December 4th, 2006

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Secrets and Lies ?'s


Tom and Jane, his girlfriend, have a mutual friend named Karen. Jane has known Karen since grade school and they have been fairly close for the majority of their lives. Tom has only known Karen since being involved with his girlfriend.

Karen tells Tom a secret involving a lie that she told Jane. Karen says she says will tell Jane about the incident the next time they are in person. Tom promises to keep this a secret until Karen can break the news to Jane in person.

The next day, before Jane and Karen meet in person, Karen tells Jane about the conversation with Tom, but doesn't reveal the actual secret...just that Tom knows the secret. Jane then calls Tom, upset that she was left out of the loop. Tom defends his position by saying that he's a man of his word.

1) If you were Jane, who would you be more upset with Tom or Karen? Why?

2) If you were Tom, would you have kept your promise to Karen?

3) Would it make a difference if Tom and Jane were husband and wife instead of boyfriend and girlfriend?

4) Unrelated: I was out of town this weekend, what spurred the small resurgence in this TQC picture post?

(no subject)

I'm going nuts.  There's a video on Youtube that's about the 9/11 attacks, and it shows how it's all a conspiracy? Or something.  I need the damn video, and I can't find it.  There's like a prepubesent boy narrating the whole thing, his voice is kind of obnoxious, but its really good.  I think there are 5 parts to it?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(no subject)

1. After a satirical spat heated debate over the placement of Pop-Tarts in the grocery store and the aesthetic appeal of Stephen Colbert, I was sarcastically asked by my best friend, "What are you going to do? Go ask The Question Club what they think so you can prove me wrong?" (Note that he's not even a member of this community, and he only knows of it because I've apparently brought it up at least a few times in coversation.)
"Because of that smartass remark, I think I will!"
a. Do you ever wish you had a fellow TQC'er at hand to unleash unapologetic snark on someone provide an answer or argument you can't quite come up with yourself?
Quite often.
b. Do you discuss TQC with non-members/people who are otherwise clueless to the concept?
I know I've mentioned it to Mom on occasion, but I suppose I talk about it more than I originally thought.

2. Do you know the difference between toaster pastry and toaster strudel?
Until sending him this link, Best Friend insisted that Pop-Tarts did not belong in the toaster pastry aisle at the grocery store and that they were, in fact, toaster strudel. For the record, he isn't dumb really. Just incredibly stubborn.

3. Do you find Stephen Colbert attractive?
BFF says he's ugly. I say he's ridiculously sexy.


For fellow atheists:

1. How long have you been an atheist?

2. For those who weren't always atheists....

What religion did you belong to before you became an atheist?

3. Does your family know you're an atheist?

4. If so, how do they feel about it?

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My girlfriend was telling me about something her and her c-workers  were talking about.  They are trying to figure out what the name os this disease/disorder is.

It's where you make yourself physicaly sick, like you keep telling yourself that you're ganna get a cold or fever or something and then you actually make yourself come down with those things.

It's not hypochindria, I don't think.  And its not Munchausen Syndrome.

Does this make any sense to anyone?
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please help

I just got off an 8 hour shift during which my inner thighs were ripped up by cheaply made scrub pants. I had washed them three times, but apparently that was not enough, and now I am hobbling around trying not to cry. I put lotion on several times at work, and as soon as I got home applied aloe. Both stung like a mother & have done nothing to alleviate either the pain or the nasty red bumps all over my legs.

Does anyone know what I could put on my poor legs that will heal this enough to allow me to wear pants tomorrow?

Tea Question

1.) Does anyone here like hot herbal tea?

2.) What do you put in your tea (besides honey or sugar), anything interesting?

3.) How much honey or sugar is too much?

4.) I don't want to put honey/sugar in my tea to sweeten it anymore, but I don't want it to taste like flower-scented water either, is there anything I can do to spice it up without putting honey/sugar/artificial sweeteners in it?
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(no subject)

1. I need comfortable dress shoes because I'm starting an internship that requires me to both dress professionally and walk up and down 4 flights of stairs multiple times a day. Do you have any suggestions? I'm female and wear a size 10 shoe. Pictures, links, or even brands to look for would be great.

2. Am I the only one who thinks that tortie cats aren't that cute? They always look sort of dirty to me, like they rolled around in soot or something.
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Cookies and boredom.

What else should I make for Christmas present cookies? So far I have peanut butter blossoms (peanut butter topped with hershey kisses, for the sad unitiated people), cinnamon, gingerbread, sugar, mint choco chip, white choco chip, regular choco chip, and brownies. I am seriously running out of ideas. Suggestions I've got so far are shortbread, which is possible. Help? I do have cookie cutters.

Also, if you're bored, I've got one of those fun memes in my journal, since this early in the morning is dead lj time.
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(no subject)

I'm having some issues with making my schedule for next semester. Advice greatly appreciated.

I currently am signed up for 17 credits worth of classes. The max a student can take is 18. There is a very select 2-credit class that I was asked to be in so I plan on applying for a credit overload. If I don't get it, I will have to drop another class (4 credits) in order to take that one.

SO if I don't get the credit overload should I:

a) drop a 4 credit class and only take 15 credits for the semester. The 4 credit class that I would drop does not fulfill a general education requirement and is not required for my major but would be fun to take
b) not take the extra 2 credit class even though I really want to and it is a prereq for a class I would like to take next year

I would rather do the first one, but if I only take 15 credits every semester it is going to take me quite a long time to finish college.
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pain % take 2

OK, based on my earlier post which totally sucked, just give me your number

1) no/little pain, 2) occasional severe pain, and 3) chronic pain?

x-posted to: _everything_, chronic_pain, migraines, teens_in_pain, and thequestionclub

ETA: I mean physical pain based on a medical condition


Can someone recommend an interesting, well-written, relatively relaxing read for the holiday? Nothing religion-related, please (taking a break from that topic). Nothing too heavy and complex, but nothing fluffy, boring, or romantic, either.

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(no subject)

How do you take your coffee?
How old were you when you started drinking coffee regularly?

About how many people work in your company/building?
How many men?
How many women?
What do you do?

How many bathroom breaks do you take in a workday?

How many sets of twins do you know personally? Triplets? Higher?

I didn't want to merge my posts. So sue me.

My inbox is very sad and empty right now, so I thought I'd ask you guys a question to make my wait for my next class go by faster.

For those of you in college/about to go in college: Where do you go to school? Do you have a major? What is said major? What year are you? Why did you pick that major/Why are you undecided? Do you have a minor? Why/why not?

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oh noes myspace question

um, if you request to be friends with someone, let's say.

and then you decide you don't want to be their friend anymore, but you already sent a request.

if they haven't friended you back yet, is there a way to delete the friend request?

edit: answered! thanks pzelda!

(no subject)

1) What is your favorite sappy movie? Even if you hate them, surely there's one that's a little sentimental that you like.

2) What are some of your personal goals (silly or serious)? I had a list of goals a long time ago and one of them was to be able to do a handstand before I turned 30.

3) They can do DNA testing on vomit, right?

4) How many hot dogs (or veggie dogs) can you eat in one sitting?

5) Do you suppose zombies have bad breath?
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Yeah I know, more Holiday inquiring

1.Do you write, and hand out Holiday cards, or are they a waste of time?
2.What do you do with cards that you receive from people?
3.If you DO send out cards, do you do those nifty little picture cards, or include a pic?
3a. What do you think people do with the cards you send them?

..this post brought to you by the 2000 Holiday cards I have to send out for our company. 2000x0.39 cent postage=a waste of money, IMO.
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iPod: engrave it for a gift?

I'm getting a bright-freaking-red iPod nano for my mom for Christmas, and I'm not telling her :) My question is should I get it engraved? If so, with what? I was thinking perhaps something like "Live free." She's always wanted to live without any ties, like a feather in the wind. Should I just ask her what her favorite quote is? I really really don't want her to know at all what I'm getting her, so if you have any suggestions on how to ask without actually *asking* please let me know! I just realized I can ask my sister to ask, but my question of whether or not I should get it engraved still stands.

EDIT: I'm going to say that someone asked about your life quote on TQC and I need a good one as an answer. You know, that's not such a bad question: What is your life motto?

EDIT 2: So I got in my car to go to the dentist and I answered my own question. I'm getting it engraved with, "They give you five, you take five." :)

Did you know negative equals untrue?

1. Have you joined up for the TQC card or gift exchange yet? The last day to sign up is tomorrow! Community is called its_a_tqc_xmas. The instructions for joinging are there!

2. If you had had this experience with a company, what would you do? If a company owner created an LJ strictly to harass you for reporting your experience, what would you do? Do you think it's reasonable to expect to post your opinion about a company's service without harassment or intimidation?
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When you go to an event or park, sometimes they stamp your hand and sometimes they put a wristband on you.

When you get a wristband, how long do you wait before you take it off? Or do you just cut it off immediately after the event is over?

After you cut it off, do you keep it? If so, why?

My answer:
I keep my wristbands on for a long time for no reason in particular. My friends tell me this is weird. Sometimes I save them too, depending on the significance of the event. Sometimes I use them in scrapbooks.

(no subject)

I'm thinking of going on one of the Christmas Light tours that will be starting up soon. I've never been on one before, but I've just got this urge to do it this year. Have you gone on one before? Do you like them? Do you do the lights thing at your house?

I then decided that I might as well get into the Christmas icon fiesta. What do you think of my new icon?

If you had to appear on a talk show, which one would it be and why? Who would you like to see go head to head on Jerry Springer?
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(no subject)

What do you call these? (general name, not the specific kind/flavor)

What do you call these?

What do you call the evening meal of the day?
What do you call the small meal between your mid-day meal and your evening meal? (assume you eat them)

ETA #2:
Okay, you Brits and Aussies, if the second ones are "scones", then WTF are these:
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(no subject)

I have to mail two records (you know, those big round black things) to a friend. What's the best way to package these? If it makes a difference, the records are being mailed domestically (within the US).
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Christmas decorations

1. Growing up, one of the things that always made it onto our Christmas tree were a series of small wooden ornaments. There were tons of different ones from angels to little drummer boys. Collapse )
They weren't much more than an inch tall and most of them have since lost arms, legs, harps, etc and been discarded. I wish I could find a set to replace them, but I haven't had any luck. They almost looked like the sort of thing you could order for really cheap out of the back of a magazine or something. Anyone know what I'm talking about and perhaps know where I could find a new set?

2. I'm thinking about doing a solid color of lights on my christmas tree this year. Probably either solid red, solid blue, or solid green. Which do you think would look best?
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Chicago Style

I've looked in several places online for this (including the Manual of Style's online version), but I can't seem to find an answer. Are there any rules for headings (name, date, etc.) and page numbering when using Chicago Style citation?


(no subject)

What material is this boot made out of?

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They seem to be some sort of very stretchy fabric, about the same thickness as denim, but much glossier and smooth. I really like these boots, they are ridiculously comfortable, but the zipper broke on one of them and I have to pin it closed now. I want to find another pair of the same material, but I don't know what to look for.

(no subject)

How do you personally pronounce the word "species"? SPEE-seez or SPEE-sheez? And do you think the difference is regional or something?

I hear them both used here in NJ and honestly, I use both interchangeably (though I prefer the former).
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(no subject)

Does anyone know if any gaming store, such as EB Games or Gamestop, will let me trade my original silver Nintendo DS for a Nintendo DS Lite in any condition? How about for the accessories? I know the Nintendo DS accessories won't work for the newer Nintendo DS Lites.

Thank you!!

(no subject)

1. heard about the screech sex video?
2. have you seen it?
3. your thoughts about it?
4. what's your usual morning beverage?
5. when getting those emails from family & friends (i.e., spiritual, humourous, advice, etc...) - which do you forward to others?
5a. which do you keep?
5b. which do you delete?
6. what's the highest cell phone bill that you know, that someone ran up?
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Santa Claus

For those of you with kids

Do you

a) tell your kids about the fat man in a red suit version of Santa
b) tell them the history behind the concept of Santa
c) neither

When Xander is old enough to understand, I'm going to tell him the history behind Santa rather than try to get him to believe a guy breaks into our house once a year, leaves presents, and steals cookies.
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What happened?

What happened to otf_wank on

Journal has been deleted. If you are otf_wank, you have a period of 30 days to decide to undelete your journal.

I am sad. :(
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(no subject)

Okay, so on Friday, I got this textmessage,

"Hey jess. It's andy. Wanna hook up this weekend."
From: Andy F. Calc Del
7:15pm 12/1/06

Now, I'm not particularlly good friends with this guy, he's a sophomore in my calc class and recesitation (calc class but like 20 kids) and we've talked a few times? Anyway, it's Monday and I haven't replied... should I? FYI, I went back home last weekend for the Holiday season, etcetc.

He's pretty chill, he's in a frat that I know some of the guys there. Anyway, I went on facebook, and it says he's in a relationship. The girl is someone who also goes to my school, and there are recent pictures tagged of both of them together, this year, and last... NOW. WHAT THE FUCK? Should I just ignore it? Should I reply? etcetc. Talk to him in person? What do I do?

I was thinking more like, "Hey, sorry about not replying, I went home for the weekend, but we should get lunch sometime?"

But my question is what the hell do I make of the text he sent me. I think it was completely out of the blue. lol. Should I even send a reply or just ignore it?

(no subject)

Which do you think would be the best course of action and why?
a)immediate pull out of US forces from Iraq
b)stay until the country is stable and Iraqi forces can successfully police themselves
Or what other course of action would you want to see?

(no subject)

Is it true that some college looks better than no college on job applications?

Do you look down on people who don't have a college degree, either because they didn't start or because they dropped out?

(no subject)

Anyone good with SPSS?

I recoded some variables to make them like point values- so while it was 1)always votes 2)sometimes votes 3)never votes, i recoded those in reverse so that "always voting" got the person 3 "points."
So, basically that all the "happy patriot" answers have higher numbers/values than the "unhappy unpatriot" answers.

The people are split up into catholic, protestant, atheist, other. What I *wanted* to do was find the average score for each group. Atheist A gets 500 points, Atheist B gets 400 points, so Atheists in general get 450 Happy Patriot Points(TM)... But now that I've recoded all the variables, I realised I don't actually know how to do that, or if SPSS can handle that.
If I *had* these averages, I'm fairly certain it'd be a T-test. How do I make it figure out these averages?

And if that's impossible, then what? crosstabs of religion x question for each question, and add up the total points for each "team" by hand?

(statistics was invented to confuse and frustrate me. if a penny landed heads 7 times in a row, the 8th one will almost certainly be tails. stop this 50/50 nonsense.)

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As you know, tomorrow is Walter's birthday (he's turning 105!), so I'd like to take him out to dinner. I've got a few choices, and would like your input. Should I choose a. the Space Needle, b. Blue Bayou, c. Alfy's Pizza, or d. Bypass all the previously mentioned places and instead opt for freshly baked churros at Disneyland?

Thanks! Oh, and if you feel like doing so, feel free to post your birthday wishes for Walter here. I'll be sure to print all of them out tomorrow and read them out loud to Walter so he can bask in the joy and happiness.
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All about cheating

My friend is in a bad situation. She thinks her boyfriend might be cheating on her, but she's not sure. He's just kind of sneaky sometimes.. She loves him enough to forgive him if he's just being really really flirtatious but I'm curious if it isn't more than that.. Anyway, it made me wonder what other people thought about cheating and forgiveness.

1. At what point does harmless flirting become something more? Is talk cheating?

2. For those who have been cheated on in the past, did you forgive this person? Why? How did things end up - did they ever cheat again, was your trust broken enough to ruin the relationship, or did everything work out?

3. For those who have cheated, what made you do it? Were you forgiven? How did it end up?

4. Would you forgive someone who cheated on you? Is there a certain line that is just unforgivable - an actual affair as opposed to drunken cheating sex or a purely sexual relationship, just kissing or making out.. where is your line? Would it make a difference if you were married or had been in the relationship a long time or had kids??

Relationship Advice

Ive been friends with my ex for about 4 years. We only dated for a short time, more like a fling actually, and had never really gotten serious. After our fling, we both moved on and started dating other people, but still kept in touch. We are both brutally honest with one another, and have hidden nothing. There has always been a tension between us. Always something that went unsaid. It wasnt a sexual tension either, when we dated, she was a virgin, and we hadnt actually gone very far. In the interrum of our friendship, we both had rather long term relationships. I started dating a girl shortly after, and we were together for 2.5 years, she started dating a guy, and was with him for about 2 years. We had discussed our feelings for each other, rather I had expressed mine, that I cared about her a great deal more than friends, 6 months after my ex and I had broken up. At the time, she was pretty much off with her boyfriend. Things had gotten rocky for them, and very complicated.

They ended up breaking up with one another, and I had told her how I felt. She had said that it was obvious we both cared for each other, more than just friends. But that she had wanted to stay friends, because we had gotten close, and she was still on the rebound. This was back in May. Since then, weve gotten closer, and actually are now talking about starting a relationship with one another. We both know that there is something there, and that its pretty strong. Almost like we needed time apart just to prove that it wasnt just lust, and that it was something a bit more. I had flat out told her that I know we will date, and I firmly believe we will. Ive been very patient, and will continue to be patient.

There is, however, one problem. She still sees her ex on occassion. Her ex ha a girlfriend, and she knows it, but they are still sleeping with one another. She actually hates him for it, but she cant resist sleeping with him still. He is her first, and feels he is the only one she can sleep with. She has very strong religious beliefs, especially that of keeping virgin until marriage. She admitted that she was more or less guilted into sleeping with him, and that is partly why she hates him as a person, and knows she would never date him, because he lacks moral standing of any real kind. He is, after all, cheating on his girlfriend, with her.

We talk every night on the phone, and its been a topic of conversation before. We go out every weekend, and each weekend it takes a step in a more serious direction. Its slow, but I do not want to rush things too fast. I want to try and make this work as best as possible. This past Saturday we had gone to Manhatten to visit a science exhibit, and on the train ride in, I had asked her out right, what it would take for her to stop seeing her ex, and to start seeing me. She had looked at me and laughed a bit. She then said that she had been wondering when I would bring it up, and that she has been thinking about it a lot as well. She doesnt know how what to do, but she does want to be with me, and that her ex is a problem, that she doesnt know how to stop.

Now that Ive given some background, my question is, what can I do to help this along. Ive been racking my brain, and besides giving an alternative, which may actually backfire, I cant think of anything. I dont want to give her an alternative, because even if she chose me over her ex, I dont want her to one day hate me for it, and I wouldnt feel right forcing that decision on her. What can I suggest to her to maybe help things along, and to maybe make things easier for her, as well as for me. Im normally not very patient, and Ive been very patient with her, which she had pointed out. I know shes worth it. I just dontk now what to do, or how to go about doing it.

Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

I feel like this might be kind of a dumb question, but I'll ask anyways, because I want to be sure:

With my ATM/debit card, can I get money at international ATMs? I'm in Canada, I'm going to the States over Christmas, and I want to get American money out of the ATMs there with my Canada (TD Bank) debit card.

ahh, wisdom teeth!

i'm getting mine taken out tomorrow morning. they're all erupted and out, so the surgeon dentist person told me that they should be relatively easy, with little to no risk of complications. basically, he's just pulling teeth, no incisions needed. i'm not nervous about it, as they're killing me right now! ack. one of them is cracked and the nerve is mad painful. :(

so, my question is, how was your recovery when you had yours done? i'm having an IV done [conscious sedation] so i don't have to be awake for the thing.
what was the recovery like? i think i'm more nervous about the needle for the IV than anything else.
thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Alright so I need to obtain a passport in 4-6 business days...

I just googled and there are a bunch of different sites that "guarantee" to have your passport back to you in the alotted amount of time; however, are these legitimate places? Has anyone gone through any company other than the actual post office?

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(no subject)

1. I have a workshop tomorrow. It is all day and we are not allowed to leave for lunch so all of us attending are supposed to bring a "lunch item" that can sit on a counter all day.

My mind is drawing a blank, except for I'm thinking about a crockpot of soup and picking up a box of crackers on the way. Any other (better) ideas?

2. Shampoo. Are you faithful to a brand, do you buy whatever catches your eye in the store, or do you just go with what's cheapest?

3. What would be the ideal (not ultimate, omg if I won the lottery idea...just what you would do right now) romantic weekend getaway for you and your SO?

(no subject)

I have this cheat sheet sorta thing for MLA format. It's just a page formatted in MLA and in the body it explains how to and exactly what you need to do. Does anyone know of anything like this for APA?

or any sites that are a good guide with APA?

for a friend:

A guy and a girl have been dating for the past few months. Everything has been going great, and they both agree that they can see themselves having a future together.

The guy's ex-fiancee comes back into the picture and asks for another chance. She left him two years ago and started dating someone else, leaving him heartbroken.

He says he wouldn't be questioning the new relationship at all if it wasn't for the reappearance of the ex.

Should the guy:

a) give his ex a second chance,


b) stay with the new girl and see where things go?

Is it fair for the new girl to tell him that she wouldn't take him back if he chooses the ex and things don't work out for them, or does that make the new girl seem heartless?

Have you ever given someone a second chance? Did things work out the second time around?
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(no subject)

1) Has anybody ever been to America's Best for eyeglasses? Good/bad experiences? Hidden fees? Any other cheap eye exam/frames place to recommend?

2) Where are some good places to go sightseeing in Scotland? Edinburgh and Glasgow mostly. I'll be going there for my uncle's wedding over winter break.

3) Why is no one on AIM?
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(no subject)

(1) Has anyone here succeeded in NOT overanalyzing and NOT taking things too personally? I know there are some people who just naturally don't worry or read into things too much but I'm more interested in people who have been able to change their mentality. If so, how did you do it?

(2) What is one specific goal you've had and then achieved? What were the steps you took to achieve the goal?

(no subject)

I'm in Belgium, and want to post some beer back home. Will beer cans explode in the airplane? What about beer bottles? I've taken bottles of V on an airplane before and they were fine, but the lids on beer bottles are different from that... Any ideas?

I'm posting them, not taking them with me. So they'll be in the cargo hold. And when I took the V it was in the cargo hold too.

Political Poll!

I have to admit, this is for a school assignment.  But it'd be interesting to hear answers nonetheless.

EDIT:  Thanks for the responses so far!
I do need some statistical variety, so any males who'll jump in--that'd be great.  And anyone over 29, too :)
I will post the overall results of the poll soon.

Beforehand, I do need some statistical information:
- name (real or fake, I don't mind)
- age group:  18-29, 30-44, 45-64, or 65+
- gender:  male or female
- political party:  Republican, Democratic, or Independent

Collapse )
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Laptop Hardware

I recently inherited a Dell Inspiron 8500 from a friend of mine. Everything's working, but I can't seem to connect to the internet or my home network. It says my built in Ethernet card is disconnected, yet when I look in the device manager is says it's working properly.

If the built-in card itself is defunct (which it probably is), would buying a plug-in ethernet PC card work for getting me online? I'm not sure how laptop hardware works. What's that slot called, anyway? Should I get an ethernet PC card AND a wireless PC card to switch off when appropriate?

Do you recommend any specific (affordable) cards?

Thanks for the help.
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Are there any other names for jersey knit sheets? I'm having trouble finding some online. I know sometimes they can go by "tee shirt" sheets or something of the sort, but those come up with even less results. Its all my boyfriend really wants for christmas, so I appreciate your help!
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If you seek help for depression out of your own free will, can they institutionalize you against your consent (being over 18) if they think you’re suicidal?

I’ve been on a SSRI for a few years to help me deal with panic attacks and anxiety, but lately I’ve become completely overwhelmed by life. I’m scaring myself…I just can’t deal anymore and weeks have gone by without it getting any better. I need help…but I don’t have time to sit in a little white room. I really don’t know what to do…but the thought that trying to get help could result in a complete loss of autonomy terrifies me.

Also, if I talked to my professor about this – asked her for advice on where to go for help etc. – would that put her in a position of being obligated to report me to some other authority that could potentially result in my being treated against my consent? I can’t risk screwing up school…it’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten right.
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AGH, I missed it AGAIN! What did I miss for the cliffhanger? I don't care about spoilers, since I've heard about the plot 80% via friends anyway. Fill me in?
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(no subject)

What time do pet grooming places usually open? I have a dilemma. I made an appointment for my dog to get her haircut tomorrow morning at 10AM. Would it be possible if I can postpone it til next week? Or would that be too last minute and a pain in the ass for the person whose going to cut my dog's hair?

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Similar question

As an offshoot to this question, I'm from the U.S. and I'm traveling to Florence, Italy in January. Will my ATM card work there for Euros? It has the logos for NYCE, The Exchange, and Cirrus on the back, but I'm not sure if those are international or not. Where can I find out?

Everyone is beautiful, right?

Is being 95 pounds just as unhealthy as being 300+ pounds?

How would you define a " healthy body?"

I've seen stories about people talking garbage about other people who just happen to be thin. Theres even a game on this one website called "feed the model" or something or another, the goal is to feed the starving model until she's about 290-300 pounds by flinging cakes, oranges, and other food at her mouth while she's on the runway. While I don't believe being 95 pounds and 5'8 is healthy, I don't believe being 290-300 pounds and 5'8 is any healthier.  I do believe that you should love yourself no matter what size you are, and I think promoting that is a good idea but isn't calling someone else names and putting them down because they don't look like you exactly the opposite of what you are trying to promote? This one website says to love your body through thick and thin, but where is the love for the thin people? Alot of people I know have extremely high metabolism (no eating disorder) and as a result they are only about 100-115 pounds, and all of the sudden they are being portrayed in a negative light by people who are trying to promote a "healthy" body.

(edit, I found a somewhat of an apology to naturally thin girls on her site... i just wanted to think what you all think)
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My interview for an internship is tomorrow afternoon, and I have a terrible stress-pimple just in the corner of my mouth. Should I leave it alone, and have a wretched yellow inflamed dot on my face, or should I try to exterminate it?

Either way, they are probably going to think I have herpes.

/glum look
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At work today, one of my higher-ups offered me some restaurant gift cards as a thank you for something work-related. He made a side comment about not knowing if I'm able to get out to restaurants easily, if I have a good sitter or not. I laughed and said I always just take her out with me.

He stopped and gave me this blank confused look before he thought it was weird that I take her to restaurants? or that I was dumb for thinking this particular restaurant was family-friendly?

I always see babies and kids at the restaurant I've been to, so I doubt the former. I looked up the restaurant's website and the most expensive plate was $27 so it's not like some outrageously fancy place, but there was no other indication of whether it was family friendly or not. It seems nice but not overly so.

Sow can I tell in advance, about a place I've never been to or heard of, whether or not it's family friendly? I'd love to go but not with the hassle of leaving the baby behind.

Weird cold + leg cramps?!

I'm hoping some of you guys have knowledge to impart upon me.

This is one of the only communities I actually post to, so if there's a better place for this question, please let me know =)

About 2 weeks ago, I came down with a cold. I woke up one night after 2 hours of sleep and had crazy chills and sweating. My mind was racing, too --it was REALLY weird. I was so cold (despite my electric blanket being on high) that I couldn't fall back asleep to save my life.

The strangest part of the whole ordeal were these leg cramps I got. The backs of both of my calves just ached and ached. I have been pretty freaking lazy this last month, so it wasn't due to any physical exercise. The aching lasted for the duration of that night and into the next day as well.

On came the sore throat and stuffed up nose and ears. I went on antibiotics -- Omnicef -- and that subdued it fairly quickly. The stuffed ears lasted for about a week. I thought I was better, and then about 6 days ago I felt the sore throat again. I don't have tonsils, so it's not tonsilitis.

On Friday, I got the chills again, with an overall crappy feeling. But the leg cramps came BACK!

Since then I got the leg cramps Saturday, Sunday, and today. It's driving me CRAZY. I feel fine today, but these leg cramps are getting really uncomfortable. I couldn't even concentrate on studying. It's worse when I'm laying down because then it's easier to realize they hurt. I've been taking Ibuprofen which seems to help a little, but what gives?

Have you ever experienced LEG CRAMPS with a cold before? Or could there be a better explanation for this?

If it's of any relevance, I just started taking Flinstones vitamins almost a month ago.

Thanks, kids.

(P.S. If you've got new snow to contend with, go have a snowball fight and drive safely!)
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TQC intersects with Real Life!

Film at 11!

So tonight during the final presentations in my Substance Abuse in the CJ system, one of the guys flashed a picture of a rat-dog, with red eyes and a syringe in its mouth during his powerpoint. I asked where he got it from (thinking I could say the TQC Secret Password and we'll both nod meaningfully or something) and he said he just was surfing around and picked it up somewhere.

1) What's the weirdest random intersection between TQC and your life that you've ever expereinced?

2) Is there a TQC password? Should there be? What should it be?