November 25th, 2006

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Alright, two questions.

1.) Placebo does not record their own French music, correct? I thought they said that another group that they listed on "Sleeping With Ghosts" did "Protége-moi", so I was thinking that they didn't, which leads me to the next question.

2.) Did they do a song called "Mets ton doigt dans mon cul", and if so, again, did they sing it or get someone else to do it?

*3.) If they didn't do that second song - who did?

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what are those wallets called that are kind of like clutches but are flat and thin... and seem to function more as a wallet? do they have a specific name?

or am i just stupid and they are actually just another type of clutch?

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My whole life, I've played computer games. My dad had worked with computers since before I was born, and even wrote some software, so my family has always been computer game biased.

I want to branch out. Specifically, I want to buy a portable gaming device. Problem is I have absolutely NO IDEA what's going on. I've been trying to do research online, but nothing beats experience.

So tell me, TQC gamers, which is better? PSP? Nintendo DS? Gameboy Advance? Some other system?

Which has better games? Which gets you the most for your money? Anything else I should know?

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okay so as some of you may have heard, ami james from miami ink designed 2 kinds of razr's. and of course being a huge fan, i want one, so i was wondering if tmobile would sell me just the phone since i just renewed my contract in september. should i call and ask? (i already checked ebay and they dont have it)

thank you.

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What is an appropriate gift for a couple's one-year anniversary of dating? For both the guy and girl.

- I am 20 and he is 19
- we have been through a lot of crap together and are very close
- I am away at college and he lives in that town with his parents
- I am very sentimental and guy, not so much.

we are having very different views as to what is expected / appropriate and I wanted to see what a general consensus would be.



I am the girl, and we decided on a spending limit of about $250. I already got him stuff, the main gift being a bass that he wanted. I wanted a sentimental gift, namely a ruby ring, but he seems unwilling to even want to give it to me, and I have heard from a mutual friend a while ago that he once gave a [not cheap] ring to a girlfriend after 3 months of dating. So I'm confused and wanted to see how popular "Ring" would be as an answer. I'm not looking for the expensive factor, I don't care if he pays ten dollars for it. He doesn't see it as the thought that counts. I'm just frustrated that he has no interest in doing anything sentimental, gift or otherwise.


I should've added this in the beginning, but we're pretty much combining christmas and anniversary presents because theyre 3 days apart, and both of our birthdays are in July so we pretty much get each other a relatively big gift every six months. And we are by no means rich, but we don't have many people to shop for for christmas.

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Oh dear lord. Help me. Since I'm getting a new computer this Christmas, I needed to figure out a way to get my music from my iPod and onto my computer. (I delete all my music from this one cause it's old and it slows it down.) I found a link, followed the directions. Either I screwed something up because...

I lost all my music on my iPod. It's there on the screen and it's there in the list on my iPod but when I try playing anything it skips from song to song to song. On my computer, there's currently little (!) signs next to each one. However, in my library, it does play...when my iPod's connected. Yet, not all of my songs are on my computer. I tried looking for the files but they're...not...there.

What the hell did I do and how do I get my songs back before I flip out?

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Where oh where can I find a fairly cheap ($20-30 range) cute winter coat that isn't too "poofy" and in a neutral color (browns, tans, creams, maybe even black)?

What is your opinion of art students selling homemade gifts for a christmas sale? Would you ever buy anything from them? Have you?

Aren't you just INCREDIBLY happy that the dang Salavation Army, etc. are out in full force begging for money now that thanksgiving is over? Do you cringe every time you hear their bells ding ding DINGING?! Also, do you usually try to give them a little money each time you see one outside a store?
for 65redroses :)

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I've been coveting an icon I saw someone post with, and I'm hoping someone has it. It had that PBS painter who was always painting "happy trees", I think his name was Bob...anyway, the icon said something like "I"m in ur tv, painting ur trees". Anyone have it? Know where it came from?

Did you watch that show when it was on? Did you watch to learn, or just because it was somehow mesmerizing?
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pumpkin... you know, that's a strange word

sooo... halloween brought to my attention that americans get pumpkin in a can. i've never seen such a thing.
also, that they use pumpkin a lot. i've seen more pumpkin cake recipes in the last few months than i ever imagined. and pumpkin icing... doesn't that taste weird?

so, my questions
1. why do americans seem to have a lot of pumpkin dishes?
2. why is pumpkin used in cakes (seemingly) more than savoury dishes
3. have you tried pumpkin icing, and if so, what is it like?

Catch that Pepsi feeling

I'm an 80s kid. Recently, I've seen 2 movies that had the old Pepsi can in them: the blue/red circle dealie on a white background, which was the top half of the can. The bottom I believe is red.

Once I saw those cans, it made me realize that I had totally forgotten about them. I didn't notice when they were officially retired and traded in for the blue cans, or whatever interim can designs they had. I guess I was a Coke fan in those days.

1. My question is, when did Pepsi get rid of the old can design?
2. Do you remember it?
3. Do you remember the 'Catch that Pepsi feeling...' song?

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My friend came home for Thanksgiving to visit her family. She paid for the train ticket home when she could have easily stayed at school for the holidays. She's been trying to spend time with her friends who she hasn't seen since the end of summer. Her parents visited her once a month at college. However, her parents refuse to let her leave the house. She can't go out until after she goes to church with them. If she does not attend church with them, she cannot go out. They've given her car (given to her by her grandparents, she pays insurance) to her brother, so even if she wants to go out, someone else has to pick her up and she has to be home by 1:30 am. Are we crazy for thinking this is ridiculous behavior? What could she say or do to make her parents realize she's not 13 anymore?
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Recently, Tool toured and their opener was this band called Isis.. I figured they were new. They're awesome and I wanted to get their CD, but it turns out they've been around for awhile and have a bunch of CDs out - if anyone has heard of them (I never had), what album should I start with? For the record, I think they sound better when the "singer" shuts up for long periods of time and they just jam.. they did lots of that and I thought it was Tool-caliber awesome.
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Totally unrelated to each other...

1) Anyone here an author on FF.N besides me? If so, any idea what the hell is wrong with the website? Last night it wouldn't let me (or anyone else I spoke to) log in, and this morning it's letting me log in but I can't upload documents. Oh, and it won't let me log into the support area either, so I can't bitch to anyone there.

2) What would you suggest as a good cure for acne/blackheads that's not too expensive and still works pretty well? I've been using AcneFree, but lately I've been wondering if something that heavy-duty is really good to be putting on my face every day. Also, I've noticed that it's not doing anything about my blackheads and that it actually doesn't work all that well right before my period or at times of extreme stress (which generally means that I spend at least half the month breaking out and the rest of the month recovering from breakouts). I hardly expect to find the perfect cure, but I'd like something better than what I've got.
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Tearful Apologies

When was the last time you (or someone you know) cried while apologizing for something?

What would you think if someone cried when apologizing to you? Feel free to make up scenarios to illustrate your point.

(I just saw a tearful apology on TV, and I realized I haven't felt that bad about anything since I was in kindergarten.)
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Dearest TQC members,

Would you like to do my paper for me? Or would you like to somehow motivate me?

How long would it take you to write a 12 page paper using at least 20 references? (All the research is done, so that doesn't need to be taken into account.)

If you were deciding on a travel destination and your only two choiced were Minnesota or Toronto, which would you choose and why?

And lastly, how the hell are ya?

Not a holiday Question!!!

What is the worst tv show??

My answer: My Super Sweet Sixteen.

I'm watching an episode now, and it's two girls' party, and one is taking over and threatening the sister to kick her out and saying she's not as pretty and such, and just UGHH

I can't even begin to describe how obnoxious I find that show.
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For my Spanish class this week we have to write a short screenplay, and we're allowed to do an adaptation of another story, like one taken from a song. English or Spanish is fine. Any suggestions for a song with a good, clear, story? For example in class we did the same exercise on some Spanish song that had basically the same plot as "Livin' la Vida Loca" (lol) except it had more details on like, we met here, she was wearing this... as specific as possible might be cool.
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Do you have an moments that you consider to be amazing examples of laziness?

I have 2.
1-A few years ago, my friend and I were laying on a bed watching TV. I was really really thirsty, but also really lazy. So I just decided to wait until my friend got up to get something so I could ask her to grab me a soda while she was up. Not that bad, right? What I didn't know is that she was doing the same exact thing. And then, once we figured out what the other one was doing, it became a battle of wills to see who could wait the longest. We seriously laid on that bed for almost 2 hours, both very thirsty. Also, it was a studio apartment, so the kitchen was really only a couple feet away.

and 2-A few minutes ago I was standing in the hallway and brushing my hair. I dropped the brush. Instead of actually bending over to grab the brush, I walked back into the bathroom and grabbed another brush off the counter. Thus eliminating the need to bend over and pick the first brush up off of the floor.

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I just got my nose pierced a week ago, and now the skin on my face is SO GODDAMN DRY. It's not because of the piercing. It's my whole face. It's because of winter.

Is there any way I can put lotion or something on my nose without fucking up my piercing? I know it should be something non-scented, but is there anything else I should know?

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1) Hi, this is obscure and a bit boring sorry but I'd really appreciate some help:

My brother is really into photography, so I'm going to buy him some screw-on filters (/cokin ones) for his slr (52mm lens) for christmas. I'm going to be in Bangkok in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone knew how easy these would be to find? Would big photography shops sell them? And I'm assuming they'd be a bit cheaper than Western prices?


and to spice things up:

2) What's something that's happened to you that you now wish you had a good photo of?

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Can anyone give me a link to the lyrics of foreign Disney songs?

Does such a site even exist?

Failing that,does anyone have the Czech words to Pocahontas "Just around the riverbend"?
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Re-Learning an Instrument

Have any of you ever relearned to play an instrument? Was it terribly difficult, like starting over? Or does it come back to you?

Lately I can't stop thinking about playing the viola again. I used to play it when I was a kid, from about 3rd grade until 10th grade. I wondering if I'll pick it up and play like a third grader. Okay I guess maybe this depends on the person, but still, has anyone ever done something like this? It's been nearly ten years since I've played.


Do you know of any vegetaran snakes? Do you know of any snakes that eat bugs primarily?

I'd love a snake but I don't think I could handle feeding it cute little mice.

EDIT: Also: any lizards of the above specifications?


So, I've been without a computer mouse for a couple months.. which means, I access everything via keyboard. It sounds a little crazy, I know. But I've been getting around just find.. except.. those little boxes that you have to click with the mouse. For example, if I want to upload a photo on facebook, I have to click the box that says 'I certify that I have the right to distribute this photo and that it is not pornography.' Is there a way that I can get a checkmark in the box without a mouse?

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Have you ever been to a concert with your parents?
Yes, my dad came to see Bright Eyes with me a year ago because it was in a shifty area. I invited him to come see Peaches with me last night, but only because I knew he'd say no. I wouldn't have had any fun if he came with me. I almost always invite him though.

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1. Do you live in an apartment, loft, condo, dorm or a house?
2. Do you rent or own?
3. What's your favorite part of your dwelling?
4. What do you wish your dwelling had that it doesn't?
5. When do you think you'll move next?

What Should I Buy? Video Games or....?

So, I was wondering if its worth getting a Nintendo Wii. My cousin is getting one for x-mas, and I really don't have a Christmas list..

The last Nintendo games I have bought, a DS and a Gamecube are now super-expensive paperweights because of the lack of good games coming out, and I sold my DS because I just didn't have the time to play it anymore. I'm going into college in a couple months, and I wouldn't trust leaving a Wii in my dorm-room, so I'd probably only play it at home, but I don't know how often I'll be at home...

I can't really make much of a Christmas list, my parents, my step-parents, and the rest of my family are all asking what I want, but so far I'm a bit clueless. I asked for a couple DVD's just so I'd have something to unwrap, and as usual, I told them if they had to get me something, give me money.

I'm clueless on what I want.. I don't really want anything... :( The only thing I'd want is a treadmill (because I'd like to lose 10 pounds or so..) but they are waaaaay too expensive.

Would anyone recommend someone like me getting a Wii? Or do you have any suggestions on something that will keep me amused during college (during the moments I'm not in class)? I'm interested in art, working out, reading (although I already have more than enough books), and computers.

Any suggestions?
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Let's say you share an apartment with a guy who you find to be really dirty, and frankly, disgusting. Let's say you're walking past the bathroom, the door to which is closed (so you know he's in there.) You hear the toilet flush, and then he comes out without washing his hands (and you know this, because he comes out RIGHT after the toilet flushes and you can hear that sink running from a mile away.)

Then he heads to the kitchen and starts going through the dishes and stuff, and...well, you know, touching everything.

Do you say anything? Or do you just Lysol everything down when he leaves?
  • kit_n

Playstation 2

How long can I leave my PS2 in without hurting it? I'm looking about 18 hours or so...

here's why:
I started playing a PS1 game and thought it was save to a PS2 memory card. I found a store that still sells PS1 memory cards but they don't open till 11pm est tomorrow.

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I know that everyone's sick of holiday gifts questions, but this is different. I promise.

My friend is going to be a first time mom, she's being induced tomorrow. I live in another state, and can't be there. I have no idea what would be a good "mom" present. Since everyone will be focusing on the baby, it'd be nice to give her something. Any suggestions?

Better yet, any good new parent communities I could ask? I keep finding outdated communities.

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For my psych class, I have to write papers on three, or five for extra credit, different recent (as in, the past five years or so) "significant" psychological studies that were published by the people who actually did the studies. Do you know any studies that would be interesting enough to write a 2-page critique? I guess I'm supposed to discuss the significance, the validity of instruments, and how valid the data collection methods were, but any basic ideas would be great.
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Me again. Would you make TQC a snowflake here? When you finish, put in your lj username as your name, and thequestionclub as your location. Then, to see all the TQC snowflakes, we can use the search tool to search for that location and ta-daa!

What's your favorite apple pie recipe? I told a Spanish girl I'd show her how to make it but I actually have no idea.

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What do you think of flakey girls?
The kind that giggle about everything, even if its not remotely funny.

Also, do guys find the whole flakey/giggly thing to be attractive?
I've been wondering that.

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If you're a vegan, and you use condoms, do you use vegan condoms?

I didn't even know they existed (or that regular condoms weren't vegan-certified) until a friend asked me for a condom and couldn't use the only kind I had.