November 20th, 2006

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1. What's your favorite Jack Handey quote/deep thought?

And if you're a not a Jack Handey fan [which everyone should be...]
2. They say you learn something new every day. What did you learn today? Or yesterday if it's really early where you reside.

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Ok, so I am a loser and have a crazy desire to own 2gether the dvd. I would love to find it cheap enough to buy 2 one for my roomie, but I come first. Anyway, it's outrageously priced everywhere I've found it, any ideas of where else to look other than, Amazon, ebay, etc?
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What do you guys think of this computer?? It is on sale on Friday at best buy with a 15" monitor instead of the 17" and without the printer... They are selling it for $200...

I'm not worried about the lack of software because I can get it cheap, but what do you guys think of the actually system?;jsessionid=RDVHXHNJFJKDVKC4D3NFAGQ?skuId=8007319&type=product&productCategoryId=pcmcat103700050067&id=1155848397067

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It looks like I'm not going to have time to set up a TQC gift exchange site. Sorry. Whoever originally posted about it... I still might be able to help organize in some way if you want to go ahead with it.

And so this is a question... two questions!

Is it possible to set up chapters or sections in an OpenOffice Writer document so that I can jump to them easily, like maybe with tabs or a tree like some PDFs have? I found something called "sections" in the documentation, but it doesn't sound like what I'm looking for.

How little sleep do you have to be looking at before you just say, "screw it, I'm pulling an all-nighter?"

Sing, sing a song, make it simple, to last the whole day long

Do you have a song playing in your head right now? If so, what is it?

I woke up with "The Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance (or is it Taking Back Sunday) in my head. It's still here. Nothing is helping. At this point, I wish Justin Timberlake would bring sexy back and take over the parade. I wish the Black Parade would march over the London Bridge and fall down. Anything.
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Do you ever write private entries?

What is the most effective cold medicine?
I don't know, that's why I'm asking.

What kind of shoes are you wearing today?
Saddle shoes.
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Random Monday Questions

1. Do you take anything (perscription, herbal, etc.) to help you sleep?

2. What do you take? Does it work well? Any side effects?

3. Does anyone own both a dog and a cat? Do they get along?

4. Does anyone here live in Vancouver?

Legal reasons for marriage

1) What are the legal reasons for marriage?

People say "it's just a piece of paper," but I think there are good legal reasons for marriage. I'm just not sure what all the legitimate legal reasons are specifically. Thoughts?

For example, my grandparents were married three times throughout the years. When they were in their late 60s, they decided to marry again solely for legal, medical decisions, social security checks, and of course companionship and taking care of each other (but they had separate bedrooms). Any other good legal reasons? To me (the love and commitment part totally aside), marriage just seems like sooooo much more than a piece of paper.

2) Also, WHY would it be strange for a married couple with a new baby to own two separate houses and occasionally spend time apart in their own homes? Personally, if I were to get married I really wouldn't want to give up my house (which I love) and would like for us to have our own space if we needed it, especially with a baby. Hmmm... Thoughts?

3) Is it really true that the first year or two of marriage with a baby is extremely difficult and most couples break up? How can that be avoided?

4) Do unmarried women with a baby always give the child the father's last name or do they do the hyphen thing with their last name and the father's last name?

*Question #2 EDITED
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Celebrity breakdown ?

Inspired by our friend Cosmo Kramer...

Besides maybe "The Mel Gibson anti-semitic/sugartits tirade" what's the worst celebrity breakdown/tirade?
If athletes count as celebrities, my vote goes towards Mike Tyson biting Lennox Lewis on the leg, talking about performing an act on some reporter until the reporter loves him and calling him a homosexual (but not in those words).

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You find an old VHS tape, and put it in, to see what it is. It's full of some weird images and you don't recall recording this. After a minute, you see a ringlike nimbus, and the tape stops. You're confused and are about to take the tape out to throw it away or record over it later, when your cell phone/landline rings. You naturally answer it, and a child's voice on the other end says "Seven days" and hangs up.

Do you take the preceedings that occurred in the last couple minutes seriously? What do you do?

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My Grandma's basement has some mold on the ceiling. (on the wooden joists)
There isn't too much, but I was wondering what we could use to clean it. I heard that bleach would work, but some sites say that isn't good. Any suggestions? Or a product we can use?

Just a note: my grandma can't get down in the basement herself, so we only have the week that we are staying here to do it for her.
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1. What happens to movie websites after the movie is released?

2. Do you have any children? If so, how old are they and do they believe in Santa Claus?

3. What is your favorite sno-cone/water ice flavor?

4. What does your typical breakfast consist of?

5. What sort of art do you like? Any particular styles or mediums that you seem to prefer over others?
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Christmas gift idea help...

What would a good "experience" gift be for an 8 year old girl for Christmas?

For Christmas this year I told my ten-year-old sister that I would take her to a women's basketball game at my school because she loves playing basketball and is already picking what colleges she wants to go to based on their basketball programs. So I figured taking her up to my school for a day to hang out and see the basketball game would be a great gift for her. The game is before Christmas though, so I'm going to give her like a small scrapbook of he day on Christmas.

However, if I were to give her a gift when I've taken the older one out for a day she's going to tell me "You never spend any time with me. You hate me. It's because I'm the middle child. I'm always ignored." So, I'm trying to think of an experience gift for her as well.

I'm thinking I might get her a wallet and put gift certificates (like $10 each) to a bunch of different stores and then take her out shopping for the day, but I'm not sure about that yet. So, any ideas?

edit To everyone who says "find something she likes and take her to that", yes I agree that's the perfect idea. However, she doesn't have anything that grabs her attention except maybe her Gameboy games right now. Other than that everything else is "Okay" or she'll be extremely interested in it for a week and then she's over it. So ideas that are a bit more generalized would be more helpful. Thanks.
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1. Do you have an IRA?
Not yet, I'm opening one next week.

2. If you do, how old were you when you opened it?
I'm 19.

3. I'm quitting my job today. I've only been there a little over three weeks, and it's at a store in the mall. Should I go there and tell them, or call?
EDIT: I'm going to go in and tell them today.

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Poll #871967 Which would you find more disappointing?

A son....

who was an openly gay transsexual?
who was a gay basher?

A daughter...

who was the kind of slut who went home with a different guy every weekend?
who's the next Ann Coulter?

A coworker...

who was the idiot daughter of the boss, who spent most of the time on the phone, which only made your workload bigger?
who was a creepy pervert who constantly ogled you, and found excuses to come over and give you shoulder rubs?

A president...

who had numerous sexual dalliances, who used his position to get laid?
who started a poorly planned war to make his rich friends richer?

A movie...

that's 3/4ths really good, but has a really stupid ending?
that's mediocre 3/4ths through, but has an amazing twist ending?

I'm going to phrase this question differently. Which significant other would you rather have?

who remembered all your birthdays and anniversarys and little things you said ("I can't believe you remembered I loved rubber duckies!"), but was too broke to do much more than buy you a card and write you a heartfelt poem?
who forgot your birthday and other important dates and didn't notice the little things you said, but would surprise you once in a while with an expensive, lavish gift that you could never afford on your own?
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Why are Native Hawaiians and Native Alaskans not considered Native Americans?

EDIT-People keep saying they are. -Every- form I've seen that has a place to check a box for "race" there are seperate boxes for Native American, Native Hawaiian and Native Alaskan.
Kasumi of the DOA games
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Kramer goes straight up nuts!

What this is all about

Poll #871923 When he holds the inevitable tearfully-apologetic press conference...

What will Michael Richards blame his racist rant on? (Check all you think will apply)

Drug Abuse
Perscription Meds
Abused As A Child
"Going Through A Rough Time"
None of the above: He'll disappear like Jimmy The Greek
NOTA: He'll man up and admit to just being an asshole
Other (Specifiy in a reply)
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Gobble day!

Okay, so this question comes after explaining what a hand turkey is to a British foreign exchange student yesterday:

1) Do you know what a hand turkey is?
2) If so, when was the last time you made one?
3) Has anyone given you one lately? If so would you post it? :)

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what would my first cousin's daughter be in relation to me?

what would my grandmother's 1st cousin be in relation to me?

what's a good way to prevent chapped lips? i hate chapstick.

how long should you keep your paystubs?

Car Rentals

When you rent a car do you add on the extra insurance the car rental place offers? Anyone ever paid for the extra insurance and had to use it? Do you think it's worth the extra money?

Going on a road trip for Thanksgiving and want to make sure I made the right decision.

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I'm leaving tomorrow to drive from Detroit to Pittsburgh. I'm bringing the dog and the bird, but I also have a turtle. He's a red ear slider and about 5 1\2 inches (across his shell).

I can't find anyone who isn't going away for the holiday, Would it be okay to take him with me? (Providing I keep him warm)
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How do you feel about people getting personal calls at work?

My boss has like a million relatives and they call her constantly, and she even has me answer the phone sometimes and tell them she's in a meeting. This one cousin of hers called three times in ten minutes. Give it a rest!

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I own

a DVR (TiVo and the like)
a DVD player
a record player/turntable
an audio cassette player
a CD player
an mp3 player

Of this equipment, do feel any of them are obsolete and you will never use them again/have no need for them?
Which one(s)?

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Wanna help me name my bird place?

For those who don't know, I'm a wild bird rehabilitator, and I'm going to try to open my own center next year. I really have absolutely no ideas about what to call the place that don't sound stupid to me.

Wild bird rehabilitation centers that already exist, off the top of my head include:
Avian Haven
The Raptor Trust
Avian Wildlife Center
Wildlife Rescue
Cedar Run Wildlife
Wild Bird Recovery
Raptor Rescue
Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS)
Birds in Flight Sanctuary
Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary
Ohio Wildlife Center
Jen's Wrens

That's all I can think of right now for centers in operation. For the record, I live in Morris Country, NJ, so could use any of that in the name, I guess. My husband keeps suggesting Caily's Critters, but I'd prefer to be a bit more professional if at all possible. ;) I'm horrible at brainstorming - help please! :D
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine


So a bus in Alabama just crashed, and 3 students died, and most went to the hospital.

This was a bus full of high schoolers.

Say some higher being came down and told you this was going to happen and there was nothing you could do about it, but you could choose the age level/school of the students. Would you choose high school, middle school (junior high) or elementary school students? Why?

Also, you have to choose one-- otherwise the higher being is just going use three buses covering all categories.

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I can't find this anywhere, and I really don't think I'm trying too hard.
does anyone have the Six Feet Under Season 1 first disc?

I rented it from Blockbuster, and it says episodes 1-4 on the front, but I can only access episodes 1-3 on the episode menu.

Am I missing something??
I've tried it on my laptop and my tv. I just can't figure it out.
I wanna rent the second disc, but I don't wanna get it until I watch the 4th episode.


The Dude Abides

Hate ?s

Do you think most[insert race here] people have latent racism/hatred against [insert another race here] people?

Do you think most thin people have latent hatred against fat people and vice versa?

Serious and non-serious answers only please.

(no subject)

1. Do you want to move?
2. If so, where? Across town, out of your parent's house, out of your SO's place, into a different apartment, into a new house, across country, a different country?

(for me, short term we want to move into a different apt. but it takes about 4k to do that so we are still saving -hopefully in Feb.  Long term, in about 2 1/2 years we want to move to Anchorage, AK)

3. I have about 25 gigabytes of music on my harddrive and I don't want to lose it.  How would you back it up (as in, onto what)? I'm thinking about a zip drive of some sort or just an extra hard drive.  I'd like cheap but convenient if possible. 


Is philosophical discourse dead?

Do people even think anymore, or do they just use wikipedia and google to do it for them?

How is your Fantasy Football team doing?
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Video Cameras

I am in the market for a video camera, but I have no idea what brand/features are best. I was thinking that a camcorder that records onto DVDs would be the easiest way to archive things, but I admittedly have no clue. Do you have a video camera that you recommend? Any brand preferences? I'd like to keep the cost under $500.
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Over the past few weeks I have noticed that when looking at things that are far away my sight is blurred. So, I think I need glasses.

Thing is, I don't have health insurance/eye doctor insurance/whatever insurance I would need to go to an eye doctor for cheap. But, do I need to go to an eye doctor, or can I go to lens crafters or an eyeglass store and they will do the test?

thanks for any info you can give me! :)

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I'm looking to find this German techno song. I heard a few months back. It's got a good beat and the beginning starts out with church bells and a guy saying the our father is German then the music starts. Does anyone have any idea what I'm taking about?
My Kansas icon.
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I'm 17 years old, and I hear very high frequencies - ie I can hear up to around 25 khz. This means that whenever I turn the TV on on standby, or the DVD player on I hear a horrible whining noise and I have to turn it off. Does anyone else have the same problem? It's usually OK if I leave it for around ten minutes, I then get used to the sound. But I'm the only person I know who hears this...
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This is so pathetic.
But for those people who use facebook....

This guy added me on fb today. And, he's like redic hot and goodlooking. He's a year older than me and even though he's in a frat, I'm pretty sure I've never met him. So I'm really confused? I would think that since we're "well" into college, you would only add people that you've met/know. Like, I doubt anyone now randomly adds people right now... after 3 months.

Basically, I've never talked to him/met him/seen him around. And I'm just curious to know why he added me. lol I'm not flipping drop-dead-gorgeous.... so yeah? :\

Should I message him? Or something? If so, what should I say?
Except, the pessimest in me is thinking that he has me mistaken with someone else? And that would be so embarassing...

Job related

At my current job, whenever I need time off, I have to fill out a form with a reason why the time off is needed. What determines if you can have the time off is: if someone can cover your shift, and the "importance" for why the time off is needed.

Last month I asked off because I was planning to go out of town, and the boss was pretty pissy about it. I tried to explain that the plans weren't definite, but that I wanted to ask off in advance, rather than wait til the last minute. She was pretty rude, asking why I didn't know "for sure" and started inquiring as to why I'd be leaving town. I thought that was pretty intrusive, and I didn't tell her what I planned to do while I was gone.

Is it normal for a boss to ask why you need time off like that? I thought "going out of town" would cover it. She started to ask questions like "Are you going to a wedding or something?" trying to pry the info out of me. Not cool in my opinion.

Basically the questions are: Do you have to do this at your job? Did she cross the line by starting to ask what I was going to do during my time off?

I'm concerned beause the last time I went out of town, I received a call from her asking me if I could come in to work. Annoyed, I told her I was out of town (like I had indicated on my request off form) and that I couldn't come back. I have a feeling that she was trying to find out if I was lying or not.
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(no subject)

Does anybody know when the Madonna concert is going to be aired? Or hell, if? I know it's Wednesday but I can't find any info beyond that. Just articles on how much of Live To Tell is 'bad.' Anybody?
for 65redroses :)

Serial Killers

Who are some famous serial killers?

What do you know about that particular killer?

Are you fascinated by true life crime? If yes, why? Do you consider yourself an expert?

What crime story has caught your interest the most?

(no subject)

What are the point of relationships? And I mean true relationships that aren't just about the sex.

Collapse )


What's the farthest you've gone on a first date/hang out with someone, and how serious did you two get afterwards?

I hear all these stories about guys using girls for one-night stands and then the girl is considered a whore, but then I also hear about these couples who have sex the first night and then end up being really close.

I want to kiss this guy again, but I think he's a little hurt by me rejecting him. And plus, I only want to fool around, not actually do it. He's kind of a player with no game, but he's cute.
Red Skull head


Which directions/map systeme do you find to be more accurate, the Google maps? or the Yahoo Maps? the bastards are telling me different things.

Why do some guys when they grow a beard have dark brown hair but red beard? it looks unnatural.

(no subject)

I have songs in Latin, French, Middle and Old English, Irish Gaelic, and Spanish.

*edited: In what languages (other than modern English) is some of the music you own sung? Ugh I'm trying to make this clear but it's just more convoluted.
If you have any music that you listen to that's in a language other than modern English, what languages are they?

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1. Have you ever tried wheatgrass juice? liked it?

2.I'd like to know how many vegetarians/vegans are in the question club..

3. If you are vegetarian/vegan, what was the hardest animal product to give up?

I hated wheatgrass juice. I ask because I work in a vegan/vegetarian based cafe (The Wheatgrass Cafe lol) and they made me try everything on the menu. It tasted like sweet peas coated with a gallon of artificial sweetener. It has that wierd aftertaste.

I'm a vegetarian, trying to work my way to vegan.

I miss bacon. I have yet to find a veggie substitute that comes CLOSE to bacon in any way :)

(no subject)

1. What is this icon from?

2. What did you have for supper?
Bacon, eggs and toast with grape jam

3. Am I the only person that doesn't find "Dr. McDreamy" to be attractive? Who is, in your opinion, the "dreamiest" television doctor?
At the risk of sounding like every fangirl on the planet, Dr. House.

4. Anyone else think the first location listed under "Local results" is pretty amusing, considering the search I was doing?
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Edit 5. A friend and I are discussing how They Might Be Giants and Devo were rather unlikely candidates for Disney to choose to do children's albums (as my friend said: "tmbg's songs are all about f'd up love stories, drinking and suicide" and "devo's songs are all about weird sex and masturbation"). Who, in your opinion, would be the worst band or artist to make a Disney children's album?
Rammstein gets my vote.

Would you be upset?

So my brother in law's girlfriend is pregnant with her second baby. Their first will be 2 on the 28th. She went for a doctor's appointment today and found out a few things. When they listened to the heartbeat it was slower than what my niece's was. Apparently there is some old wives tale that says if you go by that, it will be a boy. They're extatic. Well...after her exam they told her that she was pregnant with twins, but the second baby didn't develop. They told her that her body will eventually get rid of the second sac and so on and so forth.

The thing is, she's not upset at all. Neither is my brother in law. They are all giddy with the fact that they didn't end up with twins. I would be upset if that was me. I'm not crazy about the idea of twins, but if I was going to have twins and 1 didn't make it past the first 5 weeks (which is where she's at), I would be extremely upset. Does anyone else feel this way? (not looking for a "when does life really start" hooplah debate, just general feelings)

(no subject)

What did you do on your first day with your license?
How did you feel?
Was it, to you, one of the best things that happened in your life?

Am I wayyyy to excited, or what, haha.
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Aw balls

I just got my nose pierced tonight and I love it so much...but it wasn't until RIGHT NOW that I realized just how many fucking blackheads my stud will be sharing it's space with...

Is there any way for me to zap these without hurting my piercing, or did I just condemn my nose to a lifetime of looking like a dalmatian?