December 26th, 2006

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For those of you in relationships...

How long into your relationship did you/your significant other say the first "I love you"
How did you/your significant other react?
When and where did it happen?

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1. do you have to work tomorrow?
2. what are doing up right now?
3. how much stuff do you have to return from Christmas?
4. did you get what you wanted?
5. any family drama?

1. nope
2. can't sleep, I have ustione del cuore (heartburn)
3. nothing
4. nope
5. We had my husbands nephew announce at dinner he is gay and likes to dress up in his mothers silk panties and his father said "you own silk panties?" and she said I don't wear them for you and her other son said no, she wears them for uncle Jeff.
No lie.
tick tock

relationship question

Say a couple breaks up after a year or so. The first person is able to move on within a month or so. They find a new boy or girl to be in a relationship with and they seem happy and stable. The second person is single for months and months afterwards. They endlessly think about the ended relationship. Any attempts to find new sexual or emotional partners fail miserably, and the person becomes more and more depressed, and still can't forget the person he or she was originally in a relationship with.

What does this mean to you? Does it mean the second person loved the first person more than the first person loved them?
Steve Away
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Today, and every Christmas, the Queen of the United Kingdom comes on the tv and talks about this and that for 10 minutes.

At the same time, Channel 4 broadcast an alternative message and have done for the last 10 years or so. The themes range from humorous to serious and are done by various celebrities and characters (the simpsons for example) or by real people with something important to say. This year it was done by a muslim woman in a full veil, which was not a controversial as was expected.

So...if you live here, did you watch either? If not, would you watch a Christmas message done by your own head of state? What about a veiled muslim woman? Which other person would you like to see give a Christmas message on tv?

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I’m kinda new to the whole Christmas thing so i have a couple christmas questions for people who celebrate christmas regualry..

1. this holiday is shit expensive! how do you afford all those gifts? and who do you decide who to buy for? whats your budget? i'm only curious cause the last post someone ask what xmas gifts you got this year and people listed quite a few things!
2. how far ahead do you shop for xmas?
3. if you have a christmas tradition, how did it start and what is it?
4. i thought xmas was a jesus thing, where did the gift thing come from?

[edit] whats the deal with stockings? you get gifts in there and under the tree? why not just all under the tree?
X-Mas Larva

damn you, Saget

I'd never watched the show before tonight so bear with me....
Is this just a christmas thing, or are the questions on 1 vs 100 always unbelievably easy?
And are the contestants always this embarrassingly stupid?

she doesn't know what "perpendicular" means?! :(

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me in again

qkimberly urged me to make one last Xmas poll, or I shall suffer the wrath of manhandled genitalia. The well's almost dry, so really, there's nothing more I can wring out of the holidays for amusement

What exactly is a 'White Christmas'?

A Christmas where it snows
The kind of holiday festivity that takes place at a Klan gathering
Any season event where Jack and Meg perform
Doing blow off the Baby Jesus
A violation of Affirmative Action

Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen. When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even. Brightly shone the moon that night, though the frost was cruel. What, based on the description, was found in this scene?

A snow-covered landscape
A bright moon
Cannibalistic feast of someone named Stephen
The pale ass of someone mooning the king
Mounds of cocaine

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go! Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go! Up on the housetop, Click, click, click. Down thru the chimney with Good Saint Nick. What's this song about?

Santa Claus travelling from housetop to housetop, delivering toys!
A colorful tale of the arrest of three harlots, apprehended by the cops for prostitution

Later on, we'll conspire, as we dream by the fire. To face unafraid, the plans that we've made, walking in a winter wonderland. What are these conspiring plans concerning?

Bank robbery
World conquest
Snowball war!
Child slavery ring
Black market Fruit-of-the-Loom irregular-cut underwear

In the meadow we can build a snowman, then pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say: Are you married? we'll say: No man, but you can do the job when you're in town. What can be concluded about the people in this song?

They're spontaneous, zany, lighthearted people
They're very odd and have the most boring ideas for playing in the snow
They must live close to where Frosty had his murder spree, for there's another communicative snowman, this one obsessed with matrimony
They might be on some potent OTC drugs
Deeply religious. Even their snowmen have found Jesus

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Is anyone else getting an error message after trying to post comments?

It seems that after I try to post a comment, I get an error, click back, post the comment again, and it goes through. It's just a bit annoying trying to post a comment, only have to do it twice for every_single_comment. Sometimes the comment is still there when I go to post again, and sometimes LJ ate it and I have to retype it.
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computer selling price

Is there a website that will tellyou how muchyou should sell your computer for? I have a power book G4 that is only 2 years old and in great condition that I want to sell so I can upgrade (I'm a dork I can't help it) but i can't figure out how much to sell it for?
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caption this?


1. Do you have unlimited text messaging? yes.
2. When is your cell phone bill due? 01/10/07.
3. Did you get your newspaper delivered to you yesterday? yes, i was surprised that i did.

ETA: 4. Have you taken any pictures in the last few weeks? Post your favorite? yes, i went and took some pictures yesterday.. i'm at work and i can't log into my photobucket account soooo ya'll can view 'em on rialness.
The Dude Abides

Celebrity ?'s

Who are some people you thought would be more famous than they are now?
Jeff Ross, Paul Rudd, Joe Budden

Who are some current celebs that you think have overextended their 15 minutes of fame, or are more famous than you thought they would be?
Dane Cook, Keanu Reeves, 50 Cent

Work is dead; lets ask questions!

If you celebrate, what's the best thing you received as a holiday gift?

I got a new car. :D And by new, I mean a 1997 Mercury Sable wagon with low mileage, a 6 CD changer and the "gold package" (read: leather seats, nice sound system, roof rack, etc).

Oh, and a new snazzy lawyerin' suit. 8)

Do you think it'll get easier to get a Wii now that it's after Christmas?

I want to get one for my fiance for a post-grad-school-audition-gift. I'll probably hang onto it for a while, though. ;)

Do you have any ideas for an activity at an engagement party that's going to last 4 hours?

Our engagement party is January 6th and it's 4 ours long. All there is is dinner and possibly a band. What else would be fun? Our families have never met, and it'd be neat to get them to do things.

What are you doing for NYE, if anything?

I'll be in Atlantic City seeing Trey Anastasio at the House of Blues and playing blackjack in hopes to pay for my wedding. ;)

Wedding Gifts

I am going to a wedding this weekend. My best friend and I are going in on the gift together.  The guy (my friend) is 21, and his Fiance is 19,  SHe has a 8 month old daughter. And they will be moving to texas after the wedding.  Anyway my question is What should we get them?  I dont want to spend toom uch more than $50 if possible (cause we dont' have much money)

Any ideas?!

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Do you have a favourite crock pot/slow cooker recipe? One that is fairly simple?

I got one for Christmas, along with a cook book, but my extent of cooking is a burnt bagel. I need something that I can throw in there, leave for work, and come home to a masterpiece. Or at least something that won't poison me.

Library Help

I am going to the library this afternoon. I need some book suggestions.

Currently, I am enjoying biographies and psychological crime mysteries (Johnathan Kellerman - I think I finally read all of his books now.)

Do you have any suggestions for my trip to the library?

Thank you!
The Dude Abides

LJ ?s

Do you use the Gizmo/LJ Talk software or post from your mobile phone?
No. I just downloaded it to see what it's about. It's that slow today...

Is there a way to send a private message to anyone on LJ?
I know it's not a messageboard, but you can send PMs on vox and greatestjournal, so I figured maybe there's something I'm overlooking here. I haven't found anything regarding this in any FAQs.

Problem solved...kinda sort of. Thanks __ria
Stupid Drunk

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Computer Hardware Question, I can't remember what my motherboard is, but I know that the video is only AGP 4x.

Right now I have a GeForce4 MX, 64mb, and it's definitely not the best video card in the world.

Anyone have any recommendations on what would work for my computer that would be better than my GF4MX? From what I've been told, I don't want to get a 8x/4x video card as I'd be paying more money for the card but not using the card to its full potential since I can't use the 8x.

I'm definitely upgrading my entire system within time, but as a temporary resolution I figured I'd just buy a better video card.

Any help would be appreciated.

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1)Do you skip over long posts that aren't broken into paragraphs?

2)I'm buying a sewing machine sometime this week; does anyone know of websites with simple dress patterns THAT ARE FREE?

3)what do you think I should do to my icon now that christmas is basically over? this is the original:

done! ^^

If you had to pick,

Who is the most attractive _________ on television (past or present):



Crime Scene Investigator (or the like)?

Contestant on the Amazing Race?

Next Top Model?

Castaway on Survivor?

Late-night television show host?

News Anchor?

Game show host?

Sitcom guy?

Sitcom girl?
Goodwill Lamb
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Christmas with family

If you were dreading spending the holidays with your family, did Christmas turn out to be just as bad as you expected (or worse), or much better than you expected, maybe even bordering on tolerable?

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Does anyone know of a FREE movie converter that has no catches, eg. Only 30% of the video gets converted, unless you buy the full version. I'm particularly looking to convert mov files.

Ah, family

After the fun and excitement that was Christmas, I have a question that maybe y'all can help me with...

My husband and I are running into issues with the relatives, with regards to the holidays. Y'see, his mom is the type to welcome everyone in the world into her family with open arms. His family is much closer (geographically) and bigger than mine is - my mom is the only one who lives in the same time zone as I, anymore. We ended up spending both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his family (we spent the weekend before Christmas with my mom), and the entire time, all I heard was how his mom's "only regret" was that my mom couldn't "be here with us this year." She invited Mom for Thanksgiving, too, and was turned down then, too.

Mom and his parents have met maybe three or four times, including the wedding. It's not that my mom doesn't like his family, it's that she's done with the big family events thing and she just doesn't feel comfortable with it. No matter what Mom tells his mom directly, his mom always bugs me about it, laying on the guilt.

So, my question is, how do I deal with my mother-in-law when she brings this up again? (And she will...she always does...) Is there a polite way to tell her that my mom doesn't WANT to be a part of the family, thanks all the same?

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HP love

Firefox extension...

Hey, I'm just looking for an extension for Firefox to block certain domains, preferably with a password to get to them. Think of it as "I don't want my kids to stumble across my porn site, but I want my husband to be able to enjoy the view".
To clarify, that's not the situation...

The Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder pageant

Somewhat inspired by that mediocre flick Little Miss Sunshine and somwhat inspired by a conversation I had

Let's say you have a daughter. She's around 10, and wants desperately to be the next Miss America. She practices dance moves, walking in heels, etc., for hours a day. It's all she talks about. She wants you to enter her into some beauty pageants.

Thing is, she's not very pretty. Think Rosie O'Donnel crossed with Clint Howard, with pigtails (yes, she's 10), and let's say her frame might be described as 'husky' to some. Also, she's about as graceful as a cow on ice. She's not aware of any...physical shortcomings. You know that if you enter her in these tournaments, there's a fair to good chance she'll get laughed offstage. However, it's what she wants with all her heart; the chance to wear the tiarra of a beauty queen. The daily "Mommy/daddy, PLEEEEEZE" entreaty is something that's about as familiar in the morning to you as instant coffee

So what do you do?

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I don't know if any of you are going to know this or not :/

In utica Ny there is a bakery (or at least there used to be) and it was near the artierial and oswego st? it had a green sign and I think the building was yellow...

does anyone know the name of it? it's driving me nuts

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My friend just bought a female betta. It's already been all "I am a diva," and we want to give it a diva name. I suggested Aretha, but the fish is white.

And we're having kindof a hard time thinking of white divas who are *actually* divas and not pop princesses. (She refuses to name it madonna, the only one she could think of.)

Are there white divas? who?


When was the last time, as an adult, you were scared by something silly?

I watched Black Christmas a few days and it scared the hell out of me. Usually, I have no problems with scary movies but...*shudder*. I'm living in a new house this year, the door to the attic is in my bedroom and, I am so embarrassed to admit, I got ridiculously freaked out and kept hearing things.

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let's say you are vomiting in a public restroom stall. someone hears you and asks something along the lines of "are you alright?"
how would you respond?

if you heard someone vomiting in a public restroom stall, would you ask if they were okay?

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While we were at the pet store getting the previously questioned-about betta (the name aretha is growing on her, she says), we played with one of the puppies. He was being emo and a little bit chewing on himself with boredom, so we brought him out to play.

Supposedly, this dog is a ~$1000 (but probably to be discounted because he's been there a while) pomeranian.
There is almost no way this dog is a pom. There's another pom puppy there and they look nothing alike- This one has long legs and a more "wolfish" snout (not really wolfish itself, but much more than the pom's, or even an adult pom's). It is black, and currently in what the petshop guy described as its "ugly stage," with the floofyness growing in.

I suspect this dog to actually be a schipperke. Is there a way to prove this? or convince the petstore of this?

and, my friend muses, what would a schipperke probably go for? because if it will then be a ~$2000 dog, convincing them of this would not be a good bargaining chip.

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two questions that my boyfriend asked me:
1. you know how when a ship is going down or something, someone yells, "mayday"? he wants to know if that comes from french.."m'aidé" meaning "help me"
2. does anyone know of a drawing of a skeleton that is playing the violin, but it's a..bone? i don't know..that's all he specified.

one question from me:
3. i recently saw one of those videos from PETA about how the animals we end up eating are treated while they're well as the animals we get milk & eggs from. i've heard a lot of bad things about PETA, but there's no way those videos can be just made up. that stuff is definitely really. it had a very big impact on me because i absolutely love animals and seeing them treated so badly is completely heartbreaking. since i've seen it..i've basically become a vegan. my dad disagrees with my choice saying that those videos document the worst of the worst, but i shot back that there is no way to tell how the chicken or whatever i'm eating was treated before it was killed. it could have been living in humane and pleasant conditions and then killed quickly..or it could have been brutally tortured and sick, like the animals i saw in the film. what do you think about this? do you think my choice to not consume meat/dairy based on this video is stupid or wise? what do you think about PETA? also, if you're a vegan yourself..what are your favorite not too expensive meat/dairy substitutes?

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Extremely large earthquake hitting Indonesia exactly two years after another extremely large earthquake hit Indonesia: Mere coincidence or a sign that the world will end in two years?

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*Only answer the first question if you know who this person is, and not just by the pic*

1) What do you think of Chyna Doll? (pic of those who need a reminder of who she is:

*These next questions for those familiar with the show "The Surreal Life"*

1) What was your favorite season of "The Surreal Life"? Why?

2) What was your least favorite season? Why?
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Printer Question

Ok, its a few weeks before college and my old printer/scanner for my computer has decided to die on me. Its humongous anyway, so its not like I'd have enough room for it on my desk anyways... so,
does anyone know of a good, cheap, small printer/scanner that will hook up to my Gateway Notebook Laptop computer?

I tried looking on Best-Buy's website, but I can't tell how big the printer/scanners are from the pictures... :-/

I can't order anything online, (lack of a debit/credit card..)

So.. Circuit City/Best Buy/Walmart/Target are just about my only options.

Any suggestions?
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I have a stripped screw in my laptop that I need to get out. How do I get it out without damaging my computer, or is there anywhere I could go that could get it out for me?

Hobo camp? Hobo camp!

1a. Is your default icon a picture of you? If not, who/what is it of? What do you think of people who have pictures of themselves as their default icon?
For the first time since I started LJ, no, it isn't. It's Stephen Colbert (I'm using it on this post).
Normally I have a picture of myself as my default icon, because it just makes sense to in my mind.

2a. Are you a part of/have you been a part of an improv/sketch comedy troupe? Which one?
No, but I intend on auditioning for one one of these days, after I've had some formal training.
2b. Have you ever been to a Second City Training Center? What was the experience like? Did you go to school at the same time?
I'm very seriously considering enrolling in Chicago's this November, but I'd be enrolled at Ivy Tech in East Chicago, Indiana (30 minutes away), at the same time.

3. What television shows do you own on DVD?
I have the first season of Full House (I bought it about a year ago and haven't watched any of it). I bought the first season of The Office a couple days ago and have watched two or three episodes. I got the complete series of Strangers With Candy for Christmas and am over halfway through the second season already.

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Have you ever been out with someone in public and were embarassed because they were rude to someone?
Are you ever rude to the people serving you?
Have you ever been told that you were being rude (by someone you're with) but you think you were being reasonable?

ETA: Maybe "serving" was the wrong word. I meant for that to extend beyond waiters, to include people working retails, receptionists, mailmen...anyone who is proving a service to you.

Tree H&M

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I got an iTunes gift card. I bought myself 2 of the 'new' iPod games (Sudoku & Tetris). ... But they aren't on my iPod... It said that they'd automatically be put onto the iPod...Liars.
How do I get the games onto my iPod?
Dragging them doesn't work... & that's like the only thing I know how to do to get stuffs onto it.. The games are listed in iTunes (under library). Aaaand it's iTunes 7.
(It's a 2Gen 4GB nano (pink), if that matters at all & I'm using a Mac.)

& because I'm curious about this iPod fad...

1. Do you have an iPod?
2. If so, what generation/model?

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I just saw a segment on our local ABC news about a girl who got a Bratz doll for Christmas from Big K and the doll, whose name is Jade, allegedly swears when she sings. The parents brought it back to the BigK and got a refund...but what did the doll say??? They bleeped it out on TV, but I'm just nosy.
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dear TQC:

i kicked a door today and fucked up my toe.

have you ever broken a toe? (big toe)


what was the procedure? healing time?

i went to a doctor tonight but he said he "didn't know" what i should do, but that it was broken. then he wrote down on the bill that i had a fracture. so i'm thoroughly confused. is there a difference when it comes to toes? i assume there is but... ?

i don't see anything wrong with my toe in my xrays, but i'm seeing a specialist tomorrow.
lead me

several questions.

uno. Asking on behalf of a friend (even though I'd really rather not, so please forgive me). She has an HP laptop, several years old, and was watching a DVD on it today. Has had it plugged into the wall all day, battery is fully charged. She unplugs it, moves it to another room with her, then moves back to the first room and allegedly touches the ethernet port. At that moment, the computer shut down (supposedly because she touched the ethernet port). She tries to boot the computer back up, it starts to come up and then powers down. Her second attempt is a little more successful, but when it powers down this time, smoke is coming out of one speaker. And I was asked to ask you guys -- what happened to her computer and can this be fixed? (I told her not to do anything because I don't know what's going on. I think some little green board somewhere just got fried, though. Does not bode well.)

dos. Why will my cat not stop whining? Every time he comes inside and isn't given constant attention he whines pathetically for hours on end.

tres. anyone else really horny tonight?


1.) I'm adding people from high-school to my facebook that used to make fun of me/harass me during high-school/middle-school because I was ugly. Now that I've finally grown into my looks and all the girls from high-school are getting beer-bellies from too much college fun and wrinkles from over-tanning, I've put new pictures up on my profile.. and I look a lot better than they do for the first time in my life. I want them to notice that I'm not hideous anymore and therefore feel bad that they treated me horribly, or I want them to be somewhat shocked... Idunno. Does this make me a bitch, because I think so...? Or is this was high-school reunions are for?

2.) What is one thing you didn't get for Christmas that you wanted and still want?

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I'm aware that some mothers choose not to breastfeed because it makes them feel awkward about using their breasts for something other than sexual stimulation.

What are other reasons not to breastfeed?