December 8th, 2006

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AutoGK ripping?

I'm trying to rip a DVD (of a TV series, if it matters) to AVI using Auto Gordian Knot. I selected TS_01_0.ifo as the input source, picked the first PGC (which I'm assuming is the first episode), set output to my videos folder on my hard drive, and chose XViD as my codec of choice.

When I try to run a preview, though, all I get is a black screen -- no picture, no sound. Anyone know what the deal is?

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1. Have you ever been to a 24-hour Walmart around midnight?
2. Were all registers shut down until 12:10, regardless of how many people were waiting?
3. What do you think the reason behind doing this is?

Also, I don't care if you think Walmart is evil, ghetto, whatever, so no need to let me know.
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Anyone got good ideas/tips for a 16-year old seeking employment?

And - How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I'm interested because no one ever gives the right answer. =D
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(no subject)

This is directed at the boys in the room, but female two-centsing is, as always, appreciated.

Boys, could you come immediately during sex if you wanted to?
Or is there a steady build up to orgasm like most women experience?
Do you have to restrain yourself from coming immediately to prolong the sex?

I've gotten mixed reactiosn from my own personal set of males, but wanted to see what the general consensus on teh intarwebs was.

(no subject)

i feel kinda stupid posting relationship questions here..but i just really need some outside input.

here's the deal:

me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 3 years.
we've always spent tons of time together, and he's always pushed for even more.
it seemed like he was never sick of me.

laitly however, he went away for a month on tour with his band and he came back and things were great.
a couple weeks later though, he started acting kinda weird.
he barely ever remebers to do what i ask him to, is constantly out partying with his friends, having band practices..and not going to work anymore, or really focusing on his school.

at the same time though, i am really busy with school and work, so i dont always have time to see him.
but i call him alot, and when i do..he's seems so uninterested in our conversations.
and he used to always stay in with me on the fridays i couldnt go out on because i had work the next day. he has stopped doing that.

he tells me nothings wrong and he still loves me just the same, but i dont know what to think of it.
whenever we're together we always have an amazing i dont know.

so i guess my questions is...should i be worried? or is it all just in my head? in some ways i think i might just be jealous of him cause he gets to go out and do whatever he wants, while im always stuck at home studying or working.

what would you do if you were me?
Are you drunk?


Does it drive you insane when you can't find something?

I lost one of my work hats and its consuming me to the point that I don't want to go to sleep before I find it. I have another one, but I want THAT one. I have no idea why. Its the same hat.

Am I the only crazy person like this?
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Hair and Scars

1. Who in thequestionclub has the longest hair? Measure from the top of your head straight down. If you have very curly hair, take your pick as to whether you want to measure it straight (that is, pulled to straight and then measured) or curly.

My hair is 41 inches (105cm) long, so 3ft5in or 1.05m, and it currently has a bit of wave to it.

2. Are there any scars on your body that you have no idea where they came from? How long have you had them? Have you asked anyone if they know?

I have a tiny scar above my lip on the left side, that I've had for at least eight years. I've asked my mom about it, and she also doesn't know where it came from.
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(no subject)

1. Did your parents have embarrassing or strange nicknames for you when you were young? How about now that you're older?
My dad called me Samie Shazzamie. I don't really know why. He's a silly dad. He still calls me that occasionally. My mom calls me bitchface or Vampirella.

2. It's 3am, should I go to bed now?
edit: I think it's sleepie time. I just fell asleep on my keyboard. And spelled asleep wrong 4 different ways. Good night, TQC. Sweet dreams.

(no subject)

The way I made my settings, my monitor turns off after a few minutes. I'm okay with that. A few days ago, this started happening:

when my monitor turns back on, instead of just going back to normal, it goes to the switch user screen. How can I make it not do that anymore?


(no subject)

If you had your way, with no obligations and/or responsibilities...
1. What time would you go to sleep?
2. What time would you wake up?

I don't have school (or work) for the next month... and it's awesome. I'll be going to sleep around 4 or 5 AM, and waking up around 2PM.

(no subject)

Do you like photographs as album artwork?

Have you entered Fall Out Boy's itunes pre-order album art design contest?

Do you know anyone that has entered it?

Have you ever entered any design contests?

What was the last contest you entered?

Are you competitive?

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(no subject)

I haven't filled my prescription for some medication for some months, and was wondering if there's an expiration date for such things? I live in California if it makes any difference.
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(no subject)

Your partner goes down on you and then has sex with you while you are asleep/half-awake/whatever. You don't remember it in the morning. He says that when fucking you, you tried to push him away a few times, and then you enjoyed it. You don't really have a problem with it, you probably would have consented if you had been awake.

Is it rape?

(Based on this post.)

Do you pee in the shower?

When you see things about Disney, do you automatically think of seanutbutter now?

How do you pronounce seanutbutter in your head? Shawn-utt-butter or see-nut-butter?
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(no subject)

Do you have memories attached to certain pieces of clothing?
What's your favorite piece of clothing?

I'm wearing a shirt I got from my granddad, and it always makes me feel good to wear it, since he passed away in 2003. Same thing with the boots they gave me-- every time I wear my Docs I think of home and my grandparents...
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(no subject)

Do you remember "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" ?

What's your favorite episode?

What episode sticks out in your mind the most?

I've been up all night (3am-10am) watching old episodes on youtube and I'm still going ^_^

Why was nickelodeon so much cooler around the time of "Are you afraid of the dark?," "salute your shorts," "wild and crazy kids," "rocko's modern life," etc?
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Fire ?'s

Did you know that airplane passengers are permitted four books of paper safety matches on a plane but cannot light them during flight?
Just found out a couple of days ago from reading an interesting news story

What would be the purpose of allowing someone to have matches on an airplane if they can't light them?

Which do you like to use more, matches or lighters?
Lighters. I think I took that never play with matches thing too literally when I was a kid
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Food Woes

1) There is an hour and a half until lunch and I am seriously craving chocolate. I know for a fact that a coworker has a HUGE candy dish filled with chocolates in her cubicle, and usually leaves it out for everyone to enjoy. She isn't here today, so the dish is hidden in one of her drawers. Should I be a pig and dig around for the dish?

2) I just noticed that I have two KFC Snackers sandwiches stuffed in my purse-from yesterday's lunch. They sound good to eat right now, despite the old stale bread, chicken, ranch and lettuce. I just threw them away. Did I make the wrong decision?

3) Lastly, does anyone know where I can get Advent Calendars? The ones where you open one 'door' to countdown Christmas, and there is a piece of candy? (think Bad Santa, minus the Tylenol, with actual candy in it). I've gotten ahold of one that has little facts about Christmas when you open the doors, but no candy.

Arty type question

I've been trying to learn to draw better for...well, a while. I have a good grasp on everything but proportions. I cannot get proportions right no matter how much I try, and believe me, I've tried everything. I can't afford art classes so I'm left to ask you guys if you know of anything that could help me out. I need something really REALLY basic, that assumes you know nothing and will teach you how to proportion bodies proplerly without assuming you know how to already, if that makes sense. A lot of the sites I've been to seem to assume that you already how to do it, and just teach you different ways, but I've never been able to learn how =\

And so this isn't totally self-serving, what's the one thing you just CAN'T do, no matter how hard you try?
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(no subject)

1) Do you have a "beauty regimen"? As in do you have products you use in a certain order every day?

2)If you could move into your dream house anywhere in the world but you weren't allowed to ever contact your family or friends again would you do it?

3) If your SO were going to cook you a dinner/snack/meal of any kind what would you want him to cook that would make you love them just a little bit more?

And on a purely selfish note,

4) What in your opinion is a better media player? The 30g Video iPod or 30g Creative Zen Vision?
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Fun and / or romantic date ideas

Hi. I have been with the same guy for seven and a half years; we are in something of a slump, so we're trying to rekindle our relationship. As such, we are trying to find fun and romantic things to do together-- we basically just hang out at my house most of the time and I think that's counter-productive. Since we've not been out on "dates" other than food for a long time, we need some ideas.

Here's my list so far:
1) Ice Skating
2) Hiking

What are some fun and / or romantic things to do for a date?


ETA: We need some "first date" ideas; wholesome stuff that doesn't include teh sex0r.

sports/injury question

I've bruised/bashed my coccyx quite badly a couple of days ago (falling over on my arse, nothing exciting)
I've got a kickboxing class today, do you think I can go?
a lot of it is fitness training, I'm not sure if I can do sit-ups as sitting down hurts! however, keeping active muight help recovering?

I feel lazy and want to exercise but don't wanna make it worse!

oh crap i'm asking an xmas question

background: i have an ipod and my freaking kid is always stealing it/using it/begging for it. i don't really give two poops about xmas (not xian, just don't care), but i get presents for kids in the spirit of the season or whatever. also, she'll be getting presents from other people (her dad and stepmom, grandparents and the like) on xmas itself. i will not be spending actual xmas day with her.

foreground: i got my kid an ipod shuffle for xmas and it just came today. should i give it to her this weekend so that i can actually spend some time listening to my ipod? should i wait 'til xmas? some third option that i can't think of?

a non-xmas related question:
have you ever taken a poop so nasty that instead of trying to wipe yourself, you just hop in the shower?

Organ donation hypotheticals

These are two ideas I got from my favorite radio talk show

1) There was this story that sounds a lot like the movie Return to me. Husband and wife are married. He dies, and he's an organ donar, and she allows his heart to be donated. It winds up in the body of another man. He's so grateful, that he asks the hospital for information about the family that allowed him to have this heart. He is given a file, which had a picture of the married couple. He is struck by this woman. He wants to meet her. He proceeds to thank her for the heart, and starts to pursue her. Months of romantic pursuit. Eventually, he wins her over, they go out, date, and they marry and have been together 9 years now.

Q: do you find this story romantic or creepy?
Q: if it's bothersome, who's more at fault, the widow or the heart recipient?

2) You're in the hospital for some minor surgery. You're recovering in your bed, when you receive a visitor. It's a woman, who says that her husband is in another ward, under the grip of cancer, and he's in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. Without it, he will surely die. The doctor informed her that you're an ideal donar. She's insanely wealthy, and meets your price for such a donation (all under the table, hush hush), and soon, you're spending your money and he's recovering. A couple years later, there's a breaking news story. The man who received your marrow just show up a schoolyard, killing a dozen kiddies before being stopped.

Q: would you feel any guilt over this? Any responsibility on some minor level?
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more on cookbooks

the cookbook post inspired me. i'm somewhat handy in the kitchen -- by no means a gourmet chef but i can get around.

but in my household the problem is not a lack of skills, it's a lack of creativity. my husband is an insanely picky eater and it's hard to keep things interesting when there are so many things he won't eat. i can't even imagine what our future children will be like. he's such a meat & potatoes dude, and he's opened up to some new things, but still no seafood and not many veggies. he'll eat them if i beg & plead but he certainly won't seek them out, and the nights he cooks there is no green to be found on the plate.

any ideas on how i can get him to eat some more veggies AND / OR a cookbook w/ creative recipes for (pain in the ass) picky eaters?

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(no subject)

The sandwich place I got takeout from just royally screwed up my order, and it was a completely disgusting sandwich (ham, cheese, pineapple, mayonnaise on a pretzel roll... seriously gross).

When that happens, do you complain? Do you demand a free meal? Go back to the restaurant, no matter how far, and demand to see the manager?


The person of your dreams (you know, the one with the STD) is now STD-free.

They totally love you, want to be with you forever, but will only have butt-sex with you.

Would you?
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(no subject)

Do you listen to the conversations going on around you?

Do you ever want to break in and answer a question they don't know or correct misinformation?

I always listen to conversations if people are talking loud enough for me to hear and I haven't got anything better to do. Sometimes I correct them or answer questions, but not always. Usually if I'm correcting, it's because they were about to drive off in the wrong direction or something.

Are you cheering for the Buckeyes or Gators in the National Championship game?

Go Buckeyes!
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good yoga dvd's

Im looking to start doing yoga again. I need some good dvd's. Do any of you have any reccommendations? There are so many youga dvd's out there that it's hard to know what is any good.
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Does anyone have a particularly swell design for a purse/messenger bag? Preferribly to sew (by hand! Ahh!) but I can crochet if I put my mind to it.

I'm tired of wasting ~$30 per bag, only to have it crap out on me in some way in a month or two. I am pretty rough on my bags, and the one I have now lasted MAYBE a couple of weeks. Luckily (haha) I've been sick this week, so the fact that one of the zippers fell right out of the material isn't such a problem.

And no, I don't want to invest in an expensive bag, cuz then I'd be scared of losing it. ;P So no rec's in that way. Thanks anyway, for anyone who thought it. :)
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Ridiculously long hypothetical

You're fooling around with someone, as well as going on "dates" (i.e. it's not just physical). You're not committed to each other, in the sense it hasn't been discussed. You start to hear things around the grape vine which cause you to suspect your new love toy has simply added you to a long, rotating list of partners.

Logically, you know there's nothing wrong with it since you're not technically committed, but how do you really feel?

a) who cares?
b) it's only okay if I'm screwing other people too
c) I don't share well
d) ___ is such a slut / manwhore!
e) none of the above
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(no subject)

What has been the biggest age difference between either you and your SO or between you and a hook up?
i am 16 and i'm about to get into a relationship with a 20 year old. I hooked up with a 27 year old one time..

(no subject)

Does anyone out there have a pattern/design suggestions for a laptop sleeve?

Yes, yes, I know it's ridiculously easy, but I haven't sewn a stitch for... 10 years, at least, and it'd be nice to have a cheat sheet.
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(no subject)

I am in the market for a drum. Stipulations:

- it must be natural skin (prefer goatskin or equivilent)

- it must be either wood or ceramic (ceramic prefered)

- it must be a "pot" style drum (like a bongo) , not a "plate" style (like a bodhran)

- it must be easily transported (smaller than 3ft)

- I would also like for it to be handmade, preferably by someone of a culture tied closly to the drum. I would prefer not to get a djembe too, maybe something more like a tanbou or another native peoples' drum.

- finally it must be under $100 (I know this will be the most difficult one)

I have googled and have yet to find anything really meeting my specs, any ideas?

Finally: does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to play the dijeridoo? I have the basic sound down but need help on getting the animal calls and more circular breathing methods.


(no subject)

Your friend approaches you to start a Deathmetal Barbershop Quartet with them, their brother-in-law and some guy from his work. They want you to not only join the folly but also name the band. What do you name it?
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video cameras...

I am looking to purchase a video camera as a gift for my family for Christmas. I don't know much about the differences between the different media types out there (MiniDV, Digital8, MicroMV, etc). I was looking at this one:

But I really don't know what the heck I'm reading, lol. Does that look like a decent camera? Is it a pretty good deal?

- My price range is about $200-250
- It should be easy to use by different ages and people who are novices (my brothers are 31 and 25, my brother's gf is 27, my dad's 63, and my nephew is 10). None of them (except maybe my 25 year old brother) are particularly technologically advanced. I want it to be easy enough for the 10 year old and my father to figure out, but something that's still a pretty decent quality.
- The 25 year old is buying a computer for the 31 year old and his gf and the kids for Christmas, so it should be something that can easily transfer videos onto the computer.
- It doesn't have to be incredibly fancy, but I want it to be worthwhile.

I really just want them to be able to capture the kids growing up, school concerts/functions, my four-year-old niece's ballet stuff, my infant niece as she grows up and stuff, and then something that'll make it relatively easy for them to email me (and other family members who don't live particularly closeby) with videos and stuff, so we can all feel in the loop (lol, so perhaps this is a selfish thing for me to get them. :P ).
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Stand Mixers

I've recently become the sweet treat wench for my husband's job. I've been supplying goodies for roughly 20 people. In the last 2 days the amount of people has nearly doubled. Oy. make things easier on myself, I bought an inexpensive stand mixer. (I really wanted one of the nice $100-$300, but I'm a poor college student/parent.)

Anywho...I bought a $30 Hamilton Beach mixer from Walmart. When I was reading the booklet it said that there were different attachments you could get for it. I was interested in the beaters for cookie dough and thick batters and the whisk for creams and other light mixtures.

I checked their website, but I couldn't find them. I checked Walmart, but they don't have them either.

Does anyone know where I can get these? Or if other brands would work?
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(no subject)

I have laryngitis, and for the past four days I've had a really bad sore throat. I've been living on tea, soup and bottled water. Anything solid I eat tends to irritate my throat even more. I'm really hungry. What can I eat that isn't liquid, but won't hurt me?
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Drinking and Driving

1.) Have you ever driven drunk?
2.) Do you think your local DUI punishments are too lenient, appropriate or too harsh?
3.) Do you think there should be less "blame/punishment" for a drunk driver who kills their own passengers than one who kills bystanders?
4.) What do you think is appropriate punishment for a drunk driver who kills someone?


I'm trying to upload a video of mine onto youtube and the file is over 100 mb so it wont fit. Is there a site where I can upload larger files for free? If not, is there a free and easy program that can reduce the size of video files.

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

My friend baked a cheesecake and gave me a good sized piece. Me being stupid, I forgot about it and left it on the counter over night. I didn't notice it the next day until the evening, so it was out for about 24 hours.

Do you think it is safe to eat? I have since put it in the fridge, but ... I'd love to try it and I'm gonna feel bad when he asks how it was and I have to admit what happened...
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College questions

It seems like a lot of people meet their future SOs in college. Did you? How? When? Did you get together in college or after?

If you could do your first semester of college over again, what would you do?

Do you still keep in touch with friends from your first semester/year of college?

Did you follow this whole BCS debacle? If so, did you root for Michigan or Florida to play Ohio State? (Sorry if that question has been asked recently. I just came back from a long, long TQC hiatus.)
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Colorful Shoes

I'm looking for some fun, colorful high heels. Unfortunately, there are way too many shoes in the world. Are there any brands/stores/whatever that are particularly known for this sort of shoe? Alternatively, any shoe websites whose "search by color" functions actually return well-sorted results?

What are your favorite/least favorite colors to pair with black?


I know myspace has its down times and you get the error message a lot, but..

I haven't been able to go to my homepage all day. It lets me log in, but thats it. My homepage wont load, nor can I even view my profile. My friends can't even view my profile, they get an error message. Is this normal and going to fix itself or do I need to make a new one?

(no subject)

Have you ever written a lecturer/teacher a note in an exam answerbook?

My friend claimed if feminist theory came up in our exam today, she was going to write a note reading:

Dear Dr Ryder,

I have a uterus, you do not.

Regards, Muireann.

I don't think she went through with it, but I would love to see his face if she did.
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cookies, bad for you food, and christmas trees!

1. If your place of work had a holiday cookie swap, would you participate?
Yes! My dad told me that they are having one where he works, and he refuses to sign up for it. I even volunteered to make the cookies for him.

2. What was the last really unhealthy thing you ate?
A veggie burger at Ruby Tuesday, it turns out it had like 10 bazillion grams of fat.

3. If you have a christmas tree, what do you have on top of it?
We just got our tree today so it isn't up, but it will probably have a star of some sort on top.
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My mom works at a car dealership. Today someone came to her department with a huge box of individually packaged cookies by... Cheryl & Co?... that had been sent to the dealership by the parent company. She said a letter came with the box saying that the cookies were free but they had to be eaten within three days.

Why three days? What if I eat it on the fourth day?

Serious answers greatly appreciated, but I'll give you guys the freedom to go nuts with it.
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How bout them... *insert team name here*

AM I the only one who couldn't care less about college sports? o_o

It seems I keept seeing questions relating to SOME teams or other (I think it's football? Is it basketball season? I dunno!) every day or so. So apparently some people care.

Do YOU just not give a damn?! :D
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(no subject)

1. Do you have any pregnancy photos that I can see? My friend and I disagree on how big the belly is at various points in the pregnancy.

2. Is it normal for two girls to go into the one change room together?
My gf & I generally go in together because we share clothes (so we both try them on) & because Ii don't like coming out of the changeroom in something hideous, particularly when there's one of those annoying shop assistants about saying "thats GORGEOUS" whilst staring disgustedly at my fat gut or something.

3. Why do you register as a republican, democrat or whatever? Is it manditory? Aren't votes supposed to be annonomous? & If you have to register, what's the point in voting?
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(no subject)

I just read this comment in an ONTD entry:

"i hate the photography for marc jacobs. it's always so blunt, which is not what photography is supposed to be."

Do you agree or disagree (with what photography is supposed to be or that it's supposed to be anything)? Why?
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(no subject)

Is there a tool for LJ (internal or from an external site) that will cross reference your interests with everyone else's and tell you who you have the most interests in common with?


(no subject) I'm planning on taking my 13 year old son on a last minute vacation over christmas.  He nixed Disney World and Mexico...

He wants Vegas, but I don't think so.  Maybe in another 5 years.

I'm thinking it would be fun to take him to some quirky, off the wall destination, like Roswell New Mexico.

Does anyone have any other ideas for weird, crazy, fun destinations??

My Point?


Who the hell puts doughnuts in the friggin refrigerator!?!?!???

My father-in-law bought me 2 doughnuts before he dropped me off this morning. I went to get them, thinking they would be on the counter in the tupperware container. Oh no, they are in the damn refrigerator! What the hell? That is the total opposite of what you are sposed to do with doughnuts. They are sposed to be warm.

And no, I won't nuke it. The only thing I use the microwave for is defrosting hamburger and making popcorn.

Help! I'm seeing double....

What is the legaliest way to make the screen caps of reprodepot's comments publically available? (They've deleted all the comments off the posts from earlier this week... See anything in my journal tagged "reprodepot")

*a bunch of links to screencaps in photobucket?
*posting the image in a comment on the posts?
*making a file I share with others via email, and simply note in both posts is available that way?

Any other ideas, TQC?

And in case that isn't rule allowed, but I'm too bleary to understand...

I got to work at 8am this morning, I'm leaving at 11ish. I spent this 6 hour of OT at time and 1/2...around $28/hr....wrapping corporate gifts to ship.

What's the most you ever got for over time? Longest shift work? What wer3e you doing?

(no subject)

In my speech class we were discussing the recent shooting of the man in Jamacia, Queens. And whether is was a mistake or not.

One girl said "Even if it was a mistake, they never listen to the victim. The cops always get off. This time they should listen to the victim and even if it was a mistake the cops should be punished. So it doesn't happen again"
I then said "That's like walking into a grocery store, buying a loaf of bread, and as you walk out you are arrested for shoplifting, even though you paid for your bread. And when you ask why you are being arrested, you are told "It's to stop shoplifting." That's called using a scapegoat, and it's bullshit"

What are your opinions?

Edit: The cops are being charged with murder (or at least that was what was said in our debate). I am not saying they shouldn't. I agree that they deserve whatever punishment they get, I'm not saying punishing the cops would be wrong. I was saying that her statement was enforcing using scapegoats. And that was wrong. I agree it wasn't the best analogy I could think of, but it was the best at the time.

Here's an article, as well.

Edit the Second: The man who was in the front seat, I believe his name is Guzman, said the following inside the club "Go get my gun, we're gonna fuck him up." Just sharing for everyone. So it wasn't just the cops assuming the guys had a gun. They had a reason to think they had a gun.

Yet Another Edit: The girl also said the following "The cops have a duty to protect the citizens. They should have waited to see if the guys had a gun. And then they should have waited until someone got shot. It's better to have one cop down and the other 4 live than to have an innocent man dead now."
She said that before the said the above, that's why I was so quick to jump down her throat.