November 14th, 2006



Okay, this sounds like a dumb question, but how do you cook rice in a rice cooker?  From the Googling I've done, it seems you put in the same amount of rice and water and just go.  Does it work the same with regular white rice, jasmine there a difference when cooking it?  

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Google brought me nothing, and so I come to you. Are there any websites dedicated to displaying the phenomena of doodling and scribbling in books? I've always been amused by finding things written in or drawn on used books, especially textbooks. I have this wonderful grammar textbook where someone wrote "WHITE POWER" on one end and another person wrote "BLACK POWER" on the other end, as an example. It would be great if there was a website where one could submit scans/photographs of such things.
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1. Why are the stars always winkin' and blinkin' above?

2. What makes a fellow start thinkin' of fallin' in love?

3. What makes a lady of eighty go out on the loose?

4. Why does a gander meander in search of a goose?

5. What puts the kick in a chicken, the magic in June?

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Does anyone know of a good design blog? And by that I mean one that showcases well-designed furniture, clothing, websites, knick-knacks, and any other material sort of thing. I used to read one, I think called That's Hot or something like that, but I lost the URL.
harry potter

photo things,

Dearest tqc-ers,

Help. I want to get my mom a nice photo printer for her birthday. After several visits to my local circuit citys, best buys, etc., I found a printer that meets what I'm looking for.

It is an Epson CX6000. I like it because it's within my budget ($119 at Circuit City), can print 4x6, 5x7 AND 8x11 photos and takes several types of portable media (USB, memory card etc.).

So I write down the model number and search Negative reviews up the wazoo - it apprarently eats up ink in as few as three uses, which makes me oh-so sad.

So my question is, does anyone own an Epson photo printer and can prove it's not as bad as I'm imagining? Or, can anyone suggest a similar machine that meets my requirements that costs about $125? (I can't afford much more.)


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Scenario: You are working retail (just a cashier) and the christmas crowds have begun so that there is a really long line-up of irritable people. You ask the customer in front of you if they have the store's discount card and they answer, "No I don't have any damn card, I don't use cards." They then pull out a credit card to pay for their purchase and you say (perhaps unwisely) "I thought that you had no cards?" Their response is to call you a bitch...What would you do at this point?

Who do you think was at fault for this altercation, the cashier or the customer? Why?
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The Receptionist Classic

Things That Keep Me Awake # 846

So I was watching "Batman Begins" the other day and I began to wonder...

How do superheros build their secret lairs?

I mean, it's not like they can call up a contractor for this and none of these guys were Carpenters By Day, Superheros By Night. But you know they have to have SOMEONE do work down there. Like Batman - you can't tell me that his mansion just happened to come with a tube for him to slide down that will put the Batsuit on him. Uh-uh, no way, I'm not buyin' it.
[The Clash] London Calling

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I am completely hopeless when it comes to makeup, so would anyone have any tips regarding eyeliner (specifically, how to apply it without stabbing yourself in the eye/getting it in the wrong place/looking like a moron)?
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Sparkles and Porno
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No soup for you!

Inspired by an earlier question...
If you've worked retail or in an eatery or in some form of service, have you ever refused to serve anyone in your workplace?

Why did you refuse them service?

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Is there a way to get Paypal buyer credit to stop mailing you your monthly statements to your door?
I ask this because I believe we are having a problem with someone going though our mail. I have it setup that they email me when my statement is ready, but I need to know how to get them to stop mailing me my paper bill in the mail.

If anyone knows, please tell me!!!!

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Where art thou?

Is there someone from your past that you have been searching for? I had 2 best friends when I was growing up in California that I would love to get back into contact with. I've tried people search on Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, Classmates, etc. Even Google! Have you ever had any luck finding someone from your past that you had been looking for? How did you go about doing this? Collapse )

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I was wondering if any of you knew how to set up a proxy on like freewebs or something? If that's even possible? I am at school and desperate to get on myspace because I would really like to not do my work. Haha.

Questions to make you think

Would you relocate across the country if your current job wanted to transfer you with a 40% pay raise?


Most people in this community are under 30, so only they should fill out this question. Bush gets Congress on his side, and decides it's in our best interests to invade Iran AND Korea. Manpower, which has been operating under capacity, will be replenished with a draft of everyone under 30. Not all will see combat. Some will act as soldiers protecting our coast. Most will be shipped overseas with sufficient equipment and training. All draft dodgers will be considered traitors and thrown in jail for 5 years. What do you do?

Serve my country
Draft dodge anyway. I'll leave the country the next few years

Could you date someone who had the exact opposite viewpoint as you regarding abortion, gay rights and sex education? They feel as strongly about those issues as you do, except on the opposite page


Your closest friend has a significant other they're crazy about. One day, you bump into the SO coming out of a motel with another man/woman, hand in hand. Upon seeing you, they break down and say that they know how bad this is and they break up with that other person before your very eyes. It's over. The SO wants to stay with your friend, and would appreciate that you don't tell him or her, for it would end the relationship. You ask how long the SO has been cheating on your friend. The answer is, about 5 months, but it's only been physical. Something to consider: what your friend know won't hurt him or her, and the continuing relationship will make keep them happy. Do you tell your friend?


You have a major crush on someone. You get a strong feeling they like you too, but they're in a relationship. It drives you crazy that they're taken, but you can't stop crushing on them. One day, the object of your affection gets hit by a car and is wheelchair bound with little chance of walking again. Their boyfriend/girlfriend shows their true colors and dumps them on the spot. Your crush is available now, and spends more time coming to see you at work, wheeling into your workplace and alludes that it would be nice if you guys went out. Do you go out with him or her now?


Nuclear war is imminent, and it so happens that you have a nuclear fallout shelter. Because of the collapse of the Cold War, most of your city's fallout shelters have been closed or converted into other facilities, so most people in the city will have nowhere to go when the bombs fly. Your shelter can hold 3 others besides yourself with enough food and oxygen for a year. With 4 people, it's only 9 months, with 5 people, only 6 months, with 6 people, only 3 months, and anyone beyond that point it's less than a month. Nuclear winter is a lengthy ordeal, you know. Who do you take into the shelter with you?

Significant other
Sibling 1
Sibling 2
Sibling 3
Friend 1
Friend 2
Friend 3
Pet 1
Pet 2
Pet 3
Significant other's parent or sibling
Other family member 1

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since the beginning of time, i've always always always gotten chicken with mixed vegetables and fried rice at chinese restaurants. last time i tried some of what my boyfriend ordered (chicken with long noodles) and loved it. what did i eat?

i'm meeting a friend for lunch at a chinese place today. what should i order?
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New Bopp
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A little while ago I found a website that gave great DIY instructions and ideas for re-vamping old t-shirts into new designs like with different sleeves, necks, lace-up sides, corsets, etc and for the life of me I can't find it now. I've googled the hell out of it and even looked in my browser history at work and home and can't find it.

Please help me find it?

Zombies was people too. . .

What would you do scenario:

You wake up one morning feeling like absolute shit. Your head hurts, your body aches and you’re noticing some weird awful smell coming from somewhere in the room. Before you can get up out of bed, your room mate/parent/significant other bursts into the room to tell you to get up. When they see you, they freeze in their tracks. . .their eyes grow wide and all of the color drains from their face. They look like they’ve seen a ghost. You try to ask them what’s wrong, but all that comes out is “Uuuuuuggnnnnnnngghhh-braaaaaaaaaains. . . . .mruuuugsnsah”. At this, they promptly pass out.

When you get up out of bed, you realize that the only way you can walk is in a weird, slow shuffle-and you have the over whelming urge to put your arms out in front of you while doing so. You shuffle off to the bathroom and are shocked by what you see in the mirror. You look well, like the living dead. You check your pulse, and find that it’s gone. . .and that you suddenly no longer need to breathe.

Poll #867554 Braaaains. . .

At this point, what would you do?

Bite my roommate/parent/significant other and start my own zombie army to bring about the apocalypse.
Go play X-Box. . .I’ll worry about this later.
Start penning my tell-all book “Reanimated - My hidden life of shame” and then call Oprah. It’s time to put a positive face on this so called affliction. Oh, and we prefer to be called Undead citizens thankyouverymuch.
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The Dude Abides

Picture ?s

Has anyone ever bought from before?
They have some type of deal for $.09 prints (when you buy in bulk), but it's a 'limited time only deal' so it sounds a bit suspect to me.

Where do you get your pictures developed?
I usually use Wal-Mart, but I've used Walgreens as well

How many photo albums and/or scrapbooks do you have?
Just three photo albums no scrapbooks
credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

(no subject)

I am going to new york for the first time the weekend before Christmas... other than radio city music hall and rockerfeller plaza, what are some fun things I should do? I will have 3 days there.

We are driving there, but won't be using our car while there we will be taking cabs or walking to get around, does anyone have suggestions on cheaper places than the hotel for parking?
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The 'List'

1. Do you have one of those short lists of celebrities you and your significant other are allowed to sleep with?

2. If so, who's on yours?

3. Who's on your SO's list?

4. You're with your SO, hand in hand, walking through a hotel, when one of your list people passes you and makes a suggestive overture your way, with a sexy wink. He/she tosses you a room key and says that he/she finds you attractive and is considerably drunk and horny, and that you're invited to join them for a night in his/her penthouse suite. They look really good. You look at your SO. Your SO looks at you. This could be the only time you ever run into this celebrity. Do you go up to the suite?

5. Same scenario, except it's someone from your SO's list (Brad or Scarlett or whoever), and they get tossed the room key instead. Your SO looks at you, you look at them. Would you let them go up to the room? Would you encourage them?
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more borat controversy.

From this article posted on ohnotheydidnt:

They made us put a cow in our living room, and they made it defecate and urinate in the house. Everyone's angry because they didn't pay them the way they should have.

Reading about these poor people, the first thing that came to mind was that I had to ask tqc how much I would have to pay them to film a cow taking a dump in their living room.

So, what's your price?

Keep in mind that I am originally from Oklahoma. I can find a cow if need be.

(no subject)

I am taking introduction to Algerbra and the next class is 120 Intermediate algerbra.

I am getting a C in the class, and it is a high C, but I don't know how! I don't understand much of what is happening, and don't know how to do many of the problems. Most of them I feel like I am just guessing on them.

So, the next class is 5 days a week 50 minutes each class. I don't feel I will be ready for it. Should I repeat the class I am taking and try for better understanding?

It has been over 22 years since I have taken a math class.


(no subject)

i have to write a research paper that "examines the criminal justice response to intimate partner violence in a country other than the United States." i am just simply asking for suggestions for a country that may be suitable.

For Love (of food) or Money

You're given a strange offer from a private research lab that's patenting a cure for certain wasting diseases, and which might be tweaked around and released as a livestock supplement. They've come up with a new drug that will permanently alter your body's metabolism, turning it in reverse. The effect is, all calories consumed will count as 50% more for you, so a cookie that's only 100 calories to everyone else will be 150 calories for you, etc. A normal diet of 1,500 calories/day to everyone else will be 2,250 calories to you. The effects are irreversible and you will have them for the rest of your life.

You've been chosen at random for this new experimental drug, which has been problem-free on 5 series of lab rats. They understand that this will be a difficult burden to live with for the remainder of your days, and are prepared to reinburse you financially for your sacrifice. They have big investors, and are prepared to offer you 6 million dollars in a one-time payout, which will be a drop in the bucket once the FDA endorses them and they go public. The only thing you will be asked to do is be injected with the drug, and submit to 2 weeks of scientific monitoring and checkups, and 2 checkups per year for the next 10 years.

Would you agree to be a guinea pig for this new drug and take the money?
drop it


So, I am learing how to crochet, and I'd eventually like to make an afgan.

However, I was wondering, when you run out of yarn on your yarn ball, what do you do? Is there a way to continue with a new ball of yarn?
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(no subject)

1) Can you recommend me any reliable websites that sells unique, nifty stuff?
It can be anything from clothing to toys to useful things you can use around the house or for yourself.

2)What websites do you usually purchase from?

3)What's the coolest thing you've ever bought online?
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Club Etiquette

One of my guy friends just got in trouble with his girlfriend because he broke one of their "clubbing rules" (no dancing with people you don't know).

If you have clubbing rules/agreements with:

a) your SO
b) your friends
c) yourself

regarding dancing, drinking, buying/accepting drinks, drugs, getting home, etc., what are they?

(no subject)

Okay. Recent legal decision in Ireland:

Two years ago, a pair of unmarried students put their baby up for adoption. The baby was legally adopted, and has lived with her adopted parents since then. Earlier this year, the parents got married and decided they want their daughter back. The took the case to court, and the high court ruled in favour of the adoptive parents, but the supreme court overturned that and granted custody back to the birth parents.

Personally, I think this decision is appalling, and when you out your child up for adoption, you have to accept that they're someone else's child now. Apparently, the adoption agency were late in getting a form signed, and the Irish constitution is ancient, and only recognises the 'natural' parents as having legal rights.

What do you think?

Retail Continued

Your store carries gift cards which can be loaded with any denomination and as you use it, the amount used is removed leaving a balance, which is non-refundable for cash. A customer comes in, also around christmas time, when it is busy and buys something leaving a balance of less than a dollar on their gift card. They want the rest in change, but you are not allowed to give it to them from your till or else you will be accused of stealing. You explain this to the customer and suggest that they buy something small to use the rest of the change. They refuse and demand the change, quite nastily. What would you do in this situation if there was no manager around? What if there was over twenty dollars left on the gift card?

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(no subject)

How do I make my garbage disposal not smell like ass?

ETA: You guys rock, I got 6 comments already and I was totally expecting all these smart-ass answers (which I am totally still expecting, this is TQC ya know) but those are all good ideas! I was wondering if bleach would work so I'm glad someone said it. Now I will just have to buy a lemon and some bleach. LOL. I do know that lemon-smelling kitchen cleaner did not work =P

(no subject)

Housemate problem.

First year of university and I'm living with three girls in university housing. Three of us are best friends and get along swimmingly, and then comes the housemate of death. She and I were friends at the beginning of a year, but she has NEVER gotten along with the other two (she refuses to be friends with anyone who isn't like her). So anyway, she has become a problem including stealing food, treating the girls like dirt, spraying this nasty Febreze I'm allergic to and a bunch of other stuff. Now, we're all big girls and should be able to handle this on our own, but she refuses and so we've complained to our dorm advisor who will sit us down and probably tell us not to be babies. But, during the first week, a pair of her sunglasses broke while I was wearing them (the pin fell out or something) and she said it was fine and not to worry about because she didn't like them. NOW, of course, since there is tension, she wants me to pay her back. Furthermore, I owe her 10 bucks for a pack of smokes, but the amount of my food she has eaten and alcohol she has stolen exceeds far past that $10.

Do I pay her back? Is it the bigger thing to do? Or do I say fuck it and tell her no?

Ever had a shitty housemate? What do we do?!
sport for our neighbors

(no subject)

The insides of my ears really hurt. It wasn't very cold outside today, but it feels like I've been walking around in a blizzard. I've tried taking a hot bath and holding hot cloths over my ears, but they still hurt and it's distracting me from writing my damn Theatre History paper. Any suggestions on how to make them stop?
another eyecon

(no subject)

I laundered my phone. Because I am fucking cool.

I've already taken it apart as much as I can and dried out everything visible, but it's not turning on.

Is there any hope? Any suggestions?
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brothers in arms

Woe is iTunes/iPod

So, the Mists of Avalon soundtrack #18--Aeone, I will remember you still--works fine on my iPod. But on my iTunes, I get that nifty exclaimation point and it tells me that the original file couldn't be found. I've updated my iPod a million times through my iTunes since I first noticed this, so why would the song be fine on my iPod but not my iTunes? And is there any way I can get it back onto my iTunes through my iPod? I've manually searched for the file, and it does seem to be gone...
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Do you think less of a person who has a university degree and has a job doing something that has nothing to do with the degree? If you don't think less of the person, what do you think of the person?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

I lied on my resume that I attend school right now. And the people who want to interview me asked me to bring a copy of my resume and my spring schedule (because this intern position is for the spring)...if I told them I currently don't attend you think they won't hire me cause I lied about attending school or cause I'm not going to school?
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(no subject)

What's a good snappy phrase along the lines of "cancel my subscription, 'cause I'm over your issues," but referring to one's tone/attitude? (Kind of like "I'm not 100% in love with your tone right now" from the caveman commercial. Hee.)
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(no subject)

1. I have ramen noodles, instant rice, peanut butter, sugar, salt, soymilk, sour cream, mustard, asparagus, eggs and frzen mixed veggies. What can I make that ISNT stirfry? I hate being poor lol

2.What are some good (canadian) websites for swapping/giveaways/FREEBIES? (incluidng things like FreeCycle)

3.What is your best frugal tip? Eg: anything that can replace expensive things, clever ways to reuse something, etc
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Questions That Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

What have you ingested today?
Black Cherry Soda Water, McChicken Sandwich, Small Fries, Small Dr. Pepper, 20 oz. Coke, 20 oz. Coke Black Cherry Vanilla, 1 home made Cheeseburger, one .5L water bottle, one baked potato + butter, 1 yougurt (peach fruit on the bottom)

How often do you shower/bathe?
At least once a day. But if I have the time, I can shower twice or thrice.

What's your favorite canceled TV Show TV show not on TV anymore?
Strangers with Candy and Six Feet Under.

What are you doing this weekend?
Thursday night I'm seeing The Colbert Report!! (For me, Thursday starts the weekend, because I don't have classes Friday) Friday I'm going to the Bronx Zoo with my best college friend, and her parents. Saturday I'm seeing the straight show at my old high school with a few of my friends. I'm also hanging out with my best friend from high school, who I haven't seen in 3 months. Sunday I'm cleaning my room/picking clothes to donate.

How many songs do you have on your computer?
I have 1252 on my itunes.

What's the weirdest community you belong to?
Probably Geoffrey_whyyyy
It's a caps comm for SWC freaks.

Thank you, that is all.

(no subject)

Where can I find a (thorough) listing of concerts or events in New York City the weekend of Nov. 24th? I want to see something cool that we don't find often here in Indiana. Ideally, something more in-depth than Ticketmaster or Google skills are not doing well today, I guess.

(I like all kinds of music, especially various world music, classical, and hip-hop.)


(no subject)

Why are there 3.5 billion Christmas related fonts/textures but no Hanukkah, Solstice, or Thanksgiving ones?

Where do you get your favourite fonts and large textures from?

Please respond. ;)

Greetings folks. I'm doing a speech in my Communications class and am needing some feedback.

1) Do you own a cat or dog?
1a) If yes, is it spayed or neutered?

2) Do you support spay and neutering programs?

3) Would you adopt from a shelter or buy from a store?

4) Have you heard of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release)?

ETA: I wanted to thank each and every one of you -- you are all awesome. I love that so many of you support spay and neuter!

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) for those who are curious, is a special trap is set up to catch ferals. Once a feral is safely in the cage, they are then brought to the vet/shelter/humane society, where the animals is tagged, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. Once they recover, they are released back where they originally were caught. This helps control the population growth of strays and feral animals.
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(no subject)

Question: do the upside down christmas trees [see below post or look it up] seem creepy to you? They look sinister to me. Like an evil bearded face. Ew.

If you enjoy pretzels, what's your favorite kind? Does the shape matter to you? It matters to me. I especially like the giant rods or the ones that are small and traditionally shaped because you can break them in interesting ways with your tongue as you eat. It's entertainment baby.