November 24th, 2006

On the Road

A question for American vegetarians :)

What do you do for Thanksgiving dinner? As in, do you eat Tofurkey (or something similar) or some other random meal?

I'm the only vegetarian in my (local) family, so last year I ate macaroni and cheese because it was easier. This year I'm visiting my cousin and her husband, both vegetarian as well, and we had a Tofurkey. It was my first time having it in a few years, and we cooked it with potato and carrot, so it was gooood.

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I'm trying to fix the CD drive on my friend's computer. He's running Windows XP. The problem is that the CD-RW won't read CDs. I can put one in the drive but it won't recognize that there's a disc in there at all. The drive shows up in My Computer and all the cables connecting the drive to the motherboard/power supply are seated.

I got it to work ONCE, when installing AOL (I know, I know, but that's only temporary, I hope). But it just won't read anything now. Anyone know how to troubleshoot this? (I hope he doesn't have to buy another drive.)

Or if you don't know the answer to that one...

What, in your experience, has made life awesome?

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1. Why do people hate holidays?

2. What is your least favourite holiday to have thrown in your face for a month+ until it is over?

3. What is the holiday that you get REALLY excited about?

1. I don't know?
2. I like every holiday - the only thing that annoys me is the different Canadian/American Thanksgivings, because ours is already over when all of their fuss starts.
3. Christmas, of course.
Ahh! Babies!

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So, I just finished reading The Great Gatsby. Something that really bothered me in the book is that he constantly used would of instead of would've. A lot. Now, I know sometimes authors write like that to show how a character speaks or to write in the "language of the character", but ususally that applies to how a character sounds. They change the spelling so you can get a character's accent/dialect in your head. Would of and would've have the same sound. So, why would he use the incorrect version? Also, I'd think maybe he was trying to point out that the "narrator" had bad grammar or something, but it was the only gramatical error really in the entire book. So, even if he was trying to make a statement about the narrator, why would he choose only one thing that he would write incorrectly?

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Did you have an imaginary friend?

Do you enjoy air fives?

Least favorite mainstream author.

Ever wanted to start a 'zine, or read one?

1. No, but I pretended to have one.
4. That one's a little.

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1. Anyone ever had one of these Tofurky Feast packs? Good? Bad?

2. From my roomie (who's transfixed by my tqc addiction): When adding sugar to cereal, do you add the sugar before or after the milk?

3. What's a food you won't eat JUST because someone said something about it?

MY LAST POST? THE GUY IN THE ICON (and this one) IS SOL BUTCHER, FROM SONS OF BUTCHER. They have a tv show even! :D

My answers:
1. They're sold at my work and I wanna know how they are before I spend 30$ on one.

2. I told her that I bet everyone will say after milk.

3. A health food lady told me years back that melons are parasitic. I haven't touched one since.
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Why do men like boobs?

I had at least two other questions I thought of last night, and they've slipped my mind. Do you know what they were? All I know is they were totally unrelated to boobs.

(If I remember them by some chance, I'll let you know.)
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What's the biggest news in your family or personal life right now?

For those of you with in-laws, do you consider them family? On the same level as your blood relatives?

Are you keeping any big secrets from your close relatives these days?

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I can't find Radiohead's Talk Show Host on iTunes!
Is there anyone who has it and is willing to put it on for me?
Thanks much in advance.
(Also, where do you think the sexiest, most subtle and least trashy place for a tattoo is?)
for 65redroses :)

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Have you ever been depressed, or hospitalized for depression?

Did you take medication? How long did it take to find the right medication?

Has a family member ever been depressed or hospitalized for depression? What did you do to help them, or did they say anything helped?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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So I have a Honda Civic. In the manual, it says I should get my timing belt replaced after 105,000 miles. I passed that last week and so was thinking about it. When I found out that it could cost up to 1000 dollars I freaked a little because I don't have that kind of money, really, except in savings and I hate using my savings if I don't really need to-- and my mom and her fiancee said they've gone through many cars without ever needing to replace their timing belts. They also said that a broken timing belt will not ruin the engine (as one mechanic I talked to said) because the engine will just stop immediately.

So I guess what I'm asking is:

1.Should I get my timing belt replaced now or just wait until it actually dies?
2. How many of you have had cars that never needed a replaced timing belt?
3. Those who have replaced their timing belts, when did you do it (how many miles) and why?
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a dead deer is still a deer

I don't know if this is a repost, but if it is, my apologies.


Judge Rules On Dead Deer Sex

Man who had relations with animal carcass must stand trial

NOVEMBER 22--A Wisconsin man who argued that he could not be prosecuted for having sex with a deer because the animal was dead at the time, was dealt a legal setback today when a judge rejected a motion seeking dismissal of a criminal charge against him. As a result of Circuit Court Judge Michael Lucci's ruling, defendant Bryan James Hathaway, 20, will have to stand trial for his alleged assault last month of the deer carcass. In his ruling (a copy of which you'll find below), Lucci denied a November 7 motion filed by Hathaway's lawyer, Fredric Anderson, which argued that the deer ceased being an animal upon its death (Hathaway, pictured at right, allegedly found the carcass in a roadside ditch). Anderson contended that a charge of sexual gratification with an animal could not be sustained because "the term 'animal' refers to a living organism, not a carcass." Lucci, however, noted that "most people understand that an animal does not necessarily cease being or qualifying as an animal or even being referred to as an animal once it's dead." He added that the "primary focus" of Wisconsin's criminal statute dealing with crimes against sexual morality is on "human behavior and on protecting sexual morality in the community, and not necessarily on animal protection." (4 pages)


Do you agree with this dude's argument, that there's no harm in farking a dead deer? Or do you agree with the judge, that it's a matter of protecting sexual morality in the community?
Iowa represent!

window woes.

I've got a short in my car somewhere. The passenger side window went down about six inches suddenly when I was driving today, and the fuse was blown. Then when I put the second fuse in, IT blew.

Well I can't seem to find a mechanic, my regular one being out of town, that can look at it until Monday. I can't have my window gaping open that whole time.

How should I cover it up? What would be the best way? And I'm in Iowa, my car throws out good heat, but still...any ideas that might keep it reasonably warmer than the outside?
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SO, you will all be insanely jealous to know that i purchased tickets to go see genesis in july. the first time i got through on the ticketmaster site, i got a pretty decent seat, and i was worried that i wouldn't get a better one, so i bought it. when i went back, i got another seat that's closer to the stage. so i need to decide which seat i should sit in and which seat i should sell.

if you would be so kind would you please...
1. go here
2. click on seating chart, pick genesis from the drop down menu
3. and vote in this poll?
Poll #874443 i'm coming down, coming down like a monkey

so, which section should i sit in?


due to the fact that genesis is effing amazing, the concert sold out in 3 hours. now, i have 2 tickets (not because i was planning on scalping one, but just cause i got a closer seat the second time around). if you were me, would you set a low-ish fixed price and sell it to someone on gumtree/craigslist or would you put it up for auction on ebay?


and if you think i should sell it fixed-price, could you tell me how much you think a good price to sell it for is? i paid about £75 for each ticket (which is worth $145 today [holy balls, it looks a lot more expensive in dollars :\])
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what the shit.

so, every time i go to respond to a comment reply via email, i get this obnoxious pop-up. it says to change settings to make it go away, but i can't seem to find the setting which turns off "obnoxious warning pop-up that is driving you to madness". does anyone know where this setting is located?

probably this is a stupid question but i really can't find this thing and i might stab someone if it doesn't go away soon.
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A bunch of random questions

1)I need to convert a whole bunch of .M4a files to .Mp3 format, so my sister can play her dubious song collection on her car MP3 sound system, which won't read .M4a. Can anyone recommend some (freeware) programs for doing this?

2)I'm writing one of those wanky postmodern philosophical papers, and I can't remember if there was a philosopher who said reality was all just a text/language/logocentric, or if I dreamed it one night after studying too late/ eating too much cheese. Does anyone here know if such a philosophy exists? If so, who were the major espousers of it? I promise I'm not asking you to do my homework for me, I just need to reference this idea and I want to know which name to put it under.

3)Tomorrow my boyfriend is coming over, probably to break up with me. I also want to bake. What should one bake during/before/after such a time?

4)I bought a birthday present online months ago. We started having troubles the week before his birthday and he decided to get sulky and tell me 'I didn't want to see him on his birthday anyway' (oh so pouty) when I'd already put all my week's pay into the petrol tank, ready to drive over and spend the day making him happy. Birthday was monday. It's been a week. I want to give him his birthday present, especially given that when I bought it, things were rosy and happy. Good idea/bad idea? (present is a three parter, worth approx $90, containing things very specific to his interests)

5. Do you have brothers/sisters? Were you the first to move out of home? How'd that feel, leaving behind your brother/sister/s?
Or, if you were left behind, how was that for you?
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magic eye

Are you able to make out what this is? I can see it in 3D, but when I step back (with my eyes) to see the whole picture, I just can't. It might be due to the skewing of the picture.
kiv dancin.
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my vote is for conan

when people talk about iconic television hosts/presenters of the past, there's a pretty much across the board opinion that johnny carson was the best of his time.

in terms of late night hosts, what do you think will be considered the 'golden host' of this time in history?

jay, dave, conan? i don't even think craig ferguson or carson daly count, btw.
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Someday I'll be a flower

Christmas cards

What do you think of photo christmas cards--the ones with a beaming family or couple on the front?

What do you think of general "here is our year" christmas letters?

My answers:
1) I like photo cards, I like to see how my friends' kids have grown or pics of my friends with their spouses.

2) I used to think the annual letters are cheesy. Basically it's a "here's how wonderful our family is!" brag report. But now I appreciate that it's hard to keep up with everyone and it's nice to hear what's been going on over the past year.

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My soles hurt so bad that just walking on them puts me on the verge of tears. I've never experienced anything like this before. It cropped up out of nowhere two nights ago right before I went to bed. I was fine when I woke up the next day (yesterday). Then last night, again right before I went to bed, it came back and with a vengeance. This time it didn't go away - I have been popping aspirin and keeping my feet up all day today but it doesn't seem to help.

I'll see my doctor Monday if it doesn't go away; in the meantime, does anyone have an explanation for this? Before anyone asks, I did not stand up all that much yesterday so it can't be that.


These are duds alright

Thanks for the Thanksgiving suggestions everyone.

The recent post about candy made me remember a question I've been asking here and there, but never to a whole group of people:

Does anyone actually like Milk Duds anymore? One of the worst candies in my opinion. Unless you swallow them whole, you'll be using one or two fingers to dig into your gums and teeth afterwards. I've not seen them come in their normal or move theater sizes lately; they seem to surface only in Halloween fun packs. Maybe for good reason?

monster v. hotjobs

I've been living in this area for one year now and I'm still having a hell of a time finding work. Even seasonal jobs haven't opened up to me. Because I'm applying for jobs in a town about 40 miles away, I can only go by the listings in the Help Wanted section of the paper and word-of-mouth. Lately, I've been thinking about giving Hot Jobs or Monster a try, but I can't help but think they're both kind of scammy sites. I now turn to you, TQCers, to let me know if it's worth it.

Have you (or someone you know) ever been hired for a job you applied for through Monster or Hot Jobs? Which website? Did you take the job? How did it work out?
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Parental Advisory

Stupid statutes on the stupid internet.

If you were a statute concerning noise levels and when people have to cut their noise levels at night in Eagan, Minnesota, where the hell on the internet would you be?  I've tried the law databases I'm aware of, and I've tried Google, and all I'm coming up with is articles about how Eagan has sued over the amount of air traffic noise there is.  I want to know about residential noise.

It's after 11:00, so if my neighbor doesn't stop making my apartment rumble and shake with noise in the next five or ten minutes, I'm calling the cops.  I'd still like to know what the legal cutoff time is, and the decibel level, et cetera.

And yes, I will be complaining to the management first thing Monday.  For now, I have to be up at ass o'clock, and would like to be able to sleep.

Grassy ass!