December 18th, 2006

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I'm looking for a good color laser printer for my home office. I don't need a crazy high end one, as I'm expecting less than 2000 pages/mo to be printed.

Can anyone recommend one? Are there any I should stay away from?

grab bag crap

So my family's trying to save money this year and doing secret santa stuff, but also, we're doing some lame grab bag thing and I'm totally at a loss for what to get. I need two items (one for husband, one for me), around $15, and it has to be equally acceptable for a 16-year-old girl, a 75-year-old man, and everyone in between. *sigh* I literally have no good ideas here, do you?

Edit: We're *not allowed* to do gift certificates. Bah.
petit prince

planes, planes, and plane-a-mobiles

1. when you're on a plane, do you recline the seat back all the way? if you do this, do you feel any guilt for crushing the knees of the poor tall person that is always inevitably behind you?

2. what's your favorite airport?

3. favorite airline?

4. when's the last time you flew?
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I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. They got better as the "wake up process" progressed, but never really went away. Other than feeling like I have the beginnings of a cold, I feel generally okay.

BUT, I know, god damn it, that when I wake up tomorrow it's going to be ass all over again. I don't want to go to bed, now, even though my body is tired and I know rest is the best thing.

WHY do you always feel worse waking up than you do later in the day, when you're ill?!
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Has anybody seen Casanova from Masterpiece Theatre, originally on the BBC? Can you tell me how much was cut? I've seen some clips on YouTube, and although it seems great for my David Tennant addiction, maybe not the kind of thing I'd want to watch with my mom. Is there still just as much sex?
I'm a Quitter

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1) What, if anything, has saved your life?

2) What has been the hardest part of your life? How old were you?

3) What is your favorite animal?

4) What do you want to forget right now?

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What is the strangest thing you ever made yourself to eat when you had almost nothing in the house to eat? [As in, did you mix a few things together that you wouldn't normally mix together?]
Did it taste good or bad?
[If it tasted good] Do you still eat it from time to time?
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1) what would you give for a white elefant gift? i'm having trouble coming up with something, and i dont really have any random crap lying around the house. (damn the stupid office parties.)

2) which would you appreciate more: a nice framed photo of you and your best friend, matted, looks nice etc, or a gift card to somewhere you love? would the fact that you'd recently moved far away from your best friend make a difference in your choice?
Give a dog a home

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Is there a dandruff shampoo that actually works and doesn't smell like ass? My husband's shampoo is making me gag lately, and the smell is all over our pillows, and it's just gross.

What's a good present to buy in bulk for all the crazy women in my office that have given me presents and now I feel guilted into buying them something?

I've decided to get some small tins at the dollar store and make some cookies (pre-made dough for this endeavor since I have to do a bunch) and some homemade chocolate truffles.
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Maybe murder's too subjective for a poll, since intent can be questionable blah blah blah. Murder's a big issue, so let's see try it with lesser offenses. Answer the poll truthfully, please.

You read the police blotter in your local paper of a criminal who was arrested for committing battery during a carjacking while they were on drugs. What do you feel should happen to this person?

Death penalty.
Life in prison without possibility of parole
Life in prison
15-25 years
5-10 years

While driving along one day, you stop at a deserted traffic light. Suddenly, someone rushes out from the shadows and pulls a gun on you and demands your vehicle. Startled, you slowly get out of the car, only to be struck in the face with the gun. You watch your car drive away, and only then realize that your purse was in the front seat. They catch the criminal later. What punishment would be fair for this criminal?

Death penalty.
Life in prison without possibility of parole
Life in prison
15-25 years
5-10 years

Yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.

What's bugging you today?
I hate it when I accidentally cut my fingernail too short and it hurts for a few days. At least I don't have to type with my thumb today.

I tried to download AIM on my computer, and it's telling me I need administrative access. I do have that, except for one drive which I think is the one it's trying to install on. Is there any way to edit the install file (.exe,) so that it won't pick that path automatically?

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Inspired by a recent post.

When asked "Who is your favorite author?" A lot of people say 'David Sedaris' (I do too).

If you don't like David Sedaris, feel free to skip over this post, head out to your library, and pick up a copy of 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' (one of my favorites of his).

I enjoy his books because he is funny, and because I also love Strangers With Candy/Amy Sedaris, so reading about their life at home/as children is cool. Also, his stories are really interesting. (I really have nothing intelligent to say, sorry).

Disney question

I'm passing this along for google-fu is failing me.

Does anyone know which sing-along-songs dvd has a song on it called "The Spectrum Song"? It's a song from Disney's "Wonderful World of Color", as I understand it, and most of the lyrics are names of colors. I desperately want to get this particular dvd for a x-mas gift, but Disney doesn't list every single song on the disc on the case, just the major motion picture hits. (Bah, Disney!)

Thanks for any clues!
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Me - Valhalla


I was watching a special on tall people on TLC last night and in the Americas the average height for a man is 5'10 and a woman's is 5'6. It stated that only 1% of the male population is over 6'3 while the same is true for women who are 5'10 and above.

So my question is obvious, how tall are you? And your gender?

I'm 5'11. 6' in sneakers. Female.


on aol and aim email addresses, if someone sends an email to you (also with aol or aim), they can see if and when you read the message. is there a way to change this setting so people don't know when i actually get around to reading their messages, or if i just deleted it, etc.?

It's obviously finals week.

If you are out of college, assuming you attended, did you ask a pool of people for answers on your take home exams, or did you do the work yourself?  (me: sometimes both)

Did you get together with folks from your class to compare answers?  Work on the answers together as a group who attended the same class all semester?  (me: the second)

When asked a question about a homework issue on tqc, do you ever give the wrong answer intentionally? (me: I haven't, but have been tempted)

Give a dog a home

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1) Is there a traditional New Year's Eve and/or Day food where you live?

I live in South Central PA, and steamed shrimp is big on New Year's Eve, and the traditional New Year's Day menu is pork and sauerkraut, usually with mashed potatoes.

2) Did you watch SNL Saturday night? What did you think?

3) What's a good side dish with a baked ham and green bean casserole that is NOT mashed potatoes?
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Anyone want to be my savior and just breifly proofread/look over my eng paper final? Just pick up any HUGE errors or syntax errors?

It's about how the media affects us.... and the extent to which it does...

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What is the best job perk you've ever had?
(company credit car, company car, gas compensation, free meals, etc..)

Mine was probably when I worked at Starbucks. Well, one of the ones I worked at. The first one I worked at, my manager encouraged us to consume as many drinks as possible, so we could properly describe drinks to people, so that was nice. The other 'bucks I worked at was in Target, so I was actually employed by Target, and they were Nazi's when it came to free drinks...or free anything.

Really, this one is different. Sorry for the last one, I got lazy and didn't check back far enough.

Do you think you look the same (or as close as possible) now as you did when you were 5? 10? 15? etc.

Post pictures (if you have them) to compare. If you were born fully formed, as you are now, tell us about that too.
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I think I look similar. I'm not sure how other people see this.
I also just realized I've always had pretty short hair. And that I don't really smile.
rufus, muppy

Greco-Roman Sexuality Question

Ugh.. so I need some people's opinions, here is the question I have been handed, if any one can share thier insights on what they think I should cover when answering it, please let me know (i have already begun to focus on the fact that many women had control of pregnancy in those times, etc, but I'm looking for other possibilities too)

7. Does the Greco-Roman world offer nothing but a basic uniformity (patriarchal, androcentric, phallocratic, even misogynistic) in the perception of gender and sexuality, or do you also find evidence for some variance from this predominant situation at both the personal and the socetal level.

Weird Websites and Comfort Foods

1.) What is the weirdest webset you have ever visited? Links are appreciated

2.) Do you have a certain comfort food that, no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to make taste right (as opposed to the way a certain restaraunt makes it, the way your mother made/makes it, etc) what is the food?

My answers:

1.) None that really come to mind, but I'm interested in YOUR answers =)

2.) Macaroni and Cheese. The cheese never seems to stick to the noodles and I do everything my mother does, but it always comes out wrong. urg
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I have a many different colored sport weight yarns, but only one or two balls of each, so it's not enough to make an item like a scarf or blanket, and I have plenty of coasters. What can I do with them? Are there any knitting/crotcheting patterns where I can make a sort of quilt out of them?
daffy xmas

which wish?

I have a zillion books on my list of things to read.
I wish I could read faster.
Sometimes I wish i could play piano or guitar.

What do you wish you could do?
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Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA
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Help me, TQC!

You;re my only hope!

I'm done with classes (if not my thesis) and my brain is mush. I want chick lit- nothing to complex, or depressing. I have The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing and The Nanny Diaries. What else in this vein is there? I need recovery, people. Help meeeeeee!

Ellen's Christmas guests...

Every year on her talk show, Ellen Degeneres has a celebrity dress up in a holiday-themed costume and help her with her seasonal giveaways.  I know that the first year, it was a gingerbread man with Justin Timberlake inside... but who was the snowman last year?  And has she revealed who the candy cane was this year?

Do you really think that the celebrity goes to the show each day, or is it some random guy until the day that Ellen "reveals" the mystery guest?

I know I just posted but wth

1) What is your job/or/career?

2) Do you enjoy it (yes/no)

3) Why?

4) If you don't enjoy what you do, why did you take that job in the first place?

5.) If you don't enjoy it, and you're out of college, do you ever wish you had taken the time to find a career you really love? (If that is why you don't like it)

(no subject)

1)What is your favorite movie with a primarily black cast?
2)What is your favorite television show with a primarily black cast?
3)Who is your favorite black music artist?
4)What is your favorite foreign film that is in a language other than the one you primarily speak?

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Does anyone know if Johnny Cash or June Carter Cash recorded either a Christmas Album or any Christmas songs? My mom is an obsessive fan and I'm gathering her Christmas present at the moment, and I know she'd love for some of their stuff.
Finger Dance! by sup_internets


What's a good book or series of books? I'd like something fantasy. I really love mythical/anthropomorphized animal characters, so if some or all of the characters are like this, that'd be cool. :)
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Plane travel

Is the no "moisturizer/shampoo/liquids allowed on a plane" rule just for carry-ons, or is it for all the luggage as a whole? I'm not sure where the allowed/not allowed list of stuff is for international travel.
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what can i get my dad?

he's grumpy old man who doesn't like to read, watch movies, listen to music etc.
he has plenty of tools, clothes, gadgets that he doesn't know how to use.

he likes cheeses, but we (my sis and i) got him an array of cheeses last year. he also has plenty of cheese knives, cheese boards etc

he's not into anything crafty, anything fun, doesn't gamble (including cratchies), has alcohol up to wazoo so doesn't need anymore. he also doesn't like gift vouchers (none of my family but me do. grrr)

i also dont live with him, but live 3hours away

it just seems like he likes NOTHING and so i'm stumped as to what Christams present i can get him.

any ideas?
that's what she said!
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School Supplies in First Grade

If I wanted to buy school supplies for a six year old in first grade, what are a few items I could safely give that would be used / appreciated?  It's been so long since I bought school supplies, I'm not sure what first graders need. Pencils or pens? crayons? notebooks or loose leaf paper? Something else entirely?
Learning to Love You More

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Can you think of any movies that you went to and the experience was completely different than you anticipated? Or any books where the same thing happened?
I just remembered that when I went to see Idlewild I was completely blindsided by the ridiculously sad part in the middle.
The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

Do you consider Groundhog Day to be a Christmas movie?
Yes, I don't know why though. I guess it kind of reminds me of It's a Wonderful Life for whatever reason

Is being spat on the ultimate form of disrespect? If not, what do you think is worse?
I think it's way up there, I can't think of anything worse at the moment

And sort of a spin off to this post here in the TQC, do you think that it is more widely accepted for a white man to date a black woman, than it is for a black man to date a white woman? If yes, why do you think that is?
I'm not sure, I'm pretty interested in hearing answers
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Do you know what this symbol means?

Edit: Sorry guys, I accidentally typed the question in the html instead of under the picture.

Do you know what this symbol means? No, it's not my tattoo, nor am I interested in getting it, just curious what it means.


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What was your last minor accomplishment? (The kind of thing that you feel like a dork for being so happy about.)

I ordered coffee at a Starbucks for the first time today! And I didn't mess it up! This means I'm a full fledged member of civilization now, right? :D
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I just found a baby bird, but I can't find its nest. Rescued it from the backyard, it's a small mercy the dogs didn't find it first.
It's got patchy feathers, and is a little bit smaller than a sparrow, and a wide beak.

How often do they need feeding? What do you recommend?
I tried it on baby gruel stuff, and it spat it back up, so i'm trying sustagen with water for now. The vet's closed for the night, and I'd like to know if I'm on the right track.
New Camus

Eggs and typing

1.  If you like them, do you like scrambled eggs runny, or just ... normal?
2.  Would you say the scrambled eggs at Perkins are runny or normal? [if applicable]
3.  Is the Perkins near you 24 hours? [if applicable]
4.  How irritated, on a scale of 1-5 (1 being not irritated at all) would you be if you were in a car beside someone who was biting their nails?
5.  How often do you replace your toothbrush?
6.  What do you look at when you type?
7.  How much/long can you type accurately without looking at the keyboard?
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I was at Best Buy earlier and they have these gift cards that are shaped like a snowboard and say "Gnarly Wishes".

Does anyone say "gnarly" anymore? In a snowboarding, non-ironic context?

What would you think of someone who bought this gift card non-ironically for someone?
Bob dylan

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I'm making a Hard Rock Holiday playlist to take to a party I'm going to tomorrow. I've already got a lot of Trans Siberian Orchestra songs as well as songs from Twisted Sister's new Christmas album. Any reccomendations for heavy holiday songs?
I See What U Do

I hate work potlucks...

What should I cook for the potluck we're having at work? I was thinking of being lazy and getting a baked chicken or something, or maybe a large lasagna, or a posole... but I have no idea. Any suggestions? Our staff is about 2/3- 1/3 Navajo: caucasion, if that matters..

And there are a plethora of desserts already, so I can't wimp out and just bake a cake or something, dammit.
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I was filling out the online application to my dream school, and after only filling in my age, gender and full name I sent it by accident. (I blame this damn keyboard, it always does things I don't tell it to.) I'm flipping out a little bit.

Do I still have a chance of getting in? Will it matter at all?

Made any stupid blunders recently you'd like to share?

ETA: If my email address is a tad unproffesional, should I change it? Do things like that matter?
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watching planes

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In line with the Taye Diggs post ...

Would/have you dated (married) someone outside of your race?

If you have, have you faced criticism because of this? Was the criticism from your race or the other person's?

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Books and magazines

1. What was the last book you read?
Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity: Get Out The Shovel - Why Everything You Know Is Wrong by John Stossel

2. What book(s) are you currently reading?
I've hit a brick wall reading Give Me A Break by John Stossel and The FairTax Book by John Linder and Neal Boortz. I've been picking them both up off and on for a few months.

3. What was the last book you bought?
I bought America (The Book) by Jon Stewart, Ben Karlin and David Javerbaum (among others) and Naked Pictures Of Famous People by Jon Stewart tonight.

4. If you have one, what was the last book you added to your Amazon wish list?
Dispatches From The Edge: A Memoir Of Wars, Disasters and Survival by Anderson Cooper

5. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?

6. Do you read and/or subscribe to any magazines? Which ones?
I read/subscribe to Spin, Seventeen (I know, I know...) and Time. My mom subscribes to Entertainment Weekly, so I read it regularly, too.