December 9th, 2006

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A while back I came across a website with stories of people's hallucinations. If I remember correctly it was divided in sections, like hallucinations from drugs and lack of sleep and such. Has anyone been to that website? And does anyone know the url?
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How can I get through a memorial service at the Kingdom Hall where almost everybody's a Jehovah's Witness?

I happen to be an ex J.W., but many in my family still are. I'm sure some of my old friends will be showing up as well. It's going to put me into a very awkward situation. :/ The memorial service's for my great grandmother so I'd have to be there to support my great grandfather and his family.

I'm kinda shaking right here. Maybe it's the cold weather, lol.
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AIM software

Could you all compare the differences between all the different AIM software? IE: dead AIM, AIM Triton, AIM 6.0, and others if there are?

For those of you with AIM 6.0, are the AIM logs saved in the folder forever until you delete them, like dead AIM's?

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1. For those in customer service: Are you allowed to accept tips? Why or why not?
I work at Subway and got a tip yesterday. I was pretty excited about it (I'd never gotten a tip before, but a couple of my coworkers had). I mentioned it in passing to my best friend (and former coworker) this evening, and he told me we're technically not allowed to take tips. I asked why, and he said corporate just says we can't. We're also not supposed to have a penny cup out because "it looks like a tip jar", but we keep a tiny plastic penny cup out anyway.

2. Why do some people type
their entries or replies like this?
Are they trying to give the impression
that they're "deep" or "poetic",
or is it something else entirely
of which I'm completely unaware?
It seriously gets on
my fucking nerves.

3a. Do you make your own LJ icons?
I made some of them. I'm just now figuring out how to do animated ones, so I'm losing a lot of time (and, sadly, sleep) to that.
3b. What's your most recently added icon (whether or not you made it)?
Editted to use my newest one. :)
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major fruit fly problem

Ok, I've about had it with this problem and I thought I would post about it here to see if anyone can give me any suggestions.

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In the meantime is there anything else that we can do to make this annoying problem a little easier and less stressful to deal with? Thanks for any suggestions/help that any of you can offer about this.
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What does a (romantic) kiss mean to you?

Are you the type who kisses without thinking, without a connection except maybe with certain people?
Or are you the type who takes every kiss seriously and with passion?

I was talking to a friend right now who said that the way he knows if he's really made a connection with someone romantically is through a kiss, and the only way to know if he truly loves someone is through their kiss (on top of other things, of course). Your thoughts?

*is still waiting to be kissed*

Your least favorite smell

Since we did a smell question just a bit ago, what is your least favorite smell? Like something that has always made you recoil in the bottom of your heart?

I personally hate the smell of freshly-cut grass, especially in the summer. It is the smell of death to me.

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1. How do you eat cauliflower (if you eat it)?

2. Do you get mad when your friends are sucky customers?

3. What's your favorite smell?

My Answers:
1. I eat it raw.

2. So much. We were at subway the other day, and my friend got 'the works, no pickles' on her sanwich (I don't even know what's in the works, I didn't look at the sign). She freaked out cause there were sweet peppers on her sandwich. It wasn't so sucky, because she only complained to us. But every thirty second she made a face and would say 'fucking sweet peppers'. I never wanna hear the word sweet peppers again.
Edit because that wasn't that sucky.
She was glaring at the guy behind the counter, who didn't make her sandwich. And when I told her to deal with the peppers and stop complaining, or politely ask them to make her a new sandwich she said 'I don't need to be polite. I paid them for this shit.'
Its still not terrible, I'm glad she sat there complaining, rather then getting mad at the guy for something that wasn't his fault.

3. Roses. And fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
What's that smell?!

10 Random Questions -- Please Enjoy.

1. How do you eat your reese's peanut butter cup?

2. Do you prefer the mini-cups or the normal sized ones?

3. Do you freeze reese's peanut butter cups for a frozen treat?

4. What languages are you fluent in?

5. How many cousins do you have?

6. How many pairs of shoes do you own (all types of shoes -- slippers, heels, flip-flips etc...)?

7. Can you make a burrito with your tounge? A clover? Anything else?

8. Favorite jokes?

9. Best prank you've ever seen/heard about/performed?

10. First word that comes to your mind with this list:
-Halloween  -Orange  -Cup  -Vegetable
-Hot  -Mean  -Fire  -Run  -Jumping  -Kiss
-America  -Crazy  -Cereal  -High  -Low  -Ground  -Hug

Mean boyfriend! Birthday food! Finals!

My boyfriend told me my breath smelled bad this morning, but I know he was bullshitting because I brushed my teeth before he woke up! Is this normal? Is he just trying to be funny? Am I being uptight?

My birthday is Sunday and I get to have two birthday "dinners." If it were your birthday and you got to eat at any two places, where would you pick? I'm going to Houston's for lunch and Texas de Brazil for dinner.

For those of you in school: when do you finish up the semester? What are your grades going to be like? I am done on the 12th, and I'm betting I will have a couple As (hopefully), a B, and something kind of hovering between utter failure and moderate success.
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I'm looking for a boarding school in the NYC area for high school students, with a specialty in dealing experience with students with severe depression/anxiety. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh crap.

EDIT: There are such things as stupid questions, and this one (me panicking about stupid exam stuff online) was indeed a shining example of it.
I hide the stupid via a cut, so as not to waste your time further. My apologies to all.
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Hate propaganda?

A few weeks ago, a bunch of flyers were put up around our University advertising an upcoming "Awareness Blitz" for sexual abuse, etc.

The flyers included statistics such as "1/3 of women will be sexually abused in thier lifetime" or "Lets change the statement to "Don't Rape" instead of "Don't get raped"

There was also one that said, "60% of men polled, age 20-30" (or something like that), "said they would commit rape if they knew they wouldn't get caught"

A few days after the posters were put up, I was walking to class and there was a replica of the above poster with "HATE PROPAGHANDA" written over it.

So, my question is: Do you think the poster was hate propaghanda? Why? Please explain, because i have no idea how it would be considered so :/

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can you be allergic to ANYTHING?

i ate some noodles that gave me REALLY bad pain and made me fart the essence of death.

the ingredients were:
wheat flour, refined palm oil, tapioca starch, salt, mineral salts, vegetable gum, colour, sugar, flavour enhancers, garlic powder, onion powder, yeast extract, flavours, pepper, anti-caking agent, onion, water, wheat, soy bean, spices, sesame oil, chilli, food acids, preservative, fried onion.

what could cause such immense pain? my friend who made them for me had no side affects except satiety.

EDIT: It was one of those noodle things with 5 sachets of flavourings, so i just lumped all ingredients in together, and didn't double up on any, so the order you see them in isn't necessarily indicative of the amount of the ingredient.

also, i eat chilli and soy beans a lot and get no side effects. and i believe i eat wheat flour with no ill effects (i know i eat wheat bread at subway and assume it has wheat flour)

citation question

Quick question about citations:

If I'm citing a personal journal/travelouge do I cite it as I would a book? (Ie I'm writing a paper about missionaries in Ethiopia, and I have the travel diary written by one) Or is there some specific form I'm supposed to use?

I'musing MLA format if it helps....
What's that smell?!

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I have here 13 conundrums that I cannot solve!
Can you guys help me figure these out? Please?!

A woman is standing next to a telephone box that is right at the edge of Victoria Falls. She decides that the best thing to do would be to end her life by going over the edge of the falls. She throws herself into the rapids at the top of the falls, and from this point on she knows that there is no turning back. As she rises to the surface she hears the ringing of the phone in the phone box and cries Oh my god! I've made a terrible mistake!!EShe tries to swim to the edge but there is nothing she can do as the current is too strong , and she is dragged over the falls to her death . Why was she so upset when she heard the ringing of the phone?

2. A man kisses his wife goodbye and leaves his house, heading for work. About 20 minutes from home he sees a car crash and knows that his wife is dead. How can he be so sure?
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Anyone have any little errors that they make, even though they KNOW the correct answer?

I for one can't help but imagine Scotland as a separate island, and England being on the mainland, where France is. I'm getting better at it, and I know where they are, but for some reason I've always imagined Scotland and England to be on different landmasses.

Also, whenever there are blonde character in book I read, most of the time I imagine them as dark-haired, even though I KNOW they're blonde.

Also - Good movies to rent to keep two boys aged 13 and 10 amused?

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What would you assume if you went to a guy in uni's flat and there were lots of tissue and lotion about? Would it change your opinion if you knew the guy was ill?
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What can I hang my posters up with that won't damage them but is also generally easy to take down?
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What is your favourite movie and why?
Did you used to have a different opinion of the movie?
What changed your opinion?
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Random, Unrelated Crapola

1) What do you call your parents? How old are you?
I call my mom Mommikins, Mom, or Mommy, depending on my mood. I call my dad (not biological, but the only man I've ever considered my father) Popi because he's Puerto Rican and I think it's sweet. But then sometimes I'll call my dogs the 'poppies,' and I feel bad, even though it's really like two different things altogether. I'm 27.

2) Why does my Corgi sometimes shuffle like a sleepy little old man? He's only one year, one month and two days old!
I don't know, that's why I'm asking you! It's cute, unless he's right in front of me and I'm trying to go down the stairs/get into the bathroom to pee/etc.

3) What are you (not-so?) secretly hoping to get for your next big gift (Christmas/birthday/Tuesday/etc)?
Gerard Way. In only a bow. A small one. Ok, ok, not really (no, really). Um, I don't have anything huge I'm actually expecting, so I dunno. Maybe My Name is Earl Season One DVDs and a Black Parade hoodie (and the limited edition CD). Oh, and anything Harley Quinn related!

4) Do you have to pee right now?
Hell yes! But I'm OCD and since I started this first, I have to finish it first. I know, I'm gonna give myself a bladder infection/kidney stones/yadda yadda. I can't help it! At least I'm almost done!

5) Do you like my new glasses?
I was very sure of them until I got them yesterday, so now I'm wondering what people think - my husband might just be being nice to me and saying they're cute!

6) What do you think about PhotoShopping pics? At what point do you feel it's gone beyond basic editing?
I never thought about it until the other day when the war began. But I never thought I was really doing it because I only edit levels and resize, really. Unless I'm being artsy, and then I might screw around with the gamma, etc - but I don't use those as 'my picture.' I never realized how many people do effects and healing brush until this thing started. I mean, not 'regular,' people. Only pro photographers with people like Britney Spears, etc. So I guess when people edit to the point of the pro's, that's when I feel it's too much to be true. That's the difference between using concealer and having a face lift, LOL.
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wedding clothing color

1. What color should a woman's wedding dress/gown/clothes be, in your opinion/belief? Why?

2. What color should a man's wedding clothes be? Why?

3. What color was/is/will your wedding gown/clothes (be)? Why?

(If you don't believe in marriage or whatever, you can skip this post, I guess.)

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Does anyone have any idea how long you can drive without running out of gas, once the warning light starts flashing?

I used to freak out right when it went on empty, thinking I only had a few miles before it went out - but my husband told me that he drives on empty all the time, and can go quite a while.

I'm sure nobody knows exactly, and it probably varies from car to car, but it would be nice to have an idea, so I can stop freaking out so much.
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So I am getting a package in the mail soon and it has a tracking number on it. I just viewed the page where you track it and it says it was delivered to Orlando, FL [my zip code] at 12 pm. Does this mean it's at my house, or it has arrived at the post office or whatever? I'm at my dad's house and it is being delivered to my mom's. I want to go get it if it's there at her house cause no one else is home, but I don't want to drive all the way over there if it just means it's been delivered to the post office or distribution center thing. Anyone know?

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how do you check the train status of the train you plan on taking on amtrak's site? i know my room mate does it all the time but i don't have her number. i've been looking all over amtrak's site and am not finding it. help!

Let's find out more about ourselves

Someone has kidnapped a loved one and says you won't get them back unless you find religion, for they feel you're just not focusing on that aspect in your life. Within 30 days, if you keep up the exploration, weekly religious assemblies and prayer groups/circles, you'll get your loved one back. What religion would you turn to for the next 30 days?

Wicca/earth religion
Seven Day Adventists
Any of the judaic religions
Islam/sikhism/one of the islamic sects
Already a devout religious practitioner, thank you very much. You may release my loved one
I think my loved one's screwed. I'm not joining a religion for any reason

Same deal as above, except in this case, it's a political party. Once you sign on with a party, you get your precious back. Who do you sign with?

American Independent
Family Values
Knight (KKK) or Nazi
I'm apolitical. Sorry, loved one

Same scenario as above, except this time, it's about charities. You have to tithe or give 10% of your earnings to some charity of your choice. What sort of charity do you select?

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
Missionary work in China/Africa/wherever
Cancer research
AIDS research
Starving people
Sex awareness and family planning in Africa
Dyslexia or other learning problems
American Way. They'll distribute it to other charities
Sorry, loved one. I worked for that money, and I'm not giving it away

Lastly, what is your exact sexual orientation?

Completely straight. Never done any un-straight thing
Straight is my preference, but I have done a few same-sex dalliances in my time

Kinks or fetishes you would say interest you on some level

Heavy spanking
Use of riding crops or whips
Nipple/genital abuse
Role play
Rape fantasies
Verbal abuse/discipline
Sexual wordplay/erotic conversation
Furry suits
Bodily fluids/water games
Threesomes/orgies/group sex

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Why won't any multimedia such as videos, myspace songs, and flash pictures load on any website I look at, but instead they are replaced with a big quicktime player logo and a question mark?

I tried to uninstall quicktime, but I need it for itunes, does anyone know how to fix this?
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Are there any stores around that currently sell TIGHTS? Not leggings. Not hose. TIGHTS. I can't find any near me and I want to go buy some to have next Saturday. If you can think of one in the north Florida area, you get bonus points.

For that matter, if I can't find a place, how long do leggings usually run? What are the chances that I could just buy a pair and wear them as tights since my inseam is only 27 inches?
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London Questions!

All right TQC, I need your help! This coming spring break I'm going to London with a group of students in my major (archaeology) for eight days. Planned things we are going to see include: British Museum, St. Albans, Verulamium Museum/Roman Theatre, National Gallery, Museum of London, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Avebury. We have nights after about five off, and an entire Saturday off. So, what are some must-see/do things in London? We're staying right by the British Museum, and will have tube cards to use the entire time we're there.

Any tips for seeming less touristy? The woman at the international studies office told us to wear fanny packs, and we thought she was kidding... I realise that the second I open my mouth my accent will give me away, but any other advice? I'd rather not stand out and automatically be eye-rolled at based on the country I come from.

Finally, if you had a choice between seeing The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theatre or Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre, which would you see?

Thanks :D

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1) What kind of cell phone do you have?
2) Do you like your cell phone?
3) What kind of battery life does your cell phone have?
4) What do you think about RAZR phones?
5) What do you think about the LG Chocolate phone?
6) If I get the LG chocolate, what color should I get?

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Cats v.s. Dogs

Which do you prefer? cats or dogs?

please give a reason why.

My answer:
dogs. cats are too independent, and withought warning they can scratch or bite you. dogs love you unconditionally, and are always loving, even the meanest dogs
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My apartment building was sprayed for roaches today. I don't know what, exactly, that entailed, as I was not home at the time. Whatever it entailed, there are still roaches here. Significantly less, but still... Is this some sort of slow-acting poison I don't know about? How long should I wait before complaining to the landlord AGAIN?

Also...anyone know any good apartments in the southwest suburbs of Chicago? I'm only half-kidding here.
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Let's assume you just gave birth to conjoined twins.

They are conjoined anywhere you want, but they share a heart.  Doctors say if they are separated, only one of the twins can get the heart (obviously), and so the one without the heart will die (obviously).  There are no real health risks if they stay conjoined, although they will be teased their whole lives and daily tasks will be difficult (obviously).  Do you go ahead with the surgery?  If so, how do you decide which baby gets the heart?
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If your SO, mom, dad, whoever is getting you a gift, would you want to hear: "Hey, I can get forty dollars off, AND free shipping.

I don't want to hear anything about the price or details. It's one thing, if I know already the price, but I really don't need details about special deals.

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1. If you could explain what these lyrics mean, what would you say?

every little motion seems to need a little push
as you justify the reasons why you're sure
but you're not one for romance,
or beating 'round the bush
(though i might think twice about this if you were)

I don't know; that's why I'm asking.
ETA: Here is a link to the song. It's called First Time by the band Rockwell Church. (The name doesn't imply religious music; it comes from the two guys' last names combined.)

2. What are you looking most forward to in 2007?

A brand new semester, the Jack's Mannequin concert on February 17th!

3. If you're a college undergrad, do most of your friends tend to be within your major?

Not at ALL. I'm a biology major planning to go to PA school. A good portion of bio majors at my school have this pre-med-or-you're-not-good-enough mentality. The bio majors I'm friends with are going into other things, like biostats or teaching. I have a lot of psych majors as friends, and those doing finance things, like health policy and econ.

4. Have you ever mailed a card/letter to an ill child on

Yeah, I loved getting out the glitter pens and markers and feeling all warm and fuzzy after =)


1. a) do you bank with ING Direct?
b) do you like it? why/why not?
c) what kind of account do you have?
d) is it a hassle? (cause its internet based)
e) anything else you want to tell me about them?

I’ve looked at the website and I’ve read up on it. I’m considering opening up a savings account with them. I already do internet banking with PC but I have a “pavilion” across the street so I still have a face to complain to if i need it. I guess I’m just worried cause I don’t know a lot of people that bank with them.

I’m just sick of being a broke ass student and osap will be out soon so I figure I’d save the leftovers (if any!) instead of spending it on booze or shoes.

Weird Cat and Other Q's

 1.) My cat just walked into my room, jumped on my lap and proceeded to ram his head into my chin until i petted him. I kept petting him for about 10 minutes, then he bit my cheek and wouldn't let go, I had to pull him off of my face. After that, he calmly left the room to find something else to bother.

Whats up with that?

2.) Does anyone know any good products to whiten teeth (that are not very messy). I tried Crest White Strips, but it didn't work too well.  My teeth (no matter what I do) are a magnet for plaque, the plaque sticks on my teeth and the color of the plaque makes my teeth look orange/yellow. I brush my teeth alot, but it doesn't do much.

3.) Is there anything I can do to improve my social skills? I'm a wreck when it comes to the opposite sex, luckily most guys I meet think shy = hot.

EDIT: Is it normal to have fine lines/wrinkles on your forehead when you are only 19 years old? Anything I can do to make this go away?

Personal funeral question.

Would you go to an uncle's funeral who you weren't very close to but lived with a lot while you were younger to show your support to your aunt/cousins with whom you are very close with knowing that in order to go to the funeral you have to miss 3 final exams or would you politely explain the situation, offer your condolences and meet the family over Christmas break that happens to be a week after the funeral?

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Tree H&M

Pffft... Christmas...

1. Am I the only Jewish/non-Christmas-celebrating person in this community?

2. Does it annoy you that this time of year is Christmas-EVERTYTHING? Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas time, Christmas shopping, Christmas break, etc.

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Generally, with health insurance, you can be covered by your parents' insurance as long as you're a full time student, up to age 25 or so.
(or at least with my health insurance, and other people I've talked to)

Does this generally require you to actually *complete* 12 credits per semester, or *take* 12 credits per semester? For instance, if you fail or take an incomplete during a 12-credit semester, would it be okay because yout *took* 12 credits, or not okay because you didn't actually *earn* 12 credits?

And, why the hell is there a clot of people all standing around talking right outside my dorm room door?
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Developing pictures?

Where do you think is the cheapest, yet most reliable, place to develop film? I have 7 disposable cameras from my trip to Hong Kong. I have digital photos, but the cameras are LOADED with memories. I'm a bit wary about where I develop my film ever since my Mom's Honey-moon pictures were ruined. :\ Advice? I'd like to do 1-hour photo, since I can't wait to see the pictures, but I'm open to regular developing, also. =D Thanks.
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Dressing for the Occasion

1) Do you mind if you go to a posh restaurant/lounge/whatever and the people at the next table are underdressed (e.g. jeans, sneakers, tanktops)?

2) Do you mind if you go to a casual restaurant/lounge/whatever and the people at the next table are overdressed (e.g. suits and ties, dresses and high heels)?

3) Where do you go when you want to be dressy?

LJ icon help and a Q about the TQC Gift Exchange

I made an animated icon and tried to upload it to LJ. Its 100x100 but still not showing and I have no idea why? How can I fix this?
This even happened with a non-animated icon.

I read that someone posted this very same question to either here or Ask Me Anything. I tried going through the archives of both but it was so frustrating since there are soooo many posts and so many are marked with no title. I also tried Googling and found nothing to help me.

Please help.

Also, did the TQC Gift Exchange ever work out? When I was going through the archive I saw that post and I was pissed because I missed out.
If this has already come to pass then I am sad. There should just be a TQC Gift Exchange with no Holiday reason. I would love to do that. Any thoughts?

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1.Has anyone here ever developed feelings for someone you met over the  internet / (phone) who was from a different country?   If so, how did it turn out?

 2. Anyone have any suggestions for electronic, drum n bass, or hip hop-electronic music I should listen to? Fast or slow, either is good.  I'm talking along the lines of DJ Shadow, Diesel boy, Zion-i, etc.