December 21st, 2006

natural stuff.

What's everyone's favorite natural products? Body-care products, holistic medicine; herbs, oils, elixers.

I'd love to hear everyone's opinions and personal experiences pertaining to this.
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Ok, how does one go about exporting an itunes playlist onto the web? Just for viewing purposes. I remember back in the days of winamp people were always showing off their music library. Can anyone help me out?


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why is it that you can't ask for people's opinions on how you look without people thinking you're fishing for compliments?
and why, when you point out one of your flaws, do people assume you want to be "corrected" on the matter..."oh you're not ____".
why do people always assume there is some game being played? do people ever take anything at face value anymore?
do you ever feel like you totally lack any sort of social skills?
do you ever feel like you missed some seminar or memo at birth and that everyone else attended and learned how to live in this world?
why am I still awake?
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What have you seen/heard recently that made you laugh harder than you had in ages?

What have you seen/heard recently that made you go "WTF?"

Has anyone here been to New Zealand? Like it? Whereabouts in NZ? Been to Dunedin?

Do you have an OTP?

Do you like IRN-BRU?

(no subject)

What are games similar to Taboo or Apples to Apples or Guesstures? I want to buy something similar for a friend for the holidays.. I only play things like Carcasonne, Settlers, etc. so I have NO idea what's similar to the aforementioned. Thank you!

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is anybody awake right now?

its 3:33am where i am. what time is it where you are?

i just got my marks from my exams and i am utterly disappointed in myself. i’m seriously contemplating dropping out of university. but to do what? what do you do for a living?

(no subject)

Are you excited about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?
Do you think it'll be decent, at least?

Me, I'm not too sure. A lot of my fandoms have been butchered, thanks to Hollywood. [Resident Evil, anyone?]

I still can't get used to this new Journal update page. Anyone else in the same boat?
[dance] pink side to side

Smelly cat... smelly cat...

Eeugh! My cat just yawned right in my face, and her breath STINKS somethin awful!

I know this is probably normal, but egads that wasn't nice. :(

Is there anything I can do, aside from draggin her smelly self to a vet?

Do cats get morning breath?

ETA: Thanks to everyone who prescribed dental snacks for my smelly kitty. ;) I knew they had these for dogs, but not cats! I'll have to hunt some down after work. :)
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cat tea

(no subject)

Inspired by this question. It seems like everyone who answered has a father with some incredible, high-paying job (or maybe it just sounds that way to me) ... does anyone here have a father that, delivered newspapers or was a waiter? Or worked in a warehouse or as a manager of Blockbuster??


1) What does your mom do?
2) What level of education do you parents have?

(no subject)

for those of you that have tattoos, does your tattoo ever raise up and get itchy every once in awhile? and if so, what's the reason for it? just dry?

what are your tattoos of and where are they?
and if they're work safe post a picture

mine is the script on the ring from lord of the rings on the back of my right shoulder. it's about the length of a regular sized stapler.

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Our city has been in a drought for about six years now, and it's started to get to my head:

a) Why do snails come out when it rains? When it's dry, do they only come out at night? Is the ground too dry or hot in the daytime for them to move? Are birds snails major predators?

b) Do butterflies have homes? Do they die if rain falls on their magic dust? Why is their dust so important to flight?
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(no subject)

How much would you pay for this lamp?

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I have a rename token... what should I change my name to? I am sick and tired of people thinking that Bella is my child, and not a dog, despite it being in my userinfo and all over my icons.
I was thinking maybe "lolsie_pie" or "lol_furriez" or maybe "lolcfhrdcr".

If you saw Talladega Nights, what did you think? I love Will Ferrell, but I was really disappointed. :(

It is the age of technology

1. Can you delete songs off your Ipod? How?
2. Do you have a case for your Ipod?
3. Do you buy music off ITunes or just use your CDs?
4. What kind of cell phone do you have?
5. What kind of cell phone do you want?
6. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
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(no subject)

1. Do you ever use the 'preview' option whenever you're posting an entry or a comment?
2. Do you have a brother/sister? What's their name?
3. What are you majoring in? or what have you gotten a degree in?
4. Did you get your boss anything for Christmas?
5. I am hungry and it's not about to be lunch time anytime soon, what's for lunch?

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(no subject)

Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Don we now our gay apparel,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Troll the ancient Yule tide carol,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

See the blazing Yule before us,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Strike the harp and join the chorus.
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Follow me in merry measure,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
While I tell of Yule tide treasure,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

What does Fa la la la la, la la la la mean?

A druidic incantation which asks the ancient powers to strike down one's enemies
You're supposed to speak in tongues during this pentecostal song
Fargo Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles etc (it's a Post Office mantra)
It's to pay tribute to Horace Bean, the songwriter's neighbor, who was born without a tongue
It's farsi for 'Praise Allah and fill this nog of egg with blessing'

Don we now our gay apparel. What is this gay apparel?

Festive, brightly-colored clothing
Assless chaps, bondage gear
A dress
An Indigo Girls shirt, comfortable footwear

Troll the ancient Yule tide carol. What does that mean?

A large creature, commonly found under bridges heckling billygoats, is named Carol
It's a fishing term. It refers to casting one's fishing rod into the tide, hoping something bites
The ancient tradition of passing down those little Troll dolls from generation to generation, originating with the pilgrims
To make bogus posts in certain communities with a Christmas theme

See the blazing Yule before us. What does that mean?

To gaze upon a small, comfortable, contained fire
To gaze upon the pharoah in The Ten Commandments, hoisted from a tree and set on fire

Strike the harp and join the chorus. What does that mean?

Play a stringed instrument and join along
Club a seal to death while merrily singing

Follow me in merry measure. What's merry measure?

Happy play
Harmless assgrabbing
Carnal orgies, involving elves and reindeer
A determined measure of length equalling exactly 3 candy canes lined end to end
Merry's Santa's wife

While I tell of Yule tide treasure. Where do you find this treasure?

In the traditional Christmas merriment.
Santa's back yard, buried 5 paces from the tree
Sunken beneath the waves in Davey Jones' locker (next to Mickey Dolenz')
Drawer 5, vault 3, Bank of Wachovia in Salt Lake City
Buried in Yul Bryner's coffin
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Random ?s

What's the worst Christmas song?

Do you like wine? If you do, do you like white wine or red wine better?

Do you consider yourself a gamer (video games)?

What's your favorite martial arts flick?


I've never thrown a party before. Any tips on how to make it a good one? Any mistakes to avoid?

(It will just be friends, in my backyard during summer. Neither my partner or myself drink alcohol - should we supply it or ask guests to bring their own?)

(no subject)

Is there a new version of the iTrip out? Or a new iTrip-esque thing?

My friend wants to get one for her boyfriend for Christmas, and he already has the old one, and all the shops she's been to only have one version, and she's not sure how new it is, so she doesn't know if its the new version or not.

I'm looking at the apple homepage, but it's a bit confusing...


Because boredom needs entertainment

1. Do you have an Amazon wishlist?
a. If so, want to share the link with me? I'm a strange bird, who enjoys looking at what other people like and craving the items for myself.
2. What should I do to make this long, incredibly boring day at work pass? You can only refresh your friends page so many times.
Barbarella 3
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(no subject)

How old were you when you graduated from high school?
Did you graduate early (skip one or more grades)? Or, did you graduate on time, or later (get held back)?

(TQCers still in high school can answer these questions too, if they want to.)

My answers:
Me - I was 17 when I graduated from high school. I actually graduated a year early- I should have graduated from HS in 2004, but I graduated in 2003. :)
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(no subject)

My husband and I are going skiing in January. He's never skied before, so for his Christmas present I'm getting him a lesson instead of making him try to learn on his own. I want to also get him something he can open, though, so I'm putting together a skiing care package sort of thing -- little things that are helpful to have when you're skiing. So far I've thought of hand/foot warmers, a package of hot chocolate (for when you're done for the day), a rice krispy square (for snacking on the lift), and a disposable camera (for keeping in your pocket to take pictures with if you don't want to ruin your digital camera when you fall on it). Does anyone have any other ideas?
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Who's (more) right?

How long does it take for human ribs to fully calcify and become hardened (or no longer squishy)?

I'm hearing two things and they're very different but I can't find that gives an estimated approximation.

One person says 5-7 years of age, another person says 30-50 years old. Does anyone have any links?

The person who says 30-50 says they heard it from a CPR class. But the other got their BS in Biology.

red goatee!!

random questions to help you waste time

Poll #893225 random end-of-the-week questions

long distance relationships:

are good if that's how it goes
are okay but i wish it wasn't so far
eh, it is what it is
are no good
I'm not ever having one (or having one again)

of the two:

Elton John

tick tick boom

ticky box?
no ticky box
epic shit

(no subject)

My boyfriend is religious and I'm not and we sometimes get into discussions where he says something and I go, "Where the hell did you get that from?"

The most recent being him saying that most scientists that go about trying to disprove the existence of god end up believing themselves. No matter what I put into Google I can't find anything like this and I find it a little hard to believe. I also know my boyfriend...he tends to hear something and repeat it as truth.

So, does anyone have any websites that actually say that's true? (I'm sorry, but I'm not going to trust Christian websites on this one)

(no subject)

TQC, I was watching basketball last night and I started thinking about their ginormous salaries. My question is, how do they get paid out?! Like, if I were a pro balla and made $5 mil a season, do I get huge weekly paychecks? How do movie stars get paid? If I got $7 mil for a movie, do I get a check for that amount (minus taxes)?
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(no subject)

Do you ever float checks (cheques for you non-US people)?

Mostly for the ladies: have you ever flooded a toilet by accident, panicked, and ran out of the ladies' room so that no one could see it was you?
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

Okay, I am at my local library... and I need to find a movie to which I can compare a chracter in the movie Crash to it. So basically, what movies can I possible do? The assignment said for The Laramie Project but I cannot acess that movie. Anyway, please help, what movie(s) would be best fit? Again, I'm sopposed to be comparing the two characters.

My library has Guess who's coming to dinner, would that work?
Also, American History X? Again, I can't get my hands on this movie, but could that work?
I'm most likely going to use Sandra Bullock.

Does anyone know if is down for good or is just having server troubles?
I once uploaded a bunch of photos to a website, it kept saying "Page cannot be displayed" and then the site never returned... so that's why I'm asking.
Shame if it went, it was very handy...
Someday I'll be a flower

Acne Treatment?

One of my younger brothers is considering some sort of permanent acne treatment. His friend got it and it worked really well. He's heard it's really bad for the liver though, and as he's on some other meds already (not for acne, just in general), he's afraid it might do some damage.

Has anyone had or known someone who had this treatment? Was it effective? Were there bad side effects? What about if they were on other meds at the same time?

(no subject)

About 1-2 months ago didn't a certain wrestler come out of the closet? I could swear it was The Rock but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, I brought it up in art class today and all the jocks in my class were like "THE ROCK IS NOT GAY ASDLFJASDLFJADSLFJLDSAJFLASDJFLASJDFLSDJLAFD"

so what wrestler was this? and you'd get extra credit if you sent me a link to an article about it. =)
Me--State Fair


Does anyone know how to close the information box for FoxyTunes? I hit a button and it popped up, and now I can't close it. (the box that gives detailed artist, track, and album info.)

I looked on their website and Googled it but I can't get the dumb thing closed and it stays on top of ALL my applications. Rawr.
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leave your turntable on

(no subject)

You know how you have those moments when you decide to read stuff online that you know will vex you and send you into either "LULZ I LAFF AT YOU" spasms or "must surpress violent urge to e-smite" territory? Why do we do that?

And what makes you go into those modes?
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(no subject)

If your SO were to make you a coupon book, what type of coupons would you want in it? Not like $2 off toothpaste coupons, but good for one BJ coupons.  Dirty ones, or not, I need more ideas :)

What do you get when you order Chinese food?

Do you recognise people on LJ by their username, or icon?
The Dude Abides

Lotto ?'s

Have you ever played the lottery? Did you win anything?
Never played

What would you do if you gave someone a lottery ticket as a gift and they won an ungodly amount of money?
Ask for a finder's fee or something. The worst they can say is no, right?

Application Requirements

Scenario:  You advertize for a position, and close attention to detail & ability to follow detailed directions are but two of several requirements.

In bold print at the bottom of the advertizement, it says "Absolutely no phone calls, please mail resume and cover letter to ..."


Do you immediately toss resumes faxed in?  Do you immediately toss resumes submitted without a cover letter?

My answers:  You bet your ass - I'm even tossing those with poor sentence construction and incorrect grammar.  Hell, if you're resume's not perfect, then what is your work product going to be?

um.. me
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(no subject)

I've noticed that I have been clenching my teeth a lot lately without realizing until my jaw and teeth start to ache. I haven't had this problem before.

Does anyone know what might be causing this, and how to prevent it? The internet resources I'm finding tend to be for those who clench their teeth while sleeping, and any personal tips to solve this problem would be appreciated. :)

electric razors

Another question from me!

What brand/model of electric razors do you all recommend? I'm especially looking for something appropriate for trimming a goatee that resides on a face along with sensitive/acne-prone skin.

Thanks everybody.
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(no subject)

This is probably a long shot, but does anyone here have the latest episode of 'Bones' that they would be willing to share? I've been trying to bit torrent it, but it's not working well and Limewire is being really shitty.
I believe it was called "The Judas on the Pole."

Just Kidding, I think I actually got something to work- go me!

More Ipod help needed for desperate teen!

In case you didn't read my past Ipod post, I have an Ipod nano. Today was my first day actually USING it (I've had it for quite a while, but it was just last night I figured out how to put music on it...yeah yeah I know.) And then today, it was acting really odd. I KNOW the way that you turn it off is by pressing down the Play/Pause button for like a few seconds until it shuts off, and everyone who tried, it just wasn't shutting off. And the button isn't broken, because the "pause" function still works.

So the battery went dead in my locker, and its charging now,so my hopes are that when I turn it back on after the charging, the off function will work... but I'm wondering

1.) Did this happen to you on your Ipods "first day out"?
2.) Any Ideas how to make my Ipod shut off just in case the charge hypothesis dosen't work?

I will be EXTREMELY grateful if you can help me out.

God I hate mild inconveniences like this...
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If a meteor/asteroid large enough to damage the Earth enough to cause the extinction of Humans was on its way and nothing could be done to divert or destroy it, would you rather the human race know or be clueless about it? Why?

Do you play any musical instruments? Which ones? For how long? How did you get into it?

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Your opinion on this vid?

(no subject)

Somebody I work with mentioned the other day that she's been going through some financial troubles recently (a long story, but it's no fault of her own), and probably won't have enough money to finish all her Christmas shopping.

If you were in her situation, would you be offended if a coworker offered to give or lend you a few hundred dollars so you can give your kid a happier holiday?
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I'm trying to understand why people take pictures of themselves while standing in front of mirrors. Can anyone help me with this? Is it a look-at-my-boob or look-how-flat-my-tummy-is kinda thing? Or is it that they want us to see what kind of camera they're using?


Inspired by a post over on LastFM

Everybody has a few bands/musicians that they dislike for completely irrational reasons. What's yours?

Me, I hate Fallout Boy because Pete Wentz looks like a tool. I've only ever heard a few of their songs, & know nothing about Pete. But still, I don't like them because as I said, he looks like a tool.

Also, keep your comments drama free!
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starbucks & glamour

(no subject)

this is probably going to sound stupid, but ..

i'll be attending a mormon wedding reception tomorrow night, and i have no idea what to expect .. what to wear etc? can someone fill me in, please?
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(no subject)

Say you have a album you really like. How do you find artists that are similar?

My answer: I like to see what Amazon and have to say for similar artists, but they don't usually have interesting suggestions. My next step is to search for said artist on a p2p program and see what other users have in their file libraries.

(no subject)

Question about Bruce Almighty.

At the begining of the film he is talking about it being 'sweeps'. What the heck is 'sweeps'?

My dad and I guessed it was something to do with local government elections.


Is there a good free anti-virus program I can download? How about a fairly decent one?

I don't need excellent security, just enough to safely surf the web, and download here and there.
default kanji

(no subject)

How would you fill in the blank? It doesn't have to be the right answer :)

When I was driving once, I saw this painted on a bridge: ____________________________________________
01 ivysaur

The One With A Question About The Pill.

Hopefully some of you are on it so you can help ease my curiosity. I know that cigarettes and things like Advil and Nyquil reduce the effectiveness of the pill. But if you take some sort of vitamin, cold, or motion-sickness medicine and then take your daily pill an hour later, what's the worst that can happen?

manga avatar

beer glass dilemma

So after wandering around Bed Bath and Beyond until I was completely confused (and wheezing from all of the different smells in there) I decided to come to you, oh TCQ. Here's the deal:

I think my boyfriend would love a set of beer glasses for christmas; the gobletty kinda that a lot of beers he likes are supposed to be served in. The thing is, though, that I have no clue what they're called, how exactly they look and where to find them. Any beer experts out there?

I guess this counts as a christmas gift question so... whoops!
kiv dancin.
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okay, for the drinkers out there

Poll #893527 Okay, seriously now.

How much would you have to drink before you thought you had a problem?

Two nights drunk a month
One night drunk a week
Two nights drunk a week
Three nights drunk a week
Four nights drunk a week
Five nights drunk a week
Six nights drunk a week
I drink every night and I don't think it's a problem
I wake up, have a drink and nurse something all day
Other (comments)

EDIT: again, i don't care what other people say, i want to know what it would take in Your behavior to think that YOU Personally had a problem. what is YOUR limit? what is YOUR idea of too much?
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petit prince


ok, so my friend was backpacking all around south east asia last year and she bought lots of these pants, they're basically loose cotton and they're pretty big, but you put them on, fold over the excess (from one side to the other, like you're folding your pants to tuck them into your socks), tie the strings around your waist, and then fold the top of the pants over the strings, like those fold-over yoga pants. SO, does anyone know what these pants are called?
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(no subject)

Anyone else convinced that mrsonyxorb is a troll?

What is one thing in the kitchen that you just CANNOT do? (I fail at melting chocolate, my chocolate truffles came out horrific)

Do you drive sitting very close to the steering wheel and high up, medium, or laying back all ghetto-stylee?
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Windows XP error

Calling all geeks and Nerds!

Generic Host Services error. Nearly every boot. I have run multiple
spyware and virus scans, defraged, run clean up tools, installed the patch
from Microsloth designed to fix it, done a system restore to the day before
it problem started. Whatever is causing this, has survived this barage of
diagnostics and fixes.

Any other ideas?!?!?!?
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Chapped Lips

Any cures? I've had 'chronic' chapped lips for about four years now. I've tried everything, been to the doctors and got treatments, changed toothpastes, taken vitamins, used every chapstick avaliable pretty much and I drink water regulary so it isn't dehydration, yet they're still bleeding and gross all the time. Any help? Also how do I get out of the habit of touching my lips, because I'm sure that doesn't help.