December 2nd, 2006

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What celebrity (doesn't have to be crazy-famous) would you like to be friends with?

I went to see Patton Oswalt tonight, and he seems like he would be an amazingly cool guy to be friends with.  Plus, he's a big nerd, was an English major, and mentioned a great fantasy book (Sir Apropos of Nothing) in one of his jokes.  And he looks a lot like my dad.  Weird.
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So I am bidding on a PS1 on ebay. Because it is super cheap. If we get it, this will be the first video game system I have ever owned. Does this make me a total techno-retard?

Also, since I already have a tendency to get sucked into things like the internet for ridiculously long periods of time, how bad of an idea is it to get a game system?

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Why can I not reach my email on my computer, but other people, even in the same building, can reach it on theirs?
It's, but my computer is all "nooo, this will only pull up a blank page!"
have tried clearing my cache, coming at it from the address in my page history, using the link on the iowa state web page...

OH! I can get to it on IE but not on firefox wtf.

It's not related to earlier when I asked about blocking a web site, i never did it.

Ahh... help? I don't want my answer to be "just keep using ie for it."

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What do you want for the holidays? (if you celebrate a gift giving winter holiday)

I'm getting a new desktop and I need something that can kick ass and take names.
(the Alienware Area-51 ALX is what I'm thinking about right now)
But I've been told that I neeeeeed to get a Mac.

What is a Mac that can out-spec the ALX?

Mac or PC? Why?
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1. What makes people selfish?

2. What makes people unselfish?

3. Have you ever been hired without taking a job interview? If so, what position?

4. What's the last or current art project you've worked on? Pic would be fantastic.

5. What's the last xmas gift you've bought? For who?

Internets. Omg?

Any computer people in here?

1.) Well, I have a problem... I was supposed to be getting broadband internet today, and I was supposed to get it turned on by 8pm. It is now 9:20pm. All the green lights are on, on my router. The computer says its connected to the internet, but I cannot get on, myspace or anything. I called tech support, got a robot who said my internet has not been activated, but will be today at 8pm. I repeat again, it is an hour and 20 minutes past that time. I was flipping through my computer and when I am "on" it says that the downstream rate is 1984 kbps and the upstream is 512 kbps. I'm clueless, tech support isn't helping... what should I do?

Edit: wondering how im online right now? I'm right up against a window piggybacking wireless internet from my friend's house.

and also, for fun:

2.) When you microwave something and the package says nuke it for about 3 minutes, do you press in 3:01 just to be rebellious, or is that just me?
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I'm not sure what's wrong with my cat. She's making little mreowrly noises and she keeps lying on her stomach with her haunches slightly raised and wiggling, and rubbing her head on the ground. She doesn't seem to be in any physical pain, but she keeps stalking around this way and making these weird noises.

Is she in heat? We've always had spayed cats so I don't know.

Edit: Thanks, guys, for the help. We found a local vet who is only 60 bucks so we'll all chip in 20 bucks and get her in as soon as possible. *hugs to everyone*
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For those of you who've had or have apartments...

I'll be taking second semester off at school this coming January. So I need to find a place. I've been looking at ads, and studio apartments up here look to be starting at $199/mon. with one room apartments being slightly more expensive. I need something cheap, and either close to work or close to campus.

My question is simply what advice would you have for me? What things should I look for? What things did you not expect/prepare for/were suprised by that I should realize? How much did you pay at first? Just the application, deposit and first month's rent? Or was it more than that?

I'm really in the dark as it's my first time, any help would be appreciated!
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Sean and Julie

Let's Play Pretend!

You have parked your vehicle in the parking lot of a business, and you just so happened to be parked under a tree. A large branch falls out of that tree and hits your vehicle, leaving a dent.

Whose insurance is responsible for the damages? Would it be the insurance of the business or the insurance of the owner of the vehicle?
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1. Which one of Edward Gorey's stories is Collapse ) from?

2. So, according to Paul Simon, there must be 50 ways to leave your lover - what do you think the best way to go about doing that is? (preferably with good manners and no bad blood)

3. What's your pet cause/charity?
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I'm in the computer lab, working on a paper, and I think I remember my professor telling me that you don't need a comma between the authors name and page number when you cite in your paper. Does anyone know if that's true?
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I have probably 500 dollars worth of stuff (ebay priced) that I could sell. It's a mix of old clothes, shoes I didn't wear, and books. How fast does Ebay work? I've bought off it, but never sold. If I put everything up for sale tomorrow, what's an estimate of when I'd have , say, 100 dollars in paypal?
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eBay question

So this is probably stupid... but whatever.
I have a paypal account with my credit card and debit card info loaded into it.
I want to buy/bid on something on eBay.
If I want to pay through my paypal account for the item does the money need to be in the paypal account or can it stay in the credit/debit card account? Like... Does paypal automatically take the money out from the card or do I have to physically transfer the money? And if I do, is it an automatic thing or does it take a few days? 'Cus I know it takes a few days to move the money from paypal to my bank account...
Hope that all made sense.
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You live in a house with two other people (a couple) and for the first weekend in AGES your partner is coming to stay for a few days (long distance relationship) Considering you can get the house to yourself for those days, what would you do? I mean, something special or whatever. Getting the place to yourselves is a rarity and you want to make the best of it.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

ETA - Dunno what happened with the text size. sorry bout that!
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In my history class, my professor gave us a take home essay to write as part of the final exam. Do you think I need to include a works cited page? It seems like I wouldn't need one, but I'm unsure. What would you do?

Also, I can't ask him seeing as it's due Monday.

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Question that doesn't involve reading the background:
If you weren't invited somewhere, but someone asked you to go in their place, would you go?
It wouldn't affect the gift the person being honored would get, and the person who can't go RSVPed.



I'm trying to write a paper on Family Development Theory, as in what would be discussed in family therapy. I CANNOT find a good overview of the theory anywhere... we had no reading in class for it, and my prof gave me a ver vague explanation.

Gah. Anyone have some search-fu? Please???

(yes, I googled. No, I did not find what I wanted.)
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So on that Uno Attack commericial does anyone else hear: "You might get no cards, you might get AIDS"?

My husband and I were like...huh? the first time we saw it.

Although recently it seems like they redid it so you can actually hear it say eight instead.
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dorky love

What are some great dorky/nerdy/geeky images and comic strips related to love?

I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of the ones from XKCD (1, 2, 3), but maybe a bit less math-y. Internet geeky is best; perhaps not too fandom-y (though Smallville and House-related pics would work. Or TinTin.). Image marcos and comics work.

Basically something that's not the usual lovey-dovey romantic stuff, but still conveys love. the dorkier the better.

thank you :D

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In Mytunes redux what dictates whether you can take from people or not? (The red X or green check mark)
My roommate and I are trying to swap music, we're both connected to the same wireless network and every now and then we can see each other on itunes but we arent showing up on each others mytunes.

Any ideas? tips to try, whatever?
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Long time lurker, often commentor, first time poster

I wear Acuvue 2 contact lenses, and due to insurance issues, it looks like I may have to go outside of my eye doctor to get my lenses for awhile. So I'm looking into other options.

How do you contacts wearers here get your contacts?

Have you ever used any of the online places like, etc?

And if yes, it was worth it money-wise and easy to use?

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I'm in one of those moods today. I don't know what I want to do. My husband and kid are at my niece's birthday party and I didn't go. I'm just trying to waste time until they get back.

There are several people at that party that don't like me. I'm sitting here, imagining what they are saying, and I find myself getting snarky and picking on people on myspace.

I need to find something to do to take my mind off of things until they get back.

What do you recommend?

quick paypal question

If someone sends me money through paypal, how much personally identifying information do they see?

for example= my friend Jane owes me 20$ and says she'll send it to my paypal through my email. Once I get the money in my paypal, on her account happenings/transactions or whatever, will it say the name I registered my paypal with, or my address, or what? or just the email address?

Bell Ringing

Okay, well, I'm starting my first job on Monday and I'm confused about a few things so I was hoping maybe someone here could help me out.

I'm going to be a Bell Ringer for the Salvation Army, and yes, they are paying me for this. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining. Heh.

I live pretty far away from the church, so they arranged for me to just work outside of a store that's closer to my town so I don't have to drive so far every day. When they told me this over the phone, I was on a lot of pain killers (I had just had my wisdom teeth removed an hour before) and I forgot to ask them some things. I'm now having a really hard time contacting them, so... yeah, that's why I'm seeing if anyone here can help me, in case I can't contact the church before Monday.

So here we go... To anyone who's been a bell ringer before: What did you do with your kettle while you're on breaks or lunch? I get two breaks throughout the day as well as a half hour lunch break, and I don't think they'd want me to just leave the kettle alone out there... Should I just stay with it?

And secondly... When I applied originally I didn't bring my social security card with me, but they said they'd need to see it before I started working. We agreed to have me just bring it with me on Monday, but that was when we thought I was going to be going to the church before they drove me to a separate location. Now the plan is that I'm just going to go to the store I'll be ringing at, so no one else will be there to see my card. Should I just go anyway and deal with the card later?

random assortment of hmm

1. After you read tqc for a while, do you start thinking in questions?

2. Which comes first for you (usually, if there is an order) in a sexual relationship, giving or receiving oral sex? Which is more intimate?

3. Pretend you're female (if you're not). You have two best friends, one male and one female (roommate). You have a friends-with-benefits relationship with male best friend, of which female best friend doesn't know. Female best friend goes back and forth between 'liking' male best friend and wanting to be friends with male best friend. Male best friend doesn't know this. Thus, by sheer accident, you're messing around with one best friend's crush, and you can't talk about it with anyone because neither knows all of the circumstances (and you're betraying trust by telling either). You all spend approximately 24/7 together when not in classes (or screwing around, hah) and are planning on living together next year. Are you all going to come out of this okay or is it going to explode in your face?

4. Have you exercised today?

(My answers: 1. yes, 2. giving because getting is more intimate, 3. I think it'll all come out okay, but I'm not sure how, 4. yes!)

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Ok, so I'm an Xbox user, but there are a lot of games that I want to play that aren't available on Xbox or Xbox 360. Lately I've been noticing that PS2's have been dropping in price considerably, what with the PS3 coming out & all.

So, question time. I have an Xbox & will be getting a 360 this Christmas, is it worth buying a PS2 sometime after Christmas?

I'm not sure because I also have a NES & a N64, so I feel like a right geek with all these consoles laying around. But then, I could put the PS2 in the lounge room for my dad to use, because he wants one too. Eh, I don't know.

dates and sex.

Have you ever had sex with someone on the first date?

Did s/he ever call you again?

Do you think it's possible to have a relationship or date someone for a while after they've had sex with you on the first date?

How long do you wait to call someone after the first date?
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Who is your favorite series author?  Someone you like to read for mindless fun, regardless of actual literary value?

Mine used to be Laurell K. Hamilton, until it turned into second-rate porn.  Now I'm onto the In Death series by J. D. Robb.  What else am I missing?
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I'm watching the Discovery Channel. There's an AKC dog championship show coming up next. Every commercial break, they show an ad for it. It's a song about different "types" of dogs - for example, a fluffy pink poodle thing, dogs in every shade of black, white, and brown, big dogs and little dogs, etc. There's one part... I've seen it twice but haven't been able to figure out what the guy is saying. It sounds like "sick dogs and shitty dogs" but I'm pretty sure that's not what he actually says.

Any ideas?
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1. What films have you seen that disturbed you so much you wish you hadn't seen them, and why?

2. Any films that disturbed you so much you almost wish you hadn't seen them, but they were so amazing you're glad you saw them but just wish you could scrub certain bits of your brain clean?

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I've only had my drivers licence for alittle over 2 months and this will be my first year driving in snow and ice. (30 yrs old and never drove in snow/ice)

I need to know if you have any advice for me. What to do? what not to do?

Things I should have in my car in case of an accident or get stuck in a snow bank? things of that sort...

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Okay so where in the internets would I ask this question:
I am doing research on Russian Imperial Army uniforms. I'm trying to find ones that would be red overall with golden epilets, the rest I'm not sure about. Who would have worn such uniforms and when?

I even have an image that goes with what I think might be it but it's from a bookcover so I don't know what sort of officer he's supposed to be.

I asked on one LJ community but no one ever replied, not even with a pointer of where to better ask such a question.
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Poll #880643 Body naming poll

What do you call the area between a woman's legs?

Axe wound
Meat curtains
Bologne flower

What do you call that thing between a man's legs?

Meatstick/meat pop
Baloney pony
Trouser snake
Beef bugle
Beaver cleaver

What do you call those things on a woman's chest?

Sweater puppies

What do you call that thing you sit on?

Back yard
Fart locker
Anal sheath

What do you call that thing 2 people do in bed?

Making love
The ol' in-and-out
Making a meat delivery/ hot beef injection
Making the beast with two backs
The mommy-daddy dance
Parking the pink cadillac up a side street
Exchanging bodily fluids
Bumping uglies
Horizontal mambo
Taco stuffing
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Your beliefs

It's common for people to believe that Jesus was born on December 25.

Even though there's no real evidence for Jesus Christ's exact birth date, when do you believe his birthday was?

Due to doing research on my own, he was born sometime in the early autumn, not December. It's not likely for shepherds to be out in the fields with their sheep flocks overnight at that time of the year, and also the Roman Caesar wouldn't command people who were inclinced to revolt against him to take a trip in the dead of winter to register. According to the trip Mary and Joseph were taking to Bethlehem, the city of their firstborn's birth to be registered, those are good reasons not to believe that his birth had occurred on December 25.

Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

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I've had my eyebrow piercing for about a  year and a half.. It's started rejecting a while back, and I attempted to save it, but it's a no-go. I'm confident that I can heal the scarring, but my question is: How do I clean the piercing after I remove the jewelry? It's still lymphing a bit, so I need to figure out how to keep it clean while it's closing up. Help?

thanks in advance, tqc!

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1. How often do you brush your teeth?

2. What time(s) during the day do you usually brush your teeth?

3. What brand of toothpaste do you use? What flavor is it?

4. Do you have a fancy toothbrush?

5. Do you use mouthwash? If so, how often, what brand, and what flavor?

6. Have you ever whitened your teeth? What method did you use, and are you happy with the results?


What's your favorite tattoo/what would you like as a tattoo?

For those that have them, what's a trick to a better healing process. Or anything actually that you think I should know. I have the basic instructions and stuff but I definitely want this sucker to heal really nicely.
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So here's the deal.

I bought a webcam. A Dynex DX-DTCAM. I meet all the requirements - I've made sure it did. I called Dynex customer services, and they say my USB port has to be 2.0 - mine's 1.1, but the box says it needs USB 1.1 only, as does the manual.

Besides, my computer - Mac OS 10.4.8, which works - recognizes it and everything; system profiler says it's there. But when I use Skype, it says there is no camera - it did earlier - and when I use the Webcam Monitor or try to test the image, it goes "No Video from Source". There is no cap on, I've tried both of my USB ports.

What the hell is going on? I swear I'm going to kill someone soon. I've been looking forward to this all weekend, and... GRR. All the other Mac-compatible webcams are $95+, so...

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Do you believe in "fuck buddies" / "friends with benefits?"
Is the concept flawed / too good to be true?
Any general rules you follow, being exclusive, or not?
stories?? pos or neg

Another question

Why is it that a lot of Americans say 'oh gods'? What's with the 's'? Is it some kind of over the top political correctness or just the way you say it?

I've never heard anyone actually say something like 'oh gods', but I've seen it typed heaps.
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men's clothing, handbags, and underwear

1. Do expensive men's clothes run bigger than cheap men's clothes?
My dad was telling me that they do, but in my experience expensive clothes run considerably smaller, so I was wondering if it's opposite for men's stuff.

2. Is this one of the ugliest handbags you've ever seen?
Yes. I think it's awful. In a community I'm in someone recently purchased one and posted it, and everyone seems to think it's fabulous. I can't get over how ugly it is. I'm sure a lot of them would feel the same if it wasn't Louis Vuitton, and it wasn't $4,000.

3. What type of underwear do you wear most often?
Bikinis & boyshorts.

4. What type of underwear do you hate?
Thongs, and anything high cut.