December 23rd, 2006


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What's the weirdest shampoo/body spray/moisturizer combination you've heard of?
What kind of smell do you like for perfume (musky, fruity, flowery, etc.)?

I've got Lime and Coconut body spray. It's weird. I like it.
I like fruity. The Victoria's Secret Love Spelll...ohmygosh!!
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1. What do you think of people that are into menstrual art?

2. What is the weirdest community you've ever seen on Live journal?

3. What is the most disgusting thing you've ever seen/heard?

4. What is your biggest phobia?
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Medicine question

I have an upper respiratory tract infection, and the doc gave me Certuss for my cough, she gave me 5 days worth in samples and the prescription she wrote gave me another 30 days, but it never says how long to take it, do I have to take it just until my cough is over, or until the bottle is finished? Thanks!
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Dating and age differences

Is there anything creepy about a 31 year old woman dating a 21 year old man? Can you think of any reason why this might be a bad idea? Please share your experiences with age differences in relationships, sexual or otherwise.
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Way too drunk at the company Xmas party

Who else did it? (I got way too drunk at my boyfriend's company dinner).

Do you feel bad? (I do! But I'm trying to rationalize by saying EVERYONE was drunk).

What did you drink? (4 or 5 Crown and Cokes, 2 pomegranate martinis, lots of wine and beer).

Did you do a gift exchange/what did you get? (I ended up with something we brought... a set of highball glasses).

2 Questions: the dark in tall dark and handsome and artist in residency programs.

In the words of Comic Book Guy, "Question the first":
When someone describes a guy as "tall, dark, and handsome", what does the "dark" describe?
I don't know if that sounds stupid but I never knew.
Does dark describe:
-The person's skin color
-The person's hair color
-The person's personality
-An heir of mystery

Second question:
Does anyone know how you enroll in an artist in residency program in a different state other than your own? I live in San Antonio, Texas and we have something called ArtPace. From what I've heard, the artist in residency program takes an artist from a different state and puts them up in the building to live, gives them a budget for materials and a little bit extra to spend, and they get an art show to showcase what they've been working on.

I would like to do this in another state. How can I go about doing this?

Thank you.
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1.) Do you get a fake little self esteem boost when people comment your posts, and you check your email and it says something like "you have 22 emails?"

2.) What do you think of Janis Dickinson? (note: not her apperance, I'm simply providing a link just in case you've seen her on television or read her books, and need a reminder of who exactly she is)

3.) Have you ever seen the movie or stage show "RENT"? What did you think of it?

4.) What is your favorite musical (movie or stage) ?

5.) Do you enjoy reading books by Stephen King?

6.) Are you on the Stephen King message board?
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About how much does it cost to pave a driveway?
Googling "driveway pave cost" doesn't work well. I think my father's overestimating a tad when he says half a million dollars. Driveway is curvy and downhill and probably a tenth of a mile, tops. Currently gravel, except where it's been washed away and it's churned up mud so you need a 'running' start to not get stuck spinning your tires coming up hill. (which is why I tell him that maybe, maybe paving would be a good plan.)
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Party ?'s

If your at a party and someone passes out/falls asleep, do (or have) you ever play pranks on them? What kind of pranks?

What's the wildest thing you've seen or done at a party?
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Bedding question

I'm thinking about getting a Japanese style floor mattress, like this one. Anyone here have experience (good or bad) sleeping on them? Should I just stick with a standard frame/mattress?

(If it makes any differnece, I'm a side sleeper)

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This was inspired by my previous post...what celebrirites/actors/singers look alike to you? Which do you get confused?

Some of mine:

Lisa Edelstein and Melina Kanakaderes

Winona Ryder and Keira Knightley

Kate Beckinsale and Evangeline Lily

Carrie Underwood and Reese Witherspoon
Someday I'll be a flower

Second Marriages

My mom has been divorced for a few years. My husband and I are having a bit of a debate re: remarriage. He says that it's often not a good idea for women "her age" (49+) to remarry because the available guys are usually schmucks and she's in a vulnerable situation. He also added that second marriages are usually as bad or worse than first ones.

I think that it's a good idea for her to be open to meeting the right person (and actively looking around). She's 49, she loves going out, she wants companionship... and she's learned from past mistakes. My dad is remarried and very happy--he appears to have learned from his mistakes, and when my mom talks about meeting a guy, she sounds like she's got her head on straight too.

So, from your experience or observations, are second marriages usually better, worse, or the same as first ones? Do people learn from their mistakes? Or do they just keep repeating them?

For the record, my parents are pretty cool people--just complete, COMPLETE opposites, and made each other miserable.

Edit to add... more questions!
1. What lessons did you learn this year? 
2. In what ways have you changed over the past year?
3. What is something you're proud of from the past year?
4. What is a mistake you made and grew/learned from?

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Have you seen Liam Sullivan's videos?
This man is pretty much exploding all over the internet.

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I can't decide whether they are the funniest or the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life.
What do you think about them?
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Have you ever had someone steal your photos and pass them off as their own?

I just had a friend email me, someone on hotornot was using my photos, along with someone elses who apparently looked like me. They even used a s/n I use all the time.Lame. I never thought it would happen to me though, I don't know if I should be flattered of freaked out. Myeh.

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Holiday Meals

How much do you tend to spend for holiday meals? How many people is that for?
I spent about $100 US on Turkey Day and about that much for Christmas/Festivus for the Rest of Us. Turkey Day I fed 6 once and then 4 of us worked on the left overs. Also, I like a lot of leftovers since there are so many things that are only made once or so a year. For Christmas/FftRoU I'm only feeding three, but again - leftovers is where it's at!

Do you have specific meals or do you vary?
For T-Day, I always make turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, my mom's famous dressing and then the rest is kinda whatever I feel like. This year I made some new things that I think shall become tradition. For Christmas/Festivus, I tend to vary. This year we're starting with homemade spinach artichoke dip then grilling filet mignon and I'm making twice baked potatoes and lemon butter ari covert for Eve and then, overnight I'm making a big Yankee pot roast for Day. In the morning I'll make French Toast and right before we have dinner, I'll make biscuits. Also, we always have eggnog at T-Day and Christmas - preferably spiked, LOL! Oh, and I'm making a scratch carrot cake, though I wish I were making my aunt's awesome red velvet. I see that in the very near future. ^_^ For NYE, I'm going to make some White Russian Truffles to send out to family and gorge on.

Bonus Non-Food Question! Why does Santa skip the poor Jewish kids? Santa has nothing to do with little Baby Jesus so I don't get it. If anything, shouldn't he sort of be all YEAH, well I don't discriminate, Baby Jesus! I love ALL the good children, not just the ones who were duped into thinking your birthday is anywhere near pagan Yule December! Take THAT! I mean, seriously, the whole legend is that he gives to GOOD children. I've known plenty of good Jewish kids who deserved way more than some of their Christian counterparts. I never thought of this before this year and now I'm sort of angry at Santa. Like, letter-writing angry. And I want to ask for a pony for all the good Jewish kids, past and present!

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I need some ideas/excuses/something to get me out of going to my mother-in-laws for Christmas Eve tomorrow. I tried talking to my husband but he says"you're going and you will like it." end of discussion.

What excuse would you use if you didn't want to go somewhere?

*there isn't enough alcohol to make tomorrow go away*
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Sucky food.

On Christmas Eve my dad and I go to visit my mom's side of the family. I dislike most of the food my aunt makes so we usually stop on the way home so I can get Chinese food. Most of it is just food I don't like regardless, but her Macaroni and Cheese completely sucks. Every year we eat some, but it really isn't any good. Is there any non obvious way I could offer to bring the Macaroni & Cheese? I was thinking of calling and asking if she is making any, and then when she tells me she is I could say something like "oh ok, I was going to offer to bring it if you weren't making any" and then hopefully she would want me to make it because she has a bunch of other things to make. Would that be really obvious? I don't want her to know I think her food sucks, but I'd like to have at least one dinner item I actually like.

EDIT: She just called to say she's making Italian food, so I'm sure that will be good.
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1) Do you have a lot in common with your friends or are they just people you hang out with to pass the time?
2) Do you have a best friend, the kind you can tell absolutely everything to?
3) Do YOU hate the new update page?
4) How much do your coworkers and bosses know about your personal life, if anything?
5) Have you opened any presents yet?
6) What's your favorite um... nationality (for lack of a better word I guess) food? (e.g. Greek, Polish, Japanese, Italian, etc.)
7) Do you have deadlines to meet at work?

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1. What gender are you?
2. How often have you been broken up with, and how long did those relationships last?
3. How often have you broken up with someone, and how long did those relationships last?
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new years resolutions

besides the usual lose weight/quit smoking type of resolutions, what are you going to attempt to commit yourself to doing next year?

have you ever had a resolution that you followed through on? what was it?
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Anyone else's dog not spayed? Mine isn't...and usually when she gets her period, she licks at everything in sight including the floors and our leather couch. Does anyone know why she does this?
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And life is like a song..

I've been watching a lot of murder documentaries today and I guess I got to thinkin about some more serious questions. ...

1. Do you believe there is such a thing as justifiable murder? Why or why not?

2. Do you think you could forgive someone who murdered someone dear to you? If so, under what circumstances would you forgive?

3. What, if anything, could you not forgive someone for?

4. Have you done anything that you have a hard time forgiving yourself for? If so, care to share?

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bob dylan bootleg?

Hey! I'm absolutely needing to hear a certain bootleg version of Dylan's "If You See Her, Say Hello" - a verse of it would be:

Sundown, silver moon, hitting on the days
My head can't understand no more, what my heart don't tolerate
Well I know she'll be back someday, of that there is no doubt
And when that moment comes Lord, give me the strength to keep her out

Anyway, it's utterly burned into my skull, and if I don't hear it soon, I'll die. It's the night before Christmas Eve, so there's no chance of getting ahold of it physically - anyone kind enough to for me, or email??

Thaaaaaaaank you.
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if i wanted to design my own shoes and get them made, who should I hunt down for that?

ideally what should i look under in my phonebook to find it?

even better, does anyone have links on how to make shoes yourself? I found this link, but from what I read it only covers making pumps.
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What's a good place for legal music downloads that isn't the iTunes store? More specifically, that doesn't have the annoying copy protection that the iTunes store has. I'm happy to pay for tracks but it pisses me off not being able to share a few of them, in the same way I make mix CDs for friends from CDs I buy.