December 15th, 2006


What different kinds of playlists do you have on iTunes/Windows Media Player/WinAmp/other?

Do you have playlists for different moods - chilling out, for hyping yourself up whilst getting ready for a night out, for working out?

What kind of music do you have in these playlists?
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Love: What the hell is it?

Love, in most dictionaries, has anywhere from 9 to 28 definitions. This is very confusing. Thankfully, TQC has proven many times in the past that it can define words in ways that no dictionary could possibly provide.

1. What is your definition of love?

2. Is there different types of love?

3. If shared, are you splitting it amongst many or is it an "infinite quantity"? (e.g. If you loved two people (think family, friends, SOs, etc.), does that mean you love each person half as much as you would if you just loved one, or do you still love both just as much as you would otherwise?)
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Miyamoto Shunichi

Anyone like Japanese singer/pianist Miyamoto Shunichi?

My real question is, anyone know what album the song "Sobani Irareru Nara" is on?

He was made famous mainly for his work on the themes for the anime D.N.Angel, but he is a gifted pianist otherwise, I think, and has since released a number of other albums. I haven't been able to find a romanized Discography for him, and I really want a copy of this song for my upcoming birthday, so to know which album it is on would be great. Thats the first step, anyway.

I attached a video of him performing this song under the cut, because this crazy "putting videos into posts" thing is neat.

Collapse )

Thanks so much in advance!
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All right. So I draw, or try to, but I have a terrible time with keeping the characters the right height compared to the others in the scene.

What I really, really need is a lineup that shows people of different heights next to each other; I've tried Google and Deviantart but came up with only pictures that were barely more than thumbnail sized, pictures that were intended to illustrate the artist's characters and therefore had no heights listed, and one picture that skipped right from 5'9" to 3' tall. :/

Anyone know where I can get a plain, simple height comparison chart thing?

PS: Anyone know of some good sites that have galleries of clothing styles from various time periods? I've found some for victorian times and one for the 60's but not much else.
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(no subject)

1. Windows users, do you have your taskbar set to auto-hide? why or why not?

2. What are you doing this weekend?

3. What time should I go to bed tonight if I have to be up at 6:30 to go to college orientation?
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(no subject)

1. How did you finally get your acne to clear up? (certain medication, certain soap, just time and patience?)

2. How did you finally manage to lose weight?

3. When you went on the birth control pill, what side effects did you get?

Obviously only answer if they apply :)

(no subject)

1. Who does the housework and why? 
2. How clean is your home kept?
3. If you see that no one has washed the dishes would you do it?
4. If after you've used the toilet you come to find there is no toilet paper what do you do? EDIT What if there is no tissue around?

My answes
1. Me and everynow and then some lady my mom hires. I don't know why my mom hires this lady because she doesn't dust everything nor will she most things to sweep underneath. I do it because no one else will. My mom does laundry and that's as far as her contribution goes. My brothers who are more than capable don't lift a damn finger.
2. I keep it as presentable as possible w/ two boys who don't do anything. 
3. I'm usually the only one who will wash dishes. If I don't they just sit there. If there aren't any available utensils my brothers will just wash that one spoon or whatever they need and use it. It bugs me. I figure if you are at the sink w/ soap and a sponge might as well....right?
4. I ask this because I want to know what my brothers do. When our bathroom runs out they NEVER refill it. I have to do it. It's been two days and I know they use the bathroom but there isn't any tp. What are they doing? You'd think they would just go to the supply closet and get a roll...?

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(no subject)

Lately I've been getting e-mails "bounced" back to my gmail account which appear to be (penis enlargement) spam sent from someone using my livejournal e-mail address as the sender. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything that can be done about it?

Burglary/Theft etc.

Last night some lovely character decided to break into my car. They stole my laptop, digital camera and my mp3 cd player's faceplate. (Everything was put away: in the trunk or the glove compartment, so it's not like I was asking for my stuff to be stolen.)

Have you ever had someone steal your stuff? Were they ever caught? Did you get your stuff back?

Someone saw who broke into my car and gave the cop the guy's license plate info and description. The info seemed legit, so maybe something good will come out of all of this.
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The Dude Abides

Spoiler ?'s

1. Have you ever watched a movie where someone told you how the movie ended beforehand? What was the movie? Did it bother you?
I haven't seen Lady in the Water, but somebody told me how it ended, I'll probably end up seeing it eventually. It didn't really bother me.

2. If you've seen a movie with someone who hasn't and they ask you "What's going to happen next?" do you tell them?
Nope. I usually just tell them to watch and see. ETA: Other times I'll say something ridiculous, like "everybody dies and the credits roll."

3. I saw Everything is Illuminated last night starring Elijah Wood, and I missed the first 15 minutes.Collapse )

(no subject)

1. Do you have too many love interests? if so, what are they?
2. Do you know anyone famous?
3. Describe your bed.
4. Who would you like to play you in a movie?
5. what kind of card game do you play and are you really good at it?
6. What do you carry with you at all times?
7. Are you happy with your given name, if not - why not? what is it?
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(no subject)

How do you move into the Friend-zone with people of the opposite sex?? Lately, I've been meeting a lot of new people and some of the guys will ask me to do stuff, like for example this guy i just met has an extra ticket to some choir concert and asked if I wanted to go. Now I have a hard time distinguishing if he means as a date or otherwise....but I'd rather lean towards just being friends and it not being a date.

What kind of things do you do to make sure you make it clear that you want to be friends and nothing more without directly saying it? Or making up a boyfriend. Now, I know i should be direct and just say, "hey, i'm interested in friendship only" but i don't really want to make the assumption that he's wanting more when he just wants to be friends as well. So, any tips??

Tivo info.

What's the cheapest/best Tivo deal right now?
What's the bare minimum of what I should get? It looks like the device would be the 80-hr TiVo® Series2™ DT DVR which records two shows at once.

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When you were a kid and still believed in Santa Claus...

1. What did you think made his reindeer fly?

2. How did you think he got down the chimney?

3. What did you think he did if there wasn't a chimney?

4. How did you think he got to every kid in the world in one night?

5. Were there any other specific believes you had about Santa?

What would you do if...

Say you found out that someone you were going to end up staying with during the x-mas period began hearing the voice of god, speaking in scripture and otherwise acting like a complete loon. What if this person had a past history of lying and being generally rotten towards everyone. Then after all this you find out that they have also created a list, a list of people that God should kill, and your name was the first name on the list.

Would you be scared and not see them, avoid them at all cost? Call the police and a mental health services and have them locked away?

Just curious... and mildly scared witless.
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

So my boyfriend has been trying to quit smoking for the last week or so, and he's been smoking HoneyRose (Nicotine free - Tobacco free) herbal cigarettes (menthol flavoured).(

I've been smoking them with him, as a form of support/encouragement, starting last Thursday and ranging from one or two a day to five a day each.

Last Saturday, after two days of smoking them, I woke up with a sore throat.
Then on Sunday, I woke up with a really sore throat. We didn't smoke any of the herbal cigs that day.
Monday, my throat felt incredibly sore, and my neck was tender and swollen. I stopped smoking the herbal cigarettes with him, thinking I must've irritated my throat.
It's now Friday and my throat feels even worse, even though I haven't smoked anything since Saturday. It hurts to swallow, my tongue is swollen, I'm slurring when I speak, and my tonsils look huge.

I'm going to go to the walk-in clinic across from my office on my lunch break, but until then I'm freaking out not knowing what's going on. Does anyone have any idea what this reaction is, or what I can do in the meantime? I made some green tea, but it kills to swallow it.
Could I be allergic to something in the herbal cigarette? I have no allergies currently, that I know of. I've already googled "Honeyrose cigarettes allergy/reaction/ingredients" and haven't found anything useful. It would have to be something that isn't in cigarettes, because I'm smoked cigarettes before and never had this kind of reaction.



Have you gotten yourself injured lately?

I fell off the top bunk in my dorm last night and somehow bashed both my nose and tailbone. Eeeeee.
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(no subject)

I'd really rather not ask here but I'm desperate and seriously freaking out and I don't know what I should do. I think someone has hacked into my gmail and hotmail accounts. I tried coming online today and I was logged out from both my gmail and hotmail accounts, which I found a little odd considering I'm always logged into them. So i tried logging into them again and no use, I still couldn't get into them. So I tried the lost password thing for both and gmail told me that they sent a password reset email to my second email which is my hotmail so that's no use so far. My hotmail one said that my secret question was 'what is my first pet's name?' which I don't think is what my question is supposed to be. That's when I started seriously freaking out. My old hotmail account was hacked into before several years ago but I'm not sure how. I'm not really fussed too much on my Hotmail account but it's my Gmail account that I'm really worried about. I'm a stupid person and I didn't think of setting up a private email address for my important things like for eBay and etc and so my eBay account email address is on Gmail. Luckily I went to eBay before and I changed my password, whoever hacked into my accounts was probably not from eBay, or Livejournal for that matter.

I'm currently doing a Spyware Doctor scan and fuck, there's already 17 infections. I honestly don't know what to do and I'm wondering if anyone can help me? Like I said before, I'd really rather not ask here because I know that the majority of you don't care but I'm honestly just really desperate to get my accounts back.

Edit: Results of the Spyware doctor scan. One is called "Trojan.Dumaru (Backdoor.Nibu [Symantec] Troj/Dumaru [Sophos] Backdoor.Dumador [Kaspersky]. Threat level is High. Author is Smash and SARS.
And another just says 'Known bad sites'.
I've made Spyware Doctor to fix it.
Second Edit: After I removed the Trojan with Spyware Doctor, I logged into any accounts that I have that are somewhat important and none of them are hacked into, yet. Apparently my hacker only wants my email address accounts .. which is quite odd.

spell check

i've had a family e-mail going around for a few hours. my mother and grandmother aren't around anymore and i wanted to spell "Hanukkah" like my mom did, so i enlisted help. after some go-round, i surmised that my mom was "Hanukkah" and my grandma was most likely "Chanukah"

there are sites everywhere on what people think is a proper English spelling based on sounds we don't have, etc.... but what i want to know is how do YOU spell it.

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Where the f^(k are all my friends' and family's Christmas presents?! The one I ordered last off eBay on 12/8/06 is already here as of two days ago, but the ones I ordered before that are not! And the stuff I ordered off Overstock says that on the 10th (the day I placed the order), they got info to expect packages to be shipped to me, but that's the last info the tracking feature has, even though I got an email saying they were shipped already. I am seriously freaking out because I want the stuff HERE so I can wrap it and stick it under the tree. Also, my mom's gift has to come to *me* before I can wrap it and send it to *her*. ARGH!!!!

PS - Happy Hanukka to all the Jewish kids in the heazy!
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1. for those of you who are/were in grad school, how did you do on your first big graded assignment? what was it? how did you think you'd do before you got your grade back?

2. anyone want to give me a back rub? :( whinewhinewhine

3. is there snow on the ground where you are?

4. are there any particular nationalities that most people like/have no opinion on that you do not like? (say, for example, you can't stand people from botswana. saying "americans" will get you an eye roll)

5. do you talk to your parents on AIM/MSN/etc? if so, how's that workin out for ya?
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$1,000 ?

You're single and you're on the 4th date with someone we'll call Sam. Sam doesn't have any stalkerish or psycho tendencies. You have each other's number and have hung out a couple of times. Sam is a little better than average looking; you both have a lot in common and are able to make good conversation. Sam is a virgin (they take a polygraph test or something to ensure that they're telling the truth). Halfway thru the date Sam politely asks if you would be the one to take his/her virginity and that he/she'd be willing to pay you $1,000. Would you do it?

If not, is there a magic $$$ that would make you change your mind?
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sorry, that subject is so damn cheesy...

ok, my dad is REALLY into puzzles, and he's very good at them. he looks at the picture exactly once and never again while he's working on it, and he likes really hard ones with lots of detail.

for hannukah, i want to get him a custom photo puzzle, b/c it's something i've been thinking about doing forever. i just got married, so i want to use a wedding photo, but here's the question...

Poll #889579 Puzzled

what kind of wedding photo should we pick?

one that appeals to the sentimental aspect of the gift (but may not be too difficult to put together), like the family with their new son-in-law
something that fits more with his "puzzle style," like maybe an up-close & (hopefully) complicated picture of my bouquet, that might add a more challenging element
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(no subject)

1. Billy Joel or Elton John?
2. What bothers you more: when someone thinks too highly of themselves or when someone thinks too poorly of themselves? (this is all relative, of course)

Dating Questions...

Lets say you are still trying to get over a bad breakup with an abusive boyfriend (that happened about three months ago, but it was very traumatic, and it involved a lot of emotional/mental abuse). And to take your mind off of him and all your troubles, you are visiting a friend in college and you end up making several new friends. It soon becomes apparent that one of these friends has a crush on you. Physically, you are not attracted to him whatsoever.. and he seems to act more like a child than an actual college student, but he's supposedly a very smart and a very nice person. He reminds you of your cousins, and he reminds you a lot of yourself.

Your other friends encourage you to go out with him based upon the fact that he's "just like you", in more ways then one.. personality and appearance. But the problem is, you don't want to date yourself, and you are having a lot of problems feeling any emotion towards anyone at the moment. He starts to follow you around like a lost puppy, and your friends give him your number.

He tells your friends he wants to get to know you better, which you don't mind.. since he's a nice friend and a good person. But you REALLY don't want to hurt this guy's feelings, and you really aren't sure if you feel anything towards him or not and you don't want to lead him on. He's a very sensitive guy, and part of you feels that this is your last chance at a relationship with anyone, and this guy seems like a guy who will not hurt you in any way, shape or form. But again, you are not physically attracted to him at all... you are kinda weirded out by him because he looks almost exactly like your brother.

1.) What do you do?

2.) Is it normal to be attracted to one race (that isn't your race), and one race only?
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(no subject)

1. How much does it irritate you when people delete posts in TQC?

2. Will you clean my room for me in exchange for a batch of white chocolate chip cranberry macadamia nut cookies?

3. What do you do if you buy someone a gift (and wrap it up and everything) and then before giving it to them find out that they don't like whatever you've gotten for them? I bought one of my roommates a box of expensive chocolates and found out last night that she doesn't like chocolate. I KNEW one of my friends didn't like chocolate, but I couldn't remember who it was. I ended up unwrapping it and opening the box, haha. I've eaten half of them already. :( Now I really don't know what to get her and time is running out.

Do you like snow? YES!

(no subject)

1.  Anyone here studied abroad full term?  What were your experiences like, and do you have any advice?   I'm from the US and I am seriously thinking about going to Grad school in Bergen, Norway. (Bergen National Academy of the Arts)  

2.  Do you have any preconceived notions about South Carolina or people from there?  What are they?

3. Have you ever had Grits and did you like them?  I love grits with a little butter and salt.

4. Have you ever heard of anyone going into anaphylactic shock or dying specifically from eating expired pancake mix?   
 This recently happened to me (the shock).  The pancake mix was 6 months old and I was highly allergic to whatever kind of mold that was growing in it.  I had to go to the emergency room where I found out that several people have actually died from this.
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(no subject)

A friend of mine works in a home for the mentally handicapped. One of his patients who has a history of lying and manipulating people (and has been caught by several hospital workers and the police in these lies in the past) has just come forward to say that he raped her. Knowing this guy very well, I know that he would never do this. He's one of those tree hugging hippie types who became a hospice worker so he could help these kind of people and has served for years in this position. The police are involved and doctors are doing some tests and while everyone, including his direct boss and his coworkers, feels that he didn't do anything wrong, he's very upset about this and repercussions that may come from the speculation.Most of his patients find him to be a competent employee and he's been promoted through the company because of his track record. Even though he's innocent in the eyes of everyone except the police and the "victim", he's still very upset about this and the accusations are making him paranoid. His lawyer and his employer's lawyers have both told him just to relax while the police and doctors investigate.

Do you have any feedback I should give him on how to handle this?

Do you think the system handles these kinds of complaints fairly and justly most of the time?

Do you believe he should lose his job over speculation simply because of the standards of the employer to fire anyone who is suspected of anything improper, even if doctors and police can find no proof against him and especially considering his extensive job history of being professional and appropriate until this accusation?

Do you think the same problem would occur if my friend was a woman and the patient was a man?

If you were in this situation, how would you react?

(no subject)

I'm curious about addiction science. If someone has naturally low levels of dopamine, how would you increase them naturally? I know tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine, so would consuming more tyrosine in foods or tyrosine supplements help?

Bonus, for all you psych/biopsych folks: If the dopamine response is strongest towards one particular activity, like motivation towards food in those with binge eating disorder, is it possible to "condition" the person to change the response to a different stimuli?

Tell me what you know about this. Thanks =)


Do you like cantaloupe? How about honeydew melon?

They're always in any fruit salad I get, and I always avoid them. I prefer the grapes, strawberries, and pineapple bits.
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Christmas and Kathy Griffin

For Christmas I have the option of getting to go see my favorite comedian (kathy griffin) or getting regular gifts. the price of the tickets is the same as my parents usually spend on normal presents for me.

The thing is I don't know if I should go see Kathy Griffin or take the regular presents instead. This could be a one in only chance to see her but I'm still not sure


p.s. I should also mention if I chose tickets, I wouldn't get any other gifts from my parents.

EDIT: also, please don't comment your answer based on whether or not you like Kathy Griffin. Just imagine her as your favorite comedian, and answer that way.

Oh my God brain shut up.

Inspired by my narrow-minded, anti-collar friend who is giving me the silent treatment for favoring D/s relationships.

1. How high is your pain tolerance? I'm a wimp when it comes to certain things, but there are others I can totally handle.
2. Do masochists have any sort of 'breaking point' where the pain is too much? Uhm, come ON. They're still human. Of course they do. Well, the two I've talked to have.
3. Do you think I'm some sort of retard for asking all these questions? YES STICKY PLEASE SHUT UP NOW.

These retarded questions brought to you by the council for shiny collars.


Quinn Twin

Shipping Wine?

I bought my friend Nora a bottle of wine for Christmas (how could I not? it's called NORA) and I was looking online to see about shipping it. The USPS lists alcohol as prohibited... I checked the UPS site and couldn't find anything about the subject of alcohol and I'm about to check FedEx's site as well. Can anyone offer me any insight about how this works? Judging by the lack of ease of navigation of the UPS site, I'm wary of the FedEx site - but surely there has to be a way to ship wine, right? I'm in GA and the package is going to another town in GA as well and we're both over 21 if it matters. Thanks guys!
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(no subject)

Hey, TQC-ers, how would you fill in the blanks in this sentence??

"I'm in ur _______, ____ing ur _______."

2. Even if you've never heard of it, what do you think of when I say Topeka, Kansas?

Random Questions

1. Have you ever been attracted to someone who really is that attractive? (Meaning...that because you have become close with them [friends or dating, whatever], do you find them more attractive now?) Example...a guy I like isn't the most handsome person, but because I (now) like him, and have worked with him and become friends with him I find him attractive and I now think that he's very, very cute/hot/sexy/etc.

2. Have you ever fallen someone you work/worked with?

3. Blue/Brown/Green/Other color eyes do you find most attractive?

4. Are ties sexy, in a naughty/infatuated way to you? (sorry forgot to finish the sentence >>, as in, a dressed up in a suit.)

5. Have you ever gone out with/liked someone older then you? If so hold much older?

6. ^ do you think it is ok to date someone older then you

(no subject)

Where might I find books and literature to read for free online? I know of Read Print, but they don't have a tremendous selection. I especially want A Clockwork Orange (but I suppose I could wait until I have a chance to get to the library). Thanks!


Apparently it's £66 for a British passport these days. Do you think this is too much?

My answer:
Yes. It's just a little book with your photo in it, why should it cost you £66!?