December 3rd, 2006

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1. What is your favourite writing utensil? (e.g. ball point, felt tip, gel pen, pencil, etc.)

2. What do you call the thing that covers you when you're sleeping? (e.g. blanket, comforter, covers, throw, etc.)
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Motivational Stuff

I’m coming up on the last 2 weeks of the first semester of my senior year in college. Considering the courses I’m taking next semester, this is my last shot at a 4.0. It’s possible, very possible, but I’m getting very burnt out – I’ve been full steam ahead for the past 14 weeks and I *need* the holiday break to be here…NOW.

That said, I’m not here to whine. I’m putting together a CD of motivational songs – music gives me a real kick in the butt when I start to get like this. I’d love song suggestions…I’m looking for stuff akin to R. Kelly’s “World’s Greatest” but I’m open to any genre as long as it isn’t jazz. Also, I’d love other suggestions to keep me focused and motivated.

Any suggestions?
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What Christmas/holiday gifts do you have picked out for your friends or family?

How many people do you have to buy for this holiday season?

Do you buy your pets gifts?
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My apartment building has two entrances - the front door has a walkway that leads to the sidewalk out front, and the back door has wooden stairs leading out into the alley. Most of us use the back door.

It snowed here Thursday night/Friday morning. Our front walk wasn't shoveled until sometime on Saturday. Do you think that's unreasonable? The snow had stopped by noon on Friday.

The back stairwell opens into the alley, like I mentioned. Right at the bottom of our stairs is the downspout coming off our building. As a result, the entire alley is a sheet of ice. Last year I did fall a few times coming off our stairs, but nothing serious. Is it our landlord's responsibility to put salt there to keep it ice-free, or the city's because it's a public area?

I have a feeling that neither our landlord nor the city are going to take care of it, so I'm sure we'll end up throwing down salt so we don't kill ourselves. The stairs are also all ice - is it safe to put salt down on wooden stairs, or will it make them rot away faster?
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Buying gifts on eBay

Have you ever bought a gift on eBay and had it sent directly to the recipient? Would you?

I'm buying my brother a DVD for his birthday, and I found it on eBay for a better price than or My brother lives in a different city, and I won't see him on his birthday, so I'm going to have it sent directly to his house. Would it be tacky to buy it on eBay? Should I just shell out the extra $6 to buy it on


They're building a house immediately next door to me. About 15 minutes ago, one of the workers knocked on the door and asked if he could use the bathroom. Sure, no problem. 10 minutes later, he comes out of the bathroom and asks if I have a plunger. When he was done, he tried to hand it back to me. I was grossed out.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever had someone knock on your door for?
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1. Short of pressure cleaning, scrubbing and/or using harsh bleach on my (uncovered) patio cement flooring, how can I get the algae (from lots of autumn storms) up? I've tried "pressure cleaning" with the hose and it doesn't come out.

2. What are some things that, b/c you are on this community and read a post or got advice, you have changed or do differently now?

3. What is something that, because you had a job or knew someone who had one, you conscientiously do that many others aren't aware of?

4. Is there any way to change the line spacing on adobe acrobat documents from double space to single?

My answers:

2. Now I always return the shopping carts. *blush*

3. When ordering pizza at night, I always make sure my patio light is on. (Otherwise pizza people feel nervous, also easier to see house number.) I also overtip the delivery person b/c it'll make his/her night. When carrying out, I tip the hostess. When eating out, I overtip the waiter/waitress. (I delivered pizza through undergrad; I was a hostess for a short time before that.)

Just two today.

1) How do I download an older version of Internet Explorer? My computer will not let me simply download into a different folder because I have a newer version. Most of the payable surveys and things I take are not yet compatible with 7.0, and simply laugh at me when I try to use Firefox with them. I can't delete my IE 7.0 then download an older version, because it only allows you to download IE with IE (gee, who woulda thought?) Argh. All I would like is IE 6.0 Service Pack 2. I don't care if I end up with having to keep 2 different versions of IE around, I would just dearly love to make a little extra cash.

2) Is there any particular scent or flavor your critter loves (other than the normal meats or whatever)? My cat LOVES anything peppermint or mint scented/flavored.
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My husband has a subscription to XM radio, but his work vehicle does not have the capability for XM radio (we have it in our personal cars).

What exactly am I looking for so he can listen to XM radio in his work vehicle? I'm totally confused.

What is your favorite holiday cookie?

If you make cookies, do you make them from a pre-made dough or mix, or do you make them from scratch?

For guys: when buying an electric razor for a guy, what should I look for?
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I have some clothes that were in the basement at a friend's house for a while when I was living in a dorm. The basement was too humid, and a lot of them developed some kind of rust colored mildew. Does anyone know of a way to remove this from both whites and colors that won't damage the clothing? (Grass stains are easy compared to what I've tried already with this stuff.)
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This are serious thread.

Okay, not really.  I can't really take it seriously, but I am kind of... I don't know, disgusted.

I've just read elsewhere about a public high school that offers daycare for the children of its students.  Its.  Students.

What do you all think about this?  If it went on the ballot where you live to include this as an adjunct to your local high school(s), how would you vote?

I can't help but see it as, if not encouragement, then something that works at cross-purposes to any programs that may be in place to prevent teen pregnancy.  I mean, my God, we can tell them not to do it, but here, we'll accommodate you if you do?  I don't think so.  Yes, teen parents have just as much right to an education as everyone else, but high schools should not be using taxpayer's money to fund the result of the little teenager's lack of education or apathy toward safe sex.

My vote would have to be no.

EDIT: I'm adding here rather than replying to each individual comment in the interest of saving time.

I promise I'm not as ignorant a fuckwit (you all didn't say it, so I'm saying it for you) as the above just made me sound, but it is clear that I didn't think this entirely through. I completely failed to consider the cost of daycare in high schools versus the cost of welfare mothers. I also chose entirely the wrong word to express the logic behind considering it the wrong way to approach prevention. The point I meant to make was, wasn't the difficulty of finishing your education while you have a kid supposed to be one of the big deterrents everyone touted? At least for a while there? And here they are taking a large part of that difficulty away.

Those of you who pointed out that teen pregnancy rates dropped in your areas as a result of this program, thank you for that. For the reason stated above I wouldn't have thought that to be the case, but there you have it.

I do want to be absolutely clear that I don't in any way advocate abstinence-only education. I've always argued that the fastest way to get anybody to do something is to tell them not to do it. Y'all are right, though; if it improves the cost over paying for welfare, and if it's successful as an education tool, then that's enough to sway my opinion.

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have you ever had to do an assignment for school that is just so far from what you believe you're capable of that you just freak out?
i have to write an 8-10 page paper on Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea and Existential Psychology and here i am, bawling because i have no idea what the fuck to do. it's due on thursday, so i have a few days, but i also have a 5 page french paper to do, as well as a psych take home psych final due that day.
any suggestions for how to calm myself down and get myself organized and started?
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If I wanted to send a card from Florida to, uh, Norway, how many stamps would I need? Would I need any special kind of stamp(s)?
I'm aware this sounds stupid. It's been a long time since I've sent anything out of the country.


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Remember me? I've done this to you all before, but I need some more data for a paper, which requires more surveys.

Have you ever portrayed someone of a different gender online? If so, would you mind filling out this poll? No one will be able to view your responses except me, though the overall numerical totals will be viewable.

(Please excuse my use of gender neutral "they" in this poll. Using "him or her" made the creation of the poll cumbersome.)

NOTE: I know one of the questions is kind of weird and says "Would you mind being contacted..." which would mean that if you answer "no" then I can contact you. Sorry for the ambiguity! If you leave contact information, if I need your input, I'll contact you. If you don't want to be contacted, don't leave your contact information.

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Thanks to everyone who participates.
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I've been discussing this all morning...

I had someone, who I considered a good friend, tell me that my taste sucks, just because they don't agree with what I like.

Would you tell your friend that their taste sucks entirely, just because you are into different things? Is that rude?

I have a real life question this time

An LJ friend with an unbalanced dramatic life and too little common sense has asked me proofread her 'novel', which is about some dramatic period in her life. As our AIM chats have revealed to me, she's not exactly an English scholar. She proceeds to email me her work, and it's some 180 pages long! The opening 10 pages are poorly constructed drivel. Here's a random sample

I was called to a small room in a wing of the hospital I’d only walked past the doctor from the day before and two other doctors, one female one male, were there also. I sat on a couch and they sat in chairs poised with clip boards and notepads and papers. Pens in hand they were ready for me as I sat there sweating it out in a pair of hospital pants and sweater with slippers on.


180 pages of that. My question is,

1)how much critique should I put into my proofreading?

She has dreams of publishing this, but it's clearly not even close to final draft, and I don't know if she'd appreciate her manuscript returned chockful of edits, reconstructions and theme advice. I imagine every other paragraph would deserve some editing.

Something of this caliber would require a lot of work on my half, not only the reading, but the copyediting.

song on cmomercial

i REALLY like this song on the Krazr commercial...and I feel kind of stupid because they show a shot of the phone's screen which lists the artist and song name. I've only seen the commercial twice and never think to write it down for later, I really want to download it, I BELIEVE either the artist or title is "Supernova" or has Supernova in it, it's a girl singing, and I don't really remember the words...does ANYONE have a clue which song I'm talking about?

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You're on a busy train, with no seats left. A woman gets on who's about 18 and is heavily pregnant. Also, a woman who appears to be about 30 gets on at the same time, and is also heavily pregnant. Who do you offer your seat to?

If you know the band Blue October, which category of music would you say they fall into?

Do you know anyone who has "recovered" from chronic depression? How?
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I recently installed Avast! to my computer, since I haven't been able to renew Norton (it was asking for the key, which I didn't have because I had used my now ex-boyfriend's copy). Now that I have Avast! on my computer, do I need to keep Norton installed for any reason, or am I safe to uninstall it?

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I'm thinking about getting a perm..
What are your experiences with them?
If I go to a good place, will they be able to tell me if my hair is too weird to have one? I am worried that because of the way its cut, I will look like a poodle. I've never had one before.
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ocular issues

While I'm broke and won't make the purchase for a couple months (I usually wear contacts anyway), I'm going to eventually need to update my prescripton glasses.  Are there any sites you know of, or just general advice on what frames flatter what face types? The ones I have now are okay, but I feel a bit square-headed in them.
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Someone (in another community) recently made this statement to me:

"Nobody truly thinks 'for themselves'. everyone values the opinions and good regard of others, be they god(s) or other humans."

Do you agree or disagree?
why or why not?

It was made in reply to a comment I made where I said: "some people like to think for themselves"

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I've got a question for those of you in the workforce!

All the jobs I've ever had have been through whichever school I was studying at. I've been a tutor, a research assistant, a teaching assistant, a had a variety of odd school-related jobs. I'd never had a retail job. My current teaching assistantship contract is running out and I can't renew it since the school does not financially support nonthesis masters students and I switched from thesis to nonthesis a few months ago.

My question is: how do I go about finding another job outside of the school? Do I just walk into places with a resume and ask if they are hiring? Also, (since I know that there is a limit to the number of questions I can ask I hope this isn't one too many) I dyed my hair blue and I need to change it back so I can get a job! Any ideas on how to change it back to my original blonde without having to bleach it? I don't want to damge my hair unnecessarily.
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1.) What's the most memorable thing anyone has ever written in your yearbook, if anything?
2.) What's the most memorable thing you remember writing in someones' yearbook, if anything?
3.) What's the coolest thing about you? What's the least cool thing about you?
4.) If you play Halo , what's your weapon of choice?
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Mac question.

I currently use a PC, but I'm going to be getting a MacBook soon.
I play The Sims and The Sims 2 on my PC and I really don't want to replace the PC version for Mac version, nor do I want to run Windows on a Mac.
Can someone explain Parallels Desktop for Mac to me? Would it run my games (or at least The Sims 2)? Is it slow, or fast?
How does it work in general...
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Happy solitude?

Do you think it's possible to be a healthy and happy hermit? Can life be full and satisfying with minimal human contact?

I am planning to move out of the city I've lived in my whole life, to a small island where I'll live by myself and telecommute. I'll have sheep, horses, rabbits, and chickens for company. I'll only see people when I make a weekly trip to a nearby very small town to run errands.

I have never been happy living in the city, and my whole life I've dreamed of living in a cabin in a forest. I imagine that I'd be very content with my own company. I don't like most people, I don't like small talk, I don't like strangers, and I don't like even very small crowds. I like solitude, quiet, and my own thoughts. I am prepared to find out that my vision of what this life would be like is very unrealistic, and that I might actually be very lonely and bored.

I've already decided to make this move and find out what it's really like, but I wanted to hear your thoughts. Has anyone done this or know someone who did? Any advice?

Edit: I'll also see people when I do occasional volunteer wilderness preservation in the area, and there are about 20 or 30 other residents of the island who I'd run into once in a while.

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I have an old cell phone that I want to donate to an abused women's shelter. Has anyone done this? What did you do, call up the shelter and see if they want it?
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I'm curious...

How do you stop being strong sometimes?  I had a pretty horrific and abusive childhood, and personal strength and endurance was my mainstay.  I also work with people who are aging and some who are dying, and find myself having to be strong for them, but sometimes it's so hard, especially if there has been personal chaos in my life as has been recently.  

Who do the helpers go to when they need help?  I see a counselor, but sometimes that's not enough to get through the really rough times.  I was poor as a child, now poor as an adult.  Does life ever get any better?  :( 
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I just spent pretty much all day working on my RIchard III paper, and now, I can only find 7 out of the 11 pages I wrote. where the hell could it be? I've searced everywhere I can think of on this stupid computer. I'm about to throw up.
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Eragon movie

Is anyone interested in the Eragon/Eldest series by Christopher Paolini? (i love it :D)

Have you the seen the commercial where Eragon is flying with Saphira over a river in a canyon? If you have, am i the only one who is super annoyed with the voice they gave Saphira? I mean..she's a huge fierce looking dragon, then she talks and it's super girly. i'm not impressed.

and lmao, has anyone seen the commercials for Viva Pinata? that game looks so fun.

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Ok, my mate & I are doing a survey after an 'incident' occured. So far we've called every man listed in both of our phones, so now it's your turn.

You have to get up at 5.30 so you will ready for work at 6.
You wake up at 5.20 to your partner giving you a head job.

Do you...
a. Lay back & enjoy it. Hey, you're only missing out on 10 minutes of sleep.
b. Tell them to fuck off, you're tired & needed those 10 minutes sleep.
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Assuming the tickets cost the same, would you rather sit in seats X 28 and 30 in of the Orchestra, or seats AA 2 and 4 in the dress circle?

(so the left side towards the back on the floor, or the first row on the left a bit above the floor)

Click the picture here for a bigger view

Which seats

Orchestra X 28 and 30
Dress Circle AA 2 and 4
Sparkly Snowman

Converting Mp4 to VCD?

I just downloaded a movie and I want to put it onto a CD-R and mave a VCD out of it so I can watch it on my TV. However I'm not too sure which steps I need to go to in converting the files since the format of the movie is mp4 (iPod). I have a bunch of conversion programs but I haven't used them in a while and I don't recall ever actually being able to convert files in that way before. I have NERO and Sonic Record Now to burn so yea any suggestions for which programs would work best to get the video in the correct format?

Thanks in advance.


I live in Michigan, Grand Rapids being the closest big city and I want to get my hair dreaded in the next 6 months or so...
I'm saving up my money and my hair is only about to the halfway point on my neck and I want to wait until at least shoulder length.
I'm having a difficult time finding salons that do it, though, so I was wondering if anyone here was from that area, knew of any places or if anyone could just tell me a rough estimate of how much it will cost me to get it done...

Also I've found some sites online where you can order kits to do it yourself, I've had no experience with doing it though has anyone here ever tried/know someone who has? Which kit did you use and how did it go?


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1. How long have you known someone before you fell in love with them?
How can you tell if it's love, not lust?

Haha, I'd love to hear answers on this.. I recently met a guy at the club.. we talked all night the first night, then we kissed a little the last time.. and he came to see me at work today.. Wow.   Whatever I'm feeling is intense!

2. Me: "Sweet holy shit I need an arm!"
    You: "____________________________"
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Jail Bait.

Have you ever had a relationship with someone 4 or 5 years and + older than you?
How did that go?
If so, were you a minor during this relationship? Did it make things awkward?

If you hear about something along the lines of a 17 year old girl with a 23 year old guy, does it make you cringe?
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Creoles and Acadians/Cajun

Does anyone know what the social differences between Creoles and Cajuns are? Which of the two had a higher social status and why?

In case you were wondering, it's research I'm supposed to be doing before starting The Awakening by Kate Chopin.
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So..I think I want to start seeing a counselor or a therapist. I have been feeling depressed for over the last year or so and I don't know what to do anymore. I bottle feelings up and supress everything because I don't really have anyone to talk to about what is going on in my life.

How would you go about doing something like this?

This time of year always brings out the bad in my family. I have 2 sisters. My oldest sis is 24, I'm 22, and my younger sis is 13. Last year she damn near ruined Christmas for everyone. She demanded that my father get her an electric guitar and he had to get her the most expensive one he could find. He got a deal on one and it was really nice. She's played it a handful of times. This year, she wants a bass. My older sis is saving to buy a car so the only person she is buying for is my son, who is 17 months old. My younger sister is pissed and keeps screaming at me because she doesn't think my son deserves a present that she should be getting.

Should I punch her in the face?

quick ebay question

if i have something up for sale there, but decide to remove it before the auction is over, will i still have to pay the listing fee?

EDIT-and if the item goes to completion but doesn't sell? do i still have to pay the listing fee


Do you think this online business's policy is reasonable?
If they send you the wrong item, they require you to search their site to find the item you were sent and give them their own item number as well as a photograph of the wrong item you received before they will even begin to process an exchange.
I think it's ridiculous to make the customer do all that for the business's mistake.

Do you think it's reasonable for a business owner to make a livejournal to harrass someone complaining about the business's customer service in their personal journal, not to mention sending their friends to harrass their customer also?
I think it's the most ridiculous and unprofessional thing I've ever seen. All this over a $5 order. I think customer service this bad needs to be exposed.