December 14th, 2006

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Oh Christmas Tree!

What holiday do you associate with Christmas trees?


What event does that holiday celebrate?

A magic flame that burned for eight days
The birth of the son of God
The shortest day of the year
Our families, our community and our culture

Do you consider the important aspects of that holiday to be secular or religious?


(no subject)

Do you have a gym membership?  How much did it cost you? I have an 'offer' so to speak.  It's $349 for the whole year.  Good deal??  BUt that's a ton of money down that I don't have.

Edited becuase I totally fucked up the numbers, haha.
My Point?


Arg. I'm out of pain pills and my knees are killing me. I can't sleep, yet I'm exhausted. (I spent the evening trying to figure out how to bake cookies in my oven without them burning and I made homemade cinnamon rolls. Yummy.) Anywho..

What do you recommend doing to take your mind of off excrutiating pain?

Lately my hands have been going numb and my wrists have been hurting after I get done typing, writing, or doing anything with my hands. My left one is worse because I'm left handed. What could be the problem? I was tested for carpel tunnel a couple of years ago and they said I didn't have it. I'd rather not go through that again because it was painful. I'd like to have an idea of what I'm getting myself into before I call the doctor. I've been pretty good at self-diagnosing so far.

Everything I've ever thought was wrong with me the doctor has done tests and proven my theories were correct. I hate being right in that type of situation because its always the worst. Do you ever hate it when you're right?

I'm 22 and both of my knees are shot. I have to take 1500 mg. of vicodin a day just to make it by and that barely touches the pain. The doctor knows this. Yet he still wants to wait until I'm older before he gives the go ahead to replace my knees. Should I press the issue? I've told him I want to get it over with, but he insists we wait on something like this. Normally my doctor is a stellar guy. I just don't want to piss off the man that controls my pain meds.

Tears of anger

I tend to cry when I get angry. I feel like I can't express emotions around certain people, so when I get angry, I just break down. Its so bad that my parents actually think that I am incapable of having any feelings whatsoever. There's going to be a showdown with my dad in the near future (regarding life choices and the fact that he is the most close-minded, judgemental person on the planet). Anyway, its hard for someone to take you seriously during an argument if you're bawling your eyes out. I also have a really hard time collecting my thoughts for articulate responses when I'm being confronted and/or having an argument. SO I guess my questions are: how does one not cry when angry (and beating the living shit out of the other person isn't an option), and how does one come up with decent responses in the heat of the moment? Its like everything I need to say flies out of my brain the moment I need to bring it up.
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internet disease
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selling hair

Have you (or someone you know) ever sold your hair? Who did you sell it to, and how much did you get for it?

How should I go about finding a place to sell hair to? Google Local is not helping me. The only advice I have been able to get on this topic is "find a wigmaker"... but I can't find one. I want to get a quote before I cut it (so I know how much I could get for various lengths) so I want it to be somewhere that I can go in person (as opposed to an online buyer to whom I would just have to mail it and hope they send me my money).

If you tell me not to cut it, or to donate it instead, or something, I will THROW A GIANT FIT AND CRY A LOT OMGZ.

(no subject)

This feels like a shot in the dark but I will try to ask it here anyway.

Do any of you know what it means when a cat that normally sits and sleeps mostly on beds and couches and stuff suddenly starts spending most of his time on the floor? He just lies on his side or curls up there and he tends not to sleep. He is weak from an illness but he's never exhibited this behavior during previous weakness periods and he can still jump onto furniture. He even jumps off after a while if we put him on the bed.

(no subject)

Has anyone used a Roomba? Or at least know someone who has one? Or even knows if they are worth it?

On another note, do you like the new update journal page?

edit// I just had to update Internet Explorer, because my school website was being a douche with FireFox. The question is, WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO IT? The font looks so blurry to me. Same for Yahoo Instant Messenger.

(no subject)


Someone want to tell me what my dad is talking about?  I just woke up to him saying loudly: "I THINK THIS WHOLE PROBLEM WITH THE SENATOR IN SOUTH DAKOTA IS A REPUBLICAN CONSPIRECY!" (sorry, can't spell)

What're some strange things you've woken up to people yelling?

(no subject)

1. What is the geekiest part of your music collection?
2. What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?
3. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?
4. If you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done and why?
5. Do you have a completely irrational fear? if so - what is it?
6. What is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moments?
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(no subject)

This post had me wondering about school based ID. The high schools here issue out a school ID card, with your details, the school you attend and your grade on it, which you also can use as a library card, usually. So being under 18, you'd have some form of ID, and then you'd be eligible for student discounts elsewhere (for public transport, movies, etc). Did your school issue anything like that?

High School Memories

1. What was the most embarassing fandom you were a part of in high school? how far did you take it?

2. Did you hide it from your classmates?

3. What were you in school? Cheerleader? Jock? Geek? EmoKid? How did that influence you.

4. How social are you now?

Collapse )


So...I just accidentally slept through my math final. I'm so pissed at myself that I could laugh. But I'm not going to because this kicks my ass.

What is the worst/most unfortunate/crappiest school-related thing that's ever happened to you?
Drink Me


are you the type that waits until the last minute to get the work done and turn in papers or do you do it early and get it off your back?

similarly- do you pay your taxes early?

if you do procrastiate, what's your best excuse


so, after looking through the answers for "longest sex you've ever had" and "shortest sex you've ever had", i have a question...

do you consider sex being just the humping and pumping bit?


do you consider sex everything, including the foreplay AND the humping and pumping?

i'm curious, also, if anyone has any other distinctions.
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My boss has been sending e-mails to me with tasks she needs done ASAP. I have not been getting these e-mails (I have been getting e-mails from other co-workers and other co-workers are getting the same e-mails from her but for some reason, I'm not getting them), therefore her items are not being completed. I have been busy with other items and had no idea that she needed these things done. She did not call to see how the projects were coming and didn't think it was odd that I didn't e-mail her back with a final proof of the project. Now she's at a meeting that she needed the project for and she has no items to hand out.

Who is at fault here? Me for not asking about a project that I didn't know existed or my boss for not following up?

(Apparently, as my boss says, "She's so mad she could spit nails and this is a HUGE problem that we need to discuss".)
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Pokemon Blue Version

In the game, if I give my Level 60 Dragonair to the nanny at the Daycare on Route 5, will it evolve into a Dragonite while it's there? I want it to gain Experience Points, but I don't want it to evolve, because it would gain all the weaknesses of a Flying Type. Do I have to train my Dragonair myself to stop its evolution or can it train at the Daycare without becoming Dragonite?
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Rustic books


I'm writing a last-minute research paper, only to discover that I left one of my paper's home! Since my car is in the shop, I'm unable to get home right now. I looked everywhere I could think of, but could not find a copy (or any information on) the story I'm looking for. So:

Does anyone know where I can find a QUICK copy of Duberstein’s "Ballad of a Punk" on-line? It's a very obscure story, so I'm worried I won't be able to locate it in time. (Mind, I have a few hours, but I'm a perfectionist, so it takes me AGES to write a paper.)

Thanks for your help!
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Spontaneous Weight Gain

How is it possible to gain six pounds in five days without over eating every one of those days?

I worked out like hell on Monday along with walking around with a weight for a few hours on Wednesday and was at --3.5 and I weighed last night at --9.5. I thought it was a fluke but I weighed again this morning, still at --9.5

Is it possible to gain that much muscle weight in five days? or should I assume something bad is up?
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Hypothically when is it inapproiate to buy someone a x-mas present?

2 situations.
1. Guy I've dated on and off/messed around with for the past 6 years who's going to Afganistan Jan. 5th. (if i got him something i think it'd be a new webcam for him to use while he's there so we can still talk and stuff or take him out for a nice dinner since we've never done that)

2. Psudo ex boyfriend (different person) who I'm going to see Dec 29th for a weekend of fun but we didn't date for long and i dont know if it'd be wrong/awkward. (if i got him something i think it'd be a triceratops stuffed animal[because he acts like a dinosaur inside kinda joke]... not sure if thats a good idea or not)

Whaat do you think!:?

Also.... my secret santa person is a 1st year teacher (teaching special ed) This is a "long distance secret-santa-age" we'll be giving final gives new years when we're all together (college friends who all lived together in the past 3 years we're now all in dif states)... no idea what i should get her... any ideas?
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Kitten//unusual innocence

What's appropriate

I'm working on a story and I'd like to get a general idea of what exactly would be appropriate in this situation.

Situation: An immortal man (Leo) finally loses his virginity after over 400 years of being alive and is seriously freaked out about it. The only person who even knows Leo was somewhat involved with someone is a 14 year old kid (Tycho). So Tycho sees Leo, realizes something is wrong and is smart enough to figure out it has something to do with the relationship.

Obviously Tycho would ask what's wrong and not accept "nothing" for an answer. He'd say that he knew it was about the relationship but I'm not sure how much Leo could tell him before it crossed a line. I keep trying to think back to how mature I was when I was 14 but hell I probably thought I was a lot more mature than I was.

Would it be appropriate for Leo to tell Tycho that he slept with someone and now he's freaking out as long as no details were given? Would it be better if he just suggested that "something" happened? Or should he simply avoid it all together. Since Tycho is the only one who knows if he doesn't talk to him about it he's not going to be able to talk to anyone about it which could play a part in how much he'd share.

And yes I took Tycho's name from Penny Arcade. *L* No it isn't supposed to be the same guy.
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Red Blink
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I swear I'm not that person...

There is this guy who came into my bookstore.  I used to refer to him as my favorite customer.  He's always buying philosophy books, and not the cheesy typical "I'm taking philosophy 101 and now I'm so deep" kind of books, but the real kind and he looks like he would be a very interesting conversationalist, oh, and he's also kind of hot in that nerdy but "I know kung-fu" kind of way, but he wears a wedding ring so the hotness is kind of a moot point.  Working in a bookstore, you tend to meet people like that, people with interesting jobs or opinions, so when he came into the store I smiled, I tried to be my usual very helpful self, and waited for this guy to prove or disprove my assumptions about his personality.  One day, when I was ringing him up at the registers, I noticed that there were no philosophy books in the pile, and I commented on the fact.  He looked confused, and said, "Does the register keep track of what books I buy," and I was like, "No, I just remembered." It's something I do for a lot of customers, N likes to read sci-fi smut, his wife with the silver eyes likes dry British mysteries, the ferengi twins read D & D books and are picky about the condition of their graphic novels, the French chiropractor comes in to pick up magazines for her office on Tuesday morning, B the Dunbar guy picks up alternate history fiction for his brother, and hot philosophy guy buys philosophy books.  After this conversation, I didn't see him in the store for a while, and the next time I saw him in the bookstore he saw me, and turned around and walked the other direction. 
This kept happening, and then finally, it hit me, what if the reason this keeps happening is that he thinks I'm a creepy bookstore stalker chick?
It upset me so much I wanted to cry. 
I myself have been the object of unwanted attention from sales clerks, and sure I do think he's attractive, but I'm nearly 100% positive I didn't do anything to cross a line or warrant being avoided. 
To make sure I'm not doing anything untoward now, that would make him uncomfortable, or like he has to leave the store, I turn around and avoid him whenever he comes into the store, before he feels he has to avoid me.  My good friend and co-worker AW laughed her ass off when she heard my story, she says it happens to her all the time, and I'm like of course it happens to her, she is a really intimidating vociferously man-hatin' drooling over hot women uber-butchy-lesbian type chick.  I am not.  I am not creepy stalker chick, I'm the "uber-helpful, capable, knowledgeable and non-threatening" chick who usually has to beat customers off with a stick. 
So am I deluding myself am I really creepy bookstore chick, could I have crossed the line and not known it?
Do you think it's creepy or good customer service to remember details about  my regular customers?
Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?

Xposted in my journal. 
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concert ticket

Does anyone have a decent quality scan or picture of a concert ticket, preferrably at the ACC or some other Toronto Venue?

I got my dad tickets to Bob Segar for Christmas, but want to play a little prank on him.

santa clam

(no subject)

1)Would you rather have 2 left feet or 2 right feet?

2) What are you too sexy for?

3) How do you feel about snowballing?

4) What's a song that makes you very sad?

5) What was the last freebie you got?

(no subject)

I just finished my biology exam, and there was just one question that really pissed me off... Seriously I stared at it for like 10 minutes, translated it twice to make sure I understood it right, but still couldn't get the answer. And there is AT LEAST one right answer.

Which is not necessary for protein biosynthesis (can't remember the exact wording here sorry)?

A Ribosomes
B Nucleotides
C Amino acids
D Energy

The only one that I wasn't 100 % sure that is needed was energy, but I can't figure out how it happens without energy? This will drive me crazy and I won't get the results until Januray!

And another thing- Are there any Belgians here? I missed the fake broadcast last night and I really really wanna see it, is there anywhere on the net I can find it?

EDIT: One more question, anyone know any good celebrity gossip communities? Ones that only have real gossip, not the ones that tell you every time Britney Spears takes a crap or every time Paris Hilton leaves her house, and one that won't flood my friends page with 500 entries a day? And you really don't need to waste your time telling me how pathetic it is that I care about the lives of stars. Believe me, I know.

*cough* *cough*

For the first time in over five years, I called in sick to work.

Yesterday and Today.

Yesterday, I was truly ill - vomited in the shower, bad aches all day, really sore throat, super tired....slept all afternoon and vegged in front of the TV all night.

Today, however, I feel much better (still sore throat, slightly achy), but feel so good about having a whole weekday off during the holiday season to get things done that I just continued my 'ill' days.

I don't feel guilty about this - I work over 40 hours per week on the average, I'm salaried, and I have a great work ethic most of the time.


Do you feel guilty for not being at work when borderline 'sick'?

Do you consider it 'cheating' if you clean your house and run errands while taking a sick day?

Would you rather a coworker come into the workplace and work, or stay home and not risk contaminating the entire office?

Should I organize my closets this afternoon or finish my Christmas shopping?

(no subject)

I've seen a meme where you can see who added you recently... but it sucks for me since I used a namechange token and doesn't really work...

Now a TON of people have added me, and I want to see who. Anyone know where one is?

And who else hates the new posting system? How can I change that? WhyTF does it make me have to go to the community I want to post in to post?
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Harajuku Girls

1) What do you think of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls?

Edit: Gwen refers to them as her art project and as figments of her imagination, has forbidden them to respond to interviewers, and renamed them Love, Angel, Music, Baby after her brand. She did not find them in Harajuku. She is rumoured to have forbidden them to speak English, although at least Angel (California native) must be fluent. On the other hand, they're consenting adults who signed contracts, and are probably paid quite well.

Collapse )

2) Would you be a Harajuku girl (or gender/ethnicity-appropriate equivalent)? Why or why not?

3) If you were a minority entertainer, would you rather raise your visibility no matter how, or would you rather avoid stereotypical roles even if it means getting less exposure?
Me--State Fair

gift idea? and inspiration/motivation

I could use some suggestions for a gift for my boyfriend's son...his birthday is Monday and also Christmas is coming. (sucks to be him!) I'm leaning towards a book because I know he enjoys reading.

Here's some books from his MySpace profile that he says he likes...I don't know if he HAS any of them, since he's been nomadic up until the last year and a half or so.

Stephen King's the stand or any other King book...and anything by EdgarAllen Poe, Eric Van Lustbader's The Ninja, The BIBLE, and more

Any suggestions based on that short list? He also likes the Baltimore Ravens, but I'm in Iowa and GOOD LUCK finding anything like that here...

ETA: also, I'm trying to write two papers in French--one on French Canadian radio and one comparing Truffaut's Jules et Jim and Baisers Volés. For one, I'm having trouble staying on track. For two, is it okay in a paper to have a list of occurrences versus writing them out in paragraph form? I just feel like a list would be better because to put them in a paragraph seems tedious.
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petit prince

(no subject)

1. do you read the news? do you know what's going on in the world?

2. why or why not?

3. do you know why the girl in the yellow and brown striped sweater keeps STARING AT ME?

4. what's the last thing you bought?
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Check my spelling?

01000001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01101100

I -think- I got this right! I want it tattooed on me, but I wanted some people to check my spelling to make sure I got it correct before I go under the needle.

Check my binary spelling?
m'effondre // mylene

(no subject)

My work is having a potluck next Friday, and no one's really got assigned dishes or anything... I have a feeling everyone's going to bring dessert, so I'd like to bring something not desserty. The thing is that I've always been the dessert person since I'm the cheesecake maker!

Any suggestions of what I could make? I'm stumped!

(no subject)

1. Have you ever taken caffeine pills? If so, what was the biggest dosage you ever took?

2. Do you think you would've been friends with the people you've met after high school back when you were in 9th grade?

3. Did you know Iggy Pop was in an episode of Pete & Pete? Isn't that pretty freaking cool?

4. How can you tell if a person has ADD/ADHD or is just lazy?

5. How did early man cope without all this modern medicine we have for things like depression, sleeping disorders, ADD, etc?

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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

1. When a married father/mother with children dies, do you think it's harder on the spouse or on the children?
2. What are your favorite kinds of journal entries? (Examples: Personal entries, entries relating to fandom/pop culture, entries full of lyrics [you know love them]) In other words, which entries are you least likely to scroll past on your friend's list?

(no subject)

what's something that will remove enamel without destroying sterling silver?

i'm trying to take an enamel coating off of a picture inside of a sterling silver charm.

nail polish remover doesn't work btw.

(no subject)

Who'd you'd hire as your poolboy (assuming you had a pool)

Competent, middle-aged individual, who shows up, does an excellent job, says little, and gets er dun
Young, attractive individual, who strips down to a bikini or just board shorts, and does just a job that could use improvement
Person with an excellent personality, who tells stories and jokes and keeps you entertained, but just does an average job
Wouldn't care. Whoever's the cheapest

Who'd you'd hire as your assistant

Competent, experienced, older lady, who doesn't have a lot of personality but does an excellent job
Attractive, damn sexy assistant who only does an average job
Likable, friendly, charismatic assistant who only does an average job
Whoever is willing to work for the least

Who you'd hire as your bodyguard (assuming you're important enough to command protection)

Middle-aged guy who's only average in build, but is a former cop and secret service agent and knows how to identify problems before they're problems
Fellow who's extremely large and physically intimidating, but lacks perception skills or a lot of smarts
One who doesn't look like a bodyguard. Amiable, friendly, knows how to talk to people and diffuse situations, and how to fight if it can't be fixed
A bodyguard who's not that exceptional in any way and just does a passable job overall, but is well connected and can get you into any party or any club

Who you'd hire as your personal chef

One who has a lot of experience, who can prepare any meal, for any number of people, and make it scrumptuous and look professionally catered
A chef who can make all your favorite foods, and prepare them better than you've ever had before
A chef who's health conscious, who can prepare low-cal, low-fat, healthy meals that taste as good as the real thing
Whoever's the cheapest

Who you'd want as your waiter/waitress

Competent, efficient server, who gets my order exactly how I want and is attentive. Not that personable
Friendly, entertaining, personable server who may get 1 or 2 things wrong and might not be there as often, but who engages in stimulating banter and conversation with you when they are
Flirty, very attractive server, wearing very tight pants. It's their first day

Lastly, do you tip anyone for the holidays? Like your mailman, gardener, etc?

I feel no reason to

Basketball and crappy teen TV

What's your favorite NBA team? (see icon! Go Suns)
Who are your favorite players? (current: Amare Stoudemire. all time: John Stockton, Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle)

Who else watches South of Nowhere? What do you think of it? I get sucked into it all the damn time, but I really hate Spencer and Ashley for a few reasons:
1) a GIRL is named SPENCER. Ew.
2) their lesbo love is so lame. They have no chemistry.
3) Spencer has fucky eyes.

Also, I hate Aiden, Madison, Kyla, Glen, Clay, Chelsea, and the mom. I'm not sure why I even watch.

Your haaaair it's everywheeeere

I'm considering dying the bottom of my hair dark dark teal but I want to do it with a dye that would be easy to get out if it looks bad. I'm not going to bleach my hair so that it's darker than my natural colour (medium brown) What would be a good dye for this purpose? I used to use manic panic and special effects but have only wanted a permanent change before.

edit:// i'm sorry this post is worded so poorly, i'm on lots of painkillers right now so being articulate fails me.
The Dude Abides

Time management ?

When you have a project comprised of a bunch of smaller tasks, (ie cleaning your house) do you tend to do the more time consuming/difficult tasks first or do you tend to put them off until later?
I tend to do the bigger tasks first.
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So I just got the news that, the day before the term ended, I have finally been declared financially independent by fuckaround financial aid. This means I'll be able to continue my education, and all is well, and I am completely in the mood to celebrate my victory over these incompetent, purposefully frustrating assholes.

Other than a victory dance over their defeated bodies, what should I do to celebrate? We just had pizza last night, so that's out, and we're leaving town tomorrow so we don't have too much money to just blow off. However I did just buy Pirates 2, so that's probably in the cards, and ordering some kind of food or eating leftover chicken is possible.

Also, what song should I play for my victory dance?

Importing music to iTunes on user profiles

I've set up a separate Windows user profile for the boyfriend and myself, and now I'd like to get all the music on MY iTunes to HIS iTunes. I can import the library, but that only brings the playlist texts over. How do I import all the actual music files? iTunes Help was no help, and neither was the boyfriend.

Thank you, oh great TQC!
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(no subject)

Is there any music editing software that can take an .mp3 and spell out the beats for editing (or even bars or notes)? I'd like to effectively cut up a song to use as my ringtone.

(no subject)

Situation: Your husband/boyfriend goes to a bachlor party. All is well. A week later you find some girls number in his coat. You ask who it is. They respond by telling you it was the stripper from the bachlor party. They say it seemed like a good idea to get her number at 3am when they were drunk. How pissed do you get?
rider tied

Nerdy question ahoy!

Okay, got a random question about Link and Zelda

Link and Zelda each bear a piece of the Triforce. Zelda has Wisdom and Link has Courage. They bear the mark of their piece of the Triforce on their hands. Does anyone have a picture of these marks? I only need Courage and Wisdom, Ganon's Power symbol doesn't matter too much to me. I'd really appreciate it if I could get some pictures of it, a friend of mine needs it for a tattoo and doesn't want to use kanji like a lot of other people do.
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Eddie McDowd

Red Light District

For those who live in cities with red light cameras:

I drove through an intersection equipped with a RL camera. The light was green as I entered, turned yellow as I got midway into the intersection, and I saw the light turn red as my rear bumper went under the lights.

Am I going to get cited?

(no subject)

Question for Monty Python fans/German speakers in the community:

In the Monty Python sketch about the funniest joke in history, they never say the joke in English, but it's spoken in German a few times.

Does anybody know what the joke is in English? Either by translating the German or seeing it in the sketch?

The German starts about four and a half minutes in, and it's repeated a few times over the rest of the clip.

Collapse )

(no subject)

How does one combine different files into one file?

I'm trying to get aboubt 14 pages of microsoft publisher into one file (a PDF perhaps?  I have to do this in order to print it at kinkos, apparently.  They're being asses)

Anyone want to guide me step by step?

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dr. facilier


My husband's snoring keeps me up all night. We've tried those Breathe Right nose strips but the adhesive just won't stick to his skin. It's a miracle if they will stay on his nose for more than a minute. I know that having him sleep on his side would help but I can't just roll him over. He's 6'0", 200lbs. I would have to wake him up to get him on his side and I would feel awful doing that as he has to be up at 4:30am to go to work. I'm currently 6 months pregnant and not working so it's not a big deal that I can't get to sleep until he wakes up. Though, I would like to start my day before noon and that would mean I'd have to get to sleep earlier. I've tried ear plugs but they are so uncomfortable. I also have ridiculously tiny ears so they just fall out in the middle of the night.

So, what would you suggest to help with the snoring situation? Are there any products you have tried that worked well for you?
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So I write a fic. With a heavy D/s tone in it. It follows someone through a very unconsentual *it's a word now!*, unhealthy (obviously) Dom/sub relationship. I've done my research thoroughly, even talked to some actual, live people, and done my hardest to make it sound 'real'. I have a friend edit it, and they call the entire thing 'unethical'. So...  

Dom/sub relationships.

Unethical or ethical by consent?

Edited because I confuse lotsa people withh my shoddy wording.
lead me

(no subject)

What do I want for Christmas? My mother wants to know. Preferrably inexpensive.

I'm a musician, female, in college, live at home... I just went clothes shopping so I don't need any clothes, nor do I need shoes or underwear or the like. I need music stuff -- a capo and strings and a strap for my guitar, and bigger stuff like a new keyboard but I don't think that's going to happen. Mom is not musically inclined at all so I don't want to tell her that's what I want because she won't have a clue what I'm talking about... but it's a decent last resort. I live in Louisiana so we don't have a lot of cold weather.

Any and all suggestions... are totally welcome.
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Kasumi of the DOA games
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Oldschool NBA question

Inspired by this question:

1) Do you know the name "Sam Bowie"?
2) Do you know him as anything other than "That guy Portland drafted instead of Michael Jordan"?
3) Do you think the Blazers get a bum rap for taking Bowie over Jordan?

My answers:
1) Yes
2) Yes - even if it's mostly for his two seasons with the Lakers.
3) Yes. The Blazers already drafted a shooting guard they liked the year before. You might have heard of him. Guy by the name of Clyde Drexler. They needed a big man. Bowie was the best on the board. It's not the Blazer's fault he had knees of glass.


So.. I came home from a friends house the other day, somewhat not feeling myself. And its become apparent that I have a sinus infection.. I don't have health insurance for another month, and if I don't treat this right away, what usually happens is that I get pneumonia really quickly. My immune system sucks majorly, I know.

I'm not sure if I can have over the counter medicines, because of a genetic disorder I have that doesn't let me digest certain things, and the pharmacist doesn't have my rare and annoying disorder in the computer, most haven't even heard of it.. so they are of no help when it comes to knowing which over the counter medicine i can take. My nutritionist (for this genetic disorder) isn't helpful, every time I call her and leave a message she doesn't bother to get back in touch with me. I called her two months ago about the college meal plans and what alcohol I can or cannot drink, and she still has yet to contact my college nutrition center or me. I recently called her again...and no response. (So, I'm now in the middle of a long annoying search for another hospital that offers these nutrition services within driving distance)

Anyhow... does anyone have any 'miracle' home remedies to cure a sinus infection? Or at least offer something that will let me sleep more than 20 minutes a night? Vicks vapor rub doesn't help.. it just burns my skin like hell... the only thing thats been somewhat helping is if I sleep with a cough drop in my mouth.. which, I don't think is that safe..heh.

Thanks everyone in advance..

Inspired by a Post in another Comm.

Yeah, I love random capitalizations.

So, for those of you who have.bought them:
1. What does the cover of your High School Yearbook look like?

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If you can't tell, it's a beach, but it's made up of pictures of the senior class.

2. How many pages is your yearbook?
Mine is numbered up to 408, but there are maybe 10 more blank pages for signing.

3. What was your theme?
Footprint through Time.

4. What's your yearbook called?
Ours is Spindrift. This was the Volume 65.

5. How much of it (if any) is in color?
All of ours is in color.

6. Did you win any supurlatives?
No... I was 2nd runner up for "Most Overdramatic", the one i wanted.

7. Anything else cute/cool about your yearbooks?
On the back it says my name with the Comedy Tragedy Masks and Performing Arts Editor underneath.
We also got to do Friends Pages, and the page my friends and I made (I did one with the Thespian Troupe Board Memebers) came out really really cute.
And the front inside cover has the entire senior class sitting on the bleachers in the gym, in school colors (It was the day of the peprally and the last day of spirit week, which was blue and white day) And the back inside cover is the same picture, but we're all waving. It's kinda cute/sad.


I have one more question...

With the new Playstation 3 that's coming out (or may already BE out in America, Australia's slow on things), does this console play all types of games like PS1, Playstation 2? Or just the PS3 games?
It's so annoying how they create new consoles which then only play that one format, they stop making the other format games (that you spent 200-400 dollars or more on) and expect you to keep upgrading each year or so. I've given up on buying Playstation consoles, just can't keep up.
books are a narcotic


Are you able to focus on more than one book at a time? Everytime I start reading a second or third book while I'm in the middle of my first, I end up not being able to finish any of them.

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With out being perverted, not that any of you are, but I've been around this group long enough to know how certain peoples minds can go straight to the gutter......

Does anyone know how to make a sausage roll? More specifically an Italian sausage roll?

I need a recipe for it

thanks :)

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How old are you, and what ranges in age would you date? Why? Is there flexibility?

I'm 19 and I would date someone 18-25, with flexibility.

17 just seems incredibly young to me, and most are in high school where the experiences are light-years apart. I also feel like most people past 25 are doing other things in life and would be past dating a 2nd year in college, and if they are still in my "world", for example someone who is a grad at my school, I'd be down. I have no absolute cutoff age (for older).

Shoes and feet

1. What size are your feet?

Size 9 UK, which is, I think, 43 Euro and 12 US

2. Where do you like to buy shoes?

Anywhere I can find my size

3 (AKA the thinly vieled request I was covering with questions). Does anyone know of a good website for women with feet my size, that is in or will ship to the UK? I need new shoes.
disney - little mermaid - take a chance


Is anyone, by any remote chance, familiar with Ibo (a language spoken in Nigeria)? I need to learn how to say something in it. Doesn't particularly matter what it is, but I want to know from a reliable source that that is, in fact, how to say whatever it is. The reason is that one of my managers at work is Nigerian and will randomly say things to me in Ibo - and obviously, I haven't the faintest idea what he's saying (though he assures me it's "nice sweet things"). I want to be able to respond with something one day and catch him off-guard. I can't seem to find any translation websites... anyone know where I could find one?
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a phone question....

So a few days ago someone phoned me for someone else. I wasn't sure exactly who they were phoning for because they said "a old friend". So when the call was done I pushed star 69 to see who was calling since I don't have caller id. So the message that I got when I did that was something like, "the number you are trying to call has blocked you from this number" What exactly does that mean? That they blocked me from seeing who was calling by pushing star 67 or blocked me from being able to phone them? I'm confused. And I actually have no clue why they would go so far as to block me from phoning them... who ever they are.


Most of you would date someone quite a lot older or someone just a little younger than you. If you're dating someone near the "older person cap", you'd be applying different standards to them than you do to yourself.

Why is this?

edit: Answered! Fallacy? No! Accelerated mental growth in adolescence accounts for discrepancy in younger ljers.
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do you enjoy observing other people's drama? i'm not talking about a friend or family member's. i mean in a completely disconnected way, as in strangers at the grocery store, individuals that you don't really know, reality television or whatnot? and by drama, i do not mean tragedy, but bitchy fighting and stupidity and the like.

i sure do. it's good stuff.

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Are you a fan of Djarum Blacks? Why/Why not? How is 'Djarum' pronounced?

For those who went through nursing school-- I'm looking into different majors and really interesting in nursing. What was your program/schooling like? I am really in the dark about it, so any shedding of light would be helpful!

I know those are two diametrical topics. My bad.
Bruins - shadow


Would you date a single parent?
If yes, when would you want to meet their kid?
If no, why not?

I am a single parent, so I hope someone would still date me ;) However, I understand that it comes with a lot of extra pressure, esp after you meet someones kid.

Have you ever used a dating website?
What was your experience with the site? (And which one was it)

This is just because I'm curious. I don't think I would use one.

p.s. I made a new myspace to rid myself of my ex, because he has no business reading my personal shit.. and his brother just added me. Should I add him back or ignore him. :(