November 16th, 2006

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1)If the bible contradicts itself which part am I supposed to believe? (assuming Im religious)

ex: "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed: to you it shall be for meat." Genesis 1:29

but then

"Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things." Genesis 9:3


2) Anyone from MI in this community? Detroit area?
Me--State Fair

funeral attire

Do you think a plain red sweater with black dress pants and shoes is appropiate for a funeral? It's my coworker's husband who has passed away.

ETA: Okay. Dammit. I don't know what to wear now.

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So over the summer, I got a account...

I created the account using my parent's computer, but then I came back to school and had to download the program onto my laptop. Every time I try to start it, a window pops up saying "the program has quit unexpectedly"- or something along those lines.

(and just to let you know, my laptop is an apple powerbook and my parent's computer, if it matters, is also a mac)...

So what is going on here? Why can't I ever get into on this computer? I tried deleting it and reinstalling it, but the same thing happens. Also, I've been trying since September, so I know it's not a temporary thing.

Thank you for any help/advice/suggestions given


How come my cat likes to put her paws in my soda?

Soda not water. New glasses of soda too, not old ones I'm too lazy to wash.

She's evil isn't she? I should probably put her out to pasture with that hobo guy in my back alley who talks to his plastic bags. I bet she could take him.. he's pretty scrawny.

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Why do people write "Sike!" I've seen pretty intelligent people make this error. Is there something popular that's spreading this, or do they not know how to spell, or do they not even know what the word is actually supposed to mean?

(For the, uh, non-smart people out there, it's supposed to be "Psych!" -- you know, as in psychology, as in relating to the brain, as in people are fucking with your head when they say "Psych!"?)

Edit: Or perhaps they just belong to the school of "Wow, if I write so I appear barely literate, people will think I'm cool!"?

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Apparently Im a dumb mother******. So you people know I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic school.

If I downed 30 Nyquil with some alcohol, would I feel any pain whatsoever as I died?

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If someone offered you a quad (and quite obviously was referring to drugs), what would you think they meant (a Quaalude, a quarter ounce of pot, four hits of LSD etc)?
My parents insist it's a Quaalude, but my initial thought was marijuana. I imagine it's a generation gap thing (seeing as to how they grew up in the 60s and 70s)  Why I ask, if you're curious.
middle east

well, in THAT case

To what degree does the concept of ‘state class’ overcome the problems of trying to explain politics in the Arab Middle East using conventional socio-economic class analysis? Illustrate your answer with reference to MORE THAN ONE Arab country.
sweet dee mothafucker

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Do you know of any companies or stores that carry brown paper spiral sketchbooks? I can't seem to find any. It's like paper bag type material usually because it's recycled. I know Earthbound makes them but I can't find any spiral ones. Thank you.
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Landmark Anime

I am making an anime timeline to use as a visual for a presentation I have to do in my Arts and Culture of Asia class, but I cant reall decide which shows to use. I mean, things like Astro Boy, Gundam, Speed Racer, Space Battleship Yamato, Dragonball/Z, Evangelion, etc. are no brainers, but there are so many, especialy in recent years, it's gonna be hard to narrow it down.

This is a really good timeline I've found online:

Anyone have some suggestions?

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it's 4pm, I can't eat til 6pm. I have not eaten all day. I can't leave the house, i'm at a friends and don't have a key. She has no food.

What the hell can I do to keep my mind of eating? I have already cleaned everything, TV is not an option and I can't leave the house (if I lock the door I have no key to get back in, leaving it unlocked and going is not an option)

i'm going insane from hunger.

-edit, i also have no moolah to order anything.
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movie question

anyone know the name of that movie that's coming out where women can't get pregnant anymore and they have to take the last pregnant woman to some research lab?????
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Spaghetti Sauce

I've had some sauce (with meat and mushrooms) in the fridge for about 2 weeks. It smells okay, but I'm nervous about digging in without some sort of reassurance that I'm not going to get ill from it.

Should I eat it?

Google has failed me!

Hey guys, I have google searched, but my googling is off today for some reason.

I had a strange dream last night, and the overall theme I'm not finding much on in any of my dream books or on the web. In my dream books it's trying to tell me that it means I'm having some sort of anger or jealousy issues with my Mom.. which is completely off.

Collapse )

I usually have really disconnected creepy weird nightmare dreams and this is the first time in many years that I have woken up feeling so at peace, and I was just wondering if anyone had any input, or ideas? Thanks!!
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1. Lately I've been having a lot of dreams about doing some hot lesbian shit. I've been with chicks before but am currently quite happy with my SO, who is of the male persuasion. WTF?

2. How does one go about collecting money from a friend who owes one a new windshield? (Shockingly, glass breaks when you hit it, even if you are helpfully trying to kill an insect... on the other side.) It's been a few months, they have the money, but they're obviously not too eager to pay up. Should I just write it off as a loss?

(edit: I've already had it fixed, and the repair cost wasn't horrible or anything. It's just the principle of the matter. If I deliberately punched a hole in someone's windshield, I'd pay for the repairs, yanno, ASAP, and without having to be asked.)

3. Back in the day, doctors used rabbits as pregnancy tests by injecting them with a woman's urine? WHAT? Was someone drunk when they came up with that idea?

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Would you agree that anything is possible if you put your mind to it?

Do you have any personal experiences where you overcame some huge obstacle because you wanted it badly enough (and consequently worked hard for it)?

I really need some encouragement right now :-\

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So I procrastinated on something. I needed to find ten sources for a lit review.
When I tried to use the University subscription to various academic-paper-finding databases, the major one was down.
When I went to the library it was still down, and I ended up using google scholar.
When I went home with my links, about 3 of them decided that they couldn't just sense that I was still on campus and would deny me access.
I went to bed at midnight and got up early to work on it. Now that I've come to the class lab to work on it, *this lab* isn't connected to the network even as well as my dorm room is, and another 2-3 of my sources won't open here.
I can't even sleep when this is all over because I have a giant English paper to work on. And my job, too.
I feel like I'm going to be hallucinating and/or vomiting by the end of the day.

So, TQC... What else is going to go wrong today?

(zomg srs ansers only plz)

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I have an annoying habit of accidently posting my personal journal entries in here because I use SEMAGIC and I forget to change the default journal. Man, do I look silly. What have you done today that has made you look silly?
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Let's say you're a manager at a small company and one of your employees has her mp3 player stolen from her apartment. Out of the goodness of your heart, you buy her a brand-new iPod. Would you be offended if she exchanged your gift for another color?
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Wtf does this mean??

"Councils of the queen were being destroyed by that thrid beautiful long and difficult man"

(from: Consilia reginae illo tertio bello longo et difficili delebantur)
Age 26

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There was this lj user who added me called dirtyfilthy. I have to wonder ... does anyone know why this account was deleted? Was this person stealing passwords or something.

Hopefully this question isn't against TOS, but I was curious/worried.


We'll have funda funda funda til daddy takes the T-bird away

They found an 11th commandment. What is it?

Thou shalt not practice ignorance
Thou shalt not vandalize public property with ye paint that sprays
Thou shalt not spam
Thou shalt not converse on phones while thou art on the road
Thou shalt not don a furry suit and yiff against others who are also dressed in furry suits
Thou shalt not overstuff your face and turn your temple into a circus tent
Thou shalt not watch more than 30 hours of television a week
Thou shalt not carry thy wee offspring into movie theatres to disrupt others' enjoyment of the movie
Thou shalt not eat double helpings of beans and cabbage and go on a road trip in friend's compact
Thou shalt not write Full House fanfic
Thou shalt not stop random people who are not your friends and enforce my name or my son's name into their faces and claim you speak on my behalf
Thou shalt not covet they parish's altar boys
Thou shalt not download music illegally
Thou shalt not leave a toilet seat awash in one's bodily fluids when one could easily just wipe up the mess
Thou shalt not judge others in my name

There are 7 deadly sins. Pick an 8th

Drug abuse
American Idolism
Uninformed jingoism
Refusal to practice sexual responsibility

Complete this sentence. Having 6 years of Bush in office is as much fun as _____

finding money in the street
eating an Eskimo Pie that fell into a bag of hair
jogging a mile in a burlap thong
catching a leprachaun and getting a pot of gold!
squashing giant beetles with your fists
being stuck in an elevator for 6 hours with Pat Robertson on the day you wore your "I bet if Jesus lived together, he'd go both ways" t-shirt
inheriting Disneyland in a reading of someone's will
playing the 'open your mouth and close your eyes...' game with Mike Tyson
Comedy Central replacing Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Keanu Reeves
giving John Goodman a full-body, deep-tissue, NAKED, hour-long massage
being given a half-hour, open-check shopping spree at your favorite store
sharing a taxi cab with 2 sumo wrestlers
drinking an entire bottle of asparagus schnapps
waking up next to Johnny Depp
waking up next to Tom Green
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Sending large files

I asked this once before a long time ago. But I need a website or some kind of service that will allow me to send large files (larger than 10 or 15MB). I remember someone gave a website, and it worked =).

Does anyone know/remember the website?

Oh, and it was a free service too.

Fan Fic

Apparently, Full House fanfic isn't to everybody's likeing.

What would be the WORST tv show or movie to read fanfic about?

My pick would be 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace and Ed Bradley
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Is it safe to reuse bottled water bottles? There's really no stores close to my work, so I tend to reuse the bottles, but today this woman told me that something about the plastic makes it unsafe to reuse it.

animal related christmas gifts

I am starting to decide what to get people for Christmas gifts and for some of my fellow animal loving friends, I am probably going to adopt-a-whatever animal from this site:

So my friends would get a stuffed animal and a certificate of the "adoption" in their name.

Are there any other reputable organizations that offer similar animal themed gifts that would be good for holiday gift giving? Or do y'all have any other ideas of a similar nature?

cat, adorable, self

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Could I have made myself lactose intolerant? About six months ago I started drinking soy milk and never really had dairy. Now I can't eat anything with even the slightest bit of dairy. Totally my fault, yes?
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Is there something about softened water that could be screwing with my hair?
I just moved to a new house and apparently the water is soft and my hair has never been this messed up. Its dry and brittle. I've tried switching shampoos/conditioners, I never blow dry it, and rarely use heat on it. Its always been the picture of healthy hair.... wtf.
Nothing in my diet or stress level has changed, so the only thing I can think of is the soft water.
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1. Do you use a toilet protector in public restrooms? (the paper covering)

2a. If you use one, and you heard someone come in nd not use one, would you be grossed out?
2b. If you don't use one, and you heard someone come in and use one, and knew they could hear you not using one, would you be embarrassed?

3. If you lost something important, and someone returned it to you, would you give them a reward? Would it depend on the value of the item and how much out of their way they went for you?

4. What's the big deal with sushi?

5. And tea?

6. Have you ever done something outside of your boundaries and been put in your place for it? Did it make you feel crappy for days to follow? =\

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If you are going to visit family for Christmas/holidays, are you visiting your or your SO's family? If you are visiting your SO's, when (if at all) do you visit your family for Christmas/holidays?

If you ordered lunch to be delivered for a group of people and it was an hour late and not quite complete, what sort of compensation would you want in return for the poor service?
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If you normally go to church on Christmas Eve, what time of day do you usually go?

Since Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year, does that affect what time you'll be going or if you'll be going at all?

Are you a regular church-goer, or only on holidays?
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A couple of random ones...

1. Let's say you have an 8 - 10 page paper due a week from today at seven PM (and you haven't started it yet). It involves fairly little research, easy analysis and a whole lot of well-written bullshit. When do you start working on the paper?

2. Without looking it up, do you know what alabaster is? (I ask because I'm surprised at how many people I've talked to who don't know what it is. Why it even comes up in conversation in the first place is something I can never figure out, haha.)

3. Least favorite holiday tradition (for any holiday of the year)?

4. Do you have a funny/interesting/weird story involving or being caused by bad weather? If so, tell us about it...

5. If I drink a couple of beers and swallow half a bottle of aspirin and then jump into my car and run through a red light and end up being chased by cops and then plow my car into the side of an elementary school and (somehow surviving that) run into the school and pretend I have a gun to threaten children with before plastering myself against a window so that the SWAT team outside will have a clear you think my death will be painful?


A friend of mine is interested in getting a Husky pup, and she found a home run breeder online that she wants to go through.

What are some questions she should ask the woman about the puppy?
Any certifications she should look for or ask about?
Are there any web sites or places to call to check the woman's reputation?
Anything else her and her husband should know about purebred puppy acquiring?
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Quality ?'s

Even w/ all of the technological advancements in film-making do you think that the quality of movies has gotten worse?

What about music?

If you think either have gotten worse, why?

For a friend?

"ok i need help from moms out there! Dominic will not nap during the day! I tried everything! He gets overtired and then freaks out when i lay him down! I tried putting him down before he gets overtired but it doesnt work! any advice is appreciated!
Thanks mamas!"

What can she do to get the baby to sleep? I'm not sure how old he is...I want to say 4mos-ish

People as animals

Lately I've been noticing that when I see people I have a strange tendency to associate them with animals and was wondering if anyone else did this? It's not really meant to be a criticism it's just like sometimes I'll see a woman walking in between classes and just think to myself "wow, she really looks like a dolphin" and there's a girl on the TV right now who clearly resembles a llama.
Also, do you stand next to the microwave and wait for it to beep or do you preoccupy yourself in the meantime?
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Xmas gift quandry

This is not at all a big deal but just wanted to get a few opinions.

So I have this Amazon wish list that I've had for about 4 years, adding stuff as time goes by. Most of it is books I really want but I've added more practical stuff to it like housewares and such. From time to time I have bought stuff off of there myself but for the most part it just sits there.

Unless asked specifically, I don't send it to anyone. For instance, each year my bfriend's parents and sister ask what to get me so this year, I am going to send them the list. Whether or not they buy anything from it, who knows.

But how would I go about telling other people (mainly my dad and stepmom) about it? I think they would be happy to know about it but not sure how to solicite it...they never ask what to get me, and well since I'm 32 and have a house and a job and all that there isn't anything I really *need* and end up getting stuff I don't ever use...

Should I send them an email link? And if so what do I say? Or should I shut up and be happy I have people who even WANT to get me stuff in the first place?
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How do you move?

Yoga, weight-training, swimming, biking, running, jogging...tell me how you like to get your exercise (or if you).

I like yoga, walking the dog, and sometimes weightlifting. But it's hard to do it.
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What are some uses for duct tape? I don't care how unconventional it is, as long as it's something that could potentially happen to somebody somewhere :p

What are some at-home remedies you know of? (Duct tape for warts, toothpaste for burns to prevent blistering..)

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1. Any advice for introducing a new dog into a house?
Collapse )

2. My four-year-old Dell laptop is dying a slow but steady death. Should I try to fix it or just get a new computer (probably a Mac)?

3. What do you do when you really need a good cry?
Collapse )

4. If you're definitely not going to grad school and not entering a career where companies will seek you out, what's the point of having a good GPA in college?

alis grave nil

I need write a poem in Latin (ancient or otherwise). I do not know Latin. Anyone know a good online English-to-Latin Translator?


Who's your favorite fictional character?

Edited because I'm a stupid.

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1. Are you trying to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain holiday?
Yes, I'm hoping to lose 15 more lbs by Christmas. EDIT: It doesn't seem like that much to me, considering I still have a lot to lose. It would be entirely different if I weighed like 130lbs, but I'm very far from that.

2. How hideous are these shoes in green? Are both colors equally hideous?
I love them, but the only people I've asked about them said they were awful.

3. Does anyone know where I can find the shoes from #2 in Green in a size 10? Or these in 10?
I hope so. Zappos has some similar to the green ones, but they don't have them in 10 either.
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Grocery Shopping Questions

I've really never consistently cooked at home and am pretty new to the whole cooking thing. So I have some questions for you all...

Do you eat home cooked meals everyday?

Do you plan meals in advance? If so, do you use tried and true recipes you already know by heart? Cookbooks? Cooking sites? Or some combination?

What do you think are good things to keep stocked at all times?

What are some staples that if I didn't have it in my pantry or something, you'd say, "How is it possible you don't own any of that??"

How often do you go grocery shopping? Do you shop at more than one store? Online? Just the local supermarket?

And if you are willing to share this part - how many people do you shop for, and about how much does each trip cost you?

(x-posted to my own journal)
Animals :: Shelter dogs don't have much

Custom vinyls!

Does anyone know of an online company that I can commission to make custom car vinyls?

I would really like a specific design made to put on the rear window of my car. If anyone knows of a place, point me in the right direction! :D
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Public Records

My friend is having stalker-ish problems with a former friend who has recently threatened to kill her fiance, who refuses to get his own restraining order. Anyway, he's getting worse but she's been manipulated into believing he's NOT stalking her.

I want to prove to her he's bad news. Is there any way I can get someone's public records without having to pay anything?

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this might be a bit foolish. i apologize...

a) do any of you smoke? (Cigarettes)

b)  i just started smoking and i still dont feel like i am doing it right. is there a right way to do it? if so, what is it? i think i am inhaling it wrong.

and please no preaching. i am fully aware that smoking isn't the best for my health.

thanks :)

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Has anyone ever worked on a cruise liner? What was your experience like? I have nothing to tie me down to where I am now, and am looking to get away without completely leaving... I would become an airline stewardess but I need a second language. Middle of the year so school isnt quite the option for me. A long detailed explaination of your (or perhaps a friends) experience would be great. Thanks.

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this is kind of a stretch, but there's a song i've heard many times and i want to know the artist and title of it. i know the tune, but i guess that doesn't really help.
it's a love song and is sung by a man. it sounds like it's from the 50's or 60's. it starts with something like: "ohhhhhh, myyyy love. my darlingggg..." i'm pretty sure it's a famous song. i don't know any lyrics, but at one point he really belts out this one word. can anyone help me?
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International Work

If you wanted to work internationally for no other reason than to experience other cultures and places and to travel, and you could work in one of these places, where would you go and why?

China, Beijing
Denmark, Copenhagen
Germany, Aachen
India, Hyderabad
Ireland, Dublin
Israel, Haifa
United Kingdom, Cambridge

Last Names

Hello, everyone! My name is Lidiya and I am a first-time poster in this community. A certain question has been bothering me for a long time, I would really like to know whether Lai is a Korean of a Chinese last name. What about Lem?

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What cartoons did you watch growing up?

I watched a whole bunch, ranging from Looney Toons to Darkwing Duck to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Samurai Pizza Cats to even more. But I can't remember them all, so I'm hoping I recognize other people's answers ;]
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Did anyone see the new Ellen commercial for American Express? I saw it during The Office. There was a goat named Frank. Think it's a reference to LJ?

I'm staying on campus for Thanksgiving. What kind of easy to make foods should I get for the week? How about for Thanksgiving? I have a microwave and access to an oven, but it doesn't work well and there's a lack of cookware.

Where do you think is a good place to meet people, for dating and such?
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My New Verizon Chocolate, er, uh, phone

Okay, so I got the new Chocolate, and it's really cool. I got the Music Essentials Kit with it, too. The problem is that music files have to be in .wma format, to go on the phone. The Kit brings Windows Media Player 10 so you can convert mp3s into that format. However, to dl Windows Media Player 10, I have to have Windows XP, which I don't have. What do I do? Is there another program that can turn mp3s into wma's? Thanks for the help. :)
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