December 6th, 2006


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How do you guys order sandwiches?

Do you ask for a type of bread and wait for them to get it before telling them what goes on it or do you tell them your order all at once?

Any other ways to do it?

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Have you ever had sex with someone while knowing that they were in a serious relationship with someone else?

Did you have feelings for them, or was it purely physical?

How badly did it turn out?
Who Is driving? Bear is driving!
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OK, I'm looking at getting a used car in the near future, and I've pretty much decided on an 80s-90s Volvo wagon.

The market seems to be pretty plentiful, so I can afford to be kinda picky.

I was wondering if anyone knows of specific years/models/engines to look for or avoid, or any rules of thumb like "if it has over 150k miles, make sure x part is in good shape".

I'd love personal experience, or a link to a site that has info.
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Other than actually working, selling your property, pawning things, dealing drugs, and thieving, what's another way to make money?
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Has anyone ever tried Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live program? How'd that work out for you?

I want to try it, but I also really love food and worry that I'd get wicked bored with it.
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some randomness...

1) Has anyone sold jewelry to a jewelry store? Did you get a lot of money back?
I have a necklace from an ex. He told me at the time it cost him about $300 for the charm & necklace. I have no need for the necklace anymore and feel weird wearing it because it's a heart-shaped diamond pendant. If it was a different shape it wouldn't be an issue, but it is what it is. Anyway, I want to try to sell the necklace to a jewelry store and was wondering what to expect. Any tips or advice on how to get the most money for it?

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1. If you had a TV show, what would be your theme song?

2. What genre(s) would it be?

3. Would it be live action, animation, claymation, something else?

4. After the show had been taken off the air, what would people remember your show for?

5. What would be the title of your TV show?

6. If you couldn't be in the show, what actor/actress would you choose to portray you (or in the case of animation, be your voice actor)? Your best friend? Your SO? Your dog or cat?

7. What song would play during the ending credits?

8. If I have a headache and I think it is due to dehydration, how much water should I drink?

9. When asking lists of questions like this in TQC, do you answer them yourself?

10. What is your favorite thing to do on days where nothing is expected of you?

11. You're going to die in five minutes, what is it that you do in those five minutes?

Its so cold!

1.) Could anyone recommend any good places (not stores online) where I could get a somewhat cheap fluffy/puffy (not flat) down blanket? My dad wants to get me one for xmas, but he's not too sure where to go, and neither am i.

2.) what color blanket should I get? Most of my blankets are purple or pink...
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this may have been asked already, but...

does anyone have suggestions as to what nice (yet relatively inexpensive) holiday gifts to get for the parents of my significant other? the mother is italian and likes to cook; the father is quiet and i honestly don't know much about him. i was thinking of just getting one generic gift for the two of them.

thanks loves!

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1)Can you make a rum and coke with rum extract?

2)Can you make a white russian with non-dairy coffee creamer?

3)Would you try either of these if they were made that way?

4)Do you think dingoes take baby Jesuses from nativity scenes?

5)When was the last time you were stabbed with a pencil, whether purposefully or accidentally?

Edit:Sorry, one more.
6)Do you believe that dreams actually have a meaning?
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1. This might be one of my dumbest/lamest/pointless questions ever posted here (and believe me, it has stiff competition), but I'm curious to what other people think, so here goes:

In the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" do you think the mom is actually kissing Santa or her husband dressed up as Santa?

2. Aside from Jason Mraz, which artists allow free and legal downloading of their music?
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Remember when I made this entry last night, asking about data charges and such on my phone with Verizon? My phone had an additional $20 in data charges for this billing cycle.

I just thought I would quickly update these of you that answered my entry- it turns out that I went over my 500-text limit when texting other non-Verizon people. Whoops. There was another charge for the games I had downloaded onto my phone; I asked how to get rid of them. Now my dad won't freak out the next billing cycle. :-) Thanks to all that helped out!

Anyway, to get a question in, are you as depressed as I am today? I need a good cry, dammit. :(
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Gas Mask B&W
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Does anyone know the poem with this line?
But song has touched my lips with fire, And made my heart a shrine;
I'm utterly dismayed by my lack of google-fu on this particular subject.

Never mind, it's Lines of Life by Letitia Elizabeth Landon.

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Poll #883200 moustachioed journalists

Who is your favorite moustachioed journalist?

John Stossel
Geraldo Rivera
Other (specify in comments)

2. What's your opinion on fanfiction?
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Name change!

Have you ever thought about changing your given/Christian/first name?

What would you change it to?

Do you think it's weird having two people in the same family with the same first AND LAST name?

When I get married I'll be the second Barbara Smith in the family. The other is my partner's neice. I don't think I can handle that. (And I don't want to keep my maiden name.)
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Slang ?

What does this mean: "We didn’t have sex, but it was just as good J ."?

Someone in ONTD said that it means dome (oral sex) but I've never heard it used in that context before. I'm thinking maybe it's someone's name that was omitted to conceal his/her identity, but I have no idea.

ETA: Apparently it's a typo, it should've been a :).

What are some of your favorite slang words?
Me-skateboard wedding

Supernatural Forces?

1-Anyone ever had an experience/encounters with what they believe to be a supernatural/ghost/poltergeist/being from another world or dimension?

2- Do you believe in such things?
2a.-If you don't believe in such things and have had a weird experience/encounter that you couldn't explain, what did you dismiss it as being(noisy pipes, hallucination, etc)?

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Does anybody have that popular gif that looks like it was made in MS Paint? It says "Research Paper" on one side, with an old man typing at a desk. On the other side, it says, "Internet" with, like, a model jumping out of a cake and all this other fun stuff. I haven't found it via Google, so I thought I'd check herr. :P
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eithics question

I went and saw my doc yesterday. He said I'm doing much better than I was when I first started seeing him. He asked how my pain was tho. How am I supposed to tell him that I'm getting worse? I kinda lied and said that I was doing better. Which in a way is true. The part that he has control over, is getting better. It's all the other parts that are getting worse. So I guess it wasn't really lieing. I didn't want to depress him with something he has no control over and isn't capable of treating. I've scared off enough docs w/ my medical problems, I don't want to lose another.

did I do something really stupid? My mom agrees w/ me but all my friends are yelling at me
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You get the chance to sleep with the person of your dreams, in an alternate universe where you are single and neither of you has any romantic attachments.

It is the most amazing night of your life and the best sex you've ever had. A few weeks later, you find out you have an STD that could only have been given to you by this person, who had no idea they had it, and feels absolutely awful about it, offers to pay for your treatments, and is distraught at possibly losing you, the most wonderful thing to ever happen to them.

Hindsight is always 20/20... was it worth it?

Let's say it's a curable STD, like gonorrhea, nothing like AIDS or herpes.

ETA: What if it were something non-curable, like herpes or AIDS?

What if it was only one night of sex with them, but it was the most amazing sex ever and hi, it was *that person you really wanna fuck*?
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If you could, would you want to rideshare/carpool to work? Why or why not?

If yes, would you prefer to do all the driving, half the driving, or none?

If one person did all the driving, and the other paid for all the gas, would you consider that fair? Edit: Why or why not?

What qualities do you consider attractive in a rideshare partner (e.g. quiet/chatty, has own car, lives close to you)? Assume you work at the same place.

More edits: Would you feel comfortable ridesharing with your direct supervisor? Someone even higher up than that? Someone in a totally different department whom you never saw at work?

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1. When kissing someone, what kind of effect do you think lip gloss has on the quality of the smooch?
2. What is stereotypical about you?
3. What is something about you that is unique?
4. Who is someone (famous) that you think is sexy ugly?

EDIT: #4 is a reference from the movie Kissing Jessica Stein. I mean someone who is ugly, but also sexy.
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80's breakup songs

I broke up with my boyfriend last week, and now I want to wallow to despressing music for awhile.

Can you recommend 80's new wave songs about breakup and dispair?

I've got Joy Division, Tainted Love, and Blue Monday already covered. ;-)
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1. My 5 year old nephew wants to make a website, which I'm going to help him with. My sister is concerned about whether to let him put any family photos or pictures of himself on the site, given all the news articles on the danger to kids from predators using the internet. If your 5 year old had a website, would you be concerned about having their photo on it? * ETA: He wants it to be a public site, not just for family.

2. LJ is being criticized by a major internet anti-pedophilia organization for allowing communities that promote pedophilia (see here, click on the plus sign by LiveJournal). What do you think - free speech, or should be removed?

3. The Peter Pan film with Jason Isaacs as the deliciously sexy Captain Hook - suitable for a 5 year old, or not? Said 5 year old loves Halloween, scary skeletons, etc etc, so I don't think it would be too scary for him, but I'm crap at judging ages for films and kids.
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If you don't eat for a couple (3 or 4) hours, what happens to you?

I get cranky or distractable
My limbs start visibly shaking and I feel noticeably weak
I get dizzy or nauseated, maybe a headache
I pass out or feel like I might
I just feel hungry
Nothing noticeable
Other - explain in comments, please

Should I be worried if I feel the first two after only two or three hours? (In short, should I mention it to my doctor when I see them next?)
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On a scale from 1-10, how weird do you think your dreams are?
I would give mine a 7. No nightmares, just stuff when I am later thinking: Where the hell did that stuff come from?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I know a handful of you have said you wanted to get the Wonder Years on DVD. I found a website that took them from TV and put them, all 6 seasons, onto DVDs and you can buy them all for 19.99 . . .

Has anyone ever ordered DVDs from this website or websites like it? How did those DVD turn out? Do you think it's safe to do so?

Personally I think I'm going to go ahead and do it unless someone here can reveal something that convinces me otherwise. It's a good deal.
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Jobs and personality tests

I interviewed for a job today and had to take a personality test as part of the process. It was awful. You were only allowed to use the "unsure/undecided" option a limited number of times and the possible answers were more or less "Not-so-you option 1" or "Equally not-so-you option 2". Near the end of the test, I was half expecting to see something like:
If you were to rip the head from a fuzzy pet, would you murder:
1) A Puppy
2) A Kitten
3) Something else

On to the questions:
1) Assuming you've made it pretty clear that you won't come in and shoot up the entire building when the pressure finally makes you insane, how much stock do you think employers really put in these personality tests?

2) Have you had to take one of these tests for a job?
a) Have you ever been rejected for a job based solely on your personality profile?

3) Out of curiosity, if you were to rip the head from a fuzzy pet, would you rather murder:
a) a puppy
b) a kitten
c) some other fluffy, cute animal (specify in comments)

ETA: If I get this job, I have to wear a skirt to work. Yes, I rolled my eyes at that too. I have an ankle tattoo that has to covered since I'll be in a god-awful skirt. The traditional band-aid trick isn't allowed. Any suggestions on make-up (theater or personal) that would work for this purpose?


I would like to move to Ohio from Northern Virginia. Does anyone have suggestions for where I would feel most comfortable? I'm looking for something similar to the DC metro area: large population, diversity, suburban environment, good schools, etc.
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How do you study?
What ways are effective?
I have my first college finals next week and the following two weeks after, I'm really nervous and I never really developed/found a study method that works for me during HS. (Granted, I never studied.. but yeah.) I'm afraid I just get distracted way too easily... what helps you with memorizing piles of information? Note cards, reading it, copying it over, adderall? lol

What's killing me the most is that I have to overlap studying, like I have two finals right after each other, and I've been trying to study for both... and I just don't know how to split my time because I just am WAY to insecure/not confident that I know anything to actually move on to the other subject? I hope this makes sense?

Helpful suggestions, ways to calm a freshmen down? lol
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Brain fart

Other than baby Gap and The Children's Place...what other places are there to shop for toddlers?

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Has anyone used before? My fiance and I are looking to purchase a new vehicle and are shopping around for the best interest rate we can find... I just want to make sure that we arn't going to get taken for a ride... TIA!

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What are some musicals that start with the letter J? NOTE: It's not Jesus Christ Superstar or Jersey Boys.

Also, there may be a song in the show that gives the title of the show away, but I dont care about the song, just the show would be great.

any ideas???
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I'm looking for information on symbolism in art, religious or otherwise. I'm composing a piece and I'm specifically looking for information on body language/appearance of hands, symbols in surroundings, animals, colours, et cetera. Can anybody help me out?

School Uniforms

What do you think about school uniforms?

Should they be mandatory in all schools? Are they a good or a bad thing?

(this is been bothering me since a supervisor from work started cheering and dancing a jig when there was "speculation" that uniforms would be mandatory in public schools.. like.. weeks ago)

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1. How many people does one have to sleep with, and in what period of time, to be a slut (in your opinion)?
2. Do you consider having oral sex to be having sex?
3. What's your favorite coffee drink?
4. What's your favorite foreign-language music? (I guess you can say English-speaking bands if it's not your native language, but I'm looking to expand my horizons beyond English a bit more.)
5. Kerouac: Love him or hate him?

1. No idea, that's why I'm asking.
2. Nope.
3. Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte.
4. I like Ricardo Arjona, Junes, Kyo, and Calogero. Oh, and La oreja de van gogh.
5. Love him, as long as I'm in the right mood.

Procrastination at its best.

If my room mate died, do you think my landlord would make me pay her share of the rent?
Edit: we're both students, and we've both signed separate leases for the same apartment. No she's not dying, and no I don't want to kill her. I wouldn't be able to pay her half anyway so I suppose it's a non-issue. He could try to collect and can't since I have neither job nor assets. :P

Do you ever wonder what kind of kinky sex your teacher/professor/boss/neighbor/mailman engages in?

What gives you gas?

If you were able to give your SO/Child/BFF anything they wanted, what would you give? Tangible items only.

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Would you wear gold leather capris?
ETA I'm trying to figure out if anyone would actually WEAR these.

Maybe a black mail scheme?
Drag queen?
I figure someone in this community would know someone who would!
Just remember when you feel safe all tucked in and snuggly in your bed someone, somewhere is rocking a pair of gold leather capris (or not)
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Word Perfect?

Hey gang. For NaNoWriMo (I failed, miserably) I downloaded a copy of WordPerfect Office X3. The trial's run out, and I don't have the cash to pay for the full program at the moment.

I'm not too savvy on key generators or whatever. :P

My real question is, is there any other free program out there that will open .wpd files? I want to try and continue my story, but I can't very well open it up in Notepad. :/

Thanks! :)
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Silly question

- If you and your SO want kids, but haven't had any yet, have you decided on names for them?

- If you and your SO don't want kids, but are planning on having pets, have you decided on names for them?

Me and my boyfriend are planning on having a cat and a dog. We've decided on both breeds and names. The cat will be a Siamese called Toaster and the dog will be a German Shepard called Fridge. I also want a snake, but I haven't decided on a name yet.
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In my psych class each of us are writing down three good things that happened to us during the day. We're doing this for a week to see if it improves our mood. So now I'm curious...

What are three good things that happened to you today?

Playstation fun

For some reason my brother's PS1 games have stopped working in his PS2. The PS2 games work fine. When he puts a PS1 game in, he gets "disk read error". The thing is, we've only ever had a Playstation 2, so these games were all playable at some point.

Anyone have an idea of what's going on and/or how to fix it?
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Dear TQC:

I am dying my hair. I am doing black on top and then colored underneath. (The one I am doing now is red, but it will probably change on a semiregular basis) So, here is the question:

Should I dye my bangs black too, or should I dye them to match whatever underneath color I have?

Should I be worried?

My grandmother and I live together, not really in the best neighborhood... I'm not usually around (college and whatnot),  and as of late there's this creepy man that keeps coming over and asking my grandmother if she needs any help with chores/lawncare or anything, and he's rather pushy about it... (she has to tell him no about four or five different times, and he still comes around and asks) and he doesn't belong to any lawncare company, he's not really friendly about it... he's a bit weird and he's not a neighbor either.

Are we being paranoid about this,  should we be worried, or is there something the police could do? My uncle has talked to him and he haven't backed off, he is still coming around.. and I'm getting worried, he's giving off some kind of strange vibe.


I've been reading the responses to the cheating quetsions from earlier today and I'm curious...

Why would someone cheat on someone else?
I guess I'm thinking more in the serial cheating sense... (I can kinda wrap my head around the "Oops! It was one time!" way...)

If the SO has been very clear that cheating is inexcusable in their definition of a relationship, and has made it very clear how badly they would be hurt in such a situation, why would the cheater do it?
Why not just break up with your SO so you're free to play the field?

I mean, if you're a huge player, yet you care about the SO enough not to play around, then it seems to me you'd just not cheat... OR, if you're a huge player and you don't care enough about the SO to make the commitment they're asking for, why wouldn't you just be honest and say, "Sorry. Can't do it," and then go be your true self?

Is there fun in jerking someone around?

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Just a random question popped into my head:

WHY did Lizzie Borden kill her parents? I've found so little information about her as a person. Yes she killed her parents and blah blah blah, but is there any knowledge of why she did it?

any answers are greatly appreciated?

p.s. i dont want any responses like "cuz she was crazy" only factual things please
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A friend of mine is having trouble deciding what to get his girlfriend of almost 4 months. He already got her a Coach gift card for $500. But he also wants to get her a Tiffany&Co. bracelet or a necklace. $180+ for just 4 months? Sounds kinda desperate, huh? What other small gifts matter? He said he's looking to get her a little something with personal touch. I suggested a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant...but he says he can do that any day. And maybe like a Dior mascara or NARS makeup...I'm all out of ideas...

Any suggestions?

Edit: Ugh, screw it. He won't listen to me. Hopefully the girl will get freaked out and break up with him and he'll come to me asking why he didn't listen to me. BLAH.
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Youtube scam?

I just got an email from Youtube saying I've got a message from someone. I don't talk to anyone on Youtube except for one friend. I've never got any messages from anyone. I didn't click on any of the links in the email, instead I went directly to youtube and logged in. It said that I didn't have any messages in my inbox, so I'm scared that this is is scam because the email said I had a message. Is this a scam or am I being dumb?
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What is a real world example that could cause division by zero in some sort of practical application of computing, engineering, or any other field you can come up with? (Other than baseball statistics... 0 at bats, 0 hits...)

Can you come up with an example where simply returning a result of zero when dividing any number (zero or non-zero) by zero would cause a problem?

Eating out and tipping

This is a question about tipping while at restaurants in different situations. To remove unwanted variables, assume all of the following four points are true:

- Your food tasted great and was prepared to your liking
- Your food arrived in a timely manner and was at the appropriate temperature when it reached you
- Your server checked on you often, but not too often, and brought you drinks, condiments and whatever else you might need as necessary
- The restaurant was a pleasant place to eat, you felt comfortable, and you would gladly eat there again.

How much would you tip for the following base rates if you were eating lunch by yourself?
a. $5.05
b. $11.78
c. $31.50

How much would you tip for the following base rates if you were eating dinner on a first date and you were paying for both of you?
d: $25.18
e: $44.70
f: $135.11

How much would you tip if you were paying the following base rate for a group of four friends that you've known for years?
g: $ 30.88
h: $ 55.09
i: $220.00

What is your method for determining tip in these situations?
Would you tip differently if your friends were instead your parents?
Would you tip differently if your friends were instead your date's parents?
Would you tip differently if your friends made significantly more money than you?
Would you tip differnetly if your friends made significantly less money than you?

(no subject)

If you went through the programs and graduated or are still enrolled, how do you like:

1. cosmetology school
2. real estate school
3. bartending school


I'm thinking about applying for all of the above just for kicks.


whats the most spontaneous thing you've done in the past year?
-- these year i was lame and didnt do anything but work a bunch :(


So I just learned that one of my friends is a bonafide millionare. I knew he had money, but I didn't realize how well off he was. He never let on that he has tons of cash. He's one of the most generous guys I know.

Have you learned something new about any of your friends lately? Or have you just learned something random, yet interesting?

My husband is upstairs drinking a Smirnoff and watching a Celtic music concert on PBS. Its called "Celtic Woman", but there are like, 5 of them. Why aren't they called Celtic Women?

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What kinds of dogs have blue eyes? I know of huskies and Australian shepherds.

I just adopted two dogs! One, an adult, is a purebred beagle. The other, a ten week old puppy, is a mutt. His mama, a stray, definitely has greyhound or whippet in her - she looked like a big greyhound, pure white, with ice blue eyes, possibly the most beautiful dog I've ever seen. He's built kind of like a greyhound, but definitely doesn't have the coloring, and he's got blue eyes too. We're just trying to figure out what breeds went into our little mutt. :) Right now we're leaning toward the Australian shepherd.

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Consumer Whore


Whatever happened to those two gay male twins who were separated at birth, and then ended up dating when they were reunited?
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...there was a FIREFIGHT!

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Why doesn't the spellcheck in Gaim recognize "internet" as a word?

...or, for that matter, why doesn't it recognize its own name?

What should you be doing right now that you're not?

(no subject)

haha, ok so I met this awesome guy at the bar two weeks ago. We've talked a few times, made out a little, and I think I really like him. My friend tried to get me to take him home every night, but I resisted.

So my question is, when I see him on friday, should I? (I want to, but I'm not quite sure if it's just a reaction to a bad breakup I just went through.)

(Serious and non serious replies, I don't give a shit today :P)

ETA: I've only been with one guy, so since I'm a n00b, I probably will make an ass outta myself? It might provide some lulz?

(no subject)

Have you ever used Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer? Did you use it on your body, or on your face or both? and if you used it on your body, how much of your body did you put it on? How well does it work? Thank youuu.

(no subject)

Do you know of any good sites that have really, genuinely good lines from songs and from poems, or even short stories? Thanks :)

ETAThe artist or author is whoever you think is good. Its your opinion of good. I just love random lines from stories and poems :)

keeping up appearances/relationships

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Would you go out of your way to clean up your living area because people were coming over? What if it's just a random person coming to do maintenance work? The last time they were here, they spent 5 minutes in the kitchen and left.

My answer: Leave everything as it is. Only reason you should clean up is if there's trash to be thrown out or dirty dishes to be done.

Edited for a new question: Ever dated someone and their loved ones/friends hated you? How did/do you deal with it?

Apparently, my boyfriend's sister has hated me since the beginning. We've been dating for over 4 years (had a 'break' for a couple of months earlier this year, that's when he told me about how she never liked me). I tried to be nice, I'm a good person, but no go. I've started to ignore her as a result.


!. Is "eating a Philly cheesesteak sandwich" an activity or a status upgrade?

@. Do you prefer to toast your bread?

#. Have you ever eaten a sandwich with just one slice of bread, on the bottom?

$. What kinds of bread do you prefer? You should feel free to include non-American styles.

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