November 27th, 2006

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Is there a form of Christianity that doesn't see God as a Trinity besides Unitarianism?

Also, is there a monotheistic religion that doesn't involve Jesus as a Christ BESIDES Judaism and Islam?

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If i watched "the breakup" would i want to kill myself after if i was currently going through a crappy divorce?
I "borrowed" it from my brother and was hoping that it would be funny.

plz advise.

ps. if not, what should i watch?

and what holiday food do you think is gross?
I think my friend Alex is nuts because he hates eggnog and pumpkin pie. those are like heaven to me. i just dont get it but then again i really dont have any food aversions.
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Your sister needs a dress for a wedding.
You offer her a little black number that you recently wore to your boyfriend's cousin's wedding. (It was a hit.)
She accepts the offer and you ship it up to her Express. (She lives in Jersey, you in Virginia. She needs it quickly. You pay the shipping charge.)
She's very thankful and expresses her gratitude.
Ultimately she decides against wearing the dress and goes with something else.
Which is a-okay.
Months later, you ask for the dress.
She says okay.
Still no dress.
You visit your family, she visits you.
Still no dress.
You ask repeatedly, from time to time.
It's always, "I will, I promise!"
And then it's, "I have to find it. I've moved. It could be anywhere."
And now, still no dress.

It has been 3 years.
I would still welcome my dress back.
It was simple and black and elegant, and timeless. It has not gone out of style.

This Thanksgiving, we visited my family in New Jersey and stayed with my sister.
She had to work on Friday, and we agreed to lock up when we left her apartment.
I was getting dressed in her bedroom, I looked at her closet. Hmmmmm.
My intention was to look at the clothes on the hangers and see if it happened to be there.
I did not rummage through anything.
It was in a ball at the top of her closet. Not covered up, not hidden away, just sitting there. (All wrinkly!)
I went into the living room and asked my husband what to do.
He said, "Take it, it's yours!"

I felt guilty for looking in her closet.
I wasn't snooping, but simply going in her closet without her knowing made me feel uneasy.

I left the dress.
But I feel bad about that too.
She has held it hostage for 3 years!

So, what would YOU do?

whiny mcemo post

Why's a sense of stability so important?

Or alternatively.. how in the hell do certain people manage to be so free?

I never was great about being independent.. I'm tired of all this moving around.. tired of people coming in and out of my life. I don't know how people can have a fear of commitment.

Did I ask a question? I don't think I did.. haha..
for 65redroses :)

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Let's say your boyfriend is agnostic, and you grew up Catholic. Although you don't usually go to church, you liked the Mass held on Christmas Eve. This year, you'd like to go, and you'd like your boyfriend to go with you.

Do you think it's unreasonable to ask your signifigant other to go to a religous event they don't believe in, if it means something to you? You're not asking them to convert, just to come and see what it is you like about it at that time of year.

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I've come to a point in my life where learning Spanish as a second language is almost necessary.

I don't need to be fluent in it, but I do need to be able to understand when people speak to me in spanish and be able to respond in short simple bursts. I have about an hour a day, four days/week that I can dedicate to this.

So, the question..

How would you recommend I go about this?

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1. i'm having a birthday party soon and the party favours will be bottles of jones soda (with a picture of me and my friends on it) i can order them online but they ship from the states. i don't usually shop online so what other additional cost can i expect? if it matters, I’m ordering two cases (12 bottles in each case) and i'm from ontario, canada.

2. what is your favourite latin quote? and what does it mean in english?

3. can i see pictures of your tatoo?

4. will people forgive me for xposing this a zillion times?

5. what is it like/what do you think it is like living in south africa?

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Is anyone aware of any lj communities that share ringtones? Or anywhere where I can get free ringtones? I'm into most of the stuff on billboard 100, so I guess something that's constantly up-to-date. I can make my own if worst comes to worst, but I'd rather not. =P

I used to have like this list of at least 10 sites with free ringtones and awesome music. Either my Google Fu SUCKS these past few years, or everyone's charging a dollar+ per ringtone! =(
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I've noticed that around here, boys tend to dress in a zoot suit for proms/homecoming/etc rather than a regular suit. Is this a regional thing or are there a lot of high school kids running around in zoot suits where you are, too? Why do you think this is?
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I know this is asked a lot, but I cant find an answer that definitely worked...

Is there a way to take the music off of my ipod and put it back onto the computer? My laptop died and I just got a new desktop... I figured it might be quicker to get the music this way instead of re downloading all 2500 songs that are on the ipod... thanks!

EDIT: I used iPodRip and it worked fantastically... Thank you!
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My hair is super long - past my waistline - and I plan to cut it soon then donate it to a charity organization for cancer patients. I know about Locks Of Love, but I've also heard bad things about it. Are there any other organizations you guys can recommend I look into?

Have any of you also had experience doing this?

excel geniuses?

i have this excel document that i am trying to edit, but i can't seem to fix it. there are objects - a ticky box with someone's name next to it, that i need to delete. how do you delete these objects in excel? if i select the object and hit delete, nothing happens. if i delete the cells that they are over, it deletes the cells and the thing is still there.

i'm not good at explaining this. it looks like Collapse )
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Why do some girls wear super tight jeans so that when they sit down you can see their thong?
The girl who sat near me in class today gave everyone a lovely view of her whale tail.

Give a dog a home

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a portable XM radio/mp3 player?
I was thinking of getting this one.

Best cures for hangovers? 
I had a few too many vodka/cranberry drinks on Saturday night, and I'm still feeling rather queasy. I've made sure I ate something, am drinking caffeine, and took a few TUMS.

Last thing you bought online?
I bought We Were The Mulvaneys off of

When was the last time you bought shoes, and what kind were they?
Saturday, Foot Locker was having a buy one, get one 50% off, so my husband got a pair of basketball shoes, and I got a new pair of black Converse All-Stars, since my old ones were completely trashed.
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anyone know a way i can save a video from i really want to use a clip on Gladys Bentley but the room I'll be presenting in does not have I need to save it but I'm beginning to think you can't.
Courage- Japanese, My first tattoo

Christmas Gift Idea

My step father has cancer, and is not doing very well. In fact, this may be our last Christmas with him, as much as I hate saying that.

Anyway, we draw names for Christmas in my family, and my boyfriend picked my step-father's name. Our limit is $75.

What would you buy?
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Drink-related ?s

So, I'm in the USA and the legal drinking age is 21 (I don't know if there are any state exceptions), I think I know about 2 people who actually obeyed this law and I'm wondering what its like in other countries?

1. What's your Country/State/Region/whatever?
2. What's your Drinking Age?
3. Did you follow this rule/law?
4. Where there any bars/pubs/etc. that you knew of that served to peeps under that age?
5.  Did your parents care if you drank b4 the correct age?
6.  Did drinking become overrated when you finally reached that age b/c you drank so much when you were younger?
     (Edit: If under drinking age: What's your age and what is the reason that you drink currently? (For fun/others are doing it/like the feeling of the actual drink/like going against 'the man'/etc?))
7.  Favorite Mixed Drink?

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Brain Farts and Games

If you've been without a computer for a while, do you feel like you've forgotten how to use one when you finally do get back to one?

I was gone for a whole week and didn't touch a computer the whole time. I get back to work today and it feels like I've never used this thing before. I have no control over the mouse and my typing skills are in the crapper.

Have you ever played the game Apples to Apples?
What is a good word game (board or card, not video) - besides Scrabble?
Have you ever used a board/card game to help you learn something (a language, etc)?
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okay. my professor is refusing to believe that i felt sick after my flu shot- which, i sortof have proof that i did- but apparently she asked a nurse when she went in to get hers, and the nurse said it wasn't possible because they use "synthetic" viruses.
Now, I'm pretty sure that's the best nonsense to come out of our health center since "oh, well, maybe you should get tested again"(the common response to mono coming back negative)-- I've never heard of them using 'synthetic' viruses, only dead.
I'm pretty sure if they were making up viruses, they wouldn't go injecting them into people. and I don't see why they'd do it in the first place, considering the dead vaccine exists and would be, i assume, monumentally cheaper than trying to synthesise viruses.

So: Synthetic viruses in the flu shot. fact or crap?

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so i turned my alarm clock off when it went off this morning, and ended up sleeping in 'til 10am. i was supposed to catch my bus to school at 8:45, and i have no other way there. I have a hard time waking up in the mornings, and it drives my mother crazy. Should i call her and tell her i slept in, or just stay home and hope she doesnt find out? My sister is home today too, but our house is big and I could probably avoid her until 4pm. What should I do? If i call my mom and tell her, I'll be grounded and will miss the party i was planning on going to saturday night. If i get caught completely skipping the day, i'll be grounded for even longer. But like i said, there's a good chance i could pull it off.

And since i brought up the party, what should i do to my hair for it? It's a christmas party for work. Here are some factors to consider: i don't really dance a lot. the guy i like will be there. and i'll be drinking. Should i leave it down, put it up, or what?

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1. Would you rather watch a porn movie with your parents or watch a porn movie starring your parents?

2. What's the biggest problem with young people today?

3. I love watching 60 Minutes. Do you like it or any similar television shows?

4. If there were a Biggest Spoiled Brat in the World award, who (famous or not-so-famous) would it go to and why?
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Am I alone in this?

Everyday for... a little while (maybe 2-3 weeks now?) I've gotten these very weird e-mails.

I'm wondering if anyone else gets them too?

In my inbox, they look like this:

(FirstName) (LastName) Subject : (FirstName says hi!) or (FirstName wrote:) or something of that sort.

The name and e-mail it is sent from will always be different. The e-mail its being SENT to always has one lone similarity. They're always :/ Not even my name, ones that aren't anywhere similar to mine. The most recent is ""... definitely not mine!

I removed my e-mail from showing up on my infopage, and that curbed it for all of two days at most. Now it's back in full force. Please tell me I'm not alone in this! :(

The actual e-mail content is always selling something or other. Drugs, satellites, whatever. ~_~
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If Harry Potter, Aragorn, She-Ra, Wolverine, Sydney Bristow and Buffy Summers were all in the same room together, who would most likely become the center of attention?

EDIT:Who would come out alive?

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Might have been asked before, I don't know.

WTF is wrong with youtube or is it just me? I'm trying to delete a video off of my account but when I go to "my videos" there is just a big black screen with a play button in the middle. nothing happens when I push it. Help?

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Does anyone know where I could find a knit christmas stocking, or a person who could make one?  my boyfriend is spending xmas with my family, and all of our stockings were hand knit by my grandma (passed) :(
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Dear Question Club-
When I reinstalled Windows (XP), I forgot to save the program for my Dell All-In-One Printer. I can still print, that's fine, but I can't scan anymore. Does anyone know where I can find this program. The printer is a Dell All-In-One A940. Thanks!!
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it's soon to be christmas which means seeing family, which means a need for desperate working out to impress :P

what are some good exercises that are easy to do without equipment/gym membership that will slim and tone me up, particularly in the stomach, hip and thigh area, without bulking me up.

i've done exercises trying to slim down before but they just bulked me up, especially my legs.

any suggestions?

added info: i have a gym ball and some little weights to use

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Is there any way to get an LJ that I deleted like 6-7 years ago? 

What do you consider to be an outrages amount of credit card debt? What's your 'freak out' number?

What are your favorite LJ communities?

Favorite place to shop online?
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When I was but a young'un, around Christmas time, my dad used to record odd and intresting Christmas music off the radio, usually off NPR. One of the songs he recorded was called "Green Grow the Rushes, O". I don't know what band preformed it, but they sounded British or possibly Irish, and seeing as it is a very old, traditional song, I assume they weren't the only ones to preform it over the years. I loved that song, but sadly, the tape it was on went missing shortly after my dad died. Finding the lyrics to this song is easy enough, but I've been searching for years for a recording of it without any luck.

The song is much like the 12 Days of Christmas, with the first verse being:

I'll sing you one, O
Green grow the rushes, O
What is your one, O?
One is one and all alone
And evermore shall be so.

And each verse after that adding on a number, until at 12 we have:

I'll sing you twelve, O
Green grow the rushes, O
What are your twelve, O?
Twelve for the twelve Apostles,
Eleven for the eleven who went to heaven,
Ten for the ten commandments,
Nine for the nine bright shiners,
Eight for the April rainers,
Seven for the seven stars in the sky,
Six for the six proud walkers,
Five for the symbols at your door,
Four for the Gospel makers,
Three, three, the rivals,
Two, two, lily-white boys,
Covered all in green, O
One is one and all alone
And evermore shall be so.

I really, really want to find this song. It's tied together with memories of Christmas with my dad in my mind, and I haven't heard it in years. I've tried google (gotten the lyrics but not the song itself) and limewire, with no luck. There is apparently another song that shares the title, and I keep getting that instead. Has anyone heard this song? Do you know where one could download it, or else know the name of a group that has preformed it to make the search easier?

And to make this a little more fun, what is you favorite obscure Christmas/winter holiday of your choice song?

Thanks in advance!
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I'm in the process of painting my house. I really can't stand plain white walls, and I love bright colors and odd designs.

My hallway is being done in an Alice In Wonderland theme. I just got done painting the screwy chessboard on the walls.

I'm going to use Gorilla Glue to stick some tea cups to saucers and hang them along the top of the wall with plate hangers. But, that's not enough. I want to break up the chess pattern with other Alice things. So, do any of you have suggestions? I'd like to try to avoid American McGee's Alice if possible and also anything that screams Disney. Please, help a girl out?
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The kind of job you'd want

Job pays extremely well, but is very demanding. Long hours, 6 days a week, lots of stress and constant deadlines. You end up taking your work home nightly
Job pays alright. Nothing too notable, but coworkers are nice and likable and it's not far from home
Job pays well. However, it's a cutthroat office, very bitchy and competitive, and weakness and mistakes are used against you constantly. Fight back or get no respect
Job pays a bit over minimum wage, but you can work from home. Work is fair and you just have to meet biweekly deadlines
Job pays alright. You work in a cubicle. Boss doesn't like fraternization. People generally keep to themselves daily. You can go an entire day without any human contact. Phone calls are discouraged

Kind of friend you'd want

Honest, loyal, dependable, never one to betray you or talk behind your back, Not that interesting though, and not gifted with a sense of humor
Fun, amusing, connected and always knows what activity's going on and always invites you. However, its a bit gossipy and catty and you're never sure if this friend talks about you behind your back
Fun, amusing and loyal, this friend always likes to have a good time. Though, gets extremely bored when a good time isn't being had. The kind of person who gets drunk at inappropriate times and tells off-color jokes and always 'keeps it real'
Smart, creative, a bit zany. You have such magnificent conversations, but this person's prone to dark, depressed moodiness
Shares common interests with you, likes what you like, enjoys your kind of music. However, they're usually broke and can't afford to go anywhere
Good natured, likable, funny. However, they don't like going anywhere if they can help it, preferring to stay at home and play video games and drink or smoke out
Someone who shares your biggest interest (shopping, a sport, concerts), is a good match and companion for you in these situations. However, you don't have a lot in common with them besides this interest
Warm, friendly, amiable, thoughtful, loyal, dependable and pretty interesting. However, this person is a born-again christian. In respect of the friendship, he or she hasn't tried to preach to you, but you get invited to their church often.

Kind of apartment you'd want

Dirt cheap. Only a few hundred. However, fellow tenants are loud, suspicious or annoying. No dogs
Cheap. However, the apartment is a bit far from your school or work. Pets allowed
Expensive, but gated community, pool, gym and nice balcony. Pets allowed
Average rent. Gated community, but no gym, pool or a/c and no pets allowed
Expensive, but quite spacious. Gated community, but no other features. Pets allowed
Expensive, with minimal security and amenities. However, it's within walking distance of your school/work. Pets allowed
Average rent. No a/c, pool, security or anything really. However, all your neighbors are really attractive.

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1. Does anyone here absolutely love their computer? What kind is it? I need a new laptop.

2. What are you looking forward to most right now, and how long do you have to wait?

3. What kinds of clothes look sexy but not slutty on women?

4. What temperature do you keep your home during the winter?
4a. I'm from VA and I'm going to MN this January. Should I expect to be cold indoors, too? Pardon me if this sounds like a stupid question. I just figure that since folks up there are used to the cold, they might not keep their homes as warm as those of us down south.

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Alright, question club!

Best foods for snacking? Obscure foods A-OK.

What should I look in to as a line of work (I like animals and people in short doses, I loathe the sun, I enjoy quiet and libraries, but can't write with a pen)?

Why does my cat try and disembowel my arm whenever I scritch her?

And what is your position on lactose/milk fanta?
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I'm going to a cocktail waitressing interview...and I don't know what to wear. Is a plain denim skirt okay? Or is it just too okay? Do I need something flashier? (They're obviously not going to judge me for my skills...not that I have any in the food dept.)
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1. What are some really awesome wedding shower activities (games etc...) that you've played, seen, heard about? 

2. Isn't it strange that it's the first time it's rained where I live since Spring?

3. How are you feeling at this instance?

4. If you close your eyes and point to something in the room, what is it? (Random, but that stuff amuses me)


1. What are some good 21st Birthday Ideas for a party?

(I don't have a lot of money) Do you know of any party buses for cheap?

2. What are some good pharmaceutical sales companies i should send my resume to?

1. Im a senior...therefore all my friends are already 21(and prob sick of ppl turning 21)
I live in southern CT but I have friends in CT and MA
I already called foxwoods and mohegan casino and the hotels are booked b.c kenny rogers will be there
I don't want ppl drinking and driving on my b day

2. GPA 3.3
Degree Chemistry with 2 minors Biology + Computer Science
Looking in MA, CT or possible NY


Starbucks everywhere

Alex Winter Smith has a goal to have a coffee at every Starbucks in the world. When I read about him in 2004, he had already visited 3,800 American outlets, and 455 international. I'm sure he's probably done another thousand since then.

Fascinating, sorta

My questions to you are:

1) If you had the freedom, bankroll to subsist on, and a nice car, to which franchise would you patronize every outlet?
2) What would you purchase at each one?
.the game is on!.

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1. What, to you, constitutes being a "soccer mom"?
2. What is your opinion of said "soccer moms"?
3. Do you trust "gut feelings" about things, or do you try to rationalize everything?
4. What kind of person/people do you stereotype against the most?
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1. I apologize in advance for the gift question. If I know a person WON'T be getting me a gift but I want to get them something I think is perfect for them, is there a way to do this so they don't end up feeling bad for not having purchased me anything? (Does that question even make sense?)

2. Do you get a yearly physical? If so, do you get all that blood work stuff done (complete blood count or whatever it's called)?

3. Is it recommended that people do this every year? Or only after a certain age?
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Does anybody know of an excellent tattoo artist in the Orlando/Lakeland/Tampa (Florida, obviously) area?
Specifically, I am interested in those that excel in Celtic knots.
If you could show me a picture, or link to something, that gives examples of that artist’s work I’d really appreciate it.
I already know the knot I want, the shading I like, and the colors I want. Now I just need an artist.

x-posted to misplaced_nyer, lakeland, and thequestionclub.
Procrastinating Calvin

Cool court system?

I gotta write a paper comparing the United States federal court system with another country's. I could choose something obvious like the English system, but wondered if anyone knew of a country that had an especially interesting and unique judicial system?
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I've skimmed thru some of the past entries from September and October of this year looking for a particular post. I can't find it. It was about an ipod problem. This person said when she/he plugged in their ipod to charge or whatever, they weren't seeing the usual plug symbol when it was charging...but a check mark and it said something like "ok to disconnect". Anyone remember who that was?
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Homework help! Subject, biology.

Say you're looking through a microscope at 40X and your field of vision is 5 millimeters/5,000 micrometers across. I need to know how many milli/micrometers would go across a microscope that is at 100X and 400X. You'll also need to turn millimeters into micrometers and visa versa. What website would you go to to help you further understand these sort of things? Any of you out there good in this sort of thing? Danke!
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How much milk would you normally drink in one sitting?

What do you think is the maximum amount of milk you could drink in one sitting?

How much would someone have to pay you to drink your maximum?

(no subject)

This is probably really obscure, but —

A couple months ago I was reading about some kind of theory, idea, postulate, whatever (one of those science-y terms) that basically said something close to the following:

When you learn something new or learn the definition of an unfamiliar word, you start seeing it often/everywhere soonly after.

I think the name of the thing could have been two last names connected with a dash. Did anyone else happen to read this and remember what it was called?

Edit: YES!surprisesex got it: The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.

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I know a teacher who is going to tutor a five year old three times a week, one hour each session. The mother of the child doesn't have a lot of money so the teacher doesn't want to charge her an arm and a leg but a fair price. Does anyone have a suggestion of how much would be a nice average price for this situation?

(no subject)

You have perfect vision. You see a pair of glasses frames you like so much that you buy them and wear them with just plain glass in them.

Is this unbelievably obnoxious + pretentious or not?

(no subject)

there are toys from my childhood (80's/90's) that i'd love to find again, maybe on ebay or something, and buy. but i don't know what they're called or even the company who makes them. i only know what they look like. any ideas on how to find out what they're called? i'd like a good website or something that has a guide to older toys, but i can't seem to find one.

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What is the most effective workout routine to slim down a bit? I'm planning on working about about 30-60 min in the morning, give or take. And I assume a certain eating habit would go hand in hand with it, so what would be the best diet? Keep in mind, I'm basically a vegan all the way. Thanks! :)

(no subject)

Why is the huge Christmas tree at the outdoor mall/movie theater gathering place where I live only blue and green? Why, oh why, did they leave out red? Do you think it's some wacky form of political correctedness? Or maybe the designer thought it was "neat"? Last year it was red and gold, and this year it's blue and green. Why?
Wicked Piper

Song Help?

For a few years (literally), I've been looking for a song: (We Can) Fly Away by Emma Townsend. It appears to have never been released on an album or as a single, and any MP3 I've ever found has dialogue (from the movie it was in) over it.

Anyone have any idea where I can find a version without movie dialogue on it, or suggestions on how to get the dialogue parts out? Thanks in advance!!!
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1. Who are you the most uninhibited with - your parents, s/o, siblings, friends, someone else?

2. Do you ever rehearse or write down what you're going to say before making a phone call? (by this I mean the exact wording of what you'll say, not just getting together any information you may need) If not, does this sound bizarre to you?

3. Are there any specific foods you feel uncomfortable eating in public?

4. How many bags do you own (handbags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, clutch purses, etc)?
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i've heard there is a mountain around where i live (southern ny) that runs lifts until 3am...but i know not which one.
do you know of any really great night ski mountains in the northeast? in ny, pennsylvania, jersey, or even massachussets etcetera... i'll worry myself with how far it takes to get there. thank you!
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1. How many relationships have you been in, including your current one if you are involved?

2. Why did they end?

3. What was your longest relationship?

4. How many people have you been with that you thought were "the one"?

5. You're in a relationship and they cheat on you one time. Do you forgive them and give them a second chance or end it?

6. If you said you'd end it, is there anything that would make you decide to give them a second chance?
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1. When was the last time you did your laundry?
About an hour ago, it's in the dryer right now.

2. Do you enjoy doing laundry?
Yes, I love doing laundry! Is that totally strange?

3. Do you sort your laundry?
No, never.

4. After it's dry, what do you do with it? Fold it, hang it up, shove it in a hamper, something else?


1. Do you belive in God?
2. Why or why not?
3. Do you go to Church/Temple/Whatever you call it?
4. Do you think Church and State should be separate?
5. Do you think Religion and Education should be separate?

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This is kind of humilating, but I'm worried so here goes:

We canceled our account with the gas company because we were moving. We gave them our address to forward bills to. We paid off our last month's bill, and all was well, or so I thought.

Later I got a bill for zero dollars, zero cents. "Billing glitch," I thought, and shoved it aside and didn't bother about it. Then I got another, meant to call them, and forgot. Today I got another bill--zero dollars, zero cents, no due dates, that is marked ominously at the top, "Third notice." I intend to call them tomorrow and ask what's up, but, um. Am I going to have my credit ruined for not paying a bill for zero dollars? :(
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Why do most characters in most fantasy novels have stupid names?

What do you think of people who name their children something that sounds like it belongs in such a novel?

How about, 'What do you think of non-Earth names in fantasy novels?' since my first question was poorly written.

And if you couldn't tell, I'm not a fan of them.
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parental school?

What is a parental school? Google only wants to tell me about "parental school involvement" and "parental school choice" and &c &c. What I have found tells me the story of random parental schools in in the early 1900s America without actually telling me what they did or who they taught, except they were part of normal school systems. Is it like an orphanage or reform school? I'm so confused.

ETA: I am curious and confused because my 1915 maps and books have schools that are labeled "parental school". I'm guessing that it's either a school for parents or a school that takes on the responsibility of parenting. The concept of "parental school choice", I'm pretty sure, did not exist in 1915.