December 7th, 2006


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If you are a woman, (or a man with boobs), do you ever go bra-less? What size bra do you normally wear?

I never leave the house without a bra, it's just impossible (38F).

What supplement/dietary thing can I take to make my hair grow thicker?

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I have an exam tomorrow (Thursday) at 12:30 and a study group at 2:00 which should last a couple hours for my Friday exam @ 4:00. i'm really behind on my readings in both classes so i can’t imagine getting any sleep in. what can I do to keep myself awake? besides coffee and red bull.

Update + other Q's.

1.) My friend gave me some pirated movies of his to watch over the week... they only work if I watch them on my laptop or my other computer, and they are amazingly good quality... but here's the thing: If I put them in my  DVD player or my PS2, they skip like crazy. Any idea why?

2.) Update on the Creepy Grandma Stalker Man Situation: My Uncle beat me to it, he called the cops, I don't have details yet... I should have details the next time he comes over to visit though. So Grandma should be safe now.

3.) Should I bring my old Sega Genesis to college with me and somehow find a way to hook it up to my new little tv? Is it even possible to hook up a Sega Genesis to a TV (a newer one)  without a VCR? I could bring my ancient VCR to college (even though I don't use it) I just don't want to.. there's not much space.

4.) Recommend me some good games for a Nintendo DS. My cousin is giving me his old one for xmas because he's getting a DS Lite.


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i got a microsoft pop up thingie that asked if i wanted to update explorer. so, since i usually update these kinds of things, i updated. well. explorer sucks now. it's all crazy-like. is there any way to go back to the old style?

EDIT: to anyone else who has updated, do the fonts seem really wierd? like blurry? i know i'm not *that* tired.. =/

On the subject of wierd dreams:

How does the trauma of a dream rate compared to the trauma of real life?

Why are they different just because one is "only a dream"? Because you can dismiss it as not real?

Why is it so bad to pretend real trauma isn't real? If it is bad, should one not validate dream trauma?

I ask because I (now keep out of my psyche here)had a rather traumatic dream. I was being somewhat violently raped, & I was thinking at the time that if that was dream rape, how would it compare to real rape on the trauma scale? & isn't it funny that everyone would tell you to get over it, whereas they wouldn't do that to a rape victim, even years after the event?

I haven't been raped in real life btw, so the dream was just my brains creation ... 0_0 ... disturbing.

Now, the key difference in my dream is that it may have been somewhat vague & is atleast now vague in my memory. But what if it wasn't? What can you do if your own brain rapes you?

It still disturbed me for a few days anyway, I kept having dsturbing flashbacks to it.

Also, I know real trauma generally is FAR more significant and damaging than dream traums, but I ask why?

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sosososo, i just got my wii this morning (yes i'm terribly addicted, it's the first gaming kind of thing i've ever owned...i'm guessing i'll never venture outside again)

what wii casualties have you had?

my friend and i were playing baseball and she smacked me across the face with the controller.
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Finding New Friends

I am a 20-year old (21 in 14 days now, yay!) woman, going to school full time, working almost full time, living on my own, with very little free time, no car, no boyfriend or girlfriend, and currently no cell phone.

I'm feeling kind of lonely.

What do you folk suggest I do to meet some new people? I like making friends, but for the last couple years, both school and work have been rather fruitless venues. I'm reasonably smart, attractive, with varied interests (biotech, sci-fi, WOW, languages, poetry, I could go on) and a good sense of humor.

Thanks in advance :)
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can someone tell me if Desperate Housewives aired this last Sunday? (Dec 3) 
because it's not on and i was looking forward to the next episode :(



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Have you seen the movie Click?

If you had a remote like that*, what would you want to skip to?

*pretending that it would NOT remember your preferences and skip at random times.

I really want to skip college and life until I'm married with a good job.
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I saw a thing on Penn and Teller's Bullshit that was anti-vegetarianism. grrr. anyway, it brought something to light.

1. people hate the contrast between the holocaust and animal slaughter. how do you feel about this?
i feel like it is a fine comparison. 6million people were killed in WWII, yet million and millions of pigs alone are killed annually not to mention the millions of cows, sheep, chickens etc.

2. and this is the one that most grates on my nerves. animal experimentation.
people think it's ok to harm animals if it brings about medical enlightenment etc.
yet hitler did the same thing, but on humans, yet we dont see the holocaust as fine and dandy because it brought us medical advances.

what say you?

Edit: Notice the link. I'm especially disappointed in those of you who are members of stupid_free, WHERE THIS POST WAS SNARKED LESS THAN 24 HOURS AGO.


Best Money You Ever Spent?

What is the best thing you ever bought? Worth every penny?

For me, I would have to say my remote start for my car and the heater/fan/light for the bathroom.

We have a garage but I've had to leave my car outside the past few nights. I've been leaving about 5:30am so the car is covered with frost and freezing. I remote start it about 15 min before I leave and it's so nice and warm and toasty. I'm very thankful.

Same thing in the bathroom. I get out of the shower and instead of heating up the whole entire house for 1 hour of getting ready, I step out into a nice warm bathroom from the new heater in the ceiling.

Apple iBook Question

I have an Apple iBook G4, and as of Tuesday, we've been going through a bit of a difficult patch.

Something happened to my mouse button that made it a LOT less responsive. I don't know if I picked up the computer and grabbed on to it by the mouse button, if it randomly happened on its own, if the battery got too hot and warped the metal plate underneath, I HAVE NO IDEA!

But the problem is this: I have to press a lot harder than I used to in order to get my mouse button to respond. I skimmed through articles I found through Google in an attempt to fix it, but I'm hoping someone here will be able to guide me in how to mend my poor baby. Oh, and against some very good advice, I don't know have Apple Care, so... unless I really have to, I'm trying to avoid going to Apple about this. Stupid, I know. But why did it need to break when I didn't have any money?! I've already asked my resident Mac expert and his advice was "be nice, and be prepared to call Apple" :S

The question: Has anyone else had a button sensitivity problem with their iBook G4? How did you fix it? Or how should I fix mine?

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What was the last craving that you had but could not satisfy?

For me, it's authentic mexican food. I've eaten at Tapatios (a local restaurant in my town) every day (expect monday when they were closed), lunch and dinner, for the last two weeks. It's cheap and tasty and I try something new every day. I just can't seem to get enough of it.

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Poll #884026 This or that

Which you'd rather have

A mansion that's already paid for, but you'll still have to pay all the taxes on it for as long as you have it, which may be costly
A small house that's already paid for and tax-free

Which you'd rather have

Top of the line sports car, worth $100k. It's only a 3-year lease, which is already paid for. You can't sell it
A realiable compact, 2007 line, yours as long as the car lasts. Paid for. You can't sell it

Which you'd rather have

A significant other who's not that bright and not that deep, but very fun, rich and damn do they look good
A significant other who's fairly bland in looks and kind of a homebody, but highly intelligent, very funny and loyal

Which you'd rather have in a partner

Great romance, bad sex
Great sex, bad romance

Which power you'd rather have

Your brain has instant wikipedia and google access. Simply ask a question to yourself, and you'll suddenly be 'aware' of the specific information you need
Like in the Matrix, you're able to instantly load 2 skills or sums of knowledge into your brain. With this, whatever you choose, you'll have the equivalent of a master's degree in that subject, or a black belt, or whatever the highest accolade is

Which you'd rather have

Riches and success, but with dissatisfaction in general and no real source of happiness
A life where you're just getting by, but marked with great personal happiness
The Dude Abides

Movie ?'s

Have you ever heard of Blu Ray? How about HD-DVD?

Have you ever walked out of a movie theater because a movie was really bad? What movie was it?

Do you have any movies on VHS that you had to re-buy on DVD?

Do you ever buy double-dipped DVDs after you already bought the original version? (Ex. Clerks X, The Bourne Identity Explosive Extended Edition, etc)

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1.  What does ITT stand for? I have no idea
2.  What is the best cure for a sore throat? 
3.  Do you have a Nintendo DS? What are some fucking awesome games that I need to get? Right now, Yoshi's island has stolen my heart.  
4.  Best book you've read, ever
5. Those of you who don't read, best porn, ever
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So I've been trying to find a saying that goes something like:

"If one person calls you a horse's ass, well, it's just one person. If two people call you a horse's ass, well, there may be a conspiracy to label you a horse's ass. But if three people call you a horse's ass, you'd better invest in a saddle."

"If one person calls you a horse's ass, be curious. If three people ... be reflective. After five people ... buy a saddle."

"If one person calls you a horse— laugh at him. If a second person calls you a horse— think about it. If a third person calls you a horse— buy a saddle."

Various sources have cited it as Finnish, Hungarian, an old proverb, Saskatchewan wisdom.

I personally remember it along the lines of "If one person calls you crazy, ignore them. If two people call you crazy, think about it. If three people call you crazy, it's a conspiracy. If everyone says you're crazy, commit yourself, regardless."

Anyone know a different version of this saying or its origins?
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Default cow

How do you see yourself?

First, how old are you?

Second, if you are female, what word do you associate with yourself:

Same question for males:

And, of course, if you're transgendered or otherwise don't fit into the above categories, feel free to still respond with how you feel!

I am 22 and I still think of myself as a "girl." I feel like I should call myself a woman by now (or at least a lady), but I just don't associate that title with myself yet...
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Computer question

On my Dell laptop, there's a 80 gig hard drive that came partitioned 4 times:

Two are unnamed drives, one FAT file system, the other is FAT32. The FAT is labeled as "EISA Configuration" of 47MB the other just an unknown partition of 3.14gig. Then there's C:, which is a 52gig NTFS partition containing windows and all my stuff, and then there's D: which is 18 gigs NTFS and is labeled as backup.

Is there any reason why Dell creates a backup drive on the same hard disc? If the drive fails, the backup is lost right along with it, no?

Is there any reason why I shouldn't wipe the D: and use it for my stuff? Is there any way I can incorporate the D: into the C: without reformatting the C:? I imagine no, but I'm mostly curious.


1) Are you offended when you sneeze and someone says "Bless you?"

2) What makes fish scales look all metallic and shiny?

3) What has been one of your most embarassing moments?

4) What's a word you always misspell/forget how to spell?

5) When you have an open book exam and you have plenty of time, are you first to hand your test in, somewhere in the middle, or one of the last?

6) What is the dumbest SNL skit ever?
Rustic books

CHEAP used textbooks

Any suggestions for where I can buy used textbooks for cheap? I've already tried and a few other websites, but I can't find what I'm looking for and for the price I'm willing to pay. I'm taking a Wintersession couse (11 days, 44 hours) and it's not worth paying the $75-90 USED, especially when my school won't even buy the book back.

HELP?! I need this book and I'm pretty sure we won't have a copy in the library. :\
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Random ?'s

What was something that was a "big deal" when you were a kid, but isn't so much of a big deal now?
My birthday/birthday parties ETA: space shuttle launches, I remember we used to watch them in school and know about them a couple of weeks in advance

What's a common female stripper name?
I think any jewelry (diamond, ruby, etc), city/state/region (Savannah, Dixie, etc), or car (Mercedes, Porsche, etc) are all fair game

Are you having (did you have) a good day?
It's not bad

Amuse me

Poll #884068 Christmas

Should I put up a tree tonightm even though I'm leaving town for the holidays and I live alone?


What should I decorate with? I'm bored. What should I do to amuse myself?

fabric from Reprodepot
I said, "no!"
sandwich meat
those plastic unborn fetus thingys

I'm really bored. What can you do to amuse me right now, where you are?

ETA: So that's where my question went! the hell?


If you're using wireless internet in a public space, like a library or coffee shop, do you require a password for sharing on your iTunes? Does it make a difference in iTunes performance?

I'm procrastinating and I wanna know what the people around me are listening to, dammit! I share!
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I just found a really nice studio apartment for rent. The thing is, they want only one person. There's no way they'd be able to tell that two sisters live there, is there? We're not loud partying types anyways.
Does anyone have any success stories with this? Funny disaster ones are welcome too.

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My dvd player is crazy. A lot of the times I try to watch something, it just stops. The dvds aren't scratched or dirty. My dvd player just does that to random ones. It's like hit and miss. Sometimes it'll play it, sometimes it won't. What should I do?

Random questions...

1. My skin has become really dry with winter's weather, and I've tried quite a few lotions to get rid of the dry skin on my elbows and elsewhere. I've tried Aveeno, Bath and Body Works stuff, and even this medicated anti-cracking foot cream (that works well for the heels of my feet, but does nothing for my elbows). Can someone recommend to me a REALLY moisturizing lotion for winter?

2. There's someone who wants to give me a calf-length wool coat, but it's a size 14 and I'm a size 5 or so. Do you think it can be altered? Or should I let someone else have it?

3. Have you played with your inner child today?
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I recently had a friend say to me that Iceland had one of the longest work days. I guess I had never thought about it, but who really does have the longest work day? How long is it? Who has the shortest?

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Are any of you allergic to cats?  What symptoms do you have?

my allergies have just attacked me, after I was done at my cleaning job. The woman has about four cats, one of whom decided I was the coolest thing ever today.  I feel like crap so I just want to know what other people get when allergic to cats.  (my dad's allergic too, so I wouldn't be suprised.  I have ALL the sme medical problems as him, haha)

I don't miss you.

Who do you miss?

Does this person miss you too?

Do you think it looks pathetic for a person to miss somebody who does not miss them back, intetionally staying away?

Does it make you feel pathetic to miss somebody who does not miss you?

Is your answer biased because you don't want to be pathetic?

What is your favorite "I Miss You" song?

Didn't I ask that once a long time ago? lol

Is it hard for you to get into a song if you can't actually relate to the lyrics, even if it's a really good song otherwise?

Do you have a secret crush?

Aren't crushes fun? =)


1) Which modern bestselling authors do you hate?

2) Which authors of classics?

1. Dan Brown. Oh, and Lionel Shriver, because how do you get published if you can't even use a damn question mark?!

2. Dickens. It's like being hit over the head with a sledgehammer until there is no way possible to not see every little detail of the obvious point.

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more random questions

1. describe the worst date you went on...
1a. describe the best date you went on...
2. for whom is it difficult to buy a gift and why?
3. what's the most expensive you have bought for someone?
4. are you gonna help w/the holiday cooking?
4a. if so - what're you making?
5. a place you won't patronize cuz you think they have bad food?
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Suddenly my laptop began emitting intense static noise. It stopped after a little less than a minute.

What could have this been a result of? Is there something to be alarmed at/should I have it checked?

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What should I get my best friend for christmas?
I swear to god she is the hardest person to shop for.
It has to be small and light and non breakable (I have to send it overseas), and I have pretty much no money.
And I kinda want it to represent Belgium, but the only thing that comes close is the beer glass candles, but they're heavy, breakable and expensive.

So.. conventionally speaking...

I've found some really fun/random conventions. What ones have you found?

Here's some of the ones that stuck out to me for being ridiculous, awesome or random: The Jem and the Holograms convention. - A Jaws Convention - A Gerard Butler fan convention? *blink* - A Xena convention A Buffy The Vampire Cruise convention An Australian "Sexpo: Sex convention A Convention of the Victorian area ( I want to go to this one!)


And have you ever been to a convention?

What should there be a convention for that there isn't?
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I didn't really know where to ask this, but I figured here was a good place to start.

Me and my boyfriend went to H&R Block yesterday to file for taxes.
We've been together for 3 years, but aren't married, and filed for taxes together.
The lady at H&R Block said that if we filed together that we would legally be considered married and if we ever broke up we would have to get a divorce.
We ended up filing together because we didnt really care, but I've never heard this before and nobody I know has either.
Does anybody know anything about this?
Does anybody know what I would look up to get any information?
If I'm asked if I am married for legal purposes would I have to say yes?
Do I get to take my boyfriends last name now?

any help would be great.
thanks :)

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For those of you who speak more then one language:

Do you ever find it hard translating idioms/expressions from one language to another?

Do you have any specific examples?

Last week my friends and I were on a long bus journey, and were trying to invent 'Gangsta Gaeilge'. Pretty much impossible, we resorted to the whole "translate each word, even of the end product is totally messy" business. That and bastardising spelling.

Mór se suas, teachtí.
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Your brother cheated on his girlfriend of four years. He was drunk, the girl he cheated on his girlfriend with was ten years younger than him, the sister of one of his mates and still in high school. The girl knew your brother had a girlfriend and she still practically threw herself at him.
Also, you get pretty well along with his girlfriend.

Poll #883950 What would you do?

Would you confront your brother about it?

Yes, he's acting like an idiot!
No, none of my business.
I'd smack my brother. Then i'd smack that stupid girl too.
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What's the strangest text message you've ever received? From someone you know or don't know.

I got one last night while I was on the phone with my boyfriend that said ":-) will be walking dog in 5". It was sent high priority too. Makes me think that the person was meeting up with a secret lover or something and uses "walking the dog" as an excuse. And no, I don't know the person.
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I have this song stuck in my head from work and all I can remember is a female singer saying "You're breaking my hea-ea-ea-ea-ea-ea-ea-eart" and other words to that effect.

Please tell me the song and singer! I have no idea how to google this sort of thing.
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I am in the market for a digital camcorder for under $400. Help! There are so many reviews out there and even the reviews from the Consumer Reports website seem a little out of date.

I am looking for something fairly simple for home movies with good sound/picture quality that I can easily transfer to my computer. good luck, right?

if anyone has a suggestion I'd love to hear it...


Does anyone know where I can find decent homeschooling information?

My dad is wanting to switch my younger sister to a homeschooled education, seeing as how the school system around here freaking blows.

Is anyone here homeschooled? Or have been homeschooled?
little soul

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So here's the question.

Since I started college, I've gotten addicted to Stewarts Orange 'n Cream sodas - the ingredients, however, are carbonated water, HFCS (which I've been trying to avoid, but I just don't want to give this soda up!), natural/artifical flavor, orange juice concentrate, and then a bunch of preservatives.

Is there any way to make this naturally myself? I don't care about the carbonation, just the orange cream taste.

I thought of adding orange juice and milk, but wouldn't that just curdle?

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So, I'm drawing a blank here.

What is a good example of a complicated family stresser?  (ie: a "simple" one would be someone in the family getting a job promotion, a "complicated" would be a parent's death or a divorce.  it's just something that will affect the family over a long term period with a alot of smaller stresses bunched into one.)

Solved because Generalwhitey is my hero <3

AND, because I feel bad about dumping my non-thinking brain on you people:

What smell makes you think of winter or christmas?

personally, cinnamon makes me think of xmas

Edited to add: Why am I getting acne like I'm back in middle school!?  I'm 19, not 12.  booooo.
leave your turntable on

adventures of the chompy puppy.

My family recently got a puppy--a girl, miniature Doberman/rat terrier mix. She is adorable, but she chews on everything. Mostly, it's just innocent stuff (socks, my brother's shirts and 'do rags), but lately she's taken to chewing up bits of the carpet, even pulling it up in spots, and chewing on the corners of the walls. What can we do to get her to stop?
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that&#39;s what she said!

find and replace in Word

Is there a way to do a find and replace in Microsoft Word where the found item is in all caps, but the replacement item is not? I can't seem to figure this one out -- for example, I want to replace all instances of "ASAP" with "as soon as possible" - but the replacement comes out "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" since the replaced word is in all caps. Does Word not work the way I need it to, or am I doing something wrong?

Naughty or Nice?

Inspired by LJ's announcement of new virtual gifts, and prizes to random commenters (here):

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

LJ's post says they know who's been naughty or nice. I commented to enter, admiring the lump of coal for naughty people, and I soon had two virtual lumps of coal in my profile, from two different LJ employees.

I guess that means I've been naughty this year!

ETA: With the question, I don't mean whether LJ would think you've been naughty or nice, just whether you think you've been naughty or nice.

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I want some fictional reading material based on either the american revolution or the civil war...what do you recommend? I am open to reading any age-level.

kk this is what I've read [That I recall]: Rifles for Watie, Calico Captive, Witch of Blackbird Pond, yes the American Girl series, Johnny Tremain, and Across Five Aprils.

(no subject)

My parents have had AOL for a while now. Therefore, I've a screenname. I don't like AOL in general so I use Firefox, but I use my screenname for AIM and email. My Dad wants to cancel AOL completely. Will that affect my screenname? Can I still use it on AIM or will it be wiped out forever?

Supersize You

I'm sure a good portion of you have seen the movie Supersize Me. This question is mainly geared towards people who have seen it, or know about it.

No doubt, the McDonalds corporation probably didn't like the movie very much. One day, you're approached by a businessman who says he works for the McDonalds company. They'd like to hire you for their own research on what a diet that consists of nothing but their product is like. You were chosen at random on the street. They'd like you to go an entire month eating nothing but McDonalds food, 3 meals a day. Salads are off-limits, but the rest of the menu is open to you. Three meals a day for one whole month. No other food or drink is allowed. Also, no exercise is allowed either, because it might interfere with their research. They'll install certain eavesdropping and surveillance equipment around you, so you can't cheat. If you agree to these conditions and rules, at the end of the month, you get a check for $20,000. Any breach of the contract (3 meals a day, no other food or drink allowed, no exercise) voids the contract.

1) Do you agree to this contract?
2) If no, how much money would you realistically ask for?

(no subject)

when you buy a wrapped ice cream (either from a truck, or a box of them or what have you), do you unwrap it on the stick side, or the ice cream side?

and what do you call those types of ice creams? i always just call it a ice cream bar, or the ever-so-eloquent "ice cream on a stick" but i really don't know the "official" name...
petit prince


EDIT! answer # 6 pleeeease

1. what happened to b_h? nevermind, i'm s-m-r-t and checked brutal_drama

2. do you know what you're going to get your tqc gifty person?

3. have you read the baker report? thoughts?

4. do you like smelly cheese?

5. do you have any thoughts about turkey's desire to join the EU?

6. ok, you and your brother are not SUPER close, but you're good enough pals. he tells you about this new girl he's dating. trouble is, you've known her a while and can't stand this girl. you think she's obnoxious and immature. you try to avoid commenting, he keeps bringing it up. are you honest or do you fudge it a bit?
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X-Mas Larva


Today one of my co-workers mentioned that she has over 160 first cousins.
( This is because one of her father's sisters had 23 children!)
How many first cousins do you have? What is your relationship to them like? Are you close friends? Do you know all of their names and birthdays? Are you expected to give all of them birthday and holiday gifts? How does it all work?

I am asking these strange things because i have no cousins at all. None. Zero. 
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To what extent are we "shaped" by the media?
What we think, what we wear, our attitudes?
Like, current events, politics, the 2004 election?... even celebrity news?
People said that news coverage regarding the recent election brought cynisicm towards the government in the 18-24 age group.
The whole Jennifer / Brad / Angelina - ness, I personally thought Jennifer made out to be the innocent nice girl, while Angelina was made out to be the heartless bitch? Agree/disagree?
Other relative stuff where the new's manipulates information for the reader to lean / act a certain way?

Cookbooks revisited

What are your recommendations for cookbooks for someone who has little to no cooking experience, is overall semi-useless in the kitchen, and has limited access to cooking intruments (aka no food processor)?


(no subject)

Do you have any strange food habits?

Like ... you like the way a certain food items tastes prepared one way, but not another?

I don't have anything major, but I don't particularly like cold cheese, but I love cheese when it's melted. Also, when I was little, I used to hate cooked carrots, but loved them raw.

(no subject)

1. How is the name "Jinhua" pronounced?

2. What's the word for someone who has a name that reflects their line of work (man named John Barber who is a barber for instance. I can't think of any better examples).

3. When was the last time you laughed til you cried?
On the news earlier, Mom and I heard about a prostitution ring bust. The name of one of the prostitutes was Jinhua Dong. When her name came on the screen, Mom and I initially read it as Juana Dong. After Mom's first "wanna dong" joke I lost it.

4. Unrelated question: Have you ever made animated LJ icons on The Gimp? Is it possible? If so, can you give me a brief summary as to how? I have a vague idea (if it is, in fact, as possible as I think it is), but I'm obviously missing something.
Nevermind. Figured it out. :)

Did you hear the one about the kid that...

What is the penalty for opening your Christmas presents too early? For one South Carolina 12-year-old, the penalty was arrest. Collapse )

Do you miss MTV's TRUE LIFE?! i absolutely LOVED that show when it was actually GOOD. what was your favorite episode?! [i no longer have cable so i'm not even sure if it still comes on or not.. but i doubt it's as good as it once was]

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If I don't eat something at least an hour before I drink alcohol, I get bad muscle cramps. If I continue not to eat anything, I end up on the floor in tears. Sometimes it can only take 2 drinks.

The thing is, I could eat a 6 course meal a few hours earlier, but that doesn't seem to matter.

I went to the doctor about it a month ago & her response was "have you tried not drinking?". Yeah, you dickhead. Should I get a second opinion or am I just overreacting? Has anyone else had a similar thing happen?

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My piercer is not answering his phone, so I have no choice but to ask the internet...

I got my nose pierced about 2-3 weeks ago. Today, I got hit in the face at work (long story involving an over-eager toddler who kisses with her forehead) and now my stud is sinking into my nose. There's a lot of pus and it's not painful, but it's concerning. Should I continue washing it as suggested and hope for the best until I can talk to the piercer? Just stop doing anything to it until I can get ahold of my piercer?

moving out

* To those of you no longer living at home, did you "celebrate" when you moved out? What did you do?

* To those of you still living at home, how would you celebrate leaving the nest?

* Also, what's the best thing about no longer living at home?
(To those of you still at home, what are you looking forward to the most when you move out?)
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Pit Bull: Reindeer


Where can I order high-quality custom calendars for a decent price? I'd be ordering quite a few of the calendars and distributing them for donations for the animal shelter I volunteer at, so the price needs to stay as low as possible.