December 1st, 2006

Ahh! Babies!

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I'm going to a christmas party in a few weeks that I'm excited about. HOWEVER, I'm supposed to bring a dish that has to do with my heritage. I'm finding this very difficult considering I CAN'T COOK and I'm super busy these next few weeks and I don't have time to make a dish that's going to take me a while. I'd really like to just bring a quick and easy dessert or appetizer, preferrably something I can pick up at the store. I am at a loss for how to find a quick and easy dish that fits this theme. I am Irish, Polish and German. Any ideas for a quick and easy dish from one of these countries? I know absolutely nothing about my heritage really so I don't even know what their dishes are.


1.) So at home right now (im not at home at the moment) I'm getting broadband/wireless internet that will be turned on tomorrow. They never said at what time tomorrow, so should I stay up until after midnight just incase it gets turned on right after midnight? (its 8:26pm right now)

2.) My friend's boyfriend has been acting like an asshole lately to both me and my friend (he's really sarcastic and he just treats us like idiots and insults us alot), she really really really loves him and he means the world to her. Today he just told her that he's thinking about dumping her because of "long-distance issues." She lives less than an hour away from him. What should I do/say to comfort her? I'm not too sure, she's in college right now and I'm at home, I have no way to get to her right now. She's miserable. I've already IMed her and tried to cheer her up.. but internet hugs can only do so much. :( I've tried to calm her down a bit, its not really helping. She's been with him for almost a year now, and he was/is a good friend of mine.

3.)  Should I clean my room tonight?
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1) What are absolute deal breakers in your relationships? Things that no matter who it is or how long you have been together you have to end it.

2) Why isn't firefox saving my passwords?

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1. Anyone know of any 'Work From Home' (whether it be data entry, stuffing envelopes) that AREN'T scams? ( Canada plz/ BC specifically)

2. I'm looking for black vinyl shoes/boots online. I've searched and searched! No black ones! Only white!  Any idea where else I can look?

3. Following the online shopping theme, where can I find cheap you-supply-the-slogan tshirts? I give them the saying and they print it on? (black shirts)

4. Lush Bath and Body stuff - I like their unique all natural things. Any other comapnies in that style? (all natural if pos)


PS: Noone made me an xmas icon, so I mspainted my own. BOOYA

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How much overtime is too much?

I am currently being demanded to work 7 days a week, for 10 hours a day. I can't say no, because unlike other countries, the US provides no law on the maximum amount of hours a person can be forced to work. In fact, in Minnesota, an employer can demand that you work any amount of hours with absolutely no advanced notice... and if you say no, you can be fired.
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Bachelor party post reminded me...

I do this for a living.

I was thinking of trying to get some really unique sexualized shows for my acts. So far, I have a light show (involving led glass dildos), a burlesque-styled show, and I tried fire-eating, but it didn't work terribly well for me. A girl I know does a puppet show... and somehow she pulls it off, but there's NO WAY I could.

I'm looking for a really unique (and SERIOUS!) idea that'll set me apart from 'all the other girls'. What show can I give that's not only sexy but entertaining, fun and memorable?

Edit: Oh yeah, and legal in the state of Queensland.

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From your point of view, is yelling at your partner a form of domestic violence?

I've always been taught that verbal violence is just as bad as physical. Yet, people often seem to say that fighting is healthy. What do you think?

For those smokers out there...

when you finally realize you're high?  How do you know?  

I get these really trippy ideas (example, I was reading through an Auto Trader ad, and noticed for a Toyota dealership, there were no Toyotas listed to sell, and thought that was strange), and a mini-Alzheimer's, like walking into the kitchen and forgetting what I just went to get or today when I got done with work (I work 3-11) and sat down at the computer, after a bit, and thought, 'damn, I'm cold!'  Then I had a "Grandma's Boy" moment..."oh dude.  I'm nude!"   Also, baths and showers are really neat, and I feel like I get cleaner.  Food seems to taste so much better too.  I also get a litte less coordinated.  I also get this urge to wash dishes.  

What are some of your high thoughts?
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How's your December 1st morning so far?

I woke up and went out on my deck in my underwear. It was a very comfortable 60-some degrees.

Do you like iced tea? Sweetened or unsweetened?

Furry Friday or Nyeday?
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Financial Aid Woes

For those of you who are attending university (or have attended) and your parents are NOT paying your fees/tuition...

Did you take out loans? If so, what kind? Was that a good one to do or are you regretting it? Do tell.

I did my FAFSA and was denied any financial aid. Swell, huh? Scholarships are not happening (I don't qualify, what with being female 27 single no kids employed and white) and it looks like my only option is going to be student loans. ((I've done the first half of the BA at a JC but it is now time to move on up to the University. Eeek.))

And if anyone wins the lottery, feel free to kick a few grand my way. Just sayin'.
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What was your first kiss like?

Mine was 12 years ago today, on the bank of a small stream across from my high school, with a dorky kid named Seth. He put a Mento in his mouth and told me to come get it. I only remember because of the date.

What was your last memorable dream?

I dreamt last night that Rick Santorum was reading my email over my shoulder and telling me how much sex he's been having since he doesn't have a job anymore. WTF.

Do you think Hot Topic is punk rock?

I'm listening to that MC Lars song called "Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock."

When was the last time you were REALLY silly? What were you doing?

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Wedding bands

Would you and your partner wear another couple's old wedding bands as your own?

Edited to add another question: What if the rings weren't from your family but from an antique shop? You wouldn't know the history behind them. Would you be open to the idea?
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Okay guys, this might be a lame thing to do, but I am writing a Research Paper for my Sociology class and I need to find more males (only males-- it's about how men react to female emotions/crying) to take my survey. So if you'd like to help me out, I would be eternally grateful.

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If you can't do that, could you suggest other LJ communities where I could post this? Or other forums online?

Also, if I can't compile enough results online (it would be nice as my schedule is fairly rigid), how should I go about asking people? Can I go to Barnes and Noble or something and ask people to take my survey? What would you do?

Thank you!

Skyy Vodka Poster

Ok I remember months ago I found a link to a place on the Skyy Vodka Website where you could enter a contest and 50 ppl a day would win a free poster. I got a poster before but my new roommates want another one, ok so do I, but I can't find the link again. Does anyone know if their still doing this and if so where do I go?
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you may remember my pig sister who doesn't do her share of things. She's had dishes sitting needing to be washed since BEFORE THANKSGIVING. (I will not do them because she made a rule that we do our own chores) What can I do about this? I'm thinking of taking everything and putting it on her bed...she hasn't washed her sheets since we moved it, so they won't be getting dirty. The only thing I'm worried about is retaliation. any suggestions?
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does anyone know of websites that are similar to, which has basically every episode of a ton of tv shows to download for free? i'm looking for desperate housewives episodes..preferably from the first season. i'm trying to get my boyfriend into it. haha. helppppp.

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Should I go to lunch, or stay and work through my paper?

I have about another page to write (single spaced) that may make me a little while.  My belly says it's lunch time :(

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedit: What's another good phrase for "in this case"

eg:  "In this case, Cole forced his father to tell him..."
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mum messaged me asking what i want for christmas.

what DO i want for christmas?

bearing in mind:
nothing toooo expensive
mum is very anti-giftcards
nothing related to sex.
no undies or bras. that's just plain weird

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What's the funniest case of vandalism/bad editing/etc you've seen on Wikipedia?

I was just reading about Space Mountain when I noticed these:

Under the 'In popular culture' subheading -
* 8 out of 10 people say they have shit themselves on the ride
* Space Mountain is the only ride in the world where the safety restraints are made of semen.
* Most couples break up during the course of the ride because of te trials the ride demants each person go through.

And under 'Attraction facts, Magic Kingdom', it states one of the past sponsors as Kevin Federline. (?!)

One last thing you might already have seen: Collapse )

Quakers (the Religious Society of Friends)

What do you know about Quakers?

Poll #879396 knowledge test

The following statements about Quakers (The Religious Society of Friends) are true:

They're all dead
They were involved with the Underground Railroad/slavery issues
They're staunchly conservative and hardcore Christians
You mean the Amish?
Quakers wear funny hats and ride horses
Quakers say "thee" and "thou" when referring to other people
Half of the Quakers in the world are in Kenya
All Quakers accept Jesus as their savior
All Quakers practice silent worship
Quakers believe in equality, peace, simplicity and integrity
Quakerism started in Britain in the 1600's
Quakers are a part of this balanced breakfast
who the hell are you talking about?

I'll comment with the proper answers tomorrow; I'm just curious about what people know on the subject.

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I'm fairly certain there's a command you can put *somewhere* in your computer so that you will get eternal error messages for trying to go to a particular website- I think it has something to do with blocking yourself from accessing a particular IP address, or re-routing it somewhere else.

What is this command, and where does it go?

(Windows XP, since i presume that matters)
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This is pretty lame, but yeah. I've never been on an job interview before, well I did have a college interview (if that counts), but the guy was a recent graduate so (it basically ended up w/ him telling me his drunk stories) it was pretty chill. Anyway, I have an interview coming up this Tuesday with the Director ('99) and Student Director ('04, who is our class advisor) of Student & Young Alumni Programs at my university. I'm a freshmen and I'm running for Treasurer of my class.

Anyway, I was just wondering what questions you think they will ask me?
Like my favorite hobbies?
Some obstacle that I went though?
How I would describe myself as?
Why I want my position?

They are fairly "young" does that make any difference?
Would wearing black slacks and a black blouse/button down be appropriate/or too much?
Also, is it rude to ask how many other people gave in applications/applied?
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tv blogs

i'm interested in reading some tv "insider" type blogs or just blogs about shows that might get canned and whatnot. i have to keep my finger on the pulse of studio 60... i think it might die but i *really* want it to liiiive!!

too early

Taxes and addresses

I changed the address on my drivers' license, car insurance and various other bank and legal documents to a new address in August. This summer I lived at my parents' house and worked nearby. Then, my legal address was their address. I'm going back to work for the same company over winter break and once again living at my parents' house.

Normally when I stop work and I go back for winter there they don't have me file a new I9 until it's the new year. however, since my address changed, should I fill out new tax forms? Or since I can still get the mail at my old place it's not a big deal?

I read this from the IRS website and it says I can just put my old and new address on the tax return so I don't think it's a big deal, but I just want to make sure.

The more annoying thing is that my address is going to change again in July. I didn't anticipate moving out of the apartment I live in but it totally sucks.

Other than being a pain in the ass for me to have to fill out forms every couple of months, is this going to screw up my tax return or anything else legal and possibly annoying? It doesn't matter if it's sent to my parents' house because they can always send anything along to me, but are there any repercussions to changing my address?

Advice for applying for a job (that is not advertised for)

I was checking out the university jobbank and came across a listing for a receptionist position (which I am NOT interested in) for a CPA firm, but noticed that even though they have a web site name, their web site is not yet developed. I'd like to submit my resume to see if they might be interested in hiring me to design their web site, even though the job listing is for a receptionist. For all I know, they may have someone to design their web site, but I'd still like to try to submit my resume and see if they might be interested.

Is this even appropriate? How do I word this paragraph in my cover letter in a professional way?

"Upon reviewing the (Name of University) Jobbank, I noticed the job listing for a Receptionist position, but also noticed that the web site is not yet developed. If you do not currently have someone in line to develop your company web site, I would like to apply for the position and I am available to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss this possible opportunity, my qualifications, and my portfolio with you."

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'm just not sure this is even appropriate considering their job listing is for something entirely different.
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Anyone have plans to see The new Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa?

I must admit I groaned so loud I think I shook the stuco loose at my house when I first heard... but the previews I've been seen... it actually looks like it could be good.
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Health-related video

I'm a junior high teacher and next week we are having a Health Fair at our school. It's kind of like a mini-conference where kids sign up for sessions and attend three different sessions in the course of the morning. We have a keynote speaker at the beginning, then they go off to their sessions, and then we want to recongregate kids in the gym at the end of the day to dismiss them. We want to play some kind of video in the gym before we send them off.

We were thinking a music video, but are open to any other ideas, too. The video should be health-related, but "health" is used in the broad sense of the word - we have speakers doing everything from kickboxing lessons to talking about hate crimes to representations of teens in the media to former drug addicts to sexual health.

Students are aged 10 - 16. There should be no nudity or overt sexuality and profanity. It should be between 2 and 5 minutes long.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a video to show?
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What do you know about blue eyes "changing color" with mood?

I have blue eyes myself, and a friend of mine told me that blue eyes change shades with your mood. I think I've noticed this a few times, but it may have just been my imagination, so I thought I'd see what you guys think. :)

(this is probably just a stupid question, but that makes it all the more interesting to ask, in my opinion).
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What's a good "In Rememberance Of..." type gift? I was thinking maybe adopting a star in their name?! But I can't seem to find a legitimate "company" that handles that.. (at least on-line) any suggestions!? It's in rememberance of my boyfriend's best friend who passed away 3 yrs ago.

Or any other ideas as to what I could get?! I wanted to get a star because he's always referred to him as his 'angel watching over him' .. and I thought it'd be neat.. I remember seeing (somewhere) a place where they actually gave you a picture of the sky with your start highlighted.. any help is appreciated.

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Okay, here's one of those 'what song was that' questions. Trick is, I've never heard the song, and I have the title, but not much else to go by.

It's called 'Bianca' (or features the name Bianca prominently in it). It was played before a Death concert in 1993 in Massachusetts (it's recorded at the beginning of the bootleg). Chuck Schuldiner picked it out and it's a 'mellow' song. But keep in mind this is a song death metal fans are referencing, so mellow to them is a bit...subjective. It could be Queens of the Stone Age mellow, or gregorian chanting mellow, I'm not sure - not metal, though. Any idea who it's by and where I might be able to find it?
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Survivor and creepy crawlies

1. Survivor Immunity Idol question (possible spoilers):

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2. I was watching that BIG BAD BUGS show on Discovery HD last night and any time I see a creepy crawly that is really creepy (like that massive centipede), the skin on my back and neck and EARS feels all icky...why there? Is there some medical-type reason, like you are scared so it sends nerve impulses to your back??! That makes no sense...anyone know?

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I bought some new cherry barbs recently, i figured my one male was getting lonely and i bought two females. He apparently *was* lonely, as he is now having fish sex with the larger female, all over the tank on my desk. It's... entertaining. I first noticed them doing it half an hour ago, so it was apparently good luck for him that I named him Stud.
Wikipedia says they'll try to eat the eggs, but the ones that hatch will hatch in 1-2 days.
The tank is 3 cherry barbs, a suspected-to-be-blind female dwarf gourami, and a little crab.

Do I need one of those net-breeder dealies?

And.... anyone else have anything bizarre happening within ten feet of them?

edit: How do birds have sex? I think in my mind one of them would have to be on its back, for their birdy cloaca bits to reach eachother, but somehow that sounds not right, and it's not exactly something you see happening very often.

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I give up. I've googled it and gone through a few pages, but the most I can get is a 'This day in history' (for November 27) with the single sentence; "1911 - Audience throws vegetables at actors for 1st recorded time in US" I want an actual article about the event. Can anyone help me out?

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1. If you borrow a DVD from someone, how long is it before you return it?
2. If you loan one out, about when do you expect it back?

1. I usually have it back in no more than four days.
2. I loaned a DVD to a friend about a week ago. He said he'd watch it that night, and I've not heard from him since, much less got my movie back.

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I'm making chicken parmesan tomorrow. I have never fried anything before, and the recipe doesn't tell me how much oil to put in the pan. How much should I use? And should I add butter to the oil also?
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I took my laptop to the IT Department yesterday, for help hooking up to the wireless network. First, the genius helping me *accidently* deleted my wireless card. So he gave me a free one, that plugs into my computer. And just now I realized that he took my Sims CD out of the disc drive and failed to put it back. I WANTED TO PLAY THE SIMS DAMMIT! The department won't be open again until Monday.

What should I do?!

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1. Do you think it's better for parents to be overprotective or to let their kids make their own mistakes?

2. What horror movie 'gimmick' scares you pretty much every time?

3. When someone says 'heavy metal', what bands or images come to mind?

4. Do you find that people with serious emotional/mental problems tend to be more quiet and reserved about sharing them or very loud and vocal about it?

5. Let's say someone who you would consider a 'best friend' or very close to it opened up to you and told you secrets about themself that were very personal. It becomes apparent they have a lot of issues. You're the first person they've trusted with the information. Would that make it easier or harder for you to 'dump' them, so to speak? Why?

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Text - best is yet to come

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My father mentioned that an author he likes has a new book out that he'd like for Christmas. Except looking up the author doesn't yeild any results. I think he got the name wrong, which is certainly not uncommon for him.

So does anyone know of an author who writes historical fiction or non-fiction, probably dealing with some sort of war, whose name sounds similar to Jeff Sierra?

Hollywood Scandals past...

Can you watch:

a) An episode of Seinfeld 

b) A movie with Mel Gibson

c) A movie with Tom Cruise

d) A movie with OJ Simpson

e) An episode of Baretta

without thinking of the scandals they (Michael Richards and Rpbert Blake for a & e, respectively) were involved in? Does their involvement in any way stop you from watching these shows/movies?   Is there any entertainer that you have disliked because of their actions OUTSIDE of their "professional" resume?  Does your view of an entertainer personally impact how much you enjoy their work?  

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Dumb Computer Question

I'm installing Mozilla Thunderbird.

I want to make it run my msn web-based account.

What do I put for my incoming and ougoing server?  Do I want to use my global inbox if I want to access it from other places besides this computer?

What are you doing on the net on  a Friday eve. during Holiday Party Season? 
~ my husband got a tummy ache and we came home~

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1. In the same vein as this post, what's the most hurtful thing someone has ever said to you?

2. How do you keep your cool when you're dealing with frazzled, angry coworkers who take their bitchiness out on you?

3. What's the wierdest/most unique piercing you've ever seen?

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Questions for Firefox users

1) Excluding Talkback and individual Greasemonkey scripts, how many Firefox extensions do you have installed?

2) Excluding the default, how many themes?

3) What extension or Greasmonkey script would you like to have, that you haven't been able to find?

4) Is Firefox your default browser?

1) 21 (Uninstalled Ajax Yahoo! Mail since I use YahooPOPs to access that account now)
2) 4 (Noia 2.0, Littlefox, Modern Modoki, and Outlook 2003 Blue)
3) A script that lets you drag and drop text in LiveJournal and JournalFen like you can in IE. (I suppose if it's that important, I can use IE Tab, but I don't want to!)
4) Yes


Is it okay to eat escargot (snails cooked in a garlic lemon butter sauce) while pregnant? I've been reaserching all the dos and donts of foods and pregnancy, but can't seem to find anything on escargot.

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1. Have you and your SO bought a pet together?

2. How far along into your relationship?

3. If you broke up tomorrow, who gets the pet(s)?

People who say they aren't going to break up, kindly fuck off
Kasumi of the DOA games
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The great e-mail poll!

Poll #880038 Email Clients

What is your default email client?

Outlook Express
Lotus Notes
I'm strictly web-based

If you answered "Other", what program?

If you answered "web-based", what's your primary?


Web-based Other: what the hell's left?

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I want to make videos for my friend who lives out of state but everytime I record one on my digital camera and upload it to youtube, me speaking and my lips moving don't match up. it looks like a cheap American anime or soemthing, lol. How can I fix this? [if this is simple and easy, sorry, i'm new to youtube.]