November 21st, 2006

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Ok, TQC, this is a vague one. I am trying to figure out where I heard/read this quote. It goes something along the lines of "eventually your kid will grow up to be the most interesting person you'll ever meet". Basically it was about a child driving its' parents crazy until later in life when the kid and parent totally got along. It could be from a movie or book - I can't remember. Help?

Edit: Answered! Thanks!

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For the love of everything holy, I cannot seem to get a straight answer to this simple question. Not Google, not, not blogs ...

What is the purpose of the "" reference in a DOCTYPE declaration?

Does this only exist to facilitate validating the page's markup -- in the event that someone or something wants to do so?

Or does the browser attempt to connect to this location and parse this DTD file each time the page loads? Surely to God that's not the case ... right?
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1.) i live 40 minutes from my parents house, where i will be spending thanksgiving weekend. i have a small beta fish, and i have no idea how to get him there. i could take the train, but with my bags that will be a huge hassle carrying him. i can't drive because this is new york city and i don't have a car, but i could ask my mom to pick me up. is that lame? are there better alternatives?

2.) to put it bluntly, how do i find a boyfriend?

3.) do you think family guy is funny?
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Do any of you have any suggestions for a polite but firm way to tell someone to shut up and let me do my homework in peace?

I'm a grad student and a teaching assistant in my department, and as part of being a TA I'm required to have office hours. I don't mind chatting a little with friends during that time, but since my hours are long I like to bring articles to read. The problem is, one of my colleagues/classmates can't seem to understand that I might actually like to be able to focus on the very complex stuff I'm reading, and will interrupt me to make random comments or ask for help on her homework every minute or so (which doesn't leave me enough time to get through much).

I don't want to be rude because came in at the same time I did, and as a result of that and our similar academic interests we tend to wind up in a lot of the same classes. That, and I just see no point in being rude if I can avoid it. I've tried things like putting on a headset, but she keeps talking anyway and if I turned the music up loud enough to drown her out it would become distracting. I've also tried continuing to read/look at my article while she talks, but that doesn't work either. At this point in the semester I can't change the time of my office hours (it would completely screw up my schedule) and there's really no other place for me to hold them. Any ideas?
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Okay, so for those of you that live as foreigners in another country (or feel like one as I do), what's your most irritating cultural pet peeve?  Hope my answer makes some sense.  If not I need more caffeine.

I can't stand the fact that where I live (India), there's actually no real concept of a queue or line.  I can stand there politely waiting my turn to order or whatever and some asshole will just barge right past me.  This happens often, almost daily.  And I'm way too small to ever pick a fight so I just grit my teeth and bear it.  At the McDonald's outside my house (where they serve no beef, btw) the guys behind the counter usually try to serve whoever was there first, but at the Subway's (and most other places) people would just cut in front of me and get served first, as in most places here, since culturally it's just not really rude to do that here (the agony).  Granted its something that would piss anyone off, but my point is that its just not commonly seen as rude here.  Of all the things I've gotten used to from a culture-clash standpoint (and the list is very, very long), thats one of the things that still manages to really piss me off, and regularly :-/
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I Need to Excel at Ordering Schtuff!

Hello all, long time no post from me, but I have a query for you compucentric TQCers.

We use Excel constantly at my workplace (Rave Motion Pictures) and I want to simplify our concession ordering procedure. Essentially, I need the following story to have a happy ending via a formula that I don't know how to write:

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My fiance and I are moving out soon, and we were thinking about getting a dog. Either a Chihuahua or a Yorkie, aka Yorkshire Terrier. They're both really small, but my question is this.

I know that you can take a Chihuahua outside and play with it and such, but can you do that with a Yorkie? They seem a little more fragile than Chihuahuas. Right now we're leaning more toward a Chihuahua, but I have always wanted a Yorkie. So, is a Yorkie the kind of dog you can take to the beach/carry around? Does anyone know? :-[
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what has he got a tea cozy on his head for?

1. Are you sexy? Do you like chilling out?

2. How important is it to you for a movie to have death or a dead body in it? I just realized several of my very favorite movies usually have one or the other in them.

3. The last dream I remember having was about heat-seeking missles. What was the last dream you remember having about?

4. Would you date a step sibling if you didn't grow up together?

5. Did you ever eat paste? Or anything else that isn't exactly edible?

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Why is my dog acting weird?
Lately he has been waiting outside my bedroom door when I get up in the morning, which is weird because he isn't allowed upstairs and he has never had a problem following rules before. He's been acting scared a lot, too, and right now he's at the bottom of the stairs whining at me. We've been out 4 or 5 times this morning, but apparently that's not what he wants.
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Is there a Doctor out there?

OK I KNOW this is not a replacement for a visit to a doctor, etc... BUT...
I am in Cambodia and I got sick...
It's an ear-infection bronchial thing....
I went through 2 courses of antibiotics - the first time something related to penicillin, the second time on Cipro. Five days, each time...
Now I'm on Amoxacillin, 500 mg 2x a day, and I'm going to do maybe 7 days? It's been 3 already and I have only a very slight nagging soreness or something - hardly anything anymore... My neck nodes are a bit swollen...
I can go to Bangkok in about a week, and I've been sick for maybe 2 months - I really ignored it for as long as I could.
So the questions are:
What should I do?
Am I breeding some sort of super-bug, or what, and if so, what should I do with it?
And, on an unrelated note:
Why is it that common sense is not so common?
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I live in northern virginia.

I have off december 22-24 and need to be back home by no later than 9 am on christmas day.

our options are drive to disney world the night of the 21 and spend the 22,23 and until 5 pm on the 24 with his family at disney. (note we just got back from disney on oct. 30)


drive up to nyc and come home the night of the 24th. neither of us has been to nyc and it would be a 5 hour drive as opposed to a 15 hour drive each way.

which would you choose?

and unfortunately flying is not an option.
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Poll #872739 Star Trek

What's your job on the ship?

I'm the captain. I'm at the helm
First officer. I fill in when the captain's away, and flirt with the opposite sex
Cold, logical science officer
Rugged engineer, who always seems to be aware of how much more the ship can take
Cynical medical officer
I sit on the bridge, looking pretty and hailing other ships
Ship-piloting android
'Roided-out klingon security officer
Oversensual counceller
I'm the asian representative, thanks to affirmative action
Strange, annoying alien who lives on the ship, usually pissing off the crew
I'm one of the nameless, carbon copy ensigns who beam down with the crew on away missions. Most of us get killed or captured in the first 5 minutes!
Hot cyborg, who's primary job is to titilate the crew and boost ratings

You spy a blue alien humanoid. What do you do?

Study it with my scanner
Protect the crew from it. I may have to prod it into attacking me, so I look heroic in slaying it. I secretly wanted to kill it the whole time
I sleep with it
I befriend it and have it take me to its race, where I learn all about this new species
Nothing. Prime directive, man

Biggest threat for you in space?

The warlike, treacherous Klingons
Batshit violent Romulans
Warlike, encroaching Cardassians
Assimulating force of the Borg
Overly curious, peace-enforcing, can't-mind-my-own-business Federation
Sexual advances of the first officer
Odd, bi-speciel, love triangle
Your own increasing, uncontrollable lust towards the hot cyborg
Series cancellation

Why did you join the Federation?

Find new life forms and study them
To bring peace to the universe
Find new life forms....and sleep with them
To roadtest these new emotion chips in my motherboard
I was in the intergalactic exchange program
To find romance, excitement, love
Career advancement
To kill things
Uniforms are so sexy
I'm secretly in the tribble sales business. I only join to replenish my stock

Best captain?


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Who here has a HUGE problem using public bathrooms or other peoples' bathrooms? I can but it's really really difficult for me. I live in the dorms and it's like torture when other people walk in. I think I'm a little neurotic. :)

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this problem. It's such a pain in the ass! I will hold it for DAYS to avoid other people hearing. Freaks unite!
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must shop...

What should I wear to job interviews?

Collapse ) have a job interviews upcoming in a couple days and have absolutely nothing to wear. I'm talking three pairs of pants, a ripped skirt, couple sweatesr, and a bunch of t-shirts nothing. (We just moved 3000 miles in a tiny car; most of our stuff is in shipping boxes somewhere between CA an GA right now.)

So I need to go shopping for an outfit of presentable clothes, and hopefully spend less than $100. Suggestions?

Thanksgiving Eats.

1. Do you actually enjoy eating turkey?
1b. Do you consider as good or better than chicken?

2. Do you like pumpkin pie?

3. Do you like yams and things made from them?

4. Aside from the above, is there other traditional Thanksgiving stuff that you don't like?

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for 65redroses :)

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What are some of the names of usual holiday collectibles? There's a certain doll like toy I see a lot of, but can't think of the name of.

Do you collect anything holiday related?
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What does it mean when I have dreams about ex-friends, them wanting again to be my friend or vice versa, even though in reality I could never let that happen? If it matters, it wasn't a "growing apart" kind of thing that ended the friendships, it was a "falling out" on bad terms.
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what upbeat songs with whistling in are there other than bob mCFERRIN's don't worry be happy?


is the episode "sleeping with the enemy" (where marge adopts nelson and lisa is anorexic) made to be different than the other episodes? it seems to be a lot more realistic than other episodes and has camera angles, and maggie actually being a charecter than a prop, it seems really weird to me when i'm watching it?

is the part where homer draws a cartoon of himself metafiction?

have you noticed homer's ears and hair makes the initials "M.G"?

in the episode homer smokes weed, marge says "we're all out of cupcakes and paperclips" what would he have used the paper clips for? all i can think of is a poking device

he also says "it makes everything funny, even the program that comes on after friends"

what would have been played after friends? i guessed it was the simpsons


what smokings games are there?

in american films, students smoking cannabis always seem to have huge bags so

- what is the usual weight for weed and how much does it cost? is it thc or bushweed?


What is the best/worst mistranslation you have seen?

Do you think sometimes the mistranslation is intentional?

I went to a market recently. They had a childrens toy, one of those things where you press say a cow pic, that has "cow" written under it & it goes "moo".

The one I saw was had picture of a bear with "swine" written under it that said "ribbit".

I just don't know how that could be an accident.
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1. Which celebrities do you think are "hot" that others do/might find odd?
2. What's the most interesting thing you found out regarding your ancestor(s)?
3. What's the worst thing that happened during a job interview you went on?
4. What do you think of Chicago (the musical and/or movie)?

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My mom just gave me a jewelry box full of old, tacky, awesome costume jewelry. So far none of it looks rusted, but I'm not sure. I think some of the pokey-things that go in your ears are tarnished, or some of the metal like, peeled off? I always clean my earrings with alcohol swabs. Is that safe enough? Do I have anything to worry about when I wear them [like lockjaw, whatever]? If they were rusted, it'd be very visable right? I think most of them are just tarnished...

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1 For those who have a job, how do you get paid? In cash, a cheque, direct deposit, livestock, something else?
2 If you could have any book/tv/movie doctor and/or nurse treat you illness and spend time at your bedside, who would you choose?
3 I'm having an ultrasound on Friday and should hopefully find out if my baby is a boy or a girl - what do you think it is? (and I've already had guesses of unicorn, pirate, ninja and robot)

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So i just got a strange call on my cell...It was from a Georgia, with a woman saying that because im a visa/mastercard holder i have been picked to get a free vacation, 3 free magazines and entered in 2 drawings to win 10,000. I know it all sounds fishy and trust me i didnt give them any of my personal info but they had my address and comfirmed it with me. The woman told me the name of the company was SMP, and im just wondering if anyone has any info on the company or anything similar to this
thanks - Heather
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Do certain cars make you carsick, if you get carsick?

My answers, which partially explain why I'm curious?
Subarus. I don't understand why-- but both my friend's Subaru Legacy and my mom's Subaru Outback make me really sick. Maybe I only get into nauseating situations before riding with them, but I don't get it. My mom's has leather seats, which is part of it, I thought, but my friend's is cloth. Wtf?

Camera questions

Hey everyone, sorry to ask this question, but i really need help.

My dad said he'd buy me a new digital camera for xmas, and I've been searching for a month, but there are so many different ones that I'm having trouble finding one to suit my needs.

I know that i DEFINATLY need white balance, macro mode, and at least 4-5 megapixels.

Other than that, everything else is a bouns. We're looking to spend no more than $500 (canadian).

If you could possibly come up with some suggestions or places i can go that would help, that would be great!

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I'm so confused!

I've seen stuff like size 3, 9, 15, but all the retailers around here carry the even numbered sizes.  I've tried googling for odd numbered sizes, and I can't find anything.  I  think I'm a 15 -- 14 too tight, 16 too loose, but I can't find any place to try them on.  Anyone wear odd numbered sizes? Where have you seen them?

ETA: Ok, now that we've established that they're juniors sizes...
How do I fix this problem of being right in the middle of these two sizes? Besides obviously losing more weight, which I'm working on.
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Plaza Hotel in New York

I've tried to find information, but I'm having a tough time. Does anyone know what, if anything, happened to the Fairmont Plaza Hotel in New York City? Someone told me it was converted into condominiums, but I can't find that anywhere definitively.

EDIT: Have any of you ever been to the Plaza? What was your experience like?

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I signed a paper at the hiring of my new job saying that I would be getting a 200 dollar sign on bonus if I stay till November 21st.

Today I got the check, and it was only 134.70 - taxed.

Everyone was having a fit, because we all thought we were getting 200 dollars, and it's what we signed up for.

Is that, right? And allowed?

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I'm in a long distance relationship. Its not that bad as its only 400 miles but thats still a 6-8 hour drive for him (I don't drive)  So we see each other every few weeks

How do I make him miss me more? (I'm not being cruel, I just want him to miss me a bit more than he does)

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How long do you date someone before you open up all your thoughts and problems to them? Lets say after a commitment has been made.

Do you hold back the problems and stress in your life until later in the relationship, or do you just let it all out early?

And do you expect the same from them?
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For the first time in my life, I have dry skin on my face. It's very strange, but I guess now I need a moisterizer.

So what is the best moisterizer without being over $10 a bottle? I normally have oily skin, but it's been really dry lately, so I'd like to avoid something greasy in case it decides to be oily again and break out horribly.
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oh... snap

1. a. when you were little, did your version of "eeny meeny miney mo" have a racial epithet in it?
b. where're you from?

2. a. do you like mince pies? do you think they are an adequate holiday dessert?
b. where're you from? hahahaha, iiii'm an idiot

3. a. you're 5 months pregnant, your boyfriend decides to go to rehab, what do you think?
b. he confronted you about cheating on national tv, but, SURPRISE! the guy you're boning on the side gets arrested cause there was a warrant for his arrest. all things considered, how do you justify how horrible your bangs are?
c. will you get your bangs fixed before you go on maury to determine the paternity of your child?

4. what do you think about the assassination of pierre gemayel?

5. do you think "part time student" is a legitimate occupation?
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Thank you letters

If I'm writing a thank you email to the woman who interviewed me (who happens to be the vice president of this company) what do I put the subject as?

How much do you think a thank you letter matters? I reeeeally want this job.