November 19th, 2006

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audio files...

I made a bunch of recordings with my cell phone and they were saved in AMR narrow-band format.

I'd like to be able to play them on my computer, so I was wondering do any of you knew a good, free program that I could use to convert them into, say....mp3?
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Have you ever dated anyone with a mental illness? (I'm dating a guy with bipolar disorder.)

How do you deal when he/she has an episode? What sort of experiences have you had?

I'm also interested in the input of those with MIs and SOs - did you manage to find a way to maintain and communicate your love even when you felt like shit?
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1. I'm a bit of a git. I'm looking to get my husband a scarf from his alma mater at Cambridge, but I can't find anywhere on their sites about obtaining such a thing. Does anyone know if there's a way to do this short of actually going to Cambridge and getting it?

2. Cash or Credit?

3. U of M or OSU?

4. What's for dinner?
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Whats your oppinion?

Okay, here goes:

On Monday I broke up with my girlfriend of nearly a year (exactly one week shy of a year :-[ ) It was a reluctantly mutual decision, in other words I was dumped. It was almost a friendly break up, we didn't fight and it could have ended on a much worse note. After that we still talked.

Two days later I got regrets and wrote her a two page letter full of emotion and feelings, I said abosulty nothing bad, just reasons why I missed her and wanted to get back together. She never responded. I've seen her do this before when she wants to avoid awkward situations, so I think it’s just her being her. On top of that she doesn’t really have any reason to be mad at me.

Now you know the situation to my question:

About a month ago before this all happened, in anticipation for our one year I bought her a Guitar. When we started dating she said how one of her ambitions was to learn and she never got around to doing it or never had the money to buy a guitar.

Two days from now will be our one year, I won't lie I never had the heart to return the guitar. I want to what you would think about me giving it to her.

I want to leave it outside the door of her place so I don't need to give it to her personally, I'll just leave a letter explaining why I bought it for her and that it was before we broke up then last that I don't expect anything to change. (I would be happy if it did though) I know she will really like the gift and that makes me happy to give it.

What do you think - sorry for such a long post it’s too emotional for me to cut short!


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Inspired by this.

What do you think of the idea for a vegan fast food chain?

I think it'd be fantastic! I love vegan food but I don't have the means to get many vegan-safe products where I live nor do I have the time.
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I live in Columbus and OSU won the biggest football game of the year today. I had to work right after and I work very close to campus, so I saw some crazy things on my way to and during work. Such as burning mattresses and people throwing fish at michigan fans (I have no idea what that was about.)

Do (or did) the people at your school do crazy dumb things like this? What's the worst that has ever happened.

I think one of the worst was knocking down a goal post one year. I believe they oiled them ever since.

women dominated fields

I was just watching an episode of Friends (as I usually am at this time) and it sparked a question.

what do you think of men taking positions in female dominated jobs such as a nanny, a midwife, etc.

personally, I think it's great.  I think there should be more males in these fields.
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Speaking of Texas accents:

I was just realizing over this weekend that Richard Linklater and Luke and Owen Wilson, Wes Anderson and maybe Matthew McConaughey all kinda have the same accent, which I guess must be sort of a "new Texas" accent, because they sure don't sound like ranchers or President Bush.

How much funnier would Bush be if his accent was like Owen Wilson's?
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Speaking of (the evil smug bastard that is) OJ...

Is there anyone out there who still truly believes that OJ was set up by the LAPD?

ETA: If you said yes, is it because you think he didn't do it (it was all a frame job) or because you think the cops were more interested in nailing OJ than finding out if he actually did it?

FTR - I don't think OJ was set up. But I do think all parties involved - from the police to the DAs were horribly sloppy.
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For those of you who have read "the secret agent" by Joseph Conrad, and know a thing or two about it..

What would YOU consider Mr. Verloc's notion of a good life?
What was the point of the bombing of the greenwich observatory?

any help would be trying to write a paper for a class but I didn't quite grasp the story line very well :/

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Anyone ever drink water before bed, then wake up feeling parched?
Happens to me all the time.

Anyone know why this happens?
I'm assuming it's because I'm not hydrating myself in between, but I don't know if this is correct.

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Do you still get charged fines if you file your taxes late, but within a year?

What do you think of the quote, "The country that forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten"?

What size house do you live it?

Computers with adaptive programming? Good idea or not? (Specifically, one that learns your likes and dislikes.)
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(no subject)

What are some given names that are considered dorky, like Melvin or Elmer, in non-English languages? What are some given names that are equivalent to Bubba or Junior?
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Inspired by my playing of Zelda

a) What was the first videogame you played?
b) What was the first game you completed?
c) Have you ever played any of the Zelda series?
1) Do you like it?
2) Which one's your favourite?
3) Did you know that most incarnations of Link are left handed?

My answers
a) The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
b) See above
c) Yes! I'm working on playing the entire series to completion. I'm currently working on Wind Waker
1) That's a great big hell yes
2) Link To The Past. Sentimental value, partly, but it's also a brilliant game
3) I didn't until last week, actually.
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relationship title

What would be the relationship between my daughter and my sister's fiance's mom? (after the get married anyway)

my sister's fiance would be her uncle (in law), so his mom would be.... great-aunt in law?

She also spends a lot of time with her daughter's boyfriends neice (same relationship as my daughter.. her son's girlfriend's niece... am I getting confusing yet? lol) and that little girl is three and calls her grandma (grandma in law?)

So yeah, what IS the relationship?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Unrelated random question, what show or movie is it from where the car horn beeps out la cucaracaha?

Engagement Rings

Your SO has just proposed to you and you are definitely going to say yes because you love and adore him, when he pops open a ring box to the most hideous ring that you have ever seen...does this change your answer or the certainty of your answer?
Do you think that if your really loved him, that it would change the way that you viewed the ring? (as in you began to like it more)
What if you were already unsure when you saw the ring? Would it sway your answer?

HOw much do you take into account your SO's tastes when buying an engagement ring? Or do you buy what society states she should like right now?

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Questions regarding hair dye:

1. Have you ever dyed your own hair? If so, what color did you dye it, and what color was it before?
2. Were you pleased with the results?
3. Is hair dye really all that bad for your hair?


1. I just did yesterday for the first time! It used to be a light brown and now its a darker brown with a tint of reddish.
2. I love it! I've always wanted darker hair and now I have it.
3. This I just want to know because my hair feels much softer than it used to and I'm curious if this is just a deceiving side effect.
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I'm sorry, I hate asking questions like this, but...

There is this synthetic-ish, electronic song (I'm not quite certain of the genre) that was released I believe in the mid-90's. All I can remember from the lyrics is this 'hey ma ma ma ma, ma hey' repeated again and again by a chorus of men and women. For some reason whenever I hear it, it makes me think of Africa. That's probably really random, but that's about all I know about the song. Does anyone know what the name of this song is or even who it MIGHT be by? Google and iTunes haven't turned anything up for me.

Any help is appreciated. This has been driving me crazy for years.

Edit: ANSWERED! Thank you! :D

B-movie, gimme some gore

What style of underwears do you prefer most? What style do you prefer least?

Favorite B-movie?

If you are employed and live in the US, are you having any sort of Thanksgiving luncheon/party/whatever?

How do you feel about fur coats? Do you feel the same way about leather?

If you have any holiday traditions with your family other than stuffing your face, what are they?
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(no subject)

My boyfriend and I just bought a brand new artificial tree from K-mart, and he seems to be allergic to it-- sneezing a lot and feeling generally sniffly. Is there anything we can do? K-mart won't let me return the boyfriend.

EDIT: Are you an early tree-putter-upper or a late tree-putter-upper, and do you think people who aren't like you are crazy?

EDIT AGAIN: to all the take-it-backers, is it probably dust or something on this particular tree, or will he be allergic to any artificial tree, or any artificial tree from k-mart? Anyone have any experiences?

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This question is going to sound really juvenile to some of you but: should i get a myspace?

I had one previously, last year to be exact. Then something happened and I was not allowed to sign in anymore, it was then I realized how many hours I'd wasted trying to make my myspace look cool, w/e.

so i figured i'd never really need one.

but now I feel the desire to have one again, as it would allow me to keep in touch with some people I never see.

Then the other part of me says not to waste my time on stupid fads.

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(no subject)

I recently was given a Ricoh Caplio G4 wide Digital Camera by a friend of mine. I only recieved the digital camera. I didn't get any software of USB cable. I tried my USB cable from another camera and it fits perfectly. I snapped some photos and tried to transfer. I went onto this site and (tried) to download the software, but it says I need the CD. I'm at my wit's end. I want to transfer photos without having to use a cd and I want to download the software, no hassels.

Please help, thanks.

begging a favor.

Ok, my beloved Denver Broncos (7-2) are playing the dastardly San Diego Chargers (7-2) in a AFC west division clash tonight at 8pm ET. (This is American football, in case this sounds unfamiliar)

1. would you please do me a solid and cheer for my Broncos to win?
2. are you as happy as i am that Peyton Manning finally lost a game this season?

thanks in advance to all helpers.
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Alright, so I'm taking Belly Dance, I've found that I have a sense of rhythm but it unfortunately has ADD and can't do much more then one thing at a time.

What I need to know from you guys is this:

What should I take now?

I'm female, 25, not all that flexible (but would like to be more so), get bored if it's too slow and confused if it's too fast, slightly out of shape and overweight.

I've looked into pole dance classes but they need more flex then I've currently got (so that's on the list for next winter).


~ K.
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Follow Up engagement Question

For whomever was proposed to/will be proposed to:
If your SO allowed you to choose your own ring, would you feel uncomfortable about money issues or would you be fine choosing whatever it is that YOU want with no regard to money?

Also for the people who are not married, do you feel uncomfortable letting your SO pay for frivolous things that only benefit you, like clothes etc.? Did it change after you got engaged or married?
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(no subject)

For those of you who are/where in a sorority...
What has it done for you?
Why did you join?
Did your school have sterotypes for the houses?... do they live up to them?

If not, why didn't you join one?

(no subject)

Would you fill out my survey? Please? It's for my math class.

1. Would you rather have the Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360?

2. Assuming that you have no financial issues, how much would you pay for the Wii?

3. Assuming that you have no financial issues, how much would you pay for the PS3?

4. Assuming that you have no financial issues, how much would you pay for the 360?

5. Excluding the systems, how much did you spend on video games and accessories this year?

Alternative Software

I love alternative software, especially when it is a piece of free software that does basically the same function as a far more expensive version. What are some good alternative softwares that you have found?

MS Office alternative: OpenOffice
Movie Creation Software?
First Person Shooter?

So on and so forth...
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(no subject)

I was reading this article on some Fox affiliates deciding not to air the OJ Simpson thing "If I Did it." I'd like to see about getting it pulled from my affiliate as well, but I am wondering who I would direct my complaint to. So here's the list of contact info for my Fox affiliate, who on here should I direct my email to? I know it's not the weather, but I'm thinking either the general manager or the programmer.

Also, have you ever written to an affiliate about a TV program? What was it for?
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I just bought a sweatshirt on Friday and within several hours of getting it, I got a little bit of Kool-Aid (actually it was some sort of knock-off fruit punch, but it was pretty much Kool-Aid) on it. There was absolutely no way I could have treated the stain then, so it dried, and now there's a little pink stain. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?
Oh, it's 85% cotton and 15% polyester if that matters.

(no subject)

Have you ever re-read a book you loved as a small child and discovered new things that maybe changed your opinion if it?

When I was little, I loved all the Narnia books, and I re-read a bunch of them few years back. I'd never noticed the heavy Christian thing when I was younger. I still love them, but it's made me think slightly differently.

(no subject)

I already looked in the the community's history, but really couldn't find what I wanted to know. I'm starting to use a treadmill to tone up and lose weight and wanted to know how long should I use it a day to burn a good amount of calories? Should I use it before or after dinner? Is it okay to exercise at about 9pm, since that's around the time I get home from work? How long do you think it'll take me to lose a significant amount of weight using the treadmill everyday, based on your own experiences? I'm watching what I eat and can't afford Weight Watchers or anything, so I'm depending on my own will and the treadmill to keep myself in shape. I want to look excellent come springtime, so I think I have a good amount of time to really get things going.

Off the topic a I was eating my dinner (spaghetti) and somehow glass got into my bowl, and nobody else's. How in the world did this happen? I wasn't even near glass and Dad checked the sauce bottle to see if it was broken wasn't. Just thought this was quite odd to find while chewing my dinner tonight.

Those of you on BC: Why have I had my period for about 3 weeks on and off? Is it because my BC is low hormone? I'm thinking of switching to Yasmin.

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Artist & Song Title Help

Sorry for the lack of details, but this is all I can remember:
  • The song has a late-1960s feel, at least to me.
  • A man sings this song with several male backups.
  • The phrase "sha-la-la" is repeated MANY times.
  • I heard this at the gym, so I think it may be a fairly recent song.
I would appreciate any help. Thanks! :D


ANSWER: I was at the gym again tonight and I heard the song in question.  So, I listened carefully and remembered some of the lyrics.  When I got home, I entered them into Google and I found the answer.  The song is called "What Do You Want From Me?" by the band Monaco.  You can hear the song here at YouTube.  There's one thing I learned from this question, there's a bunch of songs with the phrase "sha-la-la," lol.  Thanks to everyone who responded! :D 

fiscal query

1. Do you love your job? If you don't, are you doing anything towards doing something you would love?

I don't think I would love anything. Now what?

2. Got any hot stock tips?

I'm trying to pick a mutual fund, and I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea just to choose one by which name I like best.

(no subject)

I just bought my brother's video ipod, and I am selling my photo ipod to my sister. There is a lot of stuff on my new ipod that I want, and of course I still want what's on my computer. Is there any way to keep what's on my new ipod in addition to my old stuff?
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(no subject)

Do most stores mail you your paycheck after a certain amount of time?

Edit:I wasn't there to pick up my first paycheck, and when they gave me my second I forgot to ask about the first. I figured they must have mailed it because I didn't pick it up soon enough, and at my only other job if you didn't pick it up within two weeks they mailed it.