, night before the war, etc).

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1. What's a good, sweet champagne? It's going to be served with dessert and should not be too pricey.

2. I've been thinking about one of my favorite childhood movies, The Little Mermaid, lately. I dunno why. It seems to have a feminist/liberal undertone parallel thing that I didn't pick up on as a kid. This song, for example, noting that it may not be the best idea to give up your voice for the dream guy you barely know. Yes? No? Or am I just reading too much into this? It just seems intersting coz, to me, most other Disney movies have a major sexist vibe.

3. Do/can you drink the tap water where you live? I live in West Texas and nearly everyone buys bottled coz the tap water tastes and smells like ass.

4. I accidentally trimmed my thumbnail too short today. It hurts. You ever do that?

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OK So I realize this entry is going to cause drama but hi this is TQC when is ther not drama.

Does having some variation of the word "boing" as your username automatically make you stupid?

I think it does.

And so I can ask another non drama related (though frequently asked) question... is anyone else in TQC Drunk right now? I AM!!!!!!

OK LAst question... this is a legitimate question. What is your favoroite kind of Hot Pocket? Mine is the Four Cheese PIzzza kind.
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Tabbed Browsing

1. How many tabs have you got open in your browser?

2. Without closing the useless or embarrassing ones, what pages are those tabs?
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3. If you don't have or employ the use of tabbed internet browsing, why the hell not?
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If the polynomial 3a^2 - 3an^2 - 2an + 2n^3 is to be factored by grouping pairs of terms, which grouping is not helpful?

a. 3a^2 paired with -3an^2 and -2an paired with 2n^3
b. 3a^2 paired with -2an and -3an^2 paired with 2n^3
c. 3a^2 paired with 2n^3 and -3an^2 paired with -2an
d. all the above pairings are helpful
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1.When you are browsing adult movies and you have to decide which might suit your purposes best, do you ever think to yourself "What would the Pope do?" If you don't browse adult movies, what do you think the Pope's favorite movie might be?

2.When you bake cookies or cupcakes do you generally get more, less, or the exact number as the recipe is supposed to yield?

3.Have you ever spit-shined anything? If so, what?

4.Do you prefer DIY car washes, drive-thrus, or bucket and a hose at home?

5.I can knock on my head and make it sound hollow. Can you do this?

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1. Have you ever had a conundrum wrapped in a dilemma with a philosophical question in the creamy middle?

2. About 3 hours ago I ordered a pizza and it never arrived. The police show up at my door saying the delivery driver never returned to the pizza place after leaving for my delivery. They ask if they can come inside to "look around" my apartment. I say no. They tell me they'll be back with a warrant. There's a police car outside still, I'm presuming in case I decide to leave. Would it be wrong of me to call the pizza place back and re-order my pizza that never arrived?

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So anyway, I went to the Everett Mall tonight (at approximately 8pm), and let me tell you: There are some strange people at the Everett Mall at 8pm. I saw about eighteen hundred suspicious people, and about twenty thousand suspicious animals.

But that's not my question. Like I was saying, I saw a lot of suspicious humans. While my mother and I were paying for some batteries (we bought a cat feeder on the way home that required a special type) I saw a very questionable man. He looked like your typical serial killer with his greased back hair, gaudy leather jacket and greasy face.

And guess what section he was at?

The hammer section D:

He was picking up the hammers one by one, feeling them, weighing them, testing them on those walking by.

As you can imagine, I was horrified. All of a sudden, it seemed as though the cashier was taking ages to complete the transaction. Once it was complete, I bolted out of that store, still shocked at what I had just seen. I can imagine the headlines tomorrow: "GIRL FOUND MURDERED BY HAMMER ATTACK."

So anyway, my question is: Should I watch my Walter DVD tonight?
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What's your favorite Weird Al song?
[For me, a toss-up between 'Canadian Idiot' and 'White and Nerdy'. ]

Presuming you do such things, when is the last time you shaved your legs?

spooky things

Is it weird that while i was looking at pictures of my cousin (he passed away last Feb), the song that played at his funeral came on the radio?
Do you believe that such things are coincidence (sp?) or mean something more?

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If you could hang out with any character or group of characters from either a book or movie, who would they be?

My choice would be either Alex from a Clockwork Orange, or Dante and Randall from Clerks.
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Sex and Macs

1. has anyone else had problems setting up a friends filter while using Safari or Firefox on Mac OSX? I can't get the page to load properly to create a filter.

2. Does anyone think that American boys are much more aggressive sexually compared to European ones?

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1. Do you have to work New Year's Day? What time?
Yes, at 8:00am. :(

2. What was the last thing you did that made you feel like an asshole?
A friend just called me to cancel our plans for the evening because he was asked out after we made plans on a date tonight. I was pissed. So I flipped open my phone to text my best friend about it, just wanting to vent a bit. Something to the tune of, "D was asked on a date TONIGHT and just called to cancel the plans we had. Prick...". Then I realized I'd not sent it to Best Friend and had in fact sent it to D (you know, the friend who canceled plans). Yeah...

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What are some of your favorite semi-obscure bands?

Some of mine, with various levels of popularity: The Mountain Goats, Man Man, Thrift Store Cowboys, Canasta, Kings of Convenience, Troubled Hubble, Spoon, Trentalange, The Unicorns, Voxtrot, Wolf Parade, and Yo la Tengo.

Edit:  I really don't mean it has to be a band that few people have heard of and/or like, but just something that's a bit away from the regular mainstream music.  Bad choice of words, sorry. 
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Unattended Children

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1. We just bought a whole new litterbox set up complete with a scoop, filters and an air freshener for the bathroom. I am so excited. What totally random things do you get excited about?

2. What's the most you would pay for a pair of jeans? How about a T-shirt?
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Do you use friends filters?
If so, what are they named?

Yep, I have 3. Online friends, which is made up of only people in my flist. Music communities, because it's easier to browse them all at once. And no music, because having 'can someone upload xx song for me' every second post on your friends page gets very annoying.

Do you use the 'rich text' feature when making a post?

Generally, no. I only do when I'm making post with a lot of formatting (like when I'm posting a lot of shit to a music community or icon community) & I'm too tired or lazy to type out row after row of coding.

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If you have Verizon, have you ever had trouble sending pic texts to Cingular users? How did you get it fixed?

Tonight I got a new phone, an LG 8600. I tried to send my boyfriend, a Cingular and Razr user, pic texts but he didn't get them. However, he can send me pic texts and I get them just fine. He just doesn't get mine.