December 5th, 2006

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Just out of curiousity I don't know if you guys will know or not, but I was eating a lemon the other day and my dad started to say something to me about since I can eat a lemon or sour things than I must like something. But right when he went to say it, he stopped. So it made me think it was something bad. By any chance have you all heard of that before? Like if you like sour things or lemons than you like alcohol or having sex? Those are just my theories. Idk, it was pretty random & I probably just confused ya'll, so sorry if I did. =/


Most obscure question I've ever asked.

More than five or six years ago, a beauty product company had these little aromatherapy jars.. It was like a bunch of little bath-bead-like pods that each contained a scented oil, and you twisted the tip off and applied the oil to your pulse points. The pods themselves were in a round jar and separated by scent (relaxing, energizing...).

I'm pretty sure it was Oil of Olay, but I'm not positive. I'd like to find them again, or something similar.
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my faves

TMobile offers 2 plans that cost the same. Which do you think is the better deal? 2 people share the plan.

1. 1000 min. Unlimited nights and weekends. Mobile to mobile.

2. 700 min. Unlimited nights and weekends. No mobile to mobile but unlimited calls to a select 5 people.

Note: I think we're the only ones with
TMobile that we call...
model → rad boys

Gift Recieving

It's my birthday! (Was, technically. I've been playing my Wii into the wee hours. ^-^)

When you recieve gifts you don't like, how do you react (considering that you're opening it in front of the gift giver)? Does it depend on who gave it to you?
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that's what she said!
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I decided to try making chili tonight for the first time. I found a few recipes - online and through friends - that sounded good, and figured I'd do my best to combine them into a version of chili that sounded tasty to me. The only thing is - I don't really like beans, and I generally eat around them when I'm eating chili. So the final version of chili that I made tonight had maybe half of a can of pinto beans, and nothing else. It still has tomatoes and spicy ground beef and onions and other spices. But this got me to thinking - is it still chili, if I leave out one of the main ingredients? Or am I just now eating fancy ground beef soup?

How do you like your chili? Are any ingredients must-have in your opinion?

Question about a Sigur Ros song...

There's a song played in the movie 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou', at the end when everyone's in the submarine. Apparently the song is by Sigur Ros and is called 'Staralfur', and it's not available on the 'Life Aquatic' soundtrack.

I cannot find it on iTunes. Does this song go by another name, perhaps? Or is there anywhere on the net where I could download this song for free? *cough*might one of you have it and feel generous enough to send it to me?*cough*

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the midnight special

Last night I watched an infomercial for the CD collection from the show The Midnight Special... I loved most of the songs, and I wanted to get them from Itunes instead of ordering the CD every month.... so I looked up the CDs online and can't find track listings anywhere... it is like a time life sort of deal, but not time life.

Can anyone point me to a full track list?  THANKS!
DW - Doctor Me


I just finished making a Dr Who scarf that someone who frequents a message board I'm a member of. When I agreed to do it, we never agreed on a price, because I didnt know how much yarn, time, etc it would take. That was a year ago. I had to take an unexpected break due to a severe Carpal Tunnel flare up. So I dont know how much time I actualy put into this thing, seeing as the making of it was spread out over a years time.

The materials cost at least $10, and the shipping is going to cost close to $10 as well. What do you guys think is a good price for it?

Here's a picture of it:

Collapse )
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Quick Question

I'm a Canadian teacher and one of my students is Dutch. I want to ask her about Sinterklaas, which is the Dutch day for St. Nicholas, which is today. How do you pronounce it? Sin-ter-claus?
Answered! Thanks!
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Give a dog a home

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My iPod is fucked up. I moved all my music to my husband's computer, and I went to update my iPod this morning. Basically, the iPod had to completely sync with this new library, and it erased everything on my iPod and went into the process of re-adding everything to my computer. My iPod's battery died about 3/4 of the way through it. I thought "Okay, well, I got 75% of my music on the iPod, so I'll be good for today."

WRONG. I got to work, and there are 7 tracks on my iPod. SEVEN. That's it. WTF, man??? Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Does drinking milk in the morning make you fart? (you personally, not asking for like, sources or something)
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Do you give a christmas gift to:

1. Your mailman
2. Your hair stylist
3. The paperboy
4. Anyone else who is not a family member or friend

If you so give, what kind of gift is it?
rider tied

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After I had a conversation with my brother's friends, I mentioned that I quite enjoy a good beer and a game of football (English football, not American). They had differeing opinions on this.

One said that a girl like that would be the best girlfriend ever, because she wouldn't bitch at you to turn the football off because she wanted to watch Big Brother or Eastenders.
The other said that it probably means you're gay because you're pretty much dating another man. Which is pretty silly, I think. I think he just meant that it was wierd though.

Which one do you agree with the most?
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What would make it feel the most like Christmas for you?

You sat on the lap of a fat man with a white beard
Buying a christmas tree
Building a snowman
Building an anatomically correct snowman, and doing....things to it
Shopping for Christmas presents
A sleigh ride
Painting reindeer noses red
Singing holiday carols
Eating some holly and some ivy
Baking holiday cookies
A Christmas party at work
Eating a candy cane
Drank egg nog
Watching 'A Christmas Story' 15 times over the course of December
Eating chocolate you found under a tree somewhere

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Very naughty
Very nice
A little more naughty than nice
A little more nice than naughty
About even really
Actually, I haven't been naughty or nice. I don't tend to do anything good or bad to people. I just kind of exist. Morally blah

What do you expect to find under your tree?

Presents! Lots of presents!
Coal with a note that says PWND, love SC
One present, that I bought myself
A couple presents
Tree? You must mean the tree outside, for I won't have a tree, and in that case, probably squirrels.
Nothing. Maybe a dustbunny or some tinsel the cat threw up
Is that a sexual euphamism, fourcorners? TQC perv
Myself, after too much spiked nog

Lastly, Jesus and Santa Claus are jello wrestling for the right to own Christmas. Who's got the edge?

Santa. He's got the weight advantage. He'll smother Jesus with his belly full of jelly
Jesus. He can perform miracles and he came back from the dead, dude. He wants it bad enough
Captain Kwanza jumps in and beats them both up
None. Capitalism's owned Christmas for years now
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Sick Day ?'s

Inspired by this

If you work for an employer that allots you a certain amount of (paid or non-paid) sick days per year, do you make sure to use them all before the end of the year?

Do you think it's a good idea for an employer to allot paid sick days to employees?

What are the best "I'm sick" excuses you've heard?
Gas Mask B&W
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So has anyone else been getting an error code 052030 on their Nintendo Wii? It only seems to come up when I try to access the Wii Store.

Who's got some wii friend codes they wanna share?
My Point?

Clerks 2

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I watched Clerks 2 again.

Did anyone add the Mooby's profile on myspace before the theatrical release?

I'm such a sad sack that I scrolled through the names at the end and found mine.

6 minutes, 15 seconds in the first column about half way down.

Yeah..the things you do when you can't sleep.

What do you do when you can't sleep?
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I Remember a Question!!!

Have any of you ever heard of PCDI (Professional Career Developement Institute)?

If so, what do you think of it?
Are you currently enrolled?
Do you know if there's a high success rate in the career diploma program?


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I live near one of the Scientologists super-secret end of the world hidden bunkers. My husband has been on a tour (as an officer so they know the layout in case they are needed to check on something). He says it is made out of concrete and ready to withstand WW3, nuclear attack or a 10.0 earthquake. 

I think they are breeding the zombie army in the bunkers, waiting for the day to unleash them and take over the world. They might even be breeding a "super race" of TomKittens to take over the world in one of them. What do you think they are doing in them?


How easy is it to find a job where you live?

Last time I was unemployed, it took a year. And all I wanted to do was work at a department or grocery store. How depressing.

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Just a quick couple of questions, before I wander off to lunch at my son's school:

How old were you when it stopped being fun to have your parents come to school? (things like Parent's days or field trips)

I have no idea how old I was, both of mine had jobs that didn't allow for time off during the day. I think my mom came to lunch once when I was about 7, and it was still cool...

For the parents out there, have you ever wanted to tell your child's teacher to stop asking you to send stuff to class?

Over the past 2 months my kid has needed a tub of dipping caramel, a shirt, a jar of penut butter, and a load of random other stuff. Enough already! You had the longest supply list of any teacher in the school, it's time to start teaching within your means, lady!
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Have you ever auditioned for a gameshow or talent show?

My LJ friend wants me to join her team to audition for that Pop Culture gameshow on VH1. I think it sounds like a fun adventure!

What is your favorite mexican dish?

If you watched the Billboard awards last night, what did you think?


You're in a band. It's struggling, but you release a new album, and one song in particular gets some airplay. The song has a nonsense title that someone thought up while stoned. It's a minor hit, enough where one topical comedian uses the song title as a reference to anti-semetic hate crimes. Due to that reference, the song becomes an anthem among skinheads and anti-semetic groups, who buy your cds en masse and show up in large groups at your concerts. Your band becomes linked to the anti-semetic movement, which is unfortunate, but your album's gone gold and you're selling out every show. Your merchandise is moving off the shelves, and record companies are lining up to sign you. The rest of the band goes along with the fan base, and shaves their heads, to promote their success. You're offended and bothered by this theme, but you're making so much money and enjoying the rock star lifestyle, you don't say anything. You just do your job and keep mum. Your band has become infamous the way Marilyn Manson had become infamous. Your venues have grown from small clubs to concert halls and stadiums.

One day you walk out to do a show, and you notice it's SRO, and wall-to-wall fascists and skinheads and other anti-semetics. You spy a dozen Nazi flags flying. Your band has always flirted with the dark side, but now it's finally been swallowed up whole. Your moral dilemma heightens when you receive two bits of information: the rest of your tour has sold out, and every band member will pocket $2,000,000 if they do every show (10 shows remaining)...and there was 2 incidents of violent hate crimes in the town you just left, on the same night you performed, and 3 in the town before that. The rest of the band isn't as troubled by the negative association. "We just play our music. However they interpret it, it's not our fault. We're not haters. We're just doing our job"

Do you stay for the long haul and walk away filthy rich? Or do you get out now with your morality somewhat intact?

Probably a stupid question...

I just put my dog's new rabies tag on her collar - do I have to keep the old one?  Would a case ever come up where I would have to prove that she had it in the past, or do they just care that she has it now?

I know this probably seems like an obvious question, but I'm always afraid that if I throw something away, I'll need it for something in the future. (You should see my storage area!!)

Edit: answered, thanks!
Quinn Twin

Tenacious D Show

My friend had two extra tickets, and asked my husband and I to accompany her to a Tenacious D show tonight (isn't she awesome!?)... I've never been to one of their shows before, so I'm kinda iffy about what to expect.

I mean, I've been to a lot of concerts and know there's two distinct types - sit down and stand up and freak out (examples - Tori Amos was def a sit down show, because she tells stories and stuff, U2 was a freak out show; especially for me, LOL). I figure D would probably be more the sit down show because every time I've seen them on TV, they talk quite a bit during the whole gig. But I don't know if that's just because it's on TV.

Someone please give me some insight! Thank you in advance.

PS - Before anyone says they hate D, well, I'm just excited my friend thought of us and I secretly want to dry hump Jack Black till the cops come. Yes, I am ashamed, let's move on...

ETA - I've been to a lot of hardcore/club shows as well, I just meant *I* freaked out at U2 because I personally love them so much and couldn't believe I was there. LOL, I didn't realize how stupid that sounded until people pointed it out. :D
Opus with Hat


Sometimes I am just so slow on the uptake.

I just got it that POTC2's release date is today.

Day of the Ninja.

Do you think it's just mere coincidence or marketing ploy?

Is there such a thing as coincidence with marketing?

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does anyone else get disgusted by people licking their fingers after they've eaten cheetos (or other cheesy products)?

i remember my ex doing it, and at that moment, i couldn't figure out what the hell i found attractive/appealing in him.
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Hey guys,

I can't figure out which version of this sentence is grammatically correct. Hope some of the grammar experts can help me out:



When to assign a Preferred Processor to a player’s account:

• To distinguish a given account number from the typo-ed account number(s) of the same processor.



When to assign a Preferred Processor to a player’s account:

• To distinguish a given account number from a typo-ed account number(s) of the same processor.



When to assign a Preferred Processor to a player’s account:

• To distinguish a given account number from typo-ed account number(s) of the same processor.


Thanks guys.
eye poke

My Cat

How do I express to my cat that the squishy, fuzzy thing I bought is for her to sleep on? I keep putting her on it, but she just gives me a look that says "pick me up again and you lose an eye, missy!" She's a bit of an older cat who just came to live with me, she never had a bed before but I'd really like to keep all her hair in a more central location that's not the top of my bed. Any suggestions?

its_a_tqc_xmas Final Call!

hey folks!

Today's the last official sign up day for the TQC gift exchange. Tonight, I'll be sending out assignments for it. This is my final post here about it, I'm just looking for some people who joined the community, but haven't sent aps. Please get those to me asap if you want to sign up today!


2. If you were Rizzo in "Grease", what would the worst thing you could do? Bonus points for creativity!
Pink Shoes

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What was your favourite nursery rhyme or song as a child?

I bought my daughter a CD of nursery rhymes this morning and was so excited when I saw it had 'The Ants Go Marching' on it.

What was your favourite TV program as a child?

I loved Inspector Gadget, Super Ted, Rainbow Brite, and that one with the rag dolls and one of them was called Sad Sack or something. Does anyone remember that??
robot love

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This was actually asked during a talk on Rape and Sexual Violence last night.
And, as with all stupid and/or unanswerable questions, i bring it to you, tqc:

What would happen if one conjoined twin raped or sexually assaulted the other conjoined twin?
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Can you do a return to sender via UPS or do you have to pay the cost to send something back after you've already signed for it?

I signed for a package from a company that we do a lot of printing with. After opening the invoice, I realized that these packages needed to go to a customer of ours, not our office.


The question is: Do you live some place that has Stop and Shop grocery stores?

As you (now) know, the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 came out today on DVD. If you buy $20 worth of specific products (Lay's potato chips, Edy's ice cream, Gatorade, Aquafina water and some other stuff; check the last page of this week's flyer), you get a coupon for the DVD free.

I just bought two bags of chips, a 6 pack of Gatorade and 2 things of ice cream and walked out with the DVD for nothing. Zippo.
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Winter - Hot Chocolate

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Hi, just wondering if someone has some sort of a dummies guide to the Fourth spatial dimension? Or rather what does it have to do with black holes and why does the science magazine make it look like to something to go gaga over?

Baby clothes

For anyone who knows anything about baby clothes..

I wanted to order this item for my baby, but I wasnt sure - whats the difference between "S/S Onesie" and "Ringer Onesie"?  I tried looking up examples, but couldnt really tell the difference.  Sorry if this is a stupid question :)



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So it's almost exam time, which means I need more ways to procrastinate. I'm planning on baking some cookies. What kind of cookies should I make? Right now I'm leaning towards oatmeal chocolate chip, because they're my favorite, but I'm also interested in trying something new. Plus, more baking means more procrastination, so feel free to throw anything out there.

(no subject)

So, I baked some cupcakes (chocolate, if you care) on Sunday, because I thought I needed them for the Secret Santa on tuesday. Unfortch, I need them for tomorrow instead. They aren't stale or gross or anything, because I've kept them wrapped up well, but I'm wondering if I should frost them tonight just before bed, or if I should wake up early tomorrow and do it before I bring them into school.

Will the frosting be okay if left out on the cupcakes at room temperature for 24 hours or more? Cupcakes last about five minutes in my house, so I've never had to worry about storing them before. I ask because the frosting tub says "Refrigerate and store for up to 30 days" on it, and I'm not sure how long the open shelf life of the stuff is while un refrigerated.

Also, will the frosting get that hard crusty feel to it if left out? I hate that.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I walk this dog for this couple...and I've been working for them for about a year. For Christmas, I want to get them something just because...but I'm not sure what to get them. My friend suggested getting them good wine. But how much do they go for? And which ones are good?
penis kissies


I want to make henna (for skin) but the recipe I have for mixing it up has honey, is there anything else I can use? or do you know of a good honeyless recipe?

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just curious today

1. who do you love, and why?
2. music that you like, that drives some of your friends/family crazy?
3. last thing you were late in doing?
4. favourite type of chocolate?
4a. i'm attacking a box of SEE'S nuts & chews right now - want some?)
5. how do you make sure you get a restful sleep?
6. what was the last act of random kindness that you did for someone?
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Tulips 2


I have a pair of boots that I'd like to wear to a Christmas party this weekend. They're fairly comfortable when standing, but when I sit, it seems like they crease right around the top of my foot, and it becomes quite painful.

Can you suggest something that might soften the leather, and give more comfort?
Save Darfur

$800 shoes?

Poll #882627 $800 shoes?

If you could afford them, would you be able to stomach spending excessive amounts of money on non-essential items?

Yes, of course. Can't save the world.
No way. Every little bit helps.

I got into a discussion with someone recently re: spending $800+ on shoes or buying $400+ purses...

1. Knowing that any one of us who could actually afford to spend excessive amts of money on non-essentials is a big winner of the gene pool lottery, do you/would you have a hard time spending so much money on said non-essentials? Knowing that the local no-kill cat shelter is waivering on bankruptcy? Knowing that $40 feeds a (one of 2 million+ displaced, genocide-victims) family in Darfur for a month?

2. Does it bother you that celebrities go on and on about how impoverished XYZ is and how people need to be donating more... when they own 6 cars and 4 mansions?

My answer:
Since I was a kid I've always keenly felt that I was "undeserving" of my lucky landing into a nice, middle-class American family. Knowing that it was only chance that landed me there, I also know that if I'd "lost the gene pool lottery" I'd wish someone would help me (i.e., if I lived in Darfur). So no, I could not stomach spending more than a respectable amount of money on non-essentials. I feel that every bit I can donate to local and international causes is a much more valuable use. Some of my favorite charity groups are Doctors without Boarders, MercyCorps, and the local cat shelter. I'm Quaker at heart--too bad there's no local group. :)

2. It doesn't really bother me--to each their own, and I'm glad they are bringing publicity to a huge problem. The person with whom I was discussing this the other day said he has no respect for celebrities who talk about it but still live to the excess.

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what are some good quotes? they can be meanigful or humorous, the only catch is they have to be from a peice of literature. If you have any quotes, can you please list the quote, the book the quote is in, and the speaker/writer of the quote.

thanks a bunch!

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What do you guys do to procrastinate when you don't want to study?

And what's the weirdest thing you've done while procrastinating?

My answers-
Being in this community, obviously.
And about half an hour ago I plucked my eyebrows. Might not seem like a big deal, but I hate plucking my eyebrows. Normally I need two friends with me, one to do it for me and one to hold my hand. Shows how much I hate studying eh?
leon/stuffed animals/snuggle/cute

Question, Questio - I've gotta question!

I want to make a power point presentation but I want to add sound/music.

I found the site: where I can listen to radio shows of various books, for instance I am listening to "The Fall of the House of Usher."

This actually: This

My question, if I save it as an mp3 could I shorten it to play just the clips I want?

How can I do that?

Other questions:

1) Do you like movies better in black and white, or color?

2) How do you deal with members of a group project that what to be over achievers when there is clearly no need to be?

3) What's your favorite song of the 80's?

4) If you are in school still, when's your late day before winter break?
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Can a ~6inch plecostomus and a male betta get along in a five-gallon bucket for about two hours?

How about the betta and a ~3inch pleco?

(I have to take the betta home over break, there won't be anyone to watch him. The plecos, I'm taking my giant one home- a friend's father has a 55-gallon tank and is okay withtrading me plecos. For some reason his stayed small.)

(no subject)

I'm trying to remember the title of a short story that I read in 9th- or 10th-grade English. It's about a farmer (possibly a plantation owner, I know he had a lot of servants) in either Central or South America who was caught unaware by a massive wave of army ants. He fends them off at first with a moat, but there are so many of them that the manage to build a bridge across the moat with the bodies of the dead ants. Then he sets them on fire. Does anyone know the title of this story?

EDIT: It's Leiningen versus the Ants. Thanks, stakingaclaim!

(no subject)

So for christmas I got my friend a dvd that she wanted problem is its just the DVD, no case. So Im going to make a cover.

I could only find slim dvd cases. So if anyone knows of a template for those Id appreciate it. Otherwise Ill just make the normal DVD templates work.

On the back Im going to try to make it look as close to the real DVD as I can but I thought it'd be cute if I personalized some of the things.

Any ideas of cute/funny/stupid things I could put on there? The movie is 2gether and her name is cara..
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

I just found some thank you notes from our wedding that were never sent. They're addressed and even stamped (although they have a 37 cent stamp instead of a 39 cent one). The problem? Our wedding was 2.5 years ago. I am so embarassed that these never went out, not to mention annoyed that the time it took to write them was a waste. The cards probably constitute about 20% of all the notes we wrote.
So what should I do with them? Pretend I never found them? Send them anyway? Enclose them with the Christmas cards I'm about to send? I'm leaning toward just pretending this never happened, but more creative solutions are also welcome.

former friends & non-friends

1. Would you be really annoyed if one of your old friends from high school, whom you stopped being friends with and haven't spoken to in a couple of years, called you and left a voicemail, asking for your new address so she can send her college graduation announcement?

2. Does your significant other have any friends whom you really don't like? Do you pass on invitations to hang out if you know they'll be there? What bothers you about them?
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Knitster girls unite!

First, imagine that I am that annoying Vickie Howell girl and the "knitster girls" subject will make sense.

Okay, so I am planning on knitting washclothes for Christmas as part of a larger gift. I don't mean dishcloths, I mean actual bath cloths for bodies, not plates.

I am not so interested in the sugar 'n cream cotton because I am hoping to make the washclothes very soft and luxurious.

Any suggestions for yarn? Obviously, it needs to be pretty soft. And not felt-able. Because I want them to be able to be used.

Please excuse my poor grammer and round-about way of writing. It is finals week and I am quite tired.
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

Are any of you guys vegetarians/vegans?
Why'd you become one?
Also, people who've tried it, but "failed?" stories?
I'm been recently thinking about becoming one... but is there like a weening process or something. I already don't eat red meat and the only meat I eat is chicken. Which my mom makes me eat for protein.

(no subject)

When you have a dream about something that could happen in real life, what is your reaction to it?

I'm auditioning for an a capella group this week and I dreamt I got in, so now I'm convinced that I'm not going to.

Because I'm bored...

1. Straight women/gay men - What type of man do you prefer?
I prefer the big, strong, burly manly man. The construction worker type. Someone who I can cuddle up in their chest & arms, but will also beat the crap out of any other man who upsets me.

2. Straight men/gay women - What type of women do you prefer?
I prefer the more soft spoken, natural beauty. The type of girl who likes to have a good time, but doesn't end up table dancing in the bar. The girl who can take care of herself, but likes to be taken care of too.
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(no subject)

What is this missing lyric as you learned it?

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands ::clap, clap::
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands ::clap, clap::
If you're happy and you know it, _________________________________
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands ::clap, clap::

I learned it as "and you really wanna show it" but I keep hearing different ways.

How is the name "Tere" (short for "Teresa") pronounced? I've only seen it written but never heard it spoken =\
Hello Kitty

(no subject)

Anyone know where to find the latin/leather bracelets on the marc jacobs site?
I looked but could not find them.

I'm looking for good images of the nemo nisi mors and the inter nos bracelets ...
lulu guinness clutch

pasta pie?

I was watching the Food Network fairly recently (within the past 2 weeks) and Giada De Laurentiis made something I think she called "pasta pie" I remember she used two sheets of puff pastry, and cut an x in the top. I cannot find the recipe anywhere, I can't even find one of her recipes that looks remotely similar. The only similar one I can find is one from "Molto Mario" and it definitely is not it. I'm thinking maybe it wasn't Giada and that's why I can't find it.

Did anyone else see that one, or have any idea what I'm talking about?

I plan on making something similar tomorrow so I'd like to find the recipe. I'm worried I made it up.

EDIT:It had some kind of pasta, chunks of mozzarella, and pasta sauce in it. I'm sure there was a lot more but I don't remember it very well.

EDIT #2: I found it, I was obviously very wrong about it.
The Dude Abides

Gabbly ?

Have you ever heard of Gabbly?

I saw it on the header of ohnotheydidnt but then realized that you could use it for any community on lj (or website for that matter). I don't think many people actually use it though.

What are some of your favorite internet type applications/programs?
santa clam

(no subject)

1)If you're watching the Victoria's Secret show wtf is that piano music that keeps playing? I know I've heard it before.

2)Did you sit on Santa's lap when you were a kid? Were you afraid of him?

3)Do you prefer Marilyn Manson's version of Personal Jesus or the original by Depeche Mode?

4)Are you bringing sexy back?

5)Is creating a pop star as easy as applying a formula?

Leasing a car

Hi guys, 
Wondering if anyone could help by giving me some guidance on leasing a car. Never done it before, never owned one either. 
So I'm thinking a used car would be more affordable. What are some things you need to look out for or what are the basic steps really to getting started?
Anyone know a good online resource to look at? 
Even a recommendation of vehicle (i'm thinking small, four door, automatic). 
What if you dont have a lot of monety in the bank? Do you need to put money down or can you just pay month-to-month? Insurance is included in the payment?
Alright, sorry if it's too many questions all over the place.
But I'm trying to figure out how to start the process. 
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Internet for my Wii!

Okay, I'm about to seriously start cracking some skulls here. I'm trying to set up internet on my Wii and I'm having some issues. It really shouldn't be so hard, and I'm geeky so I don't know why I'm failing. ;(((
If there's anybody here who knows what they're doing, would you please walk me through this?
Just IM me on: word to the mrs

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I re-booted my Wii and tried searching for an access point again. Found it! But when I tested the connection it gave me the same error code. W. T. F.
Please please please please help me. ;(
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laptop / LJ

Question 1. More of a "what would you do" type thing.

I got a laptop, and it had a burnt out pixel. I took it back, and this one has one too, right out of the box. Apparently it's super normal for LCD screens. However, I'm still within the 2 week period where I can return it and get a new one, and this time they'll take it out at the store and check it before I take it home to make sure there are no burnt out pixels.

I've already set this laptop up the way I like it.

I went to the store today to ask the tech guy if this was normal, and he said it is, but refunded me $50 for the hassle and annoyance. He said burnt out pixels are one of the top complaints with laptops, and the manufacturer wont do anything unless it's more than 6 burnt out pixels.

Would you take the laptop back, or live with one burnt out pixel?

Question 2. When I switched to this laptop, I noticed now that when I make an entry, I don't get the option to post in a community or change my userpick. Is there a way to change any of it back to the other settings where I have those options?
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DTR conversations

I have such an aversion to the term "define the relationship" that I had difficulty thinking of it right now.

For those of you who've had those "define the relationship" conversations, what's the best way to bring it up? Suggestions for ways to start it out?

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Is anyone else watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?? If so, does anyone know the name of the song that the choir is singing? "Just a little more love, just a little more peace" or something...


A bunch of random questions...

Because I'm still bored & no one will post any new questions tonight.

1. What's your 'rainy day' movie?
2. Do you like pie?
3. What's 2+2?
4. Do you burn DVD's & CD's?
5. What is your favourite alcoholic beverage? (no matter how expensive)
6. What alcoholic beverage do you usually drink? (because you can't afford an $80 bottle of Wild Turkey every weekend)
7. Is it wrong to fangirl over Bruce Willis?
8. What is your favourite 80's movie?
9. What is your favourite Christian Slater movie?
10. What is your favourite type of porn?

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If you've been on any sort of anti-depressant (MAOI, SSRI, mood stabilizer, anti-psychotic, tricyclic, any prescribed medication meant to lift your mood), what kind was it?
What side effects did it have?
Did it work?


What is the nicest bathroom you have been in?

Just wondering because I was at the silverton hotel tonight and I walked in and it just seemed really really nice to me..oh and the fact that they had this awsome soap that smelled like pinapples and coconuts..YUMMMM
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So... I am on a family plan with Verizon. There are five of us on that plan, blah blah blah.

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Anyway, sorry about the length. I'm just a little frustrated right now- I am so careful not to add extra charges, but apparently I did, and I don't know HOW that happened. :-/
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