November 15th, 2006

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When suggesting that we give away some of my niece's old clothes, my mom stated that she doubts other people would want them, since she herself has an irrational aversion to having used things for the baby.

Is this mentality fairly commonplace?

Edit: Any explanation for it? With the exception of hand-me-downs from other family members...unless you want to discuss it, of course.
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Okay, I thought it'd be helpful to get the answers from the majority of TQCers since most of you seemed to have some experiences with your exes after your breakups and whatnot.

Put yourself in my position if you care.

Backstory: I was in a serious relationship with this guy for almost 3 years plus we've liked each other for 8 years beforehand. So that means we've had lots of history together. In March 2005, we jointly agreed upon breaking up after realizing that we weren't somewhat compatible for each other, and our relationship ended on a good note. We remained "friends with benefits" till next 7 months at the time he met his current girlfriend, and it also ended on a good note. Then, he and I get in touch with each other as friends through email and IM for less than 5 times this year. Not a long time ago, I've learned that his girlfriend is taking a break from college right now and deciding what to do with herself for the rest of her life and recently moving into the house with him. However, I have no idea how their relationship goes lately. It's hard for me to trust anyone except him, and from what I know, he've never cheated on anyone with anyone else, but I may be mistaken.

What happened is on November 12th at 10 minutes before midnight, I've received a text message from him that says, "Do you ever want to do it again? -(his name)" and in 15 minutes later, another message saying, "Are you awake? -(his name)" It was too late for me to reply right away since I checked on those messages in 2 hours later. As a matter of fact, his birthday is on the 13th, and before this small incident, I planned on texting him to wish him Happy Birthday so I did. And also I asked him what he was trying to ask me; however, unfortunately, no answer yet. That put me into such confusion, if it makes sense. He could've been drunk on that night since he took the day off work for his birthday.

To you, what did he meant by asking to his ex (me), "Do you ever want to do it again?" ??

Thank you!
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Ok, so. My theatre history paper. I downloaded it from gmail (I "opened" rather than "saved"), write four more pages, saved it, and closed MS Word. When I came back to it a few minutes later to print it, I opened Word, clicked on the file in the recent documents, and found it wasn't there. In fact, it's nowhere. I've searched manually and with the handy little Search feature. I think it got saved to a temporary file which was then deleted or something, if such things are possible, but essentially I lost my paper, so how can I get it back?
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If I'm eating them for the fibrous content and calorie count, and specific vitamins or tastes are not considered, what would be the cheapest choice for fruits or vegetables for meals? $6 for two days (or less) for apples isn't going to work out. (I'm probably not going to enjoy boiling 18 eggs a day, either...) If it changes any thing, I need to eat 3300 calories to maintain my current weight with my level of activity, and I'm cutting that down to 2800 calories and adding a workout every day.

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This question is for all you HTML smarty pants out there...

So, I wanted to save video file to my computer... The video player the file played in was an .swf file so I couldn't right click to get a source for the video. After a bit of playing around I managed to download the .smil file of the video and so I opened that up in notepad and figured I would just get the source url from there and then just save the source file. Well, when I opened the .smil file I didn't see a full source url and instead saw

meta base = " "
And then "blah/blah/filename.flv"

and for the life of me I can't figure out the source url. I've tried everything I can think of... so, my question is what the eff I should do to get the effing url? Anyone?

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What was your first job, how old were you, and how long did you keep it for? Did you like it? What was your first day like? Give me some general info about it.

What was your favorite job?

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Tsunami Watch for West Coast and Hawaii

Are you aware that there's a Tsunami Watch out for much of the Pacific Ocean including Hawaii and parts of the west coast of the United States and Canada?  (see and

Do you think there will be a tsunami?

When did you first hear about the earthquake that caused it?   (see
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With what cadence do you say your telephone numbers and what country are you from?

For example, I'm from the U.S. (Pennsylvania) and I would say a number 123, 123, 12, 12. [ (123)-123-1212 ].
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Probably been covered lots but need a consensus

Forgive me for asking
1. Did you wait for marriage to have sex? Yes/no/why?
A. If you did wait till marriage how many years were you together before tying the knot?
B. If you didn't wait till marriage how long did you date before engaging in sex?
C. Is sex just not related to marriage/love to you these days?
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Where can I hear a good Nantucket accent?

I'm reading Moby Dick to my son right now, and whenever I get to Ahab's lines, I find myself slipping into a West Country pirate accent (or the Sea Captain's from The Simpsons). I want to hear a real Nantucket accent (bonus for a good facsimile of a mid-nineteenth century whaleman's accent) so I can do it right.

Any good books-on-tape versions? Or just some random soundclips or youtube videos I could listen to? I don't want to rent a movie version of Moby Dick until we're done with the book.

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1. For those with bank accounts, where do you bank?
2. How much is the overdraft fee there?
3. Does your bank offer Free Checking?
4. How long have you banked there?
5. Why do you use this bank?

Car Tires

So, I have always been the kind of person, thanks to a shoestring budget, who buys thee cheapest tires I can for my then used car. However, now I have a new car, and I can afford better tires for her. I am reseaching best as I can, but I am hopelessly lost when it comes to this kind of thing.

I have been looking at Costco, Tire Rack, and Discount Tire for a new set. Does anyone have personal experiences with any of these retailers? I am interested in finding the best tires for the best price, good warranties, and some user reviews on the actual process with each retailer.

Are there review sites for this kind of thing, kind of like a phonescoop but for tires?

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yahoo users? what is < ding> ? I use trillian so if it's a smiley or something it won't work, it keeps coming up when I'm talking to my sister and the language barrier is sortof preventing me from figuring it out.

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Poll #868304 These things amuse me

None of you have seen a picture of me, so you don't know what your daily pollster looks like. Here's your chance to guess my appearance. What nationality am I?

An even mixture of two
A mutt so mixed up that there is no dominant race

Body type?

Morbidly obese

Hair color?

Dyed blue



Facial hair?

Long ZZTop beard
Clean shaven
Van Dyke
Just the patches of irregular beard growth and unibrow
Penciled-on moustache

True gender?


Highest education achieved?

College graduate
High school graduate
College dropout
High school dropout
Home schooled
Graduate school
Law school
Medical school
Trade school
Clown college


One piercing/no tattoos
One tattoo/no piercings
Just one ear/one tattoo
Multiple piercings/no tats
Multiple tats/no piercings
Multiples of each

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Would you say the U.S. Civil War was solely fought over slavery?

Do you have an American flag pin? If you were the President (of the U.S.) would you wear one?

Living where you live, what natural disaster are you most likely to encounter?

What's the age cutoff for statutory rape in your state or province or whatever? Do you feel that's an appropriate age? Why or why not?

Do you have any posters or prints at home whether they are hanging up or not? What are they of?

Holidaytown - a creative exercise

Remember that scene in a Nightmare Before Christmas where Jack winds up in that area with the doorways to all the other holiday-theme towns. Let's say you can visit one holidaytown for one day.

1) Where do you spend the next 24 hours?
-Christmas town
-Thanksgiving town
-Arbor Day town
-St. Patrick's Day town
-New Year's town
-Kwanza town
-Valentine's Day town
-Easter town
-Labor day town
-Chanukah town

2) What do you think the place would be like?

3) What are some activities you'd imagine doing there?

4) At some point, you'll go to bed there. What kind of bed do you think you'd find?

5) Lastly, you're given a parting gift, representative of this town. What are you given?
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Have you ever had a turkducken turducken?

Who should absolutely NOT have children? (specific people or general groups)

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?


Did OJ do it?

Did Michael Jackson do it?

Is Oprah gay?
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Line of succession ?

What do you think would happen to America if:

Somehow a bomb were placed in the House of Representatives Chamber at the U.S. Capitol and set off halfway thru the State of the Union address and EVERYONE attending (all of congress, the pres. + his cabinet, the supreme court justices, etc) were killed?

ETA: The designated survivor(s) were also targeted and killed as well.

Maybe we'd become a military dictatorship...I have no idea
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anyone know anything about literature?

I have to write a paper about Richard III... and I'm supposed to frame it as a character development on the part of Shakespeare. Why he changed the facts, etc... I've got all the history down, but I'm wondering about the whole character development thing.. anyone know where I might find info about that? scholarly info? :)
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Now I asks 'ya, do Blue Balls exist?

I only ask this because the last guy I saw told me that I was the first girl he'd ever known that believed that they existed. He told me that they didn't and that I was stupid to even think that they might.
Now, I took a sexual education class at University... and my professor went into how men do, in-fact, get blue balls. We spent a whole day on the subject. And all the guys i've ever dated have told me about the Blue Balls they have experienced. Tell me about you experience, please.

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If your friend's parent died, would you go to the funeral, given that you would have to take a few hours off work but it's in the same town as you?

In what ways do you reach out to a friend when they lose a loved one?

ETA: The situation is this...
I was very close with this friend in high school. He and I have drifted apart over the years, but we're still friends. I haven't seen or talked to him in a while, though. His mom had brain cancer (which I only found out last week when another friend ran into them in the hospital) and died yesterday, according to a local obituary. My friend probably doesn't even know I know his mom was sick, and certainly isn't expecting me to go to the funeral. I feel like I should and that I want to, but leaving work in the middle of the day is tricky for me. I'll be allowed to go if I ask, but I don't know if I should. I certainly don't enjoy funerals...but if it would help my friend for me to be there, I certainly want to. I'll think about this for the rest of the day, I guess.

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This came up in a comment to a post in another comm.

Are you familiar with what "poppers" are?

Are you straight/gay/other?

Someone asked if straight people even knew what poppers were... so there ya go.

(hint for anyone who doesn't know, we are not talking about food)

Edit: for anyone who wants to know, here's information from The Urban Dictionary with pictures.

Question and answers

Since enough people requested it, here's my personal info from my poll

I'm half white/asian
Average build
Black hair of average length
College dropout
Pierced ear/one tat

Pat yourself on the back with an appendage if you got it right

And to justify this post, here's one last question


If what happens in Bizarroworld stays in Bizarroworld, is bathroom at rest stop on border of Bizarroworld still technically considered Bizarroworld?
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Inspired by a comment in a previous post...

For those of you who are 21(or other legal drinking age in your part of the world) & older, did you have trouble when you first turned 21 (or other legal drinking age in your part of the world) and tried to buy alcohol because of your ID?

Besdies the suspicious looks and the long pauses so the person checking your ID could do math in their head.

my answer Not really. A cashier in Stop & Shop once called her manager over to check my ID even though it was my 21 ID though. It was weird more than anything. Then again I was wearing some Disney t-shirt and she probably didn't believe the ID was mine.

My roommate's friend almost got turned away at our local bar though. It was 4 days after his birthday and the first bouncer was like "No, you can't come in." We pointed out that his birthday was 4 days earlier and he passed it to the second bouncer who stared at it for a minute and said "How am I supposed to know he's 21?" My smartass roommate replied "Because his birthday is the 17th and it's the 21st." They let us in.
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Contact lenses

Um. Is it bad to leave my contact lenses in the fluid in their case for, uh, a month or two on end?

When I first got them, the employee!guy taught me that "Don't leave them in the fluid for more than three days. Change the fluid if that's the case. You don't want little polyglots developing and swimming around in there. YOU COULD GET AN EYE INFECTION."

And now it's kinda been two months since I changed the fluid. And his 'polyglots' comment has frightened the daylights out of me. I finally took the contacts out and drenched them in fluid repeatedly to rinse them off and hopefully clean them? And I've put them in now. Er.

Now, someone tell me if I should tear them out of my eyes immediately because I'm gonna develop an eye infection? D:
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1. If you randomly saw a celebrity you like on the street with their family or friends do you think you'd approach them? Do you think it's rude to approach celebs like this when it's not something like a book signing, after a show, or another special event?

2. Were there any special fads at your school (school or area specific, not something like tamagotchis or pogs)? (I remember in 7th or 8th grade it was the cool thing to be seen sucking on this specific lollipop that I'm pretty sure was only sold at the convenience store a block away from the school. The family that owned it had to either be really amazed at the sales on those things or were the ones who bribed some popular kids to make it the cool thing.)

3a. Have you ever volunteered in a hospital?
3b. If yes, how was your interview? Did it cover basics like what hours you'll be volunteering and all that, or did they get into more things like a regular job interview might (like tell me about yourself, what are your strengths/weaknesses, etc.)?

A little freaked..

So I noticed blood in my pee two hours ago. After freaking out, I drank some water and the subsequent urine was normal. However, I am peeing a lot - I went to the toilet twice in an hour, and each time it was with a full bladder. (But it could be because of the amount of water I drank)

I checked online and it seems like frequent urinating can be a sign of kidney problems - but my question is, how often is too often?

How long is the interval when you have to go to the toilet, usually?

How long should the interval be, for a normal person?

Should I go to a doctor?

EDIT: Answered. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow after I end classes.
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1. Is there a way to look back at all the entries you've made in a certain community, say, thequestionclub ?
2. Anyone remember those Koala cracker/cookie things that had chocolate in the center of them? [I just bought some! Haven't eaten any yet, they're for a date later on tonight]
3. Anyone have any good dreams lately?
4. Okay people I'm at work (work study job- don't really do much work because there isn't much to do) until 4:30 and bored. Any websites out there that'll occupy me for the next two hours?
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So, I was having sex last wednesday and the condom broke. I hightailed it down to the family planning centre and got myself the morning after pill.

Today, I came on my period two weeks early, is this something to be worried about? Or is it just normal?
Zwinky Kat

Death in an elevator

I know there was a question not too long ago about randomly coming across dead bodies, but this one is a wee bit different-

A man who works with my husband had a heart attack and died today in an elevator at work. Has a coworker at your place of work died 'on the clock'?
What about non-coworkers? (Customers, deliverypeople, etc.) This one is assuming you don't work at a place where death is commonplace, like hospitals or hospices, prisons, etc.

(no subject)

this is about the very well made film Death Of A President.

1) have you seen this film?
1a) why, why not?

if yes:
how did it make you feel?
are you american? 
do you think it was sick?

if no:
will you see this film?
are you american?
based on tittle/ any summary you have see do you think this movie will go to far?

and finally:
do you vote regularly?

and if you are not american, what country do you reside in?

Collapse )

please dont flame me. 
if you think im wrong or something can we please talk like adults?
i mean, it IS livejournal. whats more adult than that?
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What's the silliest/stupidest/weirdest/most useless holiday-related item you've seen?

Preferably Christmas, but whatever.

Mine's under the cut.

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Do you think your favorite musical artists would get along with each other if they ever met? Or have they met or collaborated before?

I was just thinking about how I have a passionate love for both Rufus Wainwright and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, but I can't even fathom how they would be if they ever met.

(no subject)

So let's say you're close friends with a guy called A. He dated a girl named B; they had a tempestuous relationship and a stormy breakup and have not spoken for months. You were A's confidante throughout all of this.

A has since moved out of state, but you still keep in touch. Out of the blue, you run into B, who is sociable and chatty, asks after A, seems contrite about the disastrous wreck of their relationship, and says, "Tell A I said hello, won't you?"

Do you tell A about your meeting with B, or keep your mouth shut? Why or why not?
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Audio from a video?

I'm trying to get the audio from this video (I suggest you don't watch it, as it's a horribly loud screaming baby). I downloaded the original Quicktime video and now I'm not sure how to get just the audio. I used to be able to put a Quicktime video into iTunes, right click and tell it to convert to MP3 but now it doesn't seem possible.

Can anyone tell me of a program or simple way to go about getting this audio?

Would anyone be willing to go through the trouble of downloading the clip and retrieving the audio for me? That would be amazing as I really need this audio for a project.

Edit: Problem solved. Thanks so much!

New order of business; what's up with this video!? Who films their kid crying like that? And then just shoves it into the camera when it doesn't stop? Crazy.
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Alice in Wonderland already said it: I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.

1. What advice do you give yourself but don't follow
2. Is there a way to stop worrying? There seem to be 12 step plans for every habit: smoking, drinking, drugs, overeating. But how to stop worrying about things?
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homebrewers - help!

I tried to make homebrew (beer) for the first time recently and after waiting how long the directions on the kit said and being very cautious with keeping everything clean, it was time for it to be done. Well, to my disappointment, it was VERY FLAT. I made 60 bottles of this stuff. Anyone have any suggestions of what I should do to get the stuff to be carbonated now that it is supposedly all done?
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Online Journal

Firefox 2.0

Why does my Firefox 2.0 browser suddenly close all the time when I'm in the middle of doing something? I don't see any error messages when this happens. Most of the time, I'm doing ordinary things like navigating to a new tab and replying to comments via email. It's done that twice so far tonight, and at least 10 times since I upgraded a few days ago

Serious answers only, please.
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University of Northern Iowa

sleep versus time.

Okay, I've got a dilemma here.

I have to write a paper for my French Cinema class tomorrow. Two pages, double spaced, in French, a theory on one of the two movies we were supposed to have watched. I didn't watch the second one because of no time, and I know the first one well anyway. (Baises volés)

At any rate...I've worked a ton lately, and I'm freaking exhausted. I have a couple of choices.

1. Do the paper tonight, get it done, collapse.
2. Start the paper tonight, finish it tomorrow morning at work when I have two hours on my hands.
3. Go to bed now (7:30), see when I get up, and do it then.

Eh...I'll probably try to start it at least.

Also...I am supposed to be doing a presentation with a girl from my Psych class. I didn't meet up with her to do research one day (I thought my boyfriend was mad at me and I had been crying all day and hormonal, so I didn't want to leave the house) but she hasn't been in class for three weeks (it's a night class). I can't find any info for her on the college directory, AND I had my department head in the office I work at look her up, and she's had ALL of her info blocked, even what classes she's taking, on the admin system. do I track her down? Do I? My professor hasn't heard from her either, and she said that she's had this happen and would adjust for me. I'm not worried about that...but what do I do?

PS--I haven't done much research on the presentation and it's on asexuality, which I'm really not all that interested in. Yikes.
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At the risk of sounding obsessive, I have a question for you guys:

Why do you think someone would change their status on Facebook from "single" to not have it shown.. i.e it now says "____ is no longer listed as single". And I know for a fact that the person is still single.. What would motivate someone to do this? I just don't get it.

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So I'm going to see The Colbert Report tomorrow, and I'm going to be waiting for about 2 1/2-3 hours until we are let in. I will be alone for 1 1/2 of that time.

I'm making cds for that time, since my ipod died on me. Right now I have Urinetown on cd and a Stephen Colbert mix cd.

What songs should I put on my cds?

yousendit songs/albums to me. pretty please?

i really like showtunes, indie-type music, and rap/hiphop.
so really, any music you like, i'll at least try to listen to.

TIA xposted.

(no subject)

What is the absolute worst thing you have ever done?
Was it to yourself or another person?
Would you do it again?

ETA: Oh fuck. It's a typo. I'm tired. My 2 year old veteod his nap today. Forgive and get over it?
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Negotiating interest rates...

Yeah, my credit is kinda sucky. I screwed around with payments last year and have RIDICULOUS interest as a result. I'm trying my best to pay them off, as quickly as possible... I just can't seem to make a dent, even though I'm not using the cards.

SO - Have you ever tried getting your CC company to lower your rates?

If so, what worked for you?

The Dude Abides

Anticipation ?'s

Have you ever "camped out" for something? (ex. concert tickets, football tickets, videogames/consoles, etc)
Playstation 2

What are some things that you've anticipated being great but they were really a big let down?
I can't really think of any right now, but I'm sure I'll come back and edit this later
Cadbury Creme Egg
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(no subject)

Has anyone here seen Steel Magnolias? Preferably the play, but the movie is okay too. What can you tell me about the character of Annelle? I know she kind of goes from a little nervous girl to a party animal to a Bible thumper, but is there anything else to her character? I'm auditioning for her part in the stage play in a few weeks and I like to be prepared.

(And yes, I will be renting the movie for further character-study.)

(no subject)

Is it possible to imbed youtube videos/files into a powerpoint?

I have a speech due on the JFK Assassination, and I want to show the Zapruder film, and it would be so much easier to put all my pictures and videos together in a powerpoint instead of going back and forth in websites.



San Francisco Unified School District decided to eliminate JROTC from the schools. Because the military enforces "don't ask, don't tell," which they believe is a discriminatory policy, they don't think it's right to deliver the message to students that they support it.

Do you think this is a good reason to cut this program?
Do you think JROTC is beneficial to students?
Do you think kids will lose out if this program is out?

(no subject)

1. What constitutes a real man?

2. What do you think of American society's general idea/definition of masculinity?

Bonus: Gimme a sample of hypocrisy that particularly pisses you off. God knows there's an abundance, and I could always use more reasons to hate mankind. :)