November 26th, 2006

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I need an outline of a clam. Just the basic shape, sort of like the Shell gasoline company outline, but not because that's copyrighted. It needs to have no copyrights on it, etc., as this is going to be used in a graphics design thing, etc. I have tried tracing one and have failed miserably because I have a trackpad and no mouse/tablet.

If anyone could find one/draw one/whatever, it'd be much appreciated. I'd send you roses. :)

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I've recently been receiving creepy unwanted attention from customers at work, so it's making me paranoid. That combined with the fact that my walk home from work is half of a mile of completely unlit roads has me looking for pepper spray. So..

1. Are there any chain stores that I can go to to buy some, or do I have to order it online?
2. Have you ever used pepper spray (to protect yourself or just for fun)?
3. Have you ever been on the receiving end of it?
4. What do you do when some older person (like wayyy older) who you're not even the slightest bit interested in keeps trying to pressure you--AT WORK--to go out for your lunch break/after work/next weekend/etc with them?
5. Is it true that police have to get maced/tazered/etc as part of their training, so they know what it's like? Is that only in some places?

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a question in response to THIS POST CLICK
by 2young2love aka me. 

why all the hate on the flakey chicks?

and why all the hate on the giggly chicks?

i ask because i am one, if youre going to be all "CHANGE OR DIE HIPPIE!" or "GO BACK TO RUSSIA" or run me down with a pitch fork - save it
(unless its witty.)

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So, are you one of the snarky TQCers? If so, how often do you snark? Why do you snark?

I have a problem with it sometimes. I have to blame it on other people, though, because I see their snark and it makes me think that it's okay to type what I am thinking in my head. I usually only do it when I'm in a bad mood. Sorry, guys. Feel free to tell me off for being a bitch if I am one to you.

do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand?

books read any good books lately? i've enjoyed all the palahniuk books that i've read. battle royale was pretty good too. so was the da vinci code. before all the hype and tom hanks. i am currently reading 'a complicated kindness' by miriam toews. so far so good. have you read it? is it worth it for me to finish? i'm also ready 'a million little pieces' just to see what all the hype is about. I bought 'on beauty' by zadie smith cause i liked the cover. is that shallow of me? anyone read it? should i finish reading it?

music do you think music these days sucks?. i find myself listening to a lot of old school 90's music like montel jordan and TLC. loser. wanna recommend any songs? old or new. the only think i won't listen too is heavy metal, and country.

television where can i download episodes of house and grey’s anatomy? i have night classes on mondays so where can i download episodes of Heroes too? and where could i download the battle royale movie?

opinions whats up with American production companies remaking asian movies? eg. the ring, the grudge, the lake house. apparently they're also remaking battle royale. are you diggin' this? do you find everyone in this community has a lot of attitude? i like it.

i am super bored. and i have a sleeping disorder so i will be up until the wee hours of the morning. flood my email box. ♥
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My yellow walls have been covered with hundreds of pictures for the past four years or more. I've decided to take them all down, but when I do you can still see the outline of the pictures and it looks really dirty. What can I use to clean my walls?

college woes

two questions.

1. I offered to be Assistant Stage Manager for a show next semester. I agreed to do it before really thinking it over and now I really don't want to do it. If I do that, I won't be able to try out for any shows or choral groups. However, if I decide not to ASM the show and I try out for things and don't get into them, I'll be stuck doing absolutely nothing at school.

Should I:
a) stay ASM and not try out for other things?
b) drop out of being ASM before the whole thing starts?
c) stay ASM and try out for things and then drop out if I get into something?
d) other (please specify)

EDIT: Also, I don't even know if they chose the Stage Manager and other ASM(s) yet, so I don't know if I'm considered fully committed.

2. I absolutely hate school. I hate my suitemates and I hate being really far from home. I'm thinking about transferring for next year, but till then I'm stuck being miserable. Cheer me up?
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My dad turned 53 today. He's into science fiction, Ani Difranco, and kayaking, has a 25 year-old girlfriend, and likes being outside.

I have $20 and a few cds I plan on selling off to FYE. What should I get him for his birthday?
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1. I think I've asked this before in my LJ but not here. Do you use Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils? If you do, which are your favorite scents?

I love Old Morocco and O.

2. Do you use Lush products? Which products are your favorites? I want to get something from there for myself but want to narrow down my list.

3. Is Thanksgiving to Christmas a busy time at your work? If not, is there a busy season?

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If you wouldn't mind, would you please take a few moments to answer these questions about your Internet usage?

Please note that this is for a paper for a class. The data gathered here will be reported in this paper but not published (it will be in the format of something like "40% of surveyed bloggers also play games online"). No one else will be able to see your answers besides me, and your identity will not be revealed. You will not be quoted, so please type however you normally do when answering the questions in the text boxes (I am also interested to see various different styles of "speech", if there are any, around here).

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Thanks to everyone who answers these questions for me.
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This is something my boyfriend and I were wondering about last night. When gay men have a major lisp is that affected or do they just do that naturally? What about other stereotypically "gay male" things, like the way they walk, or using their hands a lot when they talk? My boyfriend uses his hands when he talks and walks with his hips swinging, but no lisp (and he's not gay). So, anyone know?
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Can anyone think of any female stars (young, preferrably) who are "rough around the edges" and maybe not typically beautiful?

My friend and I are discussing how alot of girls fall for male stars who have a ruggedness like that, or who aren't typically handsome. We're trying to think of female stars who have the same impact on men, and it's quite difficult.
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calgary shopping

My wife and I will be up in Calgary from teh 23rd to the 27th. We're planning on doing some shopping on the 26th. Any good places to go to get some christmas presents for people back home in the USA? We plan on having a mini christmas when we get back.

We're perferably wanting to get "canadian style" presents or some such.



So last weekend, I was in a car accident, and I was ticketed for "failing to have registration," "failing to have proof of insurance," and "failure to yield to a stop sign." (Although that last one is only partially true.)

Is there any way to contest the first two tickets by procuring said registration and proof of insurance, without going to court? I'm pretty sure the cop said I could show someone my papers and have the tickets negated, but I don't know how to go about it.

It seems pointless to go to court just to show the authorities these documents when I don't want to contest the "failure to yield to a stop sign," especially since I'm pretty sure the other person involved in the accident would have to be present in court, though my document tickets have nothing to do with her.

I'm in Arizona, btw.

Hookah Help

The guy that I'm seeing used to have a hookah (it was broken at a party). I was thinking of buying him a new one for Christmas, especially since the first time we met was at a hookah bar and I thought it'd be super cute :) I did a little looking around online for sites that sell them, but thought I'd put out a general plea for help here.

Has anyone purchased a hookah online before? What site was it from, and were you satisfied? Are there any things I should look out for when buying a hookah? (I have smoked one before any know how they work but never bought anything related to them)

Thanks :)

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In the last party you went to...
1. What was it for?
2. When was it?
3. What time did you get there?
4. What time did you get back home?
5. Where was it? (As in... bar, club, someone's house...)
6. Did you make out with anybody?
7. Was it a stranger?
8. Did you see anything weird?
9. Did you have fun?
10. Did you drink too much?
11. Any party anecdotes to share?

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TQC for Vendetta

Is murder ever justifiable?


Is robbery ever justifiable?


Is prejudicial hatred ever justifiable?


Is physical discipline to children ever justifiable?


Is sexual infidelity ever justifiable?


Is rape ever justifiable?


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Do you have a "pet" animal?  That is, an animal that's wild, but you still name and talk about it.

I have a squirell, Ronald.  He chills in the tree outside my dorm window, and pees on it.  That's about all he does with his life :p

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So on Tuesday night at 8 o'clock there is an awards ceremony for all the students who won Student of the Month (I'm a senior in high school and I won haha). I RSVP'ed a while ago saying I would go. But at the same exact time the new, most exciting episode of House is on, and I realllly want to go to my friend's House Party. Would it be terrible if I skipped the award thing?
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B-I-N-G-O! and Bingo was his name-o! :)

Just what in the blue bloody hell does Bingo mean in terms of childfree people? I've wondered this for a little while now.

I'd ask in a solely childfree community, but I'm scared of being devoured for wanting kids (who will not be like the demon-spawn that even I want to see shoved back into their mamas :P)

Hopefully a nice neutral community will get me not massacred. ;)

ETA: Wow! That was fast. Thanks guys. It's really not what I was imagining. I thought of Bingo announcers who just get annoying screaming things out. ^_^;
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how do i tell my mom i'd like to see a psychiatrist?
preferably a different one than the one i saw throughout high school?

background: i'm a freshmen in college, i'm decidedly unhappy here (i feel no connection to the friends i've made, i hate the school's academic system), and my previous doc cut me off my medication (25 mg. of adderall) because she was afraid i'd share. so, i don't do anything productive, i get anxious about it, i feel like a failure and i get depressed. it's a cycle and an easily solved problem. when i went home for thanksgiving, i was pretty obvious about not having a good time. ie., "how's college?" is replied to with, "i hate it, it sucks." so i don't know why she's not getting the point. and i'm one of those people that won't outrightly say anything. so i'll e-mail her...saying...?
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Childfree portrayal in media

I'm doing a project on Voluntary Childlessness for a class, and I'm looking for examples in media - preferably film, but television shows or books could work too - in which childless people are portrayed negatively. It can be minor and not very relevant to the story, like, some random character without children being portrayed a "crazy cat lady", or as someone who is mean to kids, or something like that. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!

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what are your favorite christmas songs? traditional and non-traditional or a mix of both.

this december by something corporate
i'll be home for christmas by every person who's ever sang it
christmas time is here by gatsby's american dream

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What is it with women and babies? I've recently gotten into a few chats with girls I know who want to start a family soon. They're not dating anyone. Just want an excuse to have kiddies. Is it hardwired into the female chromosone to have a yen for things that go 'goo'?

Ladies, do you melt when you see a baby? Do you have baby fever or know anyone who does? Is there a logical reason for it, or is it just an excuse to legally spend extended time around babies?

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Anyone know a simple reason why my internet is disconnecting for no apparent reason every few minutes? It's broadband, the two wee green lights on the modem which are supposed to be on ARE always on, yet it still disconnects! Usually I just have to connect up again, but sometimes I have to attempt it up to 10 times before it finally connects up for me.
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What is good music to you? Some people say Britney Spears is bad music, the whole hip hop genre, or even classical music. What makes bad music bad for you and why is that?
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so in another post people were talking about how many texts they recieve/send per day/month

lots of people were saying upwards of 1000 in a month. one even said 1000 per DAY.
what are you phone bills like?
how can you send this many texts?
how much do they cost?

my text messages cost 25c each, so if i sent 1000 per day i'd be looking at a phone bill of $7500 per month. i barely earn that much in a year.

Friend with Dying Grandfather

I have a friend whose grandfather is dying of cancer. We live in different states and our friendshiip has definitely weakened over the years.

But I want to be there for her. I had to cope with two grandmothers who died of cancer, so I know what it is like. But, everyone is different, and I don't know the best way to be a good support to her. Everyone is different, and they may not even know what they need.

Can anyone recommend a website that tells the different things you can do to help a friend in this situation?

Any advice on the best way to help? What are some things that probably wouldn't be helpful?
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Drawing Bench

I've scoured the internet (feels like it, anyway) looking for a) the proper name of this, and b) a place I can buy this.

It's a drawing bench, but not like the traditional drawing bench with the perpendicular board at one end. There is a bench, and then at the front of it there's a neck, and attached to the neck is a drawing surface that adjusts in height and tilt. Anybody know the name, or where I can buy one? I don't mean a drafting table - this has a bench attached that one straddles, and the drawing surface is in front of them and is adjustable in height and tilt.

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ART HORSES! they DO have a name.

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1. (Mostly to the Americans, but open to anyone to answer of course): When you see someone flying/wearing/accessorizing with a rebel flag, what do you think?
A friend told me last night that her cell phone faceplate is the rebel flag. I associate it with unapologetic redneckism, which is generally not my favorite thing.

2. What is your cell phone ringtone?
"Don't Let's Start" by They Might Be Giants

3. At the risk of sounding racist (I'm not, but someone's bound to jump to conclusions), why do black women repeat the same word or phrase over and over during confrontations?
I'm watching reruns of the first season of Flavor of Love and New York and her mom say things a million and a half times mid-fight it seems. I hear it on Maury and Jerry Springer all the time, too. </white trashiness>

4. Are you politically correct? Why or why not?
No, because I'd rather not take life too seriously.

5. What's the last picture you uploaded to your image host of choice?
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.the game is on!.

Question clubbers! I need your help.

Does anyone, anyone at all, have any idea who performs the song in the following video?

I type in The Three Musketeers in my music program, but all that comes up is the Adams, Stewart, Sting song. I am getting kind of ridiculously impatient, because I really have no clue what to type in to search, but I would love to be able to track down the music. If anyone could give me any sort of leads, I would be most, most appreciative!
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Gender-related questions

1) What's the deal with girls who pee when they laugh or get excited? I know it's a common thing, but what's the biological aspect of it? Is there a name for it? And so on.

2) Why is it that some guys can't have "quickies"? Some men can have sex and get off within 5 minutes (like in a park or parking lot for the risky), but some men take a good 15-20 minutes to even get close to getting off and can really only get anywhere in a prone position. Is it psychological, or is there something about different guys that influences this?
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question about wearing glasses

Does wearing corrective lenses hasten the degeneration of one's vision?

I've heard that before, but it doesn't make any sense to me. How would wearing glasses make your eyes worse faster?

Is this just something that people say because they don't want to wear glasses?

New York Lottery Commercial

Anyone know where I can find that New York State Lottery commerical where the cat coughs up the diamond or the McDonald's Commercial where the farmer crows at his rooster online?

I've looked on You Tube, Yahoo Video, Google Video and the official sites for each and no luck.
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Party ?s

Have you ever held a holiday party at your place? If you did, how did it turn out?

What's the most people you've had at your place at one time?

About how much did you spend on everything?

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Do most technical colleges have graphic design programs? I'm going to a four-year right now, but I really hate doing generals.

What is the best way to learn how to use photoshop? I've messed around with it a lot, but I still don't really know how most of it works. Good books?

5 second rule

I was eating buttered toast as I was bringing in the mail, and I dropped it, butter-side down, on a patch of dirt. I quickly picked it back up and picked off all the dirt I could find. Is it still edible?

How to store belts?

I have a lot of belts that I'd like to store but I don't know how.

I have around 30 belts of various patterns/fabrics, widths, and buckle sizes. Most are thick with big buckles like the belts that are fashionable rightnow.

What would be the best way to store these belts where they can be visible and I can easily access them?

I tried three things that didn't work:
-I tried rolling them up and putting a twist tie on them to secure them and I put all of them in a big plastic see through box. This would've been ideal if only when I unrolled them, they curl at the ends.

-I tried putting them all free in a big box but I don't have much floor or closet space for that.

-I tried hanging them on a multi-pants hanger. I hung this on a nail in my closet. This would've worked but I can't see the different belts much and I have to take all of them off of one row to get just one.

I don't have much room under my bed to get one of those long thin plastic bins that slide under the bed.

Is my only choice to hang some slender boards in my closet with nails in them? Is there a better way?
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1. What's the tackiest thing you (or your family) own?
This is a toss-up between a 1970s ceramic spoon rest with the words "Gourmet Spoon Rest" on it or the crown of thorns (lol jesus) that my dad brought from one of his travels.

2. What's the strangest thing you've done or said while asleep?
I walked outside in a tshirt and underwear at 4 am and sat in front of the mailbox, completely asleep.

3. Anybody know who made this icon? I'd like to credit.
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credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

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Does anyone know the name of the song and band that are playing on the prison break commericals that were being played during the carolina/redskins game today?

I'm desperate for that song and only caught a few seconds of it.


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Okay, this is a pretty random question, but hopefully someone was (or still is) as much of a fangirl as I was. I'm doing a presentation on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for my American Masculinities class, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any super quote sites. I did a quick Google search, but most of the quotes/episode guides I found weren't extensive enough. I remember years ago having all sorts of amazing sites bookmarked, but I can't remember a single one. Anyone know of the best Buffy quote site out there? Help is much appreciated! While I do remember entirely too many quotes, I know I'm still missing some good ones.

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I keep trying to register with cause I like the quotes..
anyway, you register and then they send you a confirmation email. Problem is the email is never received I have now tried it with 4 different accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL) but still nothing from them, one attempt at registration was a week or so ago. I've scoured the website and found nothing of any help.

Any idea why it isnt? and how I can get around it?

Any other good quote websites? preferrably where you can search by topic.
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Holiday sex tape name ideas!

I'll get right to the point... I'm burning a DVD of sexcapades for my boyfriend for Christmas. Any ideas for corny/funny/awesome titles I could write on the disc?

Edit: Preferably with some sort of holiday pun! Example: Merry XXX-Mas

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We just got the tivo that records two shows at once to replace our old one and are trying to hook it up. The problem is with the yellow video cable/cord that runs from the cable box to the tivo. We need to hook up two full red/white/yellow sets and while we have two red and whites for audio, we only have one yellow.

Is there something we can get to split the one yellow so we can plug two different yellows in?

Taken care of, but thanks anyway! =)
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Is it alright to ask a Jewish person if they keep Kosher, or would that be considered rude?


Would taking cookies to a Jewish professor at the end of the fall semester be too much of a “Christmas-like” thing even if they’re just cookies and not overtly “Christmas-y”?
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staaaandard ipod question sorry

i bought a first generation ipod when they first came out. it was awesome, i loved it. it was 10gb and white and bulky and the screen was practically color because pretty soon it became punctured. the battery life went first. 2 hours max. and then it would shut off randomly, not start up, whatever, it was a frustrating mess.

anyway now it won't even charge through the wall or the computer (just the car) , OR upload anything from my computer, etcetera, so i'm pretty much done with it .

my boy lives in nz and i'll be going to chicago, austrailia, thailand, jamaica, london, vermont, canada, south carolina, alaska these next f ew months...not to mention i do a lot of snowboarding, driving, and whatnot. so i need an mp3 player!

what do you have? do you use an ipod, and however great it may be is the qaulity still awful? should i buy a zune, what is up with them? do you think i should get a dirt cheap ipod off the internet and be okay with it getting a little beat up, or invest in something more substantial? what other mp3 players are good? where would you suggest shopping?

okay thank you goodnight<3