November 23rd, 2006

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I'm posting this without much hope, cause I think it's one of those "you have to be here" questions, but I'm desperate.

Our kitchen and basement are flooding. The kitchen started flooding near the refrigerator, the basement is flooding via the pipes that lead to the kitchen. There's three inches of water in the kitchen and about 5 in the basement/garage. We've shut off the main valve to the house (which is in the garage), but the water is still on (still comes out when you turn on the faucets, and it's definitely *on*, not just residual what's-still-in-the-pipes on). We've lived here 18 years, but had the house repoed some years ago and our landlord is out of town. Is there some super sekkrit *other* main valve we're missing? We're out of towels, quilts, and pretty much everything else that we could use (don't have a squeegee), and we're getting desperate.

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1. Ever had people on LJ mistake your gender because of your icons/name? What'd you do?

2. Finish this sentence with lulz. "_____ is the new black!"

3. Worst injury you've ever had?

4. Anyone know who's in my icon? Bonus points x2 if you can reply with another of their quotes :D

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for the past few years, i've had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. but more recently (the last 6mos or so), the problem has been really..interesting.
what happens is i get tired, go to bed, and then get a really strange feeling. it almost feels like caffeine or a swarm of bugs or something is running through my veins. it makes me feel the need to stretch my limbs, my back, and crack my knuckles. i've tried ignoring it, but doing so makes me feel really uncomfortable and i just have to do it. it's not like i have a ton of energy and feel like running around or anything. it's just restlessness, i guess?
i thought the problem might be ingesting caffeine too close to bedtime, but when i stopped that, the problems still persisted.
what's going on?
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What is the SECOND most remade song? Remixes and full on new renditions counted. Betting it's a Christmas song or something.

The number one song is the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby". Oddly enough, I don't believe I've heard a SINGLE version of it. Go figure.
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How long do pumpkins last?

I bought one shortly before Haloween and it's been on my dresser ever since. It's never been outside to the frost, but eventually will it start to rot?


Update: the drug testing facility lost my results, so I temporarily have a job for now. However, they'll be testing me again at an undisclosed time. The first test was saliva, and the re-test will be saliva as well. How much of a person's history do saliva tests gather?

Another question... what are good remedies for acne and acne scarring other than egg whites/lemon juice/etc and other old wives' tale stuff that doesn't work?
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Thank of the Moms!

My mother hasn't take a break/vacation from work in almost 5 years. Maybe 2 sick days. I'm starting to work on her to this year, this december when I'm on break from college to go somewhere for about 2 weeks. She doesn't want to go somewhere where we lounge around on sand, she wants museums and action. We were thinking Europe and maybe not terribly budget-eating. Can anyone suggest some fun vacation ideas for a 49 mom and a 20 year old daughter to go and enjoy themselves?


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It seems my mother is not totally peachy with me not wanting anything for christmas this year(too much crap already kthx), but *is* okay with me giving her a charity and saying to donate there.

I wrote down the postsecret main address, but does anyone know if they have a paypal set up or a charity address or anything like that?

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Is there another term for a "reduction glass"? It's like a magnifying glass that works backwards.

Google is giving me heat reduction glass and various unrelated glass items at reduced prices.



Have you ever tried vegemite? Did you like it? If not, what did it taste like?

What is your default sandwich filling?

I'm in Australia, & despite my attempts to be as un-Australian as possible really, vegemite is still my default sandwich filling. I get vegemite cravings.

Vegemite has recently been banned in the US because the only things that are allowed to have folate are cereals & breads. Is this stupid? Has anyone been put out by their lack of vegemite access?

spell cheak is my friend :)

;lmaokay, so
i have my g1 (learners permit)
with said g1 for me to drive i have to have someone in the car with me with 4 yrs experience.

though i am taking lessons, i fail at driving.

mother dearest says that for me to rent a car it would be hella expensive.
is she lying?
(dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn)

if you're a driver:
when you were learning how to drive did you ever almost hit someone?

yes, 5 cop cars... and counting.... :(
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Alcoholic Feelings

You and your SO, whom you love and are pretty damn sure loves you, have knocked back a few in a short period of time, and for some reason, right after that last shot, you start to feel like they don't love you anymore. You have no particular evidence for this, just a gut feeling (intuition whatever). You are not drunk but defintely tipsy, and you remember the feeling when you sober up. Should you take a look at the feeling seriously (as in maybe there is something about their behaviour that unconsciously sparked that feeling) or just put it down to a night of drinking and forget about it?
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What sex are most of your friends? Which are you attracted to?

The opposite sex, which I AM attracted to.
The same sex, which I AM attracted to.
The opposite sex, which I am NOT attracted to.
The same sex, which I am NOT attracted to.

Of your friends that are of the sex you are attracted to, how would you describe the majority of those friendships?

All platonic; they're friends, and that's all.
Mostly platonic; a bit of attraction to one or a few, but mostly platonic.
A bit of both; sexual tension is just a part of friendship, it doesn't have to mean anything.
A bit romantic; they fit all the criteria, so why not?
Romantically inclined; there's enough love for everyone anyway!
I am only friends with these people so I can get into a relationship with them.
I have no friends of my preferred sex.

Does a friendship with someone of your preferred sex threaten a relationship you are/could be in?

Yes, it worries me, but not my partner.
Yes, it would worry my partner, but not me.
Yes, we both worry about it.
Yes, it would worry me if I was in a relationship.
No, neither my partner or I would worry.
No. (Single)
I have no idea. (In a relationship)
I have no idea (Single)

Famous question: Do you believe two people be "just friends" if they both fall within each other's sexual preference?

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So a few years ago (I think) there was this English/British singer guy that was fairly popular. I don't remember his name or any of his song names (this is where you guys come in!).
He had a video of him walking on a sidewalk. With a big brick wall on one side(?). And maybe someone skateboarding. I don't remember. Not backwards. And no, it's not Coldplay.
One of his songs had the word 'duck' in it... I think it was, 'fuck a duck' or something along those lines...

Anyone know who this is?


[Edit]: I think it was sortof a rap-style song, only not. Semi rock-ish/alternative?

[Edit x2]: YAY. The song is The Streets-Let's Push Things Forward, if you were curious.

Aaand the line was 'Fuck in the duck.' Not 'fuckin' the duck.'
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Does anyone remember that commercial where this guy is looking for an mp3 player and the salesman shows him this huge box, and the guy says "but it's so big" and the salesman says "but it's half price!"? What was advertising? Is it online anywhere?
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They're replacing the front of my car at the body shop from when I had my accident and the airbags unnecessarily deployed.
They're putting new airbags in, but giving me the choice as to hook them up or not.
I've heard many pros and cons from either side, and my father who is a mechanic reccomends leaving them unhooked.

Which is the better option?

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I remember this website.
You could click on TV Shows, and watch full episodes.

Now, the $64,000 Question.
What was that website??

More specifically, I'm looking for Season 2 (and on) of Six Feet Under.

Winter - Hot Chocolate

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Hi, just a question that have been poking at me since I saw, in a discussion of what to call the current war in Iraq, a suggestion of "The War of Mad King George". Was George III called the Mad King George?
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Gamecube question

I bought a Gamecube yesterday, and since I've never owned one before, I'm not sure if it's normal or not for the discs to make a noticeable skipping noise while loading and at times while playing a game.  The games themselves seem to have no problem operating, however.  Do Gamecubes normally make such sounds?

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1. What are you getting your mom for Christmas/other holiday?

2. What is the most creative/meaningful/best gift you've ever received or given?

4. Do you consider yourself a good gift-giver? Why or why not?

3. Who do you have the hardest time shopping for?
One of my friends is particularly hard to buy gifts for, but this year her's is the only one I've decided on yet. I'm relieved about that, but I'm having trouble with everyone else's.

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It's the TQC Thanksgiving feast. What will you help yourself to?

Mashed potatoes
Pumpkin pie
Cranberry sauce
Ice cream
Egg nog
Whatever comes in the TV dinner
Just having pizza

Do you say grace?


The most important thing about Thanksgiving

The grand feast
Family coming together
Everybody showing thanks. A holiday about gratitude and saying how much we appreciate one another, etc.
4 days off
It only comes around once a year
Taking a holiday poll
The day after is Black Friday
After today, it's the fast track to Christmas and New Years
Someday I'll be a flower

Turkey Question!

So let's say my procrastinating husband put the 18lb stuffed turkey (for two) in the oven at 4:00pm at 325'... Just now checking the cooking time, it will be ready around 10pm.
If he increases the oven temp to 380', will it have bad effects, even if it's done sooner? :)

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I'm attemping to make some beaded necklaces and bracelets for some girls for Christmas.

I've been looking everywhere online for patterns and good beads, but I haven't been able to find much.

So...if anyone knows of any good sites, or even an eljay community having to do with diy jewelry I would appreciate hearing about it.


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OK, I have a Big Dilema!

2 equally close friends (who aren't close themselves) get married the exact same day 300 km apart. If they were on different days, there would be no question about whether I would be attending (I would even drive the 300 km if they were a day apart... ie: Fri and Sat)

What would you do?
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This poll is an experiment. Results are open to the public. This has to do with an incident at a TV show taping that I attended last week.

The question, in the case of this taping, is asking a middle-aged male celebrity if he slept with the (18-year-old) questioner's mother fifteen years ago. While the celebrity was dating his future wife.

Is it okay to ask a stranger about their sex life or sexual history?

It depends on the question

What if the stranger is a celebrity?

It depends on the question

How old are you?

Under 16
Over 50
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On the main DVD menu of Romeo and Juliet (the '96 Baz Lutherman one), what song is playing? Its a loop of an instrumental bit of a song in the movie, and I really want to find it.
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Southern Flying Squirrel

Question the First:
Is it legal to own a southern flying squirrel (that you get from a licensed breeder) in Florida? I can't find anything saying that it isn't illegal, but I can't find anything saying it is legal either.

Question the Second:
Does anybody know of a good breeder in Florida? I would love to have a southern flying squirrel, or as my boyfriend would say "squirmell", but I would hate to have it shipped in from out of state. A breeder around the Tampa/Orlando area would be most favorable.


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1 - If you're a guy, what is your favorite pants size on a girl? And if you're a girl, what pants size do you think looks best on other girls?

2 - What size do you consider thin? Thick? Chubby? Fat?

1 - Sizes 7-10
2 - 1 - 5 is thin, 7 - 11 is thick. No opinion on the other sizes, becuase I think it depends on what clothes they wear and the like.
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Foot Massage ?'s

Inspired by Pulp Fiction...

1. Does a foot massage mean anything?

For the guys

2. Would you give another man a foot massage?
3. Would you be mad if another man gave your significant other a foot massage?

For the ladies

4. Would you get mad at your significant other for giving another woman a foot massage?
5. Do you like getting foot massages?

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I'm shocked & disgusted with myself.

I watched 'House of Carters' today & actually enjoyed it! *gags* Ok, well I didn't so much enjoy the show as I enjoyed the omg! I hate you/omg! I love you relationship between Nick & Aaron. I'm not sure which is worse.

So, question time. What tv shows do you have a guilty love for?

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"Artsy" people;

What takes you longer to do? Write a story or draw a picture?
[By story I mean short story - max pages 10, and by drawing I mean sketching, outlining, coloring.]
Which do you enjoy more?

My Answer: Drawing takes me longer. I can write a story or essay in minutes, whereas drawing takes me forever.
I hate writing [even though people tell me I write well, but I beg to differ], but I love drawing, though.

edit to ask more questions:
RPGers - Final Fantasy XII: Love it or abhor it? I love it, but it frustrates me money-wise.
What's your current favourite song? The Big Game off the Bully soundtrack.
What internet browser do you use? Mozilla Firefox.
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So this just made my day,

bye3210 (9:20:53 PM): jess chuu my hereooo
Auto Response from jekkka (9:19:27 PM): Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human. Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate...

borat & thanksgiving, what a wonderful thanksgiving! :)
bye3210 (9:21:06 PM): i love the icon of yourself...beautiful...happy thanksgiving by the way

How about you... anything recent that made you smile??
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Usually on interviews I get all clean shaven.. but any more I think I look better with the beard that I keep.

So, do you think it would suffice to trim it up all nice and neat, or should I get clean shaven?

Interview coming up...

Neatly trim?


1) Now with pictures in the comments.

2) Blue-collar job. Well paying, blue collar job.

3) To me it's about being genuine.. I feel silly getting all clean-shaven when immediately after getting hired I'd just let it grow right back out.
for 65redroses :)

TV Series

What TV series do you really wish would come out on DVD that hasn't yet?

For me it's Ally McBeal. It came out in England, but not here- but I think I may have found it on eBay.
Cranky Pumpkin

seeking the easiest answer.

Is there a tool (besides LJ), that will let me read a bunch of blog posts on one page?

Last thing I tried, I could check for updates all at once, but still had to visit each blog indiviually. I want the yummy chronological format of my friends page, but not have to individually syndicate each blog I want to read.
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Who is here and not celebrating Thanksgiving, and why do you hate America?

Who is here whilst celebrating Thanksgiving, and why are you so obsessed with LJ?

(I am the former, and I have not yet forgiven the Boston Tea Party.)

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one. have you ever seen an inconvenient truth? what did you think?

two. my boyfriend just stopped smoking and is chewing the gum. i never have smoked a lot. maybe one after a hard day at work. more if i'm drinking. (i know smoking is bad. you can spare me that.) but i've noticed that he never goes outside now unless he has to (leave the house or walk our dog). i have always gone outside occasionally to at least get some fresh air. are you a "fresh air" person or can you stay inside for hours on end never seeing outside?
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you inherit well over 50million dollars -

1. what is the first thing you do w/some of it?
2. what is frivilous item, or two that you purchase?
3. how much of donation would you make to what charity?
4. would you feel right giving some of it to a few friends? and how much would you give them?
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