December 25th, 2006

Doctor Question

I'm kind of uncomfortable with my current doctor. She was referred to me by my normal doctor, as an actual gynecologist (I had weird cells, wanted to fix it). However, I don't really like her. She works at a really busy OB-GYN office, seems to be more OB than GYN, and I always feel rushed and not-paid-attention-to when I'm there. She does the PAPs really quick, which is awesome, but I don't feel like she really cares about my concerns and stuff. I asked her about the HPV vaccine that came out a while ago, and she pretty much dismissed it as useful for me, as I've already had sex and have probabaly been exposed anyway so what's the use? She also didn't remember a pretty important thing about my current BC that I would have thought should have been written in my file, but I guess wasn't. And I'm Little Miss Research, I do my homework, I know my body, I keep up with research, I actually know exactly how BC pills work, and I mean, I found the pill that worked for me based on the levels and kinds of progestins. I don't like my contributions dismissed, I want to have control over what happens in my body.

So my basic question is, how do I go about changing my doctor? How do I find a new one? How do I leave the one I have?

Thanks a bunch. Merry Christmas!
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(no subject)

Let's say you had to elope due to a situation.
And then you wanted to have a "real" wedding later.
How would you go about determining your anniversary dates?
For instance, I had to elope in 2004. I want a "real" wedding which will happen in 2007 hopefully. And the dates won't be the same is in the elopement date and "real" wedding date will be in different months.

So what would you do? How would you consider your real anniversary? How long would you tell people you've been married?

It's not an earth shattering question, but I'd just really like thoughts and opinions on this question.
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Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

1) What do you think of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You"? I enjoy her voice, but I wish her lyrics were less bland. Which brings us to the next question.

2) I know she sang at least one song with some rock group in the nineties. Do you know which one? I tried wiki and a bunch of online discographies, but no joy.

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Ok so I got an Xbox 360 for Chrissie *strokes it lovingly* But the thing is, I have around about 50 original Xbox games, with all their data saved onto the original Xbox harddrive.

Is there any way to get all those saved games onto the 360? I really don't want to play them all from the start again, & I have no room to keep the original Xbox in my room.
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Sex toy parties

My roommate had a sex toy party the other night and even though I was only there for the last bit, I started to like the idea of becoming a consultant. So I've been looking into it online, but there's a lot of different companies and I'd like to get some people's opinions. Has anyone been a consultant in the past, or is one right now and knows of a good company to go with? I live in Alberta if that makes a difference.

I've noticed that they all seem to have different "starter packs" for different prices and different deals you can get on buying the toys. I'm really unsure what the best option out there is so I thought I'd ask some expert LJ advice. :)

(no subject)

So, I got my mom a new scroll mouse because on her previous one, the scroll suddenly stopped working. She put in the new one...and the scroll doesn't work. Is it her computer?? I looked in the control panel for "Mouse" and everything seems to be in order. Any ideas?

She has a PC, Windows, and the mouses were both Logitech.

bruises, popcorn, chinese food, ostrich meat!

1. Do you currently have any bruises? What caused them?
Yes. I have a huge one along my ribs on my left side. I fell down in the shower =[

2. I just got a popcorn maker. What are some fun things I should add to the plain popcorn? It came with a few recipes but they are all kind of boring.

3. Have you ever had Chinese food on Christmas?
Not yet. I think I'm having some tonight.

4. Have you ever consumed Ostrich meat?
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Click for free!

Happy Holidays, all! :)

I had a question.

Do you remember the little buttons you could add to your journals to click on these and bring you right to the website ? This one, hungersite, breast cancer, animal rescue, etc.

I want to put it as a permanent link on my user info, and I know it used to exist. lol. I just can't find it anywhere. Help?

What are some other click for free sites to help for charity?

Hope you're all having a great holiday!

And did anyone donate anything this year?
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(no subject)

I have 2 dogs, one 30 pounds and the other about 35 pounds.
One of them managed to get my brother's christmas stocking, and between the two of them (I'm assuming they shared, maybe one decided to keep it all) they ate one fun-size bag of peanut M&Ms, one of those little hershey's treasures milk chocolates, 2 hershey's kisses with macadamia nuts in the middles, and an almond(not the shell).

My mother says they've gotten into chocolate before and been fine, but what sortof symptoms should I be watching for of any sort of yuckiness, and what sortof thing could prevent yuckiness? (Like, I think I've heard it fucks up their kidneys. so, extra water?)
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(no subject)

So my family is going to be adopting a puppy, a chocolate lab to be more specific. We have two adult cats who are, understandably, more than a little wary of dogs. What is a good way to introduce the puppy into our home and to our cats so that they might... not become friends, necessarily, but at least learn to tolerate him? The last time we brought a dog into our house (a stray we were taking care of before we found his owner) the cats disappeared for days. Granted, this was a grown large breed dog as apposed to a puppy, so they might be less scared of a dog that is smaller, but it will still be a dog. I want this to be as stress free as possible for everyone involved, cats, puppy, and humans included.

While I'm at it, care to give me any puppy care tips, the sort of things the books don't tell you? We're doing our research, but I'm sure there are things that you dog owners out there had to learn from experience that the books and guides never touch on. :)


asking an ipod question for a friend who is not a member

"i got a new computer and downloaded ipod rip to transfer all my songs. when i plug the ipod in it rips all the songs but the problem is when i'm trying to transfer the songs to itunes. it only transfers 30 songs out of about 1800. it gives me an error message saying to check the txt file for which songs have the error. all i want is my songs on my new computer and to be able to add more songs to my ipod without losing anything. what can i do?"

are there any other programs she can dl that are similar to ipod rip?
i am no help because when i downloaded ipod rip (about 6 months ago), i never got an error message.

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(no subject)

OK, my curiosity has gotten the better of me...there is a commercial for Cingular that is a spoof of some Christmas movie or other, and it shows him climbing UP a slide in order to talk to Santa...why is he doing this? I have never seen the movie they're spoofing or anything and I'm Jewish so I'm unaware if this climbing up the slide thing is a tradition...but why would you want to do that? What is the purpose? Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this!
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(no subject)

Looking for suggestions for new (PC) computer games to play.

Multiplayer (prefer 2 players)
Card games can be ok, but not the typical card games, and not windows games [See Ants below]
Graphical, not text-based
NOT 3D games
NOT first person shooters
Prefer games that do not take a lot of memory on the computer, for example, less than one Gigabyte.

Some examples I like are Bomberman, Worms, Ants.

Also, if anyone knows any games like Sims (other than obviously sims and sims expansions), Singles, 7 Sins - that type of game, that would be great too.
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I'm bored. I want to paint.

I have acrylic paints, watercolors, lots of brushes, and an old sketch book from high school to mess around with. I am no fabulous professional artist, I just like to have fun with it.

If you could inspire me to paint something, what would you say? What would your inspiration be?

The Graduate

Does anyone else find the Graduate to be the most slow-moving, disinteresting movie ever? My roommate thinks it's wonderful and after watching it today, I'm not impressed... so I wanted to garnish other opinions.
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(no subject)

i'm having some troubles with my FFXI game that i just bought for windows. when i try to open FFXI or the playonline program, the playonline blue popup comes up, goes away and a second popup comes up, except that one is always blank and disappears within a few seconds. and nothing else happens.

anyone have an idea on how to fix it? or what's wrong?

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getting engaged stories

My friends are getting engaged on Friday.  He doesn't know how to propose to her.  She knows it's coming next weekend, but hasn't seen the ring and doesn't know how he plans to do it.  She has a 3 year old son, so he'd like to involve the kid somehow, but won't have much time in advance to practice rehearsing anything with him and can't count on him to play a big part.

so, what are your getting engaged suggestions that i can pass along to him? serious or funny welcome.  i suggested he spell out "marry me" in alphabet soup that he feeds to the kid, and he had some idea about pretend falling down stairs, so entertain me with stories. 

if you've gotten engaged and one partner has kids, how were they included in the engagement? 

or even, if you've gotten engaged, how was the question popped? 

(no subject)

do you have a mac or a pc?  do you like it?  if you have a pc, what brand?  have you ever owned the opposite type of computer that you have now?  which do you prefer?  and which one should i buy?