November 17th, 2006

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Is there a way for me to return my 60 GB video ipod and get some sort of discount on a 80 GB one? I only got it in July or August?

what are some sites with awesome one-of-a-kind or close to unique clothing? (like Etsy but with more guy stuff would be prime)

What are you listening to right now?

Who forgot about Dre?

amazing drunken neighbors

EDIT: Thanks kids! I blared music from 7-8:30, screamed at them when I left to walk the dog and when I got back. I leaned on the horn for a few minutes and then tooted it all the way down the driveway. They heard, the whole neighborhood did! The boys came out on the porch and stared at me all confused.

You live in a big old house which has been converted to three apartments. It's a weeknight. You went to bed at 12 as you must get up at 7. Your neighbors wake up you up at 2. You get up and ask them to be quiet. They just offer you beer and continue being loud. You are unable to go back to sleep.

You decide the best revenge is to wait until until 7, and then torment the hungover bastards. What do you yell at them in the morning when THEY are finally asleep?

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Have you ever been in a situation that you really wanted something, and i mean, wanted it BADLY, but the only way you could get it is through telling a lie or deceit? What was it?

If the only way you could get something would be deceit, would you be willing to take the risk and go for it, or be honest and accept that you're not gonna get what you want?
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Damaged Nail Bed

Somewhere along the way, I bumped my thumb and damaged the nail bed. Now I have a ridge that goes all the way down my nail and my nail breaks all the time at that ridge. Is there any way I can get rid of it?
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Going to hookah bars has become this huge trend over the last 1-2 years and I was wondering... did they always exist and just now people are going to them, or were they always there and people went to them already, or did one open up somewhere just recently and the whole hookah craze took off from there? Or, for an easier question, has the hookah bar nearest to you been there all this time? My own answer is I don't know because I don't know where one is.
Gas Mask B&W
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Waiting for Sunday to go and buy the Nintendo Wii is driving me up the frigging wall. It's "like waiting for Christmas, times a thousand". I'm going bonkers. How would TQC distract themselves? Can't involve alcohol since the sun isn't over the yard arm just yet. I does have some scruples.

Relationship Question

If you asked your SO to do something for you, does it make it less special when they do? (i.e. you mention they haven't brought you flowers in a while and they bring you some the next day.)

Same question in reverse.

Random question - have you ever been asked to pick up some-one's mail and feed their fish etc. for them and you ended up having sex in their house with your SO? Do you feel guilty about it? Is there anywhere specifically in their house you would not have sex if you were to do it?
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What should I take to a potluck tomorrow night? (cheap, preferably, although I do have pretty good cooking skills, so I'm not afraid of things that can get a little complicated)

What is your favorite commercial right now?

If you work, do you get next Friday off? (I'm guessing if you work retail or restaurant, that would be a no)

If you've ever gone to therapy, do you think it benefitted you?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

You've just won the lottery. You get about $44 million in a lump sum, after taxes. What do you do with it?
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Banning Stuff

In regards to this article:

What are your thoughts on banning burqas (or other full length veils)?

81% of people that took the poll (in the article) would support a ban. Does this surprise you? (*Number will probably change, I'm sure. But when I posted this, it was 81%.)
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1. What's the most fuel-efficient car you've ever personally owned/driven?
2. What moment of the day do you feel most content? [As for me, it's around 4 pm as I get off work and go down the elevator. I am stress-free at this point in the day. It's fleeting, however.]
3. Er, is it possible to major at one university/college and minor at another?

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Poll #869979 Big Baby Questions

Say you're with your SO for a while and decide to have a baby. You get knocked up (or knock her up). About the third trimester, you get an ultrasound and checkup. The doctor says something's gone wrong. Due to some positioning hijink, the fetus has had bloodflow to the brain cut off and it hasn't matured with the rest of the body. The lungs, also, are underformed at this stage. Judging by this, the doctor says that the child will grow up to be mentally retarded with extensive and costly congenital breathing problems, which will plague the child for life. He brings up the subject of termination, since it isn't too far along. Your SO says "Honey, we made this baby. Our love made it. We can't just abandon it. I think we should keep it". What decision do you make?

Keep it, for my SO
Haha. One abortion, please
Wait another trimester to see if there's any improvement
Give it up for adoption

For the ladies, would you breastfeed? If so, you're in a restaurant, with friends. You've got the baby and things are good. Suddenly, it starts crying, wanting to be fed. It's not a crowded restaurant. What do you do?

Nurse right there, under my jacket, trying to hide it
Nurse right there, refusing to hide it. Why should I?
Go to the bathroom and nurse
Let the kid cry. I'll feed it when I get home
Pull out the bottle with pre-squeezed breast juice, which I filled up before I left the house
Wouldn't breast feed the kid for any reason. That's what formula's for. Ew

You have the baby, and your SO tells you that he or she wants to raise the kid as a baptist. When questioned, he or she says that his or her parents are baptist and have put on some serious pressure on raising the kid 'right'. Your SO feels that maybe he or she's been negligent and looks interested in rediscovering the faith through the kid's eyes. What's your opinion?

Well, if you think it's important, I guess the baby will grow up a baptist.
That's it. Get out. NOW. No way is this kid going to be a baptist
Hey, what do ya know, I'm already a baptist!
Don't be such a mommy's boy/girl. Stand up for yourself and embrace your agnosticism!

You have the kid, and your SO says that it should go to the best school and have all the opportunities that neither of you had. The best schools will be expensive, but it's worth saving up now, living frugally and sacrificing things like new clothes, restaurant dining, ipods, new computers, etc. to prepare for the kid's future education. The kid's a newborn now, but to properly give it access to the best schools, you really would have to start saving soon. Would you sacrifice all that for the next 5 years to give your child a good head start in life?

Somewhat. Maybe I'd just cut back and it'd be more like 2.5 years of sacrifice

During the ultrasound, you find out that the gender of the child you're carrying. You were a bit more hopeful it was the other gender. The doctor says that with today's technology, they can simply flood certain hormones into the area, and at this stage of the development, they can change the gender if you want. Your opinion?

No. Let the child grow up to be its born gender. Not good to monkey with nature
I kind of want a boy/girl instead. Go for it, doc

During the ultrasound, the doc says that it's probable the kid will come up containing key features of one or both of you, but they have the technology to change eye and hair color in the womb. Would you take him up on this?

Yes. I've always wanted a child with a certain hair/eye color, one that's not in its immediate genes
No. Don't screw around with genetics
It's not important enough for me to really care
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Why do people wait in line for days, or pay thousands of dollars on eBay for, PS3s or Wiis? (Or, earlier, any of the other consoles as they came out)

It's a gaming console. It isn't like a movie or book that you can accidentally get spoiled about. It seems a lot like rushing out to get the newest, fanciest TV or computer, when you could wait a few weeks and it would be easy to get and cheaper to buy. So can someone please clear up this mystery?
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So I joined a new gym and the guy giving the tour boasted about their fancy new UV-sauna, because, "as you know, a regular sauna helps you burn more calories after a workout by raising your core body temperature" but their new sauna can help you burn as many as 600-1200 more calories!
I've never heard that a sauna will help you burn more calories, and I pretty much don't buy the whole UV story, but I guess its feasible that a sauna could help do that. I mean.. I don't know.
Has anyone else heard this?
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not exactly hypothetical:

let's say my roomate/really good friend, some friends and i go to a nearby bar around 2:30 in the morning. the rest of us leave around 3:30, because we are very intoxicated, though my friend does not because she's hitting it off really well with some guy at the bar. i don't think much of it at the time.

now it's 11 am and i haven't seen her and she won't pick up her phone.

1.) should i be worried at all?
2.) what should i do about this?

also, we are 18 year old girls in new york city, so it's not like i could physically find her if i tried.

edit: found her. and she brought me home a bagel!
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Poll #869895 Craigslist or Ebay?

At work, we bought a lexmark 422 MFP and ordered an extra toner cartridge. Smart CSRs that they are sent us the wrong cartridge and then when they sent the replacement cartridge, they sent the wrong cartridge again. Third time being a charm, they finally got it right and told us to keep the 2 wrong cartridges (because I like keeping toner for machines I don't have). I'm not feeling particularly generous right now so should I sell them on Craigslist or Ebay? Vote now!

Other (indicate in comments)
The Dude Abides

Hobbies ?

What are some hobbies that you enjoy that have taken a lot more of your money than they did in the past?
Video gaming has gotten expensive...I don't really pay that much for music or movies anymore though


Is beauty subjective (in the eye of the beholder) or can you define it objectively?

Is there something you think is beautiful that people wouldn't necessarily agree with you about? Vice versa?
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Inspired by comment overheard at work....

"Everything is larger than life when you're a kid"

Question -- is everything larger than life when you're a kid??

My answer -- I never felt that way, in fact I was very rarely really "enchanted" by anything, especially when I was a child.... then again I've been a bitter cynic for far longer than I can remember. Never really felt like, "woah, that's AMAZING" etc.

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How do you feel about sprouts?

Have you ever been to a divorce party?

Whose song lyrics do you find frequently apply to your life, feelings, etc. or that you just relate to most often?

Do you pronounce the t in often?

Have you ever realized just how handy bread is? That roll-your-sandwich-filling-up-in-a-lettuce-leaf idea is piss poor and doesn't do half as good a job as bread.

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Oh ew. The elastic band on my underwear came apart. okay, okay! The thread was hanging out and I pulled it!

So I ask you TQC-ers a question that will decide my fate.

What should I do?

Go Commando.
Put on another pair.

Go Commando 19 - Put on another pair 15.

Goin' commando.
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Does anyone else here get seriously skeeved out by killing bugs?

My roommate called me right after I killed a bug and was worried that something was wrong with me from the way I sounded. I can kill ants just fine, but any other type of bug it skeeves me to kill them.

Does anyone know of a website or something where I can see pictures of bugs and try to determine what type of bug keeps coming into my room? They remind me of fireflies, but they aren't those. They have reddish-black wings. But other than that I really can't describe them too well. I want to know what they are because I never see them anywhere except for my room and the window to my room. I want to know why they like me so damn much.
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I'm looking for what I think is a photograph of two people, with either space suits, or underwater suit things in an embrace. There's a simmiliar stencil by Banksy on the cover of Blur's Think Tank album, but I recently saw what I think was a photograph of people with the bubbles on their heads, in the same position. I think it was on a post secret postcard a couple weeks ago.

Any idea what this picture might be called or who did it or anything?

It looks like this, only not this:

celebrate love!, happy, xena & gabrielle

Car Troubles + Poor Social Skills = Help?

What do you do if you are incredibly uncomfortable asking strangers for help, you live in a city where you don't have any friends, you don't have jumper cables, and your car battery dies in your apartment complex parking lot (because you are an idiot who leaves your dome light on for four days, and it's not an emergency because you take the bus most of the time).

Oh, and you don't have Triple A.

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hey guys. i called a mechanic already and he wouldn't give me a ballpark figure so i'll ask you car-savvy people, if you'd be so kind.

last night, part of my car's exhaust pipe under the middle of the car broke. i'm not driving it, because it'd be dragging on the road. obviously i need to have it fixed, but being as i'm the only person in my family who's working right now and i have expensive brake work impending, i'd just kind of like to know what i'm up against--how much i should set aside in my checking account or whatever. also, how would you get your car to the garage? there's one about two blocks away from me, and one maybe a half mile away.

gah. cars. help, please.

i need jeans

i KNOW this questions was asked recently, so, i'm sorry. at the time i didn't need new jeans but now i do.

anyway i need some new jeans. i need some jeans that FIT me. at least somewhat. my waist is MUCH smaller than my thighs and backside. i have been wearing an extremely old pair of levi's 515s that i loved but they are just way too big now and today i ripped a huge hole in them, so, yeah. they were size 16. i tried on a new pair of 16s at the store and they were way too big. the 14s i couldn't even fit over my ass at all.

i went to old navy cause i heard their jeans were good. the 16s were so small i couldn't even get them on. so i tried on 18s and they were literally 6 inches too big in the waist but fit okay in the thighs.

i went to lane bryant but the smallest size was 14 and they were way too big on me in all areas.

i like boot cut or flare leg. all the other pants in my closet are size 12 or 14 and fit me fairly well. where do i go? i just need some cute jeans for a party tomorrow night. obviously i'd like to not spend a fortune but i will spend what i have to if i can find some jeans that fit me reasonably well that i can wear for a while.

i know i can always have the waist altered and taken in but like i said, time is of the essence and all.


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Sup, TQC?

Earlier today I went to take a shower. I turned the water on, got in, and I think I got distracted carving a message into the bar of soap with my fingernail, because a couple minutes later I got out, toweled myself off (I don't have pictures, sorry), and then realized I completely forgot to clean myself! That specific scenario has only happened a couple times, but in general I forget what I'm doing or why I went somewhere a lot.

My question to you, TQC, is when I go to Taco Bell, should I have bean burritos or soft tacos? Also, how many will fit into my iPod? I don't want to be stuck having to lug around more than I can carry in that thing.

P.S. I have brown-to-auburn hair that goes just past my shoulders, and my best character in StarFox Assault is Falco, if that matters.

Thanks, and have a great day!
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What is it called when two or more people sing different lyrics at the same time? Like, the Savages refrain in Pocahontas, and I think El Tango De Roxanne is like that, frm Moulin Rouge. I'm not talking about a round, where it's the same song. It's like each person or group sings their own song, but to the same tune.

What are some other songs that do that? I really like the technique, or whatever you'd call it.
for 65redroses :)

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What relative are you annoyed the most by, and why?

I have an aunt who is super needy, so my mom lets her suck the life out of our family on holidays by bringing her hick family to our house. The aunt "can't cook" (too stupid to learn).

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a) Do you like your voice? Why or why not? How would you describe it? 
b) If you don't like it, have you tried changing it? How did that work out for you?

a) What voices do you personally find pleasing/attractive/hot?
b) If not the voice, do you find that there is a certain manner of speaking that you enjoy?

My stuffed RENT cow - Moo with me!!


I was watching the Dog Whisperer just now, and Cesar was walking a dog while skating.  Does anyone happen to know what kind of skates these were?  These weren't normal roller skates or in-line skates.  There were two spoked wheels on these, and they weren't centered underneath the skate itself.  They were on the outside of the skate, and I believe they were slanted inwards (the wheels were pointed at each other, basically).  I don't think the wheels were the same size, either.

Was my description good enough?  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  I've never seen these before, and I thought they looked cool!!

Thank you!!
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I'm trying to make my grandmothers fudge. The recipe calls for 1 large bar of chocolate AND 1 large bag of choc. chips.

The recipe has 41/2 cups of sugar, 13 oz evap. milk
71/2 oz marshmallow fluff (Im using creme cause Utah sucks)

Anyway, what would you guess would make sense for the choc measurements?
Something tells me 24oz of choc chips and an 8 oz bar is too much...but maybe Im wrong.

Do you know the wonders of marshmallow fluff vs. Creme?

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I bought a tinted lip balm a few hours ago, and I just noticed that there's a sticker on it that says EXP 10/06.

A) Did anyone else realize that lip balms had an expiration date?

2) Do you think I should bring it back? I still have the reciept.

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1. What was the first movie you saw after reading the book first?

2. What was the first book you read after seeing the movie first?

3. Did reading/seeing one inspire you to read/see the other?

4. Were you disappointed or satisfied with any changes made?

And just for no reason:
5. Did I steal this icon from you? I know I stole it from someone, I just can't recall who. If so, thanks! :D

PS3 Post

So what is the deal with this PS3 shortage? My husband works at a C*****t City distribution center. He said over the past week, they have shipped out, literally a few thousand PS3s. So what's with the "shortage"?
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Same character, different actor.

What film/tv characters have been played by different actors over the years and/or in remakes?

So far I have:

Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder/Johnny Depp
Lex Luthor - Michael Rosenbaum/John Shea/Kevin Spacey/etc

... but my mind is drawing a complete blank after that.

Female characters would be a plus.

Edit: Yes, and probably best to stick to major/main characters.
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tea infuser

Two questions!

1.)I bought a snap tea infuser, and I am wondering - how exactly do I use it? I know I fill it up half way, and then do I just stick it into my tea cup and let the flavour mix into the water? or do I have this all wrong?    Answered, thank you very much!

2.) Whats your favourite tea?
3.) Do you like loose leaf tea, or bagged tea the best?

Next time, I'm hiring people.

How badly have you gotten hurt moving?

In getting things out of my old apartment and into my new one, I have:

  • acquired at least six new bruises and two cuts on my shins;
  • scraped a painful portion of skin off of the tip of my social finger;
  • done something ghastly to the muscle in my left forearm; and
  • dropped a particle board TV stand on my foot.

      Minor in the grand scheme of things, but I want to hear about other peoples' clumsiness crappy moving days...

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I do not know if this is allowed to be posted here, but I am researching celebrities and how digital culture has created a new breed of internet celebrities. If any of you guys can answer a few of my questions that would be great!

What do you think about the new breed of internet celebrities? Are they legitimate? Do you consider them real stars?

Which celebrities do you recognize?
Daniel Craig,
Judi Dench
Tobey Maguire,
Kirsten Dunst,
Thomas Haden Church,
Topher Grace,
James Franco
Nicole Kidman,
Elijah Wood,
Hugh Jackman,
Robin Williams,
Brittany Murphy
Tobin Bell,
Angus MacFadyen,
Dina Meyer,
Shawnee Smith,
Alan Van Sprang
Justin Timberlake
The Fray
Jay Z
Snow Patrol
Kimberly Stewart
Paris Hilton
Dr Will
bob guiney
johnny fairplay
Adrienne Curry
Holly Madison
Kelly Monaco
Santino Rice
Chloe Dao
Lonely Girl 15
Perez Hilton
Stevie Ryan
Fake Best Friend
Tila Tequila
Lisa Nova
Cory Kennedy
Scottage Cheese
The Dormitory Boys
The Dancing baby
Keyra Agustina

Can you name any celebrities for which you have no idea why they are famous? Ex, What the hell is Kimberly Stewart famous for?
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1. Is down, or is it just me? (I've got tons of icons stored in an account and I want to access them).

2. I bought a second copy of an old book since the first was beginning to come apart at the binding and the pages were yellowing as well. I still hate to toss it in the trash. What do you do with old books that are falling apart?
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