November 30th, 2006

Ahh! Babies!

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Out of Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton, who do you think is.....

The classiest?

The trashiest?

The most annoying?

The bitchiest?

The stupidest?

Remember, you MUST CHOOSE!!

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Does anyone have experience with the various FM transmitters for the iPod?

I ask as I currently use the Griffin unit for my mini and I'm frustrated with it. These frustrations include lack of built in charger, poor signal strength, lots of interference (on any channel I've tried) and unpredictable behavior (like sometimes it turns on, sometimes it doesn't).This is my third one of these (two for this iPod Mini and one before for my 3rd gen iPod) and I had no idea there were other options out there until I started reading reviews on the TransPOD, which I think I'll try next.

So... if you use the FM transmitters.. which do you use and what do you like/dislike about it?

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My face is very dry and flakey. I exfoliate and moisturize, but it doesn't change the fact that its flakey. Its not noticible, usually, until I put on foundation, so I rarely use it.
Unfortunately, my skintone is pretty uneven, so I'd really like to be able to use foundation without my skin being ...flakey.
Is there any kind of foundation that will help me with this? Is mineral makeup a good idea? I'm hesitant to try it, simply because powders and such activate the flakiness. Is (good) mineral makeup much different from regular pressed powder?

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1. What's a popular song that everyone else loves that you hate?
2. What changes in your life do you hope for a year from today?
3. Favorite kind of casserole?
4. Last time you cried, and what was the reason?
5. Has anyone very important to you made a decision you disagreed with strongly? Do tell.
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Hypothetical Money

You are given an obscene amount of money.
Now you're incredibly wealthy, up with the a-listers.
But you can only spend your riches on one purpose.
What do you spend it on?

I'd hire a stylist to do my hair every day. Then I could always have that salon look/feel/smell.
That bitch Oprah does it.
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We have an issue to make a decision on at work and we are trying to decide what the general public, our visitors, will accept. I am on one side and my boss is on the other. I tried to pose the question to my mother but she went off in a completely different direction.

I work in a small museum of medieval and renaissance arms and armor. A year ago we released an Audio Tour that visitors can take around with them and learn more about the objects in our galleries. It is a self guided system, meaning that you pick which stops you want to listen to instead of having to go from place to place in order. There are 40 stops and over 2 hours of recorded material on the tour. We charge $2.00 per person to use the tour for as long as you want in all of the galleries in addition to admission.

We have just finished recording a second tour. This one focuses on women's history in medieval and renaissance times. It has 19 stops and, I think, over and hour of recorded material. This tour repeats some information from the general tour so that they are both stand alone tours and you do not need to listen to the general tour to understand the women's tour.

There are other tours in development to be released in the next year. These include a tour designed for younger children and a few foreign languages. The way things are currently set up has you follow one color of tags through the galleries to indicate stops for each tour. The average stay in the museum for people without the audio tour is 1-2 hours and we are only open 6 hours per day so it's not overly likely that someone will want to listen to 4 tours in one day but we need to have a policy place because we do get zealots. :)

What do we charge? $2.00 gets you access to all of the tours? $2.00 gets you access to the either tour and if you want to listen to a different tour, you need to pay another $2.00? Smart people will be able to figure out how to switch between the two of them but not all of our visitors are that smart... not to mention this would get confusing up in the galleries.

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I'm sure I've read about someone (a linguist? A philosopher?) who propounded that the way we use language influences the way we live our lives. That is, that language does not describe reality, language makes reality. And it's a fairly famous person, too, and a famous theory. The name is escaping me, though.

Gas Mask B&W
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So... what the hell was Lohan on when she wrote this rambling mess of a condolence to Altman's family? Seriously.
"Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves' (12st book) -everytime there's a triumph in the world a million souls hafta be trampled on.-altman Its true. But treasure each triumph as they come.
.... 12st book? ... I. Uh. Wow. What do you think, she did a line off a mirror and decided to write some "super-awesome" letter? I imagine the thing was written in block letters with a red crayon before she gave it to her rep to have typed up and faxed.


Can you control how your senses work (i.e. turn them on/off or heighen/lower them) with no outside assistance (i.e. glasses/ numbing gel)?

I can turn off my sense of smell at will and was wondering how common that kind of thing was.

And, no, closing your eyes doesn't count for sight. :op

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What's the proper way to ask someone to be your Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour (both of which are on your LJ friend's list.. do you make a post?) ?

Would you ask the nice one to be your Maid of Honour or the one you've spent more time with?

Both of which know each other, both of which are great - one just seems like she'd appreciate it more, but I haven't gotten to know her as well.

And... why does my spell-checker automatically assume I'm American when I type? I'm in Firefox and it's judging my honour!

Nobody messes with my honour.

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith have a son named Bob. When Bob gets married to a woman named Jane, they decide not to take Bob's last name, Smith. They tell Mr. and Mrs. Smith that the reason they're not taking that last name is simply because they don't like the way it sounds. Instead, they change their last name to Bob's middle name, Thomas.
If you were Mr. and Mrs. Smith, would you be upset/bothered/offended by Bob and Jane's decision? Do you think it's a rude thing to do?

What if Bob and Jane decide, again, not to take Smith, but instead opt for Mrs. Smith's maiden name, Parker.
If this was the case, would you (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) be less upset/bothered/offended by Bob and Jane's decision? Do you think it's a little less rude because it has some sort of family significance?

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A question to the younger folks:

Do you really care about the Michael (Seinfeld) Richards outburst?

Does the word "nigger" bother you?

Do you feel like we're being a little too sensitive around here?

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A friend and I were talking, and we observed that in the areas that we grew up, there was one sure fire phrase that meant somebody was about to do something stupid. If you are ever in the rural southern US, and you hear the phrase "hey y'all, look at this," please just start dialling 911, because someone is about to get hurt in a strange and incredibly moronic way.

Is there a particular phrase in your area's dialect that is equivilant to "stupid person is about to try something dangerous?"
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I like to chew on things. Sometimes I feel like I need to.

Do you have any ideas of what I could chew on that is not gum? Or staples. Had a bad experience yesterday. Accidentally gnawed off a tiny piece of a staple and the metal piece either scratched my throat going down or got stuck. It was rather painful for awhile until Halls saved the day.

Um, anyway. Yeah. Any ideas? I'd prefer it to be non-food and inconspicuous/not noisy. And, of course, not metal as I probably don't want to be wearing down my enamel. >_>

monitor question

I have had a Viewsonic E70fb CRT monitor for over two years now, and I haven't had any problems with it. Starting last night and continuing into today, the menu for the monitor pops up and says "memory recall ok?" and you hit 1 for yes or 2 for no. I have tried hitting both, loading the menu and adjusting brightness again, etc. It keeps coming up, every few seconds, and is very very annoying. Any suggestions on what may be wrong with my monitor??

i even made a video and hosted it on youtube:

Me-skateboard wedding

Handicapped Parking

Your cubicle is set up to face the front parking lot of your office building, where you can see 3 out of the 5 handicapped stalls are marked for use for the whole building.

There has been the same car parked there since Monday, and you suspect that this person is indeed NOT handicapped (for lack of the Handicapped tag hanging from the rearview mirror). You suspect this person is just 'lazy' to go find a normal parking spot (the closest one being a complete walk around the whole building).

This morning, your suspicions are confirmed when a young kid gets out, baggy jeans, white bubble jacket and baseball cap, and heads to his place of work, an Engineering company next door. No sign of a disability requiring him to use the parking spot. I realize that just judging his appearance is making an assumption, but once again, he has no handicapped tag/sticker, visibile whatsoever.

...and just to throw this in-the car is a brand new Audi.

Question: Do you let it go and let the kid park there with the chances of it becoming an everyday thing, or do you go next door and tell him to move his damned car?

This'll cost you an Armageddon and a leg

You are given absolute casting control over a movie based on the Apocalypse. Revelations, world ending, etc. You control what actors get placed in the movie. The movie can be serious, scary, comical or just plain wacky. It's not a christian film. Considering the archtype characters, this could be really interesting who gets chosen. Either smart choices or hilarious ones. There's enough space in each box for you to give a small reason why you chose them. Have fun with this creative challenge!

Poll #878851 Apocalypse syncing

What actor do you cast to play God? Big guy, savior, all around decent feller

The Devil, aka, the Beast? He's the mastermind behind the E-VIL

The Antichrist? The big deceiver who will mislead the world. #1 servant to the Devil

The Four Horsemen: Pestilence? Spreads disease worldwide

War? Sows war worldwide

Famine? Spreads hunger worldwide

Death? Well, it's DEATH

Lead actor?

Lead actress?


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This is not my problem but was seen in a different community so I am wondering what you all think.

If your spouse gained a significant amount of weight and you found yourself not attracted to him anymore, what would your course of action be?
Give a dog a home

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1. You find out that your mom is having an affair behind your dad's back. She admits it and swears she is going to tell him. Do you tell him first? Is there a period of time you wait for her to tell before deciding to tell him yourself?

2. Have you ever eaten at Cheeseburger in Paradise?

3. Do you enjoy fighting on the internet?

4. What are you having for lunch today/did you have?
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Should I bother saying anything to my bitchy coworker about popping her gum?

She doesn't like me, I don't like her. Still, we work in the same office and I absolutely know that she is doing it to drive me batty.

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I've had a very weird cold for a while. My throat is slightly sore during the day but at night is when the cold becomes apparent. I'll go to bed and then about half an hour after, my throat will get really itchy and I'll start coughing so much I'll wake myself up. I cough and cough (and only one eye will water, which is also bizarre) and drink some water and then go back to bed. Wth? Lately I've been wondering if maybe it's just the air in my room-- plus the fact that occasionally the dog will poop in my room and I haven't really given the carpet a thorough cleaning-- I just pick up the poop. Do you think that would affect the air then my throat? I'm planning on cleaning my room pretty thoroughly tonight.

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Have you ever been on a talk show?
 which one & what was the topic?

Has anyone you know been on a talk show?
  which one & what was the topic?

What are your thoughts on talk shows?

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Granny panties

no opinion

What was the best meal you ever ate at a restaurant?

Do you name any of the inanimate objects you own (car/tv/what have you)? Please specify which objects and the names you have given them.

Who is someone you really admire and why do you admire him/her?


1. Do you like Salt & Vinegar chips? If you do, what is your favorite brand?
yes! Miss Vicki's, but it takes me a very long time to eat them.

2. Are there any foods that you really want to like but you just don't?
I really want to like tomatoes, onions, peppers, brussel sprouts, asparagus, mushrooms, mustard, dill pickles, and spinach. Since I don't eat meat, liking those things would give me a lot more choices, but I just hate them.

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This is in response to some comments I got from a comment I made to this question: What are you hoping that you get for christmas/chanukah?

I mentioned how I was surprised that no one was asking for an iPod. Subsequent comments were made along the lines that "everyone already has one."

Well, I don't have one. I want one, but want to pay all that money (however, I did recently purchase a macbook, so it would be SWEET if I did get one, haha.)

So, if you have an iPod, how did you obtain it?
-(gift, purchased yourself, found, etc...)
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In the FAQs it says that you can't transfer paid time but I SWEAR that I've seen someone do this before. Isn't there actually a way to do it? I think I saw how once myself but I don't have a paid account right now so I can't check.

Ebay ?

If you bought something off Ebay, and now 1 week later you notice that the seller is no longer a registered user, would you be worried?


I've emailed the person, but they haven't responded.

TV questions, and an update....

So, as I've mentioned, I've been off work for a couple of weeks.  I've watched a LOT of daytime TV, which has made me wonder....

1. does anyone else miss the old days when a talk show host would let the audience members ask questions?  It was always funny to watch.  No one does that anymore...

2. Is there a website or group (on LJ or elsewhere) where people who have been "wronged" on game shows, talk shows or court shows to post their woes?  I was watching People's Court, and they wouldn't let this woman talk @ the end (in the hallway) because she was only going to bitch about how she got ripped off.  It made me wonder where people like her vent - there has to be SOMEWHERE.

3. Do you know anyone who has been on a talk show or court show?  Details, please!  Were they treated fairly, by their own, or your, estimation?

4. Do you think that lie detector tests on talk shows are accurate?  I ask because it seems like almost all of the time, the people being tested are shown to be lying, and they always seem surprised by it.  At one point, my best friend & I wanted to say that she thought I was messing with her husband, so we could get a lie detector test to see if they were a scam.  I'm not talking about regular tests, just those done on Maury.

5. Do you think Maury Povich ever gets tired of people calling him "Murray"?

Collapse )

XBox Live Silver vs Gold?

Hi all-

I'd like to get my fiancee a 1-year sub. to XBox Live for the holidays. Looking on their site I see there are 2 levels, Silver and Gold... I see the "upgrades" for Gold, but I don't know if it's worth the extra cost. Any opinions? He usually uses Live just to game with friends and such, he's not really into the online marketplace, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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If you are a parent...
1. Why did you choose to have kids?
1a. If your kids were a surprise, are you 100% glad you have them now?
2. What are the most important aspects of parenting in your opinion?
3. Is there anything you swore you would or would not do when you had kids only to find you couldn't stick to that plan?
4. What's the hardest part of it all?

If you are not a parent...
1. Do you know if you want kids? Why or why not?
2. If/when you have them, is there anything you definitely will or will not do?
2a. Do you think you'll be able to stick to that plan, definitely?
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So, I don't know if you've ever been to Los Angeles, but it doesn't rain here very often, so when it does we get the nastiest puddles filled with a year's worth of filth. Puddles form in the shadows of skyscrapers and don't dry up for a week or more after the rain has stopped -- meaning that the puddles just get nastier as time goes on.

So my question is thus: If you were crossing the street and you saw a crumpled up $20 bill just lying in the middle of the road at the bottom of the nastiest puddle you have ever seen, would you reach down and pick it up? What about a $50? A $100? What if you couldn't even see what denomination it was because it was so nasty?

And just FYI, no I did not pick it up. :)


Hey - sorry for the double-post, should have included this in my last.

Does anyone have a Helio? How do you like it? How is their service? Seems cool, but maybe a little gimmicy.


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ran out of straws (cold drinks hurt my teeth), and i don't get paid until tomorrow -

1. should take some from my local coffee place to tide me over until tomorrow?
2. do you take extra "things" (i.e., straws, napkins, etch...) from food places (i.e., fast food, coffee places, etc...) that you patronize?
3. last place you were at and what did you take?
4. if said places are giving food/snacky treat samples - do you take more than one - go back for seconds/thirds?
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Drinking water and exercising

Are you supposed to hydrate before doing a cardio workout, during the workout, or after?

Or all of the above?

I'm following a cardio DVD exercise routine and the people on the disk aren't drinking water while they work out. But I am getting thirsty after five minutes.



Thank you very much!


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I have heard that the shape of your cells changes in accordance with your meat eating consumption:

Circular if you have never eaten meat.
Oval if you used to eat meat but don't any more.
Diamond if you eat meat.

Anyone have any evidence either way?

RIP Ipod

Is my Ipod dead?

I forgot to charge it up last night (lately I have had to charge it up every night) but suspected I had enough life in it. It went dead on the bus and I've just gone to charge it up. However, it's not charging via the power adapter or when I plug it into my computer. The screen is blank and it's not doing anything.

It's an Ipod mini and I've heard it's difficult to get a replacement battery. Is this the case?

I fiddled about with the reset options and it appears to have kicked the old bugger into life. Excellent!

Mozilla Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

Ok - I use two different browsers - one at work (IE) and one on my laptop (MZ FF).

Microsoft just sent down an update to IE, and now it has tabbed browsing and many, many other changes (it probably upgraded a while ago, but I just now downloaded it).

anyway, right next to favorites are feeds, and I really, really like how it's set up.  Is there something I can add onto my Firefox to act the same way?  If not right next to favorites, is there a way to quickly click on my feeds from this browser window?

Did I ask that question correctly?  I've only recently figured out the "feed" phenom...

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I'm watching the People's Court. A guy is being sued because the sump pump in the basement of his rental failed and ruined the tenants stuff. The defendant managed to convince the judge that not every basement has a sump pump. He told her that they are only in problamatic basements.

WTF? Every basement I have ever seen has a sump pump. As a matter of fact, there is one about 15 feet to my right.

Has anyone ever been in a basement that doesn't have a sump pump?
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Isn't there some sort of extension for Firefox that lets you decollapse all threads? Or am I just going crazy? Anybody know what it is, or where I could download it?

Edit: Answered! Thanks, cdaae. ^^
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Have you seen the commercial for the Barbie hot tub bus?

I know it most likely says "A whole house on the inside" in the commercial, but does it sound to you like it says "Whore house"?
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I just got my tounge pierced today and I think I'm dying. My tounge is hurting beyond belief and my whole neck hurts too.

On top of that, I'm starving.

Can I eat without making this pain worse? The piercer did'nt say.

she blinded me with science!


I'm a nature lover, and I think fur is cruel and tacky, especially if it's farmed. But I @$#&ing hate raccoons. They multiply like rabbits, they lack an appropriate fear of humans, and they're pests everywhere, from the city to the backcountry. Every time I see one I want to stomp the living #%^$ out of it.

So... how would you feel about someone wearing a coonskin cap as opposed to, say, a mink coat? Because I'm thinking about getting a hunting license just so I can take revenge against their species.

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1) What are some yummy things to add to hot chocolate? What's your favorite hot-drink recipe for winter?

2) If you could make one (relevant to your life today, Dec. 1, 2006) wish, what would it be? (Money must be in reasonable amounts of less than $10k.)

3) What's your favorite animal? Why?

4) If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be? Why?

5) How many hours of sleep do you usually get the night before a huge paper is due (like 20 pages+)? The night before a final exam?

My answers:

1) I've added mint chocolate chip ice cream, candy cane bits, and the usual whipped cream and cinnamon. I'm looking for some new ideas. Any ideas for ways to spice up Swiss Miss? My favorite hot-drink recipe is a spiced tea mix.

2) To be done wiht all of my exams and papers. (I turned in a 25 page and a 10 page paper yesterday, another 5 page paper today, and I have a 25 page paper due tomorrow. I have a final this Monday and the following Monday (not bad). A 30-minute oral argument the following Wednesday. Then I'm done. What does your exam schedule look like this semester?

3) I think dolphins are pretty awesome. First of all, there are pink ones! Second of all, they have names for each other and a whole (if undeveloped) language (probably!)!

4) I think my goffins cockatoo Sophia is the coolest pet in teh world. :)

5) Usually I get 0 for the night before an exam. During exam weeks I average 0-4 every night for about two weeks. Tehn I sleep for sometimes 30+ hours straight. This year for the first time I finished my 3 papers early and actually got 7 hours of sleep Tuesday night. I'm so impressed! But I think I'd feel guilty for sleeping before my finals b/c I'll always feel like I haven't studied enough--even if I've studied for days on end.

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I'm doing one of those work things where you buy a gift for a needy child. My child is a 7 year old girl and I was thinking of getting her this. My boyfriend says that is a stupid idea and I should get her legos. Who has the better idea? Alternatively, what do you think I should buy her? The price limit is $30.
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Backstory: I saw a flyer in my business class for an internship, very randomly, and applied for it. I made it past the first few stages [application, information interview over the telephone, and two follow-up phone calls], but now they want me to come in for an interview.

1] I've never had an interview before. What can I do to prep for it? I've been checking out this website,, but what have you experienced? Can you please give me sample questions that you remember from your interviews? As many as possible?

2] Clothing! Professional business dress, he said. I'm a poor college student in the middle of winter. What to do? I was thinking pinstripe grey pants and a sweater, but from what I've seen in my research, a "business suit" with a jacket is the only way to go. Help?

The president of the company is flying in to meet me [and the other candidates, naturally]. ME. What do I do??


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I know book questions are asked a lot but here it is anyways.

I want some new books for Christmas but I'm not sure what to get. I would really like to own The Hobbit [read it so many times, just don't have my own copy] but I also want something new. Here are the books i like to read to give you some idea:

Harry Potter
The Hobbit
Traveling Pants
Vampire Chronicles

I enjoyed Anne Rice a great deal but her books are just too much sometimes. Something nice and fantasy-like. What book[s] should I put on my list? Thanks =]

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1)What's the frequency, Kenneth?

2)Do you eat mushrooms?

3)How many tries did it take you to pass your driver's test?

4)What position do you play?

5)Have you ever caught a fish? If so, how old were you?
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Do you believe in ghosts? Why? Have you or anyone you know have any experiences with ghosts?

I'm asking because all three members of my family have heard footsteps in the upstairs when we're the only ones in the house. I always assumed it was coming from the townhome next to ours despite how loud and immediate it sounded, but when my mom said she thought they were coming from upstairs I started to doubt my unwavering conviction that ghosts do not exist. Plus she claims to sometimes feel a little strange at times in her bedroom which is where the footsteps would be coming from. Plus, I love ghost stories despite how much they creep me out.

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I can't open any programs. Whenever I click on an icon on my desktop, everything disappears for a few seconds and then the program never opens. How do I fix this?
EDIT: OK, it turns out I can open programs, d'oh! The things that don't open are file folders like My Documents. Restarting did not help.