December 19th, 2006


1.) How many friends do you have?: (my answer: about 13, about four of those are close friends)

2.) What do you consider a lot of friends?

3.) Any tips for someone who's learning disabled and going to college soon for their first semester?

4.) Should I get a tattoo?

5.) Even if it was a small one of a lotus flower near my ankle?

6.) why or why not?

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What's the last movie you watched? Did you think it was a good movie?


I loved it. I have a obsession weakness for sports movies (even though I don't watch any sports), especially when they're true stories about underdogs. This was a great movie.

No, you don't have to post a pic. I was bored...
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What are your holiday traditions?

In my family, we have dinner on Christmas Eve, at someones house (my mom and my aunt switch off) and then on Christmas morning, we open gifts from our immediate family, then go to whose ever house we werent at for Christmas Eve.. open presents from that part of the family.. and then go to my cousins house (she has little kids) and spend the rest of the day there.
This will change once my baby is aware of Christmas, because the household with the youngest kid gets the most hoopla !!
My aunt and my mom have been trying to convince us to open presents on Christmas Eve because "were all adults and it doesnt matter" They have been shot down every. year. :)

Whats the one gift you really want and will be sad if you dont recieve this year?

I really want a mother and child ring. But the gift Im really looking forward to is my iPod stereo, which I know Im getting because I picked it out ;)

And completely unrelated.. What size shoe do you wear? Do you like your feet?

I wear a size 9 (US). I love my feet. =]

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Who the fuck do I call about a fucking toilet that is flooding and there is 1 or 2 inches of water in my bathroom and it WNOT STOP WHAT THE FUCK????????? its 1am are there 24 hr plumber?
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1.) Do you feel that it is inappropriate to remain friends (nothing more than just friends) with a member of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on your sexual preference) while you are in a serious relationship with someone? Why or why not?

2.) If your partner told you one day that they were no longer comfortable with you being friends with (insert person's name here) because they were worried that something might happen between you two, would you give up the friendship, or would you still keep the friendship regardless of your partner's concerns?

3.) Would you ever go through your partner's personal belongings (e-mail, drawers, car, computer, etc) to "check up" on them? If so, what if you were caught? How would you explain yourself? If you found something, what would you do next?

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Should I or shouldn't I add a second mod to my community?

It is pretty slow and there is only a post every 3 to 5 days, however I will be pretty busy next term as I have five classes and four of them require a lot of math and/or lab work.

Should I just pick a friend of mine or do the democratic thing and let my members vote in a new one?

Do you think steel-toe boots are sexy on women?
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This "Enter a subject HERE" thing is rather annoying...

Most unfortunate incident of falling for/being attracted to someone?

Why was it unfortunate? (Social barriers? Maybe the person was just an arsehole?)

What happened?


Right now, one's my teacher, one's my cousin and one's my best friend who lives in a different country.

Illegal, socially unacceptable (though not genetically...icky, as I'm adopted), geographically impossible.

Well, nothing except sporadic (ie once a year or less) visits with my best friend where you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.
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What's a rad keyboard?

How much care do you put into your keyboard?

I've had mine for about five years and it's finally to the point where I don't wish to associate with its grime any longer. Even after cleaning it constantly.
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if you were married to someone and found out you were first cousins or brother and sister what would you do? if you had kids, would you tell them?

most of the time, the registrar will ask if the couple is blood related before they can get a marriage license. if they say no, but find out yes later is the marriage void?

how do you define 'family'?
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In relationships, when do you voice your hurt/disapproval/disagreement? When do you let things go?

What kind of relationships squick you out?

If you took a part-time job in addition to working full-time, what would you do with the money? Let's say it's only about 4 hours a week, working independently and from home, and you earn about $120 a month.
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I'm planning a trip to Europe in the spring, I'm considering going to Ibiza (an island off the coast of Spain) Has anyone ever been there? Would you recommend going? I know they have a pretty spectacular club/music scene.
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If nobody is able to answer my question, I'll put this in whatwasthatone because I also need help remembering the name of a specific community here. But for now...

What other big-boob communities are out there?

I've been searching LJ comms, and not really having any luck. I'm over in bigboobiesrus, but that community isn't super-active. I remember about two months or so ago, I was talking to someone here in this community about big boobs and this member mentioned a community for petite people with large boobs. That is, females that wear a 32 band or smaller and have large boobs. Dammit, I can't remember the name of that community. >:( I know I remember joining it, but I had to have my membership approved, and they never did approve my request... FUCK. And I doubt there's anything in my LJ control panel that would let me view what communities I've asked to join, so I can't find the name. :( (EDIT: it was thirty_twod. Thanks!)

No, I do not want to be in a community where the point of the community is to post pictures of your boobs. I found quite a few of these while searching, and I am not interested in doing such a thing. HELP?

There are a TON of large-breasted gals here on TQC (I am one myself, and I hate it), so SURELY someone here can help me...
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Well, now I'm curious. Can your toilet handle baby wipes? Mine can't, apparently. The one in the house I grew up with could. I'm assuming that you're all going to yell at me for flushing baby wipes. Or for being 23 and still using them to wipe my ass. Haha. Anyway, sorry for freaking out last night... so this is the question club, answer my question! Hehe :)
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Coupon Book Thing?

I'm broke, so I'm just getting my boyfriend some little things for Christmas. One of the things I want to make is a little "coupon" book.

I'm definitely putting in a couple blowjob coupons in there.
And some "I'll do your laundry for you" coupons.
Maybe 1 or 2 "I'll do the dishes when it's your turn."

What else can I put in there? I'm looking for something kinda sweet and romantic that a guy would like.
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Poll #891821 The Deane House Poll

What should I have for lunch?

Vegetarian Stuffed Sandwich: An oven baked sesame Kaiser stuffed with roasted red peppers,Roma tomatoes, red onion, zucchini and sun-dried tomato-ricotta cheese.
Pan Seared Sole: A filet of Dover Sole pan seared and glazed with a cucumber honey sauce. Served with seasonal fresh vegetables.
Smoked Chicken Wrap: Thin sliced chicken breast that we marinate and smoke in house with cheese curds, lettuce, cucumber, tomato with a roasted garlic and honey mayo.

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I dunno whats wrong with me, normally it only takes me like half an hour, sometimes less to fall asleep at night. But for three weeks now I've been taking hours to get to sleep, and some nights not even sleeping at all. I try going to bed earlier, I try going to bed later, I changed to a more comfortable bed, I cut my dreadlocks off(sometimes they annoyed me and dug into my head when I tried sleeping), I turn the heating up, I turn the heating down, NOTHING WORKS and I'm constantly tired and it's driving me CRAZY!

Also, for any NZers- did you guys get those meningitis vaccines? I did. And so did my two of my friends, and they're having the same problem with sleeping as me. But most of my friends got those vaccines, and nobody else has mentioned anything...

Hm.. I asked another of my friends and she said it's cos she has low iron. I've always had super low iron (been taking tablets on and off for as long as I can remember), but I've never had problems sleeping before (not as bad as this anyway)
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Life Coaching

Has anyone here ever been to a life coach before? Did it help you sort out your goals and whatnot?

Is anyone here a life coach?

How do you become one?

I just read an article on it and I found it sort of interesting.
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I found the recipe I use for eggnog cheesecake on, and thus I figured I'd share since someone'd asked! Here!

On the same train of thought... Do you like eggnog?

I don't, personally, which is why I like to make this one. I don't eat very much of it!
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Lunch ?'s

Is 11am too early for lunch? I'm starving.

What time do you usually have lunch?
I usually try to wait until halfway thru my work day (1pm) so my day 'goes by faster'

What are you having (or did you have) for lunch today?
I'm about to run to Chick-Fil-A since I forgot to pack a lunch.
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one of my guys at work received a package of live lobster from one of his reps today.
problem is, he is out of town for the rest of the year.
what can i do with them? i dont think they'll last that long in the fridge.
can i freeze them without cooking them first?

Cool liquid thingy?

I posted awhile ago about doing a "unity font" where I would mix two chemicals together to cause a pretty color. But I am wondering if there are other things I can do with two liquids.

I want to pour my liquid and my fiance's liquid together at our wedding ceremony, where something really cool would happen upon joining them together. It would be nice to have a kind of lava lamp effect, too, to symbolize the fact that we are still different personalities. Or just something really nifty that will make people ooh and ahh.

I would need to easily get ahold of the products, so nothing too obscure.

Ideas? Thanks!

i don't get it . . .

why is everyone making a big deal out of this new update window? i really don't see any difference other then a few cleaner looking lines . . .

i mean, it's an html text area. you type in your post and hit post. why is everyone going all crazy over it? i was appearently using it for about a week before i even noticed, and that only because i made a point to try to notice a difference after everyone started complaining about it.
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christmas gifts and SO's parents

How long were you going out with your SO before your parents gave them holiday gifts?
Did it depend on how many times they had met him/her?

How long was it before you got your SO's parents gifts?
Did it depend on how many times you had met them?
Did it depend on whether or not you were seeing them for the holiday?

I know that my boyfriend's mom and step-dad got me Christmas gifts. My mom also got my boyfriend a gift and today my step-mom told me that he was one of the last gifts she had to get and I was giving her some ideas. However, his mom and my mom both said "Don't tell him/her I got him/her anything because I don't want him/her to have to get me a gift too!" I know my step-mom and dad don't expect him to get gifts for our whole family either. We've been going out for about 10 months now and he and I are exchanging gifts on Friday because he's going away for Christmas with his family. His mom gave him my gift to give me this weekend and I'll probably give him my mom's gift that day also. My dad's family will probably give him the gift when he comes over for my sister's birthday party.

Is this normal compared to other people? How did it work for you?
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what's your favorite kind of bar? Swanky with people all dressed up, middle-of-the-road, dive-bar-with-brick-floors... what do you like and why?

I like dive bars-- crooked floors and pool and people playing dominoes. No pretenses, and people are more relaxed. I'm not a big fan of getting dressed up to go hang out. every now and it's nice to go to a high-class one, but...

edit: Anyone else know how to play 42?

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1. Have you ever tried those shoot 4536 aliens and win a free laptop/ipod/hummer things? [those stupid 'game' ads plastered all over myspace]
2. Did you get whatever they advertised?
3. Or are they just scams?
I'm curious, because it seems that they're everywhere you look now.

4. Also, have you made any New Year's resolutions yet?
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Looks like I'm getting a TV today. I'm probably spending about $1400 for a 40" LCD with 1366x768 resolution. Is there a really good reason why I should spend the $500 or so extra for a similar-size LCD with 1920x1080 resolution that'll display 1080p HDTV? I have DirecTV (not currently HD, but that may change), standard DVD, and a Nintendo Wii. I may get an XBox 360 in the future, but I have no current plans to get a Playstation 3 or any of the next-gen DVD formats.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever been banned from a community?
2. Why?

I was banned from some Harry Potter community a long time ago for "arguing" with the mod. I don't even remember why, or what community it was.
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You're spotted by a talent scout who thinks you'd be a good model. You're offered a good deal of money for a day's work, which you accept. Later, you see the print ad you made. What would you do in the following situations?

1. Your head has been replaced with another person's head, but it's still your body.
2. Your body has been replaced with another person's body, but it's still your head.
3. It turns out that they used your picture as a "Before."

Edit: How much money would it have to be for you to not care?
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Is there a polite way to get someone to stop snapping their gum loudly in an office environment?

This person in my office is snapping her gum so loudly it's drowning out not only my thoughts, but the sound of my very loud electronic staple gun. Cannot concentrate whatsoever. She does it once every thirty seconds.
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Kid in a candy store ?

What's a store that you have a hard time JUST browsing/wasting time in?
Best Buy. I don't waste time in Best Buy, I waste money. If I don't go into that store with a set objective, I'll always leave a little lot lighter in the wallet than I planned on.

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how long into your relationship with your significant other (or past SO, if you're single) did it take for both of your parents to meet each other?

i've been with my boyfriend for a year and my parents have never met or even talked to his. i don't think they even know anything about each other. i met him at college and our parents' homes are two hours apart. i don't think they'd ever meet unless my boyfriend and i were getting married or something of the sort. i don't know if this is unusual or not.

my relationship before this one lasted for a year and a half and our parents never met either.

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You prefer your girl...

1.) Dainty and prissy
2.) Sporty but feminine
3.) A macho type of woman
4.) Other-explain


You prefer your man...

1.) A little more feminine than you
2.) Rough around the edges but sweet too
3.) A macho macho mannn (puts on indian headdress)
4.) Other-explain
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Would you rather give birth to a hamster or a guinea pig?
If you did give birth to it, do you think the emotional impact would be more akin to giving birth to a human child or passing a stone?

Fingernails on a chalkboard

What is the worst song you've ever heard and why? I'm talking one that comes on the radio and you cringe and have to change it immediately.

Here are a just few of mine:
1) Red, Red Wine - UB40 (I don't know, I just REALLY hate the singer's voice and plus the song itself sucks ass)
2) (I've had) The Time Of My Life - Theme from DIRTY DANCING. Because my Mom replayed that movie 105782384756 times and I can't stand to hear that song ever again as long as I live.
3) 30-Point Buck - because I can't stand the burping retards in the background

**EDIT - this is my first post in this community, and I have to say...I'm sitting here cracking up at my desk at all of your answers. Awesome.
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This will probably fall into the category of "Questions which I will feel stupid for having asked," but oh well.

We've all seen them, working on the side of the road, two men in orange vests apparently employed by the state. One has a tripod with a scope, the other stands a distance away, holding a target. They work in stoic silence, with great intent and seriousness.

What the heck are they doing? Yes, I know that they are "Surveying" but...what the heck does that mean? I get the sense that they are making careful measurements, but I don't suppose they are the footmen of the cartography industry, I mean, the areas you always see them working in are already mapped, aren't they?

So what are those guys doing?

Comedy answers accepted, but I really am curious.
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(no subject)

1a. Are you having some sort of 'holiday' party with the people at work?
1b. Is it at work, or somewhere else?
1c. Do the workers pay for it, or does the boss/company?

2a. When you applied for college, when did you start sending out applications?
2b. How many applications did you send out?
2c. How many schools accepted you?

3. Besides a spoon, what's your favorite thing to put Nutella on?
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cold toes 12%

1. are you single?

2. how is your mom's cartman impression?

3. ok, i stole this from dear abby, what's your answer?
DEAR ABBY: When I learned that my 16-year-old son and his friends were high on marijuana at school, I reported them all to the administration. As a result, they were suspended from school for eight days. His friends' parents are furious with me, and now I am beginning to question whether I did the right thing.

My friends tell me I was right to do what I did. My son said I should have left his friends out of it. Apparently their smoking has been ongoing, and I do not believe it would have stopped unless they faced disciplinary action. By the way, I am a middle school teacher. What do you think?
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Okay, so I just got the gifts that my family sent me for christmas. I'm really, super excited and want to open them like...right now! XD
See I miss them a lot and my boyfriend is out of town so I'm feeling really lonely and hope that it'll give me some comfort.
But on the other hand I really want to wait because I'm afraid if I don't I'll be sorry. I know I'm not getting much else and I kind of want to savor it all at once I guess.

Poll #892018 Presents

Should I open my gifts?

Open now!
Wait, it's only 6 days
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Christmas Present

So I bought my boyfriend a Christmas present before we broke up. What do I do with it now?

I got him a custom made dark brown, leather cuff that buckles. It says "muse" on the inside for reasons I won't get into. 
Anytime I ask him if he still wants his Christmas present he gets a little loony acting.
I can't think of anyone else that would want it. 
It's too big for me.
I hear selling things on Ebay is a huge hassle.
 Any other ideas?

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Shampoos and Sleep

Do those hair straightening shampoos and conditioners really work [Herbal Essence’s new products] or are they just a waste of money? If so, is there one that really works?

Why is it that no matter how little or much I sleep I’m still always really tired? Are there sleeping disorders that could be the cause of this?

Flying questions.

Tomorrow I'm flying for the first time since I've been married.

I realized that my husband booked the flight using my married name. My drivers license still has my maiden name (cause stupid Idaho makes you write the written test just to change your name ugh!). I have a school ID that has a picture with my married name on it. Will that work? Or what about if I bring my marriage certificate that has both on it?

Also, we're bringing our dog. I'm scouring the Delta website to see if there's anything we need to know about bringing him early, or where to take him or something, but I'm coming up short. Does anyone have any idea?

Thanks guys!

(no subject)

Someone IM's you and tells you to call 911 there is someone in their house, or they are dying or something, do you do it?
What if you just met the person?  If not, and something horrible happened, would you feel like shit?

What was the most disgusting, vile thing you have ever seen in your life, ever? Pics Plz.

What do you have too many of?
"Because I'm A Lady!" Marie

Random is the name of the game!

1. What food are you craving most right now?
2. Re: Titanic. If you had to chose, would you have gone with Cal or Jack?
3. What are some movies that you hate to love/love to hate?
4. What's the worst physical pain you've endured in the past month?
5. Do you think this new year will be better than the old one?
6. Do you prefer pastel or bold colors?
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(no subject)

What's a movie worth seeing that's out right now?

Would you rather drive:

15 miles to a movie you really want to see
2 miles to a movie you want to see that has received bad reviews

I really want to see Running with Scissors but it's playing downtown which is of course 15 miles away from me. Where as Stranger Than Fiction is playing only 2 miles away from me but everyone has said negative things about it.

I feel like a horrible person

How do you give without the long for recognition? I think I'm going to try to diminish that by doing anonymous acts of kindness, a part of me still craves the recognition. Yet when I do get recognition, I feel like the deed was meaningless because it wasn't out of pure, good-hearted intentions. 

I fear I would get lost doing good deeds merely for recognition subconsiously.
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Cat training

How in the hell do I get my 3+month old kitten to stop biting and scratching me? I'm not rough-housing him or egging him on, I just try to pet him and he attacks me!

I've read that grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and holding his head to the ground for a few seconds might train him to stop, since that would be what his mom would do. I've tried that, it just riles him up even more and he starts panting. I've tried slapping his nose, I've tried slapping him on the bototm, but neither really deters him. Plus I feel bad. =/

I've now resorted to spraying him with a water bottle if he does start biting or scratching me really hard. This works to get him to un-latch himself and run away, but will it train him? Will he start to know that biting = water = bad?

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leave your turntable on

two movie questions and a wild card.

1. Did you see any movie twice more than once during its theatrical release this year? I saw three twice: Casanova, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, and Casino Royale.

2. If you've seen the BBC Casanova miniseries (with David Tennant) and the movie (with Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller), which did you prefer?

3. What's the oddest thing that's in your purse/backpack/wallet right now? I've got dental floss and a toothbrush in my messenger bag right now--I got them at the dentist last weekend and I haven't taken them out yet.
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(no subject)

Would you prefer...?

chocolate-peppermint biscotti minus the dipped in chocolate part
honey/orange biscotti

Have you made any homemade gifts for anyone? Please elaborate.

If you have someone in your life who never seems to get excited about anything ever, who is it?

Have you ever gotten just completely speechlessly angry with an inanimate object? I remember having to go take a walk so I didn't start shouting out swear words in front of my grandma because I was putting together this stupid particleboard Walmart desk and the damn thing broke in two as I was about to put the final piece on.

(no subject)

Do you hate people like me who don't read books, don't have a clue what you're talking about when you ask book related questions, & just generally aren't arsed when it comes to literature?

Do you pay for the majority of your software programs? Do you hate people who 'steal' all their programs?
Nope, I can't remember the last time I paid for a program.
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Ok. Is it "dee-cal" or "dec-all"?

[edit] great, so i've been saying it wrong for about 18 years. At least according to the dictionary.

Appendix: What's your nationality?
regina [lupinskitty]

computer question

So my laptop is on its last legs. I somehow messed up the hinges, so the screen can be wobbly, the keyboard is iffy, generally it's not good.

The biggest problem, though, is that I'm out of memory. I barely have enough free space to run stuff, and everything is really slow. I essentially cannot download any more music/shows/etc. I also have a lot of Adobe documents for my thesis that I need to save.

My parents have also said that they will buy me a new laptop when I graduate in May, since I am going to graduate school and will need something to write my Master's thesis with.

My questions:

1. Is it worth it for me to spend the money on more memory when I'm getting a new laptop in May?

2. Should I buy an external hard drive instead?
2b. I'm planning on getting a MacBook in May, so if I buy an external hard drive to use with my PC, will I be able to use it with a Mac?
2c. Can I get an external hard drive for less than $100?
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(no subject)

How do you take a picture like Collapse )? ...I mean without having someone stand on a stool and bending forward trying not to fall. Is there like some sort of a tripod that you can stick to the ceiling or something?
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Asking TQC for advice lol

So here's a Readers Digest Condensed Version of my life the past few months.

I found out my partner of two years who I was madly in love with had been cheating on me for months. I'm 25 years old and this is my first heartbreak.

Two weeks later, I found out my store was closing. I lost the only job I ever loved, as well as the second family I had there.

I'm not talking to him anymore, and I'm back in school after being away for years. I go out with friends regularly. I've got a part-time job but it's seasonal, I'll be done with it in January.

My question is this: Other than just giving it time, is there anything I can do to help me "get over it"?


I found a thing for LJ a week or so back that would change IM screennames to LJ usernames. Apparently, you paste in a piece of an IM conversation in one box, and then in little boxes below you enter in the two screennames, and the corresponding usernames, and it would change them for you so as to save you some time.
But since then, I've lost the link to it.

Anyone want to help me out?
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Pick up line ?'s

Inspired by this entry a few posts down

Do you think pick up lines actually work?
I've never tried using one

What are some of the best/worst pick up lines you've heard?
I don't know if it's good or bad, but I heard a new (at least to me) one recently, that I thought was pretty funny.

Guy: Were you brought up on a chicken farm?
Girl: No, why?
Guy: Because you sure know how to raise my cock

(no subject)

For people who are attracted to people of their same sex:

1. Are you attracted to people who look like you physically?
1a. If no, how are the people you are attracted to different from yourself?
2. Are you attracted to people who have the same style as you?
2a. If No, what style do the people you are attracted to have?
3. Are you attracted to people who remind you of yourself?
disco bandit

book recommendations

1. I was watching the Colbert Report earlier and Deepak Chopra was being interviewed. It reminded me that I've been meaning to pick up some of his books. What would be a good book to start with if you aren't all that familiar with the subjects he discusses?

2. Along the same lines. Can anyone recommend a good beginners guide to Quantum Theory/Physics?
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Bruins - shadow

I got a confession!!

I really want to post something in brutal_honesty, but Im worried that my friends will see it.
Has anyone posted there, and did anyone on your friends list say anything to you?
Or is it like, an unspoken rule that you never bring it up outside of b_h ever.
What are your feelings on the shameless confessional communities? bad_sex, b_h, Im sure there must be others.
I am super bored and need people to entertain me.

Umm.. What kind of car do you drive?
cat sandwich

Tony Robbins

I'm trying to decide if I should go to a conference being held in the spring with some guest speakers that include, Tony Robbins and Vicente Fox to name a few. Only catch is that tickets start at $230 and go up from there. Has anyone in TQC seen Tony Robbins live? Is it worth the money? I know he is probably the worlds most famous motivational speaker.

WAS | M - Godly glow


What's the best way to organize a mix CD?

For example start with a few crowd frothers, then a really upbeat track, then launch into a slower one to balance it out and so on and so forth... Some argue compiling Mix CDs or tapes is an art. What do you think works best?
gregory peck smart is sexy

(no subject)

1. What's the most upset you've ever been over a movie/TV show/book? Not as in "this is crap", but as in "I can't believe that happened I'm so sad"?

2. What do you do when you can't get over the fate of a fictional character?

3. What's your favorite kind of apple?

4. For British TQCers: when did the tradition of having awesome TV on Christmas Day start? I've been doodling around the Internet and noticing that there tend to be specials of popular shows, high-budget TV movies, etc.

5. Do you watch TV on Christmas Day? Would you if it was good?

6. Damn it, should I capitalize D/day? I have no idea. Christmas Day? Christmas day? Lord knows.

7. Have you read The Elements of Style? What did you think?

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if you got a gift from a loved one that was pretty pricy and really nice, but you don't think you'd ever would really use it, would you stay silent and keep it or would you tell them?