December 28th, 2006

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One of my friends at work in another department has started dating a guy in my department. This guy isn't a bad guy, they've known each other for years but he has a few nasty qwerks, including being an alcoholic.


Am I out of line to say something about this to her? My thought would be to say something along the lines of "he doesn’t seem like your type because he drinks allot"

Am I out of line to politely criticize the guy she is dating for what is probably a reasonable reason?

Thanks TQC!!
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Do you ever feel...BAD for people in commercials?

I feel bad for little kids in bed wetting commercials. I figure their parents are stage parents who forced them into it (what kid wants to be the face for bed wetting?), and their friends must laugh at them.

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I am totally obsessed with movies about people being captive in one place for the whole movie. Like Saw, where they're stuck in a room for the whole film. Or Cube, where a bunch of characters wake up and they're stuck in a cube. Or Phone Booth, where the whole story takes place in a single phone booth. Or Speed, where the characters are confined to a bus...

Anyway, you get the idea. Could anyone here possibly recommend any movies that have similar kinds of storylines/settings? Perferably of the horror/supsense (or action) genre.

Thanks! :)

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Have you had lap band surgery? How many times did you have to have it fixed?

Have you had cosmetic surgery? What for? Would you recommend that surgeon to anyone? If so, who are they?
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Hey everyone.... looking for an opinion here. Anyone else here have trouble with their neck, and use a certain kind of pillow? What kind have you found to work the best, or what combination of stuff keeps you the most comfortably cramp-free? Thanks!

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Would you pick out a name for a baby before it was born or would you wait until it popped out?
Was YOUR name picked out for you before birth?
Do you like your name?

My mom had a named picked out for me, but decided to name me after the nurse that helped birth me instead. She used the old name for my middle name. I like both of them, but my first better.

sorry, yet another one on this subject, last one, i promise

1. Do you classify yourself as straight, gay, bi, or something else?
2. Who do you usually have crushes on?
3. Who do you feel sexually attracted to?
4. Who do you usually fall in love with?
5. Who do you prefer having sex with?

So, basically I'm asking, what do you base your "label"  on?

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1.) What are the things you want to do before you die?

In a list format please.

2.) What do you think of name changing? (one dosent like their name, they legally change it)
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Brush Up.

When you brush your teeth:

1. Do you brush your tounge?
2. Do you gag at all?
3. Do you lean over the sink? Walk around? Look at yourself in the mirror?
4. Do you get your rinse water by hand-to-mouth? mouth directly to water running out of faucet? a designated cup?
5. Are you particular about making sure all the toothpaste is rinsed out of your tbrush?

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does anyone know where to get good tax advice? websites or something. H&R Block is a rip off and i'm never going there again. i just want to know if i can file separetly from my parents to where they can't claim me on their taxes. i'll be fully financially independant from them in a week or two and i'm moving out of their house. does it even make a difference if they can't claim me?
nevermind i found the irs helpline and i got my answer

how contagious is bronchitus? the lady who sits next to me has it and has been coughing and hacking all over the damn place. i've been taking vitamins but i'm wondering if it's futile.

Dvd burning website?

Any know of a reliable FREE dvd burning download site? A site that lets you download software in order to burn a FULL dvd (not just part of it as a test). One that reads the disc and then asks you to put in a blank dvd if possible, too.
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More cars

1. So oil change places and my father-in-law (who owned my car before I did) say to change the oil every 3 months or 3000 miles. My car's manual, on the other hand, says every 12 months or 7500 miles. What's the deal there, who should I listen to, and how often do YOU change your car's oil?

2. Does your car have a name? What is it, and how'd you come up with it?
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perimeter vs. area

My high school kids have a hard time figuring out when a problem is a area problem vs. a perimeter problem. I'm thinking that I need to get as many examples together and just make a huge list to put on the wall. Here's where I need your help:

What are examples of when you've used perimeter vs. area? (real life or word problems)

We use the basics already
Area: carpet, laying sod, painting a wall, laying tile, wallpaper
Perimeter: putting up a fence, putting up a wallpaper border, making a picture frame

What other ideas can you come up with?
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1. What kind of car do you drive? '01 Isuzu Rodeo, can be seen here.
2. Do you have tinted windows? yessir, it's a necessity.
3. What color is it? silver.
4. When's the last time you had an oil change? about.. a month ago.
5. How much is your car payment? $286.93.

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The reason I asked the tooth brushing questions is this. 

My boyfriend is quite gross - Can I just be honest here and not be harshly judged? I really don't know how to not feel the way I feel about this, but the way I feel is pretty mean! 

He has a hard time taking a shower daily - he usually takes one every other day at BEST - and he really isn't the smell good type of guy.
I don't think he has ever used to been in the practice of using a cologne - it would be nice.
He eats the smelliest foods and I guess with his difficult upbringing, his teeth are just gross. He plans on going to the dentist soon, but his teeth have taken a toll, I can't imagine the plaque all up in there.
He is sniffling in the morning, the luggie sniffle and it grosses me out. 
He has to smoke a cigarette before he gets out of bed and stink up the bedroom.
When he brushes his teeth, he puts his face under the faucet and sucks the water - I'm sorry, but I wouldn't even let my child do that.
And his toothbrush always has globs of tpaste in the bottom.
And up until recently, he would lean over the sink while brushing and for some reason, that just irritates the bejesus out of me - it's mindless. *EDIT* I would like to clarify that this is annoying because of his over-all inability to think outside the box. If he were a thinker and admirable, I think this wouldnt bother me at all. (I know I sound like an awful bitch, my apologues ahead of time.)

Honestly, I could go on, but you get the point. He is a very nice person - very nice. Not the most intelligent and as I've stated, kind of just all around gross. I honestly never meant to be that serious with him - just wanted to..well, it doesn't matter. Fact is, I'm a moron and now I'm pregnant and all I can do is look at him and be completely grossed out. How do I not break this dude's ego down and help him start acting like a man?It would be nice if I could respect him, but damn if respect isn't earned! Am I just being too judgemental or am I normal?
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New resolutions

It's that time again:

•Are you going to make new years resolutions?
•If so, what are they?
•Do you think you'll muster the willpower to see them through? Can you be resolute?
•Are you sad to see 2006 drawing to an end?
•What are your wishes for 2007?

Birthday Fun

I'm going to the Field Museum on Saturday for my birthday(Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!) I really wanted to go and see the Egyptian exhibit, and it leaves in January. I bought the special ticket, and I think everything is in order. Huzzah!

Here's my question. For those of you who have been to the Field Museum, what else should I go see? This is my first time going, so I have no idea what to look at. I know I want to see Sue, and the exhibit on the Tsavo lions, but other than that, I'm stumped.
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how do you end something if you're crocheting using an afghan stitch?
i can't figure it out. i've read tutorials and stuff, but i think i need someone to just explain it to me.
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1. What is the worst misspelling you've seen lately?
"In loo" instead of "in lieu"

2. What soda do you drink on a regular basis, if any?
Diet Mt. Dew

3. Do you have a cell phone without texting capabilities?
I do. :( I feel so lame when other people text me and I have to call them back. I can receive them but I can't send them because of the cell plan I'm on.
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1. Have you ever stood in line for someone's autograph?
2. If so, who from?
3. Were they gracious or dismissive?
4. Are you still into them or are you over it?
5. How often do men/women in other vehicles try to get your attention and flirt with you while on the road?
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Vid Help

I'm trying to save a video so that it's able to play on a DVD player. I made it using Windows Movie Maker, only nothing seems to be working. The computer's a Windows XP and I'm trying to save it in a Maxwell DVD-R.

So, um, what do I do now? It says that I can't save it on the DVD-R and my sister's bugging me for it. Can you guys point me out to something?

xposted to ask_me_anything

ETA: I think I know what I'm doing now. ^^U Then again, maybe not. ^^U

Either way, I'm going to do my best!

Thanks for all your help!
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SWLLC | Lactose Intolerant

High School

To all you high school graduate folks:
Do you remember most of the things you learned in high school?
Do you find it useful to have learned these things? Have they helped you in your current career (assuming you have one)?
What did you learn that's been, more or less, completely useless?

I'm still in high school and I find it really hard to get behind learning most of these things that I really doubt will be all that useful later.
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1)Did/Does your high school have a senior walk? (edit: like a sidewalk with names of students from each graduating class on it)
2)What was your senior class song if you had one?
3)Have you ever gone commando because you did not have a clean pair of undies available?
4)How many times do you wear your jeans before you wash them?
5)How old is your most comfy pair of shoes?

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I just set up a wireless network with a Netgear WGT624v3. There's a desktop upstairs that connects to it via a wireless ethernet card, and a desktop downstairs that is connected through the router/modem combination.

For some reason, my connection keeps dropping down here, at like...15 minute intervals. The computer upstairs isn't affected at ALL. And when the connection drops, it shows it as being still connected at great speeds, but it just refuses to load websites all of a sudden. If I reboot, it's miraculously fixed for 15 minutes.

The Netgear website says to disable WZC and that resolves "disconnection issues", but that hasn't helped.

Any ideas? Or some place else I can ask this question?
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If you were given a free re-name token, would you change your account name? What to?
If it weren't such a hassle legally, would you change your given name and what to? Why?
Should I change my account name?
edit: If your child wanted to change his/her name, would you be offended? Would it matter if they wanted to change their last name?

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Say there is an graduate program that is 33 months long. On the website under Expenses, it says that the "Tuition for the 2007-2008 academic year is $33,500." Does this mean that is per year (i.e. multiply by about 2.5 to get the whole cost) or do you think it's the cost of the whole program? Thanks.

ETA: The reason I'm confused is because I found info on a different university in Cali that offers the same program. It's here ( and also dictates it for the "2007-2008" academic year. It says "3,850/quarter" and there are 5 quarters in the whole program. So the total price of this WHOLE program is $33,468. What gives? And this graduate program runs full-time, even in the summer.
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Why is it that when my sinuses are stuffed up, if I close my nose and mouth and blow (building up pressure in my sinuses, like when popping your ears), when I release, I can breathe through my nose just fine for a few moments, but then the stuffiness returns and is worse than before the pressure buildup?

Where is the mucus going and why does it come back so voraciously?
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Celebs of the finest calabre!

So, TQCers, a query for you.

Which washed up celebrity/celebrities do you foresee having the next 'reality tv show' centred around their faux lives?

My mental forecasts are hazy right now, but I fear something in the works for the infamous KFed. Possibly his adventures while trying to dole out child support for his spawn. Oh the hilarity! He could ask Paris Hilton for tips on menial labour jobs that she managed to swing. :)
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What would cause a brand new DVD to skip and freeze every few seconds? How can I make it stop doing this?
It doesn't look smudged or scratched, and I've tried it on two DVD players that normally play things fine. :( It's part of a box set, and the other five discs worked just fine.
Answered! :) I'm taking it back tomorrow.

New question: What was the last thing you ordered online?
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Finances & Random...

1. Do you know what options are? As in the options market? (I'm not asking for an explanation; I'm asking because I'm curious how many people actually know what they are.)

2. Have you ever bought stock or traded options?
2a. Do you do any advanced trading (more than just buying and selling stock)?

3. How much energy do you put into your personal finances?

4. If your spouse/partner made enough to support you both (and your dependents, if you have any), would you still work, or would you prefer to stay at home? If you do stay at home, do you ever wish you worked?

5. Honestly, how old do you think you'll be when you're able to retire?

6. What time do you usually eat lunch?

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To fellow baby-sitters

hey. I used to babysit a few years back, and I recently was talking to an (older) friend of mine who expressed wishes to have me babysit for his two young kids. Wondering what the going rate is per hour these days. Back when I did it for three dollars per hour per kid, plus ten if it was overnight. Back then I had no driver's license, so they had to pick me up, so no gas money was involved, if people usually charge for that (I really have no clue). I still have no idea if that was average or not, I always thought it was pretty low considering the kids were the spawn of Satan, but it was for family, so I don't know if that impacts it either.

Also - how much extra is it appropriate to charge for New Years Eve?
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Happy Birthday Dear Fido

Do you do anything special for your pet on his/her birthday?

I'm beginning to wonder if I come from a breed of freaks... The dogs in our family get new toys and a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on their birthdays. Apparently this weird.

And if you get a new toy for the pet, do you just take the tags off and toss it to them or do you stick it in a paper bag for them to "unwrap"?

I must admit that watching the dogs navigate the living room with their muzzles buried in a paper bag, their jaws locked on the newest squeaky toy - perhaps the funniest bit of entertainment yet.
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1. Okay, so once in a while I'll pass someone or hang out with someone and they'll smell really, really good-- girls, mostly, and they'll smell like they just got out of the shower (smell of some fragranted soap, or strongly of conditioner/shampoo without overpowering, etc). How do you manage to capture that smell and make it stay for a long time?

2. What was the first thing (if you've ever) bought on Amazon? You can look in your order history. (apparently, mine was the Afro Celt Sound System album, "Further in Time")

3. Do you ever post anonymous comments? Why?

4. How often do you use the LJ tracking feature? What do you use it for-- certain entries, certain comment threads, etc. ?

5. Natalie Portman or Kiera Knightly?

6. Do you have some sort of instant email notification (like MSN messenger) that tells you when you get a new LJ comment?
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Random ?'s

1. Have you seen The Believer starring Ryan Gosling? If you have, did you like it?
I finally watched it last weekend, I'd been borrowing it from someone for close to a month :\. I liked it.

2. Do you think in order to hate someone/something you have to understand it completely?
I guess it depends on what it is. I know some people who say that they hate math BECAUSE they don't understand it.

3. Do you like letting people drive your car? Do you like driving other people's cars?
No to both. I don't like people messing w/ my mirrors & seat positioning and I don't like changing other people's mirrors & seats either.

4. Do you know how long you've been a member of thequestionclub? Is there an easy way to find out?
I'm not sure I'm guessing sometime around August/September of this year.

5. Do you have at least one friend or family member who only seems to call to gloat about something? What about one that only seems to call when something's wrong/they need a favor?
I'm assuming everybody does.

(no subject)

1.) What do you suppose would be the most horrific way to die?

2.) Of the three, which do you prefer: Huey Lewis & The News, Phil Collins, or Whitney Houston?

3.) On New Years Eve in Manhattan, they slowly drop the big glowing orb at midnight. What's the local equivalent to the ball dropping where you live?
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NJ Transit sucks

I need to go from Penn Station NY to Metropark late tonight. The last 2 trains listed on the schedule are at 12:42 AM and 1:41 AM. They each have 1 next to them which means they run from Monday to Thursday. Will they be running tonight or not? Since it's after midnight it will actually be Friday, but I'm not sure how they mean it. I'm pretty sure this has tricked me before into thinking they wouldn't be running but it turned out they were.

Here is the schedule in question.


I know LJ is internet based and ran (duh), but does anyone have any idea out of where it is operated?

I have an issue with my credit card, where money was stolen and a long, drawn out story of I switched from myBank card to my Credit card, got confirmation. When time to autopay, it took from my Back card instead of the CC. Few days later, I have unexplained charges where my card is physically in my hand, but the charges were across the country (in physical stores, not internet ones).

So...where is LJ located. They are THE only possible explaination for what is happening to me and my CC.
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how to treat a sick stomach

I've been feeling sick to my stomach for about two days now. Aside from drinking ginger ale and eating Saltines, what are some other ways to ease the symptoms of a sick stomach? I already have some Immodium.

EDIT: Eating plain cooked rice is supposed to be good, too, right? I remember my mom used to always say it'll "bind you up." Will jasmine rice work just as well?
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1. What is your favorite flower? Do you have any pictures?

2. Do any of you out there have any flower tattoos? What flower is it and why? Pictures?

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I would really like some new ringtones, unfortunately everything I keep searching for finds no results. I guess I never thought about the limited selection. Is there any place I can buy ringtones with a bit more wide of variety?

Verizon Wireless is my phone carrier.

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What is the quickest, easiest way to become a (primary) teacher in the UK?

Will I be completely screwed if I don't get A Levels? A degree?

Which is better- BEd or a PGCE?

(I know roughly what I'd need to do to get QTS conventionally, but I'm struggling in school and don't know what other options I have.)

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If your life was a novel, what would be one of the motifs?

Inability to breathe would one of my main ones.

Are there any actual books with inability to breathe/ choking as a motif?

(no subject)

What kind of dishes do you have?
Are you the kind of person who has to have everything on your plate seperate or do you like it all mashed together (or somewhere between)?
What are you having for dinner?
For people with glasses, have you have had a bug run across them? What did you do?

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My 21 year old friend is due to give birth tomorrow.

What is usually done for the mother/baby? Should I visit her with flowers after the baby's born? In hospital or once she's back home? What kind of gift should I bring?

Help? I don't want to suffocate her but I don't want her to feel forgotten by friends either. And I want to do/give something for/to the baby, as it is her birthday, after all.
Wicked Piper

New Year's Dinner Suggestions?

I posted this to hip_domestics, so I'll just copy that (edits and all!) instead of re-typing it. I know it's kind of a weird place to post this, but I figured the more places I ask, the more range I'll get!

I need some advice/pointers/etc.

My boyfriend's sister and her husband might be coming over on New Year's Eve. It's the first time I'll be meeting her, so I definitely want to make a good impression. Thing is, she's a vegetarian. I've asked the boyfriend unit what types of things she likes and what to make, and all he said was "pasta" (he's supposedly going to find out soem more and get back to me on it).

So, I'm thinking of making noodles, and having chicken on the side for us meat eaters (the rest of us). Now, what kind of sauce (besides cream sauces; boyfriend doesn't like them) should I make? She's not a vegan, so she's fine with dairy products and the like. The only other thing I can think of is making two sauces as well, one a cream and one some type of oil sauce (which my boyfriend does like, or marina, but then that involves fixing beef to mix in it [yes, he's a picky eater]).

What kind of vegetarian friendly side dishes would go well with pasta, especially since my SO isn't big on veggies? I was thinking of stuffing (the kind for pork, since it's the only ones without actual meat in it) and spinach, but I need to find out if she'll eat spinach (which the boyfriend won't). The only other side I know he'll eat without complaint is mashed potatoes, but that seems weird to me to go with pasta. I could always do garlic bread or rolls, I suppose, but I guess I just want some suggestions on how I can approach this? I've looked at a bunch of vegetarian dishes but so many don't sound very good to me (then again, I'm not a vegetarian), so tried and true recipes would be preferred. Anything that helps save money is nice, too!

Thanks in advance!

Edit to clarify: I should have mentioned that she's fine being around meat that is being consumed, she just personally doesn't eat it. According to my boyfriend, she just never really liked the taste of meat, and rarely ate it growing up.

Yet another edit: My boyfriend in general loves Italian food, so if there's any kind of vegetarian friendly Italian side that I'm not aware of, please do mention it! His sister's food preference gets priority over his, but I'd like to try to please as many people as possible. Also I'll add that he has eaten some cream sauces when I've made them to go over chicken but they're made with cream of chicken, so if anyone knows of a really tasty cream sauce that he might like, then that would definitely help!

Thanks again for all the help and suggestions; I really appreciate it!

Saddam to be hanged by Sunday.

1. How do you feel about this?
2. If you feel he deserves to be put to death, do you think a hanging is appropriate? Would your opinion change if it was a public or broadcasted hanging?
3. Has his murders affected you personally?
4. How do you feel about how according to the international conventions, it is forbidden to hand a prisoner of war to his adversary... but it will be done anyway? Do you think/know if this is even true?
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is it supposed to be this loud?

For a Christmas present I received a Homedics Pedicure Spa Salon Footbath with Heat. Model HL-200. If anyone else has the same product, can you help me?

I plugged it in for the first time tonight and something does not seem right. It makes tons of noise! I can't tell if it's supposed to make this much noise or if the motor is binding in some way.

I tried calling the Homedics customer support line but their hours do not coincide nicely with my work hours. Not to mention the fact that they'd want me to send it in for service and that's a stupid amount of money. If I know that it's not supposed to make that noise out of the box, I'll have my parents (who bought it for me) take it back to the store where they bought it.

So, anyone have one and is anyone else's kinda noisy?
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Very Important Question

1.) A long time ago during the beginning of WW1 in Hungary (1914-1915ish?), my Great-Grandpa and my Grandpa Joseph were working on their farm along with my Grandpa's mother and sisters. Some people called Kossacks came along on horseback with huge swords and slaughtered a bunch of people, including my Grandpa's mother and most of his sisters. My Great-Grandpa, my Grandpa Joseph and his sister Anne were taken into some kind of slave labor/concentration camp in Hungary. They were eventually split up, and my Grandpa was taken to America by boat somehow and adopted to a another Hungarian couple in Ohio.

Long story short, he grew up, met another Hungarian lady named Mary and they had my Dad, who had me.

I don't know his last name, this is just about all I know about him. I only know his adopted last name, and his real first name along with this story...

Is there any research I can do to figure out his real last name, anything else about him? Did they keep adoption records back then? He died before I was born and I'm very curious. I tried, it didn't help..
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(no subject)

My mom is continually downloading and installing new anti-virus and anti-spyware programs onto our shared computer, instead of say, making sure she gets a good one of each and updates them regularly.

So, I'd like to remove the unnecessary ones, and install some good ones, can anyone tell me what the best anti-virus and anti-spyware/adware programs are that are available for free? Also, other than wasted space, is it detrimental to have more than one of each on the computer? Thanks.

What was last food item you bought?
Mitty box

(no subject)

Does anyone happen to have the season 2 finale of Doctor Who? For some reason, my DVR taped part 2 and skipped part one. Or, does anyone know when it will air again so I can tape it?
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DVD lock?

i got the complete first season of Six Feet Under today and went to open it and cant.
at the side where you open it, there's a little gap and it's got a little picture of a red padlock underneath, and to the side under the plastic there's a picture of a green padlock.

any idea of what to do to get it open?

(no subject)

My ex-roommate just posted a bulletin on myspace about how the FDA has decided that products from cloned animals are safe for human consumption. From there, there's the separate conclusion that, because there's no effective difference between products from a cloned animal and a non-cloned animal, there is no need for labeling the product as cloned/non-cloned. Here is the article.

What are your thoughts? Be as vague or as detailed and specific as you want. (I love long answers.)
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What's a good way to get phlegm out of your lungs?

When you are in a parking lot and have equal opportunity to park on the left or right sides, which side do you park on?

Do you think the shampoos and conditioners for different types of hair (straight, curly, fine, dry) are really that different?

How would a person communicate if they'd lost the ability to speak?
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Did you know that there is no brontosaurus?! That there never was!? That it was all a sham!!!?

I didn't!!! & I was born in 1988! Why was I taught such LIES!!!!!? Such horrible, devastating LIES!!!!!!!

(no subject)

1. Here the traffic reports always use the local names for the roads and landmarks (which are conveniently not signed anywhere). Does this happen everywhere? What's an example of the local names where you live? (My favorite is "schulkyll westbound jammed blue route to the curve." Not only are schulkyll and blue route not signed, but THE CURVE? LIKE THERE'S ONLY ONE.)

2. Do you medicate when you're coming down with something or do you ignore it and hope it goes away? If you medicate, what do you take? If you don't, do you start when it gets really bad?

3. Today I spend $150 at UPS. What's the last thing you shipped/mailed?

4. Do you tip higher if you go to a restaurant right before they're closing?
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okay, wierd

why would i get a bunch of random people IMing me on yahoo out of nowhere tonight? these people are strangers, and all of a sudden tonight a bunch of people decide i'm fun to talk to. what the hell? nobody has ever IMed me before who is a complete stranger. i am not a person who is on a "dating" website or a "webcam" thingy... has someone posted my yahoo nickname on a wierd sex website, or does yahoo from time to time just highlight people or something?

this has never happened before, and when i asked the two that i talked to how they got my nick, they said 'i don't know, it just popped up on my list' or something. i use trillian, and this didn't happen on AIM, MSN, or ICQ, only yahoo, and only tonight.

w.t.f? am i a moron dickhead for not knowing what this is? or not knowing how to make it, you know, not be?

(no subject)

1)What's the most awful medicine you've ever had to take based on side effects? What were the side effects that bothered you?

2)Same question but based on taste? If you can, describe the taste.

3)Does it bother you when people are stingy with their answers?
Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love


1. Do you prefer to use regular cameras and develope the film, or digital?

2. What are all the hip kids using these days as to not get caught on thier campus servers for downloading music?

3. What annoys you the most about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

4. (If you celebrate christmas...) What's one thing that you really wanted that you didnt get?

5. For the ladies: Would you rather your SO asked you to marry them on a holiday (New Years, your birthday, and anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc) or on a completely random day?
John Currin

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If you watch English football, what is your favorite team?
I like Arsenal!

What is your least favorite team?
I personally think they are all fun to watch, but a number of my friends absolutely loathe Chelsea

Have you ever gotten nausea from waking up abruptly?
That has been happening to me often lately, and it is only when an alarm wakes me. Odd.