November 28th, 2006


So, I need some advice.

Me and my fiance are planning on moving into an apartment around mid spring next year. We both have never moved out on our own before, so we relatively know little to nothing about what to know beforehand.

We're definetely planning on moving into an apartment that costs $550-590 a month, and we will both be working. I'm planning on saving up $3000 before we move.

For everyone that has experience in past with it, what advice would you offer to me before I move out? Anything I should beforehand about expenses? Am I saving enough? What other things should I be aware of?


help! DX

My laptop got smacked around a bit a few weeks ago while I was at work. The wireless modem card was jammed into the slot too hard and knocked something loose. Guy I'm leasing the laptop from did basic repairs, but said the card modem was bust unless I replaced the motherboard as well. >_> Joy.

However! Thanks to nice friend, I might have solution. If I can figure out how to put it all together. >_<;;

I've got an Inspiron 600m laptop, friend is letting me use their LinkSys Wireless G USB Network Adapter, and my home network is DSL using a Versalink Gateway Model 327w.

What kinda stuff do I do to make it work?
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(no subject)

2 questions:

Ellen on her show is always saying "Kaaaaaaaa" at the beginning when she does her stand up. What does "kaaaaaaaaaaa" mean?

Is there a correct way to eat a truffle (chocolate ones)? I stand firm and say absolutely NO chewing - it's specifically a sucking candy - it is amazing to feel it melt in your mouth. My roommate, on the otherhand, chews it like it is a peanut. How do you eat truffles?

(no subject)

1. Why the hell would I use this for an icon?

2. If you see something incredibly stupid, do you assume it's parody first, or just stupidity?

3. If you've had thyroid problems - does it feel like a lump in your throat?
I've been told I had a slight goiter a long time ago, but apparently the tests came up negative. I can't sleep comfortably because however I position my head there's too much pressure at the base of my neck.

4. Is it possible for someone to not test positive for infections, ever? Any ideas on why that would happen?
I think the only thing I've tested positive for is mono - my pneumonia, UTI, and hypothyroid all were negative. The infections I was treated for since I had all the symptoms and were quickly resolved...the thyroid is still plaguing me. It seems my urine is too clean.

5. On that note - are you a medical anomaly?
In so many ways.

(no subject)

My school has an "Sadie Hawkins" dance, and people tend to go pretty all out on the asking. Last night, for mine, I baked cupcakes that spell out 'will you go to sadie with me?' for a friend.

I was thinking.. how should I give them to him?
Should I:
A.) Leave them on the top of his locker? (They won't be stolen, but if he doesn't stop by his locker for his first two classes (which frequently happens) he won't see them unless I bring them to him at lunch. )

B.) Leave them in his first period class? (Again, he'll get them, but he'll have to trek back up to leave them in his locker because he has p.e. next)

C.) Walk up to him in lunch and give them to him?

Please help! I have to leave in about one hour and forty minutes, so all help is appreciated.

edit: i arrived to school late, unfortunately, and i usually eat lunch with him so i whipped them out then. he said yes! thanks!
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(no subject)

How do I make my friends page appear in a different style than my personal LJ style? I just can't find it anywhere and everyone else I've asked says "I don't know".

When you find out that something bad happened to someone who used to make your life miserable, how do you feel? (I just found out that the basketball coach who used to make my life miserable in junior high and went on to coach the AA state-winning girls team was arrested for soliciting a prostitute and resigned.)

*insert obligatory Christmas question here*
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(no subject)

What conversational oddities have found their way into your life?

---Every time I grab my cellphone, I tell whoever's present that I need my cellophane.  This is because my mother was reading an article about personalizing cellphones a couple of years ago, and was heard to say throughout the article "Why the fuck would anybody want to personalize cellophane?"

In what amusing ways does the internet bleed over into your real life?

---I sent my employees an email with "Woot!" in it not too long ago.
---Just this morning, I walked up to my cat, who was on the kitchen table, kissed him on the head, and said, "y halo there, Cappucino!"  (I blame southernkitten for this.
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(no subject)

It's Trippy Tuesday (kind of like Freaky Friday... only not) and due to some total wacked out event, you and your pet have swapped bodies. You can't speak, but your pet can.

What is your day like? What things do you do as your pet?
What is you pet's day like?

Me, I'd like to go make poop on the neighbor's lawn. Payback for all the times they've let their dogs make poop on our lawn. And then I'd like to chase my tail. Dogs just make it look so fun...
Civil War

(no subject)

Probably at least once a week for the last twenty years, I've told myself that I'm going to lose weight and stop drinking.  What do you keep telling yourself that you're going to change?
ran like a hare to the sea

myspace, i know.

i overheard someone's question and now i'm curious.

the question is something like "is there some way to write your gender into myspace?"

i think what they're talking about is a code so that you can make it say you're something other than male or female. sort of like making it fill in the blank instead of multiple choice.

Have to say I'm not surprised

I went to see Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny last night. I thought I would give the movie a chance. Boy, was I mistaken. That was the absolute worst piece of crap I have ever seen.

So, Question Club, what movies have you seen recently that you thought would be good but ended up being total crap fests?
What is Katamari love?
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Gas Fireplace + Fan

I have a pretty nice apartment, however the only two choices for heat are what ammounts to a reversed wall air conditioner and a gas fireplace. The Gas fireplace pumps out a good ammount of heat for the money (as opposed to the wall AC unit which sucks down electricity like crazy) but it has no forced air feature, so it pretty much all either goes up the vent or stays in one corner of the living room.

I have a nice all metal fan and through playing with it a bit I found a good position to blow the hot air straight from the fireplace into the living room. My question is, is this dangerous as it obviously keeps some of the air from going up the vent? Am I going to get CO2 posisioning or hypoxia or something?
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(no subject)

1. If your fingernails are currently painted, what color are they?
Happy fun yellow.

2. Is the weather unseasonable near you?
Yes, very. It's going to be almost 60 today. On friday the high is going to be 67 and the low 36, wtf?!
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(no subject)

Do you ever visit the graves of family/friends who have died?

My husband and I were talking about this as my grandmother is being buried tomorrow. I think that it's silly because most people only go to the cemetery on holidays (xmas, mother's/father's day, that person's birthday). Plus, if you put up flowers on one of those days, the grounds keeper doesn't throw them away so the dead and wilted flowers are there the next time you show up.

If you do go to visit the grave - why?
If you plan on being put into the ground, do you expect that family member will visit your grave?
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oh it itches

I think I'm developing a case of poison ivy. As in, I woke up scratching my neck and looked in the mirror to see a small patch of really itchy red skin on my neck and cheek. One of my eyes is red and puffy also. I haven't had poison ivy since I was 12, and I needed to get a cortisone shot to make my face stop swelling (I nearly couldn't see because my eyes had gotten so swollen). Anything I can do to make my skin stop freaking out? I took some OTC Claritin.

(no subject)

Poll #877298 Pick one ability for each sense


Able to hear any conversation within 100' where your name is mentioned
Able to understand what dogs or cats are saying


Eagle-eye vision. Eyesight is perfect. No need for glasses ever
Able to see people's auras. You can read people's moods


Able to heighten the taste buds temporarily, making a certain meal taste twice as delectable
Able to mute your taste buds, so all foods taste the same, in case you have you eat something unpleasant


Able to resist heat better. 110 degrees before you get uncomfortable
Able to resist the cold better. 50 degrees before you need to get a sweater


Able to filter all smells from entering your nose temporarily. Noxious fumes have no effect on you
Able to track any person through scent alone, once you've gotten their individual whiff. However, all smells are that much more potent to you, good or bad

SMELL (for others)

All gas you produce is odorless and silent, no matter what you eat
You're able to produce your favorite perfume/scent from your glands. Just enough, never too much. You also excrete deodorant from your armpits whenever you command

(no subject)

You have a friend. His mother's boyfriend brutally murders her, stabbing her 21 times.  Since when, is it appropriate, to leave him a myspace comment with your condolences???  I don't do the whole Myspace thing, is this really okay?! 

i heard about ur mom im so sry im here 4 u alwz


Is this appropriate?
Would you ever do this?

got milk?

(no subject)

1.What is the worst Christmas/Hannukah/winter holiday song ever?
2.Who would you say is/was the disciplinarian in your family?
3.How often do you order pizza?
4.Why is a raven like a writing desk?
5.What's are some excuses you've used for late homework?

(no subject)

do you have to know something exists to believe in it? 
y/n? examples of this?

example: can someone who has somehow never heard of the concept of 'God' believe in her/him/it? 

10pages, for monday, its 20% of your grade!

the last stament is false. this is not an actual homework question.
thank you :)
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listening to Everclear

Have you ever "enjoyed the joy of a Welfare Christmas"?

Have you ever been at the receiving end of food banks, a soup kitchen, toys for tots, or something similiar?

If you are in the LDS faith have you ever received the Bishops Storehouse food, or a huge box of christmas presents at christmas time, Or to your knowledge have your parents recieved help for rent/heat/car expenses from the church?

If Im forgetting anything, Just tell me if youve ever had to receive charity and what kind it was and whatnot.

How did you feel when you received these things? ashamed? thankful?
Does anyone(besides your family and those that delivered) know that this happened, did you share what happened with anybody?
Maybe only years later?

Have you ever been the giver of any of these things?
Have you been the giver then something awful happened and you had to become the taker? what happened to cause this change? IS it fixed now?

totally off topic but is anyone excited for HOUSE tonight???
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(no subject)

I've noticed over the past week that people use 'do' instead of 'due' and vice versa. like "what you should due is this..." and "all do respect"

Why is this?
i could kind of understand if they used 'do' for all of them, but to use 'due' instead of 'do'???
is it some new fad?
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(no subject)

What do I have to do to get EVERYTHING off of my old computer so that I can sell it? I have been told that even if you delete everything, some smart person can go back and find all of your old porn and whatnot.


so, here in about an hour, i have to go quit a job that i love. i'm not going to go into too much detail about it, but it's my second job and my first job is just making it difficult to do both.

have you ever had to quit a job that you really love?

how did you deal with talking to people you like to tell them you're not able to continue working with them?

i swear, at least when you break up with a person, you only let one person down. letting down 12 at once is downright sickening . . .
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(no subject)

a) Did you every have a piggy bank?
b) Did you successfully restrain yourself from "violating" it? :p

2) Do you do anything special on the Winter Solstice?

3) How many area codes are there where you live?

4) And ona purely selfish note, can anyone translate this ad for me? It's in Danish.
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not mine, mat

mac osx question

i don't even know how to google this:

okay in any window there should be a side bar which contains the short cuts to the documents folder and so forth, I some how managed to make it not show my HD and other similar things, how do i fix this?
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This is confusing. I'm trying to copy and paste text from various webpages into a text document, and for some reason, my computer has stopped being able to do so. I'm using ctrl+c and ctrl+v, and trying right-click "copy", right-click "paste", but neither is working (and they always do).

Any idea why my computer is being such an asshole?

Got it. Stupid Microsoft.
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Dvd burning question...'s the deal:

- I downloaded episoded of a tv show from bit torrent
- I went to burn them to a dvd using PowerDVD
- When I played the burned dvd in my player everything was fine until about ten minutes in when the audio and the visual got out of synch
- So I went back and reburned the dvd at the lowest speed possible
- It still got out of synch

What is going on and what would you suggest?

Ok, my question

This has been bugging me for aaaaaaaaaages...

The song 'Glycerine' by Bush has a bit in the middle of it, kinda in the bridge, which sounds like "Bamboo water again, bamboo winegums"


I've wondered this since I was about 15 and I'm 21 now. If anyone knows, please tell me. I've looked it up on lyric sites on the net and most of the time they just skip that bit of the song. *sigh*
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Papers and Beggars

1. When you're writing a paper for uni, college, school, and you're getting nowhere, what do you do?
(Bonus points if you can tell me how to resolve having an intro that's half a page long for a 2,500 word essay)

2. I was walking to my train today, and I had $2- in change on me. I am a reasonably small person, and I was walking ahead of a crowd coming off a tram, cause I wanted to catch my train. A dishevelled, bulky guy (I'm assuming homeless but I don't know for sure, obviously) stepped right into my path so I had to stop or walk into him, and stood waay too close for personal space, and asked me for some change. I felt intimidated, but figured the quickest solution would be to give him the change. I opened my wallet and he says "Can I have a note?" I give to charity when I can afford to, I buy the big issue, and I'll put money in a busker's hat if I'm got it (and they've at least made the effort to *tune* their guitar). But I felt kinda threatened by this guy, and a little pissed at the gall of demanding a note when begging.(Specially when I've got a train ticket and $2 to last me til Thursday)

Is it petty and middle-class of me to be pissed when a bum wants a minimum $5 of my hard-earnt wages? Also, I kinda felt threatened into giving him money. What would you do in the same situation? Do beggars normally demand a note from you?

Edit: Normally I won't get out my wallet if approached like that, and if I give anyone any cash, it'll be from a jeans pocket or something. But I really felt like something bad would happen if I didn't at least give him something.

Breaking up is hard to do...

When "breaking up" with a friend, which is preferable? Being upfront and saying "this isn't working out, I'm sorry," or just acting busy and letting them just drift away?

Since it likely makes a difference, it's nothing she's done wrong. I just can't be a good friend to her right now, and she deserves better.

Also, she just found a girlfriend and is very happy, so should I put it off a while and try not to ruin that? Or just get it over with?
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(no subject)

Hey everyone!
I've been looking around for this really creative, adorable commercial for a while, done on the local (U.S.) PBS station. It's one of their 'be more' messages, with a cute skunk going through a house to the pink panther theme, and I found a copy of it over here -
Unfortunately, that one is so pixely! Google keeps turning up too much unrelated stuff, and was confused even Youtube didn't have it, despite collecting all their other commercials. Anyone have a copy, or know of a better place, please? Thank you so much!


What are you doing?

(apart from chilling on TQC)

I'm not doing anything, it's 3am and I just can't sleep. I'm horribly bored, entertain me?

Edited for all you buggers 'working'

- would your boss fire you if they found out you were on the net?
- wtf are you meant to be doing?

(no subject)

So I just found out that in order to register for spring semester at the school Im transferring to (Univ. of Houston) I have to take a math placement test. No way out for me, I havent taken College Algebra and I sucked on the SATS's. Problem is I wont be in Houston until mid december. There's a test on the 20th that I could take but then I wouldnt be able to register until almost new years.

I go to a small school and I am accustomed to waking up at 12am the day registration opens to get into my classes. UH is way bigger than mine and I know I need a bunch of basic core curriculum classes so they'll have high occupancies. So, my question is, How long do/did you wait if at all to register for classes?


What would happen in states that ban gay marriage if a woman and a pre-op mtf got married and then the mtf had the operation? Would they nullify the wedding?
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(no subject)

is it horrible that I'm only going to send Christmas cards to people I don't see very often? I just really don't feel like spending a bunch of money on stamps when I see people all the time.
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garth marenghi


how do you define class?

in relation to this what class are you?

what class do you think other people see you as?

what do you assosiate with;

upper class,

middle class,

lower class.

anything more you have to say about class?

i am doing a presentation on class, are these questions good questions to ask at the end? the rest of my presentation i must say is air tight but i'm not sure about how the questions will work. i'm worried because i am doing this presentation with 2 other people and they are yet to submit ANY work whilst i'd probably get quite a good mark if i just did my section of it without what they're supposed to have added to it.

also - i've linked class to death of a salesman as a way of indicating the detrimental impact of consumerism. is that a good idea?

has thequestionclub changed colour? i thought it was pink but now it's yellow?

- and on another note. what should i get my sister? i know how shit this is a question but she's quite severely disabled and i will ussually save up and get her something like last year i got her a LCD mobile for above her bed but this year i dont have much money. i need this kind of "proactive" type of thing that a baby might use, but for a 21 year old
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Paris & Britney [OP edit @ 00:30]

1. Do you think Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are having an affair?
To quote duia "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I HOPE SO!" *waits for their Lesbian Love Duet CD*

2. If 'yes', who do you think is 'top'?
Paris, the smartest dumb blonde in the world.

3. Do you think this is really Britney's snatch?
I look at it long and had to..and I don't believe it to be's genuine Britsnatch!
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marvin - Hitchhiker&#39;s Guide
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(no subject)

For the past few weeks my MSN Messenger has been acting very oddly. I can't see any newer display pictures, the sub-names never change, my shared folders won't work, and MSN Games won't load (or, the one time it did, I had to wait 30 minutes for it).

I've reinstalled it, run it without my firewall on, run it without any kind of virus scanner, and reset the computer. Nothing changes. Everything is stuck exactly the way it was on November 15th...and its making me sad :(

Any ideas why it would do this? And how I could fix it? Google told me to reinstall...which didn't work.

I'm using Windows Live Messenger, if that changes anything.

Nintendogs question

My mum bought a DS for my little cousin, but there wasnt any games with it, so seeing as I never play my Nintendogs anymore, I figured I'd donate it to her.

I would like to know if there is a way to reset all the settings on the game to be like the way it was when I got it new.

Please help :)

Thanks, question answered

Sorry for the two posts in one day..but

I just have to share this story. My husband told me this when he got home today.

So my husband works for a large electronics chain store at a distribution warehouse. This is by far, the largest business we have in our area. The building alone is over a million square feet and 3 stories tall, and that's not even counting the space around the building for the trailers or the parking lot for the employees. They have over a dozen cameras on the building itself, 4 on the front of the guardshack, and 2 on the back. The fence that circles the property is 8 feet tall with another foot of barbed wire on top. Roughly every 10 feet they have motion sensors on the fence in case somebody tries to throw something over it. Every exit has an alarm like you see at Walmart because all of the products in the building have those sensors on them. There are also guards posted at every door in and out of the building, including the emergency exits. You can't take opened food or drinks out of the building because people were trying to sneak out smaller items, like memory cards, in their food. This place has super tight security, and everyone knows it.

This time of year they higher over 100 temporary workers. When they have their orientation meeting, they are made aware of the security and what they can and can not do.

Apparently yesterday some dumbass temporary worker thought it would be a good idea to grab a PS3 and several games and hide them under his jacket as he tried to exit the building. It was incredibly stupid. He went on the far side of the security guard and as soon as he tried to pass through the door, the alarm started going off. The idiot didn't make it 2 freaking feet. Not only was that guard on him, but 3 more were in the matter of a few seconds.

How fucking stupid do you have to be to try something like that? Even if you don't work there or know anyone that does, you can just tell how freaking tight the security is by looking at the place.
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Ear gauging

Is there another way of saying 000 gauge?  And is the size after that 7/16 or 1/2, or is it the same thing?  I am at a 0 gauge, and I should know more, but I don't; and I've looked.  Just confirming my findings I guess.  Thanks ^__^~
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(no subject)

I just recieved the Strangers with Candy movie, Breakfast at Tiffanys, and Pretty in Pink as late birthday/early hannukah presents.
I also got Click for my birthday.

My question to you is:
Which movie should I watch tonight/first?

EDIT! I have seen Pretty in Pink and Click in full. I have seen all of Breakfast at Tiffanys, but never at once. I have not seen Strangers with Candy yet. I will watch all of these by the weekend.


After extensive discussion with my doctor, I've decided to get an IUD. My body just doesn't handle the hormones in the pill very well, and there's an IUD that doesn't use hormones.

I'm confident with all the discussion that I've chosen the right one, but I'm nervous about the procedure. The doctor warned me that it was "crampy" going in. So for anyone here who has one, how bad did the procedure hurt?

(One thing that's adding to my anxiety is one time while having particularly energetic sex with my boyfriend, he went too deep and my god did it hurt. I'm afraid this is going to be like that only worse)

Will the cops actually do anything?

BACKSTORY: So there's this family on my block that does not take care of their children- they let their below-ten-year-olds play outside, unsupervised, on a very dangerous part of the street. They like playing in the middle of the street on the crest of a hill- which is a complete blind spot until you reach the top of it. It's not uncommon for cars to go up this hill at over 30 mph. They now bought a small dog, which they allow to wander the neighborhood as it pleases. Nearly all my family members, our neighbors, and my friends have come close to hitting this dog- it's probably about 5 pounds and enjoys darting from sidewalk to sidewalk.

I was just driving home, and the dog darted in front of my car and another neighbor's car. It stopped right between us (as we were driving in opposite directions). I look over to see if anyone is watching it, as it is right in front of their house- the only person outside was the three year old. It's 6:30 at night. Everyone else was inside the house- they weren't even looking out the windows. The three year old ran into the middle of the street, the dog ran away, and she chased after it... down the middle of the street...

Many of my neighbors have called the police on this family before. Nothing has happened. A few of us have tried confronting the family, which only resulted in them threatening us. This has been going on for about ten years- I remember being in fifth grade and running into one of the kids (probably in 1st grade at the time). They were crying because they were lost- their parents had let her go Trick-or-Treating by themselves.

QUESTION: Is there anything we can do? Everyone knows it's just a matter of time until one of their kids (or that dog) are killed.
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dogs and onions

About 30 minutes ago my dog consumed 2 or 3 spoonfuls of sauteed onions. I called his vet, but his office is closed. Who should I call? What should I do? Is the amount small enough that I should wait until tomorrow to call? My dog is medium sized and weighs 50 lbs.

My father told me that he didn't eat enough to worry, but I'm still worried.

Edit: My dad called our previous vet, and she said for the amount he ate we shouldn't be worried, but to keep an eye on him over the next couple days. Granted I'm still going to worry about it.

Also, thank you to everyone!
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(no subject)

Hey guys. I need to know the average weight (in kgs or lbs), and dimensions (Length, Width, Height - in centimetres or inches) of a standard DVD (in order to calculate the shipping costs on

I don't have a tape measure, or a way to weigh the DVD. I figure all DVDs pretty much weigh the same, so if anyone knows the dimensions and weight of any DVD, it would apply universally. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Have any of you ever had a vasectomy?
Was it scary? Painful?
How much did it cost?
Did you have to go to several doctors before you weren't turned down by some quack who thinks you're too young?

(no subject)

OK, whatwasthatone hasn't helped yet so I come to you all.

I have a song stuck in my head. However, I only know an extremely small part of it, which I don't even think is correct. It sounds like "and we're on batallian" (which as you can see, I can't spell properly) but I don't think that's what they're saying. I tried googling various spellings of that word to no avail. It's an alternative rockish kind of song and it's probably come out at some point since 1996. So despite my extreme vagueness, does anyone know what the hell I'm talking about?

And for a more answerable question, what's the ditziest thing you did today?
--Mine was that I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with cheese, bacon, and mushrooms. Then I realize I had actually just asked for cheese on a grilled cheese sandwich.

Lastly: Some guy has this thing on his car that says "Turks don't like April". Either who is April, or what happens in the month of April that pisses Turks off? -thanks eagon :D

EDITED EDIT: page finally updated... BoC is still missing from my top artists... oh well.


I was playing around with the Semagic client for LJ and noticed a "your secret love" option in tools. I selected it and apparently it adds a little box in the friends tool menu.

What's it do, exactly? Anyone know?

(no subject)

1. Which type of headphones do you like better - big cushy ones, or the little buds that go in your ear?

2. What do you think about fanfiction?

3. At concerts, if someone has long hair, what do you think they should do with it to avoid other people getting their fingers stuck in it? (providing it's a club show and everyone is putting their hands up in the air, otherwise it doesn't really matter)

4. What movies/books/tv shows can you think of that involve a single father raising a daughter?

5. Have you ever had something you'd consider an 'online family'? Stories you'd like to share?

I need new headphones for my iPod.

1a. What kind of headphones do you use?
1b. How much did they cost?
1c. Where did you buy them?

2a. What are your dream headphones (pictures, descriptions would be awesome)?
2b. How much do they cost?

I'd like to get some earbud/canal headphones, from 0 to 30$, with as good a sound quality as I can get for that price range.

3a. What would you recommend I get that would fit what I'm looking for?
3b. Where should I buy them from?
3c. What are some good sites that have user ratings for electronics such as headphones?

(no subject)

1. I am addicted to a webpage that is bad for me. Is there a way can I make it so I am literally unable to view this page? I have Firefox.

And since that's really dumb...

2. You have just won five hundred dollars...
a. ...the catch is, you can only donate it to charity. What charity do you donate it to?
b. ...the catch is, you can only spend it on a single item. What do you buy?
c. ...the catch is, you have to split it with someone. Who do you split the money with?
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Anyone know what happened with caturday?

Lets say one day you decide to go down to your local pool. Sadly, you find the entrance blocked off and find that it is closed. Why is it closed?

Do you like Nicolas Cage?

I like Nicolas Cage. He's great at being a balding middle-aged man.
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Hanging posters

Is there an alternative to hanging posters up on the wall besides thumbtacks and that gummy adhesive crap that will forever remain on your wall no matter how hard you try to scrape it off?
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When you're in a terrible mood, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I take go to a 90 minute long bikram yoga class and then cuddle up in my bed with a really good book.
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What's your idea of a "bad neighborhood"?

What are your feelings on the recent shooting? Article  Edit! If you keep reading the article, a professor from my school is quoted. I don't know why you need to know that, but you do.

Where is somewhere you would never want to live? Edit! Why?

mmm, naps.

1. Do you nap regularly (once a week or more)?
2. Have you always taken taken naps? If not, when did you start?
3. What time do you usually take naps? And how long do they last, on average?

1. Yes! I take naps almost every day Monday through Friday.
2. No, I started when I got to college. I've never taken naps before now, but the allure of being able to go sleep between classes is too much to resist.
3. I take naps at all times of the day, depending on when I have time. They last from about and hour to two and a half usually
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