December 22nd, 2006


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So it's the new year, and new resolutions, and all that crap. My big resolution is to lose weight/get more healthy, and among the many things I've decided to do to help me in this aim is subscribe to a fitness magazine. So, TQC, which one health & fitness magazine should I choose? If it helps, I'm in the U.S., and of the female persuasion (so, say, Men's Health would not really be all that informative).
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1 - What's something you quit that you wish you hadn't?

2 - As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

3 - Where do you lie on the Kinsey Scale?

4 - Do you prefer posters of questions to post their answer as well?


1 - Dancing
2 - A doctor or a teacher
3 - Err... 1.75?
4 - Yeah, I guess. Depends on the question. Sometimes I don't care, other times I'd like to know.
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Dog Emergency

My 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier is profusely bleeding from her tushie. She doesn't seem in pain. I don't know what to do or what's causing it. And there is no 24hrs Vet service here :( Any ideas on what could it be or what's causing it? She has been spayed.

Turns out that apparently she wasn't spayed properly. The bleeding was actually coming from her vulva; she's basically in heat again. >/ Naughty little dog. She is currently at the clinic and they are operating her tomorrow to remove anything that might've remained from her ovaries and/or uterus. Thanks so much for everyone's concern! :) I really appreciate it!
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I'm miserable.

I've been throwing up since about 5pm. Right now, I haven't puked since midnight. Every time I try to sip water or flat ginger ale so far, I puke it back up.

My body is so dehydrated, it's frustrating me to no end. I've got cotton mouth like nobody's business, and I feel like shit. My stomach is still turning.

I have no way to get to the store to get pedialyte, which would be the best option. It's 2am, so I can't really ask anyone either. I DO have gatorade, might that help?

I'm trying ice chips, but is there anything else I can do that won't find me on my knees, later?

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Poll #893622 Bi-sin10ial

What percentage of women overall do you feel are lesbian, bisexual, or bicurious?

100%. All women secretly crave estrogen love
70-75%. About 3/4ths
60-65%. 2/3rds.
50%. Half of all women like women
30-35%. 1/3rd
20-25%. About 1/4th
Less than 20%

What percentage of men overall do you feel are gay, bisexual, or bicurious?

100%. All men secretly crave sausage
70-75%. About 3/4ths
60-65%. 2/3rds.
50%. Half of all men like men
30-35%. 1/3rd
20-25%. About 1/4th
Less than 20%

Lastly, tomorrow is my last day of work until January. I wasn't going to buy my coworkers gifts, but I've been receiving a fair amount of gifts and I'm feeling guilty. I want to stop by somewhere before work and pick up an assload of cheap but identical cool gifts for one and all of the 20 or so people I work with. Give me some suggestions

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Generation "M"

Did you know that today's 18 and under crowd are called "Generation M?"
How do you feel about that lable, both those in and out of that age group?

The "M" refers to "Media", and includes anyone who can't remember a time before the internet.

I'm 20 and I think I'm just outside of the "Generation M" cutoff. The difference between the way I use the internet and my 17-year-old aquaintences use the internet is huge!

Anyone else notice this? How do you feel about it?
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Watching the Las Vegas Bowl, a penalty makes me curious about a rule. If roughing the passer is called when the play results in a touchdown (making the penalty enforced on the kickoff), what happens to the penalty if the kick is returned for a touchdown?

Serious Business

I had someone leave me a comment last night asking if I was "Fighting over the internet". I've seen variations of this question all over, "It's only the internet" "Internet=Serious business".

What I'm wondering is, what does this mean?

The way I look at it the "internet" is another method of communication. It's a place where people can talk, laugh, get to know each other... blah blah. I also feel it can be a good way to exchange information and ideas. Honestly I think the internet and LJ are places to learn things and yes be taken seriously at times.

I understand the difference between arguing and useless flame war. What I'm asking is do you feel you can have an argument, heated discussion or whatever with someone on the internet and have any good come from it? Is saying "it's only the internet" dismissive?

Have you ever learned something on LJ from an argument? I have, and wasn't / aren't ashamed to admit it.

Have you ever become LJ friends with people you originally met by getting into a fight / flame war with? I have two people on my f-list that started out with some pretty nasty flamage.
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yesterday right underneath my right eye was this throbbing pain. i thought it was just my sinuses acting up since i'm allergic to everything under the sun. well this morning i wake up with a black swollen eye and it hurts to blink. i can still see the same (i wear glasses so it's not that great to begin with) does anyone have any idea what's goin on? should i bother my doctor with this?


Why do people judge so much based on what state you live in? (ex..Iowa, Idaho, etc.)

Reason i ask.... I went to school in iowa but i'm from Wisconsin. I love it there, I'd love to move back and everyone is like ewwwwwwwwwww iowa. But the thing is they are too judgemental... it's a wonderful place. yeah it's a little flat! but the people are VERY friendly and wonderful!

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there are a couple of females in my office that are beyond annoying and most of the time i want to smack them upside the head...
two of them i want to really hit in the face w/a chair...

yesterday and today those two women gave me some really cool gifts...

i think they're making up for being assholes...

1. when was the last time you were surprized (pleasantly or not) and what was it?
2. when was the last time you surprized someone and what did you do?
3. of the rat pack (frank sinatra, dean martin, sammy davis jr.) - who's your favourite and why?
4. if i could play you a song right now - what would you pick?
5. of these two magazines - which do you like best and why: TIME or NEWSWEEK and why?
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I participated in a "due date club swap" on another board that I visit sometimes. The $ limit was $25 and the packages were supposed to be sent by November 6th. I never got my package. The moderator of the swap sent me the contact info of the person assigned to send a package to me- should I say anything to her?

I knew entering the swap that there was a possibility that I wouldn't receive a package, but it is still pretty hurtful to just not send one IMO.

I am tempted to write a PM telling this woman off, but I don't know her circumstances. My belief has always been that you shouldn't participate in a swap if you can't afford to or if you are unable to follow through.

Should I contact her or just let it go?
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Porn: Demeaning to women or a-okay?
Does it depend on what kind of porn it is?

What was the last place you went out to eat at?

You ordered a pizza. The place is about 5 minutes away, but you decided to get delivery. You ordered at 5:20... the pizza doesn't show up until 7pm. What do you do, if anything? Is it the driver's fault?
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Advice ?s

What advice would you give this girl? Taken from the Savage Love column in The Village Voice.

Q: I'm a 20-year-old straight girl. For six months I was dating a guy I thought was nice and normal. One way my boyfriend showed he cared, or so I thought, was by massaging my feet after work (I wait tables to pay my tuition). Then he confessed that he has a foot fetish. He wasn't rubbing my feet to be sweet or tender or considerate, but for his own selfish reasons. I dumped him. He was very upset and is still begging me to take him back. We had been talking about marriage, but that's over now. I don't want to be with someone who has a fetish. How can I know if he wants me back or just my feet? I know a lot of freaks write to you, and I enjoy reading about freaks, but I don't want to date a freak. Where can I find a normal man? —FREAKED-OUT GIRL
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When a girl ONLY goes out with older guys (as in 10, 15, 20 years older, etc....) do you think that says anything about the girl?

Is there a term for when a TV show has a "character" that never makes an appearance but is repeatedly talked about? (such as Iola's Mother on Mama's Family.)

What other shows can you think of that has this type of mentioned-but-never-seen character?

Bonus: how do you envision that character to look? Who might you cast in their role?

What is the distinction between "picture", "photograph", and "image"?

Do you feel ANTICIPATION for Christmas (if you partake in its celebration)? What is your favorite aspect of Christmas?

Do you feel anticipation for the return of DEGRASSI:TNG??? I'm dyin' here.

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1. What's your job?
2. Do you have to use the phone all the time?
3. Don't you hate that?
4. Do you have a hard time talking on the phone about business stuff?
5. What about personal stuff?
6. Anything else to say?

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I'm a "night owl." I have been since I was born (much to my mother's dismay).

But twice a week, I have an 8 am class. Sometimes I have to be at work by 8.30 or 9 too. This means I have to wake up early.

Also, I've had a LOT of stressful things happening in my life, so falling asleep is difficult.

How can I make myself go to bed at a decent hour every night when I always get a "second wind" around 9 or 10 pm?

Also: How do you motivate yourself to eat healthy and exercise, when what you really want is to order a pizza and sit on the couch?

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How do you make friends? Yes, seriously.

I just moved to a new state (victoria, for those who want to befriend me ;) ) and I know no-one. None at all. (I figure family doesn't count)

so, someone enlighten me.

edit- im html retarded.
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It's against the law to serve alcohol to miners. That's awful! It's bad enough these guys risk their lives, day in and day out, digging for coal in inhospitable conditions, but now they can't enjoy a beer at the end of the day at their favorite bar!

Don't you think this is an outrage?


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Oceans 11 was okay, it had sexy men, money, and well it was entertaining for me at the time

Oceans 12 was came along and wasn't as good as the first one but okay, there's still sexy men and money in it.

Now there's Oceans 13 coming out?!?!?!

so are you going to see it?
are you sick of movies that get worse the more they make of them?
can you think of any movies that got old quick when they made sequels?

i know there was a posting alittle while ago having to do with movies but i can't find it....

Sorry for the second post, but we have the right to bear arms

suzermagoozer brought up a good point.

We have the right to bear arms. Now, I don't know about you, but in my entire life, I've never been given a bear arm. I've waited for some government oversight committee to correct this apparent omission, but no government official has ever knocked on my door, to give me the arm of a bear. I'd prefer grizzly arms, for they'd no doubt be impressive. I'd mount them on my wall, palms open, to hold things, like coats or umbrellas.

1. What would you do with your bear arms?
2. What's the best way to get our congressman to supply our ursine extremity needs?
3. If you're against the right to bear arms, do you at least feel that bears are somewhat unpatriotic if they still have both their arms?

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1. Have you ever masturbated at work?

2. Have you ever thought about masturbating at work?

3. If you had your own office, which you could lock, would you masturbate?

4. What are you looking forward to?
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What would you do if somebody mailed you 200 hot dogs, 24 Italian beef sandwiches and a box full of cheesecake* from Chicago? Inspired by true events.

*This is labeled as "A Tower of Cheesecake."
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Family Issues

Do you post in your LJ about family issues, or seek others' opinions about such matters? 

Do you lock such posts as "friends only," or leave them as public?

Do you consider LJ to be anonymous, since you are not identified by name (most people never post last names, even if they do use first names.)

Ever had excessive family drama erupt over an LJ post that was not "friends only?"
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1. Do you purposely use the same icon over and over for this community (or others) so people will recognize you? (I used to, but not anymore, I just use whatever I've changed my default to. I used to use my "save a drum, bang a drummer" icon for everything).

2. Am I stupid for liking Danity Kane? I can't help it :( You like them, too, right?

3. Have you ever given your SO one of those retarded "coupon books" as a "gift"? Did they actually use it? I've never given one away, seems very lame and cheapo and SO uncreative. I've known guys who got them and they never used it. Ever!

EDIT: In #3, I'm talking about the "GOOD FOR ONE FREE BLOW JOB!!" or "GOOD FOR ONE PICNIC!!" homemade coupon books. Not ACTUAL coupon books. Actual coupon books are cool.
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shameless xmas present question

Hey boys! What is something you never thought you'd have a use for, then discovered you really enjoy having?

Example: bathrobe.... nice razor... something like that.

Alternatively, what's hip and in for the metrosexual male these days? Specific brands or items?

This is from a girlfriend to a boyfriend.

Sorry for the shamelessness. :x

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We woke up yesterday morning with no heat or hot water in our house, the union gas guy told us it’s the pipes and to call a plumber. Why a plumber? I thought the heater generated the hot water? Am I totally retarded?

btw, its friday, what are you doing tonight?

edit: 2nd problem, i accidentally unplugged my computer yesterday and now it has no sound. what do i do? i'm not really clever when it comes to computers so help me put please!
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Chinese Brown Sauce.

1. Is the brown sauce at Chinese restaurants vegetarian?
I always get broccoli with brown sauce. I always make sure to ask the people who work at the restaurant if it's vegetarian and they have always told me it is. I was looking up recipes for brown sauce and most of it has beef broth, and oyster extract, so now I'm worried.

2. How many calories does brown sauce have?
I'm having no luck figuring this out.
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short haired anime characters

for otakon this year i want to cosplay. i need a female character (i don't mind playing either but its er...very obvious i'm female) with short (chin length) brown or red hair. any will do. i have time to research the series, so it doesnt matter if i haven't watched it yet. who should i cosplay?
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1. For those of you that know what a Pack 'n Play (by Graco) and the Flutterbye Deluxe Baby Gym are, I need to find boxes to ship these in (separately). Any websites to order extra effin' large boxes for shipping purposes?

2. If someone close to you says, "It's not that I don't care, I just don't feel like it right now," what does that mean (to you)?

3. Complete this sentence: Mommaluna, would you mind if I ______? You make me want to _________. Love, ________.

4. Have any of you wondered if there's a post in LiveJournal somewhere that holds the record (or something) for the most comments?

Time for some class A bitchin!

What is the biggest problem in your life right now?

My Answer:
I failed ONE math test, that I studied for, but since the teacher postponed it to the Monday after the weekend (It was Friday, the day the test was SUPPOSE to be) and I forgot to study over the weekend, lowering my average to a 60 (passing is 65)and my parents are getting all on my case as if I'm some deliquent who dosen't do work. Ok assholes, I do my homework I study and I take notes, one test dosent make me a slacker. Plus math has always been a very hard subject for me, and they know it. Hence why I'm in Fundamentals of Algebra. Also, they think my time on the computer effects my grades. Um yeah riiight thats why all my other grades are in the 80's. But thats not even the worst of my troubles, theres only like 3 weeks left in the quarter and I REALLY don't want to fail math...and midterms are coming. :'(

haha sorry about the rant I just had to get that off my chest.

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Would you want to know if a member of TQC was masturbating while reading the answers to the questions they posed?

What's your favorite palindrome?

Do you pronounce the word insurance "INsurance" or "inSURance?"

What's a movie you really like but that you didn't entirely understand the first time you saw it?

Do you own any band t-shirts? If so, which bands?

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You and your SO live together.  Your SO had a best friend from an old state that he lived in, they were like brothers/sisters, and now they have 'reunited'.  The friend, and his GF want to come visit for a few days.  Sounds great!!! But,  you will be gone for a day, the WHOLE day, but they (the friend, and his girlfriend, not my SO)  have ways to entertain you trust them alone? SO assures you that they are great people, he knows where they live, and would do nothing to harm your house or property.  This is also the ONLY weekend they can come down.  I would REALLY appreciate any advice on this.
EDIT: My SO won't be here, just his friend, and his GF

Yes, or no?

Who is going to give you the worst gift this year? Are you going to post about it?
What's your favorite smell? Least favorite?

More teeny-bopper highschool drama that makes your lives seem so much more dramatic compared to mine

So theres this girl...(haha so cliche')

And throughout middle school we had an on and off middle school type relationship, and I still can't get over her. In the beginning of this year (my freshman year of highschool) we both liked eachother but were kind of on the "should we or shouldnt we" basis, and then she decided she didnt like me, and i thought the same, but lately I can't seem to get over her. So anyway, my loud mouth freind told her I liked her, and the other day, I just sucked in my breath and grabbed her hand and held it, and she didn't resist, and when she left she said "will you be online tonight?" and sorta touched my shoulder.

Does this mean theres a STRAND of hope?
What should my next course of action be?
Theres gonna be a dance in january or february, should I ask her to go with me?

sorry i bring lots of my personal problems to TQC...and I've posted an awful lot today...I think after this post I'll take a slight vacation from this community...

How much should I tolerate?

Should I tolerate verbal abuse from my friends? It goes beyond the usual "omg dude, you're soo dumb..haha" to things such as them making fun of my body, calling me stupid for not knowing how to fix a computer problem, calling me a spoiled brat because my dad bought me an expensive laptop for college, calling me a moron for not knowing certain things about sex because I'm a virgin...etc.

Are there any comebacks I should say, because its really getting on my nerves. I'm pretty sure they aren't kidding when they say these things, and we don't really joke around like this. I'm especially tired of them putting down my body because I'm really self-conscience about it. I don't want to get rid of my friends, they're the only few ones I have.

And how do I know when they're crossing the line between normal joking around that friends do, and purposely doing it to make themselves feel better about themselves?

EDIT: This usually happens when I get new things, like a new video-game they wanted..etc. Its basically a jealously issue I think. It also happens when my friend is around me (i used to be heavier than she was by at least 35 pounds, and then I lost the weight and now she's heavier than I am) and I wear shorts or a tank top or something mildly revealing.

I'm not sure how to confront them at all about this, I just know I'm getting sick and tired of being treated like garbage.

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my upstairs neighbor listens to really loud music about half of every day.  i'm not talking about music that is played at a normal volume that i just happen to be able to hear because i live below him..i'm talking loud enough to give me a migraine every day and feel my furniture rumble.  the bass is just nauseating.  i've banged on the ceiling..he turns it up.  i've talked to him about it..he shrugs it off.  i've talked to my apartment manager about it..she says to talk to the neighbor.  i've called the apartment security officer about it a few times (4am on a wednesday night/thursday morning, for example)..he hasn't fixed the problem.  a couple weeks ago (at 2am in the middle of finals week), i called the cops..that's the only thing that made it stop.  however, it only stopped for a few hours.  

i have no idea what else to do.  i don't want to have to call the cops every single day.  

what would you do?  what else could i try?


if you have ever heard of the re-ment miniatures, do you know where i can buy them in the US besides ebay/online? i heard that some japanese food markets were selling them, but when i went to one, they had no clue what i was talking about.

Bathroom behavior, and more.

01) When you sit on a toilet seat, do you sit completely on it? Do you sit just on the front end?
02) If you're on someone's house and they're completely out of soap, do you take it upon yourself to look through the sink cabinet/closet/whatever to try to find more?
03) Do you have a ritual in your shower (as in, do you do everything a certain way)? If you do, do you feel a little off-track if you skip or add a step to your routine?
04) Have you ever clogged a toilet a person's house and ran away before anyone noticed? Ever done it in a public bathroom?
05) For the females: do you "steal" a tampon or pad if you start your period unexpectedly at a person's house?
06) Do you ALWAYS no matter what, wash your hands after finishing your business?

07) Have you gotten annoyed with the "omg I'm atheist but my bf/gf/fuck buddy/etc. is Christian/Jewish/Hindu/etc. and they want to celebrate their religion for the holiday season! Am I being a bitch/bastard if it makes me want to throw a fit and pout the whole entire time I'm with their family?!" questions yet?
08) Have you wrapped all of your presents yet?
09) About how much (rough estimate is cool) have you spent on presents this year? Is that a normal amount for you?
10) Do you have any weird family traditions (for the holidays or otherwise)? If so, what are they?

Random ?'s

What's the last favor you performed for somebody?
Had to pick up my dad's car from the MARTA station tonight.

If you're driving somewhere and you don't know where you're at, how long do you wait before you stop and ask for directions?
If I'm by myself I'll drive until I run out of gas, unless I'm out in the country somewhere. If I'm with someone else, I'll wait 5-15 mins before stopping somewhere for directions.

Do you have a rapidshare account?

Is Hip Hop Dead? If yes, what killed it?
I don't think's a lot different than what it used to be though.

More foot fetish questions!

1. I think feet are really sexy. Bare feet are hot. I am not obsessed, and not really into feet any more than I'm into, say, breasts, booty, or other body parts people single out as attractive in their gender of choice. Would you consider this a 'fetish'? Some people define fetish as something you need in order to be sexually satisfied, but I'm not sure how to evaluate this one by that criteria.

2. Are feet sexy? Do you have a foot fetish?
Someday I'll be a flower

Computer Games

My dh and I want to play a computer game with our computers networked together... We've both been out of the gaming world for a few years, so am looking for some ideas. (I've played and beaten Baldur's Gate a few years back... haven't played anything else.)

So my questions:
1. Can Baldur's Gate be played with 2 people w/ computers on same network (i.e., not necessarily online, just linked?)
2. Can Neverwinter Nights be played that way?
3. Warcraft? Also, what's the difference between Warcraft I-III?
4. Elder Scrolls--if I pick up with IV, will I be missing a whole back storyline? What are I-III like?
5. Any other suggestions for games? I like RPG, not a fan of "dry" strategy (wargames) or gore.
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While on the way to the Melbourne Airport today, I noticed there were a lot of cars pulled over on the highway. There were people in all the cars, so it wasn't drink driving. The vast majority weren't asleep, so they weren't powernapping or anything. And I saw a couple pull back into traffic so I assume there wasn't any car trouble.

What might be the reasons for so many (20-ish) people to be pulled over with no police/AA/whatever present?
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(no subject)

American football question ahead. Okay, this isn't about football. But, I digress.

I have two pictures that are from almost 25 years ago, circa sometime in 1982. A number of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders came up here for an event that one of their then-sponsors put on. My brother (two years old in '82) is in both pictures, and he's with a different cheerleader in both pictures.

Now, I have gone to look at the Dallas Cowboys' official website to view the 1981-1982 and 1982-1983 squads, since I'm not sure exactly WHEN in 1982 these pictures are from, and it was of absolutely no help to me. The website told me I could click on a cheerleader to view info about them, but I can't do that because there is no info on any of the cheerleaders from that long ago.

So, does anyone know where I could go to get an official ID of who the cheerleaders are? If you're a die-hard Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders fan, would you be willing to help me?

I'd really like to know who the hell my pimp brother was posing with all these years ago. :P
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Christmas Music

Can anyone send me or tell me where to get the Tom Waits and Peter Murphy song Christmas Sucks? I heard it for the first time the other day when I was in a bad mood and it made my day!

I'd also like any punk covers of You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.

Please and thank you!!
lead me

piano players?

Is there anyone here who plays piano and was taught with the Bastien system? Or any system other than Alfred?

I have a four year old piano student and I'm thinking about switching her from Alfred to another book, but I'd like to talk to some people who have experience with it first.