December 13th, 2006

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I'm looking for the name of a show that was on air... a couple of years ago?

Mostly it was set in an office, where they produced a news show. The main character was a girl, Claudie was her name I think? Or something like that. She had red hair, was quite curvy (I remember thinking: hey, not a stick-thin girl for once!) and worked a an assistant for a news anker. It was a comedy show, and it had the usual funny supportive characters - a "nerdy" guy, who had blond curly hair and black glasses, a "hot" slightly bitchy girl, etc.

Does this sound familiar? I would be SO thankful for any answer that helps me. :)
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What is the best way to make tea?
How long should the tea sit in the cup?
What is the best kind of tea?
Other than the water and the tea, what should be in it? Nothing?
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Ew, again.

My last post asked how to keep your shoes that you wear without socks from smelling bad. To my constant amusement, most of the people answered, "I don't know, my feet aren't stinky."

Sooooo. Now I am wondering why do some people have stinky feet no matter how clean they try to be? (Like me? Heh.) I wash my feet, I powder them, but if I don't wear socks with my closed toe shoes, you could knock me over with the smell in three hours. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Heredity? Should I see a doctor? Is it rare for people's feet to smell if they don't wear socks with their shoes?

(Sorry these questions are so gross. Hahaha.)

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Where's the best place to post an easy-accessible calendar online for customers and friends to know your schedule? I tried gmail but it's not quite as detailed as I'd like it to be... or perhaps I'm not using it right.

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From my roomie:
How many towels can I fit in a standard size laundry machine with two double size sheets? (We have to go to the laundromat tomorrow.)

And one of mine:
1. Did you go through school saying 'haha fuckers' and thinking you'd be better off than everyone later on?
2. Did that plan fail miserably?

Yes, and yes.

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What's your favorite brand of frozen dinners?
I've recently been getting the south beach diet dinners, not because im on the diet but because the food is actually pretty darn good

Are you partial to one or two meals or do you like the entire
I've tried 3 different kinds and i have liked them all.

Is there something about that brand that you would like changed at all?
In my dinner tonight, the broccoli portion was larger than the chicken portion...i could definitely eat 2 "meals" in one sitting
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Do you feel weird telling people what you want for Christmas? Who do you not feel weird telling?

If you've ever wanted to die, when was the last time you felt that way and why? What changed?
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i believe that if someone wants to change their name, their family and friends should respect that and call them by their preferred name.
BUT my sister has unofficially changed the spelling of her name in recent years. By only one letter. And it's retarded. Should i respect this anyway?

and since you'll surely ask- i'm not going to say what she's done exactly, but imagine if someone was named "Connie" and she started going by "Konnie". It's like that but worse.
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When you were younger, (18- or so) did you ever have a wild party at your house while your parents were out of town?

No. My parents rarely went out of town. Or I'd be working the whole time they were gone anyway.

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What are you looking forward to today?

This week?

This month?


Going home!
Seeing my boy in the first time since july
Spending some time with the boy, and my family
That it'll be a much better year for everyone I know
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What does one wear to a super-fancy Christmas dinner? I've never been to one before, normally we just have dinner at my house and don't dress up. But this year we're going on a cruise over Christmas, so we have to dress up for regular dinners, but then for Christmas dinner it's extra-dressy. The only formal thing I've ever been to was prom, and I feel like that is not quite right. Anybody have any insight?
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Which artist(s) are you a hardcore fan of? You have all their CDs, they're the top on your audioscrobbler artist list, some way or another you've got all the rare songs they've not released, you've been to at least one or two concerts, and you have 20+ versions of the same song... of multiple songs, etc etc?

How long have you been a fan of them?


How do you decorate your office for the holidays? 
 (today I printed out signs I made saying Happy Hanukah! and Merry Christmas! and put up some hanukah lights around my cubical

Collapse ) (yes my dorky-ness has gotten the better of me)

A "Meet the neighbours" Party.

Do you think this is a weird thing to do?

I'll hold a party and invite everyone in my street. I'll invite them by dropping invitations in their mailboxes. I don't know any of these people (and I assume they don't know each other), so the party would be a way for the neighbours to all meet and get to know each other.

If you recieved such an invitation in your mailbox, would you go to the party?

I'm not actually planning to have such a party, but the thought crossed my mind. I think it's sad we all live so close to each other, yet don't ever talk.
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Odd writing styles!

Are there any books out there written in third person, present tense? If so, titles are great.

I've read one book in FIRST person, present tense, but don't have any in recent memory that are third person. :/

Personal research, this.

Deep thoughts about the USA.

1. do you think this country, as a whole, is more liberal or more conservative?
2. do you think liberalism and political correctness are intrinsically linked?
3. is it possible to be both liberal and not politically correct and not be a hypocrite?
4. there are questionable communities on livejournal, do you think they should be forcibly deleted (like childlove for example).
5. do you think that restricting everyday folks' individual freedoms actually makes you safer?
6. do you think thought crimes should be punished?

and a not-so-deep thought...
7. is anyone else freaking sick of database errors on lj?! AUGH.

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Is it normal for your dreams to be so realistic that you think they happened in real life?

Yesterday I was talking to my boyfriend about somewhere we went and he had no recollection of going there at all. It took me awhile, but I finally remembered that it was a dream I'd had and not real life. It's happened a couple other times in the past few weeks and it's starting to concern me.

Lyric help, please! 90's dance song.

I want to know the name of a song I've been Googling for forever it seems.
Its a song from the 90's I think, probably early 90's. I guess it could be considered dance music. You remember that era of songs. Think Jody Watley and "Secret Rendezvous" and such.

Anyway, this is what I know of the lyrics. I'm terrible at lyrics but this is the best I can remember. None of it showed up on Google.

I like the bass.
I like the good vibrations.
The way you love me gives me cool sensations.
(Later in the song, a guy's voice says)How low can you go?
(and she says)Do you really want to know?
(Later in the song, I hear this) it nice and slow.
By the time we get to my house, baby, I'll be good to go.

Possibly, she might be saying "love" instead of "like" but I remember "like".

Thank you for any help you can give. For some reason, I've been stuck on 90's pop, dance, and alternative.
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I was browsing Craig's List and noticed tons of ads for various foot fetish things. All of them specified that potential models needed "pretty feet." What constitutes a pretty foot?

Would you model at a foot worship party if you were paid $100/hour and any inappropriate guests were booted?

Would you rather only be able to have sex with somebody who you found to be the sexiest person in the world but was really bad in bed, or somebody fantastic in bed but so unattractive they turned you off?
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My friend from childhood and I are both graduating college this weekend. We're having a celebration after Christmas and we decided on giving gifts that remind us of the year we met. I decided I want to give her a book series we discovered back in the day. The problem--I have no clue what it's called.

The series has 4 books in it about teenage girls with new agey/wiccan/witch-like powers. One specializes in herbs, another in gemstones. I think it also involved some witch hunters of some sort. I believe it takes place in New England with the first book taking place on a beach and the principal at the school being an enemy they had to protect themselves against. It's been a long time since I read this.

Does anyone have any ideas what this book series might be or who wrote it? TIA.

ETA: eloe figured it out! It was the Secret Circle series by LJ Smith. Thank you so much everyone!
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Why the hell is Windows making it so hard for me to reinstall SP2? I tried to download it from here but when I click on "Download SP2 from Microsoft Update" I can't freaking find it anywhere on the list. What the hell? Someone help me. :(

EDIT: Does anyone know where I could find a bigger version of this picture?

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I am under the impression and opinion that going to a movie for a first date is kind of a no-no in the respect that conversation is lost, and there's that "should I hold his/her hand?? etc" when, it being a first date, is awkward IMO because the two people have not had a chance yet to get to know each other, and so the hand-holding, whathaveyou could possibly NOT be what either wants.

(Yay for rambling)

What say you, TQC? Movies make good first dates? If not, where/what?
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Do those of you who do not believe in "God" (i.e. the supreme almighty powerful being that created the earth and everything) think you are gullible?

What should I do with the magazine I just got from the Jehovah's Witness lady? (non-serious answers only plz)

Why do the Jehovah's Witness people like to come to my place of work and discuss religion with my husband and I?

What would you do?

Scenario: It's about 11:15 at night and you just got into bed. The doorbell rings and you are not expecting anyone. You answer the door to find a young man, about 19 years old, asking you for a ride home because he's "stranded and he doesn't have a coat." (He's wearing a basketball jersey and it's about 35 degrees outside.) He says he was trying to visit his "baby's mama" across the street, but she wouldn't let him in the house.

Do you give him a ride? If no, why wouldn't you? Explain your reasoning.

EDIT: If you don't give him a ride, what would you do or say to him?

EDIT #2: If the person answering the door was a male, does that change your answer?
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What is your opinion on collarbones? I have some pretty stand-out collarbones, and I'm a little self conscious about them. In contrast to my opinion, most of my friends say how they are jealous of my bone structure. What is going on? Is there some secret conspiracy about collarbones being the new sexy thing that I never heard about? Or are they just humoring me?

Here are a few pictures of me, so you can judge for yourself. None of them are very good, because...dude, who TRIES to take pictures of their shoulders?
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For firefox users, I used to have an add on which would randomly select an icon for me whenever I made a comment on LJ. I tried looking for it but couldn't find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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*What's your SO's middle name?!

*How was school/work today?
Eh, it was all-right. Not too much to complain about.

*Do you consider your LJ friends close friends? Eventhough you've never met them (lets say you never have!) and maybe (again, lets pretend!) never will?
I consider some of them reallyyyyy close friends. I've been on LJ for about 3 yrs now and they've been my support through some really hard times.

*Who was your last call to? Who was your last call from?
to: mom, from: boyfriend.

*What are you doing tonight?
Working on my Christmas cards.. and other 'ish..

*Ever been in an interracial relationship?
Plenty of times.

*Strangers w/ Candy vs Reno 911, which one is your favorite?!
EEEEEEK! I really can't honestly pick :(.

*WTF happened to Britney Spears?
I wish i knew. Homegirl needs a reality check A.S.A.P and some 'image consulting' like no other.
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1. what should i make for dinner monday for gaming? it needs to something fairly easy to make (keep in mind i find lasagna fairly easy to make), cooks an hour or less, and feeds about 1/2 dozen people. i'm going shopping this weekend so any ingredients are welcome.

2. i have 50$. what should i spend it on?

3. where can i find information on the Free Masons? (someone already linked me wikipedia)


For Christmas/his birthday (25th and 28th, respectively), I got my brother a Sega Genesis. This will be the first time he has ever strayed from anything in the Nintendo realm, so finding games that are for Genesis is kind of hard.

What games do you recommend for Genesis? I already have Sonic the Hedgehog (classic!).
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Sup TQC?
I now work at Books-a-million and I'm allowed to check out books when I please.
Any suggestions? My favorite books are "The Picture of Dorian Gray," "Smack," "Crank," and "Choke."
I'm mostly into gritty drug books or Chuck P. style literature.
Thanks <3

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So I got this ridiculous job assignment at work yesterday...

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I understand why my boss is having me do this, but it still seems pretty ridiculous. Plus there's no guarantee that it's even going to work.

So I put it out to all you smart people...

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better way to handle this situation? I'd probably be made Employee of the Year if I can find some better way to solve it.
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Is this common practice at your workplace?

I wanted to ask you folks about this to see what you think because I've never encountered anything like this with any job I've ever worked for.

Basically my fiance works for TD Bank North. He is scheduled to work on Christmas Eve until 9:00 pm, but the building is closing at 5:00 pm that day (something they decided just today according to him). All of the employees that were scheduled to work after 5:00 pm that day won't get paid for those hours that they were already scheduled for. The supervisors told the employees that they can possibly pick up extra hours after Christmas (which may or may not be available). Anyone scheduled to work after 5:00 pm are required to use their sick time hours to cover the hours they would've worked (had they kept their doors open till 9:00 pm as originally intended).

Is this common practice? I've really never heard of anything like that before. This just strikes me as a little odd because with TD Bank North they have closed down earlier than intended in the past for similar reasons and still paid their employees for the hours they would've worked if they had stayed open since they were already scheduled for those hours. We need the money so it would be grand if he got paid for those hours, but I'm not about to burn down the building or shit bricks over it. At this point I'm just pretty much wondering if anyone has ever heard of anything like this before because I honestly have not.

Thanks. :)

EDIT: Nevermind. His boss just called and told him that the employees scheduled to work till after 5:00 pm that night will be getting paid without having to use their sick hours for it. There was some sort of mixup apparently. I'm not sure all of the details behind it but I'm not complaining. Thanks anyway!
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Where should I go for spring break?

I don't want to spend more than 500$ on airfare and I want to go somewhere neat. It doesn't necesarily have to be warm. So far my friend and I are thinking the Canary Islands, Iceland, Prague.

Also - any cheap travel tips?

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When do you think you should let a friendship end? What is the moment of realization for you that a friendship is too damaged to repair? Have you ever ended a very long friendship due to constant issues within the friendship? What were the issues? (And I am not talking some explosive act of betrayal or some sort of drug addiction, but some underlying issue that just never passed). If you are both good people and love each other, what is enough to say, "I am choosing to leave this friendship behind"?
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I'm looking for quotes that I can put up on my walls at school. I need either quotes or sites you've used with inspirational posters - I'm willing to cut out letters to just put the quotes on the wall, or buy posters.

The problem is that this is a high school math class, so anything overly-cheesy and they won't pay attention to it. I think the hilarity of will be lost on them, unfortunately.

What were your favorite quotes that you remember seeing in school?
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Tom Scott

Any Tom Scott fans in here?

If so, would you mind clicking on this YouTube video and going to 1:54? I'm trying to find out what song is playing. It's quite difficult when there are no lyrics. :|
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Does anyone know the name of the song (and who sings it), that played towards the end of last nights finale? The one everyone was singing along with.*

Thank you :)

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Occasionally I like to save a YouTube video. I have YouTube to Me for that. It saves it as a flash file.

I just saved a video and it turned out to be 27 MB. The kicker is that it saved it in TWO SECONDS. How does this work/how is that possible?
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I just got out of a horrible relationship, and now I'm finding that I am lacking the ability to even find anyone attractive. My ex was my first love, and I wasn't really attracted to anyone besides him before.. and now that we're over.. I'm still having the 'finding anyone attractive problem'. My friends crush on several guys a week, and I'm lucky to even find one that is remotely nice and interesting in a year.

So here's my question(s):

What (in your opinion) makes someone attractive?

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If you wrestled in high school, what were the standards for making weight? Were you encouraged to fast, or take other measures to lose weight? What did you do, and how did it affect your health? How much weight did you lose? Please describe in as much detail as possible.

I'm also interested in hearing about similar experiences with other sports. Thanks!

movie. disney. [soo excited]

money woez.

So here's a kind of stupid question. My checking account got overdrawn due to a computer snafu and my bank is being a dick about it. They want like, $200+ dollars in fees because of it, and I'm ridiculously poor. If I had an extra $200 lying around I'd pay the fees like a normal person but I seriously do not. Someone suggested opening a new account with another bank and forgetting about it, and I really like that idea, but I'm ridiculously paranoid. Assuming I pay off the overdrawn amount (which is like $90), but not the fees.. What will happen, if anything? Have any of you done this before? I am already having nightmares of guys in black suits banging down my door here.
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Does anyone know where I can get a (free) subletting form? Preferably specific for Canada. I've googled it, to no avail (slash there were waaay too many hits, and all I could seem to find from them were info about subletting and forms which cost money. And sketchy websites that make all sorts of pop-ups show up.
Thanks in advance!
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sad song says so much

What's on your personal "sad song" list? What's the most sad/depressing lyric you like?

As far as lyrics go, "I'm alive and I'm alone and I never wanted to be either of those" from "Alive Alone" by the Chemical Brothers is pretty good. A few songs on my sad song list are:

Baker Baker - Tori Amos
Lonliness is Worse - Veruca Salt
Hallelujah - sung by Rufus Wainwright
Would - Alice in Chains

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Hey all,

I hope someone can help. A short while ago my friend showed me how to lock my computer (windows xp). He set it up to automatically to lock if the pc has been idle for x amount of time. This was all great to begin with but now I want it to stop automatically locking.

How do I do it?


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My dog just bit me (for the very first time in the 8 years I've had him) on the finger when I was trying to get a chicken bone out of his mouth. I have a hole on either side of my finger & it's getting pretty swollen.

I've never been bitten by a dog before & know nothing about tetnis shots & all that. Do you think I should get one?


Question: Do I need insurance to drive when I have my permit? Or does that only apply to having a license?
Did you get insurance when you got your permit?
Did you need to?
kiv dancin.
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so i just got home not that long ago.

and i got home to the sound of my parents... you know. doing it.

do i say something? do i let it lie?

do i say "hey, you all do what you need to, don't think twice about me being in the attic' etc?

or do i not say anything?
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What's the best way to start your morning?

What's the best way to start a productive morning?

What's your workout schedule?

Do you do or have you ever done indoor cycling? Did you like it? What were the results?

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If you apply to a university, get accepted, but have to turn it down for whatever reason -- would it make any sense to apply again a few years later as a transfer? Would the school look back and take your rejection of their previous acceptance into account when deciding whether or not accept you again?

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Have you ever lost your wallet/purse?

If so, how did it happen?

How much trouble did you have replacing everything?

I lost mine today. Luckily, I found it on the ground outside my house a few hours later. I was in a panic.