November 10th, 2006


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Has anyone here ever worked/volunteered in a vet clinic/humane society/pet store?

What was your experience like?

Would YOU ever work/volunteer in a vet clinic/humane society/pet store?

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What's the most disturbing book you've ever read?

For me it's between lullaby by chuck palahniuk, exquisite corpse by poppy z brite, and american psycho by bret easton ellis
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The winner

The winner of the TQC drink contest #3 was: the Promiscuous Churchlady

This will sit on the TQC bar list, along with the Poledancing Lumberjack and the Slutty Girlscout

My questions are:

1) What ingredients would you expect to find in a drink called the Promiscuous Churchlady?

2) What ingredients would you expect to find in a drink called the Poledancing Lumberjack?

3) What ingredients would you expect to find in a drink called the Slutty Girlscout?

4) Which drink do you think best represents what this community is capable of?

5) If you're at the TQC meetup party, happily drinking, which of those 3 choices would most likely be found in your cup?

It's all in fun, so be creative. There's no wrong answer, so like some alkie Rorschach's test, what do you see in those drink names?


Do you know what Restless Leg Syndrome is?

Do you think you might have it?  What symptoms do you have?

I usually get the feeling that lots of tiny bugs are crawling all over me when I try to lie still to sleep.  I thought that it was just a normal thing, or I was being weird, but I guess I have RLS.
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Having recently admitted to myself that I now watch Smallville solely for Justin Hartley/Green Arrow, who is much more attractive both physically and as a character than, well, anyone else on that show...

What shows do you watch just for a side character? Which side character in particular? And which shows did you initially enjoy and then, in later seasons, came to be annoyed by?

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that's what she said!
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encounters with former friends

Have you ever been in a situation where you cut off contact with a friend - not because they did anything horrible to you, but simply because you decided you were drifting apart and really didn't have much in common anymore - and then were in a situation where you had to spend time with them? If so, how did you deal with it?

I've been invited to a birthday outing that an ex-friend will also be attending, and I'm anticipating that it will be uncomfortable to say the least. Since I was the one who initially brought up the "hey, we're drifting apart" conversation, I'm sure she feels slighted, and therefore I'm not sure what to expect when I see her at this birthday. If you've been in a similar situation before, how did you handle it?

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Do you have any phobias?

I'm not talking about something that "really bugs you" or merely "squicks you out."

I mean, full-on, clinical, exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation, "I can not live my normal life, I am rendered wholly unable to proceed as a normal individual when confronted with it" type of thing.

Have you sought help to overcome it? Do you even ever want to? (because perhaps you feel the treatment is worse than the cure)
How often are you confronted by it?

[I'd tell you mine, but I'll flip out.
Yeah, I don't want to confront mine... too scared to.
Also, I don't know if I come into contact with it often enough to do what's necessary to fix it.]

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Have you ever done anything that really felt like it was the right thing to do, eventhough everyone around you kept telling you not to do it? What was it, and how did it turn out? Any regrets?
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language settings and Windows.

Heya. I fixed my Firefox problem from last night (yeah, I panicked when I asked...ended up having to back up my profile and reinstall FF) but I have another, slightly more complex computer question today.

I'm a French student, and have learned the French layout of the keyboard, which is pretty different from the American one. Obviously not too many people here in Iowa use this configuration on their computers, and it's possible to have more than one language setting.

Anyway, to the question: I'm filling in for the receptionist at work while her husband...well, he's in hospice. We all have to log on to the system to use the computers, and when I log onto mine, it has the worst time switching from English to French.

In frustration, I deleted the English settings and so now I can type in just French. Cool. But now I wonder--is it just that way for MY settings, or am I going to have to go back and add English so the other people used to the American keyboard settings can type? is it something profile specific, or computer specific?
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Is there something you always carry/have with you? What is it? Why do you always have it with you?

edit: I mean in that "never without it, feel naked if you don't have it on" way. I figure that almost everyone takes their wallet, cel phone and keys with them every day...

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Poll #864716 Let's come up with a new dessert

The __________

Double chocolate



What would you expect to find in a dessert by this name, besides the obvious ingredient from the first category?

You can use the jedi mind trick (make someone do what you want them to do) once per day. What do you do with it today? Who do you use it on?

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Novell Groupwise

Anyone experienced with Novell Groupwise? I tried searching for a community, but apparently no one is interested in Groupwise. What a surprise!

Anyway, my question is this:

Sometimes I get sent email that say To: Undisclosed Recipient. I want
to be able to send two different parties the same email without them
knowing the email is being sent to the other party. How do I set
something up so I don't have to use BC: and it will appear to them as
"undisclosed recipient"?
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Some driving ?'s plus an odd ball ?

Why do they make American cars with speedometers that exceed 100mph when the highest speed limit in the nation is only 80mph?

What do you think causes more accidents? People that drive at or under the speed limit, or those that drive over the speed limit.

Have you ever been pulled over by the police while driving and had your car searched?

Do you think Fred Phelps is gay?

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I was adding something to my homepage and got to wondering what other people had on their homepages so...

1. What is your homepage?

2. Do you use the custom google page or the classic?
 a. what do you have included on your custom page?

3. Do you have too many "favorites"?

4. When you get on the computer, is there a specific order that you check things?

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Give a dog a home

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How do you tactfully get your point across that you are completely against someone's actions, without being offensive?
My co-worker (much older, in her 50s) just came over and admired the picture of my dogs, a lab/pit and a pit bull. She told me about how she breeds her labs and how her friend breeds labs, pits, boxers, etc. I am very anti-breeding, pro-spay/neuter, and hate the activities that she and her friend engage in. How do I tactfully get that across without being a complete, raging bitch (which is my instinct in situations like this)?

ETA: Point taken. It wasn't a mean conversation, but in the future, I'll keep it to myself. She and I are still cool.

Have you ever had major surgery?

What's your favorite kind of chewing gum?

What is your first thing to your left?

Do you wear glasses, contacts, or nothing?

What is your favorite image macro?

Someone belongs to about 15 snark communities, and in one of them, says that people are so mean and need to back off. When someone else points out that she herself is a member of many snark communities, she retorts that she is in them to "laugh at the stupidity of other people". Opinions?
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*betty draper reading

washcloths, contraception

1. Do you use a washcloth in the shower/bath?

2. Do you think health insurance companies that choose to cover prescription drugs, devices and outpatient procedures should have to cover birth control like any other prescription/procedure? Or should they be able to single out birth control as something they will not cover?

3. Do you think government-funded hospitals with emergency rooms/departments should have to tell rape victims about emergency contraception, and how they can get it (or give them a pamphlet about it)?

4. Do you think sex education in public schools should be required to teach the health benefits and risks of contraception, where/how to obtain contraception, and to tell students that they have a right to contraception without their parents' knowledge?

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So I'm doing a project on Wal-Mart. I'm mostly taking a anti-Wal-Mart stance...I swear I'm not asking you to do my homework, but can you give me some info/opinion?

Why do you like/dislike Wal-Mart?

Have you ever worked at Wal-Mart? If so, did you do well for yourself there? Did you like it?

Has Wal-Mart destroyed your small town's economy?
(There were a lot of family owned businesses near my Wal-Mart, and most them went out of business.)

Do you shop there? What do you buy there?

As I said before, I'm looking for opinions, not homework answers...I know how it gets in here when poeople ask for homework help.



Is anyone else having trouble posting comments or to their journals?


Do souls really look like pickles?

NEVER MIND!! There was apparently a problem on my end or something. I don't know. Bad connection os some junk like that. 

And no I don't know what I was smoking with the pickle question. I've been up too late.

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I know they've gotten way more serious at airports recently, but does anybody know if booking a ticket under the name 'Dan' when the person's passport says 'Daniel' would prove a problem? We're flying Dublin-Stansted, if that makes a difference.

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1. Does your significant other have any odd sleeping habits?
I've noticed that my boyfriend's muscles spasm violently as he's falling asleep. This has happened to me before and it would wake me up, but he doesn't notice and it gets really...Intense. Freaked me out the first time we fell asleep together, I thought he was having a seizure. When he does that, he'll click his teeth together three times and then stop... Odd boy, then again, who knows what I do when I'm asleep?

2. You have "couple" friends over, go to the kitchen, and return to find the aforementioned couple lying on your bed and making out. Acceptable or no?
For me, no! My bed! I have enough problems with people sitting on my bed, but lying down on my pillows and kissing?!

3. When was one time you had to depend on the kindness of a stranger?
Over the summer I got a flat tire as I was driving into Wal-Mart, didn't have a spare, and the tire was too far gone to be fixed so I needed a new one. I only had $20 to my name, a tire plus installation would be around $60; no ATM or credit card on me, and Wal-Mart would not take my mother's credit card number over the phone (she was out of town). So, one of the managers actually paid the difference for my new tire- and when everything was all set, I brought her back a card, chocolates, and the amount I owed her.

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So...are there any other websites that are like YouTube that are still under the radar? YouTube is turning to crap ever since they started deleting copyrighted stuff.
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Are there any reputable online trading posts? I'm looking to trade some various manga and anime dvds for a graphics tablet. What are you experiences with online trading posts? Good idea or bunk?

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What is the funniest quote you get when putting your name and/or username into this website?

I got:
Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his Denise.


Pay no attention to that man behind the naughtydolphin!

And, has anyone here gone to boarding school?
Tom shaming you

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This might be a touchy subject but...

What drugs have you done?

What were some memorable experiences you had on these drugs?

How old were you when you first tried drugs?

Have you noticed that kids are getting into drugs at a younger age? Does this alarm you?

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When I signed into my deviantArt account today, it announced I was specially selected for a free one-week trial of their premium service.

Is this indeed randomly awarded?
If so, is there any way I can transfer the trial to one of my friends who will get more use out of it than I would?

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I recently got a job at Starbucks, so now I'm curious...

For those of you that enjoy Starbucks drinks, of course, what is your favorite?

Have you ever had a paticularly good experience at a Starbucks? If so, what was it?

Have you ever had a paticularly bad experience at a Starbucks? If so, what was it?
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My boyfriend and I were going to have a night in, go to Blockbusters and get some movies.

Name some movies that are interesting and funny without being a documentary or "Dude Where's My Car."
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Ugh, stupid song lyrics!

This is awful! I heard this song on the college radio station but I only caught the middle to end of it and I know I've heard it before -- I think it used to be a hit a while ago.

Does anyone know which song I'm talking about? I kind of love it. It's a girl who's singing.

"I don't care about too many things. I know what I know if you know what I mean" <-- This is a chorus or part of the chorus.

EDIT: ANSWERED. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your help!
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Truth or Dare ?'s

When's the last time you played truth or dare?

Do you like doing dares more or truths more?

What are some other party-like games you can play without boards (ie Monopoly, etc), cards or anything else that you'd have to pay for?

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A. Best break up songs?
B. Or screw you songs?
C. Or songs about being cheated on?

2. If you wrote a college admissions essay, what did you write about? How long was it?

3. I just got a lobby card (I think that's what they're called- those really heavy cards that movie theaters hang outside the specific screens to denote what movie is playing on what screen) of School for Scoundrels. I want to affix it to the bumper of my car. Is there anyway of doing this?

4. Are you happy about the election results in your specific area or state? Is there any national or local race that really surprised you?

5. When my friends and I go out, we usually go bowling. These are kids who usually bowl mid-200's while I bowl anywhere between 32-81. Any tips on how to get better at bowling, other then lots and lots of practice?

6. If #5 doesn't work, what are some other athletic or semi athletic things a group of 18-21 year old college students can do during the New York winter (other then skiing or snowboarding)? Obviously, beer pong is out of the picture.

7. What is your favorite piece of jewelery? Does it have any significance to you?

8. What is your favorite energy drink?

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Hey all :)

I'm plannnin on goiing out tonight but in the fast few hours I have what seems to be a does of cystitis. It is so sore and hurting =( Its late and I have nowhere I can go to get anything for it. Is there anything I can do that's going to ease the discomfort? Painkillers? I'm in agony.

Thanks in advance
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my friend has a septum piercing (through the middle of her nose, coming out of the nostrils). she has an internally threaded ring with 2 balls on the end. ... well, now only one ball. she doesn't have any spare rings. it's a newish piercing so there is the fear that it will heal if she takes it out.
what can she do for tonight?

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Are you an instigator (of arguments)?

maybe so

What flavor additive in soda do you like best?

cherry vanilla
berries and cream
some other wacky flavor
plain old regular soda, please

edit: I apologize for leaving out vanilla if you were looking for that.

Do you happen to have a long-haired pet?

What to do?

I'll try to keep this short.

I have a good friend that has turned out to be unreliable when it comes to plans. We go see soccer matches, and there's been several times where I've had to give her and her brothers a ride or had to wait for them to get to the stadium so I can hand them their tickets (since we have to buy them together so she can sit with the rest of the group.) They're frequently late. Now, we decided to go out of town to watch our team play in the final. I warned her about the car/driving situation. She still got tickets.

Now she's saying that she doesn't have a ride or can't drive to where we're meeting. Meaning: she needs a ride. Her history doesn't really make me thrilled about this. She's not punctual (or her brothers aren't) and this yet again makes me the one to have to take them (because others in our group can't or won't take them).

I've already sort of suggested that I'd take them, but I'm having second thoughts. Would it really be that bad if I say "sorry, deal with it"? I'm getting sick of always being the one to help out. Any advice/thoughts?
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Curiosity For Curiosity's Sake

How old were you when you had your first sexual-type (not implying that you had sex, just that it was more than platonic ... so maybe I should have just said, "non-platonic") boyfriend/girlfriend/date?

I am eighteen and have yet to have any of the three.
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Alright, y'all. I'm in charge of stockings for my family (there are four of us: mom, dad, younger sister, me) for Christmas this year, due to being on a limited budget. What sort of fun but useful and nice stocking stuffers can you reccommend?
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Would you call 911 to have a police officer go to a fast food restaurant because they wouldn't make you a western barbecue burger?

Who are some of your favorite short story authors?

What's the last book you finished and how did you feel about it?

What sort of books do you tend to read most often?