November 18th, 2006


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It seems like Borat is getting the same sort of buzz that Napoleon Dynamite did. I personally hated Napoleon Dynamite, so if Borat is "funny" to the same people, I don't want to waste my time on it. (Not that my time is particularly valuable, of course...)

How do you feel about Borat and Napoleon Dynamite?

I liked both.
I liked Borat, but not ND.
I liked ND, but not Borat.
I disliked both of them.

Optional ticky-box of rage...

I am tired of people posting about Borat, and I am going to come to your house and dismember you.
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Facial tattoos

Regarding the photos here (click them to see them full size):

If people shouldn't be allowed to conceal their identity in public by covering their faces, should they be allowed to radically alter their facial appearance through means such as tattoos?

Aside from that - what do you think of this guy? What would your assumptions about him be if you saw him walking down the street?
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A Split Gender Question:

You wake up one morning and find that all the members of the opposite gender - as determined by their DNA - have vanished from the earth.

How do you think you would feel?

What do you think you would do?

What do you think would happen?
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Stupidest question post of the year, applicant #180583

There is nothing redeeming about this post except the possibility of momentary distraction. I'm bored. That's my excuse for making it

1. You can spend the day at Disneyland with any president, current or ex, living or dead (they're back from the dead for one day). Who do you pick and what ride will they like the most?

2. You're on a small plane with a few people on board. You're flying over the ocean, when the pilot says that we're losing altitude, that there's too much weight aboard, and you're in charge of shedding 200lbs, or else, everybody dies. Your choices

-Michael Moore, eating a Twinkie and talking into a dictaphone about polling machines
-Nicole Ritchie, asleep on Paris Hilton
-Anne Coulter, with 2 boxes of her latest book on her lap, ready for a book signing
-a 200lb weight, inexplicably sitting there

What goes flying out the window?

3. You inherit a magic kazoo that can play the nefarious and mysterious 'brown note'. Holy crap is right. You're not immune. Q: What's the most fun you can have with your new toy?

4. Which piggy is the biggest a-hole?
-the piggy that went to market (capitalist, sellout pig!)
-the piggy that stayed home (homeschooled shut-in)
-the piggy that had roast beef (carnivorous piggy who killed and ate his barnyard neighbor)
-the piggy that had none (get a job, slacking loser!)
-the piggy that went wee-wee-wee all the way home (public urinating is a misdemeanor, pork chop)

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Do you like Rube Goldberg machines??

I love them. In 4th grade, we had this thing called "Project Extra" where once a week we would go to a different school and do smart things, like logic puzzles, and create things. One thing we had to do was design a Rube Goldberg machine to do something simple, like blow up a balloon.
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Attraction | C'mon people, comment!

- Is there something  a guy/girl can say to you that'll make you instantly attracted to them, or at least take notice?

- How do you react when someone (let's say you don't know this person very well yet) gives you a lot of attention? Do you feel flattered? Insecure? Something else?

sex thinking

I've been told that I think like a guy unless I'm sick. Do you think more like a guy or a girl and what sex are you? Also, I mean this in the stereotypical way-- not in the "...differences of which there are none that makes the sameness exceptional" way.
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Morning TQC :)

1. What's the best (in your opinion) free anti-virus program?

2. What's on your wishlist for Christmas?
Homicide: Life on the Street DVDs, a bicycle, Sephora gift certificates, Nintendo Wii (lol)

3. What kind of toothbrush do you use?
I have no idea what brand it is, but it has a My Little Pony on it! :D

4. My dad is traveling through Tokyo in January and wants a list of souvenirs I might like. What would be on your list?
My list will end up being 2 bajillion pages long and I need help narrowing it down.
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Girls with freckles - Do you wear cover up? Does it completely cover your freckles? How does it look?

edit: I don't want to cover my freckles, I'm just wondering how to cover pimples without it looking weird bc of my freckles.
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A closet full of clothes...

Let's play pretend.  Let's pretend (possibly) that you have a penis.  Let's further pretend that you work in corporate America.  Hypothetically, let's say you've recently been bumped up to management level.

Now that the groundwork is laid, let's pretend that you and your managery cohorts have been invited to a Christmas party at the Hilton.  Let's also say that this wasn't labeled a black tie event (because you'd all revolt if you had to dress like penguins).

What the hell would you wear to this thing?

Serious answers appreciated, but extra points to anyone who tells me how to get away with just going in my pajamas or naked or something.
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Why is it so hard to understand that shit is still illegal, no matter how much you think it shouldn't be? (pot, speeding tickets, driving without insurance, and underage drinking come to mind)

Why do people ask for advice on the internet, and then everytime you give a suggestion, they shoot it down?
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Poll #870550 Video Players

What app do you primarily use for viewing video clips

Windows Media Player
Media Player Classic (includes Real Alternative and Quick Time Alternative)
Real Player
Quick Time
BS Player
DiVX Player
Zoom Player
I only watch video via YouTube/Google/etc.

If "Other", what?


Ticky Box?
Ticky Box!

Wii vs. PS3

I found out this morning that I can by-pass the waiting lists and stalking stores to get a PS3 or a Wii if I want one. The process will take 24-48 hours, but I can get one.

So here is my question, if you had the chance, would you do it?

I've got the money....I'm leaning toward getting a Wii.
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decide for me?

Sorry about the multiple post, but I decided not to bake fudge tonight.

So- should I go to the bar and have some drinks with local mates, or talk to the boyfriend on msn, (who I'm mildly frustrated with because he only ever bothers to communicate via the intarwebz)?

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If you have a sofa delivered, are you supposed to tip the delivery men? If so, how much?

If you were asked to bring a side dish to someone's house who was grilling burgers and watching a football game, what would you bring?

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Poll #870593 Because I've been out and about

What makes a better day for you?

Getting up somewhat early and getting a bunch done. (Eg: Getting up at 8:30, going to the bank, getting coffe and breakfast, coming back home and cleaning/doing laundry, and then going out all afternoon)
Sleeping in all day and lazing around. (Eg: sleeping until 2pm, getting up to pee, going back to bed)

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So, how does one edit a poll, btw?  I would have just added this one to my last entry if I knew how, lol.
Poll #870596 Second poll. deal

From 2:30 - 5 I'm passing out thanksgiving baskets at a local catholic church. What should I bring with me to pass some time?

My laptop and hope I can pick up some free WiFi
"In Our Time"
"Life of Pie"
"The Dante Club"
The journal/scrapbook my boyfriend and I created that I NEVER fill out.

Holiday gift

1. What gender are you?
2. If someone were to spend $20 on you for a holiday gift, what would you like?

(No, I'm not giving you the $20 cash/check/cheque) :)
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Someday I'll be a flower

Ebay Oops

I'm trying to get rid of all the useless stuff in our house, and a lot of it came from my grandmother's attic... like milk glass.

Anyway, I've shipped stuff before, and never had a problem, but just started selling on ebay, and shipped a box of milkglass, and I guess didn't package it properly, and it all broke on the way. Obviously I'm going to refund the buyer, but is there anything else I can do to try to get her not to leave bad feedback? As I only have a feedback of "1" right now, it's kinda imp not to get a minus!

I have a ton of other milkglass stuff that didn't sell--should I offer to send her that as a free replacement in addition to the refund? (It's not the same item, it's different....) The $ doesn't matter that much to me--again I'm just dejunking the house. I'll use whatever I make for Christmas gifts or something.


How many books do you own?

I have no exact idea, but my best guess is something over 2,000.

Are they mostly in shelves, or do you utilize the floor-stacking method of easy book retrieval?

I have bookshelves, but I make extensive use of the floor-stacking method.

What categories of book are represented in your holdings?

Everything. I even own a single representative of the 'true crime' genre, which was fairly interesting.
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sleepy leila


i had a bagel w/ cream cheese and a pomegranate for breakfast. what did you have?

and yes it was a late breakfast. I was up till five am so i slept in.
How late were you up last night?
Did you get to sleep in today?

DO you have anything you do every single saturday?
do you "prepare for sunday" in any way?

*edited to add*
I just dont get the not eating breakfast thing. Arent you guys hungry? I can understand once in a while being to busy to stop and eat, but every day? please explain this to me.
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Sushi rice

i was going to make sushi today for dinner cos a friends is coming over. unfortunately i just discovered i have hardly any sushi rice.
do you think long grain rice would do in its stead? anything i'd have to do to make it sushi-able?

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My mother has two dogs. One of them, ('my' dog, misty) licks all the fur off one paw because she gets bored. There's nothing physically wrong with the paw, and she licks the inside of the e-collar now. (she is spayed, so i doubt this 'oh god need a shag' bored)
Now, I think it's just a bit horrible that Misty has to go around in this collar all the time. Like, the food and water are set so she can get at them, but it still sucks. She was all happy when I took it off. I'm trying to teach her to bark when we say "cones are for losers."

She doesn't play fetch, she's not interested in rawhide bones or whatever. She's mostly a lay-around-and-warm-your-feet dog.
Seriously, mostly she likes to lick things. What can we get/do for her to put her licking somewhere less destructive?
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Ebay Sniper Services

I've used free trials before and had good results, so I'm thinking of getting one to use all the time now. However, I don't really get a lot of stuff off ebay, but recently I've had to use it as a major resource because I'm restoring an old car and it's hard to get parts without spending and arm and a leg anywhere else. So what I'm looking for specifically is a sniping service that doesn't charge monthly service fees and preferably doesn't cost too much per snipe. Any recommendations?

And before anyone remarks about using a service like this, I do it because I've lost too many auctions in the last second because other people use them as well. So, I feel in order to actually possibly compete, I need a sniper. :/
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Looking for opinions/advice on dying my hair.

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I achieved this color little by little over the summer with the use of Sun-In. It's been this way for a few months now, and you know, I just don't like it. I wanted to be blonder, but I feel like I came out more yellow than blonde. It's just too.. bright or something. So what should I do?

1. What hair color do you think would suit me best? Please include a photo for reference if possible.
Should I dye it back to my original color or a bit darker, perhaps adding some highlights or lowlights? (A la Jennifer Aniston, for example?)
Should I dye it lighter blonde, purely blonde, a la Naomi Watts?
Or whatever else you suggest?

2. Any general words of wisdom and advice for changing my hair color? E.g., how I could ever go natural again with hair as long as mine is?
I've never really done anything before this Sun-In experiment, because with hair as long as mine I'm afraid of screwing it up and getting screwed over for a long time. Also, for the record, it's very important to me to look as natural as possible, and whatever I do I'll almost certainly be going to a salon so they can do it right and I won't end up orange.

And now for something completely different -
3. My host brother just randomly gave me a big bag of mini marshmallows-- presumably because they're "American"? What should I DO with them? ANSWERED -- rice krispy treats it is, of course! Now can we talk about my hair please?

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There is a monster I think on Sesame street that has his little song and always say "monomanant" or...something along those lines. I've tried googling it but seriously have no idea how to spell it....Anyone know what Im talking about or how to find a picture of him and/or a sound clip.

bah humbug!

For christmas, I've decided to get a phototaken of my boyfriend and me.  I've been looking through sears and walmart and JC penny's websites... and I've just confused :(  (i've eaten nothing but carbs and coffee today >.<)

So, here are my questions for you much more knowing people that I:

1) Are these coupons actually a deal?
I'm looking for maybe 2 5x7s and some wallets

2) Does anyone know what the seating fee for Sears generally is?  I'm not finding it around their website.

3) Does anyone have some sugestions as to which places might be best?  I'm trying not to pay both my am AND leg. (just one of the two, heh)

Thank you muchly

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What bands have a pianist/keyboardist as a primary band member? Or what artists are known for piano playing?

Bonus points if they sound more rock than pop/r&b.

So far I can think of: Billy Joel, Elton John, Alicia Keys, The Fray, Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, and Coldplay. I'm sure I'm missing others.
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I have a car. It doesn't run. What is the cheapest way to get it out of our apartment parking lot and gone forever? Also, the biggest thing wrong with it is the transmission. Most of the other stuff works fine. Should we try selling it first? Like for parts or something? (It is a '91 Ford Tempo) Also, how can I get my CD player taken out of it? I know you can take it places to get it taken out, but it can't move from its parking spot.
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1. Do pit stains gross you out? [okay, I meant "damp patches"]

2. Has the internet done you more good than harm or vice versa?

3. Do you think the Decemberists "sold out" by moving to Capitol Records?

4. Oh, are there any sites for musical albums similar to Rotten Tomatoes?
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What do you do about annoying neighbors?

Specifically, annoying neighbors who listen to their rap/similar type music loudly, every day, so that all you can hear in your apartment is bass... and when you finally work up the nerve to ask them to turn it down because you have a paper to write, they drunkenly bitch that YOUR music is too loud (when you don't have music on), come over a few minutes later to guilt-trip you about it being their birthday (even though they do this every day) and then grudgingly just shut it off instead of turn it down?

Even better, they were in another apartment when we went next door to knock, so it isn't like they were even home listening to it... they were downstairs having a party. Grr. I miss the neighbors that only had parties on Fridays and were very nice about the whole thing.
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Smile for me daddy, let me see yo grill

Do you have Firefox 2? What do you think of it?

Should I bring my laptop on my five day trip to Stuttgart, AR to see my estranged family for Thanksgiving? Why or why not?

Do you make different icons for different times of the year?

What was the last concert you went to?

why doesn't my apartment complex have a mail drop?

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I have a K800i on an Orange contract, got it in September.
It seems to be slightly fucked not working.
It fails to send messages and when it does send them, they're not received, it's going to my voicemail automatically, even though I have it on DONT divert and I can't call out.

I do however, have a magnetic pain bracelet that I might have got near my phone recently.

So, yes, my point. Is anyone having problems with Orange or is it just lucky old me?
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i wanna rock your gypsy soul

What's the most money you've ever spent on a concert ticket? Who was it? Was it worth it, in your opinion?

Do you have a band or musician where you'd spend any amount of money to see them perform? Who is it?

I ask because Van Morrison tickets go on sale tomorrow morning, and the best seats are in the $200 range. I'm having sticker shock right about now, but I know that once I'm at the show, the price will be the farthest thing from my mind, and any price will have been worth it. Because it's freakin Van Morrison!

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Okay, this is probably a shot in the dark but.. I was just listening to this song on Kerrang! (Yes, I know it sucks..) and I was wondering what it was called and who it was by (they didn't say).

All I can say is that in the chorus they repeated the words "carry on" loads and the band sounded a lot like the all american rejects or other bands of that genre. The other words were unintelligble (haha). Anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?

Also, does it bother you when people ask questions like, "I can go and see x band or y band, which should I go see?" or "Is it okay to skip x event to go see y show?" and people are all, "both x and y suck, don't bother"?

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OK ladies, or anyone who likes men basically, what's the deal with men who shave their chests? There was a question here recently about when men start growing chest hair, and it got me thinking, all those models you see in magazines where the man has his shirt off.... they never have any hair. Example here. I always thought they looked kinda funny, like little boys. And that got me thinking about women who say they won't shave their pubic hair because it makes them feel like little girls, or they think men who like that are weird for liking little girls. Doesn't this mean that women who like men with shaved chests are women who like little boys?

For those who are sexually attracted to men:
Do you like men with shaved chests?
If you do, do you ever feel like you're attracted to little boys?
If so, are you ashamed of your pedophile ways?
If so, are you Catholic?
not mine, mat


Help me TCQ!
there was this internet game, i think it was sponsored by HP because you were this litte guy with a HP Digital camera and you took pictures of special statures in egypt , you had to do battle with scorpions and sometimes mummies.
what was that game?!? i can't remember
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So, basically, do to an impression of President Bush on SNL, you just need to do a Texas accent and throw on a grey wig?

When was the last time you remember SNL being funny?

What's your favorite SNL skit, either past or present?

Who's your favorite host of SNL?

Who's your favorite cast member, past or present?
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