November 22nd, 2006

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1. At what age do you think it's "too late" to start or re-start ballet lessons?

2. What is your favorite ballet company?

3. What is your favorite ballet?
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A various assortment of various assorted questions

1a. What country are you from?
b. What country do you live in now?
c. Have you lived in any other countries?

2. If you've lived in more than one country:
a. What things did you like the most about your non-native country? What aspects of that country (culture, people) would you like to bring home and incorporate into your own country?
b. What are/were the worst things about about that country?

3a. What are the best things about your home/native country?
b. What are the worst things about it?

4. If you've never lived in another country: have you visited any other countries?

5. Do you become annoyed by tourists? Is it xenophobic to dislike or be annoyed by tourists?

6. If you could live in any country in the world, which would you pick?

7. What is the most annoying thing people do on LJ, other than write in fucking text-speak?

8. Does this fucking question have too many fucking cunt ass swearwords in it?

9. Am I currently:
a. High
b. Drunk
c. On medication
d. In need of medication
e. Other
f. None of the above

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I'm digging out my Christmas CDs (yeah, it's a bit early, but I'm getting kind of excited about Christmas music), and came across a mix I got a few years ago from an ex. The last song on it is a live parody of "I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas" called "I'm Gettin' Jack Shit For Christmas". The ex and/or one of his friends downloaded it from Kazzaa a few years back as it was falsely attributed to They Might Be Giants. It does sound a bit like John Linnell, but there's just no way TMBG did this.
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Any idea who the artist is?
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Is there any way I can watch episodes of Big Brother UK online? Or purchase the season 7 DVD? I don't think the season's over.... but when it is, where might I be able to purchase such an object?

...I've been watching clips of Nikki from Big Brother UK on youtube. I'm hoplessly entertained.

save the cheerleader save the world

1. we're changing the food my dog eats. what does your dog eat? does he like it and is it good for him? if it matters, i have a one year old bichon poodle.

2. there is this movie where this guy hides a gun that was used in a murder. the little boy that lives beside him uses that gun to shoot his dad. the entire movie revolves around finding the boy and the gun or the guy who hid the gun gets killed by the mob leader he is working for. at one point the boy is kidnapped by this crazy pedophile couple in a creepy colorful apartment. the boy is saved by the wife of the guy who hid the gun. what’s the title of this movie?

3. can you be successful without going to college/university? how?

4. for all the old G's. when you were my age (20 turning 21 in 37 days) what were you doing with your life?

5. for the yougin's who are my age (in your twenties) what are you doing with your life?

p.s. thank you for the help. i passed supermario bros. 2. now i wanna play some of those Sonic the Hedgehog games! where can i get them online?
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1. Can anyone tell me how to convert youtube videos (or capture them) to make icons with? (reccommendations for converting progs and icon progs would be good) Or make three icons for me? Since I am lacking in skillz?

2. Interesting ways to put my hair up? It needs to be up at work, and I'm tired of the same old ponytail. Curly hair ftw!

3. I am looking for funny/crazy/drama-filled blogs or sites. I get so bored on the internets!

Thanks in advance.
Animal Shelter: Overpop.
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Hey guys, thought maybe you could help me. I have a CD, and the CD won't allow me to rip it and put it on my iPod. I tried iTunes and it just won't even acknowledge there is a CD there, and in Windows Media Player when I try to choose which CD Drive the CD is in, it shows the CD name but it's grayed out and non-selectable. I've been successfully putting CDs onto my iPod all night and this is the only album giving me issues. Is there anyway I can get the album onto my computer and iPod without having to download it somewhere?


Also, how was your day?

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What activities are you really looking forward to doing at a different stage in your life?

(I really want to read a huge baby names book cover to cover, but I'm not having kids for ages or at all. Maybe I just should. And I'm totally going to internet date when I'm older, I'm bad at meeting interesting people. I had a tutor that was really excited that "You can have as many one night stands as you want once you're 30" (??))

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1) What should I do with my old, dead-as-a-doornail iPod? My warranty expired a year ago, yay.

2) Doesn't it piss you off that you spend hundreds of dollars on electronic products like MP3 players, computers, and cell phones and they only last a couple of years, if that? (The iPod couldn't even tough it out to its second birthday.)

3) Are there any MP3 players that offer a happy medium between 80GB and 8GB? 15GB would be perfect.

4) The 30GB iPod and the 8GB iPod Nano are the same price: do you think the smaller size/metal case of the Nano makes up for the 22GB difference in space?

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Do you, or anyone you know, have a subscription to Gamefly? Do you like it?

We're thinking of buying a few months for my brother for xmas, but I haven't heard people talk about it the way everyone seems to talk about Netflix.

Or, should I wait and stress myself out to see if he actually gets a Wii? If he does, I'll buy him a game he wants, but I figured with Gamefly, he can try out a bunch of games to see if he wants to buy them.

-When do you put up a tree for the holiday season?

-When is too soon to start wrapping presents? I'm finished shopping except for my brother (and have paper/bows from last year). Would it just be too insane if I spent this weekend wrapping everything up?
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Does anyone have suggestions for a video editing program that meet with the following conditions?

-Works with AVI and MPEG video files
-Can split/crop the videos in specific areas
-Can merge two videos together
-Can add text to the video (word on the bottom of the video while running, and maybe scrolly text at the end) - this is not the most important if it has this feature, it's a plus
-If you can add fancy features like the thing below or anything of that kind, it's a big plus.

Also, does anyone know how to the "3 2 1 action" clock on old TVs, where it's like staticy but with a circle and a number inside the circle, and its countdown slowly with the beep noise after each number is count.

Kinda like this:
But slower, and only 3 numbers, and whole screen is statickyish.

I want to add that to the beginning of a video, but not sure how.
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What does this dream mean?

I was in IKEA, couldn't find the pepper mill I wanted, then suddenly, I was outside at a wooden bathroom rest stop type thing (like you'd see in a park or something). Someone showed up with a dog. I petted it and immediately got SHIT on me. And I couldn't get it off.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Morning depression

Does anyone experience what I’m about to describe? When I first wake up in the morning, I feel depressed. Once I am out of bed and getting ready, the feeling is significantly reduced or completely gone. It happens whether I’m going to work, school, or on my days off so it’s not a case of me just not wanting to go to work/school.

Does anyone know of any reason for this?

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Do you have the keys to your office/place of work?

If you do, or hypothetically if you did, have you/would you ever take advantage of this for non-work purposes?

Do you ever get paranoid that you're secretly being videotaped by your employer?

If you ran a company, who would get keys to the office and who wouldn't?

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Husband and I are saving for something large for our home, so our second anniversay gift will be a small one...cotton is the traditional, china is the contemporary gift.

What's a suggestion for a gift under $30?

If you're married, how long have you been married? (2 years - together for 7)

If you're in a committed partnership, do you get one another gifts on an anniversary date? (we didn't until we got married)

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What causes acne?

God no longer loves you
Hormones and the sebaceous gland
al Qaida
Too much masturbation
A pimple got a promotion

Where do babies traditionally come from?

Something to do with having sex with birds and bees. Sounds dangerous
The cabbage patch
Mommy and daddy doing a certain dance together in bed
The stork brings them
The stork shows up, and knocks up mommy
You find them on your porch
What happens when you get a woman wet, feed her after midnight or expose her to sunlight
Kevin Federline and his superpotent swimmers

Why does everyone love Raymond?

He love you long time
They don't; they're faking it to get onto his show
He's hung like a shetland pony
He's a decent fellow
Nobody does. It's what you call an ironic title

Why won't you love me?

You can't love anyone anymore after the 'accident'
I smell like two apes greco-roman wrestling
You're just using me
You've heard the rumors about that night in Cabo
I'm an idiot and my mother dresses me funny
What do you call last night, ya perverted ingrate?
I like you, but I'm not ready to take this LJ thing to the next level yet
"I don't see a ring on this finger!"
You're allergic to me
Nobody loves you, fourcorners

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Anyone have a Motorola Razr V3m? Is there a way to upload the pictures from your phone to your computer? I have a cable to hook it up with, but no software or anthing....HELP!!

Reply here or AIM me, screenname is themusicignites

its just rust.

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For all the Thespians, or anyone who knows something about the theater business.

1. How can I find a reputable acting coach?
I was thinking about craigslist, as I have seen acting coaches advertising on there, but I'm not sure that this is a good idea. Even if they link to a professional website, how can I tell if they really know what they are doing?

2. Would it be really weird if I asked my acting professor to coach me one on one?
I think she's a brilliant actor and director, and she's the only person (right now) I could trust to coach me properly.

3. I'm auditioning for a theater school. I need one classical and one modern monologue. I don't want to be cliche and do a Shakespeare monologue, although I love his work. I was thinking of doing something from Antigone for the classical, and something from A Streetcar Named Desire for the modern. Still cliche? Do these seem like good choices? Can you suggest any monologues I could do?
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I'm wondering...

How serious does sexual harassment have to become in order for police to get involved? I'm not sure where to begin there. Would police take sexual harassment via text messages seriously?

Please, and thank you for your help.

EDIT: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate all the feedback I have gotten so far to this entry. Putting this into my memories for future reference.
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Just curious to put my spending habits in perspective...

What percentage of your paycheck goes into your savings?

Do you have one savings account or multiple?

What are you saving for?

What is your goal amount and goal date for the previous question?

If you don't put anything into savings, why not?

How much, approximaely, do you spend each month on:
- rent/mortgage
- groceries
- car/gas/etc.
- restaurants/fast food
- entertainment
- retail shopping
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What causes are most important to you?

The Causes I am most active in are...
Animal Rescue and overall animal rights such as anti-whale hunting/captivity efforts
Cancer, childhood leukemia especially
Women's Rights and Gay Rights

ETA: You don't have to pick from these...

Three questions!

1) Which Muppet would you have sex with and why  (yes, you have to pick one!)?

2) Have you ever had fried turkey? You likee?

3)Sorry to ask a myspace question, but yeah. The sent messages always have read or sent next to them. If you forward a message, it says forwarded on your outbox. The person who sent it to you, does it say forwarded next to their copy of the message too?

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What's the point of menstrual cramps? Is it just some tiny demon stabbing your uterus with a pitchfork to punish you for yet another month without getting pregnant, or is there an actual reason for them??

Sunbeam Electric Blanket

So last night my husband bought me a Sunbeam electric blanket. He bought me the basic one that doesn't have an auto shut off function.

It's this one

Anywho...I use it at night to stay warm in my freezing basement bedroom. Since it doesn't have the auto shut off function, I was wondering if anyone knew how long you could leave it on for? I plan on using it from 10 at night to like, 8 in the morning. That's the 10 hours that the other ones would go before they shut off. Does this sound like a good idea?

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I just got into a discussion with my friend about terms used to refer to a sex.

You can call a male a "guy" after about age 13.
You can call a female a "girl" up to age 18.

"Guy" works up until 30 or 40+ when "man" suffices.

What are your thoughts about this?

What terms do you use?
Is "chick" ever acceptable?
Under what circumstances?
What works for females over 18?

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Long ago, there was this community where people would post their pictures and other people would decide what animal they looked like.

There was this chick who was a lion, and she had huge blonde curls, and I really want to ask her how she got that, because my hair, however curly it gets, is flat on the top. :c

Hey, maybe you guys know! I want curls up top please, anybody have any ideas? If you find me the community, I'll show you this chick's picture as an example :D

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1. It is cloudy today. I came across someone who was in a horrible mood because she didn't get any sun. Apparently she has to sit in front of a sun lamp 20 minutes each day or else she is grumpy all day. Apparently she'd missed her time in front of the lamp this morning... Since it was cloudy and she was in a bad mood, I didn't dare ask her more. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

2. There is one cookie left on the plate, and both children want it. How do you resolve this situation without causing fights between the children. (Keeping in mind if you cut it, they will both squeal the other's half is bigger.)

3. There's nothing better than hockey! I have been off my legs for 6 weeks because of a knee surgery, but FINALLY I have the okay to start moving again! I am finding that I get realy tired really fast whenever I jog or skate. How can I ever get my endurance back? ,,I want to play hockey again!! (I don't have a gym available, but am open to other suggestions.)

4. a. Where do rights come from? b. if they are earned (ie "responsibility" is the answer a lot of people have given me), what about people who cannot earn them? c. if they are intrinsic, why?


Scenario: You have a one night stand with someone that you have been friends with for years. A little while later you find out that you contracted HIV from him.
1.) How would you deal with them if THEY knew but didn't tell you? Or if they didn't know?
2.)Would it be worse to contract HIV from your long-time SO (they didn't necessarily cheat, maybe from blood transfusion) because they didn't tell you or from a stranger who refused to wear a condom (and you obviously weren't smart enough to make them)?
3.) If you found out your partner had it, and they told you before sleeping with you, would you still consider having a relationship with them?

For the ladies:
If you had HIV would you risk getting pregnant, even if there were drugs that could prevent infection of the baby (less than 100% of the time)?
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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What's the best fucked up translation you've been able to get Babelfish to give you?

I ran the first two lines of the Star Spangled Banner through several languages, and it gave me this:

"OH - can look at the word you in what alazonjko' is recommended by the first lighting of ekkjniti'ra crack of day, way or a other that lampjrj'zoyme final means in the dawn"

Greek and Chinese really fuck it up. :D

What do you do when you're really damn bored?
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animated icons.

So. I made an animated icon using Adobe Image ready.

I tried to upload it to my livejournal userpics and I get a thing that says "error. You cannot add userpics that are more than 100x100 pixels that are gifs."

So I tried again, this time I resized the icon to 99pixels and it still wouldn't accept it.

kiv dancin.
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Inspired by my lunch

Poll #873573 Sammich!

When you're making a sandwhich for yourself, what do you put on it?

Salt and Pepper
Meat of some kind
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Paper help

I'm writing a paper about whether or not people who influence young people (sports entertainers, musicians, artist, etc), and do incredibly stupid things or are just a very bad influence, should be publicly sanctioned. But I'm having a hard time of thinking about stars who have done some incredibly bad or stupid things and just kinda got off the hook for it. Can anyone think of some besides Kobe Bryant, OJ, and Micheal Jackson? Thanks

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i've had my kitty cat since i was in 4th about 10 years. she's definitely not the most intelligent cat, so i wasn't surprised when i arrived home from college for a visit and my mom said, "she probably doesn't remember you."
what do you think? she basically acts the same around all people (she's very affectionate and loooves everyone) so it's difficult to tell if she really does know who i am. your thoughts?
Penguin Xing

Inspired by an overheard conversation...

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There wasn't a consensus today, in this conversation that took place at my office (...).  One person was griping that her boyfriend hardly even breathes, and a couple of others thought that would be a nice change from what they thought was too much vocalizing.  So, what say you all?
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Helping out a friend!

I'm looking for some good pregnancy-information and post-birth books, as my friend is a little overwhelmed by the selection on the market. She just recently found out she's expecting, so now she's freaking out and demanding literature. XD

If you have any good pregnancy/baby-related book recommendations, do tell! Also, were any particular titles especially helpful during your pregnancy?

My friend (well, mostly me, because I know jack and shit about babies and I don't want to listen to her asking me questions constantly) thanks you! :)
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I have the dorm to myself until Sunday. Aside from the typical partying and swinging from the ceiling fan, what should I do? Non-serious answers only, please. :)
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Guiliani for president?

What are your thoughts of Guiliani for President?

I'd all but given up hope for the Republicans (and am myself quite on the fence/liberal). But if he runs, I'll have to give it a second thought.

He's quite liberal, and will have a tough time getting the support of the Christian right, but he may be the only way to save the party... and in doing so may redefine them as well, being as liberal as he is.
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My mom and I just made a lovely two layer cake. Pumpkin spice cake, in fact. :-¶ But before we frost it, we had a debate about the way to arrange the layers. She says that you should have a round top. I ask her if she's ever seen a cake like that in a supermarket. She doesn't answer but says that's the way her mother taught her to do it. I think it would look nicer with a flat top. What do you guys think?

a) round top
b) flat top
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not a spoiler!

For those of you who are playing or have played Final Fantasy XII:

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On a somewhat related topic, who's your sexiest male video game character of all time?

(Mine has got to be Gippal from Final Fantasy X-2, although Bart Fatima from Xenogears is a runner up. See a trend? Hm.)

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1. So, I have this really young relative - I think he's my third cousin, or second cousin once removed. He's not a year old yet and we knew he was really sick when he was born, but now it's getting worse and they think they're going to try some operation where they take part of an adult's liver and give it to him. So here's the question...

Who are they most likely to ask to donate part of their liver? The side of the family that he's closest to, genitically, are all 30+ and kind of heavy drinkers with a history of weird spine problems that they take medicine for. Our part of the family isn't as genitically close, but we have thanksgiving together (as in, most of us would certainly be willing to give the little guy some liver although we aren't as related or somesuch) - but everyone on this side of the family is 50+ and rarely drink or get sick, except for me. So for a liver transplant situation like this, what are the important things they look for in a donor?

Baisically, I'm just trying to prepare myself if someone asks me to pass the peas, and oh, could I spare some liver? at our Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Have you ever donated an organ or part of an organ to someone else before? Is so, what was it like?

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Lol sorry two questions in a row...

What's the best
dramatic effect mascara
? You know, those ones with two ends; one end with a white base and the other end with the actual black mascara?

It would have to be available in the UK (I'm thinking along the lines of Boots here)

And while I'm at it, does that
stuff actually work? For how long?
tea tasting

(no subject)

1. What is the cheapest vacation you've ever gone on?
2. What is the BEST vacation you've gone on?

3. What is a good book (or two) on Islam, that isn't horribly biased in either direction?
4. How many cups of tea or coffee (or other caffeinated beverage) do you drink each day?


What's your favorite part of Chex Mix?

How many Walmarts are in the town where you live?

Would you spend $100 on a perfume?

Do you like cranberry in a can?

Are you as bored as I am?

(no subject)

Do guys ever blow themselves? I mean, it can't be that hard, considering you're bendy enough or your dick is long enough.

Opposite question (in case any of you smart alecs ask): do girls eat themselves out? I don't, because it's disgusting. I don't think I would even like it if a guy did it and it's where my urine and menstrual blood come out, so NO.

(no subject)

I got a comment in my journal this morning with this;
Colective homicide-suicide pact for mass murder.
Email me at:
if interested.

After checking it out a bit, a lot of people seem to be responding to it & some seem to be taking it seriously. What should I do, if anything?

Should I

Ignore it (if it's real, let the little bastards off themselves)
Report it to LJ (& be a responsible adult for once)

I would have initially ignored it, except for the whole homicide part.
[dance] pink side to side

tea time!

Just how tacky is it to go into a chain coffeeshop (in my case, Tim Hortons) and ask for a cup of hot water with sugar, to put your OWN teabag into?

Their teas are nice enough, and it's RIGHT beside my office, but I'd like my own teas to have in the morning. :)

Help me, ever-knowing LiveJournal! Is this too much of a faux-pas in the world of coffeeshops?!

ETA: So I guess it's alright if I just ask for the cup of water and leave a tip? (I do this anyway, pity for the food servers of the world!) It's not a matter of being cheap, just picky as hell. :)
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actual conversation (just not in a high school)

Imagine you're in high school, and there's a clot of people talking as they root around in their lockers.

Girl 1: "Oh, I like your hair scrunchie." (This is an actual conversation, it is not my fault she is wearing a scrunchie)
Girl 2: "Thanks, it's my favorite."
Boy: "It is... diaphanous."
Girls: *blinkblink*
Boy: "You have a diaphanous hair scrunchie. I believe no-one has ever said 'You have a diaphanous hair scrunchie' before. I think every time someone says something, except, you know, stock phrases like 'Hello' and 'how are you,' it's the first time anyone's saying that sentence."

At what point in the last paragraph would you develop an overwhelming urge to stuff him in his locker and/or steal his lunch money?
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

Will you be taking part in Black Friday?
If so, what stores will you be making a spot at?
What are you planning on buying?

If anyone has been to Woodbury Commons during Black Friday, is it worth it?

(no subject)

Last night I made a post about my mom giving me a jewelry box full of antique jewelry. I was worried that they might be rusty even though they didn't look it, or if wearing them could give me lockjaw/tetanus/something funky. A girl replied that if I haven't yet, I should get my tetanus shot updated. She didn't reply back so now I'm asking here: How long do tetanus shots last? I searched and came up with 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years. My last tetanus shot was when I was 16 [I'm nineteen now]. Should I be okay?
Rivet Riot


I just got a new cell phone (Motorola V325i, if you were wondering) that allows me to import my own ring tones. I'm having a hard time thinking of more songs that would make spiffy ring tones, though. I've already made The Chameleons UK - Swamp Thing, David Bowie - Let's Dance, and Jesse Cook - Canción Triste. If you like, you can see what kind of music I listen to here. The question is- What songs should I make into ringtones for my new phone?

Feel free to be creative.
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2 random questions:

1)  Around what time do you plan on eating, or normally eat, your Thanksgiving dinner?  Is this about the same time you eat dinner every other night, earlier, later..?
We usually eat our Thanksgiving dinner around 3:30, which is way earlier than we normally have dinner.  I have no idea why we eat it so much earlier than our normal dinners..

2)  Have you, or anyone you know, ever been on a game show?  If yes, which one?  Did they win anything?
No :(

what store did this come from?

my fiance and i got a wedding gift in the mail today from my great great aunt. two things from our dillard's registry and then a huge comforter set that we did not register for, don't need, and don't like. it has the price tag still on it but i can't quite figure out what store it's from. i know i have seen tags like it before though. anyway we are hoping to figure it out so we can return it and get something that we actually need. there is no way we can ask my aunt where it came from because she would flip out if she thought we were going to return it or didn't like it. she will never know because she is around 90 and lives in a nursing home and won't be attending the wedding or ever visiting or anything.

anyway, here's some pictures of the tag. it is a sort of yellow color. who knows where this is from?? thanks tqc!

ETA: Thanks for all the suggestions! There is no Marshalls or Value City or Century 21 (what is that??) near my aunt (in Longview, Texas). BUT I just found some earrings I bought the other day at Burlington Coat Facotry and the tag is a dead-on match. I knew I had seen it before! It is weird to me that all these places have such similar tags! Now I just hope BCF will let me return it...

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Bald Eagle mating habbits

OK, am I insane or can someone back me up here...

I am 99% positive that bald eagles mate by uniting in mid flight, several miles up in the air. And the mate as they plummet to the earth.

Is it another species of Eagle?

Or am I just insane?

Please settle this argument for me.
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Continuing my learning of Spanish to become fluent is on my "to do" list, and from some recent job scouting, it seems I'll need the skill sooner rather than later.

Has anyone ever taken an intesive forgien language course (packing years into months)?  What was the program, and you do have any recommendations?