November 12th, 2006

petit prince


1. do tone deaf people know they're tone deaf? can they hear the difference between what they're singing and what the actual tune is and they're just incapable of replicating the notes? or can they not tell?

2. for those of you with itunes, do you rate your songs? how many 5 star songs do you have? how many 4 star songs?

3. is "wonderwall" as high-quality as "levon"?

4. favorite huey lewis & the news song?

5. could you pull off red eyeshadow?

6. what is it with brits and aussies and guns & roses?
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Poll #865739 What should I do tomorrow?

Should I...

Go to the cumulative review session on Contracts tomorrow from 9-330
Spend tomorrow doing work for the week and catch the other review session before the final so I can sleep in?

The review session is a videotaped review lecture. It's being shown tomorrow and again in the first week of December, right before the final for that class.

Benefits of going tomorrow:
- getting it out of the way
- Will cover material which will be covered later on in the class so I'll have a head start on later material
- good recap of the semester, preparing me a bit early for my finals

Drawbacks of going tomorrow:
- Losing the chance to sleep in (didn't get much last night)
- I won't want to do my homework when I get back
- Might be better to go to the next lecture and kind of cruise through it as a last minute review before the final. (I already have two other review outlines of the course to help me make my outline).

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My roommate just asked a great question, as I bought a giant stuffed penguin tonight. "Is there anything penguins can't do?"

So is there?
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Oriental names

Ok, so all I know that there's the Pin Yin naming system where they put the family name before their given name in Japan and China, but I want to learn more.

1. When foreigners with names like that are living in the West, do they ever switch it around to conform with everyone else?

2. Koreans have 3-word names. I'm confused. How exactly does that work? Like, do they have 2 names from their ancestors or something? Or do the last 2 words make up their "first name".

3. I was doing some data entry at work and saw some Chinese-sounding names that had 3 and 4 words in them. Now I'm really confused. How do these names work?
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wile e wtf

i can't believe someone invented this...

KFC has a new product:

here is the description:
We start with a generous serving of our creamy mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn and loaded with bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken. Then we drizzle it all with our signature home-style gravy and top it off with a shredded three-cheese blend. It's all your favorite flavors coming together.

some nutritional info from the website:
2390mg of sodium, 720 calories, 32g of fat, 9 saturdated fat grams.

Can you think of something MORE unhealthy for less than 1,000 calories?
If a person ate one a many days til the heart attack?

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I know that false positive pregnancy tests are rare, and could be caused by medical conditions such as cancer, cysts, etc.

Has anyone had experience with this? Where they recieved more than one false positive test, and ended up being told by the doctor that you werent pregnant, but had some sort of medical condition?
Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

Are there any movies you can recite (with or without it playing along)?

I can recite Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Jetsons: The Movie, and Disney's Robin Hood because my little brother was that obsessed with them when we were younger.

Who wants to empty my dishwasher?

Iron Man

A question to the Marvel Comics fans out there

So in the Maximum Carnage series, we see a group of super-villians wreaking havoc on Manhattan.  Now, when Spider-Man and gang go searching for assistance in dealing with Carnage and his cronies, they rule out the Fantastic Four since they are out of town.   It is also noted that most of the Avengers are gone, but represented by Captain America during this fight.  My question is this:

Who the fuck didn't even bother to think of asking the X-Men for help?  I understand that we wouldn't have the series now if they had asked the X-Men for help, but it wasn't even a sidebar thought through the whole comic set.

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1. Who knows where and what Barbados is?
2. What ethnicity do you think the natives are? (i.e. black, white, indian etc.)
3. What do you think that their native language is?
4. What do you think natives are called? (i.e. people of Canada are Canadians etc.)
5. Do you think that it is a first, second or third world country and why?

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  • jezemel

here comes the science

Being the budding sociologists that we are, some of my classmates and I have been debating about a particular sexual phenomenon.

1) Do you enjoy being the recipient of butt sex?

2) Are you sure that you actually enjoy it and are not just claiming to because you think it makes you a more attractive and valuable sexual partner?

3) If you haven't or are not inclined to sex in the butt, what do you think it would take for you to relax and just let it happen? True love? Riches?

brought to you by an enormous load of stress and caffeine.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know if the new PS3 controllers will be backwards compatible with the PS2 station?

I'm just asking to see how long we'll be able to keep our PS2 station functioning... and the controllers are definitely the things failing first.
Merry Sorrow

Toothache remedy?

Right now I'm in need of a root canal, confirmed by an emergency dentist visit yesterday, however my work has yet to sign me up for the insurance plan that was suppose to be effective November 1st. No insurance + no money of my own = very painful weekend until HR opens up Monday morning and I get them to fix this. The dentist did give me a prescription for an antibiotic + 800mb Ibuprofen, however the pain reliever doesn't do crap and I need to eat when I take the antibiotic and chewing hurts so that is kind of a struggle. So far I've also tried doubling the doseage of Ibuprofen + taking extra strength tylenol rapid release gels just because that kinda helped but just one time and didn't last very long. I also just went to the drug store and got Excedrine Migrain hoping that would be strong enough but with taking the recommended dose I'm still sitting on the couch and in great pain. My friend is trying to get me some leftover viccodin, however I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 5am and so I can't have something like that in my system, although at this point I can't really work with the pain so I'm despertly trying to find something that will let me work and won't kill me. The dentist office is not ansewering their phone today so I'm assuming their closed, HR at my work isn't open on weekends, nor is the customer service number for the insurance I'm suppose to have. Without anywhere else to turn I decided to try here at TQC. Please if anyone has any ideas for what I can take or do to lessen the pain I would greatly appericiate it. Again so far I have tried 800mg Ibuprofen, 500mg Tylenol rapid release, Ambasol, and Excedrine Migrain with very limited results. Please anyone have any ideas?
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(no subject)

1. When you're reading something and you come across a large number (in numerical form- 430,801, for example) do you read it as four hundred and thirty thousand eight hundred and one, or do you just glance over it and acknowladge that it's a lot?

2. What are some good recipes for meatballs?
spilled coffee

About PS2 video games

What's your favorite car-racing game for Playstation 2? Why?

Also, has anyone played that new Final Fantasy XII game? Do you like it?

I'm looking for a good game or two to play during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.
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Do you use your phonepost feature? Could you link to some of your posts? I'd like to hear you!

Where can I watch sweet episodes of Prison Break online? I was using ouou via, but it's having some issues and nothing is working. I'm in the middle of episode three of season one and this dude has his toes cut off and I'm really curious to see what they'll cut off next. I'd go to hollywood video but I owe them so much money I'm afraid to step in the door.

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iMac. I've got to set the screen to 600X800 to make it readable, but it's still fuzzy.
(Probably not helping that it's next to Giant Printer of Doom, which i can't move)

Is there anything I can do to fix it/make it suck less? the contrast and brightness are both turned all the way up, but I'd love to turn them both up another several notches.

it's pretty much a level of fuzzy that rn/m and i/l are indistinguishable in the font we use (minion). (I can't change the font either.)

(When you get to work late, you get the shitty computer)

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Poll #866063 Good Deeds

Have you done any good deeds this week?

I'm sorry, but you interrupted my comtemplation of myself. Care to join?

What was it?

Why did you do it?

Based on this experience, does no good deed go unpunished?


How were you "punished" or "rewarded" for your kindness?

Does having check boxes make a poll complete?

Part of this nutritious breakfast!
I can tick 'em or leave 'em!
Why does this poll have nothing to do with alcohol or sex?
This poll has everything to do with alcohol and sex! That's when I'm most generous!

In non poll Qs, does anyone have any suggestions for a wrenched, stiff neck? It's giving me a headache... I fell last night on the street hard while stone cold sober, and my entire spine was whipped around. (After I'd already given myself a backache helping someone move) Even my ribs ache today. Help!

(no subject)

has anyone ever had anything different than a turkey for thanksgiving?

can you think of anything else that might work well as a substitute? (instead of hams and tofurkeys)

thanks :-)

Eee! A Date!

I'm getting ready to go on the first REAL, honest to goodness date that I've had in quite awhile. I think the last time I went on an actual date I was 19....and I'm 22 now. Apparently I end up just "hanging out" with guys usually until they become my boyfriend. But I'm incredibly excited about tonight - because of the date AND because I really really like the guy :)

So I'm wondering if I'm an anomoly here....when was the last time any of your TQCers went on a date?
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(no subject)

I'm having an allergic reaction to something. What is it?

I'm in my own bedroom, and the only things I know I'm allergic to are cats, dogs and hay. We've got guests who have guinea pigs, could they really have brought about this reaction just by being in the house an hour or two after handling their pets? o_0
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Kind of out-there, but it's been bugging me.

In the movie "Sliding Doors" (the Gwyneth Paltrow movie with the dual realities and such), she meets James on the train, and a random person is singing along to music on their headphones. James says "How can they rip off Beatles lyrics like that?" (or something to that effect) and they have a discussion about it.

What were the lyrics the person was singing, and (if it's a real, recognizable song) what song ripped the Beatles off?
that's what she said!
  • darness

removing candle wax

Does anyone know how to get candle wax out of carpeting?

The carpet is beige and the wax is red. Looks pretty horrible right now.

Any suggestions on how to remove would be most appreciated!
Puddle Graphic

Historical/Literary Internet games?

Hey guys!
I'm having a hell of a time tracking down internet games that have a historical quality... for instance, everyone remember Oregon Trail?

There was Amazon Trail and Yukon train as well, Probably more I'm not familiar with.. I remember one about biking in Africa? Just a vague memory.

Are there any free internet equivalents to this, or something else with some history aspect you know about?

Or literary? For instance I know this is in the works. :)

I have a Mac though and when I find games that look like something I'd want to play they can sometimes not be compatible with my computer... :( And that makes me a sad Random.

Anyone have any recs? Thanks! :)
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Film - Star Wars

NaNo help time! ;)

What's a good song about things not going according to plan or dreams getting messed up? It can be mildly to moderately emo, romantic implications are OK too. English lyrics only, please. Any era is fine, although preferably a song from the last 20 years or so. Thanks!
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No future

It's my last year in college and my motivation is gone. All I'm interested in is finding a job. If I can't rediscover my focus though, I could fail a class.

College graduates, did you get senioritis your last year? How'd you fight it?


Dogs, life, and the universe

We have three dogs, whom we love dearly.  Mostly we don't have any problems, but there are a few. Zeus, our oldest, is a purebred husky we got from a pound in 04.  He's about 7 years old.  Jessie was our first dog, we got her from a shelter, and she is about 4 years old. She's a Chow mix.  Lassie we just added this summer, she was found on the street, and her estimated age is 6 years.  She's a Collie mixed with Husky or German Shepherd or both or others.

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(no subject)

I need a little black dress for a funeral -- size M. I'd like to be able to wear it out as well with cute shoes and a bag or something, so it can't be too modest.

Where would you go to buy such a dress?
Where did you get your little black dress?

(no subject)

What are some sites where I can find cheap plane tickets?

Do you find it cheaper to buy your tickets closer to the date you are flying or a while before the date?

Is flying on a holiday (like Christmas) more expensive or not?

What airline do you like best?

Any tips for buying plane tickets?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

I walk this dog 3 days a week. The owner told me recently if I'd like to work for them full time. Does she mean full time as in walking him everyday including weekends? (Just making sure.)

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(no subject)

I am currently studying in Belgium and live in the dorm. A dorm without a proper kitchen. What can I eat that only requires a microwave and isn't ramen or microwave lasagna?
  • fraoch

RSS help

I have another blog at and I would like to add an RSS feed showing's Word of the Day to the site. The trouble is, I can't work out how to do it. I've tried the links from here but none of them explain it simply enough for a technophobe such as myself.

Any pointers?
  • katzies

electric gun cleaner?

A while ago my husband mentioned wanting to get a "electric pistol cleaner" - a device similar to those cleaners for jewelry or silverware but for his pistols. I'm not sure if such a thing really exists or if he was just *wishing* that there was one (yea, that's how much attention I pay when he's talking guns.) It sounds like a good Christmas gift for him, that's why I don't want to ask him about it. Google and several hunting/shooting websites weren't too helpful so I'm hoping there's a hunter in The Question Club:

Has anybody ever heard about such a thing? Can someone link me to a store or just give me the name of a brand or maybe just the correct name of it?

lead me

school questions.

1. I have a work-study job on campus. A letter came with my last paycheck stating they're changing everyone over to direct deposit and that I need to go to the payroll office to set it up. I don't like this, because 1) I don't want my school to have my bank account information, and 2) I'm only going to have this job one more month because I'm not going to do work study next year. Should I go explain this to them? Will they still let me not enroll in direct deposit? Am I indeed required to enroll in this?

2. I have a group project due in a week or so. Our presentation is due Tuesday. There were three people in the group, then one girl dropped the class and didn't tell us, and I can't get ahold of my presenting partner to get her half of the notes to type up. I work late tomorrow. In your opinion, what's a fair way to get even on this? She knew we had to get together today and that our stuff is due Tuesday, but she will not call me back for some reason. I'm not quite willing to do her half of the work, even if I made her present the entire thing as payback.

3. I need to read a children's science fiction book for my children's lit class. What on earth kind of book am I looking for, topic-wise? Preferrably pre-K through 3 level (picture books you can read through in 15-20 minutes). All I could come up with is either Harry Potter or something on robots. Any other ideas?
Procrastinating Calvin

(no subject)

1. Somehow I managed to screw up my IE toolbar. It used to have a big google search bar on the bottom toolbar, and then the address bar was in the normal spot. Now, somehow, the google seach bar is on teh same toolbar as the address one, but far over to the right and considerably shrunk. How can I move it?

2. If you had to choose between growing up never knowing or hearing any popular music, only classical music, or never knowing of or watching any TV or movies at all, which would you choose?

3. Are you a global (field dependent) or analytical (field independent learner? Did you/do you feel frustrated with your academic experience? I recently read that most American minorities as well as gifted children often test as global thinkers/learners, but majority (White) American students are usually analytical. 

My answers:
1. I don't know, that's why I'm asking

2. I'd choose to grow up with only classical music. My family decided, when I was young, that pop music and TV/movies was teh_evilz. You can never get over not knowing Scarface, Seinfeld, Terminator, Goonies, etc., but knowing tons of classical music (and now New Age and musicals) is fairly cool.

3. I'm a global learner. I've only just discovered these learning styles while writing a law paper, but adapting to my learning style has helped me immensely. I've always felt frustrated with academics. While I've always had a very high GPA, I also felt like I just wasn't getting stuff. Accepting myself and my learning style, and adapting, has really made a difference.

(no subject)

  • Does it annoy you when people take too long or don't answer your emails at all? 
  • Do you mention it to them the next time you see them, or leave it alone?
  • Why do you think people do this?


I'm back!

I finally got my computer running again. It's been 2 weeks since I've had my internet. So here are some random questions:

1. I'm currently watching Iron Chef America with the Rachel and Mario vs. Giada and Bobby. If you're watching, what do you think of this battle?
Its a nice little twist. I'm enjoying it.

2. I've got 6 tests between Monday and Wednesday. I also have a paper due Wednesday, but I can't seem to bring myself to study or write the paper. I guess I'm just a tad burntout. What can I do to get myself to want to study?

3. Speaking of writing a paper...for my Intro to Business class I have to write a 2-4 page paper on either Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, or IBM. Which would you choose?
sleepy leila


I love me some good snarking. So tell me, Whats your favorite snark community?
Heck, list them all.

Or do you hate snarking communities? why?

Have you ever been snarked?

And completely unrelated question:
Is there any way to eat a pomengranate that is NOT messy? my hands are stained red over here. help.
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Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

What would it take to get you to complain to management about an employee?

What's the shittiest thing an employee of the non-coworker variety has ever done to you?

When I was younger, I remember watching this TV show that came on. I think it was supposed to be set up like an encyclopedia or something. I think most of it was live-action. There were songs about certain words, and I think stories and stuff as well. Anyone remember what it was called?

Are you one of those people that has to be on the verge of dying to go see a doctor, someone that sees a doctor every time they sneeze, or somewhere in between?

(no subject)

What is something simple, cheap, and somewhat generic that I can get for some guys that I know, but aren't real close to? Like, a friend's husband, my dance partner, some other friends...... I'm at a loss. Help?
cat mask


I'm a n00b at skiing, and I'm looking to buy some used skiis/boots.

My question: If I'm 5'0/135 lbs what size would I need (I guess like normal, regular if I were renting)...?