November 11th, 2006

kiv dancin.
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so when they said 'i don't think you're ready for this jelly'.... do you think they meant their breastacle jelly, their ass jelly, or the jelly in the crotch area?
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I just gave my boyfriend, who lives around 80 miles south of me, the go-ahead to catch a late movie with a girl who had been bugging him to see it with her. I was cool about this situation since I trust him and know how he feels about me and our relationship; I also didn't want to come off as controlling or jealous. He did mention to me that he'd have rather me been a bitch about it and not given him permission to go out with her. Should I have behaved differently to the situation or something?

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When you slip on a favorite pair of blue jeans, do you stop to think that a coal miner born 150 years ago appreciated the same sturdy, riveted denim construction?

I do.

fiji water, water, fiji

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Okay, so as I was leaving a bar tonight, a guy that I talked for like 10 seconds an hour or so earlier was like, "Hey, you left your mint on the pillow".

TQCers, wtf does that mean?

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Because I'm not witty:
What are some snappy comebacks I can use when people ask me "When are you guys getting married?" "Why aren't you guys married yet?" And since they're for my personal use they shouldn't involve sex or living together. I want something funny/sarcastic.

For my fellow pervs:
What are some good hentais that don't involve rape and are not Kohime?

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What are some good clothing sites that are similar to Strhess, Alloy, or R3mnant?
What's a good site for merch (mainly clothes) of bands like Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, The Postal Service, Bright Eyes, or The White Stripes besides interpunk or their individual band sites?
Do you like indie music?
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What do/did you call your great-grandparents? What about your grandparents?

I'm having my first kid pretty soon, and my one of my grandmas has declared she would like to be called Nana by great-grandchildren.
"We are the Mooninites"

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Can you name this song that goes:

"Picture book
Pictures of your momma
Taken by your poppa
A long time ago"

That is the only part of the song I know. It used to be on a Hewlett Packard commercial a few years back. I thought it sounded like The Beatles but I'm still not sure. I'm assuming its a real song and not a song created by the HP PR folks.

i'm sure this is perfectly legal.

I've heard of programs which would record what's happening on your computers screen. Hypothetically, could one of those programs be used to get videos off youtube? How would one crop the video you've made so that it only contains the video on youtube?

Do these programs work on a Mac? Where could a program like this be found?

Would you ever use this method for recording videos on youtube? Why or why not?
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I lost my keys to my car...I have no spares.

What do I do? I know I should call a locksmith, but I think my keys are computerized...

I have a '96 Honda Accord LX if that matters.

Thank you!


Answered! Thank you!
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help identify this band!

help me identify this band:

* They're English (I think, certainly sound like it), alt-rock, similar to Starsailor and other bands of the sort, all males, about 4-5 people

* They were famous circa 1999-2001

* One of their hits (their mainstream debut?) had a video of them in an orchestra while fighting some sort of a war; I think the some title had the word "Never" in it??

* Darren Hayes once said he liked their music (if that gives any indication)

thanks!! :)

What does that mean

if the guy introduced me to his children,brought me to the house,where his children live and we all had a dinner on Halloween in a restaurant?
Does that only mean he respects me or he could considers anything more with me in the future?


What's a good source of free things/freebies that don't require signing up for Columbia House or selling one's e-mail address to a million spammers?

For example, I remember Jellybelly used to give out free jellybeans on their website.
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Mr. Game and Watch


Just purely because I am bored, and internet, when you read the following band names underneath the cut, what do you imagine them being? Genre, popularity, song subjects, etc. My answers in a comment.

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edit: for clarity
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If you had to put items that represented your country today in a time capsule set to open 100 years in the future, what item(s) would you include? What country do you live in?
I live in the United States, and something that represents our technology advances, such as an iPod, is a necessity. Other than that, I'm not too positive.

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This has been driving me crazy ever since it popped into my head a few days ago.  When I was in 4th or 5th grade (9-10 years ago) I had read a novel about a bunch of kids investigating a mystery.  It took place in a museum, involved letters (the kind you get in the mail), and an old lady named Mrs. Basil or something like that.

Does anyone know what book I'm thinking of?

EDIT: Thanks everyone!

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have any girls in here ever had a four pack?
if so, what did you do to get it? any good excerises? or what foods should i stay away from?
the more details, the better.

does anyone know where i can get a french penpal? i would prefer a virtual one. sending real letters takes entirely too long.

and just because i am curious!
what would be your idea of a "perfect" neighbour?

thanks :)

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Who are your favorite asian singers?    Mine: Faye Wong, Emil Chow, David Tao, Chihiro Onitsuka.

What's the appeal of visual kei?  I know I'm not the only one slightly disturbed by it...

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How long's a piece of string?

What's cooler than being cool?

If aliens came to this planet and demanded that you give them all of your cocaine, what would you tell them?

Do you own any books that you would consider coffee table books?

What would your opinion be if Mattel sold transvestite Ken dolls?

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I've got two credit cards that we ran up balances on when my husband lost his job. We're now in a position to pay off a lot of it. One card has a balance of $2000, and the other a balance of $1000. We've got $2500 to put toward the cards.

Should I pay all of the $1000 balance and $1500 toward the $2000 balance, or all of the $2000 balance and $500 toward the $1000? The interest rates are almost the same, and it might be about three months before I'll be able to pay off the other $500 (though I'll be able to make whatever the minimum payments end up being, and hopefully more).

And before anyone says anything, both cards have been cancelled already. We're never doing the credit card thing again. :(
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I have a 6.0 megapixel camera. Everytime I upload my photos and try to post them on like MySpace or something. It comes out fuzzy and pixelated as hell. How can I make it to come out clear? Is there like a better picture resizing program other than Irfanview?

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  1. Have you seen borat (the movie) yet? (if not, do you plan on it?)
  2. If you did, what did you think?

1. Yes
2. It could have done without some minor parts, but i loved it, since im a big borat/alig fan :P

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1. Girls - how do you typically find out when your period starts? Like, do you stick your hand in your crotch and pull it away to see if it's bloody, go into the bathroom and look at your underwear, or something else?

2. My right click button on my laptop isn't working. When I right click stuff, no menu pops up. What gives?

3. When people ask questions for music recs, do you actually bother to consider their tastes, or do you just list your favorite bands?

4. What is the appeal of bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Dashboard Confessional?

5. When did internet slang come back in style? (As in, you are now cool and hip when you say things like 'HI2U' and 'srsly' and 'lawl' and all that.)

Tell me what to buy

So I finally bought myself a GameCube today. I stupidly forgot to get myself a memory card, but I did get a game (Wind Waker). But what else should I get?

I'm certainly going to get as many Zelda games as I can get my paws on, but I'm not sure what else to get. Any suggestions?

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Back in the late 90's there was a music video that was popular I think around the time of Vertical Horizons one hit, The peak of TRL etc. I think the song was a cover, In the video the singer who may have been bald was wearing a green shirt. It took place in a mall the kids were all going crazy....anyone have the slightest clue what Im talking about?

Favorite cover song?
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Do you think being able to pay transit fare with your cell phone (by receiving a text messag e-ticket) is a good idea? Do you perhaps think that privacy would be an issue/would this be a reason you wouldn't use it?

Childhood book

My girlfriend used to have a book when she was little. It was a golden book about skunks brushing their teeth. Does anyone know what this book could be?

What was your favourite childhood book?

Math nerds, anyone?!

So... I need a math equation. Here's the word problem:

Norbert has 42 coins in nickels, dimes, and quarters. If he has 8 more nickels than dimes and has $7.15 in all, how many of each does he have?

I need the equation that would solve this problem.. the answer would be nice, too, but it isn't as necessary. :P

Wow, how long have I been out of school? *puts on dunce cap*
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what do you do with old textbooks if they don't sell online and the school won't buy them back? is there a place to just give them away? i feel like it would be a waste if i just threw them out.

which is easier: learning the violin or learning how to play the cello (the medium sized one)?

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I live in an apartment, and I do not know the number for...emergency repairs? Anyhoo, my fire alarm keeps chirping every minute or so, and it's driving me insane. I hit the testing button, I've reconnected the wires, and I can't seem to find where the battery would be (my dad said most have batteries).

What does that mean, and how do I get it to stop??
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Practical Autonomy/Higher Level Thinking, Animals, and Liberty Rights

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1. Do you believe there are some animals (dolphins, higher-intelligence primates, African Greys) who possess higher level thinking / practical autonomy? Why or why not?

2. If science established that there are animals with higher-level thinking / practical autonomy, do you think they are entitled to liberty rights? (I think Alex would say "Yes! Now gimme a nut!") What kinds of liberty rights?

Song Question!

Does anyone know the name of the song they use in the 'Medium' commericals that are on this year that goes 'I was walking with a ghost' or something like that, or was it just made for the commercial?

Thanks! :D

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Have you ever done any social experiments? (e.g. holding up a "Free Hugs" sign, giving out random items and gauging people's reactions, etc.)

What kind of reactions did you get?

My friend and I once found this doll by the Met and put it on a seat on the subway with a little sign..I forgot what it said, but yeah, it was really interesting to see people gathering around to see what the fuss was about.

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I'm home for a few days and am able to download music.

I listen to mostly showtunes, some indie music (metric, rilo kiley, bright eyes)

what is recommend good bands/shows/music?

what are some good bands/shows/music?

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Where have you taken my cat, and why? I last saw her attacking nearby curtains, but she has now mysteriously disappeared. I know you took her, because you just seem like a cat-stealer.

For reference, she's the frightened cat in my icon, but since you stole her, you should already have a good idea of what she looks like.

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1)Is there anywhere online where I can download excercise videos/ dvds? (and i don't understand how all that torrent shit works so i'd rather have them as mp3/mpeg files or any zip file that could be unzipped and placed in itunes or windows media player)

2) is there any lj community dedicated to this?^^

3)is ohnotheydidnt the largest community on livejournal (member-wise)?
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how many blankets do you use?

can you help me find the name of a song that has a part in it that goes something like "tick tock don't give up, I won't stop till we reach the top". I can't figure it out. It's on a PE mixtape so it's very perky/bouncy and is female voices. I'm not sure those are the lyrics because I don't focus on the music really when I'm being forced to exercise, but it's stuck in my head.