December 11th, 2006

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So after going into preterm labor, I'm on complete bedrest, so I'm not allowed out of bed for anything until I actually give birth. So we're guessing two to three weeks.

What are some good ideas to keep myself busy?? I cross stitch and have a project I'm working on but that only takes so much attention. I play on my laptop but that gets boring.. Someone make some good suggestions!

Might as well give this a try...

Hello thequestionclub members :)

I've been reading many of the posts here and I have had a question that I want to ask. I was in a great long distance relationship for three years but then it got a bit rocky and it recently ended. Yes, I know not all relationships last for ever but it was the way that it ended that really pisses me off and made me feel shitty. He came online during his lunch break and broke up with me over instant messenger. Not in person and not over the phone, but over the internet! So disrespectful and weak. And we haven't talked since. So my question is has anyone dumped you through IM and why the hell don't guys have the balls to do it the old fashioned way anymore? It almost feels like the internet was invented so it would be easier for guys to break up with girls lol

I forgive you internets. Its not your fault & ILU <3
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Where, in the US, can I buy Japanese-style futon mattresses, preferably feather ones?

Is there a difference between the futon mattress I bought at Costco for a frame and the ones used on tatami mats?
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Hello everyone!
I have a friend who's moving to California in about six months, I wanted to make her a cd with songs that mention California. I'm sure there are plenty, unfortunately I can only think of California by Phantom Planet off the top of my head. Thanks for the help!
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1.) Why do the old clay animated Christmas specials such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer pwn the new 3D animated Christmas specials such as Casper's Christmas or whatever this garbage is called?

2.) I used to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer while eating M&Ms when i was two or three years old, I now crave M&M's everytime I watch it.. has anything like this ever happened to you?

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Who you'd sleep with first


Who you'd sleep with first

Obi Wan Kenobi (McGreggor)
Annakin Skywalker (Christenson)
Darth Vader (black suited sith)
Han Solo
Dark Maul
Jar Jar Binks

Who you'd sleep with first


Who I'd sleep with first

Professor X
Lady Deathstrike
Jean Gray

Who I'd sleep with first

The King
Colonial Sanders

Who I'd sleep with first

Sleeping Beauty
The Beast
Snow White
Prince Charming
Buzz Lightyear
Captain Hook
I&#39;m a Quitter

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I need a good program that I can put on my desktop or in firefox that will give me tv listings and allow me to set reminders for shows that I want to watch. Any reccomendations?

Also, what are some programs that you have that you find to be most helpful on your computer? Anything besides browsers and IM programs.
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Speaking of the evils of soda ...

Okay, I made a mistake by having caffeine after noon yesterday while out with my boyfriend. It's now time for me to get ready to work. I haven't slept at all.

I have to be at work today; I have no choice about that.

What is the best way to keep a mind alert on little sleep while at work?
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Word processors...

Does anyone use WordPerfect? If so, is there a way to link documents together under the same filename? i.e. you write a short story about 3 of your pets. You save each with it's own title, under a folder you created called "pets". Is there any way to open one story and add the other two to it? Short of cut and paste?

Edit: Answered.....Thanks....

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1. How tall are you?

2. Where do you live?

3. What's the date/time where you are right now?

4. What're you doing (other than looking at LJ.)?

1. 5'6"
2. Long Island, NY
3. It's Monday, December 11th 2006. 8:49am.
4. I'm in math class. Obvs not paying attention. We're going over a quiz. I'm on my phone.


I've noticed how it's funny that where i live, people who say they are proud to be Dutch are looked at in a weird way, while if they say they're proud to live in Amsterdam, that's ok. Here it seems more normal to be proud of your city then your country. Now, I've seen and heard about Americans being proud of their country, but also some (esp. in southern states) take more pride in being Texan. Or for example, proud to live in New York

1. Where you live, is patriotism encouraged or frowned upon?
2. Are you more proud of your country, state or city?
3. What exactly is it that you're proud of?

Personally, patriotism doesn't make much sense to me, and I don't see why I should be proud of my country as it's pretty fucked up. But i'm curious at what other people feel about it.
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Given these options, what days off would you rather have?


Would your answer change if you had to work nights (11:30 PM - 7:30 AM)?


1. If you work full-time, what days off do you currently have? What hours do you work?
2. Assuming you still had to work full-time, what would your ideal hours/days off be? Why?
3. What is your official job title?
4. Would you still work even if you could afford not to? If not, what would you do with yourself?
5. Do you tend to develop relationships with co-workers (friendships, dates, that sort of thing) or do you tend to keep your co-workers as just that?
6. Would you ever date a boss/supervisor/whatever? Have you?
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Inspired by early morning browsing of Macrochan

What's your favourite image macro?

Is there any that some people think isn't funny any more, but you find totally hilarious?

I must admit to still finding "in ur base killing ur doodz" funny. As well as a lot of other 4chan stuff. I just saw something on SomethingAwful that made me giggle a little bit too, involving a seal and a bucket. And anything involving kittens puts a smile on my face, because kittens are awesome.
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Ok, great minds of TQC...I need your help this morning.

Last night I found a little present waiting for my in my closet (see picture). I immediately called my apartment complex and they sent someone out this morning to take a look. He claims that this is dirt. However, about a year ago there was a mysterious wet spot in this exact spot. It doesn't really smell.

So, TQC is it Collapse )

He said that he will send a steam cleaner out to come clean it. Should I ask someone else to come take a look before that?
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Lately it seems that whenever I get sick, I always have an upper-respiratory infection or whatever you call them instead of just a head cold. Why do you think this is? And does anyone know of any cough drops that actually WORK? I've tried a few varieties of Halls and Ricola as well as ones like Sucrets but called something else, and nothing has helped my cough. I keep getting these random tickles in my throat and all I can do is cough until I gag. Very embarrassing, and very bad that this is happening during exam week.

Also, if my boyfriend and I agree on a price limit for our Christmas gifts this year, would it be bad of me to go beyond the limit anyway? The thing is that he works two jobs so he doesn't have a lot of spare cash, but I really love to buy gifts for people and a $20 limit is not something I can work with. I don't think he'd get mad, but he would probably feel guilty that he couldn't spend more on me.

EDIT Ah, I should also add that everything he wants is over $20, so I feel sort of stuck as far as figuring out what to get him.
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1. So, what do you think about people who ask for longer entries to be put behind a cut? Is it perfectly resonable for them to ask that, or are they just being whiny? Is it common courtesy to put longer entries and pictures behind a cut? This made sense to me back when dial-up was more predominant, but now it seems like everyone has faster internet. So are these people just lazy and don't want to scroll, or what?

2. How many of the entries on TQC do you think you end up reading? Rough percentage?

3. My boyfriend pretty much hates Christmas (he thinks it's too commercial, and he's not a Christian, all the standard reasons) and doesn't want me to get him anything (material). He's getting me two presents. I tell people this and they say that he's lying, that I should get him a present anyway, etc. What would you, personally, do in this situation? (I'm going to make him something- comic or something equally sentimental-- he likes that kind of stuff)

4. Do you read everyone's replies to a question or do you just answer and move on?

5. Who can you blame when you hate the internet? I get the feeling blaming Al Gore is a little amiss.
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Assuming we could legalize marijuana, and regualte it and tax the hell out of it, what should we spend the money on?

Do you know of anyone who grows their own tobacco?
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Anniversaries and presents

So yesterday was the 7th anniversary of when my husband and I first started dating back in the day. I wasn't wanting to do anything super special, but maybe a nice dinner or something. I wasn't thinking anything expensive, as a matter of fact, I was planning on cooking at home. He told me that we shouldn't celebrate it anymore and he wasn't going to get me a present since we are married. I wasn't asking for one, I was just wanting to acknowledge the day.

For those of you who are married, do you still do something on the anniversary you got together?

I can't stand my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. They don't like me either. Every year for Christmas, we get them presents. Every year for Christmas, they get me squat and get something for my husband. Every year for their birthdays, we get them presents. Every year for Joe's birthday he gets something and I get squat. I'm not into the whole giving presents because we "should". If you're an asshole to me, I'm not getting you anything. I told my husband that I didn't want to get them anything this year because they treat me like dirt and he got pissed. He tried to say that we "had" to get them something and I told him we didn't have to do anything of the sort. No one "deserves" a present at Christmas time. I don't think anyone should be "entitled" to anything this time of year. He finally gave in, but now he's trying to make me feel crappy about the situation, which I don't and I won't.

Who's right? Should we get them presents because they are "family"? Or should we go with my gut and give them nothing since that's how they treat me?

You crazy fellow college kids

a) Have you sold back your texts yet?

b) Where?

c) How much did you get?

d) How much did ou spend in the first place?

e) What's the most you've ever gotten back?

f) the least?

a) Just did, that's why I'm asking!
b)The campus book store.  I need the cash now, so I didn't feel like messing with selling them online
c) 147.25!
d) about 490 DX
e) 160 some, my first semester here.
f) about 60 bucks my second semester, lol

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Say you knew someone who worked at their family's business and they were stealing hundreds of dollars a day and coving up the evidence, and also letting two others who are friends that work there do the same.... would you tell the family what their child and these other people were doing? Also would your answer change if you were really close with the family and you used to be romantically linked with the person stealing the money? Would you just leave it up to karma?
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In 50 years, what do you think the internet will be like?

I have no idea, other than probably magical and amazing. I bet all of the TQC veterans will be saying "back in my day the internet was just a series of tubes! AND WE HAD TO WALK FIVE FEET ACROSS THE ROOM TO GET ONLINE AND ASK WEIRD QUESTIONS."
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1)When folks on your friends list delete their journals, do you remove them or leave them up? Do you try and find out what's up with them and why they deleted their journal?

2)What is your most drowsy time of day?

3)What time of day would you say you feel horniest/most horny (not sure which to use)?

4)What is your ancestry/heritage?

5)How did you know you loved your SO (if you do)? Joke answers only, plz. (No, seriously. I really do wanna know)

Song Lyrics & Emergency Procedures

Hello. It's been a while since I last posted a question.

Two questions:

1. Does this line/lyric: "Hey sad; hey sure. I'm not perfect, I'm still messed up, and I'm all yours." sound familiar to you? I saw it in somebody's forum signature and I couldn't get the line out of my head. I'm hoping to find out where the line originated from. Google hasn't turned up anything relevant.

2. When a lone driver or passer-by gets into an accident and is unconscious or dead, how do paramedics contact their next-of-kin? I was wondering about that because I don't carry my contact details, nor that of my parents, inside my wallet or cell phone.

Thanks in advance.

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Hypothetically, you are a stay at home mom of a one year old.  Your sister in law emails you and asks if you can do her a favor since you are 'home all day, hanging out'.  She asks if you can scan 'a few thousand pictures' and upload them to a site for her.  This needs to all be done by Christmas.  Do you expect her to pay you for this, since it will take weeks?  If so, how much?

What tasks are you dreading doing today? 
(I have to go to the post office, ugh)

What are your plans for the week?
Do you make a to-do list for every day?
What is the longest you'd stay on hold before hanging up? 
(I'm at 24 minutes right now, I'm getting close)

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Do you know any female celeberties/models/famous person who've had nice looking short, dark hair at any point in their careers?

I want to get a short haircut and it's easier to find good pics of celebrities with nice 'dos to show the stylist than looking for an actual hair stle.
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Movies & Propaganda ?'s

Has anyone else heard that Forrest Gump was a right wing propaganda film disguised as a heart warming family film?
I just heard it today for the first time. I can see the argument since Jenny went to Berkeley, anti-war protests, hung out with hippies and the Black Panthers, and ended up getting involved with drugs and dying of AIDS. Forrest, the good southern boy that always followed orders ends up being über wealthy. I'd never thought of it like that before though, and I still like the movie.

Are there any movies that you think (or heard about) contain 'hidden' propaganda?
Supposedly there's a big commotion over Happy Feet being left wing propaganda. I haven't seen it yet though.
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I have some mistletoe sprigs tied up with pretty ribbon to give to my neighbors as Holiday gifts. I want to include a card with a catchy saying that relates to mistletoe.

Any ideas? I am drawing a total blank.
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Do you ever use shorthand when you write?

Looking over my journal [handwritten one], I noticed that there's extensive use of my own form of shorthand writing. Some things are spelled phonetically, a lot of words are combined or abbreviated in unusual ways. Sometimes I write in ASL instead of english. When I die people will probably think I am an idiot who can't spell.

Additionally, when a person dies is their journal fair game for reading?

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when you press his hand, he says these phrases and more:
-"Let's just cuddle tonight."
- "Actually, I'm not sure which way to go. I'll turn in here and ask directions."
- "Here, you take the remote. As long as I'm with you, I don't care what we watch."

i bring this up because my office is having our christmas party tomorrow and it's going to be a "white elephant" gift exchange - no more than $5, or a regift of something...
i'm giving this...

1. what's the most unusual/humourous/craziest gift you've ever received?
2. and one you've ever given someone?
3. what do you consider a "fun" gift?
4. you plan on getting someone something unusual/humourous/crazy this year (either christmas/b'day)?
4a. if so - what is it?
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The Receptionist Classic

So you've had a bad day?

One thing I like about Christmastime is the plethora of tree lots all over the place. (I know, bad bad bad, cutting down trees.) The smell of Christmas trees relaxes me.

Today started off well but wound up in the crapper. Would it be really weird of me to go to a tree lot and walk around, smelling the trees?

Like I said, today has just been shitty. I've been dreaming up ways to abuse/torture/etc my lazyass co-workers all day. What are some good ways to get back at the lazy co-workers? (Note: I'm not actually going to do anything to them, other than throw plastic bottle caps at them. But it's calming to imagine poking them with cattle prods.)
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Final Fantasy 7

I'll be reaaaallllly surprised if someone can help me here (and please do not refer me to I've been there and I can't find it).

Soooo, this may seem kinda silly. But I just earned Omnislash from the battle arena, and Cloud already knows finishing touch. How exactly do I teach him his level 4 limit break?
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Xmas Flicks

What is your most favorite Christmas movie to watch?

A Christmas Story
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
Miracle on 34th Street
A Christmas Carol
The Polar Express
A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Snowman
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nutcracker
Love Actually
Little Women
White Christmas
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

More... (you may vote for 2 movies if you want)

Home Alone
The Family Stone
The Santa Clause
Ernest Saves Christmas
Bad Santa
Jingle All The Way
Bridget Jones's Diary
Other (leave a comment)

Do you look forward to seeing "Black Christmas"?

I have no idea what it is about.

I hope this isn't considered asking for y'all to do my homework for me...

Does anyone have any good links about psychological therapy for Gender Identity Disorder in adults? Everything I find simply says that early involvement is key to "curing" the problem, but I'm writing a paper on how to diagnose and treat GID in an adult female. My textbook only offers therapeutic advice for young boys - not terribly helpful. I'm not interested in the politics of the issue and whether or not it "should" be "cured" (well, at least not right now, I just want to get this stupid paper done), which is the remaining percentage of what I've found.

If this counts as asking y'all to do my homework for me, ignore it. I wouldn't ask, but I've reached the end of my tether. Just completely at a loss as to where to look. The professor has studiously ignored my emails (it's an internet course) and have no idea what to make of her criticisms. But...that's probably not something y'all can help me with.

Edit: I think I'm set, although I'm totally fucked when it comes to the paper in general (I'm supposed to "explain in detail the underlying causes and dynamics involved in the psychopathology of your character(s)," which is proving to be next to impossible when you're dealing with a "disorder" that's thought to be biological in nature - actually, if anyone has any tips on that, I'd love you forever), thanks!
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DVDs by mail

Blockbuster or Netflix for DVD's by mail?

Blockbuster is tempting for the instore rentals. I've heard if you rent too much from Netflix they bump down your priority for a popular DVD.

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I have a betta fish who is living helicopter-style in his vase. I'm getting a 10g tank for him and I would like him to have some company.  I'm wondering:

1) do male bettas get along with Neons? (those tetra fish thingys)
2) what other kind of fish do male bettas get along with?
3) post your fish pic!


Dog food bowls? Etc.

Does anyone know where I can get a dog food bowl that has little rubber nubs or spikes in it that force the dog to slow down while she eats? My vet recommended it ... or does anyone have any alternatives to keeping my dog from wolfing down her food in seconds?

Alternatively: what's the best thing that's happened to you today? The worst?
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How do you feel about Cindy Sheehan?

Personally, I think she's a little over-the-top.  I support what she stands for, but it seems like she's trying too hard for publicity, and she's starting to give women a bad name.  I believe in bringing the troops home, but having a group called "Women say no to War" just make women look like nay-sayers, and pretty much throws us back into the 1930's.  She has a good political platform, but I would personally have some other person spear-heading the fight against the war.
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Care Package

My little sister is taking her first college final exams next week, and I want to send her a care package. I'm going to send some home-baked M&M cookies, and I'm planning to buy some stuff at Target from the $1 spot (which she loves). I'll probably include some assorted candy, too.

What else should I put in the care package?

Her food preferences change constantly (whatever her favorite food was last month, she might hate it now). My parents buy her pretty much anything she wants and give her allowance money, and she has a meal plan at school.
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What album or song encapsulates teenager-dom to you?
Would you consider the band Television to be punk?
If money were no object, would you prefer to buy paperbacks or hardcovers?
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So, I previously mentioned my hard drive's ominous click, click, click. You, and other people since then, suggested I back up my files and turn my computer off until I can get it checked out.
Collapse )

Non nerd question:
I have leftover chinese in a styrofoam box from Saturday night (General Tso's chicken + steamed rice), and I have a baked potato in tinfoil with butter and mushrooms from Sunday night.
Which one will go bad first (and thus must be eaten soonest)?

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Does anybody know of anything that gives you energy? That's legal of course. lol. I have noticed that I am just so drained. I know some of it has to do with not getting enough sleep, but getting more isn't an option....
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Hypothetical question inspired by some witnessed recent behaviour. :)

You have a small and semi-literate child. (Reading fluently, but not at all good at writing yet.) It's Christmas card time. The SASLC has willingly written his name quite neatly on the first half-dozen, begrudgingly scrawled in the second half-dozen, and very sulkily scribbled in the last few. Now he refuses to even have his hand held to write the remaining blank cards. You haven't yet done Grandma's card, but the uncles' and aunties' cards are finished. Grandma is going to be upset if her card isn't as cute as theirs.

SASLC totally refuses to consider writing in this card, and they all need to go in the mail tonight. Do you forge his 'signature'?

Edit: In fairness to my own small child, mother, and mother-in-law, I should probably stress that this genuinely is a hypothetical question, and didn't arise out of anything that happened to us. I know the Grandma in the situation that inspired it and yeah, she should definitely grow up. In practice the mother has another couple of days before the cards really need to go into the post anyway, so I'm sure it will resolve happily for everyone. I'm struck by the idea that if it really mattered that much she shouldn't have left Grandma's card until last!
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Where's that post with all the image macros & cat macros?

& incase that doesn't count as a real question:

What was your first pet's name? What sort of animal was it?

[Edit]: To add my first pet + name: Lizzy, a really, really old Iguana. She died when I was like 4, & my dad had her for like 20 years or something (that could be exagerated, but that's what he told me..). MY first pet was a rat named Buttercup. (:
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Two questions.

Question 1:

Are there any useful websites for... I guess life in general?

For example, there's Ask MetaFilter for general advices (have to pay to post tho), Vault for education and jobs (have to pay), Legal Advice for law (free, yay!), cardoffers for best credit card offers, Free Money Finance and Blueprint for financial-related materials.

List me anything you found helpful in your life! I'm willing to pay member fees if the website is really good but you get an e-cookie if it's free! =)

Question 2:

What things should one do before/after graduating from college and entering the work force?

I've already got a list of things I need to figure out: getting student loans organized, start saving (figure out how), figure out taxes, figure out transportations (rent or buy car), set goals for work, etc. I already got a job lined up and staying in the same apt., so at least I'm okay with those two.

What else do I need to start thinking about? Is there anything else I'm missing? It doesn't have to be financial but please nothing like go celebrate or take a vacation =)


A Something Or Other
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Is it 2008 yet? [OP edit @ 4:35am 12/12]

1) Do you know who Barack Obama is?

2) If you do...Opinions?...Thoughts?
I'm an Al Gore man, through and through. But I think a Gore/Obama ticket would be unbeatable in '08 and being VP for eight years would certainly season Senator Obama quite nicely.
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Back story: friend who is planning to go to college in Hawaii within the next year. Is depressed because she cannot go immediately. I've been making her little comics to cheer her up, the main focus of them being why she should not go to Hawaii [and leave me behind].

So, realistically or ridiculously, what are some of the dangers of Hawaii?

[Excessive water, etc.]
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I just dyed my hair about a half an hour ago. There is more red on my scalp, than on my hair. How can I get the dye out of my scalp, without getting it out of my hair? It's the kind of dye that washes out after like 10 washes.

Also, I've dyed my hair a few times before and this has never happened. Why would it happen this time? Is it the type of dye, or the color, or something entirely different? The other times I've dyed it brown.

I'll probably end up washing it a bunch of times to get all of the dye out. It looks pretty weird/bad. There would be pictures, but my computer is refusing to recognize my camera.

EDIT: Picture. I was having trouble with the self timer.
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Does anybody know of a nice brand that sells wallets?

I'm purchasing for my mother. I'm looking for a checkbook wallet, simple - solid and black, snap or magnetic closure, quality, probably leather, and below 200$. Priced around 100$ to 150$ or so would be great. I've been rattling my brain for department store names and brands. From Coach to Nordstrom to Saks, etc. I've looked everywhere (online, but I'll be venturing into stores tomorrow), so any suggestion that might provide me with what I described could be helpful.
Sorry my questions suck lately. 'Tis the season.