December 20th, 2006


iTunes store

Is there any way to download something free offered on iTunes without an account/credit card number? There's a free audiobook I want to download but every time I try to get it it asks me for account information, and I don't have a credit card. Grar. I've downloaded things from there before, but I've always used those gift cards you can buy, so I'm at a loss.

Apartment Questions...and others

1.) My one friend lives in an apartment with her grandpa and her mom, on the top floor. Lately, the lady (she isn't the landlord or anything, just a neighbor) that lives in the apartment underneath them has been complaining to them that they are too noisy, and they need to be quiet/go to bed around 8pm because thats the time her son goes to bed. They already are very quiet, all they do is sit around and watch tv or play video-games, which isn't loud at all, and the volume is never up and the tv isn't on the ground, its on a table. Now, she has been more recently been annoyed with my friend's boyfriend, who comes over around 9-10pm and picks my friend up and takes her to work/drops her off or visits. One weekend, she came out and flat-out asked if he was going to be staying the night again and how long they'd be, (even though he never stays the night because of her mom and grandpa living there).

She can't get my friend in trouble can she, none of this stuff is any of her business since the apartment lease doesn't say anything about what times you need to be quiet/asleep, and how often visitors can come see you/stay?

I'm right... right? Or am I wrong?

2.) Do looks really matter when it comes to love?

3.) What makes a female attractive, in your opinion?
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(no subject)

1. What is the proper way to clean my LCD monitor's screen?

2a You're craving your favorite icecream (and if you don't like icecream, pretend you do.) You've been craving it all day, and when you get home you find you have only one scoop of it left. You scoop it out and somehow manage to fling it halfway across the kitchen and it lands on the ground. You pick it up and there are a few dog/cat/pet/something hairs and one small piece of debris. Do you pick off the grossness and eat it (you HAVE been craving this all day and the idea of throwing it away is horrifying) or do you toss it?

b. If you are willing to eat it, would you still eat it if it WASN'T the last scoop of your favorite icecream?

3. When and if you reply will you reply with the most humorous icon you have uploaded?
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American government questions

I saw this question (#1) in another community I am in and wanted to ask here since I figured it would get some interesting discussion going amongst the members. I also included a couple of questions of my own that I am curious about so here you go:

1. Should the American government offer paid maternity leave for new parents?

2. How much money in taxes do you pay each month?

3. Do you feel the system is heavily abused in America? If so, in your opinion what should the government be doing to ensure less loopholes and less abuse within the system?

4. If you were in charge of making the system better for everyone what sort of things would you personally want to see happen?

vampire princess miyu


i got my bf a series of books for x-mas. Since it was a set and ordered online, they came shrink-wrapped together in a box. i want to read the first book. i want this very badly. It's taking all of my will to avoid it.
He's not around and i have the time. i will not bend the spine or mess the pages.
How tacky would it be if i unwrapped them and threw out the plastic film and flipped through the first book?
He'll never know that they were shrink-wrapped originally.....the gift box will remain....
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Georgie - Smiles

Must have gotten the idea from cartoons...

1 -Did you ever try to flush an object down the toilet as a kid to get rid of evidence? Or maybe you just wanted to see if it would flush?

2 - What was it?

3 - Did it flush?

4 - Were you found out?


5 - Which disaster or atrocity which you were NOT a part of do you feel most emotionally affected by?

6 - Which disaster or atrocity do you find most interesting?


1 - Yeah.

2 - Twisties. I can't remember why for the life of me. FYI, Twisties are chips...a bit like Cheezels I guess, but not shaped like that.

3 - It certainly didn't want to flush. It floated with a determination that could only be described as admirable. =D I eventually put loads of toilet paper in too, so it got swept away.

4 - Nope.

5 - What happened in the Nazi concentration/extermination camps.

6 - I'm fascinated by the Titanic, but I don't feel any particular emotional empathy for those on board.

(no subject)

I really need help...

so my bf is really into the global warming stuff and has watched and read a lot... and so for his bday i want to buy him a good movie we can watch, cuz as a surprise to him i will actually sit through

anyways any movies about global warming would be really helpful i have searched the net i am so lost...


he owns or has seen already

- the day after tomorrow
- core
-unconvient truth (the new gore movie)
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12 Christmas Days Later

Why did my true love give me 7 swans, 6 geese, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtledoves and a partidge in a pear tree?

She works in a pet store
Sick, uncontrollable avian fetish
Because I ran out of skeet
Apparently she didn't know what to get for the guy who has 'everything'
She hates me

Why did my true love give me 8 milking maids?

I am calcium deficient
They're farmers' daughters and she's the best true love ever!
The maids will bring their cows with me and swamp my living room with cow patties. My true love obviously hates me
The other 12 are on layaway
Home Depot ran out of strippers stripping and she hoped I wouldn't notice the difference

Why did my true love give me 9 ladies dancing and 10 lords-a-leaping?

House party. Duh
I'm obviously meant to be the 10th lady in her twisted homoerotic fantasy
She didn't buy it. She just regifted it for me
It's one orgy, ready to serve. Just add tequila
My true love might not be all right in the head

Why did my true love give me 11 pipers piping and 12 drummers drumming?

Because high school marching bands piss me off and she hates me
That's the 10th row at a Dave Matthews concert. She scored me tickets!
To pay my neighbors back for that loud party last weekend
To harvest their organs and sell them on the black market
To drive away the dancing ladies and leaping lords, who are eating all my food and getting lube all over the couch

And why did my true love give me 5 golden rings?

I'm pimp like that
She's agreed to sign my mormon pre-nup and be my fifth wife
My share of the spoils after we buried the pipers and drummers in shallow graves in the back
Because she has the one true ring to rule them all!
More importantly, where's the other 6 I asked her to hold onto?

been asked before, but oh well..

1. Do you like riddles? (I absolutely hate them.)

2. Do you know the answer to the following riddle? Those who make it don't want it, those who buy it don't need it, those who use it don't know it.. what is it? Thank you very much, it's a coffin and apparently everyone in the world knows this except me. Like I said, not into riddles.

3. What's the hardest riddle you've ever heard of? I need something to get back at my friend with for #2, which is driving me up the wall because I am TERRIBLE at riddles, but he's really, really good at them, so I need something really hard.

(no subject)

Would you describe your SO's body:

a) Triangular shaped, hard, firm skin. (firey, wide shoulders, narrow hips, short legs)?
b) Tear drop shaped, soft skin, squishy in some places, fluid. (watery narrow shoulders, wide hips, long legs)?
c) Circular shaped, squishy, thick skin. (Earthy, wide shoulders, wide hips)?
d) Rectangular, hard body with sinuie skin, (Air, narrow shoulders, small hips, always has a small stumach)?
e) A combonation of two?

How about you?

Earth and air are opposites as are water and fire. Are you and your SO opposites of eachother, physically?
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(no subject)

I've painted a set of six drinking glasses for a friend's Christmas present with regular glass paint. I finished them about 3 hours ago and although I know they will take much longer than this to dry properly, I left it very late and need to wrap them within the next 6 hours or so.

At the moment the paint is sort of tacky, not really wet but if I touch it then I leave a fingerprint behind. Is there anything I can do to speed up the drying time of the paint? At this point I'll take any and all suggestions, I'm getting desperate!

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

i can't find a picture of the candy candy cane kisses, to which i have become addicted...
so -

1. have you tried the hershey's candy cane kisses?
2. what are your favourite flavour of hershey's kisses?
3. favourite hershey's choc. bar?
4. if you don't like hershey's choc., what kind of choc. do you like?
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This is a question for people who have had their gallbladder removed:

I had mine taken out at the beginning of August. I woke up at 2 am because of excrutiating pain in my abdomen. The type that I had when I was trying to pass a gallstone, but I don't have a gallbladder anymore. The pain was in the exact same spot. I'm going to call the doctor's office when it opens, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced something like this.

So...has anyone had this problem after surgery?

(no subject)

say you're working as a cashier and at the end of the transaction you say happy holidays and the customer says merry christmas in the tone of 'that's what you're supposed to say'. but you don't say it back and the customer gets mad and mumbles 'godless' under her that weird?

and what about the people who give christmas cards to jewish people, knowing that they're jewish and get mad when they don't accept the card? which one would you consider the rude one?

why is the brown and maple sugar quaker oatmeal, way more packed than any other flavor? (meaning there is more oatmeal shoved in the individual packs than the other flavours)

what determins which day Easter falls on?

what's a really good hot sauce that's very very hot, but still has plenty of flavour?

Is it appropriate?

Is it appropriate to give a card that says "Sssh! I put hash in the fruitcake" on the outside and "put some Happy in your Holiday" on the inside to your fiance's (fairly cool) aunt? The last post got me worried about giving them a "Merry Christmoose" card because her husband is Jewish and this is my only holiday one.
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omg deep questions

Okay, so I was watching the Crucible last night...

1. Would you lie about something that you think is very wrong and you would NEVER do in order to save your own ass, or would you hold fast to your innocence, even though it would be certain death?


2. Not to bring up the race thing again, but I was listening to NPR this morning, and the young lady who was being interviewed lived in Washington DC, her best friend was white. She basically said that she thinks affirmative action is okay because it is causing colleges to look twice at people who are of non-white race. Do you agree? She also said that she thinks racism will still be prevalent in 30 years. Do you agree? Do you think it's possible to ever be completely non-racist? What would it entail?


3. Is it considered "feminist" to trust your significant other to take care of you and make decisions that are in your best interest? Do you think it is possible to do that and still maintain your own personal identity and not be "submissive"?
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(no subject)

inspired by an article in my local newspaper poll stating that almost half of the high school students in my county have binge drank within the past thirty days, and that about a third have used illegal drugs within the past thirty days....

What, if anything, do you think would be an effective program to put in place to keep kids off drugs and away from alcohol when they're underage?
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Hair Straightening

I've always had really curly hair, and I've just learned to deal with it over the years. I'm always running into people telling me they wish they had my curls, etc. I hate them!

I've only ever tried one straightening iron and it didn't do much of anything so I got frustrated and gave up. I know there are ways to do it because I know girls with hair similar to mine who get it to look really straight.

Do I need a particular kind of iron/straightner?
Is there anything else I need to do to my hair to help straighten it?
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(no subject)

TQC, I have a srs biznzz question for you.

Poll #892478 TQC OTP SRSLY.

In honour of fieryphoenix's return, I ask you: what is the TQC OTP?

The Harry Potter fandom solution to such a problem applies here: russophile/fieryphoenix/shippo ot3!


edit: come on, giez, lern 2 use teh intertoobz when someone uses an abbreviation you are unfamiliar with.
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(no subject)

I graduated last week and now I'm being forced against my will to go out and get one of those things they call a job. The wardrobe is a big problem. I'm a casual dresser. I don't know what in the hell I should get in order to have a basic, but interchangeable wardrobe.

For those of you who have to dress up for work, what are the staples? I have about $650 to spend and I'd like to have enough left over for one last party at the dick bar.

UK vs. US sizing

I'm ordering a skirt from a UK shop, and was wondering if I should order it in my regular US size, or if there should be an adjustment?

Like, if I wear a size ten skirt in the states, would I order a size ten from the UK shop?


Do you have a dog? What breed is it? How old? Name?

Anyone have a Labrador? I'm thinking about getting one but I'm not sure if I have the time to commit to it.

What kind of things do you do with your dog? Do you take it places with you? What does it do when you're at work all day?

Basically, just tell me about your dog! :)
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what island is this?

I have (a larger file of) this:

as my background on my computer.

What island is this?

(I think i saw the same picture in that movie "The Island" with Ewan McGregor and Jessica Alba Scarlett Johannsen-- I'm not sure about that, though. That makes me think that it may just be a made-up island, but I wondered if anyone knew where it's a picture of.)

Answered. It's Bora Bora, in Tahiti. props to cottonmanifesto.

(that's actually really cool to know; my grandpa was stationed on Bora Bora in WWII. hah, what a cool place to have been stationed. i never heard much about it, though, he passed away when i was young...)
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(no subject)

Did you go to school with any kids that had weird names or kids that were made fun of because of their names?

What are you the poster child for?

What are some TV shows that are on now that you feel jumped the shark a long time ago?

20 years from now which sitcoms do you think they will be showing on Nick at Nite?
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(no subject)

Quick, TQC. We're living in a romantic comedy and you have to sing to me (karaoke, under my window- whatever you decide) to win my heart.

What song do you sing? Choose wisely.

(no subject)

random questions - vol: 896

1. what's your favourite flavour jello?
2. what did you have for lunch?
3. when preparing to eat a hotdog - what do you put on it?
3a. and what do you put on a hamburger?
4. best gifts (or 3) you've ever recieved?
5. a band or 2 that's over-rated?
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The Dude Abides

Movie ?

What movies do you remember being different (better/worse/weirder/etc) when you were younger?
I recently saw Robocop after not seeing it for a looooooong time. I don't remember it being that violent, the scene in the warehouse was nothing like how I remembered it. It also was kind of funny to see Red Foreman (That 70s Show) as one of the most vicious gangsters in the history of cinema. Also IT is nowhere near as scary now as when I was younger.
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(no subject)

Ok, let me start by saying that I KNOW that this varies a lot from person to person, but I just want to get some outside opinions because I have NEVER gone through anything like this before...

That being said, let's say you were in a seven and a half year relationship and your boyfriend decided that he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore, but still loved you and still wanted to be friends (not with "benefits," for the record). You would love to be able to be friends since he has been your best friend for nearly 8 years, but you just can't do that right now because you are too hurt and seeing him will make you relapse into the sadness and despair of losing him.

For the record, the reasons that he doesn't want to be in a relationship are complex, but basically amount to the fact that he has a lot of changes going on in his life and doesn't feel like he's paying enough attention to the relationship as a result. He also feels like being with one person all our lives is robbing us of certain experiences. There's other stuff, but those are the big things as far as I can tell.

1) How long do you give yourself before hanging out with him as a friend again?
The problem is that I still love him, so I'm thinking that I should wait until I've stopped loving him? I don't know if that will ever happen though, or if that's a reasonable cutoff.

2) How long do you wait before seeing other people?
I have no idea what the generally accepted length of time is for this or what cutoff will prevent me from jumping into anything too soon. I've never been through anything like this, as this guy was my high school sweetheart; I've never dated or broken up with anyone else...

Thanks for the help!
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Weird symptoms...

I'm just curious right now.. not to mention bored.

My gynecologist's secretary called me the other day (I haven't been there since the beginning of March) and told me that she lost my blood-work for awhile, but she just found them and sent them to my doctor and she just got the results back and that my thyroid was a little low, but she might have made a mistake again and she wants me to come back to the office and re-do everything. I told her I couldn't go, because I don't have health insurance anymore and I'm broke at the moment. She replied that she'd lower the costs of the blood-work, etc... meaning, she wanted me to pay again to re-do this test because the office screwed up and lost my blood-work for almost a year. She kept trying to get me to schedule an appointment, but I repeatedly told her no, until she finally listened to me.

The thing that struck me weird, was that I recently lost 30 pounds, and I've just gotten sick (sinus infection) and I've lost about 3 more pounds. I was slightly overweight and lethargic for a short period of time in high-school when I was going through a lot of stress, but that was about three or four years ago, and my family doctor checked me for thyroid problems a few times and the test results always came back normal. Losing weight isn't a big problem for me.. neither is keeping it off, and my health is the best its ever been and I'm rarely tired.

Was she and my doctor just:

1.) Trying to get more money from me
2.) incompetent and probably wrong
3.) Just trying to make excuses to get me back in the office for some reason
4.) probably right

(Note: After hearing all this, I won't be seeing this doctor again.)

This is not a cell phone debate

I hate my current cell phone plan and Sprint seems to have lots of things going for it.. (Armored phone, WalkieTalkie, No Camera Phone, etc)

Does anyone have a Sprint Mobile Broadband Card?

Is it worth it?

Does it work without a *real* wireless network nearby like I think it does?


Does it act just like a glorified 802.11b network card and require a network.
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(no subject)

Why could my computer be failing to play music/make any noise?
Yes, the speakers are on and plugged in, the volume is turned up and it's not on mute. Grr.

What is your favorite flavor of Snapple?

Can you do a cartwheel? How about the splits?
lead me

car trouble.

My mom just informed me that the drive shaft in my car has to be replaced. She hasn't gotten back to me to tell me exactly what this means, so um.... what's a drive shaft? and is this going to cost somewhere between hundreds and thousands of dollars?
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Might be a dumb question...

What's the most efficient way of packing to move?

I have a ton of clothes, quite a bit of breakable memorabilia, and a lot of papers. Also, I have to fit it all in my car with another person and two cats. It's a four-door and I have a spacious trunk. Maybe I should have thought this out sooner.

(no subject)

I'm in high school. I was thinking of giving my teachers a Christmas card. (And mentioning happy birthday to my biology teacher since her birthday's on Friday.) But I wasn't sure if this was...really stupid or odd or I don't know what. I was wondering what people thought. Should I?

EDIT: What should I write in them?
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1) TQC, help me decide. I'm making a fairly simple truffle recipe and am trying to figure out if I should flavor them or not? If I should what should I do them? I was thinking brandy.

2) Say you got to fly and live anywhere (no restraints all expenses paid) for a year and you were allowed to take only 1 other person, who would you take? What if it were 2?
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(no subject)

If you're not a high school kid right now, imagine that you are. And you're in a math class.

1. Do you expect that your teacher will provide paper, pencils, and erasers?
2. Do you expect that your teacher will provide a calculator?
3. Do you expect that your teacher will provide kleenix?

Why did you answer each the way that you did?

(no subject)

What politically correct term(s) do you hate?

For me, it's the insistance that I refer to whoever I'm dating as my "partner" or "lifepartner" or "significant other". What ever happened to the good old days of girlfriend and wife and lover? Gay, straight, doesn't matter.. why should the title differ? Two men could be each other's husband.. two woman can be each other's girlfriends or wives.. why split straws on something like this?

The other one I hate is "african america". This makes the assumption that all black folks are from africa (or descended from africa) and that all folks currently residing in America are Americans. My friend John is a black guy from England. His family came from Haiti. they don't call him a "Haitian Englander", and it drives him up the wall when he's lumped into the "African American" group when he's clearly not.

Lastly, I hate "Developmentally challenged". What ever happened to retarded? mentally impaired? mentally challenged? The terms change so often and I wish there was just one that everyone could stick to.

(no subject)

The holiday gift from the parents this year turned out to be travel and spending money to spend a week in Montreal partying with my friends. Yeeehaw.

Seeing as the drinks will be on them, what oh what should I be ordering from the bar? Favourite drinks: GO!

(no subject)

How do I stop my cat tracking kitty litter all over the place? I've tried laying a towel out in front of the box in the hopes that that would catch any litter still on her paws when she steps out, but it doesn't seem to work. Am I just doomed to sweeping the bathroom a couple times a day?

[ETA - looks like I'm going to have to get a litter mat. Thanks everyone!]


What's the proper way to throw out packing peanuts? I don't want them to sit around in a dump waiting to disintegrate or be eaten by animals. :(

(I tried checking through, since they recycle them, but there are none near where I live.)
petit prince

what junk in whose box?

1. are you a good kisser?

2. can you tell petite blonde girls apart?

3. do you know any redhead jokes?

4. who would you write TQC fanfic about? or who would you like to see written about, if you're not inclined?
our dear, sweet russophile asked this a few months ago, but i think we need a bit more input, non?
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Collegiate Questions

1. Have you ever appealed a grade?
a. If so, what was the process?
b. If not, what stopped you from appealing a grade that you thought was unfair?
2. What do you think the criteria should be for appealing a grade? [Personal criteria, not the university criteria.]
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i'm looking for a dutch word...
someone described it to me quite a few years ago. he was enamored with the meaning, and described sort of like "that feeling you get when you're drinking coffee with some good friends in an amazing state of doesn't exactly translate" but basically a good moment, memory, nostalgic feeling, comfort, etcetera
it was roughly (wait as i butcher this) "hyggiuligt" or something of that sort. anyway i am on a quest to find this word! do you know of it?

*edit* -- found it
it's hyggelig
now how does one go about pronouncing that?
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(no subject)

1.  Is it just me, or does anyone else here hate to open presents in front of people?
2. What's the most amusing thing your pet has done recently?
3. What was your first screen name when you started using the internet?
4. What's your favorite type of Chex Mix, if any?

Bonus question: Why does Firefox 2 hate me?  [see this. ETA: It's when I initially right-click, but goes away when I move the mouse more]
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Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

Building a website

I'm planning on building a site to sell clothes that I make. And I'll probably link the site to a .tk tag, for easier finding.

Which sites are better to use (that are free) for building my site. I know when I was younger I used expage and homestead, but I think I'd like something new. Preferably easy to use. :D
Any advice or suggestions?
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(no subject)

I wish to start reading Batman comics. Where should I start?

Favorite Batman villain?

Do you like seafood?

Do you believe in global warming?
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Dining in Disneyland

Today I tossed around the idea of creating a show titled Dining in Disneyland with my family. Essentially, the show would focus around dining in Disneyland (obviously): Each episode would center around one of the 28 restaurants. When I run out of restaurants, I'd switch to discussing the churro and Dole Whip stands spread throughout the park. The show would air on the Food Network, since I don't like the Disney Channel and no Disneyland channel exists at the moment.

If I for some reason were granted the rights to operate a show called Dining in Disneyland, would you watch it?
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Having made a cup of tea (with milk), you discover that all the sugar (or sweetener, depending) has run out. What would you use instead?

I usually have about three buckets of sugar but its all gone. So I'm using Golden Syrup instead!
Good and Evil

F-in TQC

More questions about your f-lists:
1) How many mutual friends do you have who are also in TQC?
2) How many of them did you first 'meet' here in TQC?

1) Around 5-8 (some have joined, left, rejoined, etc.) Only 3 of them are around here on a regular basis.
2) 3
On the Road


I want to get a good pair of headphones, but I don't really know all that much about the headphone shopping usually consists of going to Walmart and getting a cheap pair of earbuds. But I'm getting kind of sick of those.
I'm looking for the kind that wraps around your whole ear, but at the same time, I want something portable (foldable/collapsible preferred?) And a low price would be pretty awesome (as in, 50+ seems like way too much).
Suggestions are muchly appreciated. Sorry if I seem way vague and just plain stupid. :)
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