December 10th, 2006

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Do you prefer your christmas lights to be big or small?

Do you prefer them chasing, blinking, or stationary?

Do you like multicolored or all one color? What color?

Do you put lights up? Do you put anything else up?
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what bizarre opening-things/activating-devices behaviors do you have?

for example-- when I unwrap a paper-wrapped straw, I usually pick it up, bite about two inches from the end, rip off the long part of the paper and then spit out the end. I have no idea when this started being the way I did it, but it's totally reflex now.

When i have a retractable pen (with the clicky part on the end) i usually pick it up as if i'm going to write with it, and push the button against my forehead to click it. I've gotten some strange looks... Again, no idea when that started being the way I did it...
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What did you do on your 21st birthday? What can 21 year-olds do that younger people can't?

I'm already planning to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon and then then drinking alcohol while seeing strippers at a casino. Am I missing anything?
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Following on from a previous post:

Who reported my pic to lj abuse?

In my defence, I didn't know it was against the rules (to have it as a default) & noone told me before reporting me.

Is anyone offended by said userpic?

I mean, I know a few people have been confused, curious, and a little shocked, but I didn't thnk I had offended anyone.

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Putting enzymes in the caramel, freezing the caramel, hollow molds and more... how DO they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar? So many different sites disagree with each other. Does anyone know 100?

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When it comes to describing god/faith/religion etc... I've often heard the following phrase:

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible."

I've heard this in different variations but always the same general meaning from different people associated with different religions.

What do you think, valid definition of a faith that cannot be described in words or a cop-out because they really don't know the answers themselves and just don't want to admit it?

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If you're in love, do you want to be with that person ALL the time? And do you miss them when they're not there?

Because neither of these things apply to me. My boyfriend would see me everyday if he could, but seeing him on weekends is more than enough for me. So i was wondering if that means I'm not really in love, or that it's just my character. I've had this with all my boyfriends except one.

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Do you have a graphics tablet?

What do you think the best graphics tablet on the market is?

What do you use your tablet for?

I have a Wacom Graphire 3 that I got a few years ago and it's dying.
I use it to draw in Flash, Photoshop CS 2, and Illustrator.

Girft Ideas

I need some help thinking of gift ideas. I'm going to be mailing holiday cards to a bunch of people that I know over the internet, but I'd like to include some sort of "special surprise" or a small gift or something with it. Something small that will fit in a normal size envelope.

Any ideas?

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Which do you say:

*Merry Christmas*
*Happy Holidays*
*Happy Hanukah* (spelling?)
*Other-state what*

Me and my grandmother constantly have fights, because when she talks to someone she says "Merry Christmas" her being Roman Catholic and all, but I always say "Happy Holidays" to people beacuse you never know what they beleive or practice
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wrapped presents?

ok, I'm flying out to my grandparents' for Xmas on Xmas Eve. I won't have much time to wrap presents once I get there so I was going to wrap them here. I thought I remembered TSA having a rule about no wrapped presents in carry-ons, but I went to their website and can't find anything about it. Anybody know?

ETA: OK, I'll just mail them, thank you!
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Personal safety

1. How often do you keep your residence door(s) locked?

2. For vehicle owners, how often do you keep your vehicle doors locked?

3. What kind of checkups and shots should we be taking? Such as colonoscopy, flu shot, pelvic exam and pap smear.
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Hey guys,

My boyfriend is 24, and trying to quit smoking after being a smoker for ten years.

Today is day three of not smoking. He's been using nicotine patches (on his arm, once a day, as directed on the instructions), and we tried smoking a few herbal cigarettes yesterday (but he didn't really like them), and he was doing great until last night.

He kept waking up throughout the night, moaning with severe stomach pains, only on the right side of his stomach (I think this is where the liver is, but I'm not sure.) He is currently moaning in pain still, and cannot get out of bed.

I was just wondering if anyone knows what's going on, or has been through this themselves and can relate, as I'm starting to worry that this isn't a routine symptom of nicotine/cigarette withdrawal and might mean something more serious. Should we make a doctor's appointment?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Found Money

You and a friend are at a bar. Off in the corner where no one is, and it looks like no one has been for some time, there is a 20 dollar bill on the floor. Your friend spots it first, and you walk over and pick it up. There isn't anyone else around in this particular area of the bar.

What do you do?
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Europe 07

As my birthday present to myself, I officially booked a two week vacation to England and the Netherlands in the spring, anyone have suggestions on where to go and what to see? (specifically my flights land in London and Amsterdam)
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Ok, since I attended my first company holiday party last night, I have to ask you guys...
What crazy stories do YOU have from company holiday parties?

At mine last night I got drunker than I've ever been before. Then the CEO of the company was drunk drunk drunk and he came up to a group of us girls with no dates and told us how glad he was to see some legs finally. He's in his 50s and usually a sweetie so we just laughed it off (I'm 22, the other girls in the group were 25 and 28). Then one of the girls pointed out to him my shoes saying "aren't they cute!" and he said he hadn't made it that far yet. Then later in the night, he gave a wacked out drunk speech that made no sense. After that, he came up to me (didn't see him do this to anyone else, but I was drunk, so who knows), and he put his arm around me and told me how beautiful I was and that I looked really good in a creepy staring way. The President of the company was about to have a nervous breakdown worrying about sexual harassment suits, but it was all good. We're a laid back crowd and all of us did things that we don't want to remember on Monday ;) The thing I did that I don't want to remember (aside from stumbling around drunkenly and giggling a lot) was dancing with this guy in my office that I NEVER get along with. ::shudder::
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My Mom and Dad really don't have any recent pictures of my brother, sister, and I as a whole. So for Christmas I want to get some taken.

What's a good (decently priced) place that'll take a group photo plus some singles? I don't like the ones I've seen in the mall. The photos always seem to turn out horribly airbrushed (I don't want my entire face to be hex #FFFFFF) or very cheesy (my brother, sister, and I are not hardcore gangsters that try to look tough in pictures). Am I right about these places? I've never been to one, but that's the impression I get.
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I heard about a book that the Literature Nobel Prize committee voted unanimously to receive the award (I think this year, or in fairly recent years), but the overall Nobel Prize committee vetoed it. Does anyone know what this book is?

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At what point of "My computer is making odd noises" do I need to panic and back up everything?

It's like a ticking clock, almost, except instead of ticking it's a computer- thinking-grindy-startup sortof noise.

It seems to be any time my computer is "thinking hard," (accessing a flash drive, reloading several firefox tabs at once),and for about thirty seconds after, so I don't know if it's something to be concerned about.

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Are there any songs you can't listen to because it reminds you of something you'd rather not remember?

Are there any places you can't go because it reminds you of something you'd rather not remember?

Anything else? Books or poems you can't read? People you can't talk to?

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I have to write a 5+ page research paper on a "social problem", preferrably something specific (for example, 'discrimination against women in the workplace' as opposed to 'discrimination'). I want it to be something I'll enjoy researching and that will stand out, but nothing that's going to be impossible (or even somewhat difficult) to find information on, as the paper is due kind of soon.

Any suggestions for a good 'social problem' to write this paper on?

Please note that I'm asking for suggestions, not homework help. I have some ideas and will be able to complete the paper whether or not someone comes up with a good suggestion, I'd just like to see what ideas people have that I might want to use for the topic of the paper.


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In what countries, European or otherwise, are people openly affectionate with friends and family, including male friends and family members? I'm not asking about romantic PDAs, only platonic.

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I have a bunch of my 1 year old daughters toys that I need to clean off.  I have a big bucket of them, adn they are all plastic...what can I soak them in to avoid washing each one? I have no bleach, and no dishwasher.  Can I just soak them in soapy water and rinse and dry them? Or can I use Clorox Anysurface? These all go in her mouth all the time, so that's why I'm asking :) Thank you!
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U.S. restaurants & tips

Does anyone know in which restaurants tips are shared among staff and in which restaurants tips are not shared among staff?

Also, who decides that tips are shared or not- corporate or the store owner?

If you know that a restaurant makes waiters split tips with the rest of the staff, are you more likely to give them the standard 15% even if they did an excellent job and you'd normally give more?
My boyfriend and I were discussing this and he said he'd be inclined to just leave 15% because the waiter isn't really going to see any extra from it and he's feel like "What's the point?"
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Have you ever been to Africa?

If you've been, what part, and what was it like?
If you haven't, would you ever want to go, and if so, what part?
Do you know anyone who has ever joined te peace corps?

Do you like Tim Burton?
Sacha Baron Cohen has a part in Sweeney Todd. I hope Tim Burton becomes an hero.
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Over Christmas break from school I'm going to work on some art for my room. My initial idea was to take a piece of posterboard, quarter it, and then do the same design on each piece but in a different medium -- one in crayon, one in watercolor... and I don't know what the other two should be. I'm entertaining the idea of becoming acquainted with a new medium like oils or pastels or something different that I haven't used before. Any suggestions on that?

And then I got to thinking -- should I still do this on posterboard or should I seek out some other kind of paper to do this on?
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*For heterosexual married/dating people:

1)when you and your significant other drive somewhere, who drives? why?

*Holidays (assuming you celebrate any December holidays at all):

2) Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?

3) As a child (or now) what was your favorite x mas special on T.V.?

4) Has anything really shocking happened during a family holiday get-together (ex: a grandparent coming out of the closet, a relative dying on that holiday, dogs eating the whole dinner, etc.)?

"Party Pastry Maker"?

Does anyone know if this sort of appliance has a more conventional name I could search for it by? That seems to be the only thing called "Party Pastry Maker" and it's the only product of its kind I've managed to find.

The one we used to own (and I'm trying to replace and have been hunting for a decade and a half since I was a small child thing, haha) was made by Black & Decker, made only six, but larger, round (not oblonge) cups at time, but did use dough and worked like a waffle iron. When I contact Black & Decker to ask about it they never have any idea what I'm talking about and claim they never sold anything like that. All the kitchen appliance stores I've been to look at me like I'm crazy too.

Does anyone know what I'm even talking about, and where else I might be able to get one in the United States?
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question: are insurance bills based on your postal address or your permanent address?

the reason i am asking: we just moved to a high-risk zip code, and it caused our car insurance to more than double. we are about 5 minutes from a lower-risk county and are considering getting a post office box at that post office. it would only be worth if companies based rates on the mailing address as opposed to the permanent address.

question 2: can you get a PO box in a county other than the one in which you reside?


1.) So, my Mom recently got a job at an airport, she now receives discounts on flights to anywhere for the whole family. I've always wanted to go to Hungary because my grandfather was from there (after WW1 he and his father got out of a concentration camp and he was adopted out to an american family here... long story). I'd like to go and see the old country with my Dad. Does this sound like a good idea? Where would we go? What interesting places could we visit? Any suggestions?

2.) I seem to only attract the 'asshole' type of guy. You know the type, the ones who just want sex and they treat you like dirt, verbally/emotionally abuse you ... etc. The ones who don't call you, don't talk about you, and treat you like a piece of meat. Any suggestions on what I can do/ways to act to ward off said type of guys?

3.) Should I put pickles on my grilled cheese sandwich?

4.) Is there anything I can do (anything except self-help books or programs) to boost my self-esteem? I'm 19 and it seems like I'm having a mid-life crisis. lol I really want to be a kid again..
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Poll #886187 What type of tree?

Which type of tree do you prefer during the holiday season?

Real (live) tree
Fake tree
No tree

2. Where and how can I make new friends? It seems that most people find friends either at school (I'm out of school), or at work (all older married w/ children people). I don't just want to walk up to people in random places and be like, "Hi, be my friend, ok?" Where have you met friends outside of work and school?

3. What are not expensive things that my husband and I can go out and do? We're sick of going to the bar but we're also trying to save money. There are a million shows I want to see, but at $50 per ticket, it ain't happening. We're in Chicago so this should be easy, but we're drawing a blank.

4. What do you think about the final episode of the Amazing Race?

Should I stay or should I go?

So, I just finished a huge paper.  Go me.

Now here's the deliema.  I have a Organic. Chem final tomorrow for which I need to study. I've bsaically been eating random things today (read: whatever the hell is in my dorm room), and could really use an actual meal.  Now, should I just eat some yogurt, stay in the room and study?  Or should I walk down to the dinning center?

Does the fact that I'll be missing family guy at 8 if I go eat change your mind?
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Like A Virgin is about

a girl who digs a guy with a big dick
a vulnerable girl who meets a nice sensitive guy

I think it's odd that all of you picking "neither" aren't telling me what it's about.
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Inspired by a previous question...

What is your opinion on age differences in romantic relationships?  I've seen people bothered by more than a couple of years, and then there are the May-December relationships.  So where's your line?

I'm not really sure I have one.  My ex was (still is for all I know, shows how much I care) 13 years older than I am.  People commented constantly on how they would have thought, from the way we acted, that I was the older one.
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does anyone know about a movie from the 80s about an elf or other small mythical creature who is king of a forest and is under a spell? some kids come to help him get out of it. it was put out by FHE before it was bought out. they had some great movies. i checked on thier site, none of the older ones are listed. i can't find it in google search.

also, what car insurance company do you use, and do you recommend it for a high-risk zip code and two cars?

whats the best way to beat a ticket (other than not speeding in the first place)?
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Poll #885984 New Language

If you were given the time and money necessary to learn a new language that you have never spoke before, what would it be?

Other (please comment)

And why?
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Would valve oil or slide grease be suitable to use as lube for anal sex? Which one would be better? Anyone ever tried it?

Failing that, are there any other substances available in a music storeroom (ie instruments & amps) that would do the job?

Anyone ever had their teacher come on to them? Or got that impression?
If it would violate comm rules (unsure about this) don't go into detail, I'm just curious as to how many it's happened to.

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are you now, and have you been an eater of the fruitcake?
if yes - do you like the store kind or homemade?
if not - would you use it to fill in potholes on the freeway or throw it at someone?
perhaps make up your uses...
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1. How's it going? rather well, i should be asleep.. i was really trying to get my sleeping schedule back on track but i don't think it's going to happen.
2. Do you like to take pictures? i prefer to take pictures of other people or of scenery but i absolutely hate people taking pictures of me.. i just hate how i look in them.
3. Did you visit someone/go out of town this weekend!? i went to Tulsa (it's about a 2hr drive), to visit my boyfriend.
4. Are you wearing pj's? yes.
5. Can you dance? i cannot. but it still doesn't stop me from doing it :x.

One Serious and One Stupid

1. Have you ever set a hard boundary for yourself that you ended up crossing? What was the boundary? Do you regret crossing it? Did you set up a new boundary afterward?

2. Myspace question: Are you in the top 8 for all of your friends who are in your top 8? Would you care if you put someone in your top 8 and they didn't reciprocate? In what cases would or would you not care?

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Are there any ways to get out of a cell phone contract without actually paying the termination fee?
Sprint has been screwing me over for a year and a half now. They have spent months charging me for things I had repeatedly, explicitly wanted to remove from my plan, and I have spent far too much money on features that I never wanted in the first place. Plus, I don't even get service in my house (or anywhere, for that matter), and they have sucky phones. I really want out, but I really don't want to pay them even more money.
Unfortunately, I have no record of repeatedly going into the store/calling customer service to ask them to remove things from my plan.
What can I do?

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I've come to learn that one of the genres of music I like has the label of "house music" so I'm wondering if you can recommend some good house music artists for me.

Oh, sorry, that's not a question.

Could you please recommend some house music artists for me to listen to?

Thank you.

EDIT: For those who have been to Disney World, did you love/hate it? Why?
What's a must-see? What must I avoid? Best place for cheap entrance tickets? Recommendations?

Keep in mind I don't really care about rides. I'm a Busch Gardens, Seaworld, Epcot kind of person.

another soda inquiry

here's something i wonder just about every day but never thought to ask here until i saw that past entry about diet soda. whenever i try to drink a regular soda or even just eat something sugary, i get a definitely noticeable sourish taste in my mouth that sticks around until i brush my teeth. does this happen to anyone else? and what the damn hell?! people think i'm a tool for drinking diet sometimes but this is why i do.
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If buying a calendar of photographs from an animal shelter (with all proceeds being donated to said animal shelter), which would you be more likely to buy?

All photographs are black and white
All photographs in color