November 9th, 2006


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How does one go about getting an internship at somewhere so high profile as a tv show or anything like that??

I am wondering because I really want to do something with my life, and getting a job just doesn't see possible (long story).

I was watching The Colbert Report and they talk about the interns a lot and I want to do something like that. It doesn't have to be high profile, but I think that'd be cool. Especially because I go to school in NYC, so getting places isn't a problem for me.


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Ever use lavender oil to help a facial piercing (namely labret) heal? Would you recommend any other essential oils? I'm not a huge fan of the way that lavender smells.

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So I really like a boy who has a girlfriend. However, we are in college (he's a sophmore) and she is still in high school. I don't think it will last. Obviously I'm not going to do anything oto break them up, I'm not like that. We hang out a lot, text each other 24/7, and he's always really flirty with me. 

My question is, should I tell him that I like him? If so, what should I say?

If not, why not?

Should I just forget about it? I don't really want to because I rarely get positive attention from guys. Should I just wait it out and see if they break up and THEN tell him?

advice pleaseee.
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I really want to make lasagna tomorrow. I kind of want to make it with vodka suce instead of regular tomato sauce. You know like the penne a la vodka sauce, because I have an amazing recipe for it. Is that possible? Will the sauce do something crazy if it gets baked or something? I'm just not sure because there's so much cream in it, I don't know how would react in the oven.
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Just wondering if someone under chemotheory for leukemia would be able to go to school and just live a normal life like everyone else (except for having to take the medication and get tests done while being monitored by their doctor).

Evolutionist Workshop needs the scholastic A-Team!

The 17 Evidences against Evolution! Take that, you filthy Darwinians! And #17 is: THE BIBLE! Oh snap! Scientists, you've been PWN'D. Ain't no trump card to top that argument!

Or is there?

Kidding aside, what do you say some of you smarties take a crack at this short list of evolution's shortcomings, and give science a helpful goose so it can burrow itself out of the hot seat.

#17's a gimme, so just the first 16 need some assistance. Who can bust some facts out here?

So, my question is, IS THIS LIST CORRECT?
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disabled restroom stalls

This question sparked a small, yet interesting debate amongst a few friends of mine earlier and I felt I would ask for opinions in this community.

Do you feel that it is acceptable to use the disabled stall in a public restroom? Why or why not?

Please explain.
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I bought this car where the rearview mirror had fallen off the windshild. Not a big deal, you just glue the little metal button back on. My problem: somebody glued the little button in the the plastic slider so I can't remove it. Is there a solvent I can use to get this off? What could I do to get this mirror to stick?
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post op advice

So anyone here have the foggiest how to look after a operation wound that seems to be going a bit ick?
My four week old baby had a heart operation two weeks ago and parts of her wound seem to be going a bit pussy.
The hospital said NOT to bathe her just wipe her down with flannel/cotton wool. Keep wound clean but not to soak, keep wound uncovered and allow air to circulate.
The district nurse who came round because we were concerned about the icky parts said bath her as normal bung some special icky eating gel on it and put a plaster over it.
Now I am confused.
Worse, I am a huge woose and cannot bare to take this huge plaster off my ickly wickly baby in the first place, to put fresh stuff on, even worse my big brave husband is refusing to because there is ick stuff (blood or puss who knows) on the current plaster and he doesn't want to make it worse!
So, should we bathe her, can removing the plaster (and some of the sticky stuff of the plaster is over parts of the wound!) make it worse? Should we be sacked as parents?
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I'm on the verge of having a terribly nasty cold. This sounds like no fun at all. What are the best remedies you know of? How do you deal with a cold?

ETA: My plan of attack currently involves drinking 'Power-C' juice drinks (with like 2000% Vitamin C) and lots of tea with honey for my throat. Maybe some Vicks vapor strips if I get too stuffed up.
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Do you find male testicles attractive or gross?

What is your favorite kind of pen?

What is one unique holiday food (Christmas/Chanukah/Thanksgiving/whatever) that is ALWAYS there for your family? (i.e., something besides the usual turkey, potatoes, ham, whatever)

Is bikini waxing worth it?
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Ok, Question Club members, I need your help.

For Christmas, we want to make my mom a calendar where you can put your own pictures for each month. However, we have a few must-haves and I don't know if a place exists that can meet all of them. They are:

-must be able to do it online (I scan and upload pictures. They print and mail me calendar)
-must be able to have multiple pictures per month (We have a HUGE family and have multiple events per month).
-Has to work on a Mac (My mom has a PC at her place, but using it would involve getting her out of the house for however long it takes us to do all of that).

The closest that I've gotten is THIS website, but would use it as a last resort because it won't work with my laptop. The upside to that site is that you can even put 'Joe's Birthday' on the actual date. I think that's a great idea!

-As a second question - have any of you made a photo calendar before? How did they turn out?

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Last time I did this, we came up with the Poledancing Lumberjack and the Slutty Girl Scout. What other drink name should be in the TQC bar menu? The __________



Soccer hooligan
Choir boy
Altar boy
Church lady

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So for Christmas I want to take my bestfriend to Mall of America. Im looking at sometime in January. Obviously I have to tell her about said trip BEFORE Xmas due to getting time off of work, saving spending money etc.
My question is, how should I tell her? I was thinking about maybe a photo album with the first couple pages with the MOA logo, facts, fake plane tickets etc. Any other ideas?? I probably need to tell her in the next couple days if im planning on leaving Jan. 19th.


I need to do a survey for my newswriting class.  Only people who voted in Tuesday's election need to answer this.  :)  You can answer as much or as little as you want.  I need to get a wide spread of opinions.

Collapse )

Thank you very much!!
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Strippers and Death

You just found out your SO was a stripper at one point in time. Would you be the type to gloat about this fact to your friends, or would you be emabarrassed and never mention it to anyone?

Have you ever wished death upon someone? Who? Have you ever gone so far as to plan out how this person was to die?

I'm hungry and pregnant. What should I eat for lunch?

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Where can I buy thick tights/leggings? So I could go around in a 50s-style dress and peacoat in the winter without being cold? Preferably organic cotton/hemp and DEFINITELY in a neutral color (taupe, brown, etc.)

I've checked Google and can't find really what I want.

ETA: I want something like this (but not $40 - maybe $20). I have never seen them at Target/Freddies/those places...

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Does anyone know anything about dreams???

I keep having these dreams about water, either i'm in it, looking at it, or driving into it in a car or something. Other dreams I have are that i'm running or walking in a maze but everywhere I go its a dead end or i'm at a fire escaspe and have to jump to get to the next landing. Or that i'm in a Church or Cathederail (sp?) and it's only me and whoever is chasing me, yes there is someone chasing me every time.
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For those of you who have independent, self-funded non-corporate health coverage, which one do you have?

How much do you pay each month?

Why did you choose this coverage?

Is it worth it?

What does it cover?

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Who are your favorite obscure historical figures? People who did really cool things but aren't talked about much - I'm bored and I like to read about weird and interesting people.

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I am getting new cell phone service today and am looking for opinions.

Do you have Verizon? What's your opinion on them?

For those that have one, do you like your Razr phone?
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OK so I have a question for you guys because I'm not very sure and wanna double check...

I am making lasagna and the recipe calls for " 1/4 a pound of mozarella cheese" .. I have two 8 oz bags ... how much would I use than? .. I figured out there is 8 oz in 1/2 pound ... so I would wanna use .. half of the 8 oz bag.. right? .. thankyou! & yes I am math retarded.
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Hello, I was referred here. :)

This may seem a little random, but I have a question. Anyone who has ever had their wisdom teeth extracted, even better if you were put out (but not required)... will the oral surgeon also fill cavities during the same procedure? Or does that mean another trip to the dentist?

I'm getting mine extracted in December (eurgh), but I also believe I have a cavity. Goddammit for having my dad's teeth. Anyway, so if anyone could lend a hand (or direct me to an oral surgeon's secretary who knows what the hell I'm talking about), that would be great.

Thanks. :)

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1. Can you think of any cliche sayings that contradict each other? If so, what are they, and which do you agree with more?

2. Let's say you're waiting outside of a club for a show and you have a boombox with you so you and some others in line can listen to music while waiting for the doors to open. Is that somehow illegal? Or if not illegal, would you imagine that people would stop and yell at you to turn that damn music off?

3. If one of your friends or family somehow disappoints you shortly before their birthday/Xmas/whatever, are you less inclined to buy them a present?
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There is a particular sticker I see on the backs of people's cars periodically. It looks like a flag that's black on top and bottom with a blue bar through the middle. On the blue bar, there is the letter "A". Collapse )

My husband says this means the person is carrying a weapon. This doesn't make sense to me because if I was carrying a weapon around in my car with me, I certainly wouldn't announce it to everyone. Also, I think a lot more people have those stickers than have concealed weapon permits. Is my husband crazy? What do these stickers mean?

EDIT: Answered!
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A bit of help needed

I am looking for either where I can find a Dilbert comic online or in what book it can be found.

The comic is dilbert walking past a security guard thinking about all the wonderfull lands of adventure the guard can visit in his mind while at work.

The final bit is what the guard is accually thinking which is "I wonder what balsa wood tastes like".

This is the perfect comic to put in a essay I am putting together about the meaning of the word security.

Thank you for your help.
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In the giant bag of candy one of my roommates got from her mom for Halloween, there are a million Laffy Taffy candies--you can imagine the punny hilarity that ensued. But, there was this one joke...

Q: What kind of garden has the most vegetables?

A: Flash garden!

So, do you get it? We can't figure it out (Flash Gordon? except there's no relation to vegetables?), and no amount of googling or asking people has worked so far.
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(Yes, I have Googled. Will explain why I'm asking here.)

Okay. You know how, come the winter season, a lot of us people get dried-out, flaky skin? I'm one of these people... But also, come winter, my scalp also dries out, and I have some painfully dry, rough spots on my head and I get dandruff in the winter because of this.

I have tried Head & Shoulders (and other anti-dandruff shampoos) in the past... They were not of much help to me, and I'm really not fond of 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners. I haven't tried T-Gel yet, but I COULD try that. I don't want to go out and buy a bottle of T-Gel just yet, though.

Sooooo... Any home remedies for helping to ease a dry, flaky scalp? I *HAVE* Googled, but am getting frustrated because so many of the websites that come up are the type where you submit your home remedy, and I've come across quite a number of remedies that had really confusing directions.

My sister is getting married next weekend and I am a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I don't want my head to be overrun with dandruff! ARGH! At the least, I want the skin on my scalp to not hurt so much when I touch it, etc.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide. Please feel hit to repeatedly smack me over the head if I overlooked a link on Google.
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What salon shampoo/cond do you use?

If you have highlights in your long hair, which is fine and normal and tends to tangle, and you wash your hair every other day, what salon/cond should you use?

What are we going to do with all of our free time now that the election is over?

Why do fools fall in love?
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re previous post

For the record I never had any intention of letting LJ be the doctor. I just wanted input on what was going on and the bathing thing. I already said my sister, who has vast experience in this area, was coming over to help, also a friend who is a nurse came by. After she agreed it looked infected I took the baby straight down the doctors and they prescribed antibiotics.
Of course no sooner out the doctors office than I ran into the district nurse who said NOT to give her the antibiotics as the gross appearance of the wound was the gel working!
I was going to ask here who's advice to follow but I phoned the cardiac ward instead, we've to take her in tomorrow and start her on the antibiotics.
The doctor also concured with the ward on the bathing issues.

So, just to make this a question and not get banned - how shadey is it that the district nurse told me to disregard what the doctor said? How do I break it to her that I went for a third opinion - bearing in mind she is my best friends sister! :0
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I've been trying to google this, but everything I'm finding is holding up numbers and long maths equations and big words.
I'm trying to make-up some past-due homework, and she told me that for one of the questions I can just pick whatever variables i want from our giant list o variables, because she doesn't remember what ones she told us to do in class.
Okay, that's great. the assignments are all proving i know how to use t-tests, crosstabs... fine, okay.
Chi-square. When do i use this? The paper mentions it along with cross-tabs, so is it like that? variable of categories (catholic, protestant, whatever) x other variable of categories (Sun, mon, tue, wed, thur, fri, sat) ?

If not... could you explain it like I'm as stupid as I've made myself sound?
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1. What piercing do you find most attractive?
2. What piercing do you find least attractive?
3. If you have any piercings, what is your favorite?
4. What piercing(s) do you want?
5. What is the best site to order body jewelry off of?
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Either my Google-Fu is horrible, or no one seems to know the answer to this.

Are "On Christian Liberty" and "Concerning Christian Liberty" by Martin Luther the same book?

I have found a copy of "Concerning Christian Liberty", but the paper that was given to me for my class asks for "On Christian Liberty". Seeing as the original work is translated from German, I am wondering if they are indeed the same. I would hate to do a paper on the wrong book, if that isn't the case.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I would ask my teacher, but then she would know that I haven't read the book yet...and the paper was assigned a month ago.

Second Edit: Thank you! I now know it is indeed the same book.

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1)What are some youtube videos you think are pretty nifty or fascinating? (links please, if you don’t mind)
2)What would you say is your primary means of learning/taking in information? (audio, visual, etc.)This is obviously entirely too confusing so please disregard.
3)Are there any books that have made you cry? If so, please list.
4)How many umbrellas do you own? Are any of them broken?
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Esteemed comrades,

After having spent my entire life not dating, I have decided that it is time for me to branch out and actively start hunting for a significant other. One of my friends told me that this shouldn't actually involve a gun, so apparently I've been doing it wrong.

I, friends, am in search of the elusive geek. I'd like one that has clean hair (even though I realise that is a stretch), so even though I've been told that Game Stop should be HQ of this battle, it seems like that particular outpost is not the greatest idea.

I shouldn't have any trouble obtaining one- I am very attractive and I carry weapons. My only problem is in divining their hideouts.

Where, TQC, should I search, and what sort of tactics should I use?
Friends: Unagi.
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I have UnRarX to extract .rar files with but does anyone how to make .rar files? Can I do that with UnRarX? Or does anyone know a programme I can download for mac?
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Attention Costco Shoppers:

Anyone who has gone there and noticed or is going to go there, can you let me
know if they are carrying
Snapple White Tea (in any of their flavors)?

Yes, I realize different locations have different products,
but I was just wondering if it's out there at most Costcos.

Neck pain, etc.

I don't know what happened, but throughout the day my neck started hurting and now I can't turn my head either direction without pain. My insurance will cover a chiropractor's visit without a referral (and I already have a chiropractor that I trust) and a masseuse if I get a referral, but I don't have a regular doctor here. Which will be more beneficial: the chiropractor or a masseuse?

How often do you go to the dentist for regular checkups?

What's your favorite bar snack (popcorn, pretzels, cookies, candy, etc)?

What's your favorite vintner (edit: winemaker)?


What sort of clothes do you wear when you're just hanging out at home?

What sort of clothes are you wearing when you go outside in the current weather?

Do you have a work wardrobe?
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Alright guys. I know it's early and I know these questions are irritating as hell. But, you know what, I'm just gonna ask anyway and hope for the best.
I'm hosting a Christmas gift-swap party and I need some ideas and/or websites where I can find an a great, funny, appeals to all, unisex gift. The only thing that I can think of so far is Amy Sedaris' book "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence" but something tells me this might not appeal to everyone in my circle of friends.
Any ideas?
Please. With whipped cream and a cherry on top.

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When you're writing something that has to be double spaced do you type it up double spaced the whole time, or single spaced and then turn it to double when you're done?

How many siblings do you have?

Which season is your favorite?

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Two questions:

My computer randomly decides to restart, and sometimes it decides to turn off the video to my moniter, for some reason that I can't fathom. Also, when I start up the computer, it says that it can't find or open ibm00002.exe. I did a search for it, and it turns out to be a trojan. How do I stop this? How do I exorcise these demons from my computer?

On a related note, my cellphone decides to freeze. Why does it do this? I took it to the store, and they said that I would have to prove it. Well, it always happens at an inopportune moment, so I manually reboot the cellphone - remove the battery, and put it back it. Nothing else works.
How do I fix this?
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movie suggestions

Two movie suggestion quesitons:

One. Suggestions for "satirical and/or depressing look at the American family/life" type movies?

For example, movies like The Ice Storm, The Chumscrubber, and the one that everyone knows, American Beauty.

Two. Suggestions for movies where different people's viewpoints in different subplots/stories, but they are all interconnected?

Such as, there would be little parts that you'll notice from previous stories, and you can go "ohh, so THAT was the person that drove by" or "so that's what happened behind there" or "this object was from the previous story and that's what happened to it" when you are in another person's viewpoint story.

For example, 11:14, Crash, and Hoodwinked.

dentist v oral surgeon?

So I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out ASAP. The dentist said he could do it, under local anesthesia and I'd be conscious, or I could go to the oral surgeon and be sedated, my choice.

My question is, if you've had the dentist do it while conscious, what was it like? Did it hurt? My boyfriend said it didn't, it was just 'creepy' but then his teeth weren't erupted like mine are.

If you've had your wisdom teeth out at the oral surgeon, how was it? Did it hurt alot?

Also, is there anything to compare the pain to? Like a broken bone, a bad cramp, headache?

Crazy-Eyed Bear

Tab Mix Plus

If you have the Tab Mix Plus extension for Firefox, how do you get rid of those scrolling arrows at the end of the tabs? It's annoying (to me), and I'd like it gone. Yes, I looked through the tab options and didn't see it. (maybe it's because I'm blind)

Edit: Answered, thanks!
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1. Anyone around Penticton, BC? I just moved here, starting my life over, and I need some new friends. :)

2. Alternate things to do with instant noodles? What else can I do but boil them?

3. Anyone know of any good vegetarian restaraunts around here?

4. How can I get into the dating world? I'm newly single, and have always had trouble with getting guys to notice me!

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check registers and poker gifts

Two questions having nothing to do with one another:

1. Is there any place to get/buy blank check registers? Other than from your bank or with your check purchase, of course. I don't write checks all that much but I track all my ATM purchases in my register, so I run through them pretty quickly.

2. Do you have any suggestions for a poker-themed gift for a newlywed couple who likes to play? I'm sure they have all the basic stuff already: chips, cards, poker table, etc.  I'd like to get them something unique but something that can also be shipped, since they live across the country. I've found a few poker-themed gift baskets online, which I might go with, but I'd love to see if there are any creative suggestions out there.

Thanks in advance!
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Is there anything that teachers in your area have a hard time teaching because of your geographic location?

For instance, here in Florida, it can sometimes be hard to teach "Autumn" because here we are trying to tell four and five year olds that it gets cold and the leaves turn in Autumn...but it's 80 outside and we have no leaves. Surprisingly, they seem to get "winter" even though it doesn't snow, but Fall is always a tough one.
Ahh! Babies!

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Why can't I see my friends pages? I can see the first page for today and when I click earlier, it goes all the way back to Nov. 7th. It skips a ton of entries. I've logged out and logged back in and refreshed and no matter what I do, I can't see anything past the first page. How can I fix this?