December 17th, 2006

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1. Do you get jealous? What sorts of things are likely to make you jealous?

2. If you won a stupid contest where you could go on a date with a celebrity you think is gorgeous (think: your dream guy/girl. like Scott Patterson, Colin Firth, Dave Matthews... or you know, whoever), but you were in a committed relationship, what would you do?

3. My laptop has been shutting down randomly as of late. It gets really hot and shuts down randomly-- I turn it off when I'm not on it but my family uses it sometimes so there's no telling how long it's on at times, and so I think it gets tired of running that long. But this morning I'd only had it on for an hour or so and it just shut off. What the hell is going on?
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When you have to get something done

I'm in grad school. Tomorrow is the end of the term.

I also happen to live in Seattle and am one of the 750,000 people who don't have power right now. I'm at work, trying to crank some stuff out. I've missed out on two fulls days of studying/cranking assignments out. Most of my profs are in the area and undoubtedly in the same lightless boat.

If you had a bunch of stuff do to, would you stay late (its already 12:30am) and get as much done as you could before you passed out and come back mid morning, or would you go home now, get some sleep, and come back first thing?

angry pregnant people

So, my one friend (she's just turned 19) is pregnant. Her due date was yesterday, and she was having contractions early.. and I haven't heard of her in a few days.. so I assumed she had the baby or she was in the hospital. Today she got online, confused and concerned(I'm a weird, naive girl who probably can't have any children, so i'm a bit curious too), I IMed her and asked her if she was still pregnant. Then she snapped on me and yelled at me for asking, and yes she still is. And then right afterwards, she was fine and calling me 'sweetie' again.

I'm pretty stunned, and I'm guessing its hormones.. but, does this happen normally when one is pregnant?

If the baby was supposed to be born yesterday, how long do doctors typically wait before inducing labor or something? If she's online again.. I don't want to ask.
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Where do you thik of first when you hear the word Asian?

The far east (China, Korea, Japan etc)
The middle east (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait etc)
Southern Asia (India, Pakistan etc)
South East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia etc)
Northern and Central Asia (Siberia, Afganistan and other former soviet states)
A Specific Country (state in comments)
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I think it's time for my obligatory drunk post.

For all of you who got drunk tonight...what did you drink to get drunk?

I had a few vodka tonics, and 7 Labatt Blues...I am out for the count.
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French Surnames

I am doing a bit of historical research into a character I am creating and I need assistance!

The character I am creating is "Tobias Le Seul," an Elizabethan musician with family on both sides of the channel, none of whom are presently alive (hence the name).

If any of you live in France (or have lived in France or for some strange reason know the answer to this):

Is Le Seul / LeSeul / Leseul a present-day French surname? If so, do you know (or can you find out) how far back it can be traced? Further, are there any other French surnames which are based on numerical order or some other related subject?

Essentially, I am trying to validate the choice of name as appropriate to the period. As it stands, using a Le/La + Adjective as a surname is highly period. Google is being no help (as I speak very little French and using a translator would almost defeat the purpose) and assorted other Medieval Names sites aren't helping too much.

Any input you can provide would be awesome!
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Will everyone please give me their favorite names for dogs, or pets in general?

I name dogs at the local animal shelter for PetFinder and I'm running out of ideas...
petit prince

my faaavorite

do you have a favorite...

1. artist?
2. sculptor?
3. singer?
4. author?
5. poet?
6. film director?
7. actor?
8. actress?
9. news anchor?
10. head of state?
11. politician?
12. literary character?
13. friend?
14. family member?

if so, who are/were they?
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Someone asked me this question and it actually stumped me.

Can you name a hero who is not super-powered, who fights villians who are super-powered?

Batman does not count because he has God's Holy Plot Armour. The Punisher fights non-powered villians more often than not.
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1) Do you dress up for the holidays when you visit your family or do you just wear the same stuff as usual?

2) Are you able to do a good job of painting your own nails?

3) What book are you reading right now?

4) If you have a cat, does s/he scratch your books? Or bite them?

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I want to move out of my parents house. Now, I have 2 options basically:

1. Put myself on the waitinglist for an independent appartment, this in general takes 4 years in this area but then I'll have everything for myself (yeah, i know, it's a ridiculous long waiting list!)
2. Put myself on the waitinglist for a shared house. So I'd have my own bedroom with ensuite bathroom, but I have to share the kitchen with some other people. This will take about 6 months.

Now, I'm someone who likes being alone most of the time, so my first thought was that living in a shared house would practically be the same as living with my parents and I might as well wait another 4 years so I can live alone. On the other hand, another 4 years here, I"m not sure if I want that.

So, for those of you who have (had) housemates, is it  a suitable solution for someone who likes being alone, or would you say it's better to wait a longer time and have my own place? Any horror stories? Do you mind sharing your kitchen?
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1) I swallowed a cherry pip. Am I going to die a horrible painful death?

2) Where you live do you have daylight savings? (At any time of the year)

3) Do you agree or disagree with the concept of daylight savings?

4) I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Suggest something I can do to keep me occupied for the rest of the holidays. I was making an AMV but Movie Maker was sucky.

And for those with loads of time on their hands...
The first chapter of my Nano can be found at waxtablet.
5) Is it as dreadful as I think it is?
6) Did you read the whole thing, or just give up after a few sentences?
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When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried / laughed till you were sore / literally ROFL'd (fell down, rolled around on the floor laughing)?  What made you laugh?

What's your favorite swear word?
and 3:
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What does your s.o. look like (hint: picture)?

I think we all know what we look like from all the picture posts, but I don't remember this being asked (though I'm sure it has, w/e). Uh.. if you don't have a s.o., you can post a picture of your cat or something. ;p

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Tracking LJ Friends & Coca-Cola Brands

Have you seen the tool that allows you to track friends added and lost on LJ? Anyone know where I could get one? I saw it long ago and haven't seen it since. I've searched for it, but without results.

And while I'm at it, what's the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero beside the taste (if both have zero calories)? I've looked at both the Coke and Coke Zero sites, but they are too graphics intensive to be useful. Anyone know?

Thanks in advance.
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Poll #890552 holiday foods

what foods do you eat during the winter holidays

pot roast
other fowl
sea food
7 sweets
7 sours
yams/sweet potatos
mashed potatos
green bean cassarol

food continued

pudding (not custard)
pumpkin pie
other pies
egg nog
other booze
other (please comment)

which holidays?

Winter Solstice
who needs a holdiay to eat food?
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Let's say a restaurant you are dining at doesn't have a changing table in either one of the bathrooms. Would you be offended if a parent changed their child's diaper at an empty table?

I would be totally offended. Its unsanitary. I've been to plenty of places that don't have changing tables. I pack an extra blanket that I can lay on the floor in a bathroom stall, or I ask the employees if they would mind not throwing my stuff away, explain the situation, and take him out to the car to change him. 99 percent of the time, the employees are understanding.
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1) Can anyone recommend songs similar in style to The Barenaked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen? Not Christmas music, but similar in the vocal harmonies and guitar as the main instrument?

2) Why can I not find a copy of the Best Christmas Pageant movie anywhere in my town? I need it by Tuesday, so ordering online isn't going to work. Is it a conspiracy?

3) Why does my cat seek out my fleece blanket to kneed? She doesn't kneed anything else.

Birthday website

Im trying to find a website.  You enter in your day, month, and year of your birthday, and it tells you how much gas cost that day/year, how much a gallon of milk was, what the top movies/songs were... etc.  Ive been searching, but only have found websites that show famous people who share your birthday, and famous events that happened that day.

Does anyone know this website?  TIA :)
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1. When a card says, Free Delievery (Minimum $8)... does that mean you don't have to tip them. Okay that was answered.
2. How much should I tip? If I spent 10 bucks?
3. Chinese take out... what would you get?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

Girl Question

When you buy your heels, do you buy a size up? Or what fits your perfectly?

I usually buy a size up...which is why I think I get blisters...or am I just getting blisters cause my feet suck?

EDIT: It was just me...and my brain. What's new?!
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Boston Housing?

Which areas of Boston are reasonably decent places in which to live, neither luxurious nor too seedy? I'm totally unfamiliar with it -- is it anything like New York City in that housing is either insanely expensive or in really, really shady neighborhoods?


Well I don't know if I'm just not looking in the right places or what, but does anybody know of any performances that have ballet and opera/singing? I'm doing a role play pretty soon and I have a character who's both a ballerina and an opera singer. My friend's character's an opera singer but she's probably going to have her be a dancer anyway (even though I'm pretty sure she can't dance period). She (my friend) knows shit about dance and I know shit about opera, except for what I've researched. I'm trying to get a happy medium so I wanted an opera-ballet. I've been looking and all I find is separate ballets, separate operas and more information on Marius Pepita (or something) and Marie/Carlotta/ballerinas of the 1800s than I really care about.

The time itself is in the 1800s, preferably Romantic ballet. Anybody?

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I'm housesitting for a friend the next few weeks and am also taking care of their dog. Black lab, very friendly. Since she's young and active, I don't like her being cooped up in the backyard all the time. I want to take her to the park next door and let her stretch herself but she's a horrible puller on the leash who doesn't understand the meaning of "walk". Heck, she doesn't seem to understand anything other than "full speed ahead". Trying either "come" or "here" is a joke.

So what I've been doing is taking her outside on a leash w/ a control collar for about fifteen minutes at a time, maybe twice a day. We walk around the park at a brisk pace, and every time she tries to gallop off I say "NO." and stop walking. We wait until she figures out we aren't moving until she's not pulling, then start off walking again. We end the little trip with a run. The idea is to get her to a frame of mind where she understands how to not drag me all over and hopefully we can go on normal jogs or go exploring.

Am I doing anything right? I've never actually owned a dog and the owner seems to think this is just normal dog behavior. Suggestions please?

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1. Which LJ comm do you read and/or post to most often?

2. Which LJ comm do you read and think, "This is a waste of my life, what am I doing here," but then you keep reading it anyway?

(no subject)

If you've ever had a friend confess to more than friendly feelings for you, how did that make you feel and how (if at all) did it change your friendship?

edit: and also is there any place in your town that goes like insane with the Christmas lights? If so, do you think it's cool or just ridiculously tacky?

random ## in wikipedia

Has anyone ever seen a Wikipedia article that temporarily had words censored with "#####"?

I was looking at one such article on Wikipedia just now, and a few words got replaced with "######"s. Thinking it was the work of a vandal, I went to check its edit history, but as I did that, they disappeared.

Text - best is yet to come


When you are driving down the road and you come to writing in the road set up like this:


(your car here)

Do you read it as "This lane exit only 1 mile" or do you search for where the words start and read "mile 1 only exit lane this"?

I read it the second way and it bothers me whenever I see it written like that.
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Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I'm a tanning virgin. I was going to pop my cherry for prom last year, but my mom was pretty chill and my friend and I went to Florida two weekends prior to prom, and got tan. But, I sorta / am debating going to a tanning salon over my winter break just to get a tan... and hopefully look awesome. (When I go back to school...) Now, I don't know anything when it comes to this. I would ask my friends, but I'd feel stupid. Anyway, do I go naked? What bed do I want? Is spray better? etcetc. Anything you can provide. Is needed! :)

I'm pretty "white" ? And I'm afraid I'll come out like a orange lobster or something to that extent.
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how to shrink clothes

I bought a sweater online for my boyfriend in size XL, but then I found out he's actually only a Large. It's a Christmas gift, and I can't return it. Is there any way I can shrink it even a little, in the dryer or something? It is washable. I've heard you can wash clothes on the hottest setting, then dry them on the hottest setting, and that will do it. Is that true? Any other tips?

EDIT: I believe it's a cotton/wool blend. It's not all fluffy wool though, more of a sweatshirt/sweater mix. (It's actually called a commando sweater, if anyone knows what those are).

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what is one thing that currently bothers/annoys you about your significant other?
he never remembers to turn off the stove after using it.

how severe is this annoyance?
not very. i'm pretty good at remembering to check.
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Some doctors want obesity warnings put on clothing of certain sizes.

This article says size 16 (women's), but on the news, I heard size 12 and up.

What is your opinion of this?

EDIT: Sorry the article is Australian, I couldn't find an American article. FWIW, I'm in the US.

EDIT #2: Sorry, apparently this has been asked before, but I guess I'm not the only one who heard about it for the first time, so I'm leaving it up for others to discuss. My bad.

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Are there any sites where an independent musician can upload their music for other users to download? As many sites as you can list the better.

Backstory: I met a guy who's starting his own "independent musician music upload site". I introduced myself as an inventor looking to build a resume and exchanged numbers. I'd like to do some research on what's already out there before I start wagging my lingual at this guy.
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FedEx question!

Something I ordered on the 14th now says that it shipped today (...), via FedEx. It requires a signature. I seriously doubt I'll be home on the 18th, 19th, or 20th (the 20th being when the company from which I ordered says my package should arrive). If I called FedEx, would they hold the package for me to pick up?

I've Googled, but keep getting conflicting answers.
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Christmas Query- doncha just hate that?

He is a 60 some year old Grandpa to 11 kids. He has four kids, I am one of them.

He loves videos, has thousands of them, but doesn't want one for Christmas.

He has ever tool imaginable for working with wood.

He hunts when he can get drawn for Deer or Elk. But has enough rifles and shotguns.

He has tshirts and socks and pants and shirts, for the next two decades... more than enough to last him until he dies.

He can't have sweets (diabetic), doesn't need junk food.

What do you give someone who has everything?

I have pretty much decided on a stocking with junk in it. Lottery tickets, quick picks and scratchers. Dollar store finds. Sugar free candy and stuff like that.

What else can I put in it?
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Christmas ?'s

IF YOU CELEBRATED CHRISTMAS WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER, when you went to whatever room the Christmas tree was set up were all of the presents wrapped or were some of the items open and/or set up as if Santa brought them out?
I tended to have a good deal of presents unwrapped or out in the open. The year I got my NES it was hooked up to the TV already and everything. Most of my friends that lived up north (USA) said that all of their gifts were wrapped and under the tree unless they got a bike, powerwheel or anything else that wouldn't fit into a box or bag.

Where are your parents from?
My dad MS, my mom GA
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1. Do you look away when getting blood drawn from you? If you do, do you also look away if a needle is involved but not blood?

2. What's on your bookshelves (meaning: pics plz)?

While on the subject of weight...

1.) Would walking about 3-4 times a week on the treadmill or working out on the step machine with my one cross-country buddy at the gym help me firm up my thighs?

2.) anyone know of a good fitness LJ group that will let me post pictures of my tummy? I want to get defined abs.. and i think i'm on my way there since about 99% of my fat is stored in my thigh area.

3.) Guesstimate how long would it take for me to lose 10 pounds (if i did the workout of #1) if I'm currently 133 pounds and 5'7" and I recently lost about 30 pounds. I have no clue, I know it depends on the person.. but just give me a rough guess just to amuse myself with.

4.) I lost 30 pounds.. and my boobs are still the same size, if I lose 10 more pounds, do you think they would they shrink or stay the same?

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1.  What is that community in which people post pictures of old, abandoned places?

2.  Do you know what "potato candy" is without looking it up?

3.  What do palmegranite martinis taste like?  

Got a sewing machine for the holidays...

My mother-in-law gave me a sewing machine as a holiday gift. I have very little sewing ability, but am interested in learning how to use it to make clothes for myself and my daughters. So, for those of you who know how to sew, what's the best way for me to learn? Should I take an adult ed class? Check out/purchase books? (and if I should, what books?) Should I just buy some patterns and materials and do the trial and error thing? How do I learn how to make myself some nifty new clothes?
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you'll get credit and stuff...

Is there anybody well-versed in Flash animation who would like to help out a high-school theatre department with something that should be fairly quick and simple?
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Self cleaning

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Do you know of any websites where I can do a reverse lookup on an international phone number? Specifically, I want to do a reverse lookup on an Australian phone number.
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Why have I just started to get migraines around 10:30 at night all of a sudden? This just started in the past two or three days. I'm not all that tired, I've been sleeping in pretty late.

(no subject)

1. where can i get a copy of microsoft outlook? I have express but my PDA doesn't sync with it.

2. anyone have a Sharp op-290? like it? hate it?

3. my New Years Resolution is to eat healthier...what's yours going to be?


I just bought my first car! A 2nd hand Peugeot 206 in blue metallic. I'm a tad excited about it, so at the moment, I'm thinking of naming my car. [Yes, so what if it's sad.] I want to call it Mildred but my parents won't let me!

What should I call it?
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bruce storytellers

Christmas Spirit or Bah HumBug?

I work in a small office, a total staff of 8 with one manager and there is one regional manager that we never see. One of the brown-nose staff says lets collect money for the bosses for X-mas. Not an anonomous donation, but an envelope that is posted with your name and amount of donation. I think this is weird. The poor working stiffs giving money to the bosses and the bosses do not give anything to the working stiffs. We do get a bonus, but that comes from the corporate office, not out of anyones pocket. Again, I think this is weird, so I decline. The brown-nosed staffer say, "well,you can't sign the card. So my question is, do you think this is an inappropriate way of handling a gift for the boss or am I a scrooge?

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Do you have a Sony mp3 player? Do you think their software simply blows?

I do!

I can't really complain much cause I got the player for free... and the player itself is ok, even though it doesn't support Unicode song titles, but you can only connect it to the PC through their proprietary software, and this software is a complete piece of shit.

spend time with family, or work? (edited to include poll which was forgotten the first time)

I'm trying to figure something out, especially since I can't ask any IRL people without getting a biased opinion.

I'll definitely go home around Christmas (22nd - 26th). I'll definitely be at home from Jan 2nd - 7th. The time in between those 2, I don't know.

Option 1: Stay home the entire time, which means I'll be home for 2 weeks.

I really want to see my little sister. However, since I won't be working at all, I'll have no income, no transportation other than my mom (who is off of work for the holidays), so we won't be able to do much of anything and would spend most of our time watching TV and on the internet. But being able to hang out with her would be nice. Additionally, since I'm at the point of my life that I'm at right now, this may be the last time that I can spend an extended period of time with my family.

Option 2: Work between those 2 times.

I have rent, bills, health insurance, loans, and mild debt to pay. Friends will be down here. Once I get home on the 2nd, even though I'll have less time to spend with my sister, I'll have more money, so we might be able to do something. Might. However, my jobs are pretty crappy so it's not like I'd be making that much money if I stayed.

Poll #890849 options...

What should I do?

Stay at home for 1 week and make some money
Stay at home for 2 weeks and make no money
Other (explain in comments, please)