December 16th, 2006

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Dead limbs?

Have you ever had a limb go completely dead while you were sleeping, so that when you woke up you could feel absolutely nothing in your limb and couldn't even send any brain signals to it to move it?

I had this happen to me the other night and it was sooo freaky! For some reason I was sleeping on my right side with my left arm thrown back behind me and I guess the position cut off the blood circulation or something so that when I woke up my left arm was completely unresponsive. I had to reach over with my right arm to grab my left arm and drag it across my body in order to get any feeling back, and I could hardly believe that this... "thing" hanging off my body was my left arm. Surprisingly it didn't tingle much as it regained feeling... so maybe it wasn't a circulatory thing? The human body is so weird!

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A few days ago I broke up with my boyfriend because he was smothering me. Now, he still has some of my stuff; a sweater, a raincoat and some other small stuff. I fear that if I come by to pick it up (or ask him to bring them over) he'll think I'm using it as an excuse to get back together. Trust me, he's really thick and can't imagine I'm out of love, he thinks it's just a phase.

Should I go get my stuff, or just let it be? What would you do?
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(no subject)

Anyone else having issues with mail notifications? Last night I got hit with 250 responses from threads I was tracking. Today, it's suspiciously quiet again...

ETA: Odd... Seems that I'm getting some replies if I switch my Yahoo Mail to the beta version. If I switch to standard - zip.

For women

I have lots of female freinds and they ALL have complained about wearing a bra, but then it makes me wonder, if its so damn constricting/uncomfortable etc. why do women bother wearing them at all?

From a guys perspective, we'd rather see braless-breasts, and girls see them uncomfortable so

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Hung to the Gills

Usual Sat. morning routine: sip coffee, nibble eggs and toast, listen to weekend edition on npr, surf the blogs and read the papers on-line.

Today: is the morning after I drank all the champagne that would sit still, and as a result have sand in my eyeballs and an angry dwarf living in my head.

Question: How big of a slob would I be if I started the weekend by vegging in front of the TV?


I need to alter my self-expectation somewhat. I'm surrounded by folks who have already swept their front porches, run 5K, baked a batch of cookies, and addressed 100 Christmas cards by noon on a Saturday. I was raised that time on the couch on a sunny day was NOT allowed, and only now am coming to terms with taking a nap for a nap's sake. Hmmm...guess I'm not so abnormal after all to want to veg out on a Saturday. (take THAT, Puritanical work ethic!)
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(no subject)

1. How can I make myself focus and stay on task? I have so much work to do but I keep getting distracted by the shiny on eBay. I'm like this ALL THE TIME. I tried just closing out the Firefox browser but then I'm even more distracted by wondering if I have any new e-mail or if a new entry has been posted. See? I'm even sitting here posting to TQC instead of working. I just can't focus! Any tips or suggestions? Clearly, just telling myself to focus isn't working for me.

2. What should this sentence say to be grammatically correct? It currently says "20% Off Any Service or Product" but they sent back an edit to change "Product" to "Products" --> "20% Off Any Service or Products". That doesn't make sense to me because service is singular but products is plural? Should the words following "any" be plural or singular?

Holiday Baking

Are you baking this year for the Holidays?

If so, what? (cookies, pies, etc.)

What is your fav recipe?

Me, I think I'm just going to bake chocolate chip muffins this year. I use the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Premium Muffin Mix. It's really good and easy!

Food Q's among others

Is soup more of a drink or a food? (like tomato soup for example)

If one of your friends' friends that you have never met before sent you a (seemingly drunk, the typing is really messed up and barely legible) facebook message that said "hey, you have really messed up eyes", would you be amused or slightly offended?

Is drinking green tea with honey while you have a cold a good idea?

EDIT: Say you have a payed for copy of limewire pro or some other file-sharing program, is downloading music with that program still illegal?
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(no subject)

A question for people who want to lose weight, please be completely honest. Don't answer what you *think* you should say, say what you really think.

Do you want to lose weight to be healthy or to look good? If it was healthier to be fat but societal ideals were the same, would you still want to be thin?

(no subject)

Be honest in this poll. Don't change your first answer to suit the second. The results should be interesting

Someone committed a murder, first degree. What do you believe should happen to them?

Death penalty. No ands, ifs or buts
Life in prison without possibility of parole
Life in prison
15-25 years
5-10 years
Rehabilitation. This person is obviously troubled

Someone killed a loved one, someone you hold dear. First degree murder. What do you believe should happen to them?

Death penalty. No ands, ifs or buts
Life in prison without possibility of parole
Life in prison
15-25 years
5-10 years
Rehabilitation. This person is obviously troubled
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(no subject)

So all of a sudden, my FireFox 2.0 is running like shit. I can't open new tabs(which is one thing I love about FireFox)...are there any other comparable web browsers? I'm running Windows XP.

lead me

let's go for a ride, tqc!

Alright TQC -- the rents have decided I'm getting a GPS unit for my car for the holidays. I get to pick what I want as long as it's reasonable -- $400 is roughly my limit.

What do I want -- Magellan, Garmin, or TomTom?

Can anyone point me to units you've had experience with and like? It has to talk and I'd really like to not have to preload anything onto it.
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(no subject)

Some forms I have seen have a box to check off for African-American/Black and and seperate box for caucasian but what box would a caucasian african american person (a white person from africa becoming an american) check off? Most likely caucasian, right?

Why don't more forms have a check box for people with several ethnicities?
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1. what's the best news you've gotten in the past 24 hours?

2. what's the worst news?

3. what're you looking forward to?

4. if you listen to an ipod/zen thingy/discman/walkman/boombox/etc in public, do you sing along?

5. favorite huey lewis and the news song?

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When the Model T first came out, how did people recognize their car in parking lots? Or if two were parked next to each other and they forgot which one was theirs?

If you had a baby right now and had to name it with a name from a Beatle's song, what would you pick (Boy or Girl)? Mine would be Sadie or Julia.
Drink Me

the pain of others

I'm attempting to write an paper about the effect that pain can have on not only the sufferers, but the people around them. I've got the sufferer's angle down as I have status migrainosis, but I need some help on the other end:
what type of experiences do you have with people in pain/chronic pain?
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brought to you by the power of nyquil

1. When you have a cold or the flu, do you keep up with your regular bathing or do you let your grooming habits go to complete hell?

2. About how many days do you think a person can justify not showering or taking a bath due to being sick?

3. Why don't DayQuil liquicaps work? Why??

(no subject)

Tomorrow is my husbands birthday and I want to do something special for him but money is tight (I have about 50.00 that I put aside)

So i'm wondering what any of you have done to make a birthday special without spending alot?
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i used utorrent, which i am fairly new to, to download a copy of Sim City 4. The folder that downloaded includs two .daa files titled sim city 4 disk 1 and 2, a keygen and an .exe titled sim city 4. I downloaded PowerIso and used that to look a the files in the .daa files. I tried copying to cd and installing but it won't work. Right when I'm just about done with the install it tells me to install the right disk and neither seems to be that. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas for a better way to install this game?

Vietnamese Christmas

I have a friend who is from Vietnam. He recently informed me that he has a christmas gift for me >.< and i really have no idea what to get back.

Long long long story short I am kind of in the mindset to impress this handsome young fellow, I would like to get some traditionally Vietnamese to give to him.

I have googled the heck out of this and I cant seem to find anything that is distinctly Vietnamese that i can latch onto for a thoughtful gift idea.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? Recipes, traditions, or just some more detailed information on how "christmas" is celebrated would be great! (He practices no religion but is opposed to none as well if that means anything)
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(no subject)

Today, at work, I lost my company $140, because someone hadn't labelled the different crayfish in the case. I sold two $90 fresh crays as $17.95 frozen crays to an opportunistic customer.

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done at work?
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(no subject)

Did you ever describe something or someone in a really weird way as a kid?

Whenever I got pins and needles in my feet I'd say it felt like there were fireworks in my feet.

What can I do to amuse myself when knitting? I have to keep my eyes on what I'm doing, so I can't watch TV or read.


1.) Does anyone confuse the celebrities Aly and AJ with Lynx and Lamb of that horrible white-power pop group Prussian Blue? Or am I the only one that confuses them with eachother? (fixed)

2.) If I'm sick, is it normal to go through a box of tissues a day, or am I terribly unhealthy?

3.) When sick, do you feel horribly dirty, greasy and yucky? Even after a bath/shower.. or is it just me?

4.) What is your opinion on lawn gnomes?

5.) Would it be narcissistic/self-absorbed for a fireman to have a huge hand-drawn portrait of himself in the middle of his fire-fighter themed living-room, along with several large photos of himself fighting fires with his friends (who aren't included in the pictures, statues of fire-fighters helping people, certificates and calenders from charities along with certificates and ribbons and trophies everywhere? What if he wasn't a firefighter, what if he had a different job, like an artist for example? I'm asking because I know a person like this, and I'm not too sure what to make of it..

6.) Should I just shut up, stop thinking and get my sick, groggy butt off to bed?

Techie Question

Capture Card question!

I have a Plextor PX-AV100U, and I was wondering if there were any way to get larger movies. [I can't remember the exact size, but it's around 740xSomething] I would like larger images so I can do more things with them, so is it possible without losing much detail? If it matters, I've been trying to get video game screen caps, and I have hooked up my PS2/Gamecube no problem. The images come out clear, but I just want them to be a bit larger and not pixellated/blocky.

Right now I use InterVideo WinDVD Creator [came with the card], but if I have to buy new software, I'm willing.
Also, could I use this same model on a Mac, but different software? If so, can anyone recommend Mac software for this?

Thanks in advance.
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a rare hobby?

1) have you ever heard of asian ball joint dolls? obviously yes
2) do you own any? a custom, sp kill-u head with iplehouse' second boy body
3) do your dolls have thier own site/journal? gungrir
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(no subject)

This is pretty pathetic.. but here it goes.
I'm studying for my IR final on Monday, and there's this map that I know my prof is going to ask a question on. Anyway, the key chart? (I think that's what it's called) has some format that I don't get.

It's like

I think I just figured it out..
It it saying

from 1949- June 4 1967
and from June 5-11 1967

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How do I get my naturally straight hair to be like that, and for the style to hold for as long as possible? It's for a prom type thing so I'll be going to the hairdressers for it. Someone suggested wearing rollers overnight beforehand? What should I ask for at the hairdressers?

Edit: Yes I plan to bring in the picture, but the last time I brought in a picture, the style held for a grand total of two hours. I'm wondering if anyone is able to do this style on their own straight hair, and how they do it, and how they get it to hold. What SHOULD the hairdresser do to get that style? (I don't really trust her after the last time, and no, I can't go somewhere else as they're the only one available)
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(no subject)

I don't understand how shrinker/grower penises work. Where does it all go when it gets soft again? It can't just... disappear. Someone explain the physics of this to me. I'd try to look it up myself, but I get the feeling I'm just going to get a lot of porn, and believe it or not, that's not what I want. :P

I'm a technological idiot.

How do you edit a .pdf file? I'm trying to apply somewhere that would like me to e-mail my resume and a bunch of forms on their site that are .pdf and open in adobe acrobat when I download them - now, if they wanted it mailed, this would obviously not be a problem, as I'd just print them out and fill them in. But alas - wtf? I can't click on them or anything to type the answers, etc. Help, please.

Drunk Posts

I am drinking old beer before my holiday vacation...I am getting a little happy. YAY!

1. Do you post drunk?

2. Do you dial drunk?

3. What's the best drunk post/dial story you got? If you have one of each, share me both.

PS: If you wanted to lose your virginity in the next month, who would you ask? What would you require of anyone you considered for the de-virgining process.

PSSS I am drunk now.

PSSSS I forgot PSS.

PPS: I've had 3.
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(no subject)

The Facts:

- I made an e-bay purchase on Dec. 1, 2006
- The package was shipped from Moorpark, Calfornia to Laurel, Maryland on Dec. 4, 2006.
- It was shipped through the US Postal Service
- There is no tracking number
- It has not yet arrived.
- It is holiday season, things are a bit backed up
- I'm a bit frustrated
edit: I purchased a hair straightener

The Questions

- How long do you expect it'll take to reach its destination?
- How much longer do you think I should wait before I start asking some questions?
- Does the Post Office even honor "has this package been processed?" type questions?

Thankkkkkk you.
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(no subject)

- How do you pronounce "meme" and what does it mean?
- What bothers you more: When people are really anal about correct grammar (its only the internet, not a resume) Or when people type like they didnt make it past 3rd grade? (lYke Dis oR wHatEves)
- Do you sleep with a stuffed animal/lovey from your childhood?
Do you think there is something wrong with doing so?
- Whats your favorite kind of candy?
- Do you have a myspace? And are you really selective about who you add, or do you add any random person?
- Why am I obsessed with this community and not sleeping right now?

Myspace Video Question

What is the file size/video time limit for videos uploaded to myspace? My brother is asking me to tweak a vid of his band for their profile since myspace says it is too large, but I can't find the parameters anywhere so I know where I need to get the video to.
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In as few words as possible, can anyone explain the following philosophical theories?

1) Kant on "The Sublime"

2) Kant on "Taste"

3) Hagel on "The Philosophy of Art"

I'm trying to refresh my memory without going back and reading all that stuff again, and I can't find any decent sites that sum them up in layman's terms. Links to any good sites or articles (short and explanatory would be nice) would also be cool. Thank you so much.
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(no subject)

I'm saving up to get my first apartment right now. What are some things to avoid while looking at listings? (e.g. "turn of the century building" = "faulty wiring and shitty pipes")

When you were growing up, did your family make a special trip out just to drive around and look at Christmas lights?
Do you still do it now, if you've moved out and/or have your own family?