November 13th, 2006


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1. Would you laugh if you parked your car on the top of a garage and saw this when you got out?

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2. An alien spaceship lands in front of you and six aliens come out of the ship. They all appear human, but can transform into scary 10 foot things with claws and pinchers and various other scary alien things. They demand that you must take one of them out on a regular earth date and that you must have sex with one of them to show them what regular earth sex is like. So, who do you pick?

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3. Why does livejournal hate me and want to do weird things to my posts?

4. Did you hear about the movie they're making about Freddie Mercury? Which actor do you think should play Queen's legendary lead singer in the film about his life? Which actors do you think should play the other members of Queen?
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Whoo, just finished bawling my eyes out to the movie Grave of the Fireflies.

1.) Do you like Miyazaki films? Why/why not? If so, what's your favorite?
2.) Have you seen Grave of the Fireflies ? If so, what did you think?
3.) What movie or movies make you cry?
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1. Who do you think is the best female singer, ever?
2. Best male singer?

3. How are you feeling? What would make you feel better? Worse?

4. Erm. Sometimes my eyes go unfocussed. Not at the same time, usually just the one, and it will take a while to get normal. Am I doooooomed to blindness? Is it just...ocular stress & tiredness? Anyone else get...unfocussed from time to time.

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Avery - Summer Bath

Winning the Lotto!

I have some questions about the Lottery.

When matching the numbers after they are announced, and you have a few that match, is the ticket worth anything?
more specifically, How many numbers in exact positions do you need to win anything?
what about numbers that are drawn, but are in a different place on your ticket. still count for anything??

my fiance just started buying lotto tickets.
he keeps having a same dream over and over that he will win the lottery, LOL.

we live in Indiana and play the Hoosier Lotto if that helps any..
kate and I.

Question about Cingular/Verizon

My dilemma:

I had Cingular for my wireless service for almost two years, and my unpaid bill recently went to collections. I tried to make payment arrangements through Cingular but they said it was "out of their hands", meaning I no longer have any ties with them. Since I don't want to NOT have a phone, and I obviously can't get another account with Cingular, I am going to get added on to my boyfriend's family plan through Verizon. My question is:

Has anyone ever gotten denied an account with Verizon (or any phone service provider, for that matter) due to bad credit or having a delinquent account with another service provider?

I'm concerned I won't be able to get a phone until I pay the almost-five-hundred-dollar bill to Cingular. Yikes. (My fault, I know!!)

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last wednesday i had 3 cavities drilled. the third one on the right sie of my mouth would take novacaine for some reason. the dentist shot me 6 times with it. the whole right side of my face was numb yet i could still feel the drill. i didn't want anymore of that stuff injected in me so i said to just keep on. so i could feel the drill the entire time. did it hurt? hell yes but it wasn't like i could scream so the point: that tooth has been hurting ever since. mostly when i drink something or eat something spicy. the other two teeth that were filled are perfectly fine. should i worry about that tooth or is it just going to take longer to stop hurting since it wasn't numbed? it also hurts sort of when i open my mouth wide and sort of pops. right in the spot where she shot the novacaine.
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Damn this itch!

For Parents:
1. Does it disturb, upset, sadden, anger, or invoke any negative feeling if your child does something more commonly associated with the opposite gender?
EXAMPLE: 5 year old Susie enjoys playing with her brother's robot dinosaur, Viking Lego playset, and toy pistols more than her Bratz dolls.

15 year old Billy has dropped plans to go to engineering school to go to culinary school because he's developed a passion for cooking and baking.

2. Why do you feel the way you do about it?

3. Do you try to keep traditional gender roles when raising your kids? Why (not)?

For the rest of us:
1. Did your parents ever discourage you from taking on activities more commonly associated with the opposite sex? Why?

2. Did they ever show negative emotion if you took on some physical trait that did not conform to your gender? (Girls who never wear dresses or makeup; Boys who read fashion magazines and dress in style, etc.)

3. How do you feel about your parents' ideas regarding gender roles?

I've been getting this itching sensation on my back off and on. One minute my back heats up and it feels as if a dozen ants were nipping at my skin. About half a minute later, the feeling's gone. This happened once in bed, once at the dinner table, and again while ironing clothes. I never find bugs on myself or have a rash on my back.

Anyone know what this is?
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How to you save all your entries (to the hard drive), then delete them from your journal so that it can be friends-only? I've heard of people doing this, and I want to... but have no idea how it's done.
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What are the top five things you want to do before you die, and how likely do you think you are to do them?

What is the longest you've stayed at one job; how old were you then, and how old are you now?

What is one of the most "annoying" things at your current job?

If you had to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it include?

Which musical artist do you most relate to?

The tongue-firmly-lodged-in-cheek poll

Not enough attention was given this story. Britney and K-Fed split up. This is the single most important story in your lifetime. Where were you when you heard about it?

What feelings or reactions did you experience when hearing about it?

I still can't stop crying
Food just doesn't taste the same. I'm empty inside
If they can't make it work, then what hope do any of us have? Life is so pointless now
I felt such ANGER.
I didn't feel anything. I probably laughed, as I always laugh at the dissolving of relationships. I might have been abusing small animals at the time, for I have no heart

What does Britney need?

Kevin back
A new man
To go away for a long time
A Playboy offer
To get knocked up again
Generous whacks from the heavy stick of smartness
To travel back in the Wayback machine to before she met K-Fed, to warn her younger self of his no-talent ass and his tenacious sperm
Nothing. She's perfect

What does K-Fed need?

Britney back
Another rich bimbo to leech off of
A beating within an inch of his life
More kids
A mirror, so he knows he's white
More brainmeats
A career that's far far away from the spotlight and a microphone
You to buy his cd, cause someone has to buy it
He needs nothing. He's perfect

Are you going to be ok about the breakup?

No, not really. Part of me died that day
It'll be hard, but the booze is helping
I still can't stop crying
I'll never be ok again
I wasn't the least bit bothered. Misery to others makes me laugh.
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Maybe I'm just clueless...

I know next to nothing about video games and their systems (seriously - I don't know the difference between a PSP and a PS2 or Sega or... do they even make Segas anymore?).
But I really need to know: Is Playstation 3 so OMG TEH BESTEST EVAR!!!! that people are lining up already to get one? (I'm hearing that the thing doesn't even come out til Friday and I saw people lining up outside Wal*Mart yesterday.)

Have you ever camped out in line for something before? (I mean, waited in line for more than a few hours. I'm talkin' days.) What was it for? Was it worth it?
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More or les

I heard somewhere that all women are 2 drinks away from a lesbian experience.

1. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
2. Have you had alcohol-induced, same sex dabblings?

Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen...

How long is your hair? (Hopefully, not long enough to make a toga.)
What color is it? Ever dyed it?
What would it take for you to shave it all off, baby? (On your head only, silly. You get to keep your eyebrows and whatnot.)

Mine comes down to the middle of my back, but I had hair down to my tail bone in high school. It was a bitch to wash and dry, lemme tell ya...
I'm a brunette, I've never used hair dye, and I'd prefer to leave my locks in place.
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Exercise Room Question

(first, I'm watching some random movie on FX. DID HE JUST HONESTLY SLICE THAT GUY'S FACE OFF!?!?!?)

Okay, so my dorm has an "exercise room". This has an exerise bike, a treadmill, and an eliptical machine. Now, I can't really use the treadmill, except to "power walk". (I have problems with my legs if I run-- not fun to deal with.) I know how to use the machines, but would like to keep from getting bored, to say. There's a radio and a TV with a VCR/DVD combo in the room. Any suggestions as to what I can do?


I just got a job at The Weather Network as an intern, working the 4pm to Midnight shift. I need food. More specifically, I need to figure out what I could bring with me for dinner.

I want to bring one of those "just add water" soup or noodle meals, since I have access to hot water and/or a microwave. I also need it to be cheap.

What brand/flavour would you recommend? Or do you have a better idea what I should bring for dinner.

P.S. I overdid the ramen thing back in high school, so I would prefer something not ramen :)
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As you wish, or, the boredom chronicles continue

You're given a special ability, and that is, you can make wishes come true. Your own and other's wishes. Whatever it is, it happens. However, there's a drawback. For each wish thus granted, you lose 5 years (1,461 days) from your life, meaning your life will be that much shorter. The only ruling for this power is that you can't wish the year-loss penalty be removed and you can't extend your own life.

That being said
1) would you use this special ability? If so, how many wishes?
2) what would you wish for?

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1. When something says to microwave it for 2½ minutes, do you ever accidentally enter 2:50 on the microwave instead of 2:30?

2. In what ways are you most judgmental?

3. If you work out in a gym, do you feel like you're in an unspoken but understood competition with the other people working out near you?

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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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So I read this in Oveheard in New York:

Teen girl: No, it was sweet. We just ended up making out for a really long time.
Teen boy: But doesn't that get boring?

My question is... do you guys agree with the boy? How many people here think making out gets boring after a while? Actually, it does get boring regardless, anything in excession is boring. So instead-- how long can you make out with someone until you get bored?

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Is there an equivalent of iMovie for PC users? I'm looking for a program that will let me make DVD's of photos and home video clips and is really easy to use, like iMovie. Any suggestions?

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1. What's your opinion of cigars and cigar smokers?
2. Have you ever smoked a cigar?
3. Do you smoke cigars regularly?
4. Have you ever been to a Cigar Bar?
5. If you smoke them, what's your favorite Cigar?
6. If you smoke and have a favorite cigar, why is it your favorite?

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do people actually put notches in their bedposts for the people they've slept with or is that just made up for songs?
have you ever met anyone that did this?
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For those of you who play guitar and wear fingernail polish, I have a pondering. If I paint the nails on only one hand, would it last longer to paint the fretting hand, or the picking hand? (I rarely play without an aluminium pick, pluck with fingers like a bass when I don't, and always electric, if that changes anything.)

General polish questions for everyone :
Does it last significantly longer to use a clear top coat?
How am I supposed to apply it so I don't need to run my hands in hot water (usually the shower) and pick off all the bits where I got it on the skin around the nail?

Edit -- I read a guide that said to paint nails at night, and peel of the dried bits on skin when taking a hot shower the next day. That's what I meant by running them in hot water later...

Can you tell I was not frequently a wearer, or a girl, in having to ask these questions? :)

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someone with gmail and more language skill than I have- under settings, where you can change the display language, i don't suppose one of those says Mongolian? I doubt they'd have mongolian in 'mongolian letters'(whatever the term is), but they might have it in Cyrillic letters.

edit, new question: When i play guitar hero, I play left handed, and this means I can't (comfortably) use the strap. after a while my hand begins to hurt because I'm bearing the weight of the guitar with the fingers that aren't strumming the little strummy button. A friend adjusted it in my hands once to something that was more comfortable, and he said it was how a bass guitar was held... and now I've forgotten! so, uno, was he making this up about holding it different ways, and dos, if he wasn't, can someone post some images of the difference? my google fu is failing me, I am not strumming a fish.

Ice Skating

Best way to tighten laces?  I can never get them as snug as I need -- When I was a kid, my father did it for me.  Now, when possible, my boyfriend.
I plan on going skating during the day next week -- I need to lace my own skates!  How??
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What is, generally, the cheapest time to fly?

I'm booking a flight in January and people keep telling me different times of day, days of the week, etc, that are "the cheapest, best deals".

It's from Pensacola, Florida, to Denver, Colorado, if that matters.


Does anyone use this site?

I need a site to buy MP3s. My husband would rather not use itunes since the songs come in mp4. We need a site that the songs won't stop working if you cancel the subscription(yahoo) and the songs work on any MP3 player.
Hope that makes sense. Sorry if it doesn't.

petit prince

11 days till i buy genesis tickets!!

1. if you wear a messenger-type bag, which shoulder do you put the strap on usually when you wear it across your body? and which hand is your dominant hand?

2. which fictional characters that are supposed to be sympathetic do you find really unsympathetic?

3. what're you wearing today?
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Rusted machetes??

Years ago, when I was a kid, my dad had these two machetes. One day he had used them, and I was supposed to put them away. I didn't, and it rained that night. The machetes were horribly rusted. This was right before my parents' seperation/divorce, I guess, because to this day the rusted machetes were sitting in my garage. My dad came into town to visit me today and he's going to be taking them back with him. I want a product that will undo the damage I've caused, because the machetes are really sentimental to him and they're really, really rusted.

Is there some solution that will dissolve the rust on these machetes?

A specific brand, maybe at an online store so I can have it shipped to him, would be really helpful.
I promise I'll post some more interesting, dumb-ass questions later.

Grandma/Grandpa gifts

My husband and I are due Dec 9th with the first grandkid for both our families. So, we'd like to give our family members Xmas presents that celebrate that they are now Grandma, Uncle, etc.

Also we are going to be pretty broke (diapers, ahhh!) and I have to use up some vacation days before I have the little guy, so, cheap + time on my hands = homemade crafty present time. :D

So far all I've come up with is creating photo frames with "GRANDPA" , etc on them and inserting pictures of us.

Anyone else have a nifty idea? I'd like to go more classy crafty (Martha Stewart) and less desparate crafty (no bedazzling sweatshirts, thank you) but I'm open to suggestions. :)
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What is your least favorite current fashion fad?
Nothing is immediately coming to mind right now - I think this season is much better than recent ones. I'm just glad Uggs and those pleated miniskirts are pretty much gone.

What is the total value of everything you're wearing right now?
My clothes were about $100 total, plus a $350 ring.
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hi_hello 2

Picture it...

When you’re at work crunching numbers or camped in front of a copier (or whatever it is you do) what else do you think about, where does your mind go?

And why hasn’t anyone invented a copier that flips pages, too?
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For Women

Have you ever donated eggs? Would you? If you have, will you tell me a little about your experience? I'm considering donating, and don't really know what to expect.

And if you are a guy and want to answer this in regards to sperm donation, that might be interesting as well.

pots and pans?

Another question!

What brand of pots and pans do you all recommend for long-term usage? Also, as usual, money is an issue here.

My significant other and I bought a pan set from Target and it's been shedding its black coating... YUCK!
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They're both sweet...

Ignoring the fact that one's a liquid ingredient and the other's dry, so quantities of dry ingredients would need to be adjusted, is it possible to substitute maple syrup for sugar in a recipe?

If so, any idea what the interchange quantities are?

Ever done it yourself? Did you get diabetes?

Edit: Thank you, Question Club! I substituted maple syrup 1:1 in my sweet egg onigiri filling and it came out great (though the sweet egg would be too sweet on its own, rice balances out the sweetness of the filling). The maple syrup was just what it needed to interesting-up the egg.

How to find a dentist?

Stupid question: I live in a different city than my parents do and am currently covered by my father's insurance. I know the name of the insurance company and have an insurance form signed by my father that states that he authorizes the company to charge for any dental work done on me. So far, so good...but how do you go about finding a dentist that takes your insurance? Should I just call up a slew of dentists close to me and ask them? Should I call the insurance company and ask them to tell me?

I'm sorry this is so long

Hey guys, I have a few questions:

How are you doing today?

Question number two requires some background info.
I am a sophomore in high school, which is not going well for me. I am, from my own diagnosis, a burning ball of anxiety and sadness. I'm sorry if I sound like a drama queen, I'm saying how I feel. From a psychiatrist's diagnosis, I have depression, generalized anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and obssessive compulsive disorder (depending on who you ask).

Basically, I can't deal with school. I get anxious and freak out and have sobbing fits, and spend a fair amount of time roaming the halls or in the bathroom because I feel like I'm going crazy. I just don't feel like I can function in the school environment. I am also, objectively, a pretty smart guy. Last year I got 1920 on the new SAT and according to an IQ test administered while I was in the hospital i'm in the 99.8th percentile of people my age. Regardless, my GPA is somewhere between 1 and 2. I do love to learn though, and am extremely interested in the arts, for which I go to a special school.

Which brings me to my question.
I am thinking of dropping out, getting my GED, going to community college, and eventually transferring to a four year college where I can study the arts and literature of my choice.
If I have not completed high school and have a GED, how much will that hurt my attempts to get into a four year college?
Also, what do you think I should do? I'm scared that if I stay in an environment that makes me feel this way I'll get pushed closer and closer to the edge, and finally teeter over the brink (as I have before, resulting in the aforementioned hospitalization.) Please help me, any thoughts?
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As many of you know, we suffered an outage last week. We lost a second power circuit after the planned outage of another. Though our systems are redundant, losing such a large number at once was more than what the systems could handle. There were also a number of fallout issues discovered after the outage that attributed to some parts of the site being slow and/or unusable.

In light of this, we wanted to compensate our Paid users for the downtime. This offer applies only to active paid accounts during the outage window from Friday (11.03.06 at 12:01am GMT) through Monday (11.06.06 ending 11:59pm GMT).

Follow the link below to receive 7 days of additional paid time:

This extension claim expires in a week on Monday, 11.20.06 (at 11:59pm GMT).

Did you know about this?
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Hey everybody, I'm new and this is my first question....

I'm taking a Literature class on Dante this semester and for each part of the commedia we have to write a paper pertaining to it's particular part of the afterlife. I'm stuck on the last essay which refers to Paradiso. We are supposed to write a paper about a popular figure that most people would know that we think deserves to go to Heaven. The problem is that I can't think of anyone in modern society that is truly worthy of going to Heaven. I'm not religious at all so the Pope or some other religious figure other than say Mother Teresa wouldn't really work for me. The person also needs to be alive or I would write over Mother Teresa.

Can you all think of a person worthy of Heaven?

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What color are your eyes? What color are your parents' eyes? Are you nearsighted, farsighted, or 20/20?

Do you have a widow's peak?

I think it's really hot when I kiss someone and he/she tastes like...?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I met a guy at a club on Friday...he was clearly intoxicated. He gave me his number and I haven't called him since. If I called him on you think he would've forgotten me?

(Yeah, I know it's a silly question. But I just don't wanna make a fool outta myself calling him when he can't remember who I am in the first place.)
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To anyone who has ever been genuinely depressed-
Has depression ever played tricks on you?
Maybe, make you feel like you don't love something/someone anymore out of the blue? Like it just hits you suddenly, for no legitimate reason?
Ever experience anything like this?
Or any other kind of depressions trickery?

If so, please share.
... because I feel like I'm losing my marbles.

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I was pouring Brianna some apple juice and on the container it said "concentrate from China and Argentina"

How can it be cheaper to bring frozen apple concentrate from China and Argentina than to make it here in the U.S.A?

Are we that pathetic of a nation it's cheaper to import frozen apple juice?
To the sky.


1) Are there any restaurants/coffee shops/fast food places that you ADORE that don't have any locations where you currently live?
2) How far would you have to go to get to these places?


1) The Mustard Seed (mmm...teriyaki chicken...), Noodle Express (which is basically the fast-food version of The Mustard Seed), Papa Murpheys Pizza (I think my husband is more bothered about the lack of this one that I am...) and, above all, random-tiny-drive-thru latte stands (nobody knows what a granita is, here in So. Cal.).
2)Two states away, unless I'm missing something.
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I know its a tad early but me and my freind were discussing X-Mas gifts, I agreed what I always wanted was a bear from build a bear (yeah im a 14 year old boy...*blushes*) and shes my best freind, I want to get her something that makes her eyes water and make her say "oh my god i love it, thank you!" and hug me.

Let me give you some backround info. My freind, I'll call her "Lacey" is somewhat of a feminist, she always wishes she had a boyfreind since she can be sensitive and feminine lots of times. She says anything from jewelry to perfume to candy.

what would you want if you were my freind?
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Which state in the US has the most options for license plates? I live in Ohio, and it could just be my location, but I swear that Kentucky has more license plates to choose from then anyone else. From horses to butterflies. Anyone has any idea which state it is? Thanks!
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Right, so. My hair is boring. Nice, but boring. It's on the thick side, blonde, has a side parting with shorter layers around my face, and comes to a few inches below my shoulders. If allowed to dry naturally, it's kinda wavy. I ALWAYS just straighten it poker straight, and be done with it. Any ideas what else I could try? I don't like all my hair away from my face, and I can't make my curling tongs make my hair look nice. Suggestions?
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I'm planning on sending a mail order to Carol Wright Gifts. They have a free shipping promotion, but the order form says you have to have a $15 purchase minimum. I'm ordering 2 items and the total comes out to $14.98.

Will they process the order two pennies shy of $15?
Or should I throw in one more thing? (Though I really don't want anything else)
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Best College Community...

What would make your perfect college community? What would the college have to offer in terms of features on campus, and what would the community have to offer within walking or easy travel distance? (Say a couple of miles.) Is it important that they you are given a lot of choices to make you feel more like an individual?

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If you stand on your head, does everything look upside down to you?

For me, it all still looks the same.  I've never been able to understand it when people say everything looks turned upside down.  Seems like the brain just straightens that crap out.

Lately, I like to visualize people being pistol whipped and falling to the ground in a faint.  Annoying children in ads on TV, people in front of me in lines, George W. -all sorts.  It makes me giggle. So, what bit of silliness do you imagine in order to keep yourself amused?

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Okay, I'm probably scum to be asking this, but does anyone know where I can download a copy of Quickplot? The download is dead at that link, but the program used to be offered for free, if the old reviews of the program I've dug up are true.

And is it borderline pirating to try to find old versions of software that were once offered for free but now have a pricetag attached?

EDIT: Found it. Thanks anyway!
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Dear God, why!?

So my iTunes isn't anyone having this same problem? When I try to open iTunes it says
Quicktime version 7.0d0 is installed, iTunes requires version 7.1.3 or later. Please reinstall iTunes.

1. I tried downloading the latest iTunes from the Apple site but the same message came up after it said it was installed.
2. I tried un-installing and re-installing iTunes twice and it didn't work.
3. I've reset my computer, hit it, screamed at it and there's no change.

What else can I possibly do? I need iTunes for my iPod and to listen to music while in my room. I've been using Winamp to listen to music and it's not fun.

Edit: So I finally got the download for the latest Quicktime but when I try to install it I'm told it's already installed. What else do ya got?

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Guys, does it bother you if girls giggle and laugh too much when they're talking to you?
I have a feeling I do it too much around the guy I like, and I can't help it. I get giddily nervous and in general find the things he says funny...
Any opinions?